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Allison Rachel Aydelotte

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Allison Rachel Aydelotte - Page Text Content

S: Allison Rachel Aydelotte 1968-2013

BC: May 23, 1968 | January 15, 2013

FC: Allison Rachel Aydelotte 1968 - 2013

70: Artists Statement Two constants of my childhood were looking at photos of people, and coloring walls—with paint or crayon, or anything I could find. For hours, I would pore through family photos, piecing together some visual family tree and my take on the family’s emotional landscape. I also found connection in the photos of The Family of Man, and in Sally Mann’s family photos. The expressions struck me as so completely universal. This fascination with photographs was the beginning of my need to understand home, and place, and family history. I am English and Southern: My parents’ generation stretches from Memphis to northern England. My own roots are in the Midwest. Themes of family and place and belonging make their way into my art as faces and houses. I love the lines and emotional feel of really simple houses and roadside churches. I am fascinated with the ability of architecture to alter emotions, and to tell stories. Faces are more difficult for me - but I see them in a similar way, as telling stories in a way that words cannot. So those are the themes — home, longing, history, evolution, place. My experience with making art is that it seems to simplify what I experience as scattered emotions and feelings. As in - drawing a house can make me feel better.

74: Nyack House | Gonzales House | Bird On My Head | Freebird | Dream House | Blue House | Nyack House Polaroid | Nyack House Intaglio

75: Red House | Full Moon House | Nona's Quarters | Orange Roof | Purple House Pay Me No Mind | Green House | Silver Moat | Winter Church | Do Not Despair

76: Hanging Marian Out To Dry | Grayson | Aunt Grayson Blue Dot | Marian Dee | Louisiana House | Ink House | Marian To The Left | Marian Copper Plate

77: Face On Fire | Self Portrait '08 | Self Portrait in Pink | Third Generation | Allison Solar | Black Streak Across My Forehead | Cameron B&W

78: To Love is to Wake Up | Dark Ugly Face | Blue Face | Dee on White | Alastair Standing | Rach Turquoise | Rach Face | Rach Smoked | Long Faced Grandpa

79: Mesh Top | Uncle Dee is Canonized | Right in the Head | Let It Go | Dog Collar | Ginger Man | Gratitude Bethann Hardison | Green Man Innocence Project

80: Tissue Girl | Vera Farmiga Rachmaninoff | Dylan For Dawn | Wandering Eyes Big Lips | Nona's Foot | All Turned Around | Wake Up

81: Silver Crown | Bustier With Butterfly | Skirt Upside Down | Starry Front | Chanel Girl Swimsuit | Curtain | Puncture Green | Gray Skirt Shoes | Allison Rising

82: Green Torso | Carven Bra Sermon | Ink Lines Coat | Yellow Girl | Green Tights | Why So Sad

83: Red House | Girl SM | Family Cross | Self | Trust Your Mind | White Bustier

84: Collage | SMD Fischer Hall | Pie Plate | Mr. & Mrs.

85: Skirt With Yellow | Pink Linen Black Ink | Just Shoot Me Now | This is the Worst Part | Cross Grave | Quick Stop Funeral | Sit Tight | River of Sad | Yes Yes Yes

86: Thumbprint | Back Bend | Soaring Golden Chariot | Linen For The Homeless | Zendo Bored to Tears | Logo Pink & Blue

87: Dancer Notecard | Full Moon House | Reclining | "Grapefruit" | Green Letterpress | Root Letterpress | Pink Letterpress | Purple Letterpress | Silver Leg Letterpress

88: Letterpress Petticoats | Flowers | Invitation | Ode to Linen Couch | Petticoats Arthouse

89: Petticoat For a Large Waisted Girl

90: Helen Walker's Watercolor Butterfly Montages

91: The Claire Project

92: Burnish Raw | Broken Bridge | Porcelain Halo | Gold White Green | Sea Creatures | Bridge Street Design Logo | Letterpress Raw | Home Page

93: Bustier Crazed Glaze | You Might Be Surprised | Inflorescence | Grapefruit | Prokaryote | Absolutely Positively

94: Nona Enjoys Her Coffee | Finished Gramma | Gramma Apparition | Gramma Smoked | Two Grammas | Nona By The Window | Gramma Framed | Four Grammas | Gramma Tiles

95: Be Safe Tiles | Baby Dee | Nelumbo Unglazed | Stream | Orange Balloons | Be Free Be Safe | Be Well | Moo | Stalks

103: Wrap It In Gold | Cinder Puncture | Flotsam Concrete | Ha Ha

104: Linen Shirt | Pre-Existing Conditions | Cotton Balls | Beside Myself

105: Dance Like You're Black | Inmate Pen Request Form | Free Wireless For All | Free Razor Cuts

106: Big Mama | Southern Hospitality | Banana Pudding

107: Allison Aydelotte shared Veronica Espersen's status. December 31, 2012 Thanks, I couldn't have said it better: Let this coming year be better than all the others. Vow to do some of the things you've always wanted to do but couldn't find the time. Call up a forgotten friend. Drop an old grudge, and replace it with some pleasant memories. Vow not to make a promise you don't think you can keep. Walk tall, and smile more. You'll look ten years younger. Don't be afraid to say, 'I love you'. Say it again. They are the sweetest words in the world. Love ya all! Happy New Year! Allison | A beautiful woman with a beautiful spirit, gone too soon. Veronica Espersen | This is a picture I took of Allison our sophomore year at St. Olaf. She was my roommate that year. I remember that she helped me compose this photograph. I will miss her creative presence. Goodbye Allison. I am so sad you are gone. Beth Sawyer | So shocked and deeply sad to hear of the passing of my friend Allison. You had a wonderful laugh, a warm heart, great talent and style, and I will miss you. Be at peace. Peter DeBoer

108: Pretty, sweet Allison...the world can be tough on a tender soul. God bless you & your memory, your family and all of us who loved you. It's funny when little memories kick in -- having a chef salad at a restaurant in Iowa, and I'm back at Station 19 Restaurant, making salads & milkshakes with Allison... first job out of college... it was so hot back there & the bartenders would bring us huge pitchers of ice water with lemon slices in it. That cold water made us so happy! Laura Weinberg | Still hard to believe that she is gone. She was so proud of this project. We even worked on a fund raising plan to make this happen. Shir Laves

109: I've been having a difficult morning, remembering all of the wonderful things Allison did around my home to help out. That's just how she was. She thrived on helping people get started with projects, and creative endeavors. She was very young and a wonderful, kind giving person. Not to mention an extremely creative, talented artist. I miss her so much and wish things were different. This is one of Allison's tile works that I fell in love with, and it will forever remain the star attraction on my plant stand. Sheri Biggs | Dear Allison, we were friends for a short period of time, and I hardly knew you. News of your death was a shock! You were beautiful, and very friendly. May you rest in peace, sweetie. And may we resume our friendship in the next life. I knew from the moment I met you, you were special. Keith King | My dear Allison - I am deeply saddened to know that your wonderful laugh and smile is no longer gracing the world. Although you have passed on, I will look at your artwork, the Neanderthal, your beautiful Grandmother, and the couple every day and think of you. I will miss you, and hope that you have found peace. Jennifer Gorenstein

110: Missing an old friend from grad school who has passed from this world too soon. This sunset shot was taken at the end of day pursuing fossil treasures in order that ancient artifacts of life might give meaning to what lives today. This photo is now such an artifact that will remind me to cherish the meaning Allison brought to my life and Kendra's. David P. Craig | Allison - In my last message to you I wrote, "Hi A - Glad to hear you taking care of yourself. Sometimes that's all you can do....make good choices for yourself one day at a time, knowing that no decision has to be forever. Love seeing the art you are creating and promoting - thanks for sharing it with me." I wish I had repeated my love and support for you every day - because you deserved it. I'm so sorry to know you are gone from this world. Kendra Mingo

111: We were sorry to hear of Allison's passing. We remember her fondly during our days at St. Olaf. We hope she is at peace. With deepest sympathy. Sue Hee Sung Tony Sachs Pete Carlsson | I've loved you Allison. May you finally find the peace and ease you couldn't here in life. Monica Poss | I first met Allison at Wildflower when she helped me register for my baby. I then met her over and over again through different channels and we realized we were meant to be friends. Susan Tietz Gammage | Be Free Bright Talented Soul Jennifer Coombe | Sad and startled to hear about my friend Allison Erik Hammen

112: Remembering Allison Allison moved to the Chicago North Shore when she was in middle school, a year younger than me. I met her at the youth group of my church. My buddies and I were impressed with her friendly demeanor, her large and sincere eyes, her beautiful smile, and her long flowing red hair. My best friend Wes and I invited her and another girl in our class to a party in the basement of my parents’ house. Wes “liked” Allison, but he told me that he “liked” the other girl because he knew that I “liked” Allison too. I found this out later, and I was much impressed with his loyalty and care for me. That was the first lesson about friendship that I gained that night. | At the party I was very nervous around Allison and could hardly talk with her. I remember at some point holding her hand, which was thrilling yet strange. I remember thinking to myself, “Why am I holding this girl’s hand? I don’t know anything about her except that she is cute and nice, and that I think she likes me too because she is still holding my hand, but I can’t even talk to her about anything meaningful like I talk to my friends. We are just sitting here tongue-tied and holding hands.” After that night I decided to forego the whole nerve-racking idea of chasing girls and decided to simply to focus on making good friendships. Later I realized that good friendships could lead to good relationships, and so I guess that was the second lesson about friendship that I gained that night. | Over time, Allison and I did get to know each other as we spent time together in the church youth group, attending retreats and other activities together. We found that we had similar tastes in art and music, and a shared love for nature. I got to know her irrepressible curiosity and her joy at small expressions of creativity. I marveled at her generosity of spirit, her open mind, and her easy acceptance of others. We would talk for hours about people, about literature and movies, and about the world around us.

113: We realized we had similar desires to explore and learn about the world and our place in it. We started hanging out more together and finding ways to discover life. Tiring of suburbia, we would head to Chicago to see what was there. I remember our delight when we found the No Exit Café, one of the oldest performance coffeehouses in the country, with its chess sets and bookshelves, tiny stage, and rickety tables and chairs. Mind you, this was the time before the ubiquity of Starbucks, so the discovery of a place devoted to coffee and culture was quite revolutionary to our starry eyes. | We headed different directions after high school with me heading south to the University of Illinois and Allison heading north to St. Olaf College, but we would keep in touch through letters and drawings, and then continue to explore Chicago when we were back to visit our parents. Eventually, we lost touch as I headed out to California | One hot summer night, on a whim, we dragged sleeping bags out to a local golf course and spent the night there under the stars talking, and waking up the next day to dew on our faces, feeling both drenched and refreshed. | and she moved to Colorado and then Texas, but we reconnected a couple years back on Facebook and I delighted to see her art online. I wish I could be there with all of you to hear your reminiscences of these times of her life, and about how she touched your lives as surely as she touched mine. Eric “EKS” Shang

114: The only thing tolerable about grief is that it comes in waves. The phases of denial help, too. God bless Allison and our memories of her friendship with each of us. For my dear, dear Allison and all who love and miss her so deeply already. | Let Evening Come Let the light of late afternoon shine through chinks in the barn, moving up the bales as the sun moves down. Let the cricket take up chafing as a woman takes up her needles and her yarn. Let evening come. Let dew collect on the hoe abandoned in long grass. Let the stars appear and the moon disclose her silver horn. Let the fox go back to its sandy den. Let the wind die down. Let the shed go black inside. Let evening come. To the bottle in the ditch, to the scoop in the oats, to air in the lung let evening come. Let it come, as it will, and don't be afraid. God does not leave us comfortless, so let evening come. - Jane Kenyon | Jeanine Holden

115: Dear, sweet Allison, I am so sad to find you gone only now, so long after you have passed. I am so glad to have shared New Year's Eve with you...and sorry that we did not connect in person after. I pray you have finally found peace. Your friend, Carl Lindemann | My favorite picture of Allison from around 1993 when we were in graduate school in Boulder together. This was taken when we were in Wyoming on a fossil dig. I think we called it Babes in the Quarry and Allison thought it was so reminiscent of Ruben that she took our faces and pasted them on a picture of a Ruben painting. Still have the framed picture and it still makes me smile, now with melancholy mixed it. Cheryl McCutchan

116: I was struck by your death, May you rest in peace my gifted friend. Sharon De Koning Kessel | miss you... Anthony Maddaloni | In Sympathy - Katie Conlon Fasselius Liz Conlon Charlie Conlon | We had good times the last time we spent together. I wish I would have spoken with her more at my party. Jen Guidry | Alison was my freshman roommate - I am so sad to hear of her too, too early death. Rest, sweet soul. Sarah Corzatt Richardson

117: June 2010 - when Allison and I drove around as many backroads in the Texas Hill Country AND tried to swim in as many creeks and rivers as we could before the sun went down. We turned off a county road and onto some gravel and got out and went walking, she was ahead of me and I was looking at some buzzards and broken trees... I remember the reason I took photographs - it's because she was beautiful, regardless of being in motion or standing still.... I really miss her right now~ Ed Hattaway | I do believe Alli knew I wanted the best for her, and for her to be happy. We did have some happy and fun times. Allison and I went to my sister’s together once. We went sailing and skinny dipping and had a ball. If you happen to run across a photograph of an old, fat lady with swim goggles on making a funny face, I would love to have a copy. It's me. It would remind me of how much fun we had that day. Stacey Benson | Road tripped with Allison a couple of years ago to New Mexico. Picked Apricots and soaked in some spa time. Dara Paprock

118: Our siblings. They resemble us just enough to make all their differences confusing, and no matter what we choose to make of this, we are cast in relation to them our whole lives long. Our brothers and sisters are there with us from the dawn of our personal stories to the inevitable dusk. ~Susan Scarf Merrell John-Mark Aydelotte Marian Walker

119: Austin, Texas - February 15, 2013

120: April 1, 2013 St. Mark's Lutheran Church Asheville, North Carolina

121: James & Margaret Aydelotte | Helen Walker Janet & John Seaton Gillian Seaton David Seaton Richard Seaton Elizabeth Ascanio | At His Easter Tide In Loving Memory of Allison Our special thoughts and prayers are with you all. Much Love,

122: With All Our Love and Sympathy Marian Walker & Gary Conlon | We Miss You Allison... Beth (Waid), Randy Karin & Riley Prince

129: Chincoteague Island, Virginia

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