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A Year In Review

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A Year In Review - Page Text Content

S: Mrs. Pitt Math 171

BC: Math

FC: PreCalculus Algebra By: Kristen Crocker

1: ....MATH IS A BEAUTIFUL WORLD... | A matrix is a rectangular array of values, usually numbers called entries or elements of a matrix. | To multiply a matrix the columns of the first matrix has to match the rows of the second matrix.

2: Point Slope Formula y-y1=m(x-x1) In this formula you are given m which is the slope of the line and a ordered pair that passes through it. ex: m=-3/8 passes through (5,6) (y-6)=-3/8(x-5) now you set it equal to y y=-3/8x+63/8 which is slope intercept form | "Mrs. Pitts classes are like fudge... mostly sweet with a few nuts."

3: Math Memories | Direct Variation [[a relationship between variables that can be expressed by an equation in which one variable is equal to a constant times another]]

4: Quadratic Formula has to be in the form of ax>2+bx+c=0 once in that form you can put it into Quadratic formula | Quadratic Formula

5: To find the midpoint formula you are given two points. You label x1 and x2; y1 and y2, then plug it into the formula to find the midpoint. | Midpoint Formula

6: Example: y=x+2 domain: - inf. to + inf. range: - inf. to + inf. | Domain and Range corresponds to one another. In each correspondence, the first set is called domain and the second set is called the range. Domain goes from right to left and range goes from bottom to the top.

7: Distance Formula In distance formula you are given two ordered pairs. Once you label x1, x2 and y1, y2 you then plug it into the formula to find the distance between the two points. | example: (2,3) (5,6) once plugged into the formula the answer is the square root of 2

8: Simple Interest Formula | the simple interest I on a principal of P dollars at interest rate r for t years is given by i=prt | Example: Jared's two student loans total $12,000. One loan is at 5 percent simple interest and the other is at 8 percent simple interest. After 1yr. Jared owes $750 in interest. What is the amount of each loan?

9: Math is a Beautiful Subject! | 5 percent: x is amount borrowed; 0.05 is interest rate; time is 1 yr.; amount of interest is x(0.05)(1) *8 percent: amount borrowed 12000-x; interest rate is 0.08; time is 1 yr.; (12000-x)(0.08)(1) so the amount borrowed is 12000 and the amount of interest is 750$. | HOPE YOU HAD | by: Kriste

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