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A Year In Review

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A Year In Review - Page Text Content

S: 1981-2011

FC: Happy Times Together We've Been Spending

1: On October 24, 1981, Jim and Sandy Cutter said "I do." And aren't we glad they did. Since that day, 30 years ago, they've moved once or twice, drank a few beers, took a few pictures, and raised two beautiful, intelligent, amazingly talented daughters. But we digress... As this year marks the 30th anniversary of our parents’ marriage, we need your help in marking the occasion. We know Sandy and Jim as ‘Mom’ and ‘Dad,’ but you’ve known them as high schoolers in Connecticut, young parents in Indianapolis, empty nesters in Des Moines, and everywhere in between and we want your stories! We decided that for the big 3-0, we’d love to compile all sorts of memories, good wishes, and photos from over the years. We want to hear about everything: school days, vacations, and milestones, both memorable and infamous. We’re adults now—don’t hold back. And please don’t hesitate to send copies of photos. We would never want to miss a chance to make fun of Dad for the powder blue tux with ruffles and a few Hawaiian shirts. | With Lots of Love, Julia and Sarah

3: Beryl and Phil were bowled over when Jim Cutter showed up at their back door one day to request their daughter's hand in marriage. Not expecting anything out of the ordinary, they regret that they forgot to ask him to have a seat in the kitchen. They were so surprised by the courtliness of his old-fashioned gesture that "I think we laughed at him," Beryl said. Needless to say, they were charmed and happy to say yes. They still like to tell the story.

4: 10.24.81

5: During the reception, Sandy and Jim went from table to table greeting all the folks and thanking them for coming. Sandy swigged from an open bottle of Michelob in her white lace - "I'm so THIRSTY!" she kept saying.

6: Birmingham, AL | Knoxville, TN | Louisville, KY | Their first home was an apartment in Birmingham, Alabama. In February 1982, the mothers-in-laws flew down for a visit. Sandy and Jim showed off their new, king-sized bed. | The Early Years | "The Farmhouse" Columbus, IN

7: Carmel, IN | The Farmhouse | Carmel, IN | Ottawa Hills, OH | Northbrook, IL | Clive, IA

8: Newlyweds

10: Aspen, the first daughter

15: J O Y

18: { | { | LOVE

20: - I do remember Jim had a curfew in High School (12:00 I think) Believe me he pushed it. I could hear the Catalina pulling onto Canning Lane just in the nick of time- every time. It was always 11:59:59. | Old Milwaukee beer was the staple. | Memories from Art:

21: We left a McDonalds coke on the truck back bumper. It made it from North Platte, NE. to Denver, CO. | -Driving across the country in the summer of 1980 Jim taught me a Wake specialty of switching drivers while driving. Even better- this craft was both introduced and carried out for my first time on a highway. (I 84 PA) - We traveled to Tijuana and took it all in. Dentists, quickie marriages & divorces and car re-upholstery shops. We picked up Mexican auto insurance prior to crossing the border. Going into Mexico the agents wave you into the country no questions asked. Didn’t even hit the break. We spent about 15-20 mins there. Didn’t even get out of the car as others are passing you on both sides at stop lights & stop signs. No traffic law enforcement at all. We then headed back to San Diego & La Jolla where we played Torrey Pines. That was breathtaking. - When leaving CA to come home Jim had to drop me off at LAX. Jocko told us how to get there. He said, Don’t take the highway. Instead take a secondary road as it was a straight shot from Downey. He left out that the straight shot from Downey to LAX went straight through Watts.

22: If Jocko were to reflect on the past 30 years, the story telling would no doubt start over breakfast (with a beer of course), include a few rounds of "They're Laying Eggs Now", have a couple "Stop me if you've heard this one before's", finish off with playing Taps on the bugle, and by the end - every pot or pan in the kitchen would have been used at least once! The past 30 years are full of Jocko stories...most start with an RV trip and include more than a few good meals; but all end with a smile! Without a doubt, he would also remind us: If you can't go over or under, go round!

23: Often the straight road to the thing we desire is blocked. We should not then weakly give over our purpose, but should set about attaining it by some indirect method. A politician knows that one way of getting a man's vote is to please the man's wife, and that one way of pleasing the wife is to kiss her baby. A baby mole got to feeling big, And wanted to show how he could dig; So he plowed along in the soft, warm dirt Till he hit something hard, and it surely hurt! A dozen stars flew out of his snout; He sat on his haunches, began to pout; Then rammed the thing again with his head-- His grandpap picked him up half dead. 'Young man,' he said, 'though your pate is bone. You can't butt your way through solid stone. This bit of advice is good, I've found: If you can't go over or under, go round.' A traveler came to a stream one day, And because it presumed to cross his way, And wouldn't turn round to suit his whim And change its course to go with him, His anger rose far more than it should, And he vowed he'd cross right where he stood. A man said there was a bridge below, But not a step would he budge or go. The current was swift and the bank was steep, But he jumped right in with a violent leap. A fisherman dragged him out half-drowned: 'When you can't go over or under, go round.' If you come to a place that you can't get through, Or over or under, the thing to do Is to find a way round the impassable wall, Not say you'll go YOUR way or not at all. You can always get to the place you're going, If you'll set your sails as the wind is blowing. If the mountains are high, go round the valley; If the streets are blocked, go up some alley; If the parlor-car's filled, don't scorn a freight; If the front door's closed, go in the side gate. To reach your goal this advice is sound: If you can't go over or under, go round!

27: I think that wonderful night we met was in the late 1980’s when Sandra was pregnant with Sarah and we were all attending a club manager event at the Columbia Club (I have the picture too!). We were all introduced and never stopped talking as the wine flowed and wonderful food was shared as the start to many, many more wonderful nights of friends, food/drink and fun! I can remember the kids all playing and Sandra telling me that after being exposed to John, her girls began making “boy” noises. John never thought of the Cutter’s as anything else but family, which is how we all still feel. You were right there with me as I found out at age 33 I had breast cancer and helped so much with Mike’s mental well being and helping with John during that time. It has been great to continue to have survivor celebrations with you! We have had so many travels, laughs, cries and laughs until we cry together. You are the “forever” friends that I know so many people long for and we are so fortunate to have. It has been a joy seeing the love you still show each other after so many years together and we want to congratulate and send our love to you!!! Sheila & Mike

28: To Sandra, | How we met will always be a funny story, let’s just say we have made up for the few months we did not get to be together since your mom didn’t call this poor, lonely Alpha Xi from Wisconsin. The beginning of play group – Wednesdays – the day we all lived for! After Kelsey was born I invited Sandy over for lunch with the two of you. As Sandra was packing up the station wagon after a wonderful afternoon of chatting, my neighbor from across the street, Susan Miles, came out to get her mail. Sandra and Susan looked at each other and said, “I know you.” Susan knew of another girl who had been friends with her husband at IU, who also had just had a baby - Julie Schultz and Melissa. Play group was born! Play group rotated to each of our homes. The hostess was responsible for providing the snack. To this day, I cannot go down the cookie aisle of the grocery store without thinking of your mother as I pass the Archway Cookies. Each of us would move heaven and earth not to miss play group. You girls may think we got together to socialize our children, no, we got together to have fun!

29: The beginning of road trips.may they never end! Whenever I would say Do you wanna even before I would finish the sentence, she would say “Yes”. So began the road trips Our first one was to Eagle River, Wisconsin in mid-March. Kelsey and Sarah were crawling, trying to toddle. We packed up half our homes and headed 11 hours north - no one else goes north at that time, that’s why the condo was available! Four friends of mine from Minneapolis came over with their kids to spend the week with us also. The final count was 6 women and nine children all under the age of 5. Were we nuts? The whole thing is kind of a blur in my memory - I think we were all sleep deprived. Obviously we had a good time because we did it again and again. The next year we headed south to Gatlinburg, Tennessee. This time Susan with the twins and Mackenzie, and Julie with Melissa joined us. Oh what funny things happened. We stopped at a McDonalds – play areas were a new thing! Sandra had to go to the rest room, through a miscommunication no one was watching the 2 of you. Your mother came out of the rest room to see your little faces looking in the front door, trying to find her. Julie sprouted gray hairs as Susan drove while nursing Mackenzie and helping Nick pee in a cup. Julie spent a lot of that trip sitting on the floor of Susan’s van since she doesn’t like heights. The condo was great – it had a huge Jacuzzi tub. We put all of you kids in there together with about 6 inches of water then we thought you guys would like some bubbles. Since none of us had whirlpool tubs we really weren’t sure how to work one – so we flipped the switch. Now we know that the jets should be completely covered with water before you turn them on. Water went spraying everywhere and seven kids immediately became panic stricken. Seven very slippery bodies were all trying to get out the tub at the same time. Oh to have had that on video! We spent our evenings drinking margaritas and playing card games that Julie taught us. When we needed another batch of drinks we took the blender outside and down the hall to a utility plug so the noise wouldn’t wake you. There’s nothing better than sleeping children! The following year we headed north again, but this time it was in the summer. We went to Door County, Wisconsin. You guys and the Miles’ had moved to Ohio so we met up with you somewhere in northern Indiana. This was the vacation of the game, “Colored Eggs.” So cute! Sandra is such a special person and friend. Jim and Sandy together are a dynamic duo. You girls are so wonderful and being a part of your lives has been one of the best things of the last 22 years. Happy 30th Anniversary, thanks for asking for these thoughts – it was fun going down memory lane. I look forward to so many more fun times together! Love to you All! Rhonda

30: Thank you for being my biggest supporters, cheerleaders, and fans. Thanks for sitting through a bad movie or two (or a hundred). And thank you for allowing me to follow my dreams to Boston, Rome, and beyond. That sounds cheesy, but it’s true. So here’s to 30 years. Here’s to 30 more. You are amazing role models to Julia and I, and if I find someone that makes me even half as happy as you two are, I’ll be the luckiest girl in the whole world. Love you so much, Sarah | So I guess I have to start by saying that I’m really glad you two got hitched. I mean, I’m sure Grammie and Grampie and Nana and Pops were really proud and all, but their lives didn’t really depend on your marriage. Mine, however, well let’s just say that back in 1981, I wasn’t even a twinkle in your eye. I think it’s an understatement (of the century) to say that you’re the best parents ever. With you, I acquired enough beanie babies to bury myself underneath them, Dad braved the first weekend of Chicago’s American Girl Place, and I traveled to the East Coast so often, I began to pretend I was from there. Later on, there were show choir competitions, band performances, and my choice to move to Boston—and you were behind me through it all.

32: Congratulations on 30 years! Part of me doesn’t even know where to begin another part of me says that 24 years ago would probably be a good place to start! In the last 24 years, I have had more memories, learned more things, and experienced more love and support than I could ever imagine possible. It’s been quite the journey, and some stops were longer and more difficult than others, but we’ve always had our family!

33: Thank you for my sister and best friend that you gave me in Carmel. Thank you for speaking up for me at my Safety Village graduation in Ottawa Hills. Thank you for teaching me to love baseball in Chicago. Thank you for the support through all the band and choir events in Des Moines. Thank you for allowing me to go to Miami for the best 4 years of my life and encouragement to “Go Greek” and join Chi Omega. Thank you for pushing me to go outside my comfort zone and move to Washington DC after graduation. Thank you for letting me move back to Columbus a year later and pursue my true stores! Thank you for indulging all my crazy phases of life, be it “The Purple Haze”, Black and White Polka Dots, Fake Designer Purses, Real Designer Purses, Cubs Baseball, Ohio State Football, grocery stores, or Owls! You’ve supported and loved me through it all, and because of all that and SO MUCH more I LOVE YOU! Cheers to 30 years! xoxo Love, Julia

34: The Beach Boys were often playing on the 8-track cassette player in the car because Scott had a recorder and he recorded all his LPs. Anyway- one day she woke up out of a sound sleep and started singing and rocking out when the following song came on:

35: Wouldn't it be nice if we were older Then we wouldn't have to wait so long And wouldn't it be nice to live together In the kind of world where we belong You know its gonna make it that much better When we can say goodnight and stay together Wouldn't it be nice if we could wake up In the morning when the day is new And after having spent the day together Hold each other close the whole night through Happy times together we've been spending I wish that every kiss was never ending Wouldn't it be nice Maybe if we think and wish and hope and pray it might come true Baby then there wouldn't be a single thing we couldn't do We could be married And then we'd be happy Wouldn't it be nice You know it seems the more we talk about it It only makes it worse to live without it But lets talk about it Wouldn't it be nice

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