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Adoption Profile (Copy)

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S: Howard & Freedom

BC: Trust in the Lord with all your heart . . . And He will direct your path Proverbs 3:5-6

FC: Howard & Freedom

1: We are Howard and Freedom and we want to thank you for taking the time to learn more about us. We would like to start by expressing our respect, admiration, and thanks for your courage right now. We can't imagine the feelings you have or will experience in your decision to plan an adoption for your child. We are excited that you would consider us as loving parents and we pray that this book will give you a glimpse of who we are and who we hope to be as parents.

2: H O W A R D

3: Howard has brown hair and brown eyes. He is 6'0' feet tall and weighing 185 pounds. Howard works in his own practice as a cosmetic dentist. He works four days a week, 32 hours a week leaving long weekends for family time. He loves his job and enjoys teaching other dentists.

4: Freedom has light brown hair and brown eyes. Her height is 5'9' weighing 155 pounds. She has worked as a surgical assistant for over 18 years and now is a stay at home mom.

5: F R E E D O M

6: Hello, Thank you for taking the time to get to know us and considering us as adoptive parents for you child. We are Howard, Freedom, Korrin and Jake. We are looking forward to bringing a baby into our home which is filled with love, laughter, adventure and stability. The decision you are making takes a great deal of courage and we admire your commitment to giving your baby the best life possible. Thank you again for taking the time to read our letter and learn more about our loving family. We are happily married with two amazing, fun, outgoing kids. Korrin is sixteen and Jake is fourteen. It is our dream to love and raise another child. We are unable to conceive on our own and we are turning our hopes and prayers toward adoption. We are so excited through the miracle of adoption, that we may have another child to shower with love and affection. Korrin and Jake cannot wait to have a younger sibling to teach and love. We hope you can see what a strong and loving family we are and how excited we are to opening our hearts and home to another child. We will welcome your baby into our hearts. We spend most of our time together as a family. There's always something new and fun going on... vacations, sports, games, day trips, play-dates etc. Our hope is that this short glimpse into our lives will show you how much love we all have to offer and what a blessing it would

7: be to raise your baby. As you look through our profile, we hope you can picture your baby as part of our close family. if so, we'd love to speak with you and learn more about your dreams for your child's future. Our story began by meeting years ago running into each other at work. We became friends throughout the years and later started dating. After a few dates we hit it off and quickly realized that we shared many of the same interests. We were married four years later on Valentine's Day. Freedoms two children love Howard and bonded very quickly with him. Now, as a couple we are looking to grow our family through adoption and eagerly await the happiness and adventure that a new baby will bring in all of our lives. Korrin is a great fun, loving, energetic kid. She is in the tenth grade at a school about 3 miles from our home. She loves school and is excited to go to college somewhere here in Florida. Korrin has been playing softball since she was five and has been playing with the same group of girls since then. Because of this she calls her teammates 'sisters'. They too, are all excited to be getting a new 'sibling'. She loves to get dirty and have fun playing ball but then you will find her all cleaned up and in a dress and heels for a dance or event. Korrin looks forward to loving on and being a big sister to a new baby.

8: Jake is also a fun, energetic kid who loves to be busy with new projects. He is in the eighth grade and attends school about two miles from our home. Jake is involved in school with his tech team and loves basketball. You will find him in the driveway, at the athletic center, or at a friends house playing basketball. Jake loves kids and looks forward to playing and loving with a new baby and will be a devoted and caring big brother. We are both blessed to come from such large, close wonderful families that enjoy being together as often as possible. Both of our families are so excited about our adoption plans and look forward to welcoming a new member into the family. Freedom's family all live within 20 minutes from each other, very close to where she grew up. This closeness allows our families to stay tightly connected and always be there for each other. Freedom gets to see her family often and our time is full of family dinners, birthdays, events, trips, cruises or just time to 'hang out' with one another. Howard's family all live in the NY, NJ area and we visit both annually. Howard's brother lives in NYC with his beautiful wife. We love to go and visit during Thanksgiving to see the leaves change and when the entire family is together. Howard's parents visit a few times a year and we are always excited to see them. Howard is a cosmetic dentist who owns his own practice and loves what he does. He also holds seminars in his education and research center a few times a year to teach dentists from around the world. Freedom is a stay-at-home mom and absolutely loves it. Being there for family is so important and it gives

9: her time to volunteer at the kids schools and events. Being parents has been the most wonderful of adventures. You never really know what the next phase (or the next day) is going to bring. But with every challenge, every reward, we have learned to grow both greater in love and wisdom, sacrifice, patience and lots of laughter. And while our values have not changed, our philosophies and perceptions sure have. But at our core, we believe in being the foundation of our children's world, hopefully creating a environment of love, trust, and stability. We know that we can't always be our children's 'friend' but we can certainly be their parent and be there with guidance, understanding and total commitment. We can also teach them to be good people and to love and respect others. We feel that children must be allowed to grow and learn, which occasionally requires us as parents to stand back and allow them to fall down. Though it is difficult to watch as parents, it is so rewarding to see them pick themselves up and learn from experience. We hope to instill values of learning and hard work and to experience personal accomplishment. It is important that our children learn humility and charity for those around them and to be willing to help a friend or family member in need. We live in a wonderful, family friendly gated community close to parks, schools, church, nature trails ans shops. We have 6000 sq feet with four bedrooms and six bathrooms. Plenty of room for fun. We have a fenced in back yard with a pool and tons of room to run around in. We have a sweet dog named Allie who loves everyone she meets. Our home is a great place to hang out in, whether its in the kitchen making chocolate chip cookies, next to the fireplace reading a bedtime story or playing a game. We love our home and its a great place for a new baby to grow.

10: Our life together began in 2008. We met through work as friends and it grew from there. After a few dates we were inseparable... we knew we had found our other half. After dating for four years, traveling and talking about our future we got married on Valentines' Day.(Can't forget our Anniversary date :) Though Freedom is a rare Florida native and Howard has lived here for over 18 years, we still find tons of Florida treasures to discover. We enjoy walks on the beach, shopping our local farmers' market and exploring other areas | Our Story

11: and their restaurants. You will find us at a concert, a hockey game, baseball game, beach, or just about anywhere there is a family friendly good time. We love our home and the area we live in. Since the beginning of our relationship it has been wonderful and continues to be a blessing everyday...We are so excited to bring a child into our family for us to share the love that we have for each other.

12: Our Daughter Korrin

13: Korrin is a fun loving kid always on the go whether its getting dirty playing softball, dressing up for homecoming, doing volunteer community service, going to the beach, shopping or loving on the nearest baby. She is an all around great kid. | "' I'm so excited to be a big sister'.!With all my softball sisters and myself, there will be plenty of love to share.

14: Jake is a great kid who loves playing any sport. You will find him inviting friends over to play basketball, swim or just hang out. | Our son, Jacob also known as 'Jake'

15: Jacob also known as "'Jake' | All Jakes younger cousins adore him for the sweet ,fun ,kid side of him that he shows. He loves family time with all the kids.

16: This is our sweet dog, Allie. We adopted her when she was only 8 weeks old. She loves to snuggle, play fetch, swim with the kids and love on everyone she meets. | Pets | Another fun afternoon running around the yard with the kids and splashing in the pool. 'WET DOG !! WATCH OUT!! | Allie loves giving kisses and talking . And boy does she like to talk!! Such a girl!!!

17: Ava | little bumble bee | Allie | "Our little dog-- a heartbeat at our feet."

18: Our Hobbies | Howard Enjoys going to sports games, running,cruises and hanging out with friends watching hockey. Freedom Enjoys sunset walks on the beach with the family,spending time with friends, back yard cookouts, gardening, scrapbooking, making yummy desserts and decorating our home.

20: Always Together | Out of all the hobbies & interests we have, our favorite is just being together. We're basically two outgoing, confident goofballs who see life as one big adventure and want to live each day to its fullest.We both value family and friendship and trust that ultimate happiness lies in the power of love and acceptance.

21: Whether it's watching a movie, making a meal, or just sitting on the patio by the pool: we are going to have fun and enjoy each other. We are excited to share our life and love.

22: It's hard to put all that Howard is into words. I barely remember life before him and couldn't imagine life without him.Howard is truly one of the most amazing,caring,compassionate people I know.He loves to laugh and make other people laugh. He is such a giver and always puts other peoples needs before his even if it means passing up something he wants to do or a place he wants to go just to make them happy. He is a great dad to my two children and teaches them how to love,respect and give back. I know he will be a great dad once again providing unconditional love. | Freedom is the most amazing and special person I know. I am blessed to be her husband and watch the way she cares and nurtures Korrin and Jake. Her smile is what makes my day everyday. Freedom has such a special way of sharing her love with the people in her life. I love spending time just talking about her dreams and hopes. Her great energy, positive outlook, total loyalty and dedication to her friends and family and her ability to be serious and incredibly smart yet funny and sweet makes her my dream. Freedom is already, and will be such an amazing mother, I can hardly wait for her to be able to influence a precious young life. | About Howard by Freedom | About Freedom by Howard

24: Freedom's Family | Our family vacation to the Smoky Mountains | The yearly cruise vacation . Sun,Food Relaxing and Family

25: I am very close to my family. I'm blessed to have my Mom, Dad, Grandmother,Grandfather, Sister, Brother, Aunts, Uncles and their families right here in town with us. Holidays and Birthdays are always a great time either at my parents ranch riding the horses or going for a golf cart ride, my sisters community pool with kid fountains or at our house where there are lakes to fish, golf to play or nature trails to walk. My sister and her husband have two kids ages 5 and 2. My Brother has a daughter that is 9. My parents have been happily married for 38 years.

26: This is my sister and her beautiful, sweet, family . They have been married for over ten years and have two kids, Olivia age 5 and Zachary age 2 .

27: This is my brother and his cute family. They have a daughter age 10 and hope to add to their family soon. Both my sister and brother live only minutes from our home.

28: Howard's Family | Having fun with my brother and sister-in law | MOM | Scott and Katy | With Mom, Scott and Katy

29: My parents both live in the New York, New Jersey area. My father is a retired dentist and my mother works in our family furniture business. I have a younger brother who has been married to his beautiful wife for five years. My brother is a keyboard player in a band that travels around the US. We love when he comes to visit. Listening to him play is always so awesome. His wife is a Broadway star, appearing in some well known shows in New York. We love taking trips to New York and watching her perform. My family is so excited to welcome the first grandchild on my side! | MOM | DAD

30: Horseback Riding,golf cart rides, campfires, smores , and snuggling up. | Bedtime stories, flashlights in the dark, and tons of giggles. | Smooch is a great patient, loving horse who loves the attention of kids.

31: The cousins all love to have sleepovers at their grandparents ranch. | swimming, splashing And POPCICLES

32: Our Home | We have lived in our home for five years. We love to entertain and have cookouts with family and friends.

34: Our Backyard

35: One of our favorite family hangouts... We love having family and friends over to splash in the pool, celebrate birthdays and cookout (Allie even loves pool time :)

36: Best place to grab a blanket and watch a movie with the family | Our Family Room | Warm and Inviting... A big backyard... | This is where you find the yummy desserts ! The smell of fresh homemade cookies. Yummm!

37: Kids fun room and Gym | ...pool & playroom ready for fun | Lots of fun family board games are played here

38: Our Promise As Parents...

39: To create a safe, secure, and healthy home for your child To love your child unconditionally every second of every day To put Band-Aids on scraped knees and kiss tears away To fill our home with laughter, love and lots of hugs To help your child follow their dreams and fulfill their destiny To surround your child with our supportive friends and family To build a foundation of faith and spirituality for your child To encourage your child to uncover hidden talents To make plenty of time for playing, make-believe, and bedtime stories To teach your child to lead a compassionate life and to give back To nurture your child's creativity and individual personality To give your child every opportunity to learn about the world To provide your child with the education they deserve To tell your child how much they are loved by you To give you the option of receiving letters and pictures of your child's development To cherish your baby forever and always be grateful of the unselfish sacrifice

40: We believe that there must be a balance between discipline and fun. We believe that we would have a loving home and would teach our child to be respectful and compassionate to others. | Parenting

41: Our discipline styles would be age appropriate and we are committed to finding a way to make sure our child knows that we mean what we say and they can trust us. | We both had great models for parenting with our parents and grandparents and believe that our different personalities will make for a great parenting team. | Discipline

42: sunny days | We will tell our child about their adoption when it is age appropriate. At our church, there are several children who are adopted. Our children's minister works hard to educate all the children about adoption. Also, Freedom's aunt adopted her daughter, Caitlyn, and our families are familiar with talking about it. We will make sure our child knows the love of their parents and their Heavenly Father. | Adoption

43: spring is here! | Baby Girl | We would describe you to your child in a respectful and loving light because of the choice you are making. We will send updates and pictures of your child as long as you desire and will always respect your privacy.

44: We realize it is difficult to choose a family for your baby from looking at a few pictures and stories. However, we promise that in our family, your baby will be loved, cared for and encouraged forever. Lastly, your child will have the unconditional love and support of a large family. Together, will we always celebrate life . . . and we will always celebrate you. We wish you courage in the days ahead and will pray for the decisions you will make for your child.

45: Thank you for learning more about us. We would love the opportunity to either speak to you or meet with you in hopes of your better getting to know our family. Hope For Families 130 S. Indian River Drive, Suite 301 Fort Pierce, FL 34950-4353 772-429-3334 | Howard, Freedom, Korrin and Jake

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