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Adoption Profile Liz and Brian

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Adoption Profile Liz and Brian - Page Text Content

S: Brian & Liz

FC: Brian & Liz

1: Brian is the best husband and friend that I could ever want. I consider myself very lucky to have a partner who is so loyal, loving and understanding. He is a very caring, relaxed and fun kind of guy. Of course, we love to share laughter and joy, but he is also true to his vows and has always been there for me in the good and the bad with encouraging words. He is a hard worker and earned a 3.95 GPA while completing his automotive degree from a technical school. He also attained a B.S. in business administration while attending college at night and working full time during the day. Brian enjoys his job as a mechanic, and has worked for the same company for 6 years. He has many hobbies and interests and always motivates me to try new things with him. Brian is very responsible and mature, but he also loves to be silly. I know that he will be a great dad with his calm yet adventurous personality that any child is sure to love. | Hi! We are Brian and Liz, and we would like to share a part of our lives with you. We hope you enjoy looking at our profile, and we would like to thank you for taking the time to learn a little about us. | Caring, kind, loving, comforting and supportive are only a few words to describe Liz. I couldn't have found a better person to spend my life with. There isn't a doubt in my mind about Liz's loyalty and love for me. She is committed to doing what ever she can to make our lives healthy and happy. She motivates me to exercise and eat better. She made education a priority growing up, going on to receive a scholarship to college. She graduated magna cum laude with a B.S. in Biology. She also helped to convince me to finish my college degree after my automotive training. Liz enjoys working as a Naturalist where she works closely with children, teaching them about our natural world and how to protect the environment and conserve resources. She has always loved interacting with children, and also worked as a children's tennis instructor. She's looking forward to becoming a stay at home mom!

2: A Brief History... | Liz | Brian | We were both born in the same city, and then raised in the same town. The homes we grew up in were only about a mile apart, yet we didn't meet until high school! | We were both very happy and active kids. Our families have always been encouraging and supportive of any activities or interests we wanted to pursue. They taught us to be kind and caring people, and to value education. We plan to provide the same loving guidance to our children in order for them to be able to follow their dreams and lead a fulfilling and successful life. | Our family has been very helpful and understanding in our desire to expand our family through adoption. Both sides have family members and friends who are adopted. From seeing how loved and cherished these people are, we are completely certain that our child will be fully accepted and embraced into everyone's lives. | Brian and his Dad work on his bike. | Brian and his sister Danielle. | Liz with Grammy and her cousin Johnny. | Liz and cousins Jim & Rich

3: We feel very blessed to have many wonderful friends, as well as some lifelong friends, that we consider a part of our family. Brian and Mike have known each other since birth, and grew up across the street from one another. Liz met Courtney and Samantha in 1st grade, and the three have been friends ever since. Growing up Brian was very involved in Boy Scouts and eventually earned the highest rank of Eagle Scout. He also enjoyed football, track, choir, and being a member of stage crew in the school play. Liz's favorite activities included tennis, basketball, softball, cheer leading, dance, piano and art. Because Brian's sister is the only sibling between the two of us, we are happy to have such great friends to provide our children with lots of "aunts," "uncles," and "cousins." | Samantha has 3 adorable children | Kait and Warren are expecting a baby soon! | F R I E N D S

4: Our story together began at just 16 and 17 years old. We met at track practice and quickly became friends. Liz was initially unaware of Brian's interest in her as more than "just friends." He invited her to play miniature golf and to dinner afterwards one day. Liz accepted and had a great time. She insisted, however, that this was not a date, even though her friends and family said otherwise. To her surprise, Brian asked her to be his girlfriend shortly after this date/non-date, and we have been together ever since! Even though we went to different schools after high school, we still spent every weekend together, and spoke on the phone daily. Despite growing a lot individually throughout college, we are very proud that we remained faithful to one another and also grew together as a couple. | ff | We attended both of our senior proms together. Many fond memories were created, dancing and laughing with friends. Little did we know that several years later we would no longer be just high school sweethearts, but also best friends, and eventually husband and wife.

5: One summer during college while living with a bunch of friends in a city environment, Brian suggested a camping trip to get away for a weekend. We had been camping a few times before, so Liz knew she would enjoy it, but she was stressed out from studying very hard trying to survive Organic Chemistry. Brian decided on the weekend in between Liz's final exam from one class and the start of a second class, and convinced her it would be a great time to take a break and relax. Liz had no idea that Brian had already enlisted Liz's friend Courtney to help him pick out a ring. Brian thought that a camping trip would be a great way to propose to Liz without her being suspicious ahead of time. It worked out perfectly! After a short hike to a beautiful waterfall, Brian asked Liz to marry him. Liz's initial response was, "For real?!" but she obviously said yes! We went canoing down the Delaware River after.

6: Our Wedding Day | Our wedding was amazing. It truly was one of the most memorable nights of our lives. It was great to have so many of our family and friends together, all having so much fun! Our friend's mom told us that she had more fun at our wedding than any other she had ever been to.

8: We were pleased to see both sides of our families mingling with one another, and all the friends of the family, and having such a great time together. Everyone was on the dance floor, young and old! | Even before marriage, we have always taken our relationship seriously. We believe in being completely honest and open with one another. The best way we have found to keep our relationship strong is to always communicate well. Some of the best quality time we spend together is when we are just strolling around the neighborhood talking. We love to talk through whatever is on our minds, and keep the other person fully informed on what is going on in our own heads. We find that this often helps us avoid many conflicts and arguments. When a problem does arise, even though we may need some time to cool off first, talking everything out is what gets us through a disagreement. We are big fans of compromising, and we feel that it is very important to respect one another.

9: Liz has researched a lot about what goes into the food we eat and the products we use. We have made it a priority to buy organic whenever possible in order to keep our home the healthiest it can be. We have an organic crib mattress ready for our child to have a healthy sleeping environment! This year we also joined a local organic farm where we work a couple of hours a week in exchange for fresh produce. It's been very interesting to connect with our food in that way, and it has given us the opportunity to meet many more people in our community. | We bought our first home right after we got married. We live in a wonderful little town in an area with lots of farms, parks and recreation areas. There is a playground down the street, and our town belongs to a great school system. It has been wonderful creating memories in our home. We love celebrating holidays and creating family traditions. | We take pride in our mortgage being the only debt we have!

10: We love to be outdoors! We enjoy planning several camping trips a year where we hike many of our favorite trails, as well as explore new ones. Whether it's taking a walk or riding atv's, we enjoy being active and taking in nature. We are lucky to live in an area where there are many local opportunities for these activities. Sometimes, however, we make an entire vacation out of camping and hiking to go on a new adventure further from home. Obviously we will have to tone down some of our trips to make them child appropriate, but we are eager to share our passion for the outdoors with our children, and are looking forward to doing lots of activities as a family.

11: If we aren't hiking, another one of our favorite activities is biking! Most of the time we ride our bikes on leisurely trails and share great conversations as we ride. Brian is the more adventurous one who sometimes goes to a park to do some mountain biking. Our favorite trail is close to home and has a little deli along the way where we like to stop to have lunch before turning around and heading back.

12: Our first trip together was a big event with Brian's parents, sister, grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins. 29 people joined in for a stop in Disney World and then a cruise to the Bahamas. Liz had previously been to Disney Land with her mom in California, but this was her first experience in Florida. We both love animals and had a great time with the goats at the petting zoo! | A few years later we decided to visit Disney World once again, this time with friends! | We love to travel in order to see new places and experience different ways of life. Whether it's a trip back to a familiar place, or a whole new area of the world, we always have a great time as long as we are together. It's always an added bonus when we get to travel with others as well. Experiencing places with other people can help give a new and unique view and always keeps things exciting! | The weather was perfect and we took full advantage of it. Every morning we were at the gates when the parks would open, and we stayed through the night to take in the fireworks. Brian was so sad when it was time to return home! | Courtney and Liz hanging out by the castle. | Mike & Courtney road the Tower of Terror with us 7 times that week!

13: While spending a weekend in Washington D.C. we were able to combine several of our favorite things: we got in our exercise while riding our bikes all over the city, we got to learn a lot in a fun way while visiting lots of museums and monuments, and of course we had a great time doing it all together. We can't wait to be able to share these types of experiences with our child and create wonderful memories as a family. | Our honeymoon in the Dominican Republic was just what we needed to help us relax after all the excitement of wedding planning. | Snorkeling in Mexico was a challenge for Liz who is not the best swimmer! | ATV's on the beach in Costa Maya...Brian's favorite!

14: Universal Studios was a great trip, especially since we are both Harry Potter fans. The Wizarding World of Harry Potter was definitely a magical experience for us, as we felt like kids again running around having so much fun! During this trip we were also able to visit Discovery Cove. While there we made friends with dolphins named Iggy and Lester. It was amazing to be so close to these beautiful and intelligent animals. The highlight was when Lester gave us each a ride around the lagoon as we held onto his fin! | YUM!

15: Below are pictures from our recent trip to Niagara Falls. Brian had been there as a child, but he was excited to return with Liz. We were both amazed by the immense power of the falls, and we experienced the magic of the mist! | We wanted to push ourselves with a big hike, so we decided to climb Mt. Washington. It is the tallest mountain in the Northeast, located in the White Mountain Range of New Hampshire. It was physically exhausting, but we finally reached the summit after five and a half hours. After stretching ourselves to the limit climbing about 4,500 feet in approximately 5 miles, we were thrilled to find out that there was a shuttle that could take us back down to our car! The views from the mountain were breathtaking and worth all the effort.

16: When we aren't outside or traveling, we like to just hang out with friends, cuddle up on the couch for a movie or some TV, have dinner with family, or go see a show. Cirque Du Soleil shows are our favorite! | Our friend Mike wrote about us saying, "Their friends and families regard them as trustworthy, responsible, and dependable people that are well suited for the task of raising children." | Shannon, Liz's college roommate said, "I don't know of any couple more deserving of a child and I believe every child deserves parents as loving and compassionate as my friends, Elizabeth and Brian."

17: We spent a great day playing in the sand with our friend's son. | Brian was helping a little friend build a solar car at a "Green" festival... His car won the race! | This year we have been trying to improve our running by entering races to keep us more motivated to train. Brian's sister invited us to join her in a 5k to raise money for breast cancer research. We then asked her to sign up for a mud run with us. The three of us, along with Brian's mom completed the 5k muddy obstacle course while Liz's mom and Brian's dad cheered us on and took pictures from the sideline.

18: Summer is always a busy time for us. Whether it's spending 4th of July on our friends boat, hanging with friends and family at BBQs/family reunions, or attending a wedding, we love celebrating with all the people we care about! | Brian has a blast with his Godson in the pool! Brian's dad also has fun spending time with his nephews. | Brian with his parents and grandmother at his college graduation.

19: We love animals, and have had several pets over the years. Unfortunately, Brian is allergic to cats, and Liz to dogs, so we have had to be a little creative. We still get our fill of the traditional furry friends as Liz's mom has 3 cats, and Brian's parents have 2 dogs, but we stick more with fish, rabbits, amphibians and reptiles. Lily was our first bunny who we rescued during college. She was already older when we got her, but we had a few great years with her. Max came home with us as a baby bunny, and we spent over three years with him until just recently when we decided to find him a new home. | We want to ensure a safe environment for a child, and to have as much time as possible to dedicate to our family. In preparation for this, our snake has also been given to an environmental education center where he will be a teaching aid for older children. Currently, we are left with only Spike the goldfish, and Froggy the frog who are both fun, but low maintenance critters.

20: Having children is something that we have always wanted. Unfortunately, we also always knew that getting pregnant could be difficult for us. Due to health concerns related to side effects of fertility drugs, this is not something we really wanted to pursue too much. We tried some minor treatments, but quickly decided it was silly to put ourselves through that when we knew we could love any child as our own. We are lucky to have so many supportive people in our lives who have experienced adoption from one side or another, that have been able to provide us with support and guidance. We, along with our friends and family, have so much love to share. We are very excited to be parents, but our parents cannot wait to be grandparents too! | Not only will we love a child unconditionally, but we also plan to always make it clear how much you love them as well. We think that no matter what, children can never have too many people loving them and having a positive influence on their life. Sharing pictures and letters with you is something we are looking forward to. We would also be interested in a yearly visit, if that is something you would like as well. We know that this will we be an emotional journey for everyone involved, and we hope to form a long lasting and trusting relationship with you. Thank you for taking the time to take a peak into our lives. We would love to meet you! Brian & Liz

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