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A Year In Review

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A Year In Review - Page Text Content

S: Happy 30th Birthday Mi Amore!

FC: Celebrating the first 30 years . . .

2: A Mother's | { | LOVE | Becky, My advice to you as you turn 30 is to continue to be the spirit filled woman that you have become. I admire you so much for your strong faith. You have been an inspiration to me and others. You are so dedicated to your convictions. You set a goal and accomplish it, even if it means going to Europe and India on your own-that took guts. I am very proud of you and what you have become. You’ve come a long way from the little bundle of joy that entered my life 30 years ago. Fond memories include the song “Swing-Sing” you probably remember the words. Then there’s you insisting on the same book before naptime (a talk about book) that took forever. Reading while bouncing baby Cindy on your knee and later reading to her so she could win an over sized rabbit, show your love of reading and your competitive spirit. Then there’s seeing you in a tree, finding a huge puffball, and chaperoning a field trip to Bradford Nature Center (I think). I was privileged to watch your interaction with your friends (4 to 5 boys) exploring the trails and pathways. My thoughts wandered to the future. Would you always chase after boys? My concerns were unfounded. You showed a lot of wisdom and faith in waiting for God’s plan to be revealed to you. You would settle for nothing less and when he came around you were able to recognize him as “the one.” Then I can’t forget those basketball years. They were exciting! Coming back from your first Steubenville youth conference (your reaction as conveyed to me) you had so much fun on the bus! But, a spark was kindled because you did return several times for conferences and then to get your degree and play basketball. You probably don’t realize how happy I was that you chose Steubenville. A few more recent highlights include allowing me to “hangout” with you and Cindy. Remember meeting at Steubenville and you conning me into performing on film, and how you kept me out all night partying? Then how we visited Aunt Florine and you two screaming for mom to rescue you from that terribly death threatening bat? The little harmless bat was just drawn to the light of your computer as you sat in bed secretly watching a movie, while Florine and I thought you were safe and sound asleep! How I enjoyed tromping the streets of NYC with you day and night. Enjoying the sights, shopping, music, Broadway shows, and your brother Tim were all great highlights. Oh! Remember when you were mistaken for the 18 year-old and Cindy was thought to be the older sister? The more I thought the more memories came to mind. I’ve given Joe permission to do any editing. Happy 30th! Love you, Mom

3: Happy 30th Birthday Becky! There are so many things to thank you for. Some of them would be those exciting fun filled years of high school and college basketball, and the year of taking you and your friends to a movie in Big Rapids for your birthday. WHAT A BALL! Always take time to smell the roses, even though you are now over the hill! :) I admire the strong Christian faith you hold in your heart Becky!!! Love ya, Dad

4: Becky, HAPPY 30TH BIRTHDAY!!! I’m so excited to be with you on this joyous celebration! Unlike most of the other notes you will receive, I don’t think I’m very capable of giving you advice for a 30-year-old since I have not quite reached that stage in my own life. However, I am going to take some time to inform you of some qualities I have witnessed in your life for the past 22 years and honor you for those. First of all, I would like to admire you for your willingness and openness to follow God’s plan. It is so beautiful to see the way he has worked in your life. Because of your obedience to give up control | and follow that plan, this God-lead life of yours has become a truly admirable one. I would also like to honor you for being able to give great advice! I could not count how many times I have had a theological question, or have been in a sticky situation that you have so easily given such practically helpful advice that is always so applicable. I would sincerely like to thank you for that! The final quality I would like to show my appreciation for is your ability to have fun! There are countless memorize I’ve had with you that have consisted of our silent laughs multiplying the hilarity of the original comical source much more than an outsider would find understandable. Haha but that’s the wonderful part about having an immature sense of humor! The random nights of dress up even if we were over 13 years old, the train rides (yes, we did get TWO rides for the price of ONE) in Traverse City even if they are meant for children ages 10 and under, and who could forget the canoe ride in the never ending jungle! Most people would have complained the whole way while carrying that canoe over and under the continuous logs, trees, and branches. But, we knew the clearing had to be, “just around the river bend” (The theme song of the trip). These memorize could go on and on, but I don’t think there’s enough room in this book for me to continue! I thank God so much for blessing me with such an incredible sister. I hope and pray that He will continue to bless you with many happy and healthy years to come with these same admirable qualities I have already witnessed to be in your possession. God bless and much love, Cindy

5: { | { | Sisters | Dear Becky, Happy 30th birthday! We wish we could be out there to celebrate it with you. I’m sure you’ll have an awesome time even without us there. Where do I start? I guess I’ll start by telling you what an awesome person and sister you are. It is amazing how things work out, or I guess better to say how God works in our lives. When you asked me to be your Confirmation sponsor years ago, I never even imagined having a child someday and you being the godmother and then after that me being your matron of honor. I think that is really neat how that all worked out. There are so many memories of our trips out to visit you in Steubenville, Washington D.C., you joining us a couple of time in Williamsburg, and my awesome one and only true vacation I have had in 10 years (referring to Mom and my visit in June). Not to mention our many, many phone conversations. Which I do feel bad we haven’t had much time lately to chat on the phone. How things change with each kid that is added and how I have less and less time for myself or to keep in touch with people. I guess that is all a sacrifice on my part I can offer up to our Lord. Anyways, enough of that and to get on with the letter. One thing that really sticks in my mind, I have no idea why, is our family trip to Mackinaw Island when we stayed there with the Clown Band. I remember talking with you, it seemed, until all hours in the morning sitting in the bathroom (so we wouldn’t wake Mike or Alyssa) in our hotel room. You were trying to decide if you should go to Steubenville or not. I remember one comment you made was, “I feel like the Holy Spirit is always talking to me through you.” I have no idea why that one crazy time has stuck with me, but I think it will forever. I also remember one of our trips to Steubenville when I told you that I was expecting Olivia. You were the first one I told (well, besides Mike that is.) When we were expecting Hannah, Alyssa called you on April Fools Day and you thought it was an April Fools Joke. I started laughing because I never even thought of that and you were sure it was an April Fools Joke because I kept laughing harder every time you said anything about it. Thanks Becky for always being there for me when I need someone to talk to. Even though we live so far apart, I feel very blessed with our friendship that has grown over the years. God has blessed you over the past thirty years. May he continue to bless you for many more. I Love You! Beth P.S. The family also says Happy Birthday.

6: so many | So advice for my younger 30 year old sister...hmm... well I'm not sure I have much advice for you, seeing that you've passed me in everything but age! I think you received your master's degree before me, you have a "real" job, you're married to a great guy, have a beautiful home, and live a beautiful married life. You have come a long way since childhood, but the same values are present in the Becky I know today. Remember when one of us would go to town without the other and get a lolly pop from the Bank of Lakeview or Leppinks? We would ask for an extra lolly pop to give to the other. It's the little gestures like this growing up that help define a person, and you have kept on growing as a thoughtful and caring person who influences and affects more people than you can imagine. Having the patience to put up with all my teasing is another virtue that has continued to be another positive characteristic of your personality. Here are a couple examples, minor ones to say the least! At a family gathering Uncle Dan was singing "Becky Sue, Becky Sue, pretty pretty pretty pretty Becky Sue, oh Becky, my Becky Sue-ue-ue" and I continued singing this, well whispering after I was told to stop :), all the way home...ooops sorry...and you put up with my crazy dance moves. A song would come on the radio, probably a little Bobby Brown "My Prerogative", and I would make up a ridiculous move and say "This is the dance for this song!" Meanwhile, you would stand and look at me like I was out of my mind as I flung my arms and legs around like a puppet on strings. I'm curious...what were you thinking? It makes me feel better to think everything I put you through was testing your patience in preparation for being a social worker, a wife, a mother, everyday life, etc.:) Some of my favorite memories were of you playing basketball. Didn't you have a triple double?...Dang you were good. I've given up and moved on to Tennis :) I could go on reminiscing memories and expanding on your positive characteristics, but I need to get this to Joe! You have become a person of great values, and you're an inspiration to myself, family, friends, co-workers, and anyone that you encounter. My advice is to keep on keepin' on cause you're doing great! I'm proud to be your brother and look forward to many more great times to be had with you and Joe. God Bless and Happy 30th Birthday! With much love, Tim P.S. Thanks for marrying Joe, cause I really love the food you two whip up when I come to visit:)

7: Dear Becky, Happy Birthday!! I know how excited you were to get rid of me once I moved off to college, but I am sure you came around to realize how much you really did end up missing me! It was always fun having a younger sister, not to pick on but to talk with at night, share stories, dreams, and play the things I wanted to play :). Becky, I really respect you and the choices you have made in life. You have not only taken time to explore life and follow your dreams but also have demonstrated the strength and inspiration one would need to live the life you have. I find it easy to "brag" about you and the path you have taken. I really miss you being around more often. Words of advice: Take time out every day to reflect on the important things in life and to really enjoy parts of this short journey. Love, Kathie

8: Dear Becky, I can't believe you are already turning 30!!!! I remember when you were about 2 years old and I would take you for rides on "my" horse Thunder. I absolutely loved watching you! I still can't believe mom trusted me with you on that horse! The older you got the cuter you got and I loved curling your hair. I remember when you went to SeaWorld and Cedar Point with Melanie, Lauren, and I, and stayed the entire summer with us! The trip up North when we just got the boys! I am sorry if I never told you but... I always appreciated all that you did for us! You are truly a blessing!! Who else would have tolerated Melanie and Lauren waking them up at early hours in the morning saying " Wake up Becky!! | It is time to go into the pool now! Lets go swimming!" I always wanted the best for you and am very proud of the person you have become. Here is a poem that was written just for you: The Golden Years by Kevin Copeland Now that you've reached the age of thirty and you're getting really old, let me give you some advice dear sister if I may be so bold. Your marathon days are over with every step I see there's pain. We can always get a walker. If you're lucky, we'll try a cane. | Your having trouble hearing. You can't hear from either ear? either buy a hearing aid, or drawn your problems in a beer. Grey hair and wrinkles getting you down? I hear it in your sighs. Mary Kay makes a wrinkle remover. They even sell hair dye!! So your memory isn't what it was, and you're losing things readily? I'd advise you get down on your knees- say a prayer to Anthony. Oh, the golden years are precious, and I wish you all the best. You're certainly going to need it now that your thirty years closer to death! Love, Theresa, Kevin, Melanie, Lauren, AJ and Aaron

9: Becky, I remember those fun times during the preschool years when we would play with (not tease or pick at) you about some of your "vocabulary" - like fidgifator (refrigerator). You'd get upset and say "yeotabodies beoget!" (everybody, be quiet)! We all thought it was just too cute. Happy Birthday Becky! Love, Tom & The Family | "I make this look good."!! | "Let me show you a few moves . . . "

10: Becky, Unfortunately I wasn’t around much while you were growing up but I do remember when you and Cindy came to stay with Bob, Kelsey and me in Keego Harbor when Kelsey was a baby. Remember playing in the backyard, pushing Kelsey in the swing and then locking her in the car at the mall? Another more recent memorable time is when you, Mom, Cindy, Bob, Kelsey, Kaitlin, Kaitlin’s friend Jessica & I hiked the dunes back to Lake Michigan to watch the sunset in Glen Haven. It was such a nice warm night and a beautiful sunset. You have grown into an amazing adult. We want to thank you for the wonderful role model that you are for all you nieces and nephews, including Kelsey and Kaitlin. They admire and look up to you! Have a wonderful birthday!! Love and prayers, Bob and Katrina

11: Aunt Becky, Thank you for being my Confirmation Sponsor. Love, Kelsey | Aunt Becky, We have many memories with you, but a couple stand out. Remember when we went to the Olympics as Hyka from Italy (aka Aunt Becky), Irene from Romania (aka Kelsey) and Squankay from Norway (aka Kaitlin). We were awesome gymnasts performing tricks and stunts on the trampoline. Another memory is of the singers in the bathroom. You and Aunt Cindy were singing “Blessed” using our mouth wash bottles as microphones. When Aunt Cindy stopped you said, “Come on Cindy, don’t leave me hangin!” Good Times Aunt Becky! We love you!!! Happy Birthday! Love, Kelsey and Kailtin

12: 2005 or 2006 Becky cut her LOOOOOOOOOng hair. So I took these two photos to show her “old doo” and “new doo” As you know by now, she loves ice cream. We use to share a few bowls in the evenings. Uncle Dan & Aunt Jan

13: Dearest Becky, What memories there are... When we were kids, competing for age, each time we met I would always ask how old you were to see if I had gotten ahead somehow... You always won. ;o) I think that is my oldest memory of our interactions, though I'm sure we had many prior. And then, among the myriad of family weddings, I never needed a dance partner if you were around. That was always something I looked forward to at the receptions. Then you came to Traverse City, went to NMC, stayed in our house... Where I think our friendship grew even further. Those summers before you went off to Steubenville seem somewhat surreal now. Late night trips to the State Hospital grounds, midnight swims by the Holiday Inn, Swing Dancing and being all decked out... House Drama, Work-place drama, and relationships. I will always enjoy the memories we created then. I remember visiting you at Steubenville, and enjoyed being a part of your experience there. You were in a place that meant a lot to you, and it was noticeable how passionate you were becoming about your faith, and how good of an example you were for trusting the path you felt called to, without knowing for sure where you were going... But knowing you had to go. I remember visiting you in DC for the Papal Mass. It was a trip that held some very profound moments for me, which seem but a vision anymore, even though they were only a few years before this moment... It seems so far away. The shows we saw... The Screwtape Letters, and The Reduced Shakespeare Company: History of the US (abridged), Medieval Times!, A paddle boat ride, The Cherry Blossoms, Eating Tapas, visiting the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception, visiting the monastery where only a few years later would be held a wonderful reception filled with joy and hopeful future... Your wedding reception. Of course, following the events of Pope Benedict's visit throughout the whole week, the Papal Mass, the parades, the protests, the priests, the people and the people and the people..... And a concert that sparked a relationship with music that has never died... Cloud Cult still is my favorite band of all time. I think that should conclude this passage, though it was not the last memory, it was a great one. I will always treasure our friendship Becky. I wish you a wonderful 30th birthday, and many many MANY more to come! With Lots and Lots of Love, -Joseph | COUSINS

14: Dear Becky, Wow! 30 years old! Why, it seems like only yesterday that the Lykins family came to see us – your first of many visits to Traverse City. You were only 7 or 8 months old and we were “newlyweds” (well, almost ). Your older sisters wanted to take a walk so Aunt Margaret produced her old doll buggy and you just fit! What fun! When you “grew up” and went to college, we were thrilled to have that delightful smile again in TC. It gave us the opportunity to become better acquainted with you – an opportunity we have appreciated so much. Thank you for sharing yourself, your faith and your Joe with us! Now, at 83 and 72 years of age, we feel that we can share some advice with a 30-year-old – advice we could give you at 7, or 21, or 50 years old: “LOVE THE LORD YOUR GOD WITH YOUR WHOLE HEART, SOUL, AND MIND; AND LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR AS YOURSELF.” Congratulations, best wishes and love always, Uncle John and Aunt Margaret

15: Becky is 30??!! What a delightful age! My impressions of Becky began when my sister sent me an invitation to become her godmother! As a nun, I had never been a godmother and this was a first for me! Becky began “creeping” to me from a cute picture that I had framed and sat on my dresser in Germany. Everyone knew she was my first godchild. Then I returned to America and noticed from our infrequent visits that she was an exceptionally kind person. Everybody needs kind people, probably more than they can be needed. I noticed how she took care of her father’s mother. She was a beginning teenager then and she did it no matter how she felt. I was also told that Becky was an exceptionally good student and a good basketball player. Since I was a teacher, these would make impressions on me. I talked to Becky very little, I simply enjoyed her when she came with her parents and especially one time when she, Cindy, and her mother came to visit and we took a trip to Tahquamenon Falls. That’s the one that ended in a “bat” chase! I am happy that she has the same attitude toward the Catholic Church that I have, and that impresses me deeply. Love, Aunt Florine

16: BIRTHDAY | HAPPY | December 9th | Dear Becky, Happy Birthday! I remember that we ate several times at the Lodge in Traverse City where you worked and you were able to waitress our table. By the way, you got an “A” rating from me. I was always happy to see you at the family gatherings, which were held the first Saturday after Christmas since 1990. In the family home where I live is where we had desserts and merriment with the exchange of gifts. Do you remember how you sat on the stairs waiting for your name to be called? You girls had the best view! Becky, here are my words of wisdom for a 30-year-old: 1.Cry when you have to . . . there will be times when tears do help. 2.Smile even if you don’t feel like doing it . . . a fake smile soon turns into a real one. 3.Pray often . . . in thanksgiving and for patience! Love from, Aunt Mary and Jim A.

17: Dear Becky, "Keep your eyes on Jesus!" Happy Birthday! Love, Uncle Bill & Aunt Sherry

19: "I am so grateful to have lived with you for a year in Hyattsville. I miss our Sunday afternoons playing basketball at Turkey Thicket with the St. James crew and Scoop. :) I also always admired the social work that you were doing and the way you lived the faith in the midst of the world's poverty and brokenness. Who better to be with those children, whose lives were so difficult, than YOU?? Sometimes God really knows what He's doing. :) I'm glad to be moving back to DC next summer and hope we can see much much more of each other! Much love, Mandy"

20: Dear Becky, Happy 30th Birthday! You are so beautiful inside and out, and such a dear friend. I thank God for how he has blessed me with your friendship through the years. I remember the first time I met you, as a “Come and See-er” to Franciscan! I was so excited to see Franciscan, but apprehensive about being with a bunch of “younger than me” freshman. It was so wonderful to meet you that weekend, since we would both be transferring as juniors. Little to know that that meeting was the start to a dear friendship (now celebrating 10 years, since we were 20 when we transferred)! We shared so many wonderful memories in college including going to Austria together, praying Marian consecration in the Tommie More chapel, and crowding our big group around a table in the caf! I even remember you coming to my door some early mornings to work out. | It has been such a blessing to journey together in faith after college! We both began graduate school at the same time, started professional jobs, and talked and prayed about our future vocations. How comforting to know I wasn’t the only one going through these transitions. You were (and are) such an example in prayer, I have countless memories of being inspired after phone conversations when you shared about meetings with your spiritual director, or Mass or Rosary novenas you were praying as you sought the Lord's will. I love talking to you. I know I can be real and just share whatever is going on. You are always so understanding and encouraging. It is so special, that as we journey together towards holiness, we also share the joy of turning 30 together!!! I know God has great plans for you, and will use you and Joe in amazing ways. You are already a blessing to all who know you. Lots of Love! Mary Beth

21: Happy 30th Birthday Becky!!!! I heard that 30 is the new 20 and I am going to believe it!! I bet your 30s are going to be the best time of your life so far!! I am so glad that we have stayed in touch all of these years since FUS. We've been to 4 weddings together: Mary Beth B's in Wisconsin, Missie's in Colorado, YOURS of course!, and Caroline's in Canada! PLUS we had an awesome vacation in Florida last year!! I think we were all born to travel and I am so glad that the traveling hasn't stopped since Austria!! Be sure to volunteer to give up your seat the next time you fly to put toward our next annual or bi-annual trip to see each other!! You are one of my BEST friends and I miss you and I love you and I hope to see you soon! Happy Birthday!! Love, Erin

22: Dear Boofy, I remember when you got your nickname. I didn’t know you very well, as you were new to Franciscan and to our team. Having 6:00 am practice every morning, I had only seen you looking like someone who had just crawled out of bed until. . . I was coming out of the Café. I had just eaten lunch with my husband and kids on campus when I saw someone who looked familiar. . . Taking a close look, I realized it was you! Needless to say, you looked a little different that you did at 6 am practice. I said, “Becky?! . . . you look so Boofy!” Boofy was my word for “dressed up” or “looking really good.” So, of course I told the team how good you looked that day at lunch and the nickname stuck. It would always make me chuckle when, during a game, I would be yelling, “Boof!”. . . and wonder what the other team was thinking. I also remember how I would tease you about your shoulder muscles when you would wear sleeveless t-shirts. . . I think that I teased you a lot! I also remember you making a great baseline shot in an incredible come back win against Washington and Jefferson. . . a team that we have not beaten since! What I remember most is your quiet demeanor as a fierce competitor, your grace no matter what the challenge, and your beauty and femininity that I wish all female athletes could understand and possess. Coaching at Franciscan has brought me many blessings, and one of them is certainly getting to know you and be your friend! I hope you have a wonderful birthday! Please know that I love you and think of you often! Not just when leaving the café! God Bless you! Kelly

23: Dear Boofy, Happy 30th birthday! Thinking about your birthday reminds me of our senior year when we lived together in the projects and were doing the “South Beach Diet” during basketball season, but decided to go off the diet to celebrate your day. Oh boy! What a stomach ache we had the next day! I have so many fond memories of you, from the first time I met you in your “boofiness”, to playing basketball together, playing intramural sports, trips to Kelly’s house, Cedar Point, late night runs to get sugar free ice cream, getting Tim Horton’s fruit explosion muffins, and more recently, running races together! You have been such a wonderful friend, and it has been so awesome to have our friendship grow more even after college. I have always admired you, your devotion to the faith, caring/compassionate heart, and fun personality. You always bring so much joy and happiness to those around you, and I know that so many people are touched by you, especially Joe, your family, friends, clients, and now, youth. Continue to bring God’s light to those around you! You are in my prayers as you celebrate another year of your life. Love you! Love, Katy

24: Some of my favorite memories with you . . . Our half marathons- our runs are really our excuse to chat and catch up. Our trip out to Steubenville- Becky showed me how amazing it is to be surrounded by young people of the same faith and reminded me why I need God as the center of my world! Becky's Bachelorette party at my house- it was a blast~~from the fireworks to the lazy beach day. Becky's wedding- these pictures remind me of how happy you and Joe were- and how honored I was to share in this special day of yours! And my favorite memory is meeting Becky at Centro Maria- because not only were our days there crazy funny and NEVER dull, but this is where our friendship began, and I am so grateful that God brought us together!!! My advice on Becky's 30th B-day: ENJOY every moment!!! and "Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your request to God. And the peace of God which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus" (Phil 4: 6-7). Love, Kimberly

25: Becky, Wow...the big 3-0! How do you feel? It's all down hill from here. JUST KIDDING! Turning 30 is nothing... especially when you have so many friends and such a great family. My only advice to you is to invest in a good moisturizing cream:) I have so many amazing memories of you that I can't just name a few, so I'm going to give you the top 10: 10. So happy when you let me move in with you after your roommate moved out! 9. My first drink ever (Zima!) was with you at that one party where we didn't know anyone and still got up the next morning for church. 8. Our brilliant plan of showering Jesse's dorm room with confetti...do you remember how we smuggled it in? Big Gulp cups!!! 7. Our road trip to Grand Rapids to buy blank CDs so we could burn music on them. We made Jesse drive...in an ice storm. All the way back to Traverse City he was saying, "I'm from Texas, I'm not supposed to know how to drive in this stuff!!!!!" 6.Getting to know your sweet family:) 5. THE LIST...enough said. 4. Living on 9th Street...I seriously miss that house! 3. Standing up with me at my wedding to my wonderful husband...thank you for being my Maid of Honor:) 2. Watching God work through you. 1. Knowing you have touched many lives through your missionary work. Happy Birthday!!!!!! Love, Katie

26: HAPPY BIRTHDAY | Becky was a bit intimidating to me when I first met her at St. James, because she just seemed so cool and 'together', not to mention prayerful and tough (having just been to India). I thought she would have no need or desire for a Sara-friend. But that all changed when she joined Sydney and (oh my, I have forgotten that other sweet girl's name!!) at my parent's house to bake cookies for Jeanne's wedding. She was so fun and I decided that she would be a great friend, whether she wanted or not! I'm grateful for all our subsequent conversations, walks and coffee times. I appreciate her kindness and attentiveness. It makes me feel better about the world knowing that she is helping children in DC who are so in need of it. Since she's turning 30 before me (Ha!), I will have to ask her advice... but mine is to be content. There will always be something else you want; strive to be content with what you have! ~ Sara

27: Happy 30th Birthday Becky!! As I take the time to look through pictures of our years together in DC, I am reminded of the many blessings God gave all of us during our time in Communio. The Praise and Worship group we started, beating the boys at basketball on Sunday afternoons, praising God in English and Spanish at Ascendo, the numerous hiking trips we took, our outings to Franklins, our gatherings at Christina’s house - the list goes on and on. What a blessed and unique time in which we all grew in God’s grace and discovered His most perfect will for our lives. Your friendship has blessed my life in many ways and your joyful and carefree spirit is very contagious. Thank you for always making me feel like I never left DC every time we meet. And even though we may not see each other very often, I know we remain united in prayer and that we will always see each other in the most holy sacrifice of the Mass! Many blessings as you start this new decade of your life! Love, Sydney

28: Happy Birthday | Today (Name) you are (age) What more can I say, You're becoming more special Each and every day, So blow out your candles One by one Enjoy your birthday Have lots of fun. | Advice for a 30-year-old: “Take care of your bod!” Stretch all muscles triple time before any activity because injury and being sore will increase if proper stretching does not occur. I turned 30 and instantly an extreme injury, it’s a shocker! Favorite Memory: There are so many wonderful memories with Becky it’s hard to narrow down to just one. The memory I will share occurred on DECEMEBER 9th 2000! Celebrating Becky’s birthday was a bit of a challenge in college because finals were during the same time. Do you think this obstacle stopped us? Heavens no, we persevered! Fun times would be had no matter what. On this particular birthday we started early with a movie and cosmopolitans then it was time for an unforgettable study night. Becky had a huge final the following day. Surprisingly, to my excitement I was allowed to assist Becky in studying and memorizing a billion facts. We went to the cafeteria and studied the night away; memorizing facts then taking breaks, drinking coffee and just laughing. I had to share this particular memory because it shows no matter what you do with Becky a fun memory can and will be formed, even “studying”! Favorite Characteristic: What I appreciate most about Becky is her balanced virtuous character. I met Becky at Franciscan University my first semester; she was God sent! I will never forget being a bit shocked at the extreme Catholic zeal coming from all of the students. I wondered if there was anyone at Franciscan who I could relate with, anyone who likes to have fun through non-catholic activities yet their faith was still important to them. God answered my prayers with introducing me to Becky. She was a good woman from the start, faithful & virtuous through actions not words and a BLAST! I have never met a person who is more meek and humble then Becky. Her extreme generosity as well as the gratitude she displays for even the littlest things is a wonderful witness and example. I am a better person for knowing Becky and I am excited for the years of friendship to come. Love, Marlee

29: Dear Becky, Happy 30th Birthday!!!!!!! What happy and wonderful memories I have with you when I lived in D.C. You helped make D.C. feel somewhat like home! I enjoy our random talks and praise God that the gift you are not only in my life but in the lives of your other friends and family. Thank you Lord for blessing us with the gift of Becky!!! With Love, Nicole

30: Happy 30th Birthday Becky!! It's sad that we live so far away and I am really bad at keeping in touch, but I will always be grateful for the opportunity to become friends while I lived in DC! Your joy and optimistic spirit was always such an inspiration to me, and your daily witness of faith and selflessness (especially through all your courageous work as a social worker) is such a great example. I really enjoyed our Ten Ren tea times while I lived in Hyattsville!! :-) May God bless you on your birthday and always, that you might know His love in an ever deeper way. Happy Birthday!! ~ Maria

31: BIRTHDAY! | happy | Let's see, I think these are my favorite memories of/with Becky: First, when we were in college and we went to Barnes & Noble to study and You had an awesome dialogue with a Mormon man. You were just so on fire for your Catholic faith, able to present in a very loving but convincing way, in my opinion, while totally engaging him. Going along with that, I remember the story you told me about when you were somewhere, I think maybe in Silver Spring, for work and you went next-door after dropping a client off at an appointment to a Christian reading room and you just shared your faith with the store worker and I remember just being very inspired by that story. Secondly, another favorite memory of mine is the time we decided it was a good idea to go to three parties in one night. Not only did we go from like Bethesda to DC to Virginia, but we also brought changes of clothes in the car. We were just that cool! You were just always somebody who was up for an adventure, up for doing the fun things that I also desired to do, and that was a really fun part about being roommates with you. Lastly, and only lastly because I don't want to take up this entire book with memories with you, although there are plenty more to share, my other favorite memory with you is our trip to Maine with our good old friend Richard. We had some of the best memories during that trip. From drinking Starbucks after being extremely overtired in the backseat of Richard's car, to kayaking on the Lake, to hiking the beehive hike which we were both deathly afraid of, to lying in our tent at night, saying, "Richard..." Needless to say, we've had some awesome memories together and I'm so grateful for them!! I hope you have a wonderful 30th birthday & that you continue to fill this year's chapter of life with more amazing memories! :) ~ Beth

32: Thank God for St. James! | Becky - Now that you are getting old and perhaps suffering from memory loss and those senior moments, let me remind you of how this all began: with ultimate frisbee. I remember very clearly where I was when Joe called me and asked if I knew this really beautiful and athletic woman who lived in Hyattsville and probably went to St. James. I remember him asking me if I had your number and if I would call you to make sure it was okay for him to call you. I remember being impressed by Joe's proactive approach, and I also remember thinking he was a nut. Now I know he is a nut. I also remember calling you and leaving you a message saying that a great guy named Joe who played ultimate frisbee wanted to call you. I remember emailing you with the same message. I remember you never calling me back or responding to my email. I remember Joe calling me to find out what had happened. I remember telling him that nothing had happened because you never called me back or responded to my email. I remember Joe being kind of pissed. I remember you finally calling me back and I remember telling you that Joe was the kind of guy I would want my sister to marry and that you would be crazy not to go out on at least one date with him. I remember telling Joe to take you to Franklins because there were no other restaurants in Hyattsville. I remember being at your wedding and thinking how amazing it was that it all began with ultimate frisbee. And I remember being even more amazed when Joe, a man with real Italian hair on his chest, called me last week to tell me that he was putting together this book for your birthday. I guess he remembered, and I hope this is a book of happy memories for you. Happy birthday! Brendan, Amy, and Thomas

33: I remember running and training with Becky for the National Half Marathon, that was pretty fun. She and Kimberly made T-shirts for Charles, Evrin and me and for themselves. It was fun!! God bless, James

34: Becky, On your 30th birthday, I just wanted to take the opportunity to thank God for you. I’m so grateful that I had the privilege of getting to know you through Joe. From the minute I met you, I’ve always been impressed by your grace and kindness. You truly exhibit the fruit of the spirit and I’ve seen how blessed Joe is by your presence in his life. You are always so thoughtful and generous, quick to give encouragement and help. pray that the generosity you lavish on others will be returned to you in full plus more this year. Happy birthday, dear friend! - Alex | Congratulations on turning the corner out of the 20's and into the 30's! You'll have to let me know how it goes, since I'm coming right behind you. :) It's an honor to celebrate you on this day. You are such a kind and gentle person, and I'm so glad to know you. Although we haven't been so good about this lately, I always appreciate our runs together. It's nice to have a friend to run with and I enjoy spending time with you. Thank you for always being there for Mike and I, whether helping us move or bringing us dinner after Jovie was born. I hope to be able to celebrate many more of your birthdays! Happy Birthday! -Kristy

35: Some of the most priceless memories we share are from Centro Maria! Becky and I both moved in within days of each other, Sr. Lena made sure to make introductions over one of the sisters home cooked evening meals. We creatively planned a "dish to share" to bring to the St. James gatherings, even though we had no kitchen to cook in! I think it was actually Becky who found the secret stash of the "good cookies" that we would snack on from time to time..... and I must say, one of the most comical memories would have to be the Christmas play several of us participated in, under the direction of Sr. Lena one year. Oh how I wish I had a picture to send, Becky's costume was quite the work of art, and I borrowed a habit from Sr. Dorris. We all invited friends for our debut in theatre and I think we spent the majority of the time giggling and laughing trying to figure out where we were suppose to go and what we were suppose to say. Sr. Lena, like a good mother, was proud of us anyway! There was a nice little group of us that became friends at Centro, and Becky was always one that was up for adventure..... and even though I didn't go with her and the others to the Ethiopian restaurant, I certainly enjoyed hearing the stories afterwards!!! As seasons change, one by one we each moved out and our day to day Centro amusements of corn dogs for breakfast and racing back before curfew came to an end. Becky, what a joy it was to share laughs and adventures with you, happy birthday! May the years ahead bring even greater joys to your life!!! Blessings and prayers, Angela Guarnere

36: Almost 30 Things a Girl should NEVER Do Once She Turns 30. *Forget the birthday of anyone in her immediate family *Wear a shirt that exposes her belly button "Get a manicure that involves a crystal/gem stone in it *Make a phone with her thumb and pinky and say "Call me!" *Shop at Hot Topic *Have an email address with incorrect spellings: Coolgurrrll80@yahoo.com, SuperFoxx30@gmail.com *Wear heels that could only be found worn in a gentlemen's club *Prepare ramen noodles for the family dinner "dye/highlight her hair with anything other than what would be considered a "natural" color" *Go to the mall on a Sat night with her girlfriends just to hang out *Continue to wear that belly button ring she thought was cool in college *Keg stands *Hang unframed pictures on her wall *Sleep past lunch *Do any dance recommended by Soulja Boy *Wear your boyfriends/husband's jacket regularly. *Use text language in email or written form (i.e. c u l8tr) * Announce life changing news via text: i. e. "I'm engaged!" * Read Teen or Seventeen Magazines * Wear skirts short enough to reveal her underwear color * Have a twin bed * Not be capable of cooking at least one trademark meal *Hang posters of her celebrity crush on the wall * Pierce anything other than her ears *Show up to weddings, baby showers, etc without RSVP-ing *Say "shut up!" in reaction to anything *Share her deepest secrets on Facebook. *Wear sweatpants with ANYTHING written on the butt HAPPY BIRTHDAY BECKY!!!! We love you!! Jess, Courtney, Amanda, Cynthia

37: Advice for a 30 year old: Always take time to enjoy life when you can. With more tasks and responsibilities, free time becomes increasingly scarce. Appreciate what you cherish and find most important. Happy Birthday! Kenny | 1. My advice is to keep this that you already know: it is far richer to experience life than to possess it. Experience it with love in your heart. 2. My favorite memory of Becky took place at Joe's parents' house. Joe was showing us the video that Becky took of him using the new toilet seat. As he showed it, Becky stood quietly by, not acknowledging her undeniable participation. It was a nod to the fact that there is more going on beneath her cool and calm surface than she allows to be broadly known. 3. We love Becky's gentle kindness and the present attention she gives to those she's with, no matter who it is. Happy Birthday! Kurt, Kar-Mei, Brett, Avery and Keira

38: Where to even begin?! Becky, you're someone whom even though I've only known for a few years it feels as though I've known you for so much longer. There is absolutely no doubt why God brought you into Joe's life and now has you as one. To be able to keep up with his constant "game plan" is a feat in and of itself and you have mastered that feat! The glow that can be seen in Joe's face when he talks about you (especially when he first started talking about you) is so special and it is so obvious what an incredible blessing you are to him. Your warm spirit that is so abundantly full of life is such a breath of fresh air! I am so thankful God has brought you and Joe together and you are now a part of our lives. Can I just say that the fact that you wear your Teva's with a skirt made me know that you were somebody I was going to be able to get along with?! You have an awesome sense of adventure that I admire and I'm definitely totally envious of your ability to run such long distances!! If you could also share your secrets with the rest of us on how to get such awesomely sculpted arms that would be great too! Seriously though, it's an honor to be able to call you "friend" and I very much look forward to the many years of friendship we have ahead of us. Much love on your 30th birthday!! ~ Amanda

39: Becky, So the obvious factor here is that we don't have a ton of memories to draw from to begin with. The good thing about that, is, it seems the memories we do have are nearly all involving major events of some sort, so they're all kind of favorite memories. Obviously being around you and your family while helping out with your wedding is a start. Then having you visit for Amanda's 30th and our little Harvard and Boston city tour was another great weekend, and of course most recently, the Hawaii planning discussions and meetings and your enthusiasm for adventure that comes out in all of those instances. These are the things that come to mind when I think of favorite memories with you. But probably the memory that stands out the most is not with you directly but one you caused. It's remembering the process, discussions and great stories from Joe while you two were first starting to interact and date while we didn't even know you yet. Seeing someone so close to you be so positively affected while growing to love their future spouse is perhaps one of the best memories you can have of a friend. So in this case, you are solely to blame for that!! Thanks for those times with Joe that are so fun for us to look back on. I'm sure this is now longer than Joe was looking for (probably because I'm doing it through e-mail, and we know how I am with long emails), but the last thing is what I'm looking forward to. I'm looking forward to the fact that when we celebrate your 40th, 50th and 60th birthdays we'll have dozens of more memories with you to remember and reflect upon. Glad to have you as a part of our lives now. Happy 30th!! ~ Joe

40: Athletic Understanding Nuts about Uncle Joseph Terrific Christian example Basketball genius Energetic Cooks really good macaroni and cheese Kind You’ll love her once you meet her. Anna loves your macaroni and cheese. Anthony loves your earrings. Vincent loves your hugs. Maria loves her godmother.

41: Becky, We love the wonderful example of Catholic discipleship that you are to us and to our children. We love the wife and partner in all things that you are to Joseph. You were interested in and cared for us as an entire family from the first time that we met you. We look forward to many happy memories in the future. Happy 30th Birthday! Love, Jen and Jeff

42: Dear Becky, HAPPY 30TH BIRTHDAY! It is just two years since we met you for the first time during a weekend at our favorite spot. During that time together, we all knew that you were to become a member of our family. It simply confirmed that you were Joseph’s “soul mate.” Whenever he spoke of you, we knew that there was something very special about you. We knew that your strong faith was a very special gift that you each shared and that alone was enough. It was in God’s plan that you finally found each other in the game of “pick up” Frisbee. | The rest was easy to anyone who saw the glow from each of you when you were together. It is a pleasure to see the two of you interact - you certainly, complement each other. No one would believe what a wonderful week we shared as the two families met. It was amazing how each of us felt as if we knew each other all our lives. We can see why you are who you are; coming from such a loving family. You planned your wedding so beautifully. The ceremony was simply breathtaking. The selection of the gorgeous church, the recitation of the Rosary, the choice of music and the presence of the choir, the statue of Our Lady, the con-celebration of the Mass, the readers, the cantor, the flowers and the fact that your friends and family were all | and the sacrifice you make for the church in God’s name. Getting up everyday to celebrate Mass is a remarkable tribute to your dedication. With His blessings, you will have a wonderful future together. Becky, you create the balance in Joseph’s life. You are gentle, patient, loving, kind and beautiful. You keep Joseph smiling! It warms our heart to see you together. Thank you for coming into our lives and for being the best gift anyone could ask for. We love you! Love, Mom and Dad | present to bless your union, is a testament to God’s love for you both and your love and dedication to HIM. We were thrilled when we first ate together and you ordered zuppa de pesce and even twirled the linguine around the spoon. We asked “are you sure you aren’t Italian.” Whenever we have visited you in Virginia, we have enjoyed your warmth and hospitality, the freedom you have allowed us, the meals and activities you have planned. You both make us feel special and we truly enjoy how happy you are as husband and wife. We admire your strong commitment to each other, your love for each other and God,

43: { | { | MI AMORE | "A wife of noble character who can find? She is worth far more than rubies. Her husband has full confidence in her and lacks nothing of value. She brings him good, not harm, all the days of her life." ~ Proverbs 31 Thank you for being my wife, my amazing, beautiful, caring, supportive, faithful, holy, adventurous, fun and forgiving wife! My only complaint about your first 30 years is that you spent so little of it with ME! Why did you stay away for so long?? I'm counting on the next 30 years having more JT . . . a LOT more JT! It's incredible to reflect on how much of life we've gotten to experience together these past 2+ years - God is so good to us! I can't wait to experience with you all the blessings the next 30 . . . 70 years hold. Oh, and I look forward to you now joining me in morning stretches! Happy 30th Birthday! I LOVE YOU!!! All yours, forever, Me

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