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A Year In Review

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S: Stephanie Marie Knisley - Class of 2011

FC: Senior 2011

1: All the doors that I had to close All the things I knew but I didn't know Thank God for all I missed 'Cause it led me here to this

2: "Other things may change, but we start and end with family"

3: MAKING MEMORIES | Kathy Jo Knisley my mom is definitely the strongest woman I know. Many other young girls would say this about their mothers but my story is a little bit different. A few years back, just a normal school night, my mom was taking my sister to one of her weekly Rainbow meetings. It was about 9:00 P.M. on a cold stormy night and my mom was still not home, this was very uncommon. Not too long after that I was just sitting in my room and my Aunt Paula came running into the house asking where my dad was, I just kept on asking "why? What's going on?" Then she said, your mom and sister were in a car accident. A million things were running through my mind, were they okay? How did it happen? Where were they now?, but I just couldn't speak. She told us that someone went to pass two cars on double yellow lines over a hill and when they went over the hill my mom tried to swerve off the road but they hit her instantly. She said they had moved them to the Marysville hospital but my mom was going to be moved to OSU Hospital. She drove us to the hospital and when we got there the rest of my family and a few friends were waiting. My sister, Heather, just ran up to me, crying, and gave me a hug. They let us go back to the rooms my mother and sister were in to visit them. When I went into see my sister she was perfectly fine, just a few bruises and scrapes. I was so relieved and glad when I saw her I just ran up and gave her a hug. We told her we'd be right back and went to the room they had my mother staying in. As soon as I walked into the room I saw my mom all bloody and laying in a gurney in the middle of the room with doctors and nurses surrounding her. I couldn't think or speak, I was so scared. I just began to break down and cry. I ran over to my mom and held her hand, she was crying too, even with all her wounds she still tried to tell me everything was okay and not to be scared. My mom has been through so many traumatizing events and she still manages to stay strong and never forget that everything will be okay.and not to be scared. My Mother is the strongest person I know and my hero. I only wish I could be half the woman she is one day. | Mark Alan Knisley I don't want to brag but I am definitely "Daddy's Little Girl." Whenever I need someone to help me with a problem or teach me something new dad is always there for me. I have learned so much from my father and I am so grateful to have him there for me. I couldn't ask for a better dad. We both share a love for horses and I can say everything I know about them now is all thanks to my dad. I remember all the countless nights filled up with horse lessons to anything from hide and go seek up at Grandma Knisley's house. Me and my dad may not talk to each other as often as I do my mom but he sure does have a huge impact in my life. If I ever need some life lessons he's always there to shine light on any situation for me. When I go off to college I don't know what I'm gonna do without his help. I love you dad.

4: Lake Cumberland is a lake in Kentucky that my family and I used to go to every summer when I was younger. We'd pack all of our things and load up the boat and head on our way to Kentucky. My aunt, uncle, and cousins would go with us too. I can always remember how much fun we had when we were down there. This is also where I first learned to knee board. We'd always pack hammers when we went too, because once we got down there we'd go "geode hunting." I always loved our trips to Lake Cumberland because I was surrounded by the people I love and it was always filled with fun activities. Lake Cumberland is definitely one of my favorite vacation spots.

5: Lake Cumberland

7: Sisters | My sisters are there for me through thick and thin. Heather and Shianne are the best sisters I could ask for. I may be the youngest in the family but you sure can't tell when I'm with these two. We are all so different and we may not get along all the time but that's what sisters do. Whenever I need someone to have my back or a shoulder to cry on they are there for me. I can honestly say we are role models to each other. when I was younger I used to follow these two around everywhere, and when I say everywhere I mean EVERYWHERE. Heather was always the leader in our little pack of three. When Heather soon started playing volleyball it wasn't long after till Shianne and I tried the same. We may fight constantly but, even though they probably don't know it, they are my best friends. I don't know what I'm gonna do when I go off to college without them. My sisters are my biggest role models.We all know so much about one another, they know my biggest fears and darkest secrets. They are amazing women and can accomplish any goal they want when they set their mind to it. They may not know it, but they are my support system and I wouldn't be the person I am today if it wasn't for their influence on me in my life. Now usually it's the little sister crawling into her bigger sisters bed. In this case, it is the complete opposite. I can't even remember how many times Heather has came into my room at night whenever there was a storm , freaking out, because she was scared. Not to long after I'd hear a knock on my door and Shi would walk in asking if she could come in too. They may seem strong on the outside, but these two are bigger babies than me :) Now many of you, if you've seen Shianne, Heather, and me together; have seen us fighting over anything to the front seat in the car to clothes and who wore what. Don't let this constant fighting fool you, we actually get along so very well. I could fill an entire book with stories of all of our little adventures but I'm gonna go ahead and stop here. My sister's mean the world to me and I love them so much.

8: Tephy Tucker | MY NAME My name doesn't come from any of my relatives or anything like most people. All I do know is that my mom was considering naming me Kelly and I definitely would not have liked that, I'm not really a "Kelly." So thank my dad for picking out the name Stephanie. My dad and everyone else in my family call me Tuck and I'm not really sure where that came from either. I just remember when I was little my grandma always calling me Tephy Tucker because I couldn't pronounce my name right. Even though I don't know where it came from I love this nickname. My sister, Heather, always teases me saying when she goes to type in my name on facebook she types in Tuck and wonders why it isn't coming up.

10: Dogs are not our whole lives, but they make our lives whole.

11: Margaret Margaret is my family's twelve year old Border Collie. We have had her ever since she was born. A friend of the family, Howard Bradford, had puppies and as a gift to us, he gave us Margaret. I could never imagine a better dog than her. When we were little we used to follow her around everywhere. No matter how much we annoyed her she never ever snapped at us. She would put up with anything. Margaret was like a human, whenever you were with her you felt as if she could understand every emotion of yours. We both hate storms and I remember when I was little there was a big storm coming and Margaret could definitely tell. My dad went to open the door to go outside real quick and as soon as he oped it, Margaret came barging on in. I ran up to her and brought her back to my room to lay down while the stormed passed. She is the best dog I could ask for. About four months ago we took her to the vet because her eye was bleeding and we didn't know what was wrong. After the vet ran a few tests he got back to us and told my mom that Margaret had a cancerous tumor behind her eye and they would need to cut it out if we wanted to keep her with us. This surgery had cost us $600.00, but we were willing to do this for her because of all the times she has been there for us. So we took her to the vet and had the surgery done. After we had gotten her out of the surgery room, the vet had a talk with my mom and told her that he had gotten the tumor out but the cancer had spread into her bone and her nasal cavity. This was past the point of recovery and we couldn't do anything about it. Margaret is now losing part of her jaw and has to eat soft foods because her teeth are too sensitive. Still through all this her mood and attitude has not changed at all. she still gets excited every time we bring out a basketball or work the horses because she wants to go out and play. She has stayed strong throughout her entire surgery. I have never seen a dog like her. It's amazing what miracles we get to witness every day and how with the support of people around you you'll be able to stay strong and push through. We ended up having to put Margaret down on May 20th, 2011. Afterwards, my father buried her in the back yard under a cherry blossom tree. I miss her everyday.

13: It's The Little Things In Life That Matter


15: The Group When you think of family dinners the first thing that comes to mind is a mother, a father, and their children all sitting down at the dinning room table ready to eat supper. In this case, it is the complete opposite. My version of family dinners consist of Colton, Ryan Stephanie, Cam, Emmy, Noble, Toni, Autumn, Joe, Steven, and I all sitting down to dinner with Saint Jude and Jesus candles setting on the table. The best part out of all this is everyone going around the table and giving their own little prayer before we eat. We all get to bring our own little dish that we made and these nights are usually themed as well. I'm not quite sure how these nights got started but I can definitely say they are amazing. Usually when you get into high school you make new friends and sometimes even forget the old ones. Our group hasn't changed since we were in 8th grade. I love hanging out with everybody because whenever we are all together we are bound to have a good time. Our nights could consist of anything from nerf guns wars all the way to hide and go seek in Walmart way into the night. I'm so grateful to have such amazing friend and I wouldn't trade them for the world. I can't even begin to remember the money spent on toilet paper or time spent planning to toilet paper Colton's house. It kind of has become a ritual for the girls and me to toilet paper him. At the beginning of this school year Autumn and I decided to toilet paper him and we walked all the way to his house from mine. Once we got there Colton's dog, Houdini, started barking and would not stop. I decided it would be a good idea to army crawl up to the front of the house and pick up Houdini. This of course got him to stop barking but whenever we put him down he would start again. For about three hours that night we had to switch back and forth holding Houdini just so we could toilet paper his house. One of my best friends out of our whole group is Emmy Britton. She knows everything about me and as I do the same. I can't even begin to remember how many countless rides we've had fill with talk all the way from horses to boys. She is also one of my biggest role models,she's been through so much and I'm so grateful to have such a good friend. I remember when we were little we used to always be together. She's like a sister to me. When we were younger we used to act like campers and go out in her barn searching for kittens and making play houses out of anything and everything. I know she'll always be there for me and have my back. A few people in our group haven't really got close until this year but I'm so happy to have them in my life. Their all such amazing people and we are all so different but that's what makes us us such a great family. We all know each others flaws but wouldn't change them for the for the world. I know this fall we are all going to be so far away but we have already all planned out to visit each other and make this last summer the most memorable one. I don't know what I'm going to do without my support group with me but I can honestly say my high school years have been great all thanks to them. I love my group of friends and wouldn't trade them for the world.

18: December 25th, 2006 Christmas time is probably the best times of the year. Everybody gets the chance to reconnect with old friends and family. This was just a normal Christmas at home for me and my family just like any other year. I, of course, got woke up super early by my sister, Heather, freaking out that it was time to open presents and I had to get out of bed right then and there. We woke up everybody in the house and ran into the living room to start our own little present piles so we could open them as quick as possible. This year our parents went together and got a big family present for all of us. We opened the big box and we had gotten a brand new computer and monitor. After taking the rest of the evening to set the thing up with all it wires and directions it was almost four in the afternoon. Mom was starting to make cheesy potatoes to take over to my Aunt Paula's for Christmas dinner with our whole family. Heather, Shianne, and me were fighting over the shower and trying to get ready in time. I of course ended up getting the last shower because I take the longest. I got out of the shower and it felt to me like it was really hot, I ignored it though and went on my way back to my room to get ready to go. As soon as I had gotten into my room my dad comes running into my room saying to get out now. He yelled the house was on fire. Usually you always think about the things you would grab if your house was to be on fire but when you it happens you just think of getting out as fast as you can. I was so scared I just threw on some clothes and ran out. I don't think I could ever handle standing there outside in the cold watching my house burn to the ground. I was amazed of how caring and supportive people can be even on a day like that. My neighbors brought clothes over for us to wear and the fire fighters were all volunteers trying to save what they could. After this happened and the whole thing died down more than half of our house had burned. We weren't aloud to be near the house so we had to go to the family dinner with the things we had on us. The worst part was having to walk through the house and see all of my stuff ruined by the fire. There was not a room untouched by smoke or fire. Our camper was parked by the garage and it got burnt completely and the only thing left was the frame. Our van was also parked by it and the side of the van melted because the fire was so hot. When I think back on it today though I just thank God that my family made it out okay and none of us were injured.

22: "Grandparents make the world... a little softer, a little kinder, a little warmer." | LOVE

23: Grandma & Grandpa Sheets My Grandma and Grandpa Sheets are definitely something else, I can tell you that. For most people my age grandparents are just grandparents, nothing more, nothing less. for me though, my grandparents are the strongest and most amazing people I know. No matter what I need I can run to them to have them help me with anything and everything. They have always been there to watch me participate in everything from volleyball all the way to showing animals at fair. My grandpa is so amazing and has the kindest heart. He may be quiet but he always says the right things. I remember when we went to leave for prom this year and he was so happy he started to cry because his littlest baby, me, is growing up so fast and about to be off to college. Grandpa is always there to help me with a project whenever I need him. My grandma is is the craziest women I know, well maybe, she tells it how it is and isn't shy about anything... and I mean ANYTHING. I like to think me and heather got our passion for volleyball from her and our attitudes., but most definitely our driving. We actually might have the worst road rage ever. She may be a grandma but you wouldn't be able to tell by the way she drives. When our house burnt down, they were the most helpful out of everyone and even let us stay with them until we got to move into a rental house. They have had the biggest impact on my life and have the biggest hearts. I can't thank my grandparents enough for all they have done for my family and me, and always being there for us whenever we have needed it.

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