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Adelaide Jolee Patterson

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S: Adelaide Jolee Patterson

FC: Adelaide Jolee Patterson | August 9, 2011 | "Making the decision to have a child is momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body."

1: Adelaide, Being pregnant with you was a blessing - all 10 months of it. We found out about you at only 6 weeks. We were ecstatic. We had been waiting for you for years. Our Adelaide Jolee. :') The first time we saw you on that ultrasound screen was... remarkable. You were wiggling all over the place! And your little bitty heart was beating so rigorously, we couldn't help but laugh and then cry, and then laugh some more. You were perfect from the get-go. When we found out you were a girl, our lives instantly changed. Mommy and you are Daddy's girls for life. Always, "Daddy and his girls." Although you caused Mama to be sick and groan of aches and pains during those intense months, you were worth it. You're always worth it. We love you baby. This is your story. Your first year. We love (love, love, LOVE) you, Mommy & Daddy

3: A Day to Remember... You were born at 3:04 on a rainy Tuesday morning in Tulsa, Oklahoma... Hillcrest Medical Center to be exact! We weren't expecting you just yet but since day one, everything has been on your terms - birth day, no exception! After only 11 hours of labor you made your way into our arms at a healthy 7 pounds, 1 ounce and twenty and a half inches long. Big girl! Already taking after Daddy. August 9th, 2011 was to be forever etched into our hearts and our souls. You nursed so well and would remain curled up in a little ball, not yet fully aware that you were no longer cozied up in the womb, for a good while. We only stayed in the hospital for a couple of days in which you attracted many visitors who had anticipated your arrival for months on end. You gained so much attention from the start, already ridiculously loved. You slept most of the time. I would hate when you had to leave me to have routine tests done and the minutes passed by like hours each and every time. All we wanted to do was stare at you and hold you. It was still hard to believe that you were all ours. Eventually the time came to take you home - we were more than ready to have you all to ourselves in our own environment. All the months of preparing our home for you were finally about to pay off. We loaded you up into the truck and off we went. Daddy was so cautious on that long drive back to the little house on Brook Lane. Every bump was treated as a huge hole, every other driver as a crazed lunatic out to get us. Safely and soundly you were home - we were home. From that moment on you were to be by our sides every minute of every day. It was just the beginning of a lifetime with one special little girl.

4: Hospital Bracelets | Umbilical Stub | Pregnancy Tests

5: First Haircut | First Tooth | First Tooth Lost

6: 1month By one month of age we were still struggling to get the hang of things. You weren't doing much besides eating, pooping and a whole lot of sleeping! We didn't mind. Cuddling you was something we enjoyed most. But it was tough to tell why you would cry and trying to remedy the problem.You would stare quite a bit, attempting to make out faces and objects. We had issues with breastfeeding, but after a couple of weeks you were a pro! | You managed to stay a skinny minny and your hair stuck straight up (like Alfalfa). You have loved your pacifier from day one, and boy has it been a lifesaver! At one point you hadn't pooped for a few days and it worried me to death. We were aching for a stinky, poopy diaper and eventually you gave it to us. Whew! At this point in time you needed to be nursed every two hours. That made for barely any sleep for me. I was up many nights rocking you, nursing you, changing your wet diapers. Although in retrospect this stage lasted for a short time, it seemed like it would never end...

7: This first month had to be the craziest. We were learning you, and you were learning us. It was trial and error and a lot of hard work. You have always been high maintenance which made this time even more daunting. It was extremely rewarding though, learning the ins and outs of what is you. You also were introduced to even more family and friends for the very first time. And for those who had already met you while in the hospital, they were glad to see that our little Gollum had grown out of such a resemblance (I'm just teasing)! But really, you were turning into such a pretty girl. And you were showing your smarts too! Having been able to -shakily- hold your head up since day one! We all joked that you were "advanced". Honestly though... you were! ;P

8: If anything at all is to be documented about your second month of life it's that at just 6 weeks old, you had your ears pierced! Mama wasn't at all brave enough to hold you down or to do the piercing, but thank God for G-ma, Aunt CC and Aunt Manaz! G-ma held you while your Aunt's did the dirty work. Daddy also has a video of the whole ordeal. I sat in the background cringing out of pure terror. Poor baby. You only cried intermittently while nursing for about five minutes. But you sure looked purdy in those new diamond earrings!

9: As each month passed, it eventually became easier and easier to recognize your wants and needs. We spent the majority of this month outside and truly enjoying you - just hanging out. You were naked most of the time due to that crazy hot September sun, but that's okay because nakey babies are the best babies! You were still teeny tiny. It took a while for you to get any chub on your body seeing as you have always been so long! Speaking of being long, you had a growth spurt or two during this time. When we didn't think you could get any longer, you did! In fact, you remained in the top ninety percent of babies according to height. Were we surprised, not really. But we were excited. You were anything but average. ;) Other than your monstrosity of size, I remember thinking, "I don't want her to grow up... never, ever, ever." Not once | did I have a choice though. I would lay in bed with you every night and just hold you and stare at you (what's new?). You would always bring tears to my eyes out of sheer thankfulness. Your daddy and I spent many days thanking God for the blessing that was you. You have always been perfect in our eyes and blatant joy! Around this time you began developing quite the rash. It only seemed to infect your face and it got so bad at one point that we considered taking you to the ER. I was worried sick thinking something was severely wrong. To our surprise, the doctor said nothing was wrong at all but that many babies go through this stage during infancy. Whew! With our nerves calm and our minds clear, we counted down the days to when you had clear skin and we weren't worried about worrying. As your second month came to an end, we were soon to learn that the third month was even more thrilling... | 2months

10: 3months | Hallelujah, we hit the 3 month mark! This was an exceptionally exciting month as you were no longer considered a newborn. You were now a full blown infant! Along with official infant status you grew tremendously developmentally. Your hands were finding their way out of a constant fist and you were becoming even more aware of your surroundings. You also celebrated your first Halloween at this age! G-ma made you a to die for skunk costume. We took you to Catoosa's Hometown Halloween upon which you made quite the spectacle. We were unable to take three steps without someone stopping to get a good glimpse at your skunkiness. Be it strangers or friends... you were such a social butterfly that night, or at least in your dreams. You managed to sleep almost the entire time we were there! To our dismay we had just missed your age category for the Best Costume Contest. You surely would have won, everyone was telling us so. :) But the most exciting moment of that particular night is that you had the taste of your very first sucker. You even held it yourself! WIthin seconds you were sticky with slobbery sucker gunk. But you loved it and that's all that mattered. And boy did you look cute holding onto that candy for dear life! As the days passed by, you and I became more in sync than ever before. I knew you and you knew me - the ins and the outs. You were crying less because I was starting to realize what you were crying about and immediately adhering to the solution. As I was taking care of you while Daddy was at work, he made sure to do his fair share of caring for as well upon arriving home around 5:30 everyday. His main priority walking into the door was you. Kisses and hugs for Addy Baby FIRST! He would take the time to give you baths and have playtime. From the start you and Daddy had a special bond. We have ours as well, but the bond you carry with the number one man in your life is one that can never be replaced. Forever Daddy's LG (Little Girl).

12: 4

13: 4months | During your fourth month of life on earth, we celebrated Thanksgiving. One of the things, as your mother, that I had to learn to do (and which I have conquered) is to eat quickly. It might not sound like much of a big deal, but believe me... IT IS! Between every bite of Thanksgiving dinner goodness I had to rock you just right or bounce you steadily. You have always been so demanding, but you certainly would not be YOU without that specific quality. I have to say... this month was yet another month of such outward growth. | We were told by a lovely old man at a Cracker Barrel in Branson that we would see the biggest change in you between four and five months. He left me with a wild anticipation in the hope of it being true... and boy, was he right. You seemed to have sprouted from a tiny newborn to a young infant in the matter of weeks. Your looks started changing at a rapid rate. You started filling out, while your eyelashes were filling in. Your hair was growing longer and thicker. Your body soaring higher and higher. It was insane! And we loved it. | By far the most thrilling aspect of being a parent is watching your child grow. And that's exactly what we continued to do... just sit... and watch... we could watch you for days and days... and we did. We continue to do the same! You are everything to us and bring so much joy into our lives. Every. single. day. You truly and honestly have no idea how much we love you. Before I end up getting too sentimental, let's go on and see what month five had in store... more growing, more exploring.

15: Finally... Christmas time! This was perhaps the one holiday out of all the holiday's in your first year that we couldn't wait to celebrate with you. Santa surprised you with the Animal Krackerz Jumparoo that you were dying to have along with a stocking full of goodies. You didn't quite know what to make of it all, but I do think you enjoyed as much of it as your little self could at a mere five months old. We took your first semi-big trip away from home this month and headed to Branson, MO. We attended The Dixie Stampede, the Titanic Museum and strolled the black paved roads of Silver Dollar CIty taking in all the beautiful Christmas lights. You were a trooper! It is no surprise though knowing how you are used to going everywhere we go under any and all circumstances. We can't leave baby Addy behind! All in all, you had one heck of a first Christmas and an amazing fifth month of life. You are loved girl, loved by so many. | 5 months

16: 6 months | Your sixth month of life started out great. It was the new year. Two-thousand and twelve to be exact. It seemed like a promising year - you would start crawling and walking and maybe even talking a little bit. A few days after you turned six months old, the unimaginable happened. A man so full of promise and generosity was stripped from our lives in the blink of an eye. He wasn't just some random man though... he was my cousin, your second cousin. With an unfortunate series of events, you were unable to even stand in the presence of this amazing soul. And I assure you, not having the chance to know him, to even have met him, is a shame and I beat myself up over it time and time again. No, you wouldn't have ever remembered him, but just to have met him would have easily been enough. This man is Donnie Ray Crawford, the Turd. Donnie Ray lived to be 24 years old. My best kept memories of him are of the essence. Particularly our childhood. He was a heck of a biter and tooth extractor. He was your typical boy - he loved fishing, racing and being as ornery as all get out. He even managed to get your dear ole mother in trouble more than once by convincing me to do wrong just for his sole entertainment. As we grew older he seemed to change just a bit, but always remained ornery. He was a fierce competitor in the racing and SPOONS arena. He was out to win gosh darnit! And he did, countlessly. He was a remarkable person, Adelaide. Truly. No doubt about it. He was one of the first to congratulate your dad and me on our pregnancy with you. And I know he meant it. He would do anything for anyone. Most importantly he made it his life's goal to follow Christ the best he knew how. He succeeded in that too. | Although Donnie Ray was taken from us prematurely (or so we say, even though it truly is God's decision when someone leaves us to be with Him and remember... God is ALWAYS right) there are many upon many stories of him to share with you. As you grow older over the years, you are bound to hear these stories. You will laugh and your heart will ache a little wishing you had indeed known him but more than anything, you'll laugh. He had an impeccable heart. I hope you too can follow in his footsteps and lead the devoted Christian lifestyle that he did and maintain a reputation of kindness and generosity beyond measure that would make him proud.

17: By the time you had turned six months old, you were trying to convince yourself that you could sit up unassisted. Eventually, you gained the confidence needed in order to do just that! After reaching such a monumental milestone, it was as if you had been born again. You could now do things you hadn't been able to do before. Things like sitting in a highchair at restaurants and feeding yourself and playing at the table. You were also really starting to be obsessed with bouncing. You started drinking out of a cup like a big girl. Straws were no problem either. Even though there were still no signs of teeth, there's nothing you wouldn't gnaw on. Just like your Daddy, you are quite the Foodie. | At this time we were spending a lot of our days at Bobo's with Aunt Jojo, Unky Donkey and Chassi. You developed quite the infatuation with their dog, King Kong. And if I'm not mistaken, he felt the same about you too! You two would play ball and share toys. You couldn't get over how fluffy he was and constantly wanted to pet him. I secretly think he liked the way you smelled. ;) The bond you two shared was the cutest thing. It quickly convinced Daddy and me that as soon as you asked, you were definitely getting a puppy just your size! When that day will be, who knows... but it's a-comin'...

19: 7 months | You spent this month trying to get from point A to point B. You did a lot of scooting from place to place and "rocking". You knew that your legs were to be used for something, and by God you were going to find out! You did discover that they were used to stand... with a little help, of course in the form of leaning on inanimate objects. You were thrilled to view the world (on your own) from a new perspective. Along with this new vantage point came your voice, louder than ever before. The picture on the bottom left is such an instance when you refused to stop saying, "Mmmm, bop bop bop!" Over and over again, as loud as possible. You managed to attract many stares, all good of course! | Presley and you began to have the chance to spend a lot more time together these days as well. She would love on you almost constantly and finally... FINALLY you started showing some interest in befriending her back. I think she appreciated the acknowledgment, but soon found out that friendship comes with a price and that price was a bedazzled binky. As long as she was in arms length of you, you would steal her paci right out of her mouth, stare at it and then put it in your mouth. You two took many turns handing it back and forth - sweeties. This month was a slower one than months past, we were soon to learn why though. Within the up and coming months, you would rise and shine to all of your - almost toddler - potential. Exciting? To say the absolute least!

21: 8 months | What I believe to be the biggest month yet. Why, you ask? Well, because baby girl decided she would like to start crawling! That's right... you took your very first strides on those pristine knees of yours. We had to coax you into it with orange soda, but nonetheless you started. And once you started, you never turned back. You were into everything all the time. If I wasn't already busy with you then by God, I was now! It wasn't long before you were hauling butt either! I could always tell where you had crawled off to because you left quite a trail on the way to your ultimate destination - books piled up here and there, snacks in the hallway, toilet paper skewed all across the bathroom... seriously girl, you were EVERYWHERE! | It was a very good thing that you began crawling this month, because it was also the month that you received your first pet(s)! Houston and Mayday all the way from the Grove Wal*mart parking lot... brought to you by G-ma and Papaw for Easter! You absolutely loved these furry creatures that you came to know as, "Ah-bah". Although their time spent with us was short-lived, you made the most out of it. You enjoyed chasing them around the house. Specifically Houston - he was by far your favorite. You two were pretty inseparable. It seriously was the most adorable relationship that you guys shared. You loved watching morning cartoons together. D'aw! I don't really think you noticed that he eventually ran away though... hmph! | You also made new friends this month - specifically Masen and Benton! Masen would follow you everywhere you went and then you two would switch it up and he would follow you. You both instantly had a connection. You both are pretty independent as well and it showed. You also started spending a lot more time with Benton. More times than not you would make him cry with how vocal you tend to be (rude!) but eventually he got used to it. He liked staring at the mess that was you - aka crazy. Just all over the place twenty-four seven! I don't think he knew what to think of you at first!

22: 9 | months

23: This was an exceptionally exciting month! If you hadn't recognized the ongoing pattern by now, each month gets more and more exciting! Enter... YOUR PERSONALITY! It finally decided to make its well anticipated debut. You are one nosy little lady. You are also pretty easy going and you absolutely love making new friends. You are intrigued by every single child - girl or boy. Every time we would take you out and about, your neck was cocked from left to right constantly trying your hardest to take in every single person that walked by. And it isn't any surprise to find out that that curiosity reeled in a bit of trouble too. You definitely learned the words, "No, no Addy!" Upon hearing that specific phrase, you would immediately raise your hands and slap them down in protest. And then proceed to do exactly what we told you not to do... with an ornery grin in tact. Speaking of grin, you finally... FINALLY decided to grow some teeth this month. You managed to gain two bottom pearly whites - the first one being the left side tooth. Talk about cute! We spent most of our ninth month with you outside. We took our boat out for the very first time. In the pictures on the opposite page, you can be seen taking your first ever boat ride on Eucha Lake. Grandpa Phillip was with us and he got quite the kick out of witnessing how much you seemed to enjoy it. Honestly, I think you were more amazed than anything. You would not stop looking towards the back of the boat at what seemed to be a heavy piece of machinery making a very loud noise - the motor. Daddy caught a little perch while we were out and you wanted it in your mouth, right then and right there. This was the first time we anticipated the day you would catch your very own fish. Betting that you would be all about it. Lastly, I have to mention the little accident you had while sitting on the boat ramp at Grand Lake with G-Ma and me... it came out of nowhere, like the Loch Ness creeping out of the darkest depths. You just sat there. No big deal. You got fits of giggles out of us with that move. And yes, I am documenting this specific incident just to embarrass you. What kind of mother would I be if I didn't!? ;D

24: 10 months | Ah, 10 months! Ten signified so much. It was the month that you started swim lessons with your Daddy. It was also the month when you began to stand unassisted, creep random furniture pieces, babble in various voices and even take your first steps! Little did we know, those first steps wouldn't lead you to independent walking until well after your first birthday - that's okay though, we have always been more than willing to allow you to do anything and everything on your own time. ;D Afterall, what's a Leo without a mind of her own and a head full of stubborn tendencies? We love you all the same! For you would not be Ad without those endearing qualities we hold so dear. | Enough with the cheesy words, on to your tenth month of life... You quickly became our favorite past time with the new personality you had attained in the previous month. No matter where we were or what we were doing, you always seemed to keep us busy and entertained. You are and always have been a little ball of fire. We never knew what you were going to say or do next. Therefore we were always, constantly watching you in anticipation of the faces you made to the actions you mimicked from daddy and me.

25: Around this time you began to clap your hands any time we said, "Yayyyy!" You also absolutely loved playing peek-a-boo. All we would have to say is, "Wheeeere's Adelaide!?" And you would throw down the blanket that was over your head and just smile the biggest two-tooth smile ever! You were starting to really get into nursery rhymes and lullabies at this time too. Such as pat-a-cake. You would sit on Papaw's lap and any time he would start to sing the song you would clap your hands along with his and try your hardest to "roll 'em up, roll 'em up" and throw them in the pan". Girl, you were obsessed! We could always tell when you wanted someone to sing that song because you would take our hands and try clapping them together for us. Upon us starting to sing the song, you would get giddy with excitement, jumping up and down on your knees and laughing. It truly was the cutest thing any of us had ever seen! It was no surprise after a while to learn that you loved music due to your reaction to these songs. Anytime music would start playing you would just start dancing. Your booty would bounce and you would have a smile that stretched from ear to ear. Instantaneous happiness. And you weren't picky as to what genre of music either - anything and everything suited you just fine. | As previously stated, you started swim lessons with your daddy this month. In short, you loved it. I mean LOVED it. It took a while for you to just get in and splash and do your own thing because all you were interested in at first was all of the other kids swimming around. After you got used to all of the noise, you would babble and laugh and kick the whole time. One day your daddy and me were mistaken with which class you were supposed to be in. You two ended up in the more advanced class designated for babies of at least a year old. You were going under the water far before you should have been, but after a few times of it... you loved it. It was rather hysterical the moment we were approached by the instructors saying we were indeed in the wrong class. They went on and on about how well you did for having been so young. They were extremely impressed that you didn't freak out from one activity to the next. We were proud of you too! You have been such a water baby from the start, so we weren't too concerned that we happened to be putting you through more advanced activities. We were thrilled that you did so well. After a few weeks of attending swim lessons, you contracted quite the rash leading to the withdrawal from lessons altogether. We are pretty sure that nasty, baby pee and poop water caused it. It was fun while it lasted though!

26: By the time you reached 11 months, things were starting to slow down. Other than walking you had now reached all of your major milestones that most babies gain by age one. More than anything we were now focusing in full force the planning of your first birthday party - a blowout for sure! However, we did attend your second wedding this month next to Jeremy and Jordan's! It was between Uncle Jeff and Aunt Trish. We trekked all the way to Eureka Springs, Missouri. We managed to give you your first dip in Beaver Lake too. As you can tell by the photo, you were not so into it - it was way too hot! | We were still spending lots of time at Grand Lake during these weeks. It was entirely too hot to do anything else. Temperatures were reaching all the way up to 115*! It was a complete scorcher. The only way we felt comfortable taking you outside was if there was plenty of water nearby to cool down with. Uncle Jeff had a pool at his lake house (just a little ways from G-ma and Papaw's place) that we would always navigate to. You never complained of course. Being in the water by this time was second nature to you. One day, you even managed to fall asleep in the pool while G-ma was holding you. It was so sweet. The fourth of July was celebrated this month and boy were we excited to watch as you witnessed your first fireworks! They didn't scare you near as much as we thought they would. Every so often you would just want me to hold you, other than that you were fine. I think you liked the pretty fountains best. You were in awe with the colors. We tried getting you to hold a sparkler, but you weren't having it. More than anything you wanted to touch the sparkler itself that would burn. No, no! Since getting older, you also began interacting with your cousins a lot more while having weekly dinners at Grams. You could never, ever get enough of Dru and the twins! | 11 months

29: And then you were one... | The 12th month. The big one. We finally arrived to the day we had been anticipating, yet dreading for eleven+ months. We celebrated your actual birthday, August 9th by taking you to the Oklahoma Aquarium. It was your first time going as well as Daddy and Mama's. You were a little hesitant at first... clenching on to us anytime we tried standing you up next to a huge fish tank. Too close for comfort I guess! But soon enough you were oohing and ahhing at the wondrous aquatic life. We spent about an hour showing you things that even we hadn't ever seen in real life before we decided that you needed to share your birthday with the ones who loved you most besides just Daddy and me. We took you by G-ma and Papaw's first where G-ma gave you your very first haircut... with bangs! They surprised you with a huge inflatable activity course and a cute puzzle that spelled your name. Aunt CC was also there with a little ride on turtle for you to sprint about on. After lots of kisses and hugs we decided | to head on over to Grandma and Grandpa's house next. Waiting for you was a big wrapped box ready for you to tear into. Inside was a wooden activity block that since then you have come to spend many hours playing with. Aunt Manaz turn was next. After pinching your cheeks and slapping your butt (as usual) she gave you a cute ABC puzzle and your first REAL baby doll, a Cabbage Patch! That baby is everything to you still to this day. After even more lovin's, we headed home... pooped! | A few days later was your birthday party. It was an Under the Sea theme due to your love of whales! We had it at the Nienhuis Community Center in Broken Arrow. We invited about a hundred people, it was huge! You enjoyed riding around on the various ride-on toys you were given, playing with all your new baby dolls, and chasing after your friends. Your most favorite part though had to be cake time. You dug in. And in true Adelaide fashion, you decided to play with it - throwing chocolate cake everywhere and making the most hilarious faces while doing so. Everyone couldn't help but to laugh at you. You've always been so expressive! Your party lasted a good while until slowly but surely everyone died off with the exception of G-ma, Aunt Mandy, Aunt CC, Megan and the Potter clan. We all stuck around to go swimming at the pool next door. Because you were born with fins and gills... you had a blast. By the time everyone was ready to go, you were exhausted! I'd say it was all a wonderful success. All for you, baby!

31: "The first man a little girl falls in love with is her daddy." | I wasn't real sure what to write here when Mommy asked, so all I want you to know is that you have brought the absolute most joy to my days. I don't remember what we did before you came along, and I couldn't imagine things being any different now. I love you and I will always be here with the advice and answers that every dad gives to his little girl.

32: Addy Baby, My lady, my girl, my everything... I love you. Before I even met you, I loved you. You are the light of my life, the reason I breathe, my will to get through every heartbreak, every struggle. You are the most perfect gift from God himself. The day I met you was the day my life instantaneously changed. As if I were not living before I knew you, I began to live that day. You are pure joy. Even though I would dream of you time and time again before I had the honor of gazing upon your sweet little face, I never truly knew or even understood the scale of beauty you possess. You are perfect. You are more than I could have ever in my life hoped for. You exceed all of my expectations every single day. As you age, I pray you grow to understand the magnitude of love I have for you. I hope, as your mother, that I can be somebody you're proud of. Somebody that is irreplaceable, as you are to me. We will grow together and separately. Closer, never further. We will fight. We will argue, but at the end of the day we will always, always love one another. You are forever mine, as I am forever yours. Irreplaceable to the nth degree. Come to me for anything and everything. I will never judge you, but instead help get you through whatever it is that you are struggling with The good, the bad and the ugly, I am here for you. I was put on this earth to be your mother and I take that job very seriously. I promise, I always will. I love you to the Heavens and back, my baby lady. Love and more love forevermore, Your one and only, Mama. | "Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights." - James 1:17

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