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A Year In Review

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S: Windsor Regional Hospital Oncology Satellite Clinic 2011

BC: "Wherever you go, no matter what the weather; always bring your own sunshine" Anthony J.D'Angelo

FC: Oncology Satellite Clinic 2011

1: Paediatric Team | Live Laugh Love | Yesterday is history, Tomorrow is a mystery and Today is a gift

2: ABBEY In August of 2009, when Abbey was just 20 months old, she was diagnosed with a brain tumour. She had to undergo a biopsy on the tumour and a week later she had another surgery to remove as much of the tumour as they could. Two weeks later she began chemotherapy with the hope that it would stop the tumours from growing. In January of 2011, Abbey completed her treatment and the tumours had all disappeared. At this point her doctor still feels that radiation is necessary and in order to delay the effects radiation can have on such a young brain she is currently going through another 12 weeks of chemotherapy. Although this journey has been scary and tough for our family, we have also experienced many positives. The outreach of family and friends while Abbey was in the hospital, when originally diagnosed, was amazing. We truly received more support than we could have imagined and we couldn't have gotten to this point without it. One of the high points for our family was Abbey participating in the 'Relay for Life', as a Survivor. She, along with other paediatric cancer survivors, sang 'O Canada' to kick off the event. She also walked the survivor lap at the beginning of the relay. We are so inspired by the event that our family will be entering a team in this years relay. Our team will be called 'Abbey's Army'; we are fighting back for her. We were also blessed this year by the kindness of strangers.

3: We were introduced to a local family that had heard of our struggle and gave us an amazing gift. They sent our family to Orlando, gave us their house to stay in and tickets to Disney. The trip was fantastic! Our extended family was able to meet us there and together we formed memories that will last a lifetime. Abbey's favourite part was meeting the princesses and playing in Toontown. We were also blessed with an addition to our family in 2010. On November 6, Abbey became a big sister to our baby girl Emily. She loves Emily and always wants to give her hugs and kisses. She also adores her big brother Nathan. She wants to be just like him and do everything he does. We consider Abbey's treatment up to this point to be a miracle. The chemotherapy has done much more than the doctors ever expected. Every day we pray that she continues to be cancer free and that she can endure whatever treatment remains. Abbey is an amazing little girl, she continues to be one of the happiest kids we know and doesn't let her battle with cancer slow her down. We love you princess!!!


5: I was born on July 6th, 1995 and have been diagnosed with cancer twice. My first diagnosis was retinoblastoma a rare cancer that occurs in the back of the eye and the other cancer was when I was eleven. It is called osteogenicsarcoma, a cancer that occurs in long bones such as the femur in my case. The person, I truly admire and respect is Terry Fox because of his dedication and effort towards his ambitions and goals. Despite both these cancers that I overcame, I am now proud to be a Canadian Cancer Survivor! | Favourite Things

6: Christmas Eve 2008 is a date that will be remembered vividly by our family for a lifetime. This was the day we were given the diagnosis of acute lymphoblastic leukemia for our son Alex, age 3 at the time. For several months prior, Alex had complained of pain in his knees and hips. Trips to the family doctor and orthopedic surgeon yielded diagnosis of 'hip joint inflammation' with no treatment required except rest and ibuprofen. The pain didn't improve and Alex began to avoid running and playing. He started sleeping more during the day and wanted us to carry him upstairs to his room at night. In the back of our minds we knew this wasn't normal for a 3 year old boy. On December 23, Alex woke up extremely pale and we insisted on being seen by our family doctor yet again. Blood work was ordered and taken at 11 am that day. At 5pm we received a call to take Alex immediately to Met Hospital as his preliminary blood count results had been 'red-flagged'. He was then rushed by ambulance later that night to London Children's Hospital. The following day we were given the diagnosis and the 3 1/2 year chemotherapy regime started boxing day. The initial shock and horror of the situation soon gave way to a clear focus on his treatments and attempting to balance all of that within our busy lives and two other small children. Alex was quickly brought into remission while in London. It was incredible how many agencies and support groups reached out to us in those early weeks and months. ChildCan and Ronald McDonald House in particular made the adjustment to our situation much easier. We were and continue to be grateful for the amazing physicians, nurses, support staff at both Met Hospital and London Children's Hospital. Alex has not allowed leukemia to interfere greatly with his life as a little boy. He attends public school and plays hockey, soccer and baseball. | ALEX

7: Aside from a few setbacks and stays in the hospital, his daily and monthly treatments continue to go well. It is difficult to remember a time when Alex didn't take 'medicine' every day. In fact, we are certain Alex doesn't either and he is quick to remind us to give him his different meds if we are late in doing so! Our family has changed since Alex's diagnosis as well. Before, my husband and I were two busy professionals pulled in many directions, always striving to 'do it all' with limited time. Now we've slowed down and made our family and time together the biggest priority. We never miss field trips or sporting events. We feel the five of us have grown closer and our marriage is stronger through all of this. Our family is strongly committed to raising awareness and supporting those that have supported us through our journey. This year we will participate for the third time in Kingsville's Relay for Life to raise money for the Canadian Cancer Society. When Alex grows up we hope he will understand why so many people clapped and cheered with tears in their eyes when he walked the 'Survivors Lap' at the Relay. We Know he will grow up!

8: ALEX | Alex's Speech for the Childhood Cancer Awareness Day at Windsor Regional Hospital, September 2010 On August 16, 2006 my life had changed. One day I was playing basketball with my friends and all of a sudden I got dizzy and collapsed. I started to scream in agony that all of my bones felt like they were breaking. My mom was scared to death, so she rushed my to Leamington hospital not knowing that the worst was yet to come. When the doctors came in along with the nurses there was sadness in their eyes. Then, the worst words I ever heard came out of his mouth; "you have cancer." Ladies and Gentlemen, my name is Alexander Mucci and I had Leukemia. Now I'm just going to talk about some things that I have learned through my journey. Some kids see STRENGTH differently. They think it is about being B-U-F-F. Buff with a ripped six pack, but I have learned that strength comes from the inside and how you take certain situations. For example, having to do a lumbar puncture procedure. They take a 5 cm needle and place it into your spine. Then, they inject chemothearpy into it. Did I mention to you that I did it AWAKE too! I know it sounds crazy but when I closed my eyes and started to breathe it helps ease the pain and take my mind off of it. Also, having to do all day without food or water for procedures. It was really hard because I LOOVE MYY MUNCHAYS!! In the beginning I was very scared of what was happening to me. I had to have a lot of faith in my parents, family, doctors and nurses. I had no choice, but I had to believe and trust what they had to say. I believed that they knew what was best. I also had faith in god, my yeya, who is my greek grandma; she prays for me every day and every night and lights a candle so I can feel a lot better. I also pray for her so she can feel better. Even though I had pokes and needles, I had faith in my doctors and nurse, and I realized they were doing their best to help me. The most amazing nurses were...URSULA AND CARLOS! I was so happy to see that I had super duper support from my super duper friends. They were always cheering me on in gym and to be strong. I thought to myself "WOWY" I have amazing friends including the girls in my class. I am so happy for the friends that I have. I am thankful for the support from all of my teachers throughout my journey. They all were patient, understanding and helpful, but...they knew how to skill keep me in line. The most important thing I learned about my experience is that I am so thankful and happy for the life I do have. We don't realize how we sometimes take advantage of the little things in our lives. For example, spending quality time with my family or hanging out with my homies. I can remember how I would always say I am bored, there is nothing to do. But, being alive and healthy is something we take for granted. Stop and really enjoy the life we do have. Enjoy your life and be thankful to even be here today. I know that I had to deal with a lot, but I believe that it made me appreciate all that is around me and especially appreciate the people in my life especially Rustee my KITTY CAT. Thank You.

9: Alex's Wish Trip to Hawaii

10: ALIYA | Children's Wish Trip Disney World

12: ALLISON It has been 6 months since I've finished my 2 1/2 year treatment for Leukemia. As I look back on my journey, I remember how tired, confused and terrified I was. Not being able to go to school, birthday parties or just be a regular 9 year old girl was very difficult. It felt like my treatments were never going to end. It seemed like I was sick for so long. Now that I am done my treatments, I can offer new patients some words of advice. Keep a positive attitude, try to laugh as much as possible (even during the most difficult times) and remember, you WILL feel good again.

13: I am now looking forward to my Make-A-Wish trip to Disney. It will be the start of my healthy days ahead!!



18: A Z I Z


21: Brandon was diagnosed with acute lympoblastic leukemia on December 22, 2007. He just finished chemotherapy treatments on February 25, 2011. Brandon's favourite quote when he had to get his pokes was "aaaallll done!" During his treatment he was a mascot for the "Carla Can Sing" walkathon to raise money for cancer research. He was Carl, Carla's friend and he raised the most pledges. Brandon enjoys going to karate at Windsor Regional Hospital, he even made the front page of the Windsor Star and his picture was voted one of the best of 2009. He met a lot of hockey players from his favourite team the Windsor Spitefires, including Taylor Hall. Brandon was granted a wish from the Make-A-Wish foundation to go to Walt Disney World in Flordia in June 2011.



26: I am 14 years old and I was diagnosed with Leukemia. I love cooking doing crafts and hanging out with my friends. I chose a sewing machine for my Make-A-Wish. My mom is going to teach me how to sew, so I can make all kinds of things. | EVA


30: JACK | Jack is a rough and tumble boy, so when we noticed that he had a few bruises we thought nothing of it. His bruises weren't going away and he seemed to be getting more and more of them. Jack is also a very picky eater as he eats toast, cereal and not much more, so we thought that he may have a vitamin deficiency. On December 29th, we brought him to our family doctor and she immediately made an appointment with a pediatrician suspecting a bleeding disorder. A few hours later the pediatrician sent him to the hospital for tests. We knew something was seriously wrong when he broke out into red freckles (petichia) everywhere as they gave him his first blood test. It was so frightening to see more and more of them appear as he screamed because of the needle. Six hours after not thinking much of his bruises we found out that he had leukemia. The staff at Windsor Regional Hospital tried desperately to give Jack an IV but couldn't find a vein. After the fifth try they were successful, but Jack had enough and pulled it out. They decided that London will have to do it. Later that night we were air lifted to London.

31: Jack loved the helicopter. We thought at 1:30 am he'd finally fall asleep in the helicopter but he was sitting on the stretcher looking for planets, stars and spaceships. The paramedics said it had been a long time since they've had someone this excited in the helicopter. We arrived in London and the staff immediately began to take care of him and us. It took them a few tries for the IV but eventually after a brutal struggle they were successful. His blood counts were extremely poor and he needed platelets asap. Within hours he received platelets and a blood transfusion. He responded well. The next morning, Jack received his first dose of chemo and had a bone marrow aspiration which accurately diagnosed him with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. The most challenging time of our lives had begun.

32: JENNA | Jenna's Wish from Make-A-Wish A big flat screen T.V

34: Jesse was always a high energy child, one that never got tired of playing hard or for too long. When Jesse turned 7 we thought he was starting to grow up, he started to clam down and sit like a normal child. As time went on we notice he was becoming more and more tired when one day we found lumps on his neck. He was sent for a battery of tests where it was discovered that a mass of lipnoyde glands were swelling up and around his heart and lungs as well as his neck. By the time we arrived in London, he was admitted to the intensive care unit because the mass around his heart and lungs had doubled in size restricting his breathing. After a biopsy, he was diagnosed with Leukemia and the 3 1/4 year treatment had begun. The first 9 months were very difficult as he was blasted with very intense chemotherapy. He lost over 20% of his body weight and was skin and bones with barely enough energy to go back to London to receive more chemotherapy. We finally reached the maintenance phase which was not as intense. Jesse grew his hair back and started regaining some muscle tone and energy | JESSE | Make-a-wish granted me a tree house for my backyard.

35: Jesse didn't like not being able to do what his friends could do, so he went to the gym and worked out. He also built an obstacle course at home and was very determined to become strong again. With a 1/2 year left of chemotherapy, he began playing hockey for the first time. It was very difficult at first due to the lack of energy and ability but he slowly improved and now that the chemotherapy is done he is one of the leaders on his team. Life has become much easier for us and his little brother Jaden, as we only go for blood tests once a month to make sure the cancer doesn't return.


37: When asking Jessie about all that has happened to her she has told us many of times that she is happy that her legs don't hurt anymore and that she is glad that she can play with her friends without being in pain. It took almost a year to finally diagnose Jessica with leukemia as all her blood tests and x-rays were normal all the way up until she stopped walking because she was in so much pain. She was so frail looking that another blood test revealed red flags. On May 7th, 2010 she had a bone marrow test done, which diagnosed her with ALL. Only 9 months into treatment she has her ups and downs. But our strong little girl will make it through this. Like all other cancer patients, Jessica is strong willed and very brave. Jessica wishes to go to Walt Disney World when she is done treatment to meet all the princesses and swim with the dolphins and to be free from pain and continue to grow and learn.

38: JESSICA | The Middle of July I am 11 years old. I live with my mom, dad and brother Joey. Now let me tell you about my journey. It all started in July of 2009. I was on vacation with my family and friends from Nova Scotia. We went to Canada's Wonderland. I went on a ride and when I got off my wrist started to hurt. Next we went to Niagara Falls. I was tired and I could barely walk. When me and my family got back from vacation we all went to our family doctor. He said it was probably a touch of arthritis and to come back in a couple of days if it wasn't any better. A couple of days later we went back and he assigned blood work. The results came back and he was shocked. He called us to come right away and said "Your daughter has Leukemia". Me and my family were really scared when we heard that I had cancer. We went to London Children's Hospital and started my long journey. So far, my journey has been tough. Some of the medications make me vomit and lose my hair. I get some of my medication through my port. Sometimes I need blood and I also get it through my port. My port is in my left chest. It is under my skin and connects to a vein in my neck. I was sleeping when I got it inserted. I was really scared at first because I didn't know what was going to happen. In 2010, I was in the hospital for more than 200 days between London & Windsor because of all of my chemotherapy treatments and being sick in between treatments. All my friends sent me get well cards from class. When I got my get well cards, I felt touched. When I wasn't in school I missed all of my friends. I didn't go to school a lot last year except for three days and one was for a field trip. I just had some radiation in February. In the beginning I was a little bit scared but the more I got into it I felt better. All of the nurses have been really great. They feel like a part of my family. I still have a least a year left until I'm done treatment. I know that my family loves me very much. My brother is a big pain sometimes but I still love him no matter what. I learned some stuff like my cancer is not contagious. I am pretty strong to get through this cancer. I am a fighter and I will never give up!

40: JOEY | I am 11 years old and was diagnosed at age 10 with a spinal cord tumor. I love to play hockey, video games and read "one piece anime".


43: Our son Joshua was diagnosed with stage one cancer (Wilms) on May 9th, 2009. I will never forgot those words, "your son has cancer", for as long as I live, it was a nightmare and I could not wake up from it. Having a child with cancer changes the way you see the world around you, we took nothing for granted. We cherished every second of the day with him and cried for the simplest things. Our faith became even stronger and prayer was and still is constant in our lives. We supported each other through treatment, blood work, CT scans, x-rays and ultrasounds. Joshua's big sister Leah, was so attentive to him it brought tears to our eyes, how she consoled him when he was not feeling well. It is amazing how children can adapt to unfamiliar situations. Joshua is off treatment now. He is a happy four year old, excited about starting school in September with his sister. We enjoy every moment with him and look forward to a long and happy life with our son. We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who was a part of our son's care. You have our deepest thanks and appreciation. Andrew & Natashia Longmore


45: There is a time in your life when you need someone to lean on for support. In my life, I need support more than I have ever needed since I was diagnosed with T-Cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. At the time, I was only 14 years old and starting my second year of high school, and just enjoying life. I never understood why anyone had to get this horrible monster. You never think it can happen to you until the day you are sitting in a hospital or doctor's office and you hear the word cancer. It is people like you that made it easier to keep going. My life is like a roller coaster going up and down. Even though it has gotten a lot better, you don't know if you're going to wake up sick, tired or just plain angry. Life has thrown me for the biggest roller coaster ride of my life, but with all that has been thrown at me, I have a positive attitude and I just take each day one at a time and cherish every one of them. I always say: "I MAY HAVE CANCER BUT CANCER DOESN'T HAVE ME" MIRACLES HAPPEN EVERY DAY


47: Kameryn was diagnosed in July 2010 with T-cell Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma. Kameryn had been sick on and off from the time she was four months old with various breathing issues. One very hot day last July, Kameryn's father and I found her breathing to be laboured and very heavy. Once assessed in the ER we were told that Kameryn had to be transported to London immediately. Once in London it was found that Kameryn had a mass in her chest that tore her right lung and was growing too close to her heart. Kameryn was then put in an induced coma where she would stay for twelve days until they could get a diagnosis and start her treatment. Once Kameryn's treatments had started her mass responded very well to treatment. We lived in the hospital for 32 days and then we lived as a family at the Ronald McDonald House for 14 days. Kameryn is the youngest of three children. She has a sister Mylaina who is 12 and Abigayle is 6 years old. Kameryn has an amazing smile and big beautiful blue eyes. Kameryn even before treatment always had a great personality. She is always dancing, singing, laughing, and being silly. Since treatment Kameryn has shown us all how to be strong, how to forgive, love and most of all the value of life. Kameryn continues to capture many hearts with smile, strength and personality. Kameryn is truly our hero.


49: I am writing to tell you about my daughter, Karissa. She is a smart, loving, kind hearted and brave individual who excels in school, enjoys spending time with her friends and playing with her puppy. In May, 2008, she had developed a pain in her left leg which wasn't getting better. It wasn't until we brought her to Windsor Regional Hospital to get it looked at that we began to seriously worry. The doctor rushed us to London Children's Hospital in an ambulance to get things checked out further. She had an MRI and CT scan while in the emergency department. Shortly after this, the neuro surgeon sat down with my husband and I to tell us that Karissa needed emergency surgery to remove the large tumor in her sacrum that was compressing her nerves to her leg. At the age of 9, she was diagnosed with a Ewings Sacroma soft tissue cancerous tumor. Following surgery she had to endure fourteen rounds of chemotherapy and 31 radiation treatments over the course of the next year. The location of the tumor, compressing the nerves, also resulted in her inability to walk and severe nerve pain for many months. She was unable to eat and needed a feeding tube for most of the year. Our whole family was devastated, our lives turned upside down overnight. Karissa spent most of the year in hospital with me by her side. When we had first heard about the Starlight Children's Foundation, Karissa was overjoyed. She would spend days brainstorming on what her perfect wish could be. Traveling would be nice, meeting a celebrity would be amazing and getting anything would be awesome. After her treatments had finished, she had made her decision; to go to the Teen Choice Awards 2010 in California and hopefully meet Selena Gomez or Ellen DeGeneres while there. To our surprise, a week before our departure date we had a huge package decorated with stickers of limos and Disneyland characters delivered to our front door. Inside there were stuffed animals, traveling supplies, purses, games and jewelery. Looking further, we found tickets to Universal Studios and Disneyland, a VIP tour of Paramount Studios, a Hollywood tour as well as our plan tickets, Teen Choice Award Tickets and money to cover our meals and transportation. Once arriving to L.A., we were delighted to find ourselves staying at a beautiful hotel within walking distance of the Gibson Amphitheatre where the Awards would be held. The night of the Awards we were all ecstatic. This is the night we had been waiting for; for almost two years. After finding our seats, we were taken backstage. We were able to see the celebrities as they walked off the red carpet and into the theatre. Taking pictures with Victoria Justice, Miranda Cosgrove, Nina Dobrev, Jim Parsons, Fred, Sterling Knight and Josie Lauren. Karissa's face lit up the entire evening. Finally, we had made it to the "swag tent" where we received games, a camera and more. Also, inside the tent, we were able to meet with Megan Fox and her husband Bryan Austin Green as well as David Archuleta. Everyone was so nice to us. I have never seen her smile to this extent nor get this excited over anything else before. There are no words that can express how grateful our whole family is for everything the Starlight Foundation has done for us. They have shown us that wishes can come true and anything is possible. This experience was amazing, and it was all because of the Starlight Children's Foundation.

50: KATE

52: KEIRAN I am nine years old. I was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma in October 2008, when I was seven years old. I live with my mom, dad and two brothers, Quentin and Eoin. I also have a dog named Oliver and a cat named Marty and a fish called Mr. Fish. I am in grade four at Central Public School and in my spare time I like to play video games, roller blade and swim. This past September I signed up for Hockey. I play defense and have been awarded two game pucks for my hard work on the ice.

53: When I went to the clinic, I liked to make flubber and paint ceramics, but I didn't like the pokes. I finished by chemotherapy treatments in October 2010 and very soon I will be getting my port out. I am going to keep it on a shelf in my room. I really appreciate all the care I received from the nurses, child life specialists, doctors and special visitors at Windsor Regional Hospital.

54: Logan

55: My husband Brett and I (Jackie), and our 3 year old daughter, Abigail, had celebrated Logan's 1st birthday on February 14, 2011 a week before he started feeling ill. Logan had a fever that would break and come back. At first we thought it was his new teeth coming in. He then received his one year immunization shots and we were told he would not feel well in a few days. By the end of the week Logan still was not feeling well and didn't want to eat. He was very tired and pale and he only wanted to be held. When his fever peaked on Friday afternoon we headed to the emergency room. After a blood test and a chest x-ray the doctor returned and informed us that Logan was going to be admitted and that he needed a blood transfusion. Unsure of what this meant, a pediatrican came to see us and explained that Logan would need to go to London hospital for a bone marrow test in order to know exactly what was wrong. After two days at Windsor Regional Hospital and two blood transfusions later we were transfered to London. The bone marrow test was performed that Tuesday and the next day (March 9, 2011) we were informed that Logan had been diagnosed with ALL - Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia. In shock and overwhelmed by this discovery the staff at the hospital were there to help us through, and no time was wasted. That Friday, Logan was inserted with a central PICC line and chemotherapy began. The following weeks held many more bumps in Logan's road and ours as a family. He stopped walking and talking, he had more pokes and picks than any child should have to endure. He also had two more blood transfusions, x-rays, bone marrows, lumbar punctures and so much more. The PICC line was removed and a port a cath was implanted. We then noticed that Logan's leg began to swell and we knew something was wrong. After an ultrasound it turned out a blood clot had formed in his right leg. This would require months of 'twice a day 'injections. During our time in London, Logan also stopped eating and drinking which lead to a feeding tube. Thankfully, he began to eat and drink and the tube was removed. Our quick trip to the emergency room in Windsor turned into a six-week hospital stay out of town and a life changing event. Since coming home from the London hospital we have had nursing visits twice a day and a few trips and stays in the Windsor hospital. At least we are closer to home and our family when this happens. We are quickly learning to take one day at a time and appreciate all of our moments together as a family. We have been told Logan's journey will take approximately three and a half years and we are only three months in, so we still have a long road ahead of us. During these difficult times it is truly amazing at the love, support and prayers that have been sent our way. We have been blessed with the generosity and kindness of so many that it touches our heart. We greatly appreciate all that everyone has done for Logan and our family and hope that one day when Logan is well and our journey is not so intense we will be able to pay it forward just like so many have done for us.


58: LUCA | When Luca was 4 months old, we took him to our family doctor for a routine check-up. A mass was found in his kidney. We were sent to Sick Kid's Hospital in Toronto, where Luca was diagnosed with stage 3 neuroblastoma. His chemotherapy treatments started at the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto. He was transfered to CHWO in London, to allow for our family to come home more frequently and he spent time with the Windsor team in between visits to London as well. He endured four cycles of chemotherapy at which time the mass changed into ganglioneuroma and was incredibly large. So large, that it compromised his lung, kidney and liver functions. The mass had also crushed his main life blood vessels from his waist down. It was decided to forego anymore chemo and surgery was the only option for Luca's survival. He endured a twelve hour surgery at the age of eight months old, during which his team of doctors removed an almost 1 kg mass of tumour from his abdomen. They had to leave a few chunks of the mass in his abdomen and one mass that was in front of his lungs. Luca is monitored still, every six months to make sure that the masses haven't grown. This will continue for the remainder of his life - the masses are there and aren't going anywhere. One of his kidneys was removed as part of the surgery, causing Luca to have physical restrictions to his daily life (in order to protect his remaining kidney). In the past four years, there has been no growth, that is until recently. On Luca's last check up, they found the mass has increased in size. Luca is headed in to have a needle biopsy of the mass to see if it's new Neuroblastoma cells, or just ganglioneuroma growth (which the team believes it is) it will be monitored until it becomes troublesome for his kidney or liver functions and another large surgery will take place to de-bulk the mass again. | Luca is 4 years old (he will be 5 in June). He attends Central Public School and is in JK. Luca's favourite colour is Blue. His favourite food is ice cream (with chicken nuggets and fries coming a very close second). He loves playing the Wii (Mario Kart Racing is his favourite game). He loves reading books and his favourite is the Little Critter books by Mercer Mayer. He really loves playing with hot wheels and matchbox racing cars. Luca does not like pokes and when he has to have pokes he power breathes through them!

59: Luca's wish was to meet Donald Duck in Disneyland (California). He had met Donald on an earlier trip to Walt Disney World in Flordia when he was 15 months old, but he wanted some special time with Donald. His wish was granted by Children's Wish Foundation in January 2011. Luca got to meet and have special one-on-one time with Donald Duck. He had all kinds of fun in California. We spent time in Disneyland, California Adventure Park, Sea World, San Diego Zoo and Legoland. It's a trip that Luca absolutely loved and will remember forever!


61: As I tuck you in at night, I wish I could take away this disease. You would suffer no more pain, And your body would be at ease. It hurts so much to see you suffer, When there is nothing I can do. Oh what I would do to take your place, And take the pain from you. When you ask me, "Mommy, will I ever feel better?" I fight back the tears. I must stay strong for you, And never show my fears. I come and watch you sleep at night, And pray for you each day. I trust that God has a plan, And you will be okay. My only wish is that your childhood Was not torn away Another thing I can not change, This would be God's way. | You will always be my 'Little Buddy', My little 'baby boy' Having you as my son, Has brought me so much joy. So I leave my trust in the doctors and nurses, And God up above. That they will take care of The 'Little Buddy' I love. Love, Mommy Cancer is a hard time to go through and it is scary but in one magic day it is gone. It will say, "Good bye!" But best of all you can live in peace and never worry about the needles again. The fun is when your wish trip comes and says; "Party Time!" Cancer doesn't make people different, or nothing is wrong with them or bad. It is just like a bee sting, it hurts for a bit and then...Bang it is gone! Massimo, Age 9


63: I am 8 years old and I am in grade 3 at Georges P'Ouvoir French School. I have a little sister Nadine and I love helping to take good care of her. I love my family and especially my grandma. I love to bake and do arts and crafts. I also love going to Hospice Camp and on vacation for long periods of time. I attend the Honourable Little Ninjas Martial Arts Program on Monday nights at Windsor Regional Hospital. I have received many belts and was recently awarded a bravery and courage award and a rising star badge.


66: I was born on March 14, 1995. I am in grade 10 at Vincent Massey Secondary School. I have a really big family and lots of friends who love and care for me very much. Fashion, movies, music, art and baking are only a few of the many interests I have that consume my time outside of school and the hospital. On October 20, 2009 I found out that I had ALL Leukemia and would have to be treated as a cancer patient for the next 2 and half years. This experience has been really stressful but it only made me a stronger person. February 6, 2012 is when I'll have conquered the toughest battle that will ever be thrown my way. I have many aspirations and plans for the future and cancer is definitely not one of them! | REEM


70: Xander

72: Childhood Cancer Awareness Event, September 2010


79: When you are a child in the hospital and undergoing chemotherapy, radiation, surgery or any other treatment related to Childhood Cancer, you are presented with a shiny Bravery Bead to commemorate the achievement you have done. The beads, which vary in colour and style depending on the specific treatments, can be added to a bravery bracelet or necklace. This helps families and friends see what you have over come and it shows them how brave you are. When you are done you have lots of Bravery Beads that you can look at and just say to your self: WOW! I have been through a lot. Always keep count and make sure you get them all no matter how easy or hard the test is. The bravery bead program is great because when you are all done treatment you can show your friends and family what you endured to beat the Cancer! A monster that no child should have to go through. Keep Positive, Keep Fighting and Keep Collecting Beads

80: In honour of our angels and those that have battled through cancer and are now survivors. Our paediatric team and families will always remember your bright smiles and courageous personalities. You and your families will always remain in our thoughts. | Angels & Survivors

81: Hope It's magic and it's free It's not in a prescription It's not in an IV It punctuates out laughter It sparkles in our tears It simmers under sorrows and dissipates our fears. Do you know what hope is? It's reaching past today It's dreaming of tomorrow It's trying a new way. It's questioning all the answers and always seeking more. ~Author Unknown

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