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A Year In Review

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S: Memories of Mike

FC: Mike Pomeroy

1: Each memory we keep with care means future happiness to share.

2: "Families are like fudge ... mostly sweet with a few nuts."


5: Mike and Sarah and some of their kids came to my wedding reception on June 25th of this year. Here are some pictures I wanted to share, as it was very flattering for me to have them attend. They stayed a long time and really enjoyed themselves and it was fun to spend time with them on my special evening. Mike was, as always, very smiley and very happy for me. I thought it was especially nice of them to come and make time for me. -Diana Smith

6: Mike +Sarah

7: { | { | LOVE | My Happiest thoughts of Mike are when Sarah and I would go outside for a break and she would tell me about her crush on him – and then about when they started dating. One special day, Sarah was smiling really big and said “Betty, he’s talking ring!”. I’ll never forget how cute Sarah looked and it was all because of Mike! Betty Meyer

8: Mike was tall enough to be able to talk to me over the wall of my cubie. One day I was hard at work, looked up, and there was Mike. He scared me so bad I jumped up out of my chair. He felt so bad, and always walked around to my door to talk to me after that. I thought at that time what a kind man mike was. I believe he was a truly gentle giant. I will miss him, and regardless of his size he leaves an enormous hole in the lives of all that knew him. Aaron Eklund | I remember when I first met Mike. He was co-teaching my CORE training at Weber Human Services with Grant Bartholomew. I will miss him most during the times we all gather as a region such as picnics, holiday parties, etc. Mike was always involved and made everything so fun. Mike made us feel like we were a part of a family, not a workplace. Mike was always kind and respectful to me. My best memory of Mike is him calling me Cynthia. I would tell him I preferred Cindy, he would smile, and then he would call me Cynthia the next time he saw me. It made me chuckle, and even now it brings a smile to my face. -Cindy Eulberg

9: Mike Pomeroy, what a great guy!! Always willing to help out whenever he could. He liked to work hard and he liked to play hard. Whenever there was a BBQ Mike would be there torching a burger or a dog. Some memories I have of Mike were when we were in the old building and there were the beams that ran across the top of the ceiling and I was always amazed that he would have to duck under them as he walked by. I would sit in meetings in awe at the size of his feet. Mike will be remembered for all the good he did for the division. Even though Mike was in leadership positions with the division, Mike was always wanting to make friends with everyone and never put himself above anyone else. Mike was a great father and husband and I really could see his devotion to his family and how important it was for him to spend time with them. Mike will surely be missed, you don’t replace a Mike Pomeroy, you just try and fill in the gaps. Till we meet again Mike —your friend, Brad Tomlinson

13: "The friends we meet on the path of life make the trip worth while."

14: Dear Sarah and Family: Grandma Pomeroy said to me, “I have had so many close calls, people have told me I must have 9 lives, and so why was it Mike and not me?” I told her that if Mike had lived a good long life (which we all would have preferred) or if he had been sick a long time and we were expecting this, then even though we would be sad, we would have been prepared. But because he left us so quickly and it was so unexpected, he has touched a lot of lives. The viewing and funeral were filled with people who were touched by Mike. People who will never be the same; people who will be better somehow because of Mike and his impact and influence. Goodness has left this early with Mike and it will only return if we all remember him by trying to be like him. He has had a profound effect on me and my life. I am a better person because I have known him. He made me feel important. I knew he really cared about me. He told me often what a good job I was doing. He never was embarrassed to ask me how to do something and seemed really pleased that I knew. He continually told me “I’ve got your back” and I knew he did. Mike was so proud of all of you. He spoke of you often, he responded to your calls, even when we were meeting or talking, because you were important to him. One day we were walking down a hall together, me and my 5’3” next to Mike and his 6’10”. Three different people made comments to him about his height, comments like, “won you are really tall”, and “how tall are you anyway?” I asked him if that bothered him and he said, “No – I am tall!” Life without Mike will be challenging. There will be problems and difficulties that will arise because he is not here. But know he is close and his influence is alive and well. When you question how to handle something or what to do next, something he told you or showed you will come to your mind and you will know what he would do if he were here. The concern and love he had for each of you is still there. He will be close and aware of you. He is a giant of a man in every respect. Someone we have all looked up to and continue to do so. You have a great heritage, he is so proud of each of you. Best to you, Jeanne Godfrey

15: I Remember When In August of 2010, Mark Robertson and Mike were going sailing one afternoon after the High Cost Reviews (we needed to unwind from the stress!). They invited me to come along. Problem was, there were gale-force winds blowing in over the lake! But we went anyway. And although the sail boat was leaning at over a 45 degree angle, Mark, the Skipper, was able to keep us upright while Mike pulled in the sail and I leaned as far as I could over the windward side for balance. I thought for sure we’d run aground on the rocks, but Mark pulled us out of a sure trip to Davey Jones’ locker on Wild and Wooly Willard Bay. The fun part was trying to dock the boat in the right slip with the wind blowing so hard—we looked like the Three Stooges chasing that boat from dock to dock, trying not to ram the other boats. But we did it. It was a great bonding experience. Wayne

18: One day, Mike and I were talking about a particular challenge within our region. I said, "The problem is coach-ability. If you aren't coachable, you can get stuck professionally." A few hours later, Mike called me on the phone and said, "Dawn, am I coachable?" I assured him he was. Being a coach and athlete, Mike understood the concept of humility. -Dawn Hollingsworth

19: Mike and I played softball together for a couple of years. He was so much fun on our team! He knew that I was always scared to catch the ball so he was great at backing me up in the outfield. One night they kept coming out our way and I was feeling bad because he was doing a lot of work backing me up so after one time that he ran behind me to catch it, I told him that I could have caught it (I was totally kidding, I have never caught a ball). He felt bad about it all night long and came to talk to me the next day and told me that he had felt bad for catching the ball instead of letting me do it. I hadn't even thought of it again, but he was always really thoughtful and wanted to make sure that everyone was having fun. He joked about how we had the most supportive team because we were a bunch of social workers. He said that we could almost catch the ball and we would all cheer about the effort. It was true! We kept losing but we had a great time! Sheri Reynolds

21: I remember when I first came to the Division many years ago and was working on the foster care team. I had a case where the mom came out positive during a trial home visit. Three "well- seasoned" workers went with me to talk with the mom. Mike was there. I will never forget how kind and patient he was. I was thinking the mom was just telling us a bunch of lies, but Mike showed her such respect. Through the years I have worked with Mike and found him to be a person who sincerely worked to solve problems and make things better. He had a great calming voice. I can't remember him ever getting riled or raising his voice. Mike and Sarah were always involved in a sporting or other events with their children and the children of DCFS. What a great Dad! The last day I saw him he was helping Alicia Anderson move into her office, leaning over Holley Jorgensen's cubicle to make some changes for our AG meeting in the morning, and the last thing he said to me was, "Tell your old man to call me about lunch!" -Jean Marie Morris

22: I remember when: Mike and I first met. It was August of 1988 and I was 18 years old. I was working in the bookstore at Weber State, and he came in with Mike O (Hence the reason I called him Michael T). We struck up a fast friendship and have been friends ever since. Mike and I are the kind of friends, that even if you don’t see each other for periods of time, we are able to pick up where we left off, like not a day has passed. Mike and I have seen each other through pretty much all life has to offer: growing up, graduations, marriages, births, divorces, work, illnesses, and so much more. We got to a point where Life Is Good. Kids are all healthy, life is peaceful, stable and fun. I have known Mike longer than I knew life without him. He was a constant in my life and in my every day, as he ended up being my supervisor. Not many people have “that person” in their lives, that have known you “before” and that you still had things in common with, and still got to see on a daily basis and I was blessed to have two. Having those people, Mike and Laurie to me, in my life, made me feel safe, secure and gave me a place to belong and like I had a “home base”. Mike always: Laughed at my crazy, dry sense of humor. Let me rant and reminded me to be professional. Rejoiced in the milestones of my family. Was surprised when I wasn’t perfect. Let me be silly, at 41. Knew that I knew, and understood. Made friends. Loved his children, even before they were born. Asked about my kids. Admired my husband. Did the right thing. Had impeccable integrity. Said what needed to be said, even the good things, which at times is harder. Was full of faith. Loved that I could talk sports. Focused on the positive, never the negative, and never said negative things about anyone. Loved to laugh.

23: WSU | I will miss the times: That we reminisced about college. That we talked about our kids. That I hear him laugh coming up the stairs. That we had “dinner club”. That he came in late to a meeting. Seeing his truck in the parking lot. Him telling me where he was going to get free lunch that day. Listening to him talk about the cottage. We talked sports. He was rushing to get out of the office so he wouldn’t miss one minute of one of his kids’ events. That I baked something to share at work, and he would go on and on about how good it was (pecan pie, rhubarb pie, or assortments of cupcakes.) My best memory of Mike: Is probably the day he married Sarah. Laurie was there, with Jed, I was there with Phil, and now he had Sarah. We were so honored to be invited and included. And it was such a peaceful day that started this chapter of our friendship. I felt like I could relax a little, because he was happy, content and ready to move forward with life. Four of the kids were there and Ella was on her way. I will always remember how happy, proud and at ease he was. That is my best memory of Mike, when he found his place. Brandon and Sebastian, I want you to know: that he loved you before you were even a dream. He knew that he wanted to give his first son Michael as a middle name, because his middle name, Thomas, was his father’s name, and it had been like this for some time in his family, and he wanted that tradition to carry on in his family. He thought that Sebastian was absolutely the coolest name ever and he was so proud of that. Everything he did in life was because he loved you both. He felt that every decision he made was in your best interest, and he never took one of those decisions lightly. He was so, so, so proud of you both and loved you both so much. Jordan and Natalie, I want you to know: That he loved both of you so very much. In his mind, there was no difference in his love for you, than his love for Brandon and Sebastian. He never wanted to take the place of your dad, but totally recognized that he was the one living with you every day and providing that influence, guidance, support and love. It was a job he was honored to hold and relished. Ella, I want you to know: that you completed your dad. He loved you, and wanted the best for you. He wanted you to have every opportunity and every advantage that he could give you. And again, there was no difference in his love for any of you children and he took such pride in you, taking you to choir, coaching your teams, taking you to church. It was such a joy to watch. Sarah, I want you to know: That I truly believe that Mike found his home with you. You are the perfect person for him, strong, self aware, comfortable in yourself, and able to discern the best course of action for your family. You loved Mike enough to be able to be able to see what really matters in life and live in that. Mike was a good man, honest and true. I loved him, and I will miss him every day, as I know you will. If you ever just need to talk about him, please know that I will NEVER be tired of hearing about him. I love you all, I am sorry for your loss, I will miss him forever. Michael T’s friend forever & yours -Jenny Mendelson

24: so many | I met Mike in 2003 when I was a social work student at Weber State College. He was my teacher for 2 semesters, for Core classes. He was a FINE TEACHER. I came right to work at DCFS in 2004 after doing a 2003 practicum here at DCFS. From the first day I met Mike, until this week, he has been my most cherished mentor and fan. I have never met a more kind, unassuming , gentle, caring, committed, forthright, sensible, trustworthy, “Champion” for children and DCFS staff. Mike has influenced the world around him in everything he has done due to his strength of character and decence. I love Mike! Thanks for sharing him! -Tami Bingham

25: When I first started working for DCFS in 1995, I was on a team supervised by Colleen Lasater that consisted of four Family Preservation workers and four Youth Services workers. Because of the type of work we did, we staffed our cases weekly. Mike was so good working with the Youth and their families. He never seemed to get frustrated with the families. Our team worked well together and had a lot of fun together.

26: Mike was always so nice to me and very helpful. When I was trying to get hired on he was always giving me ideas on how to improve my computer answers and resume. When I saw him last week he said: Its good to have you back. I appreciate all of his kindness. -Kassie Jensen | I remember when I first started at DCFS 10 years ago. I got married shortly thereafter. You and Mike came to my reception and that meant a lot to me, since I had just met the both of you and you took the time to attend. I admire both you and Mike. You are very strong and I admire that in you. Gwen Zabokrisky

27: Mike was just an all around nice guy. He was supportive of his team and co-workers. Mike was gentle and genuine. He loved his kids, his wife and life! Mike was always willing to lend a hand. He was not a whiner. His soft voice and tone will be missed. -Sherrin Weiss | I never passed Mike in the hallway when he didn't have a smile, a warm hello or a “smart aleck” comment to zing my way. The vision of him down the hall – peering over the cube walls of Holley or Aaron never failed to crack me up. He was one of a kind. My best to you and your family. -LaMar Kelly

28: Life brings simple pleasures to us every day. It is up to us to make them wonderful memories. ~Cathy Allen

29: &

31: Mike and I started on the same day and were a tag team doing CPS investigations together. Our supervisor Bridget Seese called us Mike and Mark in the morning, we were better than any radio show. He drove a convertible Volkswagen Rabbit on our investigations. It was fun because his head was way above the windshield so he looked like a giant driving a miniature car. When we would go to the door it was fun to watch the expression on their faces as they would look to the sky to see his face. A lot of people were intimidated by the two of us so they would call our supervisor and complain that two big guys showed up on their porch. One time he removed like 7 kids at once and he managed to get the family to let him use their suburban to transport the kids to the shelter. He could sell ice to an Eskimo. -Mark Robertson

32: I remember when I was sitting in a 24 hr. meeting with Mike and I had put both phones on silent. I looked down and had missed calls from Mike, who was sitting right next to me. I asked him why he was calling me and he said “I wanted to embarrass you because I thought they would ring.” I told him he was a child, and proceeded to call his phone back, which rang loudly and embarrassed him. He laughed, turned and said “good one”. So once again one of his attempts to funny, backfired on him! I will miss the times we harassed each other about football-he was always talking smack on my cowboys! Mike was always positive and upbeat. Even when he was upset, he would laugh at himself. Dear Sarah, I want you to know how much Mike loved you and the kids. Family was everything to him. I am so glad he could find love again with you. He had so much love to give! My best memory of Mike is his laughter-he was always laughing-he cracked himself up! I will also remember how he always sand “Oh, Maria your brakin my heart” instead of “Cecilia” I would always try to correct him, but he wouldn’t have it. He will be so missed but never, never forgotten! Love, Maria

33: LIVE WELL LAUGH OFTEN LOVE MUCH | It's The Little Things In Life That Matter

34: I remember the first time I met Mike, when he came to the Davis Shelter to train us. I had never seen anyone that tall in “real life”. I will miss hearing Mike’s voice and all the funny things he did! Coming into my office and asking me to translate his made up language! Mike was always enthusiastic, happy funny and able to put himself at anyone’s level to make them comfortable. Dear Sarah. I want you to know that I love you. You and your family have been in my thoughts and prayers every day. Every memory I have of Mike is a good one. He was an amazing person!! Melisa Bruch | I remember when I played soft ball with Mike!! I love him being on first base because he always caught the ball. He had to stretch to catch it because my Mom(Pam) was on Third!!! I will miss the times we worked together on the UA project. He was such an easy guy to work with. Mike was always Happy and in a good mood which is nice to see at work. My best memory of Mike is. The way he fought for me when I was off on maternity leave. The office wanted me to move to Clearfield but he fought tooth and nail to keep me in the Ogden office, which is where I so badly wanted to stay. Well here I am in my new position as the CPS tech for Clints team. I couldn’t be happier and I’m so grateful to him for sticking up for me. Love, Jaime Johnson

35: Mike Pomeroy was such a good soul. In my life and career experiences I have very rarely met someone who was exceptional at balancing success in all areas of life. His Leadership skills included a "Vision" that supported the front line. Our training program improved, our collaboration with community partners improved and things became clearer under his direction. As a Manager, he always stayed connected to the people and wanted the employees to enjoy where we worked, he demonstrated fully that Administration was a support to the front line. Thinking of his caring way, I remember he offered is beautiful family cabin for our training graduation. A beautiful place by Pine view that I am sure took him time to clean before and afterwards. As a person, he was a great presence with a soft voice that always made you feel he was listening. He often took the time to pull people into the conversation in a committee to make sure everyone felt heard. We are so lucky to have had Mike working here at our agency. May his love and kindness and his graceful style continue to be emulated by all. -Stormey Goddard

36: Holidays

37: Mike was my trainer when I started at DCFS. Through training, I met his children, and I was even able to attend his daughter Rosella's adoption. Mike's kids fell in love with my pug puppy, and adopted her sister, then a half sister later. I got to know Sarah and the kids over the following years. Mike and I had a lot in common, as far as our personality types. One day Mike told me I was his "much smaller twin with better comedic timing". Over the years Mike gave me a lot of advise, which included, but was not limited to the following: "you need to have a filter" "you need to quit smoking" "just be you...but think about your audience when you decide to be funny" "you can't go all day without eating, it is bad for you, and it makes you really... testy" A lot of the time, his advise came in the form of a look rather than in words, for instance when I said something inappropriate in mixed company, he would give me a disapproving look, but I knew it was all for show, because I could see that he was laughing on the inside. I derived great joy from putting Mike in those situations. We teased each other relentlessly. The things that stand out to me the most are not big stories, they are the little acts of affirmation, kindness, and concern that he showed on a daily basis. He congratulated me on even the smallest accomplishments, and was always there to listen when I needed to talk. Mike knew about my life, and asked about my family often. I watched Mike be a friend, an adoring father, and a loving husband. His family was everything to him, and it was clear that he meant the world to them too. I am lucky to be able to call Sarah my friend, and I am better person because I got to share in a short piece of her husband's life. -K.C Strong

39: J O Y

40: About two weeks ago, my life had changed forever. My dad had died of a heart attack that morning. I couldn’t believe it. Now, my family is trying to get through this hard time. My mom, who is a wonderful woman, and the strongest person I know, Brandon, my oldest brother, Jordan, my blood brother, Sebastian who is my youngest brother, and my sister Rosella, who my dad and mom adopted together. I have never dealt with death before in my whole life, in till two weeks ago. Surrounding me with memories seems to be what I do all the time. My dad was a big guy, and I am not lying when I say big. He stood six feet tall and ten inches. That’s how everyone knew him, as the “tall guy” or “Big Mike”. Ever since I was a little girl, I have always loved his shoes. I would clunk around in them all over the house. He was a size eighteen in men’s. We always knew when dad was home because he would be so loud coming up the stairs. When I was two, my real dad and mom got a divorce. Then when I hit four my new dad came into the picture, Mike. He was the best dad ever. He also had two boys, and my mom had me and my brother. When I was about seven or eight, they adopted my little sister Rosella. We all got along great! My dad would wrestle all of us at a time. He would let us hit him as hard as we could, but he would always say, “Don’t hurt your hand!” | Big Mike By: Natalie Ciulla

41: My dad grew up in Michigan. So every summer we would go to our cottage on the beach for two weeks. The cottage always had a beautiful sunset. The waves always crashed so softly into the sand, and the green grass waved calmly in the wind. The sky is always a soft blue. My dad loved taking us swimming in the lake! He would take us on tubes all the way out to the second sand bar. He was really an outdoorsman. He loved being outside more than anyone I know. He would always ask me to go camping with him, or to go fishing, but I was too busy doing “girl stuff”, but I really wish I went more often. One thing my dad could not live without was board games. I think about ever day he would ask all of us to play a board game with him. His favorite one was yatzee. He was also in love with trail mix and granola bars. He was one of the most in shape people I know. He could not go a morning without working out, and if he did miss a workout, he would complain about it all day My dad was one of those people who always had a smile on his face. He was never mad at anybody. Not even if you were rude to him. If someone was rude, he would just let it roll of his back like it was nothing. He also had a really loud dorky laugh, and I loved it. I’ll miss hearing that loud rumble through our house like drums. I will never forget that there were seven-hundred people at m,y dad’s funeral. He had a lot of people who loved him. I remember, whenever I was done with my basketball games (my dad was always the coach), we would end up leaving thirty minutes later because he had to talk to every person there. He was such a people person. I would always be saying, “Dad! Let’s go!” and he would start walking, and then turn around and talk again. He could talk someone out for twenty-four hours if someone would let him. I’m going to miss my dad more than anything. I don’t think that any of this is fair, but my family and I will get through it day by day. The thing I think I will miss the most is that every night my dad would come up to me and say, “Goodnight, Nat. I love you. Sweet dreams.” And he’d kiss his hand, and touch it to my head then go to sleep. That was the last thing he said to me before he passed away. I want to be a person like my dad. He was a wonderful person, and I am glad I was lucky enough to get someone like him as my dad.

42: Husband, Father, Friend, Boss, Athlete, Comedian, Son, Colleague, Outdoors man, Companion, "Big Mike," indescribable... | Mike Pomeroy

43: Mike Pomeroy, age 43, passed away suddenly yesterday morning at his home. Mike was a Child Welfare Administrator in the Northern Region. Mike made friends wherever he went - he was a great collaborator and one of the kindest people you could ever know. Sarah Pomeroy, Mike's wife, is the TAL coordinator for the Northern Region. She and Mike have a blended family of his, hers and theirs. Together they have 5 children - all are teenagers. Mike was bigger than life - 6'10" - he towered above all of us. He loved Sarah, his kids, sports, his work, making a difference - he was a contented man - and we miss him terribly. There will be a Rosary said for Mike at St. James Catholic Church, 495 North Harrison, Ogden, at 7:30 Sunday evening. There will be time before and after to meet with the family. Mike's funeral will be at the same church at 11 AM on Monday. There will be a procession following the funeral Mass to the cemetery and then a luncheon provided at St. James Social Center. Please keep Sarah and their children in your thoughts and prayers.

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