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Alaina & Family

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S: Alaina & Family

BC: Created by: Alaina Vest | For my Family

FC: Alaina & Family

1: My grandpa's mother and father were both Sharecroppers in Arkansas. Their landlord was very greedy in the fact that he only gave them so much of the profit. Even though he was greedy he did have a nice heart because he let his daughter play with my grandpa when he was little.

2: Because of my grandpa's hard life he is a more serious person. He is also really religious. His father died when he was really young which took a big toll on his family.

4: When my grandpa was little he was playing with the landowners daughter when they went into his house with a pile of wood and a match. They went into the house to play house and my grandpa lit the match to start the fire. He put the match up to the wall paper that was peeling off the wall. The door was too heavy for them to open, they were stuck in the burning house. His father came into the house and saved him and the little girl. Then he went back into the house to save the iron stove. The stoved was the only thing that survived the fire. That day they had to watch as their house burnt down knowing there was nothing they could do to stop it. That day he said he truely learned how much his family loved him.

5: My Grandpa Vest married Charlene Vest and had two wonderful children. Charlene was a great mother and teacher. She always really liked school. Her family were farmers. They meet in college and had their first date at a diner.School was very important for both of my grandparents that is why they both became teachers. They wrote letters back and forth when my grandpa went to a different college. he actually proposed to her in a letter.

6: Charlene had a really nice life. She had a good job and a wonderful family. I think the people that impacted her life besides her family would be the third graders she taught. She loved teaching children. I think if she was alive today that she would still be teaching. The worst thing that happened to her was the car accident that killed her on impact. After the accident all of her students wrote sympathy cards to my grandpa, dad, and aunt.

8: My Dad, John Vest, is a very fun person. When he was a teenager he was often tempted with a lot of peer pressure. He also went to church a lot with his family. All through high school he had fair grades. After high school he went to college, although his grades suffered because he joined a fraternity. When he was young he had trouble with this bully a block away. He was always scared of going over there because of him. I think he was all mean because he didn't just pick on my dad.

10: My father was often allowed to wander around the town with his friends, even at a young age. So it is no surprise that he got into some mischief. One time him and his friends were out and they decided that they were going to follow the sewers home. the problem was that it wasn't one straight line back home, there were turns. Eventually, they got lost. My father suggested they look out to see where they were. They had no clue where they were. So they try to retrace their steps back to the start. they kept getting lost. Therefore, my dad just wanted to get out of there. He climbed up and Shimmied his way though the opening of the sewer. ( not the man hole, the way water flows through.) Granted he was doing this while cars were passing by on a busy street. People were staring at the kid climbing out of the sewer.

11: My Grandma Pinkley was born on a farm. She had seven siblings and she was the youngest. She was active in joining clubs and sports when she could in high school. She never went to college or trade school. She got engaged at age 17. She got married at age 18. That is what all girls did back then. She is a very good gardner. Growing up on a farm you learn how to be a good gardner. She, as well as her mother could tell you the name of every flower, tree, or any plant. Her father and mother really provided for the family the best they could. Her brothers were always picking on her, but that's only because they loved her.

12: When my Grandma Pinkley was 10 years old she and her sister, who was 12, were left alone to watch the canner while her mother went back out to the garden. They were playing and forgot all about the canner, until they heard a sound that sounded like a bomb going off in the house. They waited until the explosions stopped and went inside. There was glass in the ceiling, walls and floors. They did not get in as much trouble as they thought they would. They just had to clean up all they glass and repaint the ceiling and repaper the walls. That accident was never repeated again.

13: My grandpa Pinkley was a nice, gentle hearted guy. He was very outgoing. He made friends with people in lines to check out at Home Depot. He also never went to college, but he did go to trade school. He was born on a farm in a small town. He was married by the time he was 20 years old, because that is what everybody did. His father committed suicide which left the family with very little way of making money. They believe that he thought he had cancer. His father was a good person though because he provided for the family and was a good father.

14: When my grandpa was young he would always play in the creek about a mile from the farm. One day he and his brother found an old boat by the creek and decided to take it out on the creek. That was very dangerous because they didn't know if the boat was structurally sound or not and the creek was fast and deep. They fished for a while and were fine but when his mom found out they got severally punished. They never tried to take the old boat out again.

15: William and Sharron Pinkley got married and moved to St. Louis. After three years of marriage they had a baby girl.

16: My mom, Jennifer Vest, was the first person in her family to go to college. In the 80's, women became even more common in a higher position jobs. My mom saw that and made something of herself. Her father was always outside doing something. Therefore, she became to love the outdoors as well. In middle school my mom had trouble with these one group of girls. They picked on her a lot. They also picked on some other girls as well, but they never did fail to find time to pick on my mom. I think they were just mean because they picked on a lot of girls not just one.

19: John and Jennifer Vest got married in 1991. They soon had a little boy. then four years later they had a little girl.

20: My name is Alaina Vest and my story is still being written. I like school like my Mom, Grandpa Vest, Grandpa Pinkley, Grandma Vest, and Grandma Pinkley. I like to read like my mom. I love animals like my dad and I love the outdoors like my Mom and Grandpa Pinkley . I like flowers like my mom and Grandma Pinkley. So in a way i took traits from everyone in my family and created some of my own.

22: My family has impacted me greatly in a good way. They taught me values and what you are if you have none. They taught me that if I want to be someone in the future that I have to work for it. They taught me to think for myself and not to let anyone get in my way when I know something is wrong. I hope that I can pass these values down to the next generation as my grandparents and parents did.

36: The End!

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