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A Year In Review

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A Year In Review - Page Text Content

S: 2011 Henderson Family Journal

FC: 2011 Henderson Life

1: Start Of A New Year Sunday, January 16th, 2011 | So poor Trey has not had a very good 2011. He started out the year with a mild cold that wouldn’t go away and about 2 weeks into his cold it started getting worse. He was coughing all night, had a runny nose, and was starting to wheeze, so late on a Friday night we decided we should take him in to see the Doctor. Luckily our pediatrician's office has late night hours. We were told by the Doctor that he had an ear infection. We were shocked because he gave us no indication his ear was bothering him. He’s never had one before so I guess we didn’t know what to look for. Anyway, we got him on an antibiotic and he got better within a couple of days. We were so happy he was feeling better, and then all of a sudden a week after he started his antibiotics he started breaking out in a rash. I watched it for 24 hours and then Saturday night it started covering his whole body. Scott and I researched reactions to his antibiotics and came to the conclusion that it was just a reaction and not an allergic reaction, but we decided we should have the doctor look at it just in case. The doctor told us the same thing and told us it would go away on it’s own and not to worry about it. It looks horrible but Trey doesn’t even notice he’s spotted, check out my poor spotted boy!! This is today, Sunday. | If that wasn’t bad enough, earlier this month we were all out in the garage working on some furniture going into Trey’s new room when Trey slipped and fell and banged his head on the sharp edge of a nightstand leg. It immediately swelled up and he had this huge bump on his forehead!

2: "Families are like fudge ... mostly sweet with a few nuts." | Hopefully the year can’t get much worse than this, and things will only get better. We have had some fun times during all this. Trey has discovered that he loves motorcycles. Daddy got his motorcycle out to take in to get fixed (it hasn’t run for a few years) so we can sell it. I told him as soon as we had kids he needed to get rid of his motorcycle (I know such a mean wife). We put Trey on the back and took some pictures. It was cute I must admit, but that will be the last and only time he will sit on a motorcycle, if I can help it!! So Scott got another calling in our ward. He has been called to teach once a month in Elders Quorum. They must have known he has the great Henderson teaching gene (thanks to his dad)!! Cooper is so active, sometimes I think he is going to bust right out of my belly. If we have Cooper as early as we had Trey then we will be having him towards the end of next week!! That has been making us a little nervous here at our home but we have been doing a lot of praying and I have been taking it very easy so that we don’t have to go through what we went through with Trey. We are so excited to see Cooper but we want him to be fully developed and healthy before he makes his grand appearance!! Thanks to all those who have kept us in your prayers, we have high hopes he will be just fine! | Here is a picture of our cute hat loving boy!!

3: Welcome Cooper!! Sunday, February 6th, 2011 | I know this post is way overdue, but as all moms of new babies know every free moment is spent trying to catch up on sleep!! We are so excited to welcome our new little bundle into this world, Cooper Gordon Henderson!! He was born on 1/21/2011, weighing 6lb 4oz and 19in long. He has all 10 toes and fingers and couldn’t be more perfect. We were pretty sure that this time around we wouldn’t have such an early baby, but I guess my body thinks otherwise. I started having contractions about 8pm on the 20th and both Scott and I thought that they were just false labor contractions because we were not ready for him to come yet. We decided that we better go to sleep and thought that would make the contractions stop. The contractions kept getting harder and kept waking me up, then around 5am we decided I was really in labor and that we better call our midwife. She came over and we had to make the hardest decision we ever had to make, whether or not to have Cooper at home or the hospital. It took us a good hour to finally decide to have him at home. I have had several blessings telling us Cooper would be healthy when he came, we knew that many family and friends had been praying and fasting for Cooper to not have any problems when he came, and my mom being on a mission had been putting mine and Coopers name in the Temple, so we had faith that he would be healthy. We thank everyone who helped Cooper be healthy through their prayers and fasting, we know through your faith our baby was healthy!! Watch the video of Coopers first moments of life. | Holding our Cooper for the first time!!


5: { | { | LOVE | Daddy weighing our little bundle | Big Brother Kisses | First Bath | So now he is 2 weeks old and doing so well. At first we thought that Cooper looked a lot like Trey but we soon realized that he has his own look. Cooper is keeping mom up all night long, daddy has moved out of the room into Trey’s new big boy room (we haven’t moved Trey in there yet). Trey is having a little bit of a hard time getting use to having Cooper take some of the attention he use to have all to himself. It’s an adjustment we are all trying to figure out. Trey stayed with my brother and his family the first day Cooper was here and when he came back he seemed like such a big boy. Trey loves having grandma & grandpa Guthrie here. They are here until the 15th and have been such great help to us. We are so thrilled and feel so blessed to have Cooper as part of our family, he has such a sweet spirit, and has been such an easy baby so far. Cooper we love you!!

6: Big Brother Trey Sunday, February27th, 2011 | So big brother Trey is starting to fit into his role as big brother. He really loves his baby brother, he loves to give him kisses, he’s always asking to hold baby, and recently he has started to say Coopers name. We are so proud of our big boy Trey.

7: Best Buddies For Life

8: He had several days this week were we could tell he was having a hard time adjusting to his spot in our family. We think he finally figured out that Cooper was here to stay and that meant he had to share mommy and daddy with Cooper and he didn’t like that idea. These last couple of days he has been in such a good mood, and we’re hoping that his acting out phase is over. We did get him some new toys (Lego’s) that I think has helped him keep busy and kept him happier (bribing works in our family). Anyway we are proud of our big boy Trey and know how hard it must be to have to adjust to this new family life. The big news in our family is that Trey started sleeping in his big boy bed a little over a week ago and he loves his full size bed. He has only gotten out once in the middle of the night (also fell out once). Scott has moved into the guest room until we put Cooper in his own room (probably this week) and Trey ended up in Scott’s room one night in the middle of the night saying “Dada” to wake Scott up. Scott put him back to his bed and he fell right back to sleep. We are so surprised we haven’t had any issues with the change. Trey has always been such a good sleeper and loves his sleep, so I’m sure that has a lot to do with it. He is still taking a 2-1/2 hour to 3 hour nap a day and goes to bed at 7pm and doesn’t wake up until 7am. We hope that Cooper will follow in his brother’s footsteps, we have high hopes!!

9: So Cooper will be 6 weeks old this Friday!! I can’t believe how fast it is going. He has gotten a lot better at sleeping at night; he wakes up every couple of hours to feed but is now sleeping in between feedings!! He had a couple of nights were he went for 3-4 hours between a feeding, mom was in heaven!! He also takes a nap the same time Trey does so the whole household is napping the same time!! We are going to try and put him in the crib in his own room this Friday, we don’t want him to get to use to sleeping with mom. We hope he will adjust!! Cooper is following in his dad’s and big brothers balding trend. When he was born, as with Trey, he had a pretty good head of hair, well the last couple of weeks, his hairline is quickly moving backwards. He will soon look just like his dad, which is what happened to Trey. I love my bald boys. Poor dad though, Trey, and I’m sure Cooper will also get his hair back!!

10: I can’t believe it’s been seven weeks already. Life seems to be flying by these days. It seems we have finally settled into our new family of four. Trey has been such an angle these past few weeks. I even went grocery shopping with both of them on my own for the first time and Trey was so good, it was a breeze. So everyone keeps asking us if Cooper looks like Trey and Scott and I have a hard time telling, but when we look at photos of both of them together, it’s pretty hard to tell them apart. Here is a couple of photos to compare. | 7 Weeks Old Monday, March 15th, 2011 | Trey | Cooper | Trey | Cooper

11: LIVE WELL LAUGH OFTEN LOVE MUCH | They do have a lot of similarities but they also have some differences. Cooper is starting to get dark blue eyes and Trey has dark brown eyes, Trey has rounder cheeks. So Cooper is more and more alert these days and has started giving us some smiles. Oh what a great feeling it is to see your baby smile at you for the first time. Amazingly also he can roll from his belly to his back. He started doing that at about 4 weeks, we couldn’t believe it when we saw it so we kept putting him on his belly to see him roll and he is a pro at it now!! He has also started to grow a little more hair on top of his head so maybe he won’t end up looking like daddy after all. We moved him into his own room in his crib and we had several hard nights but last night was a good night. He only woke up for feedings and had some long stretches of sleep. We’re getting there!! | 1st night in his crib | So yesterday was a momentous day for Trey. We got him a potty a few weeks ago with the intention of getting him potty trained but decided we would wait awhile. Yesterday I decided to put him on the potty and he actually went #1 in his potty! It was pretty exciting for mom & dad. We’re not counting on him being potty trained real soon but we thought that was a good start! What can I say, we have the perfect kid!!

12: This weekend we went to the Chandler (city next door to Gilbert) Ostrich Festival. I have heard of it before (they have it once a year) but had never gone, I was so surprised at what a big deal it is. It is almost as big as the state fair. | They of course have Ostrich races, | Trey checking out the “Big Birds” | A sea lion show, | A petting zoo,

13: so many | Scott’s favorite, funnel cake!! | pony rides, &more | kiddie carnival rides,

14: We went with our friends Carrie & Geoff. Trey and their daughter Ava had a blast together! Poor Cooper didn’t want much to do with all the fun so he just slept the whole time we were there.

15: The night before that Scott was invited to go to a Sun’s game with his brother Shaun & his son Trevor. They got really, really good seats. Third row back behind the hoop. He had a great time but was out pretty late so his weekend was exhausting. We love all the great opportunities we have to do fun things. | Here are some pictures of Trey. He loves playing and building with his new Lego’s, Daddy built him something really cool (not sure he really knew what it was). | He also got some new sunglasses that have a strap so they stay on. Such a ham for the camera!! | He has been doing amazingly well in his big boy bed. Nap Time!

16: So last week Cooper had his two month appointment and it didn’t go over so well. He only weighed 7lb 12oz which was way below the below average chart. I thought he was seeming pretty small still but not that small. He was also jaundice, but the Doc thought it might just be “Breast Milk Jaundice” which isn’t a concern. Well Trey, Cooper and I were at the doctor’s office for 2 hours, trying to get a urine sample from Cooper which we didn’t get while there, so they sent us home with a bag attached to Cooper to get a sample. The doctor also sent us to the lab to get several blood tests done in case he had some kind of liver or kidney infection that was taking all his calories. We were there for another hour, and they had to draw blood out of both arms, poor LITTLE Cooper, had gotten two shots while at the doctor, and had been poked in both arms at the lab and had a urine bag attached to his little pee pee. Also Cooper has been a big spitter upper so the doctor prescribed some medicine for heart burn that we had to pick up at the pharmacy. Then when he did finally pee we had to take that back to the doctor’s office. It was a long morning, but my two little guys were so good, I thanked my lucky (ok my Heavenly Father) stars for such good boys. I was so impressed with how good Trey had been the whole morning, he made me so proud so Scott and I took him out for ice cream that night. Anyway, the next day the Doc called and wanted us to go back to the lab to get a bilirubin, which test how high his jaundice was. So once again we went back to the lab, Cooper got poked in the heal (poor Cooper has become a pin coushin, lab rat). That night as I was nursing Cooper, I had a strong feeling he was not getting enough from me. I didn’t have enough for Trey also but really felt that I had lots more with Cooper. I felt so bad, that I had been starving poor Cooper, I broke down and felt so guilty I hadn’t figured it out sooner. Then the next morning the Doc called again and said that Cooper is not getting enough calories, and I told him that if I needed to supplement I was fine with that, I had to do that with Trey. He said that he wanted to make sure his jaundice was from breast milk so he told me to just give him formula for two days then take him back to the lab for another bilirubin test. We did that and slowly he turned into another baby. He was so much happier, sleeping better at night, his jaundice had given him a really dark complexion, we called him our Mexican baby, but he was now a pale pink color. We could see the weight piling on him. He wasn’t as spitty anymore either. The only bad thing that came from all of this is that he now refuses to nurse, so I pump several times a day and he gets breast milk that way along with formula. We took him back to see the Doc after a week and he was now 9lb 6oz, which is about a pound and a half in one week!! His jaundice was totally gone, all the test they did came back normal, and so the Doc said that I HAD FIXED HIM!! I have come to terms with not being able to nurse my babies, but I haven’t given up, I will try again with the next also, but I will pay much more attention to how much they are getting. Being a mom is the greatest thing in the world and I am so grateful to my Heavenly Father for the privilege of being these two precious spirits mother, I would go through all the scary, emotional experiences a hundred times just to be their mom.). | I Fixed Him!! Friday, April 1st, 2011

17: A picture of Cooper just before his 2 month doc appointment. Notice how dark he is, it’s not a nice tan it’s his jaundice. | Here he is a week later, paler and pinker, and notice how much fuller his face looks!! Crazy how different he looks! | Life throws us challenges, but I know we can make it through anything the Lord throws our way (with his help)!!

18: Quick Clips Friday, April 8th, 2011 Check out the Video. | So after being in his big boy bed for about two months Trey has finally figured out how to get in and out of his bed on his own. So far (it's only been one night) he hasn't gotten out of bed until morning, and naps have gone pretty good also, I’m staying hopeful! I don't know what happens to my brain when baby Kipton is around, I always call Cooper Kipton, but only when Kipton is around?? Trey loves cars and pretending anything is a car he can drive. He pretty much likes anything that makes loud noises, and if he doesn't know the name of whatever is making a loud noise he calls it a lawnmower, such a boy. That was Super Bowl Sunday so we all got a special treat to eat in the family room!! I’m so thankful for modern technology! I’m sure Trey and Cooper are going to love seeing these videos of them when they get older! | Easter Wednesday, May 4th, 2011 | Easter this year was a little more fun. The Easter Bunny came to our house a little late, he came while Trey was napping and hid several eggs filled with jelly beans and left Trey a basket full of goodies. Watch the video to see how it all went down. I think Cooper was a little upset that Trey was not sharing all the jelly beans with him. Trey was so excited about the jelly beans and kept putting handfuls of jelly beans in his mouth. Oh we were so worried he would be sick later, but if he was, he never complained!! | happy Easter

19: The Easter Bunny must have known that the weather has been getting warmer, and so he gave Trey a sprinkler ring to play out back with to keep him cool. He had fun with it the next day but our back yard is mostly shaded (good thing) and in the shade it was a little chilly, he was shivering nonstop but didn't want me to turn the water off. I finally moved it to the one corner where the sun was but by then he was done!!

20: The other night Trey started copying everything Scott was doing at the dinner table, it was so funny so I grabbed the video camera and caught it on video. I added captions to what Trey was saying in case you can’t understand what he is saying. It’s funny how as his mother I can usually understand everything he is saying, but others can’t always, even Scott. | Week With Family Thursday, May 5th, 2011 | He is such a silly boy, can’t imagine where he gets that from?? It’s funny because he’s pretty good and quiet around people he’s not real comfy with and so everyone thinks he’s such a good boy, but they don’t really know the true “terrible two” Trey. He is a pretty good boy though, and I’m glad he doesn't act up around other people. | This past week we had such a good time with Scott’s parents and sister & her family. Scott started off the week by doing yard work to make the yards look nice, I peaked out the window and saw that Trey was helping with the yard work, that’s why we have kids, right, to help out with the chores!! | We started off the week going to the Phoenix Zoo. It was a lot of fun, I hadn't been for years.

21: Trey got a taste of everyone's treats. | He also got to ride a camel with his uncle Dave!!

22: He also hung out with a monkey (you can see the monkey behind him on the other side of the window, look behind his shoulder), | He made such a good friend with his cousin Alaina, they were good buddies all week long!

23: Cooper was quite the trooper, slept during most of it, but did get some quality time with Grandma! | Later we went to Shaun & Shannon’s and everyone had such a good time there, Trey got some good jumping time on the tramp with Darron & Alaina. | He also loved hanging out at the pool with Grandpa, he loved being in the water.

24: Whoa, you might want to cover your eyes for this picture, those white legs might blind you!! Those Oregonians never get to see the sun! (Sorry Grandpa) | The kiddo’s picked some lemons from Shaun’s trees and had a taste! | We had so much fun with everyone, and the main event that got everyone here was Coopers blessing. It was such a neat experience. | Oh so sour! | We think Trey’s cousin Lilly is sooo cute. They are almost exactly a year apart (by just 1 day), and we think they will love growing up together, he will love dating all her friends and visa versa!

25: So this marks a momentous day. Cooper slept 12 hours strait through the night last night, 7pm-7am. He had been doing pretty good sleeping anywhere from 8-11 hours strait but my goal was to get him to sleep 12 hours. He beat Trey, Trey didn’t sleep 12 hours until he was 4 months old, Cooper is 3 1/2 months old, way to go Coop!! | Trey on the other hand did something so silly last night. We put him to bed around 7 and Scott and I retired to the sofa to watch TV. About an hour later Scott got up to get something and walked past the hall bathroom and to his surprise he saw Trey asleep on the bathroom floor, with his blankies and doggie. He had snuck out of his room and into the bathroom (bathroom is a Jack & Jill bath between his room and family room), sneaky boy. We got the camera but he had woken up by the time we took the picture. | Cooper's Blessing Wednesday May 18th, 2011 | I have such a special bond with my baby boy Cooper. When I found out I was pregnant I worried for a while about how I could love another child as much as I love Trey. As the months passed I felt a special bond developing and I could feel his spirit connect with mine. I didn’t have that spiritual connection with Trey until he was born. I couldn't wait to hold my Cooper and look in his eyes and let him know how very much I have been wanting him to join our family and how much I love him. As Cooper and I stare into each others eyes now there is some special connection, like our spirits have know each other for a very long time. The Lord has given us such a marvelous plan, to be able to come to this Earth and to go through our journey and to not have to do it alone, but to have a family to help us all the way!! Cooper is someone very special, and I know that the Lord has so many special plans for his journey. I feel so blessed to be able to be apart of his journey and to watch him grow in the Gospel. I also feel so blessed to have such a worthy Priesthood holder as my Eternal Companion, and as the example for my boys. Coopers blessing was very special. We planned way in advanced to have his blessing when we knew that Scott’s dad could be there. Scott’s dad is such an important part of our lives because of his Priesthood powers, and we wanted to make sure he was in the circle for Coopers blessing. Months before Cooper was born we planned to have him blessed on May 1st. Scott’s parents and sister purchased airline tickets for that weekend and it seemed like everything was going as planned. Well about two weeks before everyone was to get here we found out that our Stake Conference was going to be held on May 1st. We were disappointed, and talked to our Bishop who gave us permission to have Cooper blessed at home. We think that it actually turned out even better that way, the Lord works in mysterious ways!! Our home was full of family and what a special spirt that brought. Scott gave such a beautiful blessing and Cooper didn’t make a peep. After the blessing several people had caught in the blessing the Cooper would have brotherS that he helps progress in the Gospel. I too caught that in the blessing and was a little puzzled by it at first but now I am excited for whatever the Lord has in store for us.

26: Cooper, the Lord is so proud of you and the decision you have made to come here and fulfill the callings He will give you. We feel so privileged and blessed to have you be part of our family. We love you sooooo much!!

28: 4 Months Already Monday, May 23rd, 2011 | Cooper is now 4 months old, wow how time just keeps getting faster and faster. He has started showing his personality, and I’m beginning to see how much fun Trey and Cooper will have together as brothers and hopefully best friends!! About a week ago as I was driving with both of them in the car Trey was laughing at something Cooper was doing then all of a sudden I heard this cute little giggle and realized it was Cooper giggling right along with Trey, and now they laugh together often. Ahh, the simple little joys of being a mother, my heart leaped for joy as I pictured the two of them playing and laughing and having such fun times together. | They are becoming such good friends already. Trey just adores Cooper now, always smothering him with hugs and kisses. Today when Trey was done with his lunch he kept saying “down, see baby” he wanted so badly to get down and see Cooper. And Cooper lights up whenever Trey is around and is giving him some attention, I just love it!! Well I know that it’s probably not good to compare your children to one another but at this age I think it’s just fun to see how similar and different they are so here is Cooper vs. Trey at 4 months! | Cooper at 4 months 13lbs 9oz 24in 16.5in head 25% | Trey at 4 months 15lb 12oz 25.5in 16.3in head

29: It's The Little Things In Life That Matter | Cooper | Trey

30: Now that Trey has freedom to get up in the mornings whenever he wants (we usually put him back in bed if it’s any earlier than 6am), he has been getting up a lot earlier than he use to. Needless to say an earlier wake-up time makes for a tired boy before nap time. This day I didn’t realize he was so tired or else I would have fed him lunch much earlier. It did, however, make for a pretty good video. When Trey gets overtired he gets pretty slap happy, and is pretty silly. This day I think he was even past that point, too tired to even be that silly, but still managed to make himself & I laugh. Hope you enjoy this video!! After making this video, I realized how much I will love looking back at all these videos, and remembering how cute and sweet my boys are!! I’m sure they will make me cry in joy of all the memories!! What a blessing it is to be able to have families and make memories! | So these last couple of weeks have been full of fun, surprises and trying times!! We decided to take a road trip up to Utah last weekend to see our newest nephew, Alvin, get blessed. We were excited to get away from the start of summer here in Arizona, but also a little afraid of how a long trip would treat us. We decided the best way to avoid a board toddler stuck belted in a seat for 12 hours would be to do most of the trip during the night. Well it was rough, poor Trey woke up almost every hour frustrated and uncomfortable and letting us know how unhappy he was. The poor kid didn’t get much sleep and the sleep he did get wasn’t good sleep. We got to Brittney & Randy’s house at about 6am Utah time, and of course Trey was ready to play, no nap for him. It also happened to be his 2nd birthday. On the Henderson side Trey is way out numbered by girl cousins and they had no problem making Trey feel like one of the girls right away!! | Sleepy Trey Friday, May 27th, 2011 | Trey Turns 2 Tuesday, June 14th, 2011 | I’m not use to little girls so I guess they like to play dress up and knowing how much my son loves trying on everyone's shoes, he was loving playing dress up also!! | Cooper & Alvin holding hands, Ahhh

31: HAPPY BIRTHDAY | We really enjoyed our time in Utah with family despite Trey not being on his best behavior because of lack of sleep! Trey got to sleep in the play room with the girls, only lasted half a night though! | That afternoon we got the whole family together at Brittney & Randy’s to celebrate Trey’s 2nd birthday. Funny story, I had bought these pizza kits to make homemade pizza but as we were making them Scott’s dad asked where the vegetables and cheese was, Scott told him the cheese was the powder stuff on them. His dad replied “oh would you like me to go get some pizza?” I was actually relived because the pizza kits were looking very unappetizing, Thanks for saving the day Dad!! Anyway, we celebrated with cake and Trey got a few gifts although I think he was not all there being so sleep deprived!!

32: Randy & Brittney have beautiful views all around their new home! Here is just one view! | We also got to hang out with Sarah & Ellie. | Of course the boys got some golf in, and from the mouth of my husband he said “I’m awesome and I beat everyone!” Here's a picture to prove how awesome he is!

33: My sister-in-law Bonnie has taken up crocheting and made this stork sack while we were there so of course Cooper had to try it out! | Then we had Alvin's big day!! His blessing day!! What a special, sweet little guy he is!! | Here he is surrounded by his two newest cousins from both sides of his family, aren’t they a handsome bunch!! | So I think that Trey’s cousin, Belinda, who is just a few months older than Trey, look like they could be twins. They both have those big brown eyes, pinchable cheeks and brown hair! You be the judge, here they are!

34: HAPPY BIRTHDAY | Poor Trey got hit really hard with a bad stomach flu bug this day, he was throwing up had no energy and had diarrhea. It also happened to be the day we had our long drive home. It was a nightmare drive home. Fifteen minuets into the drive Trey threw up big time. We had to do the best we could to clean him, his car seat, and the car up, but the drive home, which turned out to be a very long 13.5 hours, was stinky and miserable!! Trey’s flu lasted 5 days, 5 days of throwing up, diarrhea, no energy, and a bad diaper rash!! It really gave us a scare because he couldn’t even keep water down!! He also was kind enough to share it with Cooper who is just starting to feel better today. We have been to the doctor 3 times in the past week and they both received a blessing. Yesterday when we went to the doctor for Cooper the doc said that it’s a bug going around, he had seen 10 patients with it just that day!! It’s been a hard week but things are starting to look up!! | On Saturday we got to celebrate Trey’s 2nd birthday again with his cousin, Kipton, who turned 1 a couple days after Trey turned 2. My sister-in-law, Liz, decided to show me up (ha ha just kidding) and made really yummy homemade pizza. There was no need to go for a pizza run.

35: I think Trey got a little spoiled this year, but it’s fun to spoil when they actually understand what’s happening and are excited for all their gifts!! Check out the video of all the celebrating!! Wow two years Trey, how did that happen, where does all the time go!! | She also made the cutest sports cupcakes!

36: This last Saturday the fire station just down the street from us hosted a fund raiser for a 9/11 memorial they will be building here in Gilbert. They invited many people to the fire station for breakfast, fire station tour, and truck display. We decided that it would be a lot of fun for Trey and so we went. Friday night we told Trey we were going to go to the “Fire Truck House” and he got sooo excited and couldn’t wait to go. The other day when we were coming home from the gym we had to stop in front of the fire station to let a fire truck out, we were in the very front. The sirens started up and the truck drove right in front of us. It went in the opposite direction we were headed and Trey kept saying “turn round, mommy” he wanted to follow the truck. He gets so excited when he hears the sirens, if he’s in the middle of playing at home and hears the sirens he’ll stop what he’s doing and listen and get really big eyes and say “siren” It’s so cute to see him get so excited about things. Saturday we met up with my sister-in-law, Liz, and her three kids at the fire station. We got to see all the neat things at the fire station. It seems that this fire station is quite decked out. They have a huge media/ conference room with nice leather recliners in stadium seating with a big screen TV in front, a huge kitchen with all the bells and whistles (literally, ha ha), they have two poles to slide down and also two slides to get down to the trucks. They have private sleeping quarters so if you are not part of the team they need to go on a call you wont hear the “Bells & Whistles” while you sleep, a nice gym and so much more. | Fire Station Monday, June 27th, 2011

37: He really has a lot of fun with his cousins Ashton & Peyton and boy can they get pretty rowdy, but that’s what kids do!

38: So the other day Trey was playing in our empty bathtub, and as he was climbing out he was straddling the tub and he looked up at me and said, “riding motorcycle” and acted as if he was riding a motorcycle!! Oh boy, I hate hearing the stories of how Scott was as a teenager driving recklessly (he might not think it was reckless, but I do when I think about it being our boys). I hope he doesn’t rub off that part of himself onto our boys. I’m already starting to get worried. But he does make a cute biker, I just happened to give him a faux hawk that day!! | Trey is such a helper. He loves to help mommy with just about everything (sometimes when the help isn’t wanted). It does come in handy sometimes though! Here he is helping with Coopers feeding! | These two boys are really loving each other more and more every day. No one can get Cooper to laugh and talk as well as Trey can, and Trey just loves to hear all the “silly noises” that “Pooter”, as Trey calls him, makes! It warms and tickles my heart all at the same time to see them interact like they do. Hardly a dull moment in our home!!

39: 4th Of July & More Sunday, July 10th, 2011 | 4th of July was a lot of fun. We spent the afternoon with my brothers family in the pool. We ate pizza and soda and had a good time keeping cool in the pool. Trey was a little hesitant at first and just wanted to sit at the edge under the umbrella. He later got much more comfortable and was even jumping off the edge into my arms. His idea of playing with the pool rings was to put it on his head!! Scott had fun blowing water at him with the noodle, Trey really liked it also! The pool was in the backyard of Mike’s home, my sister-in-laws step mothers husband (if you can follow that)!! He was out of town and they were dog sitting, it is such a nice pool & yard!

40: Later in the evening we headed over to the Smith’s home, our other sister-in-law, Shannon’s parents. We had a great BBQ there and had a good time catching up with all of them and learned a new, fun card game Trey had a blast playing there and has asked several times to go back to play. We were actually brave this year and got out some of our fireworks we have had for several years we bought in New Mexico and lite some of them off in front of the Smiths home. Trey loved it!! Not many fireworks are legal in Arizona. It is so hot here in AZ so going to a firework show is just not all that fun although this year it was actually not to bad outside, little did we know it was because a storm was coming! The next day we had a huge dust storm or Haboob as they are called, probably the biggest I’ve ever seen in my 32 years here in Arizona. It was reported to be 50 miles wide in some areas and 5,000 feet high. I actually left the house to go grocery shopping, I’ve seen these storms so many times before, not knowing how huge a storm it was, and as I was driving down our street I couldn’t even see down to the end of the street, not even the street lights that were on. I kept feeling like I shouldn’t be out in the storm and fought the feeling because I had a $10 off grocery coupon that would expire that night if I didn’t use it. The feeling was so strong I couldn’t ignore it so I turned around and went back home. Later when I found out how sever the storm was I was so thankful I had listen to the prompting to go home. The next day the store did accept my expired coupon. Lesson: Don’t ignore the promptings you get from the Spirit, LESSON LEARNED! Here are some pictures I found online of the dust storm engulfing the Phoenix Valley! In the first picture you can see that the tall Phoenix skyscrapers look so small next to the wall of dust. Looks pretty crazy hu! Looks a lot crazier than it is in person!

41: We have discovered a hidden talent that Cooper has. Check out the video to see his talent. He has a really strong grip anytime you put anything to his feet! Silly boy! Cooper has also discovered his high pitched voice. He was so excited about it and went on for about an hour one evening practicing his falsetto. Here’s just a little clip | The air was pretty dusty for several days afterwards, we finally got some good rain last night to clean up the air! That was our “5th” of July show!! There was no major damage that we know of, some trees blown over and some power outages.

42: 6 Months Has Flown By Wednesday, July 27th, 2011 | I can’t believe that Cooper is now half a year old!! It is going by way to fast, I can’t slow it down and I’m afraid that if I blink they’ll be gone off on their missions!! Cooper is getting to be so much fun, and we can’t believe how lucky and blessed we are to have another cute cute boy!! He weighed in at his 6 month check up at 16lb 7oz and is 25.75 inches long, both are in the 25%. His head is 17.23cm which is in the 50%. I’d like to think it’s because he has lots of smarts in that head of his!! He can roll over most of the time, and is really close to sitting up on his own. He is such a content baby. Rarely does he cry, only when he is tired or hungry and that is easily fixable! We started him on baby food a couple weeks ago and he is eating like a champ now. He loves to watch his big brother play Legos and also loves to watch TV. He has lot’s of hair compared to what Trey had at his age and compared to daddy! His eyes are changing colors and it looks like they are going to be more green than blue. He didn’t do so well with his 6 month shots. He got a low fever and was kind of cranky for a couple of days after his shots. Then on Monday he woke up with pink eye. Poor guy, but he’s been doing better, still has a little bit of pink eye but the doc gave us some eye drops and it’s slowly disappearing! I am starting to see little glimpses of what our life will be like here at home for the next, oh, 18 years or so!! Cooper and Trey adore each other and have so many fun moments together. One of Coopers favorite times with Trey is their bath time. Any chance Trey gets he wants to hold Cooper. Watch the video of them playing. I love and feel so privileged that I get to be their mom and a spectator of their lives!

43: A little about Trey. He has discovered the love of corn on the cob. And has gotten a new buddy, a green monkey! Not to replace Cooper, but for his good behavior while we are grocery shopping lately!

44: This year we debated back and forth for a while whether or not to go on our ward campout, but we finally decided (when we found a good sale on a nice tent) that we needed a break from the summer heat. We are so glad we decided to go. We all had a really good time. We told Trey we were going camping a few days before we left and that was all he would talk about until we left. I don’t even think he knew exactly what camping was until we actually went. He has been once before last year but I don’t think he remembers. Trey has proved to me that he is all boy and that we all come prewired as to our gender. Trey never lasted more than 5 minuets with a clean face. I eventually gave up on cleaning his hands and face, a little (or more like a lot) of dirt never hurt anyone, right! All that mattered was that he was having such a good time. Cooper also loved being outside in the fresh air all day long, he even got to take a few naps outside, wish I was so lucky! Here are my rugged mountain men, “roar” such a hard life! | Camping Tuesday, August 2nd, 2011

45: The night before we left Scott found this little camping chair for Trey and he loved it. Next year we’ll have to get another little camping chair for Coop, but he was just as happy and comfy in his daddy’s lap! We were very happy that even with all the fires we have been having in Arizona there were no fire restrictions, last year there were, so we got to roast our hot dogs and smores on the fire that night. Trey loved the fire and wanted to play with a stick in the fire which made mommy very nervous. All I could think about was how my sweet little nephew, Landon had fallen in a camp fire at about Trey’s age and almost lost his hands. Such a devastating experience my sister and her family went through. I am happy to report we all came back in one piece!! Cooper and Trey slept so well in the tent. I was glad we didn’t have to apologize to anyone this year for our noisy babies. Scott and I on the other hand didn’t sleep that well but what can you expect sleeping in a tent! We both heard coyotes in the middle of the night, but they were pretty far away. Cooper was the first one awake and excited for another day outside! Check out the video of some camping fun. Cooper has been very vocal lately and you will see that in the video. Also Trey thought that daddy’s cot was a treadmill and so wanted to get in a workout while we were there. We loved our camping experience and can’t wait to do more and more camping as a family.

46: San Diego Sunday, August 14th, 2011 | We decided we needed a vacation! Scott has been so busy with work the last several months that we have hardly seen him and now that his big project that has been keeping him away from us is over he talked his boss into giving him a week paid vacation. I also needed a vacation because when Scott is busy that means I’m busier with the boys! So we all needed a vacation. We decided to take a trip to San Diego to go to Legoland. Scott and I both have never been so we were excited to go somewhere new. We left on Monday morning and it took us about 6 hours to get there. After checking into our hotel Trey and I went swimming and Trey got to practice all he had learned from his swimming lessons he had earlier this summer. The next day we were off to Legoland. We had such a good time there. Trey loved it and all the rides. He did so well on the rides and I was so impressed with how well both boys handled the whole day. Cooper was quite the trooper the whole day! We got a fast pass for daddy and Trey so we didn’t have to wait in any lines to go on the rides, so worth it because the lines were pretty long. Trey also got to splash around at the Legoland splash pad. We got to see lots of different things made out of legos, it was pretty cool!! Legoland was a lot of fun!!

48: The next day we decided to take it easy. We just rested and hung out at the hotel all morning and then after naps we headed to the beach. The weather was so nice, we were so glad to get out of the Arizona heat! Trey and daddy built a sand castle, then we got in the water which I was surprised that Trey really enjoyed, and then Trey got to fly a kite! We lost Trey’s swim suit at Legoland so we had to buy him a new one, then while at the beach daddy lost his wedding ring!!

49: The next day we decided we couldn’t miss going to the famous San Diego Zoo so we headed there for our last day. It was a whole lot of fun seeing all the animals. It was such a nice vacation. The best part was seeing how excited both boys got for everything we were doing, even just staying in the hotel room was fun for them. We only had one short meltdown from Trey after our long day at Legoland and the rest of the week was just fun, fun, fun!!! It will be a vacation we won’t ever forget. We can’t wait for more like this one. Check out the video of some highlights of our trip. We are now destressed and ready to take on the real world again!

50: My boys are growing up so fast. Does it ever slow down?? Cooper’s personality is really starting to shine through. He really knows how to make us all laugh and have a good time. Check out the video of a few of his fun moments!! Trey’s new favorite thing to do is sing, I love it!! We try and have a little time each day to sing some songs together. Here is a video of some of his favorite songs to sing. | The Days Are Going Fast Thursday, Sept. 1st, 2011 | Life has become a little bit easier now that Cooper can sit up on his own. He loves the independence I can tell, and he will sit and play with a toy or watch as Trey plays with his toys happily for a long time. He is so easily entertained, and I can see in his eyes (which have turned into a dark green right now by the way) that he is trying to figure out how to play like his big brother Trey! My brothers kids are so close in age and close to mine that in the month of Aug. all five of them were aged in a row, from 4, 3, 2, 1 & 6months old. We decided we needed to take a picture of them all so here is the picture!! | They sure look like brothers!

51: Trey | Cooper

52: Life With My Boys (All Three) Thursday, October 20th, 2011 | Life is always fun (ok so I am exaggerating a little, we have our not so fun moments too) at our house. Trey has really grown in his big brother role. He’s so good at giving Cooper hugs and kisses and if I forget to let him give Cooper hugs and kisses before Cooper goes down for a nap he gets really sad. Scott has been really busy at work and has even had to work some nights which means I have been a really busy mom too. Cooper has been adjusting to having just two naps a day instead of three and the other day I let him cry for a while in his crib in hopes he would eventually fall asleep, I guess Trey eventually had enough and came running to me and said “momma, I have to make Cooper happy!” At that point I gave up on getting him to sleep so I said “ok lets go get him.” Trey stopped in his tracks and put his hand up to stop me and said “no mamma, you don’t come in, only me.” I was so touched that he wanted to use his big brother love to make Cooper happy. I grabbed the camera and snapped a picture of Trey trying to make Cooper happy. It was so sweet. This happened to be one of the days Scott worked at night, so after naps I decided we should take a trip to the outdoor mall down the street to play in the kiddy play area. The weather in the evenings has been really nice here and Cooper & Trey (who have been cooped up in a house all summer) have loved going outside these days. Cooper and I watched Trey play at the play area for a while. then we moved to the smaller kiddy play area where Cooper could sit on some of the play things.

53: We then decided to go to the pet store to see all the puppies. We all fell in love with a bull dog and one of the workers got her out to play. | Someday when Trey & Cooper are old enough to take care of a dog we will get one!!. That night I had bath duty all by myself and so after bath I had both boys on Treys bed in their hooded towels, they were both so cute!! It’s so much fun to see them interact the way they do, it makes me realize that they were meant to be so close in age, they truly are best friends and I can tell they have been for a very long time, way before this life, and will be forever! | So a funny story, Cooper has a hard time pooping ever since we started giving him solids at 6 months (going to ask the doc about it next week at his 9 month check up), and so when he takes a bath he seems to have an easier time pooping so we have had probably three times that he has pooped in the tub (poor Trey, sharing his bath). Last night was one of those times. Scott was giving them baths and as soon as he saw Cooper trying to poop he grabbed him out of the tub and put him on Trey’s potty that was right there in the bathroom. I thought it was so funny and Cooper looked so grown up sitting on Trey’s potty, so I had to take a picture!!

54: Spooky Tales From The Henderson Lab! Ahh ha ha | I was working in my lab late one night When my eyes beheld an eerie sight For my Trey-osaurus from his slab began to rise And suddenly to my surprise | he did the mash | the dino mash!

55: From my laboratory in the Henderson home To the master bedroom where the Little Devil roamed The Trey-osaurus met with much surprise And gave the Devil a jolting arise!!

56: The pumpkins were having fun The party had just begun. | The guest included some bats Daddy and his two sons. Now everything is cool, Dad’s apart of the crew Don’t worry my dino & devil wont hurt you For you, the living, this mash was meant too When you get to my door, tell them mommy sent you!! Ahh ha ha ha!!

57: This past weekend was full of fun and festivities for us. It all started on Friday night with our ward Trunk or Treat. We always have so much fun at the trunk or treat and this year was just as fun. | Busy Halloween Weekend Wednesday, November 2nd, 2011 | Then bright and early the next morning, 6:30, we had our stake emergency preparedness fair and pancake breakfast where we had a booth set up on “Creating a Family Emergency Plan.” After that was over at 10 we had some good friends, Ashleigh, James and their two boys, come over to join us at Dewitt Stables for a “Fall Festival.” We had a blast there. The boys got to jump in a bounce house, run all around in a hay maze, ride in a barrel ride, ride a horse, pet animals in a petting zoo, take a hay ride to a pumpkin patch, and just hang out and have fun with our friends.

59: After that we came home and all took short naps and then headed to the big park in our neighborhood for a fall festival our HOA was hosting. They also had a hay maze, petting zoo, bounce house, pumpkin decorating, and pizza (we got there too late and didn’t get any pizza). I think Trey was all “Fall Festive out” because he was more excited about the slides at the park than anything else. We also had stake conference this weekend and so there | I am such a mean mom and decided I didn’t want him to have all that candy so he got to pick out 10 candies to keep and then left the rest out for the “Halloween Fairy” over night and the “Halloween Fairy” took the rest of his candy and left him and Cooper a new toy, they each got a sock monkey! Trey was excited to see them when he woke up and loved playing with them until he realized that his big bucket of candy was gone. He tried giving the sock monkeys back by shoving them in his candy bucket, | was the adult session that night and then the regular session on Sunday. Then of course Monday was the real holiday. Trey, Cooper and daddy went trick or treating while I stayed home to give out treats. Trey really enjoyed it and he came home with a bucket full of candy. | then that became a fun game and he was happy again and forgot all about his candy! When Cooper woke up that morning Trey was excited to show him his new sock monkey and they were both happy boys!! Whooeey, time for some quiet restful days!!

60: Where Has November Gone? Wednesday, November 23rd, 2011 | It seems like just a week ago I had a Dino & a Little Devil roaming my house, where has the month gone? Is it really Thanksgiving tomorrow? I sure hope Christmas doesn’t come as fast, we haven’t even started getting ready for Christmas, yikes!! We have had some fun this month though. My boys sure know how to make me smile.

61: For any of you who don’t know, Trey has an obsession with shoes. Here he is wearing my boots, silly boy, we can’t keep our shoes put away. Cooper and Trey sure love to splash in the bath and Cooper always wants whatever Trey has, like a rubber ducky in his mouth!! | The weather here has been fabulous and the boys have loved going out back to play. They long for it!!

62: The Gilbert Temple has been taking shape and we love going to see how much it is coming along. Here we are for FHE visiting the Temple this month. We also visited the site back in September, a lot has gone up sense then!! We are sooo excited for it. Not going to be done until around mid 2013. They broke ground a year ago. | We have finally (after 2 years) put our garden together and got it planted. I’m not expecting a whole lot to grow because I have no green thumb yet, but we will get better and better at it!! You can see we got our first strawberry!! | Well, on to the next big thing, oh yeah that’s tomorrow, Thanksgiving. Like I said, where has the month gone??

63: Oh, the Glamorous Life of Being a Mother Monday, December 19th, 2011 | I’ll start out by saying how thankful I am this day is almost over, the boys are in bed and I can have a moment of my own!! This is a TRUE story, you’ll laugh, and if you have ever been a mother you just might cry with me (although I am laughing now)!! We decided this week would be a great week to try doing a week of potty training Trey. We have been talking to him for days about not wearing diapers and how he was going to be a big boy now and wear underwear. Well he got up this morning and was very excited about wearing underwear, but not so excited about using the potty, he did use it however (not a new thing to him, he has used it here and there for a long time). The morning started out great, he used the potty a couple of times, I set my timer to go off every hour so I could have him use the potty, but he also had several, I think three, wet accidents by lunch time. I was kind of surprised at how many he had, but I guess I should have expected that. Nap time came and according to the potty training instructions I received I was to let him wear his underwear at nap time (to not confuse him) and put towels on his bed. Well he didn’t go to sleep and when I went to check on him he was standing at his door with a puddle under him on the carpet. We changed his underwear again and cleaned the carpet, then I told him to get in bed and go to sleep. Half an hour later he was still awake playing in his room and so I went back in and told him again to go to sleep. Still not sleeping, I was confused because he never goes this long without falling asleep, I went in again and told him to sleep. Another hour went by and I could still hear him playing so I went to once again check on him. Before I even got around the corner in the kitchen I could smell it, he had a poopy accident!! Yikes, it was bad timing because I was just about to get Cooper a bottle so I could put him down for his nap. Cooper was crying in the family room, Trey had poopy everywhere, poor boy must have been playing in it for a while because as I tried to wipe it off his legs it had dried and wasn’t coming off. I decided to put him in the shower and so I got Cooper and sat him in the bathroom with us to keep him from crying. I got Trey cleaned up, cleaned up his room, it was in the bottom drawer of his dresser, smeared all over his bed spread and sheets. I put a load in the wash and gave up on Trey’s nap. I then got Cooper his bottle and got him to bed. This was just the start of my glamorous day. Trey was doing much better, no wet accidents and even once told me he needed to go pee pee! When the load was finished in the dryer I took it into Treys room , folded the undies, and put the sheets back on his bed. Trey was in there with me, with bare bottom (he decided he didn’t want to wear his underwear anymore) playing. It was almost 5 pm and Cooper was due to wake any moment, Scott is usually home by then, but wasn’t. As I was just finishing making Trey’s bed I heard the door shut and Trey said “momma I didn’t lock it!” Several months ago we had switched the lock around so he couldn’t lock himself in the room (and we could lock him in if we needed to) and well we never thought he would figure out how to lock it and then shut himself and I in the room!!! I panicked but trying to keep calm I thought of what I could do to get us out. I tried taking a nail out of the wall holding up a picture to unlock the door but that didn’t work, I tried opening the window but couldn’t get the screen off, I was still in my PJ’s (yes I know it was almost 5pm, it’s the glam of being a mom), even if I did get out I would have to jump the 6 foot fence Scott locks bare foot. I looked at Trey with his bare bottom and thought oh no, please don’t have an accident, I was very tempted to just give in and put a diaper on him, but figured Scott would be home soon. Giving up all hope of getting ourselves out we laid on his bed and within 5 min., because of lack of a nap, Trey was asleep! I laid there praying that Cooper wouldn’t wake up, because I knew if he did and started crying it would kill me and I would lose it. I wanted to cry but kept telling myself what a funny story this would make!! I heard the timer ring, oh no time to use the potty!! A full LONG hour after being locked in Trey’s room, I could hear Scott on the side of the house, moving garbage cans or something!! As soon as I heard him come in the house I started knocking and yelling for him to open the door. The instant I saw Scott I lost it and just started crying in his arms. Trey still sleeping, soon woke up and he too started crying. It was 6pm by now and somehow Cooper was still sound asleep, he never sleeps this long. We had to actually wake him from a deep sleep. I told Scott about my day and he felt so bad he went and got pizza and after the boys went to bed he went and got me some ice cream which I am now enjoying as I laugh about my day!! We have hidden a key on the inside trim of Treys door so that that will never happen again. Thank heavens we get to go to sleep each night and start anew in the morning, so the previous day can just become a distant memory!!

64: Although it was a tough day I do think Trey looks pretty cute in his undies!! The one good thing about having such a bad day is that the rest of the potty training week can only be better, right! | We did have some fun last night. We met up with my brother and his family at the Mesa Temple to see the Temple Christmas lights! | How can such a cute innocent face cause me so much stress. The Lord knows what he’s doing when he gives us these spirits to care for. If he didn’t make them so cute I might not like him so much lots of the time!!

65: Christmas 2011 | Christmas this year was so much fun. My visiting teaching companion has a great tradition and so I stole her tradition this year and will make it a tradition for us. Every night the whole month of December we read a story about the foretelling or an event leading to Christ birth and then we unwrap an ornament that represents the story and hang it on our tree. This year we just had paper ornaments but a friend of mine and I decided we will make felt ornaments for the coming years. I love this tradition, it really helped us stay focus on a Christ centered Christmas. We enjoyed having Grandma & Grandpa Henderson stay with us the beginning of the month. Trey and Grandpa have become great buddies it reminded me of how I felt about my Grandpa Snell growing up. I’m so glad he will have that same relationship with his grandpa, it’s priceless! Christmas eve we had my brother and his family and my dad over for a big dinner. It was a lot of fun. The cousins all got gifts for each other and exchanged them that night. Trey and Cooper each got a fire truck and a monster truck, they love them!!

66: J O Y | So Scott likes to tell everyone that I was the first one up on Christmas morning. I didn’t want to miss the excitement Trey would have seeing his gifts. It’s the first year he understands Santa! Well Santa must have thought that Trey & Cooper were good boys this year because he made a stop at our house Christmas eve while we were all asleep. Cooper got a block train from Santa, Trey got a remote control police car from Santa. We all got what we wanted for Christmas, it turned out to be a great Christmas. The best gift we got came from Trey. He is now potty trained, YEAH!! It has been about a week since he has had any accidents!! Such a big boy!

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