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A Year In Review

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A Year In Review - Page Text Content

S: Evans Family 2010 January-April

FC: 2010 January-April

1: Hanging out on New Years Day! 2010

2: Retirement | After 36 years of working for Weyerhauser. Grandpa McKinney retired. Melissa flew up from Utah to suprise Grandpa. We also had a nice retirement party for Grandap. Many people came and Landon and Mason sang a song at the party. We are proud of Grandpa for working hard for so many years.

4: Jacob sets the table for the first time, all by himself. Hanging out with Mason listening to the Zune. Growing up too fast!

5: Mason entered the National Reflections Contest. The Theme for the contest was "Together We Can". Mason conposed a song and won first place district! | All the district's finalist! | The Superintendent.

6: Activity Day Girls (Mom's Calling) Alida, Kaylee, Emma, Rachel, Abby, Ashleigh, Annicka, Lexie, (Amelia) | Everyday Life! | Lydia and one of many Wild Cat Wows! | Fridge Problems | No one likes to wake up on a Saturday morning to a broken fridge.; That's what happened to us one morning. It was also Stake conference weekend, so between sessions Dad worked on the fridge but unfortunatley the problem was unfixable and we ended up having to buy a new fridge. .

7: Tub Time | Jacob 2 years

8: Sledding in Snoqualime Martain Luther King Day Our Family had a great time spending the day going up to Snoqualime pass and sledding with the McInelly Family. It was a beautiful day and we found a great place to sled. The place we found was a huge bowl in the ground and it was fun to go down and try to come up the other side.

9: Snow

10: Farwell to Cub Scouts | For Landon and Mason's final cub scout meeting they got to be part of their 4th pinewood derby. Since it was a bonus derby, they entered their favorite car (Mason- Aggie, Landon Krispy Kreme). Mason's car placed 2nd . After the fun, they were advanced to Boy Scouts and recieved their arrow of light. It was special night for them, as they were so excited to advance!

12: Upwards Basketball 2010 "The Sonics" Landon and Mason enjoyed playing their 3rd year of Upwards basketball. They were the older league and played all their games on Friday nights. They won most of their games and they had a very kind coach: Coach Phill. It was also fun to have another set of twins on thier team. Kevin and Kyle!

14: Playing with the Camera! Mom and Dad took a photo class on two different Saturdays. After the class they would mess around and shoot some photos in manual. Here are a few of thier first photes taken on a Saturday afternoon.

16: One night in January we were blessed to have a visit from one of Zeke's mission friends. John Palmer was on buisness in Seattle and took time to come by and see Zeke. He lives in St. Louis and works for Boeing. It was fun for the two of them to talk about thier missions and visit about thier life now.

17: 5th Grade Basketball Tornament Due to budget cuts, this was the first year the school district did not have a regular basketball season for the 5th graders. Instead Riverside High School offered a 2 hour tournament of 3 on 3 basketball afterschool one day. Landon and Mason were on a team together with Garrett Miller. They did well and most of all had a lot of fun.

18: Happy 35th Birthday Mom! Mom had a nice birthday celebrating with her family. Her birthday fell on a Sunday this year. She went out with Dad the night before, had a yummy dinner cooked by dad and the boys on Sunday and then out with her girl friends on Monday. It was a weekend of celebrating. Dad gave Mom the unforgetable gift of all the episodes of Little House on the Praire. (200 hours worth)

20: Happy 11th Birthday Landon and Mason! Landon and Mason's b-day was on a Tuesday, they were suprised with waking up to a room full of balloons, McDonalds for lunch, and Red Robin for dinner. A perfect day for two great boys!

22: Flashlight Scavenger Hunt Birthday Party! | Landon and Mason had a fun Birthday party. They invited 7 of their closest friends over to the house to have pizza and tnen we went over to the Lakeland Elementary for a flashlight scavenger hunt & night games. Ending the evening with cake and a movie. There were no gifts at the party as the boys asked only for donations to help with the relief efforts from the recent Haiti Earthfquake. Friends: Tanner Guisinger, Caleb Hatch, Garrett and Trent Miller, Spencer Thornhill, Matthew Smeltzer, and Jonathan Casey

24: Global Reading Challenge! The boys have always been big fans of reading, so when they had the opprotunity to be part of the Global Reading Challenge they were excited. The challenge required them to read 10 specific books. Then as a team they had a contest between other teams to see if they could answer specific questions from the 10 books. Mason and Landon were both team captains. The had a friendly competition and Landon's team moved on to district level representing LHE. | Mason

25: Activity Day Girls Literature Tea Party! Jacob attends Activity Day

26: Sick little Jacob | When our active Jacob slowed down and wanted to sleep all the time we knew he must be sick. After going to the doctor we discovered he had an ear infection. Jacob did not like to take his medicine, so we had to force it down, but soon he was all better.

27: Valentine Fondue Lunch!

28: Seattle Opera Comes to Lakeland! It was an unique opprotunity when Lakeland Elem. got choosen by the seattle Opera for a week of training, finished by an production put on by the students and the Seattle Opera. Landon and Mason had one of the bigger parts as Waterspiirits and Ravens.

29: Off to California ! The plane ride is half the fun for the kids. We flew from Seattle to Ontario with a stop in Sacramento for lunch! So excited for all the fun!

30: We loved visiting SeaWorld. Our favorite was the Shamu show. Jacob loved seeing Elmo, and all of us enjoyed being in the California sun during Feburary! | First Stop: San Diego, CA SEA WORLD

32: Wild Animal Park | We enjoyed visiting the wild animal park. It was huge, with so many animals. A highlight was riding the tram out in the open land where they zoo breeds the animals.

33: Above left: We were lucky to see a new baby elephant that was only 6 days old. Middle left: Jacob walked and walked. Even though we brought a stroller for him, he walked most of the way. Here he is taking a break on the ground. Bottom left: The kids loved playing in an unique playground.

36: San Diego, Mormon Battalion A highlight of our trip was spending Sunday morning visiting the Mormon Battlaion Visitor's Center. It was such a special place as we learned about the scarifice and miricles of the Mormon Battalion 1846-1847 It was also fun to have a sister missionary that we once knew from Washington give us the tour. The kids loved panning for gold at the end of the tour, and the boys enjoyed dressing up like soldiers.

38: San Diego Temple This temple was beautiful! It was wonderful to walk around these grounds and feel of the spirit outside the temple. We meet some non members who were also walking around the temple. It was nice to talk to them about the temple.

40: Of to the: Happiest Place on Earth.... | Disneyland

41: We spent 3 days at the Disneyland Theme Parks. The first day we spent riding rides at California Adventure!

42: Chip | Minnie

43: Mickey | Goofy | Seeing the characters was one of Lydia's and Jacob's favorite part. Jacob was so excited to see all his friends from Mickey Mouse club house.

44: High School Musical Parade | starring.... LANDON it was exciting to be standing on the corner when the High School Musical Parade came down the street. But even more exciting was when they grabbed Landon and made him part of the act.

45: Jacob is a huge Lightning Mcqueen fan. He wouldn't stand by Matter and take a picture, cause Matter is dirty. Silly Boy! | Pluto was Mason's favorite character the last time we were at Disneyland, Mason would write him notes, so we had to find him and get a picture with him.

47: Celebration Street Dance Party!

49: Captain EO 3D On one of the days we were at Disneyland we noticed a lot of people dressed like Micheal Jackson as well as several news stations. Come to find out it was the premire of the return of Captain EO. We decided to join the fun and see it, taking us back to the 80's.

51: Jedi Training! | Landon and Mason had looked forward to participating in the Jedi training more than anything. We were a little bit late the first time we attended and none of our kids were picked. We learned you must be there early, to get a good seat and then your chances were better. Lydia, who also wanted to be apart of it and was the first one choosen. We kept our fingers cross that the boys would be also and they were eventually. Which was good, because they took it very seriously. We now have 3 offical Jedis' in the house.

52: Critter Country | Winnie the Pooh and Friends

53: Favorites: *Jacob hugging all the characters *Riding Splash Mountain lots of times *Lydia hiding behind Dad on Splash Mountain | Lydia

54: Toon Town

56: Lydia and the Princesses The longest line we waited in was for the princesses (45 min). Lydia waited patiently to see all the princess. She loves all of them, but her favorite is Sleeping Beauty.

57: Last Night at Disneyland Final train ride and a much needed relaxing dinner at Hotel California | Our Jedi!

58: Farwell Disneyland Thanks for the memories and the fun Left: Jacob walked the whole time and never complained Top: How we felt after 3 days in Disneyland. (Off to catch our plane)

59: Ice Cream Man!

60: Junior National Festival This was the 4th year Landon and Mason played for judges at the Junior National Festival. They both earned a "superior rating" so they earned a trophy. Mason played: Hero's Dance and Minuet 1 Landon played: Raiders In the Night and Minuet 3

61: Off to the Country! Elma, Washington | While Josh was here we were able to spend a day out at his bosses farm.

62: It was a perfect weather day for the last weekend of Feburary. Our country girl Lydia had the time of her life.

63: The kids had fun driving and riding in the Rino around the 100 of acres.

64: More fun, followed by a campfire for roasting marshmellows.

66: Potty Dance Party Seattle Science Center One nigh tin March while Mom was driving home from the church, she heard a commicial on the radio saying: Do you have a child that needs to be potty trained? Out loud, she anwswered YES! Then the commicial said: if so bring them to the potty dance pary tomorrow. It was a fun event, with a kids refreshment table, characters, facepainting,, a kid concert by Ralph's world, and free pull-ups. Mom and Jacob also were able to spend some time at the Science Center., followed by meeting dad for lunch in Bellevue.

67: School District Math Competition! Landon was selected to represent LHE in a district Math Competition. He was on a team of four 5th graders from his school. There was also a 3rd and 4th grade team.. Each team was given problems to solve in a fixed amount of time. After an hour of competing the problems were scored and Lakeland Hills swept the competition by winning 1st place in each grade level. It was an exciting day fore LHE, and Landon was proud to help bring the trophy home to LHE. | 5th grade team: Landon, Garrett, Juliet, and Jerena | Other grades from LHE | Auburn High Gym: All teams

68: Strawberry Planting! Jacob enjoyed helping dad plant strawberries one Saturday afternoon.

69: Jacob turns 3! | Jacob looked very handsome on his birthday all dressed up in a button shirt and tie for church.

70: Jacob's family Party!

71: After church we had Grandma and Grandpa McKinney , and Uncle Matt over for a Roast Beef Dinner, followed by a Mickey Mouse Cake. Jacob enjoyed openning presents after. Jacob is such an important part of our family. We love him lots.

72: Mickey Mouse 3rd Birthday Party with friends!

73: For the party we made a Mickey Mouse Club House. The kids had fun playing in it during the party. Friends that came to the party: Luka Smith, Jason Fletcher, Mitchell Andros, Natalie Hatch, Olivia McInellly, and Emma McInelly

75: April Fools Day! Every year the boys gear up to switch places for April Fools. They try to dress like the other would and even change backpacks. This year they made it through the first hour until they got worried and thought they will get in trouble. It is however the one day a year they can get away with it.

76: Sleeping in a box! | Lydia and Jacob loved playing in the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, but most of all they loved to lay it on it's side and make it their fort. One night they decided to sleep in it. It was so cute to find them sound asleep.

77: Lakeland's Annual Easter Egg Hunt!

78: Jacob | Jacob with Emma McInelly

79: Lydia | Lydia with David and Sara Anderson

80: Landon and Mason's last Lakeland Easter Egg Hunt | It's hard to believe that after this year, Landon and Mason will be too old for the annual hunt. They have participated in it every year since they were one. They will now look forward to the teen flashlight hunt next year.

81: Easter Morning

82: Woodland Park Zoo One day during spring break we spent a day with the Beairds at the Zoo (Taylor, Lily, Arick and Holly) It was a little chilly but lots of fun!

83: The last few days of Spring Break we took a little road trip to Canada. First stop: The Tulip Festival

84: It was a very windy afternoon, but we still loved taking pictures of the beautiful Skagit Vallley.

86: Next Stop: The Holiday Inn Vancouver BC After checking into our hotel we headed to the pool. We had a great time swimming together as a family, and Dad especially enjoyed throwing the kids around in the water.

87: Lynn Canyon Suspension Bridge We had so much fun crossing the Lynn Canyon Suspension Bridge and going on a hike. It was a beautiful day and a great way to visit Vancouver.

91: At Lynn Canyon there was a visitor center with a kid area. We spent an hour there reading while Lydia and Jacob loved plaing with the animal toys. Above: Totem Polls at Standley Park

92: Standley Park | Dad doing some tricks!

93: Lydia carrying Jacob! | Beautiful Gardens

94: I love to see the Temple | Langley, BC Temple Open House After seeing Vancouver, we drove down to Langley, BC. Where we meet up with the McInellys, Tews, and Hatches at the Super 8 hotel. We had fun swimming with them, and eatting at The Spagetti Factory. The next day was the best day of all as we visited the Temple. This was a wonderful experience for our family, one that we will remember forever.

96: Grandpa and Grandma McKinney's Easter Egg Hunt Since Grandpa and Grandma were gone on Easter this year (helping Matt and Jama move to WA). They had us over the Sunday after for their annual Egg Money Hunt. It is always a hit and the kids love getting money instead of candy.

97: It is fun to have Quinn here now.

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