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Amanda's 28th Birthday Final

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S: Amanda sadler: Feeling Great at 28 ..February 7, 2011..

FC: Feeling Great At 28 | Created by your loving friends and family

1: HAPPY 28th BIRTHDAY | February 7, 2011 | Famous People born on February 7th: 1804 John Deere 1812 Charles Dickens 1817 Fredrick Douglas 1867 Laura Ingalls Wilder 1908 Buster Crabbe 1960 James Spader 1965 Chris Rock 1964 Garth Brooks 1978 Ashton Kutcher 1983 Amanda Lee Sadler | On This Day in History: 1831 Belgium adopts it's Constitution 1904 The Great Baltimore Fire destroys 70 city blocks. 1964 The Beatles arrive on their first visit to the USA. 1940 - Walt Disney's "Pinocchio," premieres (NYC) 1942 - 1st indoor 15' pole vault (Cornelius Warmerdam 15' 3/8") 1970 "Hollywood Palace," last airs on ABC TV 1971 Women gain the right to vote in Switzerland. 1974 Mel Brooks' "Blazing Saddles" opens in movie theaters 1982 - Joanne Carner wins Elizabeth Arden Golf Classic 1982 Luis A Monge elected pres of Costa Rica 1984 Michael Jackson awarded a 4-ft-high platinum disc by CBS 1985 "New York, New York" became the official anthem of NYC

4: Caring

5: Beautiful

6: MY SISTER AMANDA Growing up with Amanda was an adventure. Like most big sisters, she was in charge. Luckily, she almost never abused the position Actually, upon second thought, I have many memories of stopping whatever I was doing to get her a glass of water or to make her a sandwich. To this day I am not sure how she got me to do it. Amanda has always had a way with words. Her talent for language along with her creative spirit led to a childhood full of performing in plays, movies, and infomercials. Who could forget her show stopping performance of “High Chair” or her ground breaking role as Jack’s mother in Jack and the Neighbors Tree? Even at a very young age Amanda showed a great commitment to her craft when she hesitated to stop our performance of Snow White while our mother was literally on fire in the kitchen. Amanda is a wonderful and dedicated person. I have been blessed to have such a creative and hilarious sister and best friend. -Leslie

7: The Tale of Amanda Long ago, in 1983, A special girl was born, Amanda Lee. With her came a blizzard and snow by the foot Who would help us we feared, if she was not very good. In the early days, she put up a fight And would cry and cry until held just right. But she quickly learned, as days went by, That her precious smile had more sway than a cry. She loved to be read to and soon learned to read Taking stacks of books to the potty while doing the deed. She knew what she liked but would always agree To listen to others and not say, “me, me.” Kids all loved her style and her pleasant way They listened intently when she directed her plays. With both Amanda and Leslie, I know I have won, Because whenever together, they still have such fun. Amanda continues to smile, read and please (I apologize for the tearful skating scrape to her knees.) I wouldn’t want her to be any different, not ever She’s beautiful and smart and my little girl forever. Love, Dad

8: "Families are like fudge ... mostly sweet with a few nuts." | Amanda you have always been a wonderful and kind person I could look up to!! You are my favorite cards partner "Raised Eyebrows." You let me follow you around and be your "Baby Amanda." You are not only a cousin, but a true friend. I love you very much -Tara | Me: "the spring of my freshman year of high school I was performing in the end of semester chorus concert. While performing the final number all I could focus on was my cousins Amanda and Leslie in the audience. As hard as I tried not to look at them, that's all I did. I laughed. I laughed hard during the performance. As much as I didn't want to I laughed. I was so mad that they were in the audience trying to make me laugh. However at the same time I was so excited that they were there and very happy that they were into the performance. Love them so much. Love love. Lauren

9: Once Upon a Time in a Land Far Away Once upon a time in a land far, far away a little girl named Amanda was born. Her parents marveled at her beauty and her sweet disposition. As she grew, her mother often wondered why she had been blessed with such a sweet child. Amanda’s demeanor was pleasant and loving. Her kindness and goodness were unmatched. She was quick to learn and very pleasing to behold. As time passed, she continued to be a cheerful, joyous child – but still a puzzle to her mother who often pondered why she had received such a wonderful gift from God. Amanda never refused to help around the house nor did she demand the things that most children do – clothes, toys, games. In fact, she was so generous that she agreed to give toys to the local homeless shelter for her birthday. What a kind and sensitive child! And even at Christmas when she received a “recycled” Barbie House (that fell apart the first time she touched it), Amanda never threw a tantrum or insisted on more than what she received. But one day, a day not much different than others, Amanda’s tolerance was tested. It was one of the worst days of her life – the day she had to ride a bus to high school. Not having been a selfish child herself, she could not anticipate how rude and inconsiderate other children could be. As she boarded the bus, she looked for a friendly face in the crowd. She slowly walked down the aisle, hoping against hope, that she would see someone she knew or at least an empty space where she could sit quietly with her thoughts. But there was none to be found. The bus driver urged her to find a seat quickly and all eyes were upon her. A sense of panic set in as she realized her only option might be to sit on the floor. Finally, young Jeremy Morrow slid over in his seat and signaled to Amanda to sit with him – a true knight in shining armor. But the damage was done. Resolute in her stance, she arrived home that evening announcing that she would never ride the bus again. Surprised by the adamant tone in her voice, her mother tried to reason and then cajole her into changing her mind. But Amanda, fierce in her conviction, ranted “I will never go to school again if I have to ride that bus.” Then her eyes welled up and a single tear streamed down her cheek. As her mother witnessed Amanda’s meltdown, a smile crept across her face. It was the smile of a mother who finally saw a little hint of herself in her daughter – not often exposed but deep within her lay (or is it lie) a stubborn streak that would not be countermanded. Early the next morning, Amanda’s mom chauffeured her to school and she never set foot on another school bus. E - DEN -Mom | Mom | I remember when Amanda met Leslie for the first time at the hospital she said, "Very nice to meet you. I'm Amanda, I'm your sister." -Gma.

10: Dearest Amanda, Well, it's that time of year again. Your same-aged peers have become entirely too jealous of your glamourous and exciting year, and have forced you to have another birthday. I'm confident that in the next 365 days, you will make similar progress towards awesomeness (although I predict the year after that it will take you an extra day for some reason). I've come to look forward to our sporadic dinners together, and hope that in your 28th year we can aspire to have them more often. I also hope that in your 28th year you will not suffer any unexpected run bys! Congrats on an excellent year, and best wishes for the next. Love, Charles

11: I’m having a really hard time picking just one story for Amanda! Plus, I tend to have a terrible memory, while Amanda’s is pretty good, so I’m pretty sure any story I’d write would have all kinds of holes and errors, and the whole time Amanda was reading it she’d be thinking “That’s not how it happened!” or mentally filling in the details I left out. So, rather than tell one story, I figured I would give some highlights from my and Amanda’s friendship: When we were about 7 years old, and on the same soccer team with my dad as the coach! See, I can’t remember the name right now - terrible memory! This was foreshadowing all of our fun times on the Westlake Soccer team. Writing “Lunch! The Musical” during our senior year lunch downtimes, during which we’d occasionally hang out will Jeff Yohe (is that how he’d spell his name?) and he’d pretend to be all dark and depressed and tortured, but he really loved our songs about finding love in the lunchroom and a cafeteria cook who was obsessed with his spicy bratwurst. BOOM BOOM BOOM go Fudge’s footsteps across Amanda’s kitchen floor, cracking the basement ceiling and raining bits of plaster on us as we huddle, terrified of impending collapse, under the ping pong table. (RIP Fudge) Marathon games of Catch Phrase and Questions and other improve games with our DI group, during which Sara Muncy would inevitably manage to steer the conversation to tampons. Speaking of DI, our great performance where the tube fell out of Cheryl’s beach ball stomach, forcing Mike to bend over and blow it up with his mouth, completely changing the tone of the performance! I still think we would have won our trip to Iowa if everything had worked right. You know, Everybody’s pretty upset today. I wonder why Everybody is crying? Maybe Everybody will be cheered up by the story Everybody Else is loudly telling. And again speaking of DI, our not-so-great performance starring Mike Manshesahe and his/her’s adventures on Dudeless Island. We put about a quarter of the effort into this one, but still came out in second place! I think everyone from our Senior year Spanish class knows all they care to know about nuestros nalgas. Our trip to New York to see “Naked Boys Singing. We both expected that to not really be a literal title, but in fact the show turned out to feature two hours of naked boys on stage, singing. -Chelsea

12: “You make me want to VOMIT in a TOWEL on a BOAT!!” - (Sung to the tune of “La La” by Ashlee Simpson) What a great time in the Bahamas! Especially when we decided to go snorkeling and I thought I was a swimming pro and decided to snorkel without a life jacket. Little did I know I was not a swimming pro and struggled to swim in the choppy water and was breathing heavily into the snorkel. It was such a relief when I got out of the water that I passed out! Good thing Mary Lee was there to shake my head awake. The rest of the group continued to snorkel while the Snorkel instructor taught me about not sinning and letting Jesus into my life. After all the excitement my stomach still didn’t like the boat rocking so much that it made me want vomit in a towel on a boat Happy Birthday soul mate! Thanks for being there for me at land and at sea!! Love you! -Michele

13: Ahhh!!! It's a Rohry! | Where to begin. There aren’t going to be a lot of memories that don’t involve some crazy party we had because we had most at good old Smithy Square. 1. The night we went to comedy club in Baltimore from Erin’s house but we had just watched “Waiting” and everyone (Rohry, Rusty, Eric, Dave) were playing the penis showing game and we got a hold of Julie’s camera and started leaving some gem’s on there. That’s a fond one J 2. The countless photo shoots complete with “What’s my motivation” action shots, at Halloween in the summer, the Christmas parties, Real Halloween, New Years, Memorial Day, The Mustachio Bashio’s and any other reason we came up with to have people over into that basement of an apartment. 3. La Plaza Tapatia. When I first met/heard Salib’s name and we broke into Salib Navi Da. I had the burrito and a Dos Equis, Amanda had the quesadilla and a margarita, Rusty got drunk (The details on this one may not be exact.) 4. The first time I found out Amanda could play piano and found a songbook with Meatloaf in it and she nailed it and I cried cause it was the coolest thing I have ever seen. 5. The old days of Green Street when it was just Amanda, Julie and I watching top chef late at night and all of us not moving to actually good anything. I learned a lot about life back then. 6. Supreme Pizza Pasta Salad..need I say more? -Rohry

14: To the most Amanda-est of the Amandas I know... I am so glad to have been able to wish you Happy Birthday for the past 10 years and I can't wait to wish you Happy Birthday for 10 more! But no more than 10... so choose them wisely. Happy 28th Birthday!! Love, Julie | AMANDA SADLER!!!! O' how time fly.. It seems like just yesterday I was moving in to St. Martins. Rooming with this girl I barley knew. "That girl" is now one of my closest dearest friends (and will always be the best roommate ever!!). Together, we've been through good times and bad. Had many laughs and some tears as well. I miss out late night chats and karaoke before bed. Hard to believe at one point you couldn't get me to talk, because now you can't shut me up (how things To "that girl", "best roommate ever", and dearest friend, A.K.A....... AMANDA SADLER.............. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Love~ERIN HART~

15: Happy Birthday beautiful lady! You are super sweet and funny and it's been wonderful to get to know you over the years. Thank you for welcoming me into the friendship circle with open arms and for putting up with Salib's other girlfriend, Big Red, for so many years! I'm glad our boyfriends are best friends. We are lucky ladies : ) But they hit the jackpot too! Here's to a great year full of all the fun, love, and laughs you deserve. -xoxo Chrissy | My first memory of Amanda is freshman year hanging out in Nanticoke Hall with Her, Michelle, Gab, and Julie. I remember thinking that this is the first group people I met in college that seemed to be truly honest and nice. They were all very friendly and made freshman year of college great. The second early memory of Amanda is when her, Julie, and I took a road trip to New Jersey to visit Gab. That was the first time that I met Amanda's mom and I remember thinking that they were very similar (in a good way). I remember the many dinners that we ate in the commons, and the many times that the group, which expanded to include many more people, just hung out. Amanda you have always been a very nice, honest, and genuine friend and I wish you have a great 28th Birthday! -Eric P.S. I can remember freshman year like it is yesterday it is crazy it has been 10 years

16: Amanda Panda!! I missed you all the way across the Pacific Ocean and wish you a very sweet birthday Love Ya | "Amandapanda, you're my favorite Amanda....and I know at least 3 Amandas....maybe more if you count random childhood friends :). Do not ever change." -Maxwell | You are the best student in the history of Salisbury University and any university ever! Love, J DUD

17: Ahhh!!! It's a Rohry! | My Dearest Mary Sue Bobby Jo Ann, Salib tells me the anniversary of your birth is upon us once again. I thought about just sending you the best card ever again (you can never have too many big paper pickles, right?!), but then he told me about this memory book, and I was all, "Hey! I have a memory! Surely, I can contribute." I remember when we met in 3rd grade reading group. You were quiet; I was weird (SO glad I now hold books like a regular human being!), but we bonded. We took our friendship to 4th grade, which may have been my fave year with you. From Ringy Dingy, Inc., to weekly sleepovers, to anchoring AK News, we never lacked humor and creative outlets. In 5th grade we continued to have fun, wearing the same dresses from the Gap to the Kennedy Center (can you say ugly? The dresses, not the Kennedy Center), car pooling to school with "Shiny Happy People" playing in Grandma Kimmey's mauve station wagon with wood paneling (!), and ruling school as Safety Patrollers (think how many lives we saved!). And the summers between our elementary school years were the best! Going to the community pool, riding bikes, "inventing" new sports in your backyard (I think we combined soccer and hockey to make sockey), playing Mastermind and making up our own America's Funniest Home Videos. Good times. Then we went off to middle school. The first day we wore matching Looney Tunes high tops. Nice. We had most of the same classes - Pre-Algebra (or, as I like to call it, flicking-rubber-bands-over-the-partitions class), Social Studies with the oblivious Ms. Dashelle, who somehow never heard me talking and never saw us cheating on our tests FROM ACROSS THE ROOM (in case your kids ever read this: don't cheat kids, cheaters never win, and winners never cheat, and I am still haunted NIGHTLY by my poor decisions in the 6th grade), and OM! My only year of OM, and we created a musical bathroom (of course we did, bathroom humor was never lacking in our friendship), for which we received Honorable Mention, if memory serves me right. That was also the year you sat by me on my first awkward "date" (seriously?! I cannot even BELIEVE my parents let me go see a movie called "French Kiss" with my 12-yr-old boyfriend. My girls aren't dating until they are 20.). We ashamedly wore our first bras that year, terrified to change clothes for gym in front of the other girls. Lots of big milestones, for sure. After 6th grade, your parents built a new house across town, taking you away to a different middle school, and my dad got a new job across the country, taking me away to California. SAD. It was a rough transition for me, but, luckily, Al Gore invented the internet around that time, and we were able to keep in touch by email and AOL Instant Messenger on our dial-up connections. It was not the same as it would have been if we had continued to grow up together, but it was better than nothing. And I am SO glad we DID keep in touch. Your parents flew me out to surprise you for your birthday in 8th grade, and I visited again in 10th grade, I believe. I came back to D.C. in May, 2004, to visit Meg, and we got to hang out then, too. But the crown jewel was when you and your family came to Memphis for my wedding in November, 2004. I am still thankful you all were able to come, and you being a bridesmaid was very special to me. I am not who I am today without my past, and you are a bright spot in my childhood. Thanks for that. Hope this little trip down memory lane is as good for you as it was for me! Have the happiest of birthdays, friend. Love, Maybelle Levatino

18: 7 reasons why Amanda Sadler is Awesome By Mike Yoler 1. She is welcoming. I remember one of the first times I met Amanda; I watched the lost season 2 finale and passed out on her bed. She didn't even kick me out. 2. She is searching for a better tomorrow. I enjoy talking to Amanda while at work where we both don't really enjoy our jobs. its nice to complain together. Misery loves company. 3. She is a great planner. It was amazing having Amanda come visit me in Egypt. Thanks to her amazing planning we got to see everything I saw there in my seven months in less than two weeks. 4. She is a great thespian. I love how Amanda fills in when a member of Y-Unit is missing 5. She is a realist. I find it really funny how much Amanda hates time travel. In fact I am going to go back in time to when she was a baby and get her to believe in it. 6. She is a great "sibling." I know that Amanda has a younger sister but I often feel like her little brother. 7. She is full of compassion. Last year when our family was going through a very difficult time it was really great to have Amanda around. Her love and care really helped us get through it. Her bright smile, support and kindness made it a little easier to get through the day. | Amanda, just wanted to wish you a Happy Bday and I hope all your wishes come true. Enjoy your day and party it up! Sincerely, Denis | Happy birthday Amanda! I often wait with bated breath for your witty email responses. Keep up the good work. -Aaron

19: Happy Birthday Amanda! Thanks for being such an awesome girl and friend and girlfriend to Salib. We've had so many fun experiences together. Like remember that one time when we left home and met the rest of the guys in a corn field and got chased away by Mr. Grumpy pants and then we had to hide from some black guy on an evil horse? Then later that night we went to a bar and you turned invisible and we met that good looking man with a beard, Stra- Stri- Sl- Slater?! And it turned out that the black guy on the evil horse was after the ring that you put on to make you invisible. So we had to go on a year and a half journey through swamps, evil woods, demon caves, and fight orches, trolls, giant elephants, and wizards when we were just suppose to be taking a 20 minute walk. And remember I saved you from that autistic troll in the volcano after he bit off your finger to get that ring and you accidently dropped it in the volcano? I bet you still can't get over that, I promise to find you another ring if you want. So finally when we arrived home everyone threw us a huge party and that chick from broom carving asked me out and we got married the next day. And asked you to be my best ma-... Wait a second. That wasn't you. I was thinking of my buddy Mike Meyers. So embarrasing. Anyway, Happy! Love, Alex

20: Happy Birthday Amanda! We're so glad that we had the opportunity to meet and get to know such a wonderful person! You're the only girl generous and sweet enough to match the person we all know Salib to be. We've shared so many wonderful memories with the two of you. Vacations in Ocean City, convincing the boys to go skinny dipping while we stole their clothes and ran back to the house! Our trip to Vegas, the amazing dinner at Emeril's and the extremely entertaining/awkward experience of Zumanity! You've been such a supportive friend to all of us at some point and we're all so lucky to know you! You're a wonderful person who deserves wonderful things out of life and we just know they'll happen for you! We hope we get to celebrate with you soon! Happy 28th Birthday! Love always, Emily and Sean | most of the times that I saw Amanda was during gathering at our apartment. She always brings a bit of joy where ever she goes. - Rusty

21: Amanda! Happy birthday and it's gonna be great seeing you again this year at DCU! It's always great seeing you at the home games! -Sam | Amanda, I wish you a very happy birthday and many more to come!! In high school you were an excellent student and a great friend and I know that now you have reached even greater heights. Please give my regards to your mom and sister. Keep in touch. Sincerely, Sumeet Davé | I really meet Amanda my sophomore of college and she was always a real awesome person to hang out with. I got to know her really well when started to “date” my roommate/co-RA Salib. Ever since then she has always be a really great friend and has always had the ability to laugh and my jokes, no matter hope corny. Thank you for your friendship, it has meant a lot. Happy Birthday! -Dave | A short friendship poem for you.....Amanda Amanda, you play good pian-uh, your personality is so colorful, unlike a panda, as the seasons keep changing, and we keep growing up, I still to this day wish I could touch Salibs butt, but no, your the one who is giving him the love, and the smiles that follow the warmth of a hug, buurrr it's a chilly birthday for a one special friend, but don't ever forget it's a friendship that won't end. Happy Birthday Amanda!!!! Yaaaaaayyy!!!! -Esteban | Happy Birthday Amanda. I hope you have a great day with your family and friends. I cant wait until we can all goto the United games together like old times -Oscar

24: This book is dedicated to my best friend

25: Amanda, I don't think I can put into words how special you are and how much you mean to me. We have been together through some amazing times. We have nearly traveled the globe together. Your thoughtfulness, kindness, and love towards me and my family have meant so much to me. Through the years you have not only been a wonderful girlfriend but you have become my best friend. I love you. Have a great 28! Love, Salib p.s. Because you are also my editor I apologize in advance for punctuation and grammatical errors

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