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A Year In Review

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A Year In Review - Page Text Content

S: Our Family 2011



4: Twin Falls Idaho Temple | Beautiful Frozen Waterfalls | Christina's Family

5: Twin Falls, Idaho | Overlook at the Perrine Bridge

6: so many | Each memory we keep with care means future happiness to share.


8: After getting a new pair of shoes for Kindergarten, Peyton decided he wanted to tie them himself. | Mom, Madalyn, Lauren, and Jacob all worked with him, but it was dear ole' Dad that finished the job. | Peyton was one of the few in class who could do it, and he was so proud! We were too! | I'm a Big Boy Now! Peyton reaches another milestone at age 5

9: A Boy and His Blocks One of Peyton's favorite games is to build towers. He loves to see how high he can stack them and then knock them all down. He enjoys playing with his brother or sisters, but today it's with Mom. She's behind the camera.

10: Peyton Turns 6

11: Peyton had lots of friends from church and Kindergarten come celebrate his 6th birthday. We played games, went on a safari, and had a picnic. He had so much fun that he was sad when everyone went home. Happy birthday, we love you. | His kindergarten class sang "Happy Birthday" in English, French, & Spanish.

13: s n o w

14: Madalyn's 13th Birthday Mardi Gras Style! | Madalyn welcomed her friends with Mardi Gras beads to the sounds of southern jazz music. They partied hard making masks, playing pool, and splashing in the hot tub. We served traditional subs and king cake.

16: Little Cheerio has been with us the longest and has probably had the most rumble-tumble life of all. He was dropped and knocked unconscious. He got out of his cage and lived under the refrigerator for three days. He snuck a mountain of cat food from Max's bowl and is often worn as a hat by his "Dad". Peyton loves his hammy sooo much and worries,"if he's getting too old and will die soon." | Hamster Fun

17: Max can't help the cat that he is. He watches and waits for his chance to pounce! | Lauren's hamster is named "Tank" because he is so big. He is hammy #3 for her, so we thought a big, strong guy would be a safe choice.

19: Provincial Capital in Edmonton, AB The kids enjoyed learning about Canadian government.

20: Vroom Vroom... | Gotcha!

21: Madalyn's first car. She was intent on bumping it into someone.! | Lauren does her best to get away. | Feb. 18-21 West Edmonton Mall Tons of Fun! | Waiting in line

22: Up, Down, All Around The kids had such fun on the rides at Galaxy Land! | There were roller coasters, spinners, up and downers. We tried them all.

23: Kory and Madalyn got up the courage to ride the largest indoor roller coaster in North America. Three loops, lots of screams, and churning stomachs later, they gave their thumbs up & thumbs down.

25: Miniature Golf, Bowling, and Dinner at Jungle Jim's Restaurant

26: Lauren became part of the show at West Edmonton Mall!

27: Winter in Calgary Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

28: "Anything worth having is worth working for." | Madalyn & her friends sang and danced in the school talent show to Bruno Mars' "Grenade." Lots of practice paid off for an amazing performance! | Every day you can hear the kids practicing the piano. It's music to our ears! | Madalyn is quite the artist. She received the highest average in her grade for art and her pieces are always on display.

29: MAKING MEMORIES | Webber Academy is a great school, and the kids work hard for their successes. All are on the Honor Roll! | Every Sunday the Primary kids line up at the Bishop's office to recite the monthly Article of Faith. Who'd have thought a piece of candy would inspire such goodness?!? We have four wiz kids when it comes to computers. Lauren loves Utube and funny videos. She also loves finding music and playing games.

30: Madalyn had a grand time taking pictures for her photography class at school. We just may have a future professional photographer on our hands.

31: Jacob was so excited to join Cub Scouts of Canada. He looks forward to Wednesday nights when his pack meets together so much.

32: Lauren and Catherine Mark love to hang out and play dress up. We never know what they will come out wearing!

34: Peyton came to love school where he spent his days surrounded by his friends: Lucas, Logan, Katie, Amelia, Riley, David, Nakita, and Skylar. He loved seeing his teacher, Ms. Lamy, and his favorite time of the day was "stations where he did all kinds of fun activities. | Peyton's Kindergarten Class at Mountain View Academy

36: Missie, Liz, Paris, Alex, and Madalyn | Madalyn's Mia-Maid Class at Church

37: Madalyn Gets Published! what If? Magazine | It started out as a school project to learn the steps of submitting a work to be published, but it ended up being chosen! "Baseball Baseball"

38: Johnston Canyon in the spring is breathtaking. It took us three hours to hike three miles, but it was worth it!

41: Banff Wildlife

42: Peyton's Kindergarten class told jokes and sang. They were so brave and sweet on stage.

43: Spring Break with the Matthews | We made a trip down to Twin Falls, ID to celebrate Alivia's baptism and to spend time with Mamaw and Papaw. The kids had a great time hanging with their cousins and everyone had fun playing the wii. The drive back was long and we came home to a blizzard. Kory and Madalyn shoveled a path so we could park and get some sleep.

44: After dinner the kids were all too ready to find the chocolate candy eggs hidden in the snow. | Easter Sunday Dinner & Hunt at a Calgary Friend's Ranch

45: The Rogers, Mosers, Kneelands, & Michael Bennett, dined on barbecue ribs, cornbread, & pecan pie. The kids loved seeing the horses and running around outside in the mountain air. | "The friends we meet on the path of life make the trip worth while."

46: Egg Hunt American style! Down the street from the Mosers' home, the moms hid candy-filled plastic eggs (over 2 dozen per child) while the dads corralled the kids until the whistle was blown. After the big kids filled their baskets, they assisted the little ones. The weather was perfect and the hunt was a success!

47: Easter Morning Looks like Peter Rabbit stopped by during the night | Lauren busily stuffs eggs for the upcoming egg hunts | Peyton is set to be a paleontologist! Jacob was thrilled to get Lego Ninjago.

49: EASTER | happy | Spring Time

50: Weaselhead National Park Calgary, AB | Mr. Mondaca and Mr. ASh make plans. | Lauren, Racquel, & Sydney

51: The Grade 5 classes took their spring field trip to Weaselhead Park for a day of beautiful weather and fresh air. Lauren enjoyed a day out of class surrounded by friends. | Ms. Gallagher poses in her sunglasses.

52: A Royal Wedding We had our own reception complete with cake and appetizers as we watched Prince Will & Kate get married.

53: Peyton has always loved balls, and soccer is his favorite sport! He was the biggest and fastest player on his team, the White Tigers. Mom and Dad loved cheering as he scored.

54: Rockin' School Projects! For Lauren's Canadian Heritage Project, she presented Emily Murphy. In Art she made a beautiful sunflower picture.

55: Keepin' cool at school!

56: Madalyn and classmate, Abby, had so much fun playing for their softball team, White Thunder. They had a great winning season! Madalyn was the fastest runner and was awesome at bat.

58: Glenbow Museum Lauren's class learned all about the life of a knight.


61: Kindergarten Graduation Peyton was so cute proudly wearing his crown as he received his certificate. It's official- he's now in grade 1!

62: School Field Trip | The Grade 5s took their last field trip bowling for a much deserved break. They know how to work hard and play hard too!

63: Regional Kub Kar Race Jacob takes 2nd place for his car he named "Brown Worm." He was new to Cub Scouts of Canada and the most undecorated, but it didn't matter. He and Dad set to work cutting, sanding, and painting his car. The Richmond Cubs cheered as he took 2nd amongst all the Calgary stakes. | Before the Races

64: Luckily, none of the children were hurt beyond bruises and sore muscles, but Tara had physical therapy for six months for her neck, back, arm, and hand. Insurance replaced the van and also the large stone in her wedding ring. The airbag impact was so strong it blew her ring apart! | Stranger Runs Red Light and Totals our New Car

65: Lauren's class presented poems and roses to the Moms for Mother's Day. Lauren is quite the poet! I love you,Darlin'.

66: Lauren's Class had Breakfast & a Craft with the Dads

67: Happy Father's Day

68: HAPPY BIRTHDAY | Tara Turns 35

69: Mom dropped the kids off and they picked out her gifts: a necklace, flowers, perfume, and a yummy cake. Her favorite was their sweet cards.

70: Music to My Ears The kids were so sweet and they played their best at their first Calgary piano recital. They love their teacher, Ms. Amy, who is so fun.

71: For her ballet recital, Lauren performed a scene from the new cartoon GNOMEO AND JULIET. She was so happy to play a "girl" gnome! She did beautifully on her solos for this number and her solo as the gingerbread man in Shrek. | Ballet Recital

72: Splashing around Griffith Woods | We spent a great afternoon with Alex Morante and his kids getting wet and rowdy!

73: Weeee... SPLASH!

74: Girls' Camp was a four-day hike in the Canadian National Forest near Banff. Madalyn had to pack in and out all of her supplies: tent, cooking utensils, food, clothes, sleeping bag, etc. She prepared for the arduous task by hiking, exercising, and eating healthy for months in advance. It was worth it as she was the lead hiker all week. She had a blast getting to know the Young Women of the Richmond Ward.

76: Helaman's Encampment Scout Camp Beaver Mines Lake | Celebrating 100 years of LDS scouting in Alberta! Over 2,000 LDS scouts attended to learn wilderness survival skills in raft building, camping, bridge building, and more. Kory especially enjoyed leading his troop in Man Tracker. He had to see a chiropractor when he got home!

78: /church Youth Rafting down the Bow River

79: Wisdom Tooth Surgery...Ouch! | Madalyn's surgery was a success, and she was eating pizza and chips within days.

80: Shakers Fun Center

82: The royal couple, Prince Will and Kate, honeymooned around the world making a stop in Canada for the parade. Kate smiled and waved at the kids as they drove by!

83: Canada is full of so many different cultures. What an experience! | The RCMP, Royal Canadian Mounted Police, or Mounties as we call them. | There were hundreds of horses, and then there were the road sweepers...

85: Johnston Canyon Hike | Candy Run Downtown Banff

86: The girls couldn't wait to see Fefe Dobson live. She sounded just like she does on the radio! After an hour wait in the sun, the kids cut out with Grandma and headed for the rides. | We're ready for a day out on the town.

87: Downtown Calgary fairgrounds So much to see, so little time! Yee-haw! | One favorite was the livestock. -Animals of every kind and so friendly too. Lauren petted all the horses and everyone adored the baby chicks.

88: Night at the Stampede | Mom, Kory, and Tara spent the evening catching the chuck wagon races, evening show, and Kevin Costner concert. Mom is crazy about him.

89: Kory took Dad on a fishing trip for trout. Dad was the only lucky fisherman!

91: We spent the day in Drumheller at the Royal Terrell Museum and sightseeing.

92: We camped near a clearing where the kids played football and hide-and-seek. We roasted hot dogs for dinner and had eggs and bacon for breakfast. It was a chilly night even without the ghost stories around the campfire. | Camping in Banff

94: Prince's Island Park Downtown Calgary | Backyard 66 Sienna Park Place SW

95: Happy Birthday Big 11!

96: Historical Banff Fairmont Hotel | Canoing at Lake Loise

97: Downtown Banff for shopping and dinner | Toni Roma's

99: Kory and Dad took Lauren, Jacob, and Peyton on a long hike up Tunnel Mountain while Tara and Mom shopped Banff. | Family Hike Banff, Alberta

100: The fireworks show was set to music that filled the night sky. We also toured several cultural booths and learned about countries around the world. | Global Fest 2011

101: Sikome Beach at Fish Creek Park The kids had a blast swimming in the lake and burying each other in the sand. Mom and Dad caught some rays and enjoyed the sunny afternoon in Calgary.

102: Ice Blocking in Signal Hill Rather than sledding on the hill near our house, we ice blocked with the Mosers and their visiting family. It was a new experience and we came away with more than a few bruises!

105: Lauren's Miss Canada Pageant Birthday Party

106: We celebrated our 14th anniversary at the Banff Fairmont. Highlights were dinner in the gazebo, sightseeing, shopping for Tara's ammolite necklace, and keeping an eye out for "ghosts" in the haunted hotel.

108: Sunday Afternoon at Elbow Falls

111: Madalyn Elise Grade 8 | Lauren Elizabeth Grade 6 | Jacob Wayne Grade 4 | Peyton Thomas Grade 1

112: After an exciting plane ride, the grade 5s spent a week touring the legislature building and surrounding area.

113: They toured several museums, but their favorite times were spent hanging out with friends and being silly. They also enjoyed the haunted tour of the city. | Field Trip Ottawa | Lauren was so sweet to buy all of us souvenirs.

115: It's The Little Things In Life That Matter

116: Life brings simple pleasures to us every day. It is up to us to make them wonderful memories. ~Cathy Allen

119: Labor Day was spent camping with Scott, Shaliece, Riley, & Garrett Moser in Montana's Glacier National Park. The weather was crisp and the views were breathtaking.

121: We saw some pretty amazing things from mountain goats to deer and even giant hollow trees! The kids learned the names of local animals, trees, and even historical sights. It was an educational week.

123: 'The kids really enjoyed being outside near the rivers. They especially had fun fishing and skipping rocks. The landscape looks the same, but the people have really changed over the last hundred years.

124: We walked through fields of flowers and over historic bridges. We crossed valleys and climbed mountains. We saw the most glorious waterfalls, and our legs and aching bodies feel the effects. But, we also played hard and rewarded ourselves with lots of goodies and snacks. The kids still talk about the yummy mountain ice cream and camp fire smores.

127: On the way home we stopped to picnic and skip rocks at this beautiful spot.

128: He loved the strawberry topped cheesecake. | This year Kory turned 37, and the kids presented a remote control helicopter. | Happy Birthday, Dad!

129: Beehive Mother and Daughter Conference Madalyn was one of a few girls invited by the Stake to model modest clothing in a fashion show. She was so pretty and sassy on the runway!

130: Welcome Back Bar-B-Que There was a petting zoo, live band, hay ride, and lots more to do. It was great family fun.

131: Celebrating Canadian Veterans with Music | Lauren, Jacob, and Peyton all participated in the program. The guest of honor was a real WWII Hero.

132: Lauren went to her 1st Halloween Party (by herself) at the KIneelands' home while the other kids partied at the Cravens' house. Mom & Dad played taxi until their party started.

133: Mrs. Prevost had tons of fun games & activities for Peyton and his friends. Mom & Dad loved seeing him so happy!

134: Trick or Treat | We toured the neighborhood with our friends, the Jones family.

136: For weeks the youth rehearsed for their own version of the polar express. Jacob had the lead roll in the play and Madalyn was a silent, singing elf. Lauren danced with the activity girls, and Peyton also had a part in the play. All the parents enjoyed the food, festivities, and especially the entertainment.

137: Ward Christmas Party The Polar Express

138: Peyton's class toured the beautiful grounds of the artist retreat including tee-pee, aspen groves, and art studio. After a picnic lunch they grabbed a brush and created their own masterpieces.

139: Leighton Centre Grade One Field Trip

140: Kory's trip to South Korea | Corrin traveled on business with little time for touring, but he was able to see a temple, some shops, and get a "taste" of Korean culture.

141: Survivor Birthday Party Jacob Turns 10!

142: Survivor Competition | The survivor competition started at the park with an obstacle course followed by sledding on balloons. | Jacob and his group won the quincee competition.

143: Diving for pearls | Some challenges got a little messy!

144: Webber's Winter Concert Lauren sang with the Division II choir and also had a part in the play "The Mittens." Peyton sang with the Division I choir, but he had more fun hanging out with his friends while waiting to perform. Jacob was not even a member of the Division II choir this year, but the director remembered his vocal ability from last year and requested he join the performance. It was so entertaining!

146: Yikes...onions! | Ooops!

147: Mmm..Good! For her Spanish class project, Madalyn made a Mexican dinner complete with lemonade and dessert. The chimichangas and Tres Leches cake were soooo good! A+ in my book. | Yummm!

148: Fun Lunch This month's school Fun lunch was "Christmas," and Mamaw and Tara joined in the fun. There were class parties to visit and of course the cafeteria full of excitement.

149: Winter Piano Concert

150: Once There Was a Snowman... Mom helped the kids build him in the backyard. The snow was so hard that they had to use a quincee the kids had built earlier as the body!

151: Letters from Santa

152: Christmas Eve at Olympic Plaza

157: J O Y

158: upload group picture at Sun Valley Idaho

159: Sun Valley, Idaho

161: Mamaw and Papaw now have 16 grandchidren so there were a lot of presents to pass around. That night while the kids slept the adults stayed up playing games and making plans for the next family reunion.

163: Happy Times with Family | The kids played the bells with Mamaw, and everyone loved their Christmas singing. | All the cousins made pallets in the loft and loved playing games and staying up late.

165: Sledding and Tubing on Penny Hill The kids and adults had so much fun, and the view from the top of the hill was beautiful!

168: New Year's Eve Party- Oh, Yeah! | We partied with Jamie and Trevin, friends of Scott & Misty. We snacked, held babies, played games, and tried to shoot fireworks. Sadly, we couldn't get any to light. The kids had a great time all night.

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