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Adoption Family Profile

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Adoption Family Profile - Page Text Content

S: Cara and Danon

BC: Join us on our adventure!

FC: Cara and Danon

1: Dear Birth Parent, Hello! Wow...we are glad you are reading our letter! We think of you often, and what you might be going through. You have our prayers for your future, and for that of your child, no matter what your decision. We have never been faced with ANY pregnancy, especially an unplanned one. We want you to know that you truly have our highest respect and esteem for loving this child and carefully making plans for their future as well as your own. You have our compassion for having fallen into this situation. Cara spent three years volunteering for a Crisis Pregnancy Center Hotline, during which time she gained even greater sympathy for people in your circumstance. She grieved with and for them over the incredibly difficult decisions they were making. Danon also feels the same way. We are passionate about adoption, and the Christian mandate to do what we can out of love for children. As a result, after our fertility procedures all failed, we gladly pursued embryo adoption, where we adopted embryos that were not biologically ours, and had them inserted in Cara. We are SO honored to have had the opportunity, though none of the three survived. We consider them our children, and are sad we didn't get to meet them. But we firmly believe that somewhere there is a child for us. We are praying for you, and want you to know you are not alone in this world. You are an amazing human being, undertaking this important job of finding a family for your child. You will always have our admiration for your sacrifice. Over the years, we have known people who were faced with unplanned pregnancies. We have often been heard saying: "If you need someone to place your child with, please let us know. We would be honored!" Now we offer you the same thing, with all gentleness and respect for your difficult decision. We find comfort through the Scriptures as we seek to have a bigger family. Here is one of our favorite passages which applies to our lives in so many ways: Ecclesiastes 3:1-8~~~A Time for Everything "For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven: a time to be born, and a time to die...a time to heal; a time to break down, and a time to build up; a time to weep, and a time to laugh; a time to mourn, and a time to dance...a time to embrace, and a time to refrain from embracing; a time to seek, and a time to lose; a time to keep, and a time to cast away; a time to love...and a time for peace." Along with praying for ourselves, we are also praying for your peace and comfort, too! With Love, Respect and Prayers, Cara & Danon

2: LOVE | Two Romantics Find True Romance... Danon and Cara met for the first time in August 1992 at their College Theatre Department pre-semester picnic. After she walked away, Danon announced to his friends that "someday I'm gonna marry that girl." She had exhibited a level of what he called "spunk" , faith, strength, kindness, and intelligence that seemed like just the kind of woman he was looking for. Even so, Danon took his time and slowly began a friendship with Cara. Cara didn't hear about his uncanny premonition until some months after that, when the friendship between them had grown deep and the time was right to begin dating. All that time, Cara had been watching what kind of man Danon was: hard working, respectful to all women (especially his mom), tender towards the girls he dated, morally upright, and growing in faith in Christ. Cara couldn't believe her luck that such a wonderful man existed and seemed to really love her! Soon after dating, Cara was accepted to a performing arts school in New York, for which she would soon be leaving. She was terribly sad about leaving Danon, and had no idea what would happen to their new relationship. Upon hearing of her acceptance to school in NY, Danon said "You will have a ring on your finger before you leave." Cara's parents were very pleased with Danon and his interest in Cara. They saw what a good man he was. Danon's parents were equally pleased with Cara joining the family, and assisted Danon in purchasing the engagement ring. | The Proposal

3: Every moment spent with you is like a beautiful dream come true... | Just a month or so later in April of 1993, Danon formally proposed with the ring while onstage during dress rehearsal photos for the spring musical at their college (both Danon and Cara were in the play). Danon had secretly planted many friends in the dark audience as a surprise to Cara, and the moment was caught on camera by the school photographer . We were married 8 months later, the day after Christmas, 1993. Danon and Cara are both so fond of the Christmas season, it seemed like the perfect time for a wedding! Christmas vacation is always a wonderful time, with the holidays and celebrating our wedding anniversary. | Spring Formal 1993 | Wed in Faith, Love, and Joy December 26, 1993

4: Danon is... (in Cara's words) Danon is the best man I've ever known. He has fought hard in every aspect of his life to choose the path less traveled, to be a man of honor. He is an endearing blend of faith, strength, gentleness, thoughtfulness, intelligence, humor, and class-clownishness. He is simply the man I can turn to with any concern, need, heartache, or joy, and be met with attentive caring. Although like most men, he wants to "solve" my problems, he has learned to more often just listen, validate, assure, and love. Danon works full-time as a Federal Police Officer, often in the position of training officer or public relations. He is an honest, kind, and fair man. He is very much a home-body, preferring to hang out with me and the puppies and watch movies rather than go out. But a couple nights a week he is also a fantastic teacher, directing and teaching his young students all about theatre, and being a better person while growing in their faith. Danon is also a highly active and contributing member of his Masonic Lodge, serving in many capacities both within the Lodge and in the community. It is wonderful for Danon to have a place nearby where he can hang out with men who guide and support Danon in his life. Many of the men are Christians, some even retired pastors, and they are also a great resource and example for walking the Christian walk. I am SO proud of Danon's accomplishments in all areas of his life. At the Thanksgiving Banquet of 2010, Danon was even awarded "Mason of the Year" of his Lodge, for his servant's heart, hard work and success. I am also proud to be his "girl," as he calls me. Through the rough times of my life: illnesses, car accident, infertility treatments, he wipes my tears, holds me, and prays with and for me. He does silly things to make me laugh, and gives me space to grieve when necessary. I feel at "home" wherever Danon is. There is no one cuter or funnier to me than Danon. We have shared so much since meeting each other in 1992, we are truly at peace with our place before God, with each other, in life and the world. We have slowly and painfully developed a level of trust and faith that serves us well, no matter the obstacle. Because of the this confidence I have in us, it is only natural to want to raise a child together. I cannot WAIT to see Danon become a Daddy! I already see glimmers of the wonderful father in him, as he interacts with our young family members and friends, his students, and even our dogs. I can't wait for our child to grow to laugh at Daddy's "silly laugh" as I call it, and to roll their eyes at his goofy jokes. It will bring me even more joy! Love, Cara

5: When one weeps, the other tastes salt. | Our Father gives us wonderful gifts...

6: Danon loves children, who are fond of him, too. He enjoys sharing his love of theatre with them as he teaches and directs plays for youth. | Sometimes a bookworm...

7: Public Service | Danon is quick to notice whenever a helping hand is needed. Especially during Cara's fertility treatments, Danon took on almost all of the housework and cooking. He is also frequently seen volunteering around town in many capacities. He can always be counted on! | < Danon volunteering

9: Dear Birth Parents: I wanted to take this opportunity to tell you about my wonderful wife, Cara. God blessed me when He put the two of us together. Cara is beautiful, fun, adventurous, strong, gracious, loving, nurturing, spunky, and intelligent. On top of all these wonderful attributes, Cara also encourages me to be the best man I can be. She does not settle for less than my best. This is not to say that she does not allow for my faults, but rather supports me in developing myself, my talents, and my love for her and the world in general. With this comes the fact that she has no problem telling me when I'm wrong. She is so amazingly cute and fun loving, especially if there is an event which involves dressing up and eating cake. Weddings are her favorite. Any public functions are perfect for her. She has worked in nursing homes in activities and entertainment; drug store Cosmetics Manager; and public relations through talent agencies. Prior to fertility treatments, Cara founded and ran a dance ministry for 8 years at our old church. She is a strong and passionate leader, using the arts as tools to express her faith. She is a classically trained singer, dancer, and actess, and jumps at the chance to share her gifts to bless others. She loves expressing herself through movement. She volunteered to teach a free tap class for friends, and even taught this “500 pound gorilla” (me) how to tap dance! I can still do a time step! Cara is the Receptionist at a large firm where she acts as "the face of the firm." She takes her job very seriously in treating all people with kindness and respect. She is highly respected in her field, and is often unofficially called "the best Receptionist in town!" I love my wife deeply for all the wonderful qualities listed above; however, the most endearing aspect of her surfaces in the depth and strength of her faith, which becomes visible through her love for me, our families, and our dogs. As a result of this love she endured all the aspects of the fertility treatment from IUI and IVF to Embryo Adoption while maintaining the attributes discussed above. This demonstration of her depth as a human being inspires me and many others around her. Without this attribute, her beauty and zaniness would be trite. Instead, it becomes her chosen reaction to the joys and pains of life, which is simply amazing. This is not to say that we don't experience the usual ups and downs; instead, we have grown closer to each other by honestly working through instead of around the problems we have faced. I love her more than I can ever say. Yours, Danon

10: Love is looking into someone's eyes and seeing yourself perfect for the first time in your life. | Cara (right) snow tubing with her sisters in Colorado

11: Two hearts that have been merged is marriage; two souls that have been merged is fate. | Cara loves children, animals, dancing, singing, looking at/smelling/eating wedding cake, Autumn, snow, Winter, swimming, roller coasters, anything fun but not too daring, and the color pink. | Cara is a loving puppy-momma even after a car accident! (with our neighbor's dog and Twinkie.)

12: The Joy of PUPPIES! One thing we learned about ourselves early on is that we are hopelessly in LOVE with dogs. But above all other dogs, we are in deep smit with our 3 cutie-pie little dogs. In age order: 4 year old 15 pound Maltichon Twinkie, 3 and a half year old 7 pound Maltipoo Jeremy, and 3 year old 10 pound Maltese Scrappy. They are very social creatures and enjoy playing with each other, other animals and children. Danon "Daddy" gives them a great deal of attention, play and walk time. Cara "Mommy" gives lots of snuggles and a little bit of play time. But "Daddy" is way more fun! | "Love is when you have a bad day but then you see the one you love and everything seems to be okay." | Grandma's lap is a GREAT place to nap!

13: Isn't that CUTE?! <---------

14: Danon's Mom Charlotte is a loving mother, mother-in-law, and grandma. Being retired, she is able to remain very active in the lives and care-taking of her children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren. She works to make holidays meaningful and fun by cooking tons of food from scratch as well as planning children-focused activities. She has the golden touch of hospitality! She also drives across the state as often as she can to see the family that lives over here. Sometimes she even brings entire holidays with her, especially in the event of a new grandchild. We cannot wait to give her the news of another one on the way! | Danon's Mom Charlotte | Easter at Grandma's | Danon's nephews on the ends, Mom in the center, with brother Gavin and sister DaLeene on each side

15: Danon's Dad Vic and Step-Mom Eva~ For many years, Dad was not in our lives. We are thrilled that the relationship has reconnected, and are enjoying the growing family bond with Dad and his wife Eva. They live across the state from us, but make the trip over to see us when they are able. Our child will be the first of Dad's grandkids, and he and Eva are pretty excited! On top of that, they are both believers in adoption. Dad adopted his first wife's 2 kids, and Eva has an adopted grandchild. They are very much looking forward to babysitting and being called "GiDo" for grandpa, and "BaBa" for grandma! | Danon and Cara with Dad and Eva | Danon's Siblings Danon has 3 siblings: an older sister and brother and a younger brother. All four really enjoy each other's company. They especially love poking fun at their mom. :) Big brother Jack and his family live on some land out in the country and often host big gatherings with family and friends. The day consists of food, four-wheeling, boating on the lake, badminton, campfire, and sometimes a water gun fight.!At the summer gatherings, there are almost always fireworks displays put on by the men. These gatherings are highly anticipated by all. | Danon and brothers

16: Cara's Family Joan and Ray have been married for 60 years. They are enjoying their retirement while pursuing hobbies and spending time with their large family. They love grandbabies and miss caring for them since all the grandkids are older. Cara is the youngest of four sisters, with a younger brother behind them. Since most of the family live within 40 minutes of each other, there are frequent birthday, holiday, and social gatherings. The family loves to play games together. We are all animal lovers who sometimes bring our pets with us on family occasions. | Cara and sisters with Mom & Dad at the Auto Show where Dad's 1950 Custom Packard was on display. | Cara's Mom and Dad | Danon dances with the bride, one of Cara's nieces.

17: LOVE | Christmas Eve at Mom and Dad's | Cara, Mom & Dad, and her brother and his family at Union Station Christmas | Christmas holidays are always rich with activities like sight-seeing, shopping, cookie decorating, Christmas Eve dinner, and Christmas morning breakfast. | Making Christmas Cookies at Mom & Dad's

18: "Our House, in the middle of our street..." is a warm and happy home. We play games, listen to music and sing, cook meals, and observe holidays. Danon has recently done some remodeling, updating both bathrooms as well as the kitchen floor. We want to be child-ready with a healthy house to come home to! We live a few blocks from a park with a walking trail and playground equipment. Danon often walks the dogs around the park. | Our Church: Redeemer Presbyterian is a wonderful place of rich Biblical teaching where we take communion every week, sing from hymnals, and attend Sunday School. There is an excellent school connected to the Church which is a great option for our child's education. We also belong to a Home Fellowship Group which meets at the Pastor's home every other week for indepth Bible study and life application.

19: Cara & Danon both love Christmas very much. But after many years decorating the traditional way, Cara found a cheap pink tree and decided that PINK was her new Christmas color! Danon still has his "traditional" green tree with the classic Hallmark ornaments, but Cara does everything else up in soft feathery pink. Even Danon loves it! | Cara's Pink Christmas If you are around our house at Christmas time, you will encounter the lovely phenomenon of "Pink Christmas", something that has blessed many friends and family with its originality.

20: We very much enjoy performing together, whether it be singing, dancing, or acting. We even tap danced together in a variety show at church! Danon has directed 3 plays that Cara has acted in. We met in the theatre, and have loved to share it ever since! | Performing Arts | Cara in a play Danon directed at church. ---> | Danon and Cara were the entertainment at the Valentine's Day Sweetheart Banquet at the Lodge. We have been asked back!

21: Danon and Cara in Hamlet, directed by Danon

22: Game Night With Cara's Family | Cara's Mom always has treats for the "Grand-dogs"!

23: Let The Fun Begin! If you want your child to be in a home with 3 fluffy cute little white dogs, ours is the place! If you want your child to be in a family where the parents have been married to each other for 18 years we are a good pick. If you're looking for a place where the father will be silly and playful and doing goofy happy dances while singing in a high-pitched baby voice, take a look at us. If a mom who can barely get things done sometimes from wanting to sit and laugh at the daddy sounds good to you, it's here. We're pretty comfortable in our silliness! Ever since the giggles all began in 1992, there have been tons of fun adventures. We each think the other is the cutest silliest person on earth, even though sometimes we tell the same dumb jokes. Our friends often wonder how we are still so charmed and entertained by each other, without being annoyed. We can hardly ever get too bogged down in some small disagreement, because one of us will crack up the other. We cannot wait to build our family and pass this joy on to our child! :)

24: "Love is looking into someone's eyes and seeing yourself perfect for the first time in your life."

25: LOVE

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