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Across the Ages

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S: Across the Ages

FC: Across the Ages

1: Dedicated to Mary Magdalen Dornbusch

3: Foreword This is the story of our family. It is put together so that our children and their children can see from whom they are descended. Hopefully, these pictures and stories will allow each of us to better know our ancestors and bind the generations together forever. Because so many of our women have similar names, I have listed them with their maiden names for clarity. Linda Enders Hardy | "And he shall turn the heart of the fathers to the children, and the heart of the children to their fathers, lest I come and smite the earth with a curse." Malachi 4:6

4: Mother | Grand Mother | Grand Father | Great Grand Father | Great Grand Father | Great Grand Mother | Great Grand Mother | Mary Amelia Mann | Mary Magdalen Dornbusch | James Robert Mann | Mary Magdalen Schroder | Gerald Raymond Schroder | Catherine Ewald | Gerald Walter Schroder | Mary Anna Kirst | Philipp Dornbusch | Amelia Mullins | James Robert Mann | Susana Pauly | Henry Ewald | Mary Kroger | George Schroder | Great Great Grandparents

5: Father | Grand Mother | Grand Father | Great Grand Father | Great Grand Father | Great Grand Mother | Great Grand Mother | Bobbie Allen Enders | Nancy Viola Sanders | Raymond Lewis Enders | Josie Catherine Webb | Albert Sanders | Myrtle I. Reddicliffe | Henry Enders | William Webb | Isabella | William R. Sanders | Libby Redhouse | Lewis Reddicliffe | Katherine Nekraur | Martin J. Enders | Great Great Grandparents | Ancestors of Robert Enders | Nancie A.

6: Great Great Grandparents of Robert Enders | Parents of Mary Magdalen Dornbusch | Philipp Dornbusch | Henry Ewald Susana Pauly | Parents of Catherine Ewald | Parents of Myrtle Reddicliffe | Mary Anna Kirst | Elizabeth "Libby" Redhouse | Lewis Reddicliffe

7: Great Grandparents | Grandparents | Parents | Robert Allen Enders | Bobbie Allen Enders | Mary Magdalen Schroder | Raymod Lewis Enders | Nancy Viola Sanders | Gerald Raymond Schroder | Mary Amelia Mann | Albert Sanders | Josie Webb

8: Family of Bobbie Enders and Mary Schroder | Robert (Bobby), Linda, and Mary Ann about 1957

9: (l to r) Bobby, Mary Ann, Grandma Nancy Sanders Enders, Linda, Mary Schroder | Linda | Bobby Born 1951 | Linda Born 1952 | Mary Ann Born 1954

10: Family of Alfred Lee Schneck and Mary Magdalen Schroder | Bobby Enders | Linda Marie Enders | Mary Ann Enders | In front of our cabin at Cholla Bay | Mary Magdalen Schroder

11: Grandparents | Good times at Cholla Bay, Mexico | Al Schneck | Mary Magdalen Schroder and Bobbie Enders' marriage ended in divorce. She later married Alfred Schneck.

12: Raymond Enders and Nancy Sanders with their children Bobbie and Ray-nan | Ray-nan as a flower girl in her brother's wedding. She was 9 years old. | (l to r) Ray-Nan, Raymond, Bobbie Allen | (l to r) Nancy, Ray-nan, Raymond

13: Woman in center is Mary Baumgartner, Raymond's aunt. To the left are her son, Roland, and his wife, Rose. To the right of Mary are Raymond, his wife, Nancy, and their daughter, Ray-nan. The man on the far right is Mary's son, Ralph. | Ray-nan | Bobbie | Bobbie Enders and his mother, Nancy Sanders

14: Wedding Photo (l to r) Jim Mann (Mary Amelia's brother), Gerald, Mary Amelia, unknown woman. | Family of Gerald Schroder and Mary Amelia Mann and their daughter, Mary Magdalen Schroder | Gerald with his daughter, Mary Magdalen May 1928 | Mary Amelia Mann

15: Mary Amelia and Gerald later divorced. She had a relationship with another man, Lloyd "Buck" Wiltse. She and Buck had two chldren--a daughter, Colleen, and a son, Lloyd. These are my mother's half sister and brother. After Buck's death, Mary Amelia married William Broom in Ajo, AZ. | Mary Magdalen on a horse, left, and as a sweet baby, right.

16: The Family of Gerald Raymond Schroder and Mary Magdalen Dornbusch | Mary Magdalen Dornbusch and Gerald Schroder on their wedding day 8 March 1932 Phoenix, AZ | My mother's sister, Anna Maria Schroder | Mary Magdalen Schroder played the violin | Sisters Anna Maria and Mary Magdalen Schroder | Gerald | (l to r) Mary Magdalen Dornbusch, Mary Magdalen Schroder, Gerald Schroder | Gerald Schroder and Mary Magdalen Dornbusch

17: Grandma's (Mary Magdalen Dornbusch) first husband, James Mann, died and Grandaddy's (Gerald Schroder) first marriage to Mary Amelia Mann ended in divorce. When Mary Amelia prepared to leave, her mother, Mary Magdalen Dornbusch, was living with them. She said she would go with the baby. Mary Amelia chose to leave her baby with Gerald, so Mary Magdalen Dornbusch stayed with Gerald and baby Mary Magdalen. After several years, Gerald said living in the same house looked bad and he suggested they marry. They married in the 1930s. Although there was a large age difference, they were very close. Grandaddy always treated Grandma with great care, love, and respect. As Curtis Hardy said many years later, it just made him respect Grandaddy so much more. | Grandaddy is fourth from the right | Anna Maria was a ballerina | Mary Magdalen Schroder | Mary Magdalen, Gerald Schroder, and Bob Mann as a boy

18: The Family of Henry Enders and Myrtle Reddicliffe and their son, Raymond Lewis

19: Myrtle Reddicliffe was raised by an aunt in Minnesota after her mother's passing. She married at 16, had Raymond when she was 17, and died at age 19 from childbirth complications, just as her mother had. The baby also died. The 1910 census states that she was the mother of 2 children, 1 of which was deceased. Her death certificate 2 months later gives the cause of death as bleeding to death. Relatives said that Raymond had his mother's eyes. He was given to relatives in Minnesota and his father, Henry, moved to Oklahoma. There Henry married a woman named Constance Bolton and had more children. Myrtle's body was returned to Speaker Township, Michigan, for burial. She has not been forgotten. | Henry in his later years with his sister, Mary Enders Baumgartner | All five pictures are of Raymond Lewis Enders as a little boy. | Henry Enders died in Oklahoma City in 1964

20: Family of Gerald Walter Schroder and Catherine Ewald

21: Catherine Ewald moved to the United States from Germany, along with her parents, while she was a girl. She married Gerald Walter Schroder and they had 4 children--Palma, Marie, Walter, and Gerald. Her husband, Gerald Walter, died when he was 33 years old. Catherine remarried three times. Her second husband was Mr. Kesting and they had a child named William. She later married George Mattox. And finally, she married Mr. Goodhew. Grandaddy Gerald Schroder said their lives were hard. When his father died, his mother had to go to work. In that day, there were few child care options for women who had to support their families. And so Gerald was put into a Catholic children's home (an orphanage) at age 3. Grandaddy said he could remember clearly all the other children leaving for school. He was too young to go with them and would stay in the dormitory all day, playing by himself. A nun occasionally checked on him. Grandaddy went to work on the railroad in Kentucky at age 16. During the Great Depression work was scarce. Grandaddy's brother, Walter, had moved to Los Angeles, CA, and worked for the Santa Fe Raiload. He told Gerald about a job, so Grandaddy loaded up his family and moved to California. After retiring from the Santa Fe, Grandaddy moved to Ajo AZ, and worked as an electrician on the trains at the New Cornelia copper mine in Ajo, AZ. | Walter Schroder | Walter Schroder and his sister, Marie Schroder | Catherine Ewald, with her son, Walter, and her daughter, Palma | Gerald Raymond Schroder | Gerald Raymond Schroder

22: Jim Mann Son of James and Mary Magdalen James and Mary Magdalen had 2 children, James (Jim) and Mary Amelia. When Mary Magdalen was pregnant with Jim, the family was very poor. She said she lived with her mother-in-law and had mostly just tea and toast to eat. This is equivalent to living on bread and water. Her child, Jim, was born prematurely and so small that, as a newborn, he fit in a large cigar box. Today we call that "low birth weight." As an adult, Jim married Bertha Adams. They had 3 children, Elizabeth Jean (also known as Joanne and Betty), Mary Ann, and William. When they divorced, Jim's mother, Mary Magdalen, and her second husband, Gerald Schroder, adopted Mary Ann. Her name was changed to Anna Maria and she was my mother's younger sister. We called her "Auntie." Because my mother's mother was Jim's sister, Mary Amelia, my mother and Auntie were biological cousins. But they were sisters by adoption and by love. Jim later married Marie Leath and had 2 more children, Janice and Jimmy. | Family of James Robert Mann and Mary Magdalen Dornbusch | l to r: Jim Mann, Gerald Schroder, Mary Amelia Mann | James Robert Mann | (l to r) James Robert Mann, Robert Eugene Mann, and Mary Magdalen Dornbusch | Jim Mann | Jim Mann and Mary Amelia Mann | Mary M. Dornbusch with her children Jim, Mary, and Bob

23: Prior to his marriage to Mary MagdalenDornbusch, James Robert Mann was married to a woman named Nita Fisk. They had a daughter, Lillian, and a son, Shelby. Nita died quite young. Her husband then married Mary Magdalen. She finished raising Lillian and Shelby. As a young woman, Lillian had a son, Robert Eugene Mann, known as Bob. Lillian gave Bob to her father and step-mother, Mary Magdalen Dornbusch. He was raised as the youngest child, along with Mary Amelia and James Robert as older siblings. The family was very poor. After James, Sr. died, Mary Magdalen could not care for Bob and work. She had to put him into a Catholic children's home. We have sweet letters Bob wrote to his mother during this time. Later, after Mary Magdalen's marriage to Gerald Schroder, Bob lived with them. He was my mother's much loved older brother. As a teenager, Bob moved to Winslow, AZ, to live with his older sister, Mary Amelia Mann, and Buck Wiltse. During this time, coincidentally, Bob worked for Grandpa Charley Hardy at Whiting Bros. gas station. My mother remembers the concern they had during World War Two when Uncle Bob was stationed in China. He later married Mary Waite and lived in Winslow, Holbrook, and Showlow, AZ. Uncle Bob and Aunt Mary Mann had 4 sons, Richard (Dickie), Mary's son from a previous relationship, Robert (Bobby), Donald, and Gerald (Jerry). This youngest son was named after Grandaddy, who was Uncle Bob's step-father. | Robert Eugene Mann | Bob with younger sister, Mary Magdalen Schroder | Bob with wife, Mary Waite, sons Robert and Dickie (wearing the hat) | Son Jim Mann | Bob Mann and Mary Magdalen Dornbusch

24: The Family of Lewis Reddicliffe and Elizabeth "Libby" Redhouse

25: Myrtle Reddicliffe 3 years old | Flossie Reddicliffe Fletcher, Myrtle's sister | Flossie standing next to Myrtle's headstone in Speaker Township, Michigan | Myrtle's headstone in Speaker Township, Michigan | Mary Redhouse Leach, sister of Libby Redhouse Reddicliffe | Lewis and Libby had 3 children, Myrtle, Flossie, and Otis. Libby died in childbirth with Otis. Myrtle was sent to live with an aunt in Virginia, Minnesota. Flossie was raised by Libby's parents in Speaker, Michigan. And Otis stayed with his father, Lewis. Lewis later married Rose Lincoln and moved to St. James, Minnesota. where they ran a hotel. He and Rose had a son, Vernald, and a daughter, Lila. | HeHead

26: Mother | Grandfather | Grandmother | Great Grandmother | Great Grandmother | Great Grandfather | Great Grandfather | Catherine Ewald | Henry Ewald | Susana Pauly

27: Father | Grandfather | Grandmother | Great Grandmother | Great Grandfather | Great Grandfather | Catherine Ewald | Family of Henry Ewald and Susana Pauly Their children were Frank, Catherine (Kate), Mary Catherine, Anna, Theresa, Bernard, and Joseph | Coming to America Henry served in the German army. His family did not approve of his wife, Susana, and there was constant bickering. A dispute arose over his mother's farmland. She had some connection with the Kaiser and used this influence to have Henry ordered back to the army. He decided to escape to America. As the story goes, Henry just made it onto the ship, barely escaping the soldiers sent to find him. He left his wife and three children, sending for them later. | Susana Pauly's Name Our family tradition says her name was Susana Ante Pauly. One of her children's death certificates lists their mother's name only as "Ante." No sure if this was a nickname or another surname, possibly from a prior marriage.

28: The Family of Philipp Dornbusch and Mary Anna Kirst | (l to r) Arthur, Mary Anna Kirst, Philipp Dornbusch, Mary Elizabeth Dornbusch, Albert, Rudy Warnecke (Elizabeth's husband) | Mary Anna Kirst, Arthur Dornbusch, Philipp Dornbusch, unknown woman, Lizzy Kirst (Mary Anna's sister), Elizabeth Dornbusch, Lizzy's Kirst's daughter. | Aunt Elizabeth, Uncle Al, Grandma Mary Magdalena Dornbusch

29: Mary Magdalen and her brother, Albert Dornbusch | Elizabeth Dornbusch and Gerald Schroder | Albert Dornbusch | Aunt Elizabeth was a widow and had no children. She was my godmother and we had a special relationship. Uncle Al never married. He became wealthy, then lost everything in the crash of '29. However, he was able to build his fortune back. Al was an artist and traveled the world over after he retired. He saw Europe, visited Russia three times while in his 80s, and went on an African safari. He always kept journals of his experiences. We loved it when these two would come for the holidays. Aunt Elizabeth was very sweet. Uncle Al had throat cancer earlier in life and his voice box had been removed. So he talked in a hoarse whisper. He had strong opinions on politics and life. When he got worked up, he would whisper very loudly and cuss. But he was always very kind to us. | Philipp and Mary Anna had 7 children: Philip William, Mary Philomena, Mary Magdalen, Albert Joseph, Arthur Adam, Mary Elizabeth, and Aloysius Anton. Four lived to maturity. Philip died as an infant of smallpox. He and his mother were quarantined to the kitchen until he died. I can't imagine a young mother trying to care for her child with no help, no medicine, and no running water. The second child, Mary Philomena, fell into a washtub of hot laundry water and died 6 hours later of her burns. And, finally, the youngest child, Aloysius, contracted typhoid fever. He and his mother were quarantined to the attic. My grandma, Mary Magdalen, said she would come home from school each day and look up at the window where the baby was being cared for. But one day when she came home and looked up at the window, she saw black crepe hanging there, as was the custom. She knew the baby had died. Each of the women in this family had Mary for her first name. | (l to r) Mary Anna Kirst, Arthur Dornbusch, Mary Elizabeth Dornbusch | Four Generations (l to r) Mary Amelia, Mann, Mary Anna Kirst, baby Mary Magdalen Schroder, Mary Magdalen Dornbusch | (l to r) Mary Anna Kirst, granddaughter Mary Amelia Mann, daughter Mary Elizabeth Dornbusch | Obituary for Mary Anna Jaggi Kirst, mother of Mary Anna Kirst

30: Mathias Enders and Margaret Summers Mathias and Margaret came from Germany as a young married couple with their children and settled in Mokena, Illinois, before 1850. Mathias and Margaret are buried in Mokena. They donated a portion of their farm for a Catholic Church and cemetery. Together with eight other Germany immigrant families, they saved their money for several years during the Civil War. In 1864 the group had enough funds, $1400.00, to build their church. It is the original church for St. Mary's Catholic Parish in Mokena. The building had fallen into disrepair, but was restored by the community to commemorate our country's bicentennial in 1976. The parish is still operating, but in a much larger building. This little original building is available for special events. Other family members also lived in Mokena. Michael appears to be Mathias' brother and Nicholas is probably their father. They both show up on census records. Michael and his wife, Louise, are buried in the cemetery, along with several other family members. We could not locate Nicholas' grave. | Headstones for Mathias Enders and his wife, Margaret Sommers located in Mokena, Illinois.

31: Headstone for Harriette Langmaid, mother of Lewis Reddicliffe. Located in Speaker Township Cemetery, Michigan. She was born in England in 1818.

32: (l to r) Fred Stermer, Al Schneck, Bobby Enders, Gerald Schroder, Jeffrey Hardy, held by his dad, Curtis Hardy (Linda's husband) 1974 | We loved going to Cholla Bay in Mexico. This was taken nearby, at Sandy Beach. (l to r) Mary Schroder and her children, Mary Ann, Bobby, and Linda Enders 1961 | Linda Enders, Bobby and Jeri Taylor Enders. Home in Ajo, AZ, on leave from the Army 1971 | Bobby was in Little League | Cheerleader Mary Ann

33: A family picnic out in the desert (l to r) Mary Ann Enders, Anna Maria Schroder, Fred Stermer (Anna Maria's husband), Grandma Mary M. Dornbusch, Grandaddy Gerald Schroder | (l to r) Anna Maria, Grandaddy, Linda Enders, Uncle Fred Stermer, Grandma, Mary Ann Enders | Bobby and Grandaddy | Linda Enders and Christine Stermer We made our First Communions together. Grandma sewed our dresses and veils. 1963

34: Mary Magdalen Schroder | front row: Lloyd Wiltse, Anna Maria back row: Mary Magdalen Schroder, Colleen Wiltse | Mary Magdalen Schroder (above and below) | Mary Anna Kirst with her great granddaughter, Mary Magdalen Schroder | (l to r) Bob Mann, baby Mary Schroder, Gerald Schroder

35: Home of Philipp and Mary Anna Dornbusch on Winston Ave. in Covington, KY Shown on the left, and on the front cover. It had only 2 rooms. Later, the house was updated. Son Albert had a bedroom and bathroom added. | back row: Buck Wiltse, Gerald Schroder; middle row: Colleen Wiltse (my mother's half sister), Mary Amelia Mann, Mary Magdalen Schroder; front row: Anna Maria Schroder, Lloyd Wiltse (my mother's half brother) | Anna Maria Schroder and her husband Fred Stermer | Elizabeth Dornbusch, Mary Magdalen Dornbusch, Mary Magdalen Schroder and Anna Maria Schroder | Grandma & Grandpa Enders, Ray-nan, Mom, Bobby, Linda, and Mary Ann Enders

36: This is the last letter written by Mary Anna Kirst to her daughter, Mary Magdalen Dornbusch. | The first three pages are to her daughter. The last page is a letter to her granddaughter, Mary Magdalen Schroder. This is my mother. | Mary Anna Kirst April 4, 1857-July 16, 1936 Mary Anna was born in Cannelton, Indiana and married Philipp Dornbusch on 1 May 1879. They raised their family in Latonia, which is part of Covington, Kentucky. Philipp earned a living as a painter and Mary Anna took in laundry. My mother said she was the most loving grandmother anyone could have. Mary Anna stood only 4'10" tall.

37: Letter to granddaughter, Mary Magdalen Schroder | "E" refers to daughter Elizabeth. These are simple letters and contain nothing extraordinary. They convey details of everyday life but, more importantly, show love and affection within a family.

38: Afterword This book was put together so that we would know about our family. Each of us should be able to see photographs of our ancestors and know about them. These stories are not always easy to explain, or to understand. Some of the family lines are a little complicated because of death, divorce, remarriage, adoption of others' children, etc. But these are the stories, their stories, and hopefully, the relationships are explained clearly. Because of lines that overlap, I have shown all individuals with the families into which they were born. I know these family organizations may change in the next life. But I also know that hearts are softened and wounds are healed as we progress through eternity. I do not pass judgment on any of them and hope the best for each. I read once that the more one comes to know one's place in the family, the better one's self-concept. I think this is true. These ancestors know us and love us and want our lives to be blessed. It is my prayer that we will all be reunited in the eternities. ~ Linda Enders Hardy

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