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Allan R Bringhurst

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FC: Allan Robert Bringhurst

1: "Your family and your love must be cultivated like a garden. Time, effort, and imagination must be summoned constantly to keep any relationship flourishing and growing." -Jim Rohn

2: “If you look deeply into the palm of your hand, you will see your parents and all generations of your ancestors. All of them are alive in this moment. Each is present in your body. You are the continuation of each of these people.” -Thich Nhat Hanh | Helen Tipton Bringhurst

4: Robert Ralston Bringhurst

5: “In every conceivable manner, the family is link to our past, bridge to our future.” -Alex Haley

7: Called to Serve Him Heavn'ly King of Glory

8: September 19th 1969 Manti Temple

10: "In truth a family is what you make it. It is made strong, not by number of heads counted at the dinner table, but by the rituals you help family members create, by the memories you share, by the commitment of time, caring, and love you show to one another, and by the hopes for the future you have as individuals and as a unit." - Marge Kennedy

11: Dear Allan, Happy 70th Birthday. I can't believe that the time has gone by so fast. It seem like just yesterday that I saw a cute 26 year old drafts man and just had to go out with him. And here we are 43 almost 44 years later you a little older and me a lot. What a ride we have had the ups and downs have always been part of our lift. But the ups are the best part of life. We have done so much for each other and still doing it. We have 5 amazing children and 18 wonderful grandchildren, that have brought so much joy and happiness into our lives. I am in awe of your knowledge that you of the gospel and your joy in studying it. As a young man you served both your church and country. Having served were your grandfather did was a rewarding experience for you and then you chose to serve 2 more mission's to the Philippines were you and I made some wonderful lifelong friends. I remember the way the young elders would list to all of your story and try to do what you ask of them. You served as a counselor to the mission president and did all that was ask of you. You have worked hard to give your family a good life. You have so many talents and have used them to help others. Your gun smiting is just one of them. I have seen pride you have when you finish a gun and the owner is well pleased with it. I love the story that you tell about serving in the National Guard for 26 years and having been able to do some of it with your dad. I know that he was very proud of you and all that you did. Thank you for being a wonderful husband, father, grandpa, son and brother that you are. I hope that you well enjoy this book for many years to come and we will enjoy years and years of happiness together. I love you with all my heart and hope that this is the best BIRTHDAY ever. Love Diane | Diane Johnson Bringhurst

12: Scott Allan Bringhurst | Happy 70th Birthday. This incredible milestone in your life is just one of many you have had over the course of your life. We love you for who you are. Their a few things that you have taught me over the years that will be your legacy with my boys. First, respect for my roots. I know where I came from and who those incredible ancestors of mine where through your many stories of them. Even if I never met many of them, I know them in my heart because of you. I am proud of my heritage. My boys are also proud of theirs because of you. Second, you taught me the meaning of patience. This does not mean that I always practice it, it just means that I know that in order to get something I want in life it takes patience. I remember wondering why it would take you so long to build your model airplanes. In my young mind, they should have been done and in the air the same day you brought home the kit. Third, and probably the lesson that has had the most impact on my adult life is service. As a kid, I performed enough service side by side with you to qualify for my Eagle Scout three times over. I know what it means to give selflessly and to do things for others not out of obligation, but out of the need to serve others. I often think of you when I hear John 13:34. Service has become the one thing I hope to remembered for, because of your countless years and acts of unselfish service towards your fellow men. We love you with all our heart. Scott

13: Stacy Bringhurst Burgie | I have thought a little bit about what to write to you and realized how hard it is to put my feelings into words. I have thought about a lot of memories I have had with you. One that sticks out in my mind is when I was eight. I had my i baptism interview over at the church. I recall being very nervous for it. For someone reason we walked over to the church for the interview. As we were walking it started to lightly snow. It was beautiful. You held my hand as we walked and I remember the peaceful feeling that came over me. I often think about this as the snow falls lightly. That day holds a special place in my heart. You have always been such a great example to me. Your knowledge of the church is amazing to me. I recall sitting in Sunday school one day and Max Smith was teaching the lesson. He brought you up and referred to you as a spiritual giant. I was in awe to think that my dad is a spiritual giant. You have done so much great work in the gospel and helped so many people. I think this is an amazing gift you have. I love you dad I am so thankful for the example you are to me. I am thankful for everything you do I help us out. I am thankful the example you have set when it comes to marriage. The love and care you show to mom is not unnoticed. I hope you have a wonderful birthday you deserve it. Love, Stacy

14: Alex John Bringhurst | Dear Dad. Thank you for introducing me to college football. I love the game as much as you and hope to pass on our enthusiasm to my kids. Happy birthday, Love Alex

15: Mindy Bringhurst Markley | Dear Dad, I often wonder if you know the influence you've had not only on my life, but my children's lives. I tried to come up with a list of the lessons I've learned from you, and it ended up completely boring and static. You were never a boring or static father, so I threw the list away and started over. Instead, I want to thank you- just in general. Thank you for loving me, valuing me, and pushing me. You wanted me to develop my talents in writing and art, be smart, be a responsible person and end up a reasonably normal, functioning adult. While I may not have always agreed with the methods you used to get me here, I am happy to report that I am fairly normal, somewhat intelligent, functioning well, and very quickly having to come to terms with my own adult hood and teenage children. As I look at my kids, I now understand you so much better than I did when I was their age. I have a mortgage, a demanding job, a family, commitments outside of the home, classes that I'm taking, kids with special needs, a house we're remodeling, bills I can't pay, siblings with just as many trials as me and a marriage to boot. As I write out this list and compare it to all that you could have listed while I was growing up, I still can't even add some of the things you managed, like travel for work, military service, and missionary work. You and I may not be eye to eye on a myriad of issues. I know that we approach things like politics, education and spirituality very differently, but I want you to know that even though I haven't always taken your advice, I've always been listening, and watching, and remembering. The lessons I learned from you range from work your ass off to love your mother; and from work it out on your own to be a good friend, even if you don't have many. You taught me to love my country, share the gospel and how to swing a hammer. I learned from you that work is never anything to be ashamed of or shy away from, and that it's not done right if you didn't give it your all. Tiny details deserve close attention, but small stuff doesn't. Because of you, there are things that are almost spiritual to me, like the sound of BYU football on the radio and red brick houses in Utah. I learned that Architecture is not a dead art, and now I make my living trying to prove that to the world. I think one of the things that is remarkable about you is your ability to completely take me by surprise. Just when I think I know you so well, and that I understand your every motive, I see you do something that completely defies the identity I had built for you in my mind. I used to think this was from a lack of understanding on my part, but I know differently now. It is merely a reflection of your willingness to grow, to be spiritually inclined, and to make those around you happy. I hope that at 70 you can look back on your life with a sense of satisfaction. I hope that you have as many fond memories of your life as we all have for you. I hope that you can look forward to the future knowing that you are loved, and valued; and understand that we have all been shaped and guided by the man that you are. Your life has been full... full good times, hard times, wealthy times, and poor times. But, It's not over yet! Happy Birthday Dad. With a grateful heart I wish you all the love and happiness you deserve. Love, Mindy

16: Kimberly Bringhurst | Dear Daddy, If I could give you one thing for your birthday it would be the ability to see yourself through my eyes and then you would know just how much I love you and how thankful I am for you. I don't remember a time that I have needed you and you haven't been there . Thank you so much for all that you have done and continue to do. Happy Birthday daddy!! Love, Kim

17: Chelsie Burgie Wichmann | Gramps, First off Happy Birthday! The big 7-0, I hope you have a wonderful day surrounded by those who truly love you. I wanted to take a moment to share with you how much I love you. You were such a big part of taking care of me as a child, and It helped shape me into the person that I am today. You are a great gramps and I love you! I have too many memories of us to write it down on paper but you know how many memories that we have together. Marc and I love you and we both wish you a Happy Birthday!! :)

18: Whitney Burgie | Dear Gramps, Happy birthday! Ever since I was little you have always been such a fun grandpa! I always loved coming over to have buh-buh shu-shu (LOTS of butter and sugar on bread) at your house. We all know my parents never let me eat it at our house ;) Thanks for always being such a great grandpa!! Brody and I wish you a very happy 70th birthday! We love you! Love always, Tigger and Brody

19: William Bringhurst | Allan, As I think back over the years, I remember a number of events that we shared together and some I more or less viewed as a spectator – being the younger brother. I think of fishing trips, pheasant hunts, deer hunts, rabbit hunts and even of hunting carp at Utah Lake. All are special memories because we shared them. There was the carp hunt at Utah Lake where we took Dad’s Ruger pistol and I ricocheted a bullet off the water as a coot took flight and caught it in the head – you were my only witness. There was the fishing trip up Hobble Creek on the opening when you and I kept Dad so busy baiting and taking fish off that he hardly had a chance to fish himself. I think that was the year he broke a tooth biting a split-shot sinker onto my line. I remember being in awe of your engineering skills as you designed and built a deer cart to make hauling our prize bucks out easier. I remember your patience as you told me to take the first shot at a monster buck down in the big oak basin as we hid behind a huge rock – a shot I never took and you never let me live down. I recall the deer hunt you had an old blue Willey’s jeep with a 283 Chevy engine. That seemed like the perfect hunting vehicle. We had fun bunny hunts down at Jericho and even tried our luck at luring the wily coyote in. On one of those trips we blasted a badger that seemed to dislike us. Later you had the patience to teach me to fly fish. You have always had a passion and energy for these things that I can only admire but never emulate. I also have fond memories of us sportorizing old military rifles. Do you remember how we would get Mac McCausland to weld the bolt handles on and get Burk Petersen to turn a barrel or install a new one, and the bluing tanks set up over a makeshift propane stove? Growing up, I always wanted to be with you and your friends but I was seldom allowed. I guess I was too much younger. I was envious of many of your exploits. I guess one of my greatest envies was of your Soapbox Derby car. Not only did I not get to ride in it, but I was threatened if I got too close to it. I believe the wheels from that car got used to build a cart for you to ride on while being pulled by our self-propelled mower –a mower that didn't fair too well as a result. I admired your ingenuity as you pioneered space exploration with your explosive concoction of sulfur and zinc. I stood in amazement as those rockets soared out of sight and we looked for the nose cone to float back to earth on its deployed parachute. I remember you teaching me how to set my balsa wood planes on fire by dousing the wings with rubbing alcohol and attaching a match to the underside of the fuselage so when it glided in on the pavement it burst into flames. I also recall you talking me into putting all my plastic airplane models on the clothesline, attaching firecrackers and watching them all blown to bits. I think I’m still a little miffed about that. I was also impressed with your carbide cannons. I think the best one was one that a tennis ball fit into and could be shot several blocks by cranking on the lawn mower hooked up to the spark plug igniter in the breech of the cannon. (Is carbide still available for sale anywhere?) I think it met its demise when the neighbors complained to Dad about their windows rattling. I know many of the examples I have listed above haven't been the uplifting kind, but I do want to acknowledge how much your example for good means to me. When you joined the guard and went off to basic training, I determined I wanted to join too. I was equally proud of you when you went on your mission – though I missed our adventures together. I can still remember taking you to the Provo train depot as you departed for the “East Central States” mission. You continued to set the example by serving two senior couples missions. I know these took a great deal of sacrifice and dedication. I hope this brief walk down memory lane was as pleasant for you as it was for me. I wish you the happiest of birthdays and hope you have many more to come! Love, Bill

20: Mark & Kathy Johnson | Happy Birthday Allan In thinking about you the first thing we thought of is what a good man you are. A loving husband to Diane, a wonderful father to your 5 kids and a supportive, loving grandpa to your grand kids. We get a kick out of the twinkle in your eye when you tell a story or joke. We admire your constant willingness to serve the Lord. and others.You've shared your talents with many over the years, fly tying, fishing, and especially gun smithing. We appreciate you restoring that old pistol that was lost out in the weather for months. The Model 70 Winchester rifle that we inherited from Grandpa Brockbank was like new when you finished. We are grateful to know you and again happy birthday and many more. Mark & Kathy

21: Happy birthday Allan!! Hope you have a great day and many more to come. You have been a great example to your family and friends. We love you. Mike and Kathie | Mike & Kathie Lawrence

22: Allan’s and my growing up life have been so intertwined, it would be hard to imagine my life without our years together. Our family’s monthly trips to Springville to visit Grandma and Granddad would hardly have been the same without Allan. Upon arrival in Springville I would mope around grandma’s house waiting for Allan to finish his chores so he could come down to mess around. Sometimes I wouldn’t wait for him, and would make the long walk up to his house. There was always plenty for us to do around Granddad’s house, in the little farm yard, or splashing around in the irrigation ditches if we were lucky enough to be there when it was their turn for water. For a diversion we would go up to Springville Park or mess around up at Allan’s house. My most exciting times were when we would go to the Armory (either with, or without Uncle Bob) to explore all the equipment and wonders around there. Fall was the best time however. It was in the fall that we spent our time hunting -- pheasants, ducks, geese, doves and deer. Until we were old enough to carry a gun, we were the gofers who hauled around the dead game while the uncles had all the fun. And then there was cleaning and making the game locker-ready. We moaned and groaned about our lot, but in fact we were having the time of our lives. And then came the time when we were old enough to contribute game ourselves. Allan was a better shot than I was, but I was not discouraged in the slightest. The deer hunt was by far the crown jewel of our hunting experiences. Before we were old enough to hunt, we were old enough to drive, and the long drive to Beaver was something I looked forward to long ahead of the actual hunt. I will never forget the rat-infested cabin which was unbearably cold in the early morning and uncomfortably warm when it was time for bed. Cleaning out that rats nest before we could bring in our gear was not much fun, but it was sure a pleasure to have -- especially when it snowed. The most fun, however, was the seemingly unlimited supply of ammunition that Allan would bring, that provided countless hours of shooting fun. No tin can or glass bottle escaped our marksmanship. It got so that we couldn’t wait for dinner time so we could get a new supply of cans. I can’t comment about Allan and our memories without recalling Bob and Hellen. Bob was always so humorous and fun to be around. He rapidly became my favorite uncle. He often took the time to take Allan and me for rides in military jeeps or transport vehicles, and always had a smile on his face and another humorous story. I always felt comfortable around him. Helen was almost like a second mother. She was so pleasant to be with and went out of her way to see that Allan and I had great meals, and snacks to take on our adventures. As Allan and I got involved in our own families and careers, our lives drifted apart and our contact with each other was limited to exchanging Christmas cards. It has been rewarding as we have reached our senior years that we have been able to get together again and share the experiences of this time in our lives. Thank goodness for the enabling miracle of e-mail. Thank you, Allan, for adding so much color to my growing up years. Though we didn’t always stay on the straight and narrow, our diversions were pretty insignificant when I think of all we shared together. As I said at the start of this memoir, it would be hard for me to imagine what my life would have been like without your contribution. | John Frank Bringhurst

23: HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALLAN , Welcome to the decade of the 70’s. Some look upon it as “getting old” and others look upon it as “wow, I made it”. Whatever your feelings about it might be, remember that you have lots of good company in this decade. How well we remember when we first arrived in the Philippines in October 2011 and the kindness you and Diane showed to us. Perhaps we didn’t express it enough, but thank you so much. You welcomed us with openness and love which helped us make the adjustment. We remember with fondness the stories you would tell about the people you would meet on your morning walks up the mountain. The children who enjoyed the candy, the people you always reached out to help with their troubles. Particularly the children, like the boy who needed the glass eye, the child that needed cleft lip and palate surgery, and the many others who were benefited by your charity. Each day as we went to the temple we stopped and enjoyed your orchids. We miss them. We learned very early on that both you and Diane were willing to do anything for anybody. What a wonderful example to us. Again, Happy Birthday, Malipayang Adlaw Natawhan Sherry and Terry Bailey | Terry & Sherry Bailey

24: Allan, By the time you read this you will be "70", so here is wishing you a wonderful and happy birthday! Both Leon and I have already reached that old age and to tell you the truth, I think this was the hardest of all birthdays. But you know what? We are still walking around...not running. We are still laughing...we are still going to movies...still eating hamburgers and still smiling. So it has turned out not to be that bad. We are just so glad and thankful that we made it to that 70 year mark! The time has gone by so fast, hasn't it? I remember going to Grandma Witney's and playing in the yard because if we were inside, we would have to sit still and listen to all the "adult talk". Our Christmas Eve parties at Grandma's was always something we could hardly wait for. I can still see us all sitting on the floor and all the aunts and uncles sitting on the chairs all around Grandma's big living room! Such cherished moments we will never forget. Leon remembers ole Jefferson School! Now that must really be some memories. But he did remember you going to Grandma's and going down to his house. Both of you would sit on the corner of the property and eat her current berries. Leon said that she made him promise if he would not eat those berries, she would give him a jar of her jelly. Every year he got a jar of current jelly. Who would have ever thought that we would both end up in Idaho? And have daughters born on the same day...Stacey and Tracy! We must have had somebody looking out after us. Well, you have had alot of wonderful experiences throughout those 70 years and know that you will have many more! What a birthday to celebrate! Tell all your family "hello" for us and know that your family is your greatest achievement. We can be so grateful for them all and also for those who came before us. HAVE A HAPPY 70TH BIRTHDAY! Our Love, Leon and Judy | Leon & Judy Bleggi

25: I have known Allan for many years. We worked together at the Idaho National Laboratory and served together in the Church. I have always been impressed with Allan's work. He was always into work early and always did a wonderful job with the data for the National Spent Nuclear Fuel Program. I could always count on Allan to perform his duties without any supervision. Many in the Nuclear Industry knew Allan and complimented the INL on his work. More important than the employment association was the sweet friendship that we enjoyed with Allan in church service. Just like work, he was dedicated and willing to do whatever the Lord wanted. When Sister Batt and I came to New Mexico to serve our mission we were allowed to bring a few things with us and one of the things we brought was our Abinadi that Allan and Diane brought to us after their first mission in the Philippines. Their friendship and example continue to inspire us and to help us be better disciples of Jesus Christ. President and Sister Batt New Mexico Farmington Mission | President & Sister Batt

26: We are happy to contribute a few thoughts to this celebratory book for Allan’s seventieth birthday. Our relationship with the Bringhurst’s began years ago when our sons became friends during school. We enjoyed getting to know their family and having social occasions with them. We have discovered that Allan is a man of many talents including gun making and building radio controlled airplanes, not to mention his ability to fix most anything. Imagine the pleasant surprise when Allan built an airplane for Gerry that was even equipped to take aerial photographs. It is one example of their generous nature. It seems that they would do anything for anyone to help out. Our sons, Alex and Andy, received their mission calls about the same time and we were able to compare notes with Allan and Diane. They were both successful missionaries and it made it fun when they came home to hear them speak Spanish to each other. We’ve been impressed by Allan’s love of the gospel and his study of the scriptures and the teachings of the apostles and prophets. His heart is deeply touched by the Savior’s atonement and continues to study to more fully understand it. One of the special spiritual experiences that we had with Allan was when Gerry had the privilege to ordain him a High Priest. This was a great honor for Gerry. It was wonderful to serve together in the Philippine San Pablo Mission when Allan served as Gerry’s counselor. He was absolutely dependable and would respond on a moment’s notice even if it meant traveling some distance to fulfill the assignment. They were loved by the young missionaries and by the members in the areas where they served. One of the difficult assignments was to help with a struggling district on Marinduqe Island. This required long boat rides frequently over stormy seas and less than ideal accommodations. There was never a complaint only a desire to serve. We returned home before they did and it was fun to greet them at the airport when they came home and to attend the report of their mission in sacrament meeting. We had the privilege of serving together as ordinance workers in the Idaho Falls Temple on the early morning Friday shift and watched the same level of commitment to their temple assignment. We, also, had the privilege of serving in the Cebu City Philippines Temple and once again had the privilege of serving with them. We again saw their commitment and dedication to the temple and to the wonderful people of the Philippines. Since our return home in November we have continued our friendship and hope this will continue for many years to come. Gerry and Linda Mortimer | Gerry & Linda Mortimer

27: This special birthday note for Allan, is so very dear to our hearts. Everything we have ever wanted to know about cridder hunt'n, ammo buy'n, gun bluing, stock shavin, pistol whipp'n, fatique strutt'n, gun sight’n, not to mention gun polish’n, we owe to Allan. We’ve never shot a gun, but feel totally prepared to defend our turf !!! All we need to do is buy some guns and ammo and shoot the crap outta sumpin. Do you know where we can find a pink 410 for Barbara? Seriously, Allan you are 70 years old and still full of piss and vinegar ( mostly cause your prostate don’t work) We are proud of you, and ok, Diane as well, for your example and willingness to the Lord. Blessings will come, but always in the Lords time. Keep the faith, stay the course, never give up, never surrender. We love you , and your dear wife, And will always consider you good friends( so don't say anything to piss us off, and we'll do likewise) Now get to the bathroom before bladder explodes. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! P.S. Buy the way I pretty much typed all this, Barbara is appalled by my love and out pouring to Allan | Kurt & Barbara Johnson

28: Dear Allan. Happy 70th birthday to our good friend ! May God bless you with wonderful times ahead. Your friendship has touched all of us. Cheers from Tore, Tess, Kristine Ann and Karen | Tore & Tess Ytterdal

29: We don’t know but we’ve been told Someone here is getting old Allan’s 70 today And we’re all here to shout HOoRaY! To Allan: You Sir, have had an awesome life Great children, grandkids, lovely wife To all of us it’s very clear These are the things you hold most dear A love of nature & all outdoors Camping, fishing, eating s’mores Shooting & restoring guns, Now that is your idea of ‘fun’ Your testimony of the Savior, strong & true Has always been a treasure to you To serve a mission, you couldn’t wait So off you went to the East Central States And then with Diane you fulfilled your dreams By serving two missions in the Philippines Now many in San Pablo & Cebu Enjoy the blessings of the gospel too! You’re an example to many, As a friend you are the best Thank you for showing us all How to live life with ‘zest’ And now as we finally come to the end We just want to say ‘Happy Birthday’ friend Take care, enjoy all that life has in store We wish you the best . . . Here’s to 70 more! Rick & Patty Telford | Rick & Patty Telford

30: Happy Birthday, Allan! Congratulations on reaching another milestone in your life! So many people's lives have been affected for good by you, we are but two of them. We saw firsthand your generous, caring heart when you financed medical care for sick Filipino children. We noted your craftsmanship as you repaired the broken carved Liahonas for the Mortimers. We grew from your testimony of the Gospel and Temple Work as you bore it in Church, but even more through your actions. We benefited from your gift of recognizing beauty in nature when you shared your photos of the flowers and butterflies of the Philippines. We learned from your vast knowledge in so many areas in our frequent talks together. The important information you gave us on how to get people married in the Philippines made it possible for Pablo and Gina to be married and baptized. We felt personally of your warm friendship and love living across the hall from you in the Patron House in Cebu, and during our several trips together. When you posed as our "Sacrifice" on the "altar table" in Bagio, we laughed together at your humor, but that was actually symbolic of your life--you are always doing for others. It is no wonder that so many love you and Diane. We treasure our association with you both. May you have many more years of happiness and health. With love, Larry and Mary Ward | Larry & Mary Ward

31: Happy Birthday you old man. The one good thing about being friends with you is that you will always be older than us. Just kidding. Thank you for your friendship and making me feel comfortable enough to be your second wife. It's great to have friends like you. We have had alot of good times over the 30+ years from dinners, to football games to parties. We have enjoyed sharing your mission experiences, good & bad, with you. I will never be as good as you at flying airplanes and rock chuck hunting. Celebrating the old year and welcoming in the New Year is a Great Tradition if we can stay awake long enough to do it. You have been Wonderful Friends, Neighbors, ward members that we have been fortunate enough to spend time with. All the Best and welcome to the Geriatric Age. Best Wishes Val and Mary | Val & Mary Carpenter

32: Allan, We wish you a Happy 70th Birthday! We have over 30 years of memories with you and your family as neighbors and friends. Our kids are friends and grew up together. When we think of Allan we think of a man with a strong testimony who has a great knowledge of the gospel and is a good teacher. He has a passion for missionary work. Many people have joined the church because of you. We have memories of working with Diane and you when you owned the wedding business. Many a Friday and Saturday night was spent traveling to a church to set up and take down a wedding. Lots of hard work. You have a compassionate side to you. I remember a time when you, Diane and Mary Carpenter came to our home and fixed a gate and boards on our fence with out our knowledge. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to a great friend. Love Ron and Marilyn | Ron & Marilyn Larson

33: "And in the end, it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years." Abraham Lincoln "There is still no cure for the common birthday." John Glenn We have a few memories of Allan in our "Memory Jar." We don't think there is any friendship in the world to compare to those friends who have raised their families together. Those exiting, busy, fun and sometimes trying years were shared with you - our great friends Allan and Diane Bringhurst. From the time you moved to Idaho Falls and into our ward, we were destined to be friends. We were all young married couples back then with young families. We often look back with thankfulness that we were "planted" in such a place as to have so many wonderful people in our lives. When we were young, we shared many fun Ward and community projects and activities. The Bishop and other leaders in the Ward asked you and Diane to head up all sorts of assignments - they knew that the work would get done and things would be perfect. That's where we would come in many times and work shoulder to shoulder to accomplish some great things. Things that made a difference in our lives. One particular project - a community project this time - was to build a float for the New Year's Light Parade. All your friends gathered to help - it was lots of work - but it was perfect! You have opened your home to many friends over the years, and we have shared so many fun evenings because of your hospitality - and we've also enjoyed such delicious food! The New Year's tradition started as a NY Eve at the Spa has continued because of you. So, we have partied together for more than 3 decades - even over the phone when you were so far away on your missions. When I went to work for the INL (Linda speaking), we both worked in the Willow Creek building - once in awhile we would be in the same place at the same time. You are so knowledgeable about so many things, and I always enjoyed our visits at work. Together, we have celebrated weddings of our children and births of our grandchildren. How quickly the new generations have come. Your family gatherings and parties have really added to our lives. You have set a wonderful example to all your friends and family as you've left your home to travel half way around the world to show your love by serving the Lord in the Philippines. It is very fun to hear of your many adventures with the people you served so valiantly - you should record your stories for us all. Hopefully, we will be able to follow in your footsteps soon. We always look forward to having religious discussions, your comments often open up an opportunity for reflection (an other way of thinking about things) - you have insight and are well versed. We have enjoyed hearing you speak in Sacrament meetings. And, I still have a copy of one of your talks that touched my heart. You are able to articulate your thoughts and testimony in a very special way. Happy Birthday! Thanks so much for letting us participate. We leave you with another true thought. | Dale & Linda Shearer

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