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Adoption Profile Book

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FC: A poem we wrote to you... We searched for a little one To make this house a home We’d look everywhere for hope Through places that we'd roam We waited for little laughter That would fill our hearts with joy From Daddy’s little girl or A bouncing baby boy We longed for hugs and kisses And the biggest of smiles But then we found something Through just a distance of miles We found hope and courage From someone we hardly knew We had prayed for a miracle And that miracle was you. By: Vinny & Joey

1: We thank you so much for taking the time to read our book. We understand that this must be a big decision for you and we admire your courage for considering adoption. This courage and love does not and will not go unnoticed. If we are chosen, we want you to know that we will provide immeasurable love, warmth, affection and always laughter for your child. Providing a safe home for her or him to grow and thrive. We will be forever grateful to you. | Vinny is on the left & Joey on the right with the goatee

2: Who We Are | We are Vinny & Joey from upstate New York, together for over eleven years and celebrating three years of marriage in 2012. Our relationship and marriage are both built on communication, friendship, respect and laughter. We share many of the same views, morals and dreams. We love children, have always wanted to be fathers and are very excited and ready to start our family. Our families are extremely supportive of our relationship and our adoption plans.

3: Live Love Laugh | Joey with some of his students | Vinny with a friend's son, Jayden | Vinny & Joey on our Wedding Day

4: is a dedicated teacher, currently in a program on his way to be a middle school Principal! | Joey is a big supporter of literacy. He loves to read in his spare time and find new interesting books for the students in his class. | "As much as he loves his actual profession, it is the children he adores! Not a day goes by without him coming home with a story about one of his students." - Vinny | Joey | Joey with his class

5: When he was younger, he struggled as a student, but defied all of his advisors in exceeding High School, graduating College and becoming a truly outstanding teacher. Joey also has dual masters in Education and Special Education. | He enjoys playing sports, such as tennis and loves to watch a good Yankee game! Joey also likes to cook and grill outside when the weather allows. And, he also loves to dance! | Joey with Kaeli, Karen & Alex's newborn girl, just two days old! | Dancing with cousin Marisa at our wedding

6: is a successful Accountant for a tax company, managing the department and its finances, while overseeing a staff as their direct supervisor. He is lucky enough to work for a company that also values family and treats their staff as such. | "Vinny is a typical Virgo; clever, creative, organized and detailed." - Co-worker / Friend | Vinny | Vinny swimming with our friend's son, Tyler | At work with a coworkers son, Jayden

7: But, Vinny is not just business and numbers; there is an artsy side to him as well. He loves to draw, paint, sing, dance, etc.. In High School, you would find him in a play, or singing in chorus, or even in a few independent movies. Vinny loves to make people laugh. His creativity and organization are a perfect balance, allowing for both fun and structure. | as Hugo in "The Hunchback of Notre Dame"

8: We met during the summer of 2001 and it was an instant connection. Although we technically met each other on-line at “Love@AOL”, we ended up days later at the same restaurant in Manhattan! Talk about fate! From our first date, we discovered we shared the same dreams: home ownership, marriage and adoption. | Our first vacation, at Disney World in 2001

9: We both came from strong Italian families: Joey was originally from Brooklyn, while Vinny was born and raised in the Bronx. From 2002 on, we lived in a small apartment in the Bronx until we were able to purchase our first home in 2009 in upstate New York. Our first dream had come true. | Singing "Summer Nights" from Grease at a friends karaoke night! | One of our first dates, mini golf & batting cages

10: 2009 was a very exciting year for us as we also had a huge wedding in Westchester, New York with many of our friends, family and coworkers, over 125 guests. We were also able to have a small ceremony in Cape Cod, Massachusetts later that summer with close friends and family, making our marriage, legal. Two of our dreams had come true.

11: All of our great friends: Peter, Stacy, Sheri, Joey, Vinny, Ryan, Karen & Alex, Danny & Anya, cousin Allison & Sal

12: We have a wonderful family that is filled with love and support and many friends that we consider family. There are a number of people, from cousins, friends, neighbors and co-workers who have children that are eagerly waiting for “Uncle Vinny and Uncle Joey” to adopt a baby! | Vinny's Family: Dad Tommy, Vinny, Cousin Johnny, Joey, Andrea, Uncle John, Mom Phyllis, Aunt Angela & Grandma | Joey & his Mom Dee, Vinny's Grandma & his parents Phyllis & Tommy

13: We cannot wait to introduce your child to our traditions, celebrations and everyday lives. Each season brings along new and treasured occasions. | with cousins Marisa & Ava at a Birthday party | Joey's Family: Cousins Ava, Michele, Joe & Marisa Aunt Natalie & Uncle Freddie, & cousins Tina, Dyana, Dave & Greg

14: Ice cream with Vinny's friend Sal on vacation in New Jersey | Sheri & Anya, Vinny's High School Friends | Dinner in Manhattan with Bobby & Peter, Joey's Good Friends | with Sal at Alex & Karen's Wedding

15: Joey's Best friend, Karen | Joey with friends Michelle & Anya at a BBQ | Vinny with Best Friend Sheri | Our Engagement Party

16: Our neighbors, Rich and Cristina have a 3 year old girl, Haley and 1 year old boy Lucas. We spend a lot of time with them, watching movies, making dinner on our decks, dining out or playing with the kids outside. | Haley and Lucas actually call us from their deck for us to come over and play! Our new thing is colored chalk for the floor, which Haley loves! | Rich & Cristina with their kids Haley & Lucas at his 1st Birthday Party! | Vinny with Cristina & Rich's son Lucas at the lake

17: Spring brings BBQ’s with the neighbors and 4th of July fireworks at the lake. | Friends Alex & Karen with their sons Logan & Jayden, Christina & Ralph and Vinny & Joey at Michelle's sons Christening | Joey feeding Tobias, our friends son

18: Our annual vacation to Cape Cod, which has included family and friends and is always a memorable vacation! | Joey with friends Gary, Vinnie & Jody in Cape Cod | with Mom, Dad and Sal in New Jersey | at the beach with Joey's cousins Greg, Tina & daughter Chloe

19: Then as the days get warmer, we go swimming in our community pool. It’s so much fun watching our little neighbors, Haley and her brother Lucas jumping into the pool with his little swimmies. | Vinny with our friends sons, Joseph & James at a Yankee Game | We also enjoy heading on down to a Yankee game with friends! | Joey & our neighbor Haley in the pool

20: Halloween in our development is a big night! We can never close the door, it is one goblin after the next! This past year we decorated the entry way with a skeleton and a black light, and other creatures. Every kid that came to our house said that it was so cool! It is a very big development and community, and the area is closed off to outside traffic, which keeps it very safe for all of the kids trick or treating! | Cousins Marisa & Ava, both wanted to be Dorothy | Our first Halloween as Batman & Superman

21: Autumn is Vinny's favorite time of the year, he loves decorating the house and going apple & pumpkin picking!! | Apple picking with our neighbors, Cristina & her daughter Haley | Karen & Alex's boys, Logan as Woody & Jayden as Buzz Lightyear from Toy Story

22: The big two-day event of cooking for Thanksgiving starts on Tuesday night! My parents always come early to start cooking the turkey and some of the sides. We always cook too much food and there is always left overs. One year we stuffed two hundred mushrooms! We also make creamed spinach, mashed potatoes, corn cake casserole, candied yams (with and without marshmallows), artichoke hearts and asparagus. My Mom, Joey and myself do all of the cooking.

23: The usual guests are Aunt Geri, cousin Liz & her husband Carmine, with cousins Dominick & Nicole, Cousin JoAnn & her girlfriend Manal, Aunt Angela & Uncle John, with cousin Johnny and Aunt Patricia & cousin Allison, as well as other family and friends who stop by each year! | Manal, cousin JoAnn, Aunt Geri, cousins Liz, Carmine, Nicole & boyfriend Brian.. all of them live minutes away!

24: Every year friends and family get together for our town’s annual Holiday parade! Karen and Alex bring up their twin boys, Logan and Jayden. This year they will also be bringing their new baby girl, Kaeli! Cristina and Rich also bring their kids! And sometimes even their nieces and nephews tag along. There’s face painting, pictures with Santa, craft fairs, concerts and a parade, which finales with the tree lighting ceremony. It is truly a joy to see the little ones faces watching the parade go by. Last year the boys were mesmerized by the trucks! We can't wait for a little one to bring to the parade! | Joey with our neighbor Haley at the parade | with Karen's boys, Jayden & Logan at the tree lighting

25: We split the Holidays between our two families; Christmas Eve is spent with all of the same family members present at Thanksgiving. My Mother and I do most of the cooking, with the help of my Grandmothers recipes. Her chicken parmagiana and homemade pizza are the stars of the night every year! | with cousin Allison on Christmas Eve | Pizza just the way Grandma used to make!

26: Christmas Day we spend with Joey’s cousins; Greg, Tina & their daughter Chloe, Joe, Michele and their daughters Ava & Marisa, and Uncle Freddie and Aunt Natalie. | Uncle Freddie used to be a butcher, so needless to say his roast beef is delicious! And we always make sure to bring pastries from our old neighborhood in the Bronx. | Cousins Joe & Michele and their daughters Ava & Marisa, Christmas Night | with Joey's Mom, Dee & Vinny's parents, Phyllis & Tommy

27: Boo is our 8 year old cat and is much of a part of the family as anyone else. He is a beautiful blue eyed Tonkinese who is very playful and cuddly. Unlike most Cats, Boo wants to sit in your lap and frequently gives kisses. He loves when "Grandpa Tommy" comes over, because he gets lots of attention and treats! | our friendly & lovable cat, Boo

28: Our home is in a development that is bustling with life – there is a playground (pictured above), a pool (pictured right), basketball court & many families that love having the children play together. | "You can't go outside without running into a neighbor!"

29: There are terrific schools nearby, a rich history, many hiking trails, and we are just a Metro-North train ride into Manhattan. The development has its own life apart from the town; with a Halloween parade and a fire truck visit from Santa each year! | The pool has a lifeguard on duty at all times it is opened.

30: Whether we are cooking dinner or cozying up to watch a movie in the family room, we love to be together. Nothing makes Vinny happier than to make Joey laugh and smile. Over the years we have proved to be an incredible team, working through hardships and always finding a way to smile. But we are lucky that we share so many of the same interests. | We decorate our home to be warm and friendly, and most visitors ask Vinny if he could come decorate their homes to make it feel this way! “The Decorating Accountant”, I think HGTV will be calling! | We live in a three floor townhouse, with two bedrooms, dining room and open kitchen, living room, family room and decks off the basement and dining room. | H | O | E | M

31: Above all, we both love the theater and try to see at least two Broadway shows a year. Our favorites are Wicked, Beauty & the Beast, The Lion King, The Little Mermaid, RENT, Aida, In the Heights and Phantom of the Opera. We love them so much that we made all of the centerpieces at our Wedding Reception from our favorite plays! (Can you guess which two plays are below?)

32: When I think of Vinny, the first thing that comes to mind is laughter. He loves to make people laugh and have a good time, but most of all he loves to make me laugh. He is caring and willing to do anything for anyone. I could have never asked for a better person to spend the rest of my life with. He is always there for me whenever I need him. I also love how Vinny is all about family. He enjoys spending time with his parents, neighbors and close relatives that live in the area. We always have a good time when we all get together. | “The one thing about Vinny is he always knows how to make me smile and laugh.” - Joey | Sheri's niece, Reese, falling asleep

33: Joey is truly my best friend. There are so many things that I love about Joey, but most of all, it is his heart. His love for life, family, children, friends, work.. it amazes me. I am so lucky to have him in my life, because as much as I know he will say that I make him laugh, it is his laughter that fills my heart. | “There is no one else I would want to grow old and start a family with, but my best friend.” - Vinny | "Indoor camping" with a friends son, Tyler | Joey made lobster for our 2nd Anniversary

34: Vinny’s Parents are both very dynamic and we spend lots of time with them! Phyllis is full of life and is always on-the-go! She’s a Teacher’s Assistant for Kindergarten and loves talking about her job as much as Joey. Tommy is retired, and amazingly knowledgeable and handy. He is actually Vinny’s Stepfather, as he adopted Vinny in 2007. Most weekends together are spent doing house projects, visiting extended family in the Adirondacks or watching movies in the family room. We also enjoy getting together with cousins and our Aunt Geri nearby for game nights. | Vinny's parents, Tommy & Phyllis

35: Sadly, Joey's amazing mom passed away recently. Joey’s Mother, Dee, was so loving, supportive of our relationship and full of life. Her motto was “live, love, laugh”. She raised Joey as a single Mom, working as bus driver throughout her life, while managing to raise him and teach him the values of education. Just like Joey, Dee loved to dance! She was always up for a good time, making the simplest of outings fun and memorable. Together we would spend time shopping, going to restaurants or heading into the city for a Broadway show. | One of our treasured memories was when Vinny surprised Joey for his 32nd Birthday, and took him and both of their mothers to see the show “Wicked”. We hold that memory in our hearts, for Dee past away a few months later. We carry on her motto, to “live, love, laugh.” | Joey's Mom, Dee, going to Manhattan! | Dee dancing with cousin Marisa | Joey & his Mom, always smiling!

36: Raising Your Child It is important for us to raise your child in a loving, nurturing and warm and safe home. We plan to raise her or him with the understanding of how you gave us the greatest gift. Your child will know how special you are in all of our lives. Adoption will allow for another one of our dreams to come true. We look forward to day trips and vacations, to nights cuddled up on the couch watching a Disney movie. Spending holidays with our families and weekend visits with Grandma & Grandpa. Kissing boo-boos and helping with homework and most of all – loving whole-heartedly. We can’t thank you enough for even taking the time to read about our life and hope that you have found comfort and joy in viewing some of our pictures and stories. We would devote the entire rest of our lives to your child, making many more dreams come true.

37: Memory Scrapbook Our parents were incredible at raising us and making sure we had love, knowledge and happiness surrounding us. Their example is what we would like to bring to your child. We will journal their life and build a memory scrapbook so they will always see all the love that has surrounded them. Their scrapbooks will be an amazing story to begin with, full of love, courage and dreams. We hope that this book has helped you to learn more about us, and hope that you would like to find out more! We would also like to learn about you and your interests! Please do not hesitate to contact us at our toll free number 1-855-521-5376. We can answer any questions you may have and get to know one another better. If you have any questions about us or the legal process, you should feel free to call our attorney, Suzanne. Her toll free number is: 1-800-255-1415. Whatever decision you come to, we wish you much peace. Love, Vinny and Joey

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