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Ancestor project (Copy)

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S: Doyle Spoonamore and LaVerne Wingert - Our Family Tree

BC: In Loving Memory of Doyle and LaVerne Spoonamore. They were married 49 years, 5 months and 4 days.

FC: October 6th, 1939 | Doyle and LaVerne Spoonamore

1: The Spoonamore Family | This book is dedicated to our parents, Doyle and LaVerne Spoonamore. It's their story. It's a pictorial of their lives, their ancestors and their descendants. It's a book of memories and family history. It is a remembrance. They are loved and will forever be missed. | Doyle, LaVerne, Patty, Karen, Bobbie, and Rick

2: Doyle Richard Spoonamore | Charles Wylie Spoonamore | Maude Elinor Campbell | Charles Miller Spoonamore | Mary Jane Moberly | Elizabeth Cordelia Hale | Socrates Andrew Campbell

3: Audra LaVerne Wingert | William Tecumseh Sherman Wingert | Elizabeth Bell Dyer | Zachariah Taylor Dyer | Victoria Catherine Tate | John Wingert | Charlotte Wagner | Ancestors

4: Proud Parents | Mom and Dad were the proud parents of 5 children. Their 3rd child, Doyle, Jr, was full term but, sadly, mom had toxemia and he lived only a few hours after birth. There is almost 18 years between their first child, Bobbie, and their fifth child, Karen. | Bobbie Jeanne January 31, 1942 | Patricia Ann March 6, 1945

5: Richard Doyle March 18, 1950 | Karen Kay October 12, 1959 | Descendants

6: Grandpa & | Grandma

7: Doyle Michael 5/24/1960 | Eric Todd 11/25/62 | Michelle Jeanne 9/23/61 | Joshua Ryan 9/22/82 | David Lee 10/28/64 | Jon Daniel 11/27/65 | Kevin Doyle 5/24/ 74 | Keaton Vaun 8/26/87 | Dana Ann 7/ 19 / 70 | Bobbie | Patty | Karen

8: Great-Grandparents | Their 1st was Megan born in '85. She is the only one Dad knew. Ayla was born almost 100 years after Mom in 2017. She is the only one that Mom did not meet. | (so far) May 2017

9: Austin Lee Doyle 1/12/ 90 | Andrew Ryan 4/30/92 | Matthew Alan 5/31/91 | Zachary Alan 12/19/94 | Kyle Edward 9/27/97 | Kayla Denise 9/11/95 | Megan Rachelle 6/26/85 | Michelle | David | Kevin | Grandma Bobbie | Grandma Patty | Ayla Lee 1/20/17 | Great Grandma Patty with Kayla's daughter,Hadley born 9/6/16 | Dana | Grammy Karen | Keaton

10: to | Johann Friedrich Sponheimer 1698 - 1771 born May 26,1698 in Monzingen,Germany Married on April 26,1729 to: Anna Elisabeth Weiner 1709 - 1786 | Anna Apollonia 1733 Johann Philip 1735 Maria Elisabeth 1738 Barbara 1740 | Their children: | Johann Friedrich Sponheimer along with his wife and four children arrived in Philadelphia from Sponheim, Germany in the fall of 1748. Within days of arriving he changed his name to Sponemer and rendered the required oath of allegiance to Great Britain at the Philadelphia courthouse. They resided in Rockhill Township, Bucks County, Pennsylvania for the remainder of their lives. Both are in the old churchyard cemetery of the Tohickon Union Church where their tombstones are still standing and legible today. | The Sponheimer Kindred

11: Anna Margaret 1759 Elizabeth 1761 Frederick 1765 John 1768 Philip 1771 Henry 1775 Adam 1777 Jacob 1778 | Johann Philip Sponemer 1735-1806 Married in 1758 to Mary Magdalene Jorg | Their children: | Their son, John Philip Sponemer married in 1758. He and his wife Mary Magdelene had 8 children. Sometime around 1768 Philip and his family moved from eastern Pennsylvania to Maryland. Nobody seems to know why, in 1778, they headed for the wilderness of Kentucky. In 1789 he purchased 125 acres of land in Lincoln County for 15 pounds. He lived here until his death in 1806 | from

12: Adam Spoonamore 1777-1822 Married September 2,1801 to: Nancy Ruffner born in 1785 | Sary 1804 John 1806 David 1810 Mary Ann 1812 Nancy 1817 Samuel 1818 Eliza 1819 George 1820 Ada, 1822 | Their Children: | to | Sponheimer | Family

13: David Smith Spoonamore September 24,1810 - October 7,1887 Married April 3,1834 to: Mary (Polly) Sartain October 1,1817 - June 2,1896 | Elijah 1840 John Zachariah 1848 Sarah Belle 1851 Rebecca 1856 Charles Miller 1859 | Their Children: | A | Adam Spoonamore was born in 1777 in Maryland. He married Nancy Ruffner in 1801. They were the parents of 9 children. Adam purchased 180 acres of land in Lincoln County on the Dix River in 1817. This land was later divided among his 9 heirs. David was born in September of 1810. He married Mary (Polly) Sartain in April of 1834. They had 5 children and lived in Lincoln County all of their lives. They are buried at Buffalo Springs Cemetery Lincoln County, Kentucky.

14: Charles Miller Spoonamore March 18,1859 - December 6,1936 Married May 18,1882 to: Eliza Jane (Jennie) Moberly June9,1862 - July 17,1941 | Mary 1883 David Lewis 1885 Eliza M. 1888 Margaret B. 1891 Lucile J. 1893 Anna M. 1895 Charles Wylie 1898 | Charles Miller Spoonamore age 33, 1892 | Their Children: | Charles Miller Spoonamore was born in Kentucky on March 18, 1859. He married Eliza Jane Moberly in 1882 and they had 7 children. Both died in Labette County, Kansas but we're unsure of what brought them there.

15: Family homestead in Kentucky of Charles Miller Spoonamore before Grandpa is born. Below: Charles Miller and Jennie | The C.M. Spoonamore Family. Charles and Jennie are seated in front in both photos. Above: Grandpa is on the left. Below: Grandpa and Grandma are standing directly behind his parents.

16: June 19,1898 - April 27, 1981 | Charles Wylie Spoonamore | GRANDPA

17: Charles Wylie was the youngest child of Charles M. and Jennie. He was born in Pilot Point, TX in 1898. He married Maude Elenor Campbell on November 26,1918. This photo is one of very few taken of them as a family. Unfortunately, ,with his fidelity in question, they were divorced in 1932. Dad was only 11 years old and his youngest sister, Mary Lou, was only 2 at the time, leaving his mother with four children to care for on her own. | Grandpa and Grandma Spoonamore with their 3 children around 1928. From left: Grandpa, Uncle Bud, Dad, Grandma and Aunt Betty in front.

18: Charles Wiley Spoonamore 1940's - 1950's

19: Grandpa's sister Lucille , born in 1893. She was the only one of his siblings that we knew and she and Grandma remained close even after the divorce. We called her Aunt Dodo (Doodee) | Grandpa on the far right with 5 of his 6 siblings. Aunt Dodo is 3rd from right | Aunt Dodo's family: Aunt Dodo, Uncle Art, Max, Alberta, Albert (twins) | Aunt Dodo on the farm 1940's

20: Grandpa, Uncle Bud and Dad 1970's in Gosport, IN | Grandpa and Uncle Bud late 1940's | Uncle Bud, Lora, and Dad at Grandpa's funeral in 1981

21: We don't know much about Grandpa's life. We do know that he built banks in IN, MO, and KS and was not home much of the time. The girls were quite young when their parents divorced and did not see him much after that. Uncle Bud lived just doors down from him in Gosport, IN. We visited Gosport a few times when I was a child | Lora and Grandpa, 1970's | Grandpa with grand- daughters, Karen and Patty. | Grandpa with his granddaughter Karen and great grandson Mike 1970's

22: Maude Elinor Campbell Spoonamore | dob & dod | January 11,1895 January 27,1976 | GRANDMA

24: Socrates Andrew Campbell is the father of Maude Elinor. He was born in the mid 1800's and died in August of 1924. As far as we know, he and Elizabeth had 8 children, including 3 girls and 5 boys.

25: Elizabeth Cordelia Hill Campbell is the mother of Maude Elinor. She is seen here with her husband Socrates. She appears much younger than he and we guess her birth date to be in the 1870's. She died sometime in the early 1950's. | Grandma was born in Willow Springs, TX in January of 1895 They moved to Hardy, AR and then eventually to Mound Valley,KS where her father opened a Blacksmith shop

26: Grandma Campbell with her great-grandchildren, Carol Ann and Bobbie Jeanne in the summer of 1942 | Grandma Campbell with her 3 daughters and son-in-law and great- grand-daughter Karla

27: This photo dates around 1923. Far left is Grandpa Spoonamore with Aunt Betty and Dad in front of him. Grandma and Grandpa Campbell in the center with Grandma behind them. The others are likely Grandma Spoonamore's sisters and their family. | Four Generations | Three Generations | Move forward 25 years. Dad and Mom are on the far left, then Grandma with Aunt Mary Lou's baby. Uncle Carl and Aunt Betty behind her, Mary Lou with her other baby, and then Grandma Campbell next to Aunt Nell. The children from left are Patty, Rick, and some of the cousins. The boys in the striped shirts both died as children.

28: Charles Edwin 1920 | Doyle Richard 1921 | S | Grandma had 4 children, 17 grandchildren and too many great grandchildren to count

29: Betty Jane 1924 | Dad, Aunt Betty, Uncle Bud 1924 | S | Mary Louise 1935 | The baby buggy was long gone by the time Aunt MaryLou came along in 1930. This is the youngest photo we could find of her. She is about 5 years old here

30: Uncle Bud, 2, and Dad, 1, 1922 | Baby Doyle with his mischievous brother, Charles 1921 | children

31: Uncle Bud, Grandma, and Dad 1923 | From left: Dad at age 15, Betty, Grandma, Bud, and Mary Lou in front 1937 | Grandma Spoonamore | and | Uncle Bud, Cousin Carrol Clyde, Aunt Betty, Cousin Thelma Jean and Dad with Grandma 1924

32: Grandma and Patty 1945 | Bobbie, Patty, Grandma, Ronnie 1947 | Bobbie, Grandma and Patty 1945 | Grandma and Ronnie 1947 | These children are cousins. They belonged to Doyle and Betty. They lived in Kansas and grew up playing together | cousins

33: Bobbie, Ricky, Grandma, Karla, Patty and Ronnie, mid 1950's | Patty, Ronnie, Karla, Ricky, and Bobbie with Grandma 1952 | grandchildren | MaryLou's first 4 children with Grandma. Steven, LeeAnn, Michael and Charles

34: During the war, Grandma Spoonamore worked in Washington,DC. for the Department of the Navy. She and the gentleman with her were Deputy of Deeds

35: Washington, D.C. - 1940's | Grandma moved to DC in the late1930's. Aunt Betty was in her teens and Aunt MaryLou was about 10 when they moved. She's quite the city girl !!

36: Bobbie on the Capital steps. Sightseeing around DC

37: Having a great time visiting Mom and MaryLou here in Washington,DC. Wish you were here !!!! Love, Doyle and LaVerne | 1944 | Grandma's house in DC

38: Thanksgiving Day 1948 at Uncle Bud's house. From Left: Aunt Betty, Uncle Carl, Mom, Aunt MaryLou, Grandma, and Uncle Bud. Kids from left: Patty, Ronnie, Kenny and Bobbie. Below: Dad, Aunt Betty, Aunt MaryLou, Grandma, Uncle Bud | 1948

39: Grandma playing with the grandkids Patty, Ronnie, Grandma, Kenny and Bobbie | Bobbie,Ronnie, Patty and Kenny | COUSINS

40: Siblings | Grandma had 2 sisters and 5 brothers. Her 2 sisters are Nell and Zida. We don't have names for her brothers. The above photo was taken around 1918. It includes Grandma ( 3rd from right), her 2 sisters and 3 of her brothers

41: Grandma with her sisters, Nell and Zida.

42: Uncle Bud | Charles Edwin Spoonamore | March 15,1920 | November 9, 2000 | Bud was the oldest of Grandma's 4 children. He and Edie were married before the war. They raised 3 foster children, a set of twin girls, JimAnn and RoseAnn and a boy, Kenny. The twins were named after their parents who died in an accident. Their mother was Edie's sister. They farmed in the Gosport area, then later, Bud became supervisor at a TV parts plant. He liked to tease about being the boss of so many women. He worked with the Boy Scouts for many years. He had a wonderful sense of humor!! | 1930's | twins

43: Uncle Bud and Aunt Edie as I remember them in the 1970,s | 1930's

44: DAD | High School Graduation May 24, 1938

45: Richard Doyle Spoonamore | SEPTEMBER 11, 1921 -- MARCH 10, 1989 | Dad was born and raised in Oswego, KS. His parents divorced when he was 11 years old leaving he and Uncle Bud with much responsibility. At age 17 he became manager of the Wingert Produce Company and worked there for 4 1/2 years until a fire destroyed the business. Because of his family responsibilities, he didn't enter the army until 1945. He hurt his back and was discharged 15 months later. He worked as a mechanic for the Chevy dealer in Oswego after the war. His back still bothering him, he eventually took a desk job with Boeing in Wichita, KS. He worked for Boeing for 35 years, eventually becoming a buyer for them. Boeing moved him several times. Wichita KS, Minot ND, Fremont CA, back to Minot ND, Seattle WA, Glendale AZ, back to Seattle, Clearwater Beach FL, then back to Seattle where he retired. He battled emphysema for several years before he finally passed from the disease at the age of 67 in March of 1989 | Dad at age 1, age 2 1/2 and about 18 in his old truck

46: AUNT BETTY 1940's | Betty Jane Spoonamore Hellwig | Aunt Betty and Uncle Carl. 45th wedding anniversary and newspaper wedding photo 1980's | August 14,1923 - April 10, 2010

47: Hellwig Family: Aunt Betty, Uncle Carl, Ron, Mark, and Karla late 1960's | Grandma, Aunt Betty, her son Ron, with his daughter Heidi | Uncle Carl with baby Heidi | Four Generations | Uncle Carl at our house in Seattle 1980's | Aunt Betty and Karla around 2005

48: Ronald Dean | Mark Allen | Karla Jean | RON | KARLA | MARK

49: Aunt Betty and Uncle Carl were farmers. They lived just outside of Oswego, Kansas I have many fond memories of visiting the farm every summer. I'll never forget riding horses and Dad's saddle slipped. I heard cursing and looked over. Dad was still in the saddle hanging under the horse!! Patty lived near there as a child and spent much time with Ron and Karla growing up. | HELLWIG KIDS

51: Karla, John and Justin | This photo was taken at Karla's home in Pennsylvania. It was the occasion of Justin's confirmation. Virgil was Uncle Karl's right hand man and Justin's sponsor. | From left: Virgil, Karla's son, Jeremy, Uncle Carl, Aunt Betty, Karla's son, Justin, Karla | John was a combat artist in Vietnam and later worked as a graphic artist. His work led them to live in Pennsylvania. Many of his paintings were water color and, because of where they lived, he painted much of the history of Gettysburg. He was scheduled to present President Bush Sr. with one of his paintings that was to later hang in the White House. A few days before that meeting he had a massive heart attack that left him disabled. The meeting never occurred. Karla still has the painting.

52: aunt marylou Late 1940's | Mary Louise Spoonamore Weaver December 21, 1930 | Aunt MaryLou loved music. She sang and played the piano in school and musicals and at church throughout her life. When she was little her hair was so curly and she loved to sing so much that she was voted "Miss Shirley Temple" of Oswego. | with Grandma

53: Aunt MaryLou and Uncle Leo married July 2, 1949. They had 6 children. Leo's work kept them moving every few years. They lived in Lousiana, Montana, Maryland, Illinois, Ohio, Maryland and back to Ohio. MaryLou didn't work outside of the home. She was very active with the American Baptist Women, holding office at the state and national level. She was an excellent hospital Chaplain. She was a good listener and very compassionate. They now reside in Greeley, CO near their oldest daughter LeeAnn | Lee Anne July 27, 1951 | Steven September 5, 1952 | Charles December 14, 1953 | Michael May 4, 1956 | Daniel July 13, 1960 | Allison May 19, 1965

54: Aunt Betty and Aunt MaryLou 1946 | Grandma and Dad Christmas 1956 | Dad and Grandma 1960's | The four 'kids' Grandma's funeral 1976 | Dad and Aunt MaryLou Mt. Rainier 1970's

55: Bud and Betty 1980's | The Boys 1970's | MaryLou, Carl, Betty, Mom and Dad just months before he passed in 1989 | Mom, Bud and Edie at Oswego Cemetery 1990's | Aunt Betty and Uncle Bud 1980's | Dad and Aunt MaryLou

56: Zachariah Taylor Dyer June 27,1845 - Oct. 21, 1924 married March 14,1867 to: | Victoria Catherine Tate Dyer April 3,1851 - 1908 (we have no photos of Grandma Dyer) | The Wingert/Dyer family | M O M'S HERITAGE

57: The Dyer Clan | There were eight Dyer children. They were born between December 1867 and October 1882. Mary Olivia (died in infancy) Thomas Nelson (Uncle Nels), Lucinda Jane, John Calvin (Uncle Cal), Eva Josephine, Elizabeth Belle (grandmother), Ollie Grace and Iona Maude | Grandpa Dyer with his oldest son Nels | This photo was taken of the Dyer family around 1910. The 2 men on the left are Wingert brothers. George , married to grandma's sister Iona and our Grandpa Sherm next to our Grandma Lizzie . In front of her is Uncle Cal's wife , Aunt Minnie. Behind her is Uncle Nels and Uncle Cal. On the far right is Grandpa Dyer. The others are likely Dyer sisters with their children. The story goes that Grandma Dyer was an Indian Princess. Not sure of those facts or why we are unable to find photos of her.

58: Mr. and Mrs. William Tecumseh Sherman Wingert Married 12/20/1908 | grandpa & grandma wingert | Lizzie and Sherm lived in Wilmot, KS. In 1921 they moved to New Mexico to better Lizzie's health. A few years later they moved back to Chetopa and then to Oswego, KS where they spent the remainder of their lives. The necklace you see around Grandma's neck is actually a watch. It has been passed down and worn by our brides as something old. It was last used by Keaton's bride, Macall. | The Wingert family is of German descent. They originated in Alsace-Lorraine, a constantly disputed Province in France near the border of Germany.

59: Elizabeth Bell Dyer | Grandma | July 15, 1877 -- May 16, 1951 | William tecumseh sherman wingert | Nov. 26, 1884 -- July 26, 1965

60: grandma & her sister iona | Lizzie and Iona married brothers. This made Mom and her sister double cousins with Iona's three girls

61: Big Sherm | Grandpa was called 'Big Sherm' by everyone...even Mom. His father was under General W.T. Sherman during the Civil War and named his son after him. Grandpa ran several businesses during his life including a feed store in Chetopa, KS, a produce company in Oswego, KS and an upholstery shop.

63: Left page from left: Grandma's sister Iona with her husband (Grandpa's brother) George. Grandma's brother Calvin with his wife Minnie, then Grandma and Grandpa. We guess the photo to have been taken in the late 1920's The group photo on this page was taken after Iona and George had passed away. We're not sure what happened but they died while their three girls were still school age. Wilma came to live with Grandma and Grandpa. Treva and Ermel each went to different relatives. | Mom in her teens with Uncle Cal (Grandma's brother) mid 1930's | Grandma & Grandpa Wingert with Mom, Treva and Ermel. (The 2 guys are unknown) mid 1930's

64: Uncle Harold and Aunt Charlotte with their children Verlin Eugene (Bill), Donna, and Sherm | The Harold White

65: This is Uncle Harold and Aunt Charlotte as I remember them. Aunt Charlotte was 5 years older than mom. They farmed much of their lives. Aunt Charlotte helped Grandpa with the upholstery shop then opened her own tax office. She did taxes well into her 70's. They lived in the Oswego,KS area most of their lives. | Aunt Charlotte holding Patty, Bobbie on the left, her 3 kids and a neighbor girl

66: Audra LaVerne Wingert Spoonamore | October 6, 1917 -- May 30, 2006 | Mom at age 1 - 1918 | HS Graduation 1934

67: Mom with big sister Charlotte in 1918 | age 5 | age 16 | Mom was born in Wilmot, KS. She moved to NM at age 4 and a few years later moved to Chetopa, then Oswego, where she was raised. She graduated HS in 1934. She worked as a telephone operator after HS and then went to work for the newspaper office. She dated Dad while he was still in HS and loved to tell that she was the one that made his diploma. They married on her birthday in 1939. Except for a short time working for Boeing in Wichita, she was a stay at home mom. She raised her 4 children and helped to raise 3 of her grandchildren. Mom was a strong woman. She loved to take care of her family and was eager to help others any way she could. She had a vibrant | personality and many friends. She faced the death of 3 children and her husband and was still eager to help others and be a part of life. In her elder years she cared for Charlotte in her home. She lived a long, full life and passed away in my home in May of 2006 at the age of 88

68: Mom and Aunt Charlotte with their double cousins, Treva and Ermel. Mom is about 5 years old. Above are the double cousins 60 years later at Charlotte's 50th wedding anniversary: Wilma (Bill), Mom, Ermel, Charlotte, and Treva

69: Mom had a saying for everything. These are some of our favorites: Thoughts unsaid may fall back dead, but God himself can't kill them once they're said Do unto others as you would have them do unto you This, too, shall pass Enough's enough and too much ain't nice T'ain't funny McGee Comes that time a day If ya can't say somethin' nice, then don't say nothin' at all Better to laugh than cry You can catch more flies with honey than vinegar That's all there is and there ain't n'more If at first you don't succeed: try,try, again

70: Here we have Grandma Wingert with Patty, and then again with Bobbie and Patty,1945, then by herself in 1950 Right page: Grandpa Wingert with: (top) grandson Bill 1940 (middle) granddaughter Patty 1946 (bottom) granddaughter Bobbie 1942 (far right) grandson Ricky and great-grandson Steve 1952 (inset) granddaughter Patty 1945


72: Howard and Donna Lee Sykes had 9 children including a set of twins. Donna is an amazing seamstress and has made award winning quilts. Howard worked construction and they lived in many different places while raising their family. | Sherman Russell White had 4 children and had various jobs. He was undersheriff in Labette County Kansas for several years | Verlin Eugene (Bill) White Had a farm near Oswego,KS. He also ran a surveying company. He came to live with Mom and Dad while in college. He was in a hunting accident as a young teen and it left him unable to have children of his own. Below is a photo of him with his adopted twins and baby. | Donna's Janet and Joyce | Bill's Julie and Matthew with baby Gene | TWINS

73: SISTERS | Mom with Aunt Charlotte and Uncle Harold on their 50th wedding anniversary

74: Mr. & Mrs. Doyle Richard Spoonamore | Through the years

75: We've seen Mom and Dad's ancestry and their young lives before they met. It's time to see their lives together. They were married for 49 years, 5 months, and 4 days. Life was not always easy for them, but their love for each other and for their family sustained them through all the joys and sorrows. They left a legacy of love, perseverance, and the importance of family. They are forever loved and missed

76: MOM & DAD

79: "Dad through the years" starts with his time in the Army. He sent many photos and letters to Mom while he was away in Japan. The writing here is his actual handwriting from the back of those photos

82: WELCOME HOME BOYS!!! | MAY 1946 | Bud & Dad | Dad | Dad with his girls, Bobbie and Patty

83: The day Dad and Uncle Bud came home from war was a big day indeed. Dad had hurt his back and that would be something he would deal with for the rest of his life. Uncle Bud lost his left 3 middle fingers when a mine went off. He, too, would deal with that and other injuries caused by the blast. But WWII was over and they came home safe. The family gathered for a great celebration!!!! | Grandma & Dad | Edie, Bud, Grandma, Dad, Mom, MaryLou | Dad & Mom | Grandma with Bud's, Dad's, & Aunt Dodo's families plus Aunt Charlotte's kids

84: Plainview, KS 1952

85: Mom and Dad moved to this housing development near Wichita when Dad went to work for Boeing. They didn't live there very long but were visited by Betty and her kids, Grandma, and several Aunts and cousins. It's kind of funny how often the car is included in the photos

86: Sunnyvale, CA Summer 1967

87: We lived in CA for 2 years. Bobbie came to live with us from KS so Mom could help her with her 3 kids. We had visits from Uncle Harold, Aunt Charlotte, Patty and her boys, Grandma Spoonamore and Bobble's friend and 3 kids.

88: 1968 | California | This set of photos are very special. They are the last taken of Rick with his family before he died in October of 1969

89: Mom Bobbie Rick Karen Mike Michelle eric

91: Dad thru the years

92: Mom Thru the years

94: The many faces of MOM. Wife, Mother, grandmother, great-grandmother, sister, and friend. As you can see...she also wore many hats. Such a good sport.

96: Beautiful at granddaughter Dana's wedding

97: 80th | We love you !

98: Mom with Aunt Dodo and her daughter and daughter-in-law in 1942 | Mom in her 30's with friends | Mt. Rainier, WA 1970's Mom and Grandma Spoonamore | Millie lived across the street from us in Wichita in the 1950's. Mom and Millie were lifelong friends | MOM with friends and family | Mom and Aunt MaryLou

99: Caroline and Lyle Bullinger had been friends with Mom and Dad since before I was born. (1950's) This photo was taken at my house in Oklahoma in 2006, just a few weeks before Mom passed. The Bullingers called me from Washington State saying that they wanted to come and visit Mom for her next birthday. I advised them not to wait. They came right away. It was a wonderful visit and she was so happy to see them again. Very special friends indeed!

100: Bobbie | Ricky | A young family | Mom Patty Karen | Grandma, Dad, Ricky | Spoonamore/Hellwig cousins

101: PROUD PARENTS | Patty | Karen | The Girls Bobbie Patty Karen | Daddy Daughter Dinner Dance

102: Time with the grandkids | Dana | Dana | Eric | Josh | David Jon | Kevin | Kevin

103: Josh | Mike | Mike | Josh | Eric | Keaton | Mike | Kevin | David | Michelle | Kevin

104: SISTERS | Bobbie and Patty (a little before my time)

105: My sisters are much older than I. That's very evident in the picture below. Bobbie and Patty were only 3 years apart Even though there is such a big age gap, the 3 of us were close. | Baby Ricky | Bobbie Jeanne Patty Ann Karen Kay

106: sisters | sisters | sis | sisters | sisters

107: WE ARE FA-MI-LY, I GOT BOTH MY SISTERS WITH ME | sisters | Sisters

108: Their first Child -- Bobbie

109: Bobbie Jeanne | January 31,1942 ----- December 26,1988

110: Aunt Betty and baby Bobbie | Momma with her new baby | The Doyle Spoonamore family 1943

111: Daddy and his little girl | Uncle Bud and Bobbie | She always was a little sassy | Bobbie front and center with Aunt Dodo's family

113: SASSY

115: Bobbie married at a young age and had 3 children. She divorced after her third child and never remarried. She lived close to our parents most of her life so they could help her with her kids. She loved artwork and to draw and paint and was an avid reader. She worked as a secretary and eventually became a paralegal. In the summer of 1988, at the age of 45, she found out she had lung cancer. We were devastated. She died 6 months later on the day after Christmas. She is sorely missed | good book

116: The Mike Penney family 1963 | Bobbie had 3 children: Doyle Michael, Michelle Jeanne and Eric Todd | Bobbie was only married for about 4 years. She struggled as a single mom of 3 small children so she moved from Kansas to be near Mom and Dad so they could help.

117: Grandma Bobbie | Bobble loved being a Grandma. She was so proud of Megan. She never got the chance to meet Austin. She battled lung cancer for 6 months and died a year before Austin was born. She was only 45..

118: Grandma Penney with Mike | Mike was Bobbie's first child. He was born in Wichita, Kansas just 7 months after me. We either lived with or near each other our whole childhood. Mike was good with horses and was a trainer at race tracks in Washington and California. He never married. He stayed with Mom and Dad when Dad and Bobbie were so ill and helped Mom take care of them. He still resides in Washington state.

119: HO HO HO 2009 | "Gram" and Mike | Doyle Michael Penney - May 24, 1960

120: Buddy had ringworm.. We all got it!

121: Michelle Jeanne Penney Sept. 23, 1961 | Michelle can always find the silver lining. She loves to laugh. She loves to help others and is especially fond of children. She has run her own daycare and is currently a nanny. She has been married to Jon Mosier for 30 years. They live in Kent, WA and have 2 grown children, Megan and Austin

122: Mr. & Mrs. Jon Mosier January 26, 1985 | Mike, Jon, Michelle and Eric

125: Megan rachelle mosier June 26, 1985 | Megan is the 1st great-grandchild. She is Michelle's oldest. As a child she battled a rare form of cancer (she absorbed her own twin) and is now cancer free. She just happened to meet a guy on Christian Mingle that just happened to live in my town and also went to my church (really?!?) She and Michelle came to visit and Megan decided to stay to give the relationship a chance. Things didn't work out with them but she loved it in Duncan, OK so she stayed. She was a youth leader in our church. When the Youth pastor and family decided to go to Florida to start a church she went with them. She is currently living and working in Florida and helping with the church plant.

126: Austin lee Doyle Mosier January 12, 1990 | Austin was born a year after Bobbie died. He's a handsome guy that was active in many different sports growing up. He's creative minded and loves to draw. He still resides in Kent, WA.

127: Austin?

128: Siblings | Brand new baby Austin

129: The Mosier | Jon Michelle Megan Austin | Mini-me

131: Eric Todd Penney - Nov. 25, 1962 | Eric is the youngest. He was quiet but so good at many different things. Eric now resides in Tuscon, AZ with his wife, Chere, where he is an airplane mechanic supervisor. He enjoys working with his favorite charity helping his local community. His values and dry sense of humor remind us of his Grandpa.

132: Mike | Great Grandma and Grandma Penney 1963 | Happy Birthday Mikey | 2, 3, and 4 | 6, 7, and 8

133: Michelle | and Eric | Vacation in | Canada | 1970 | 8, 9, and 10

134: Uncle Eric with baby Megan 1985 | Uncle Mike with baby Megan 1985 | 10, 11, and 12 | 14, 15, and 16 | 11, 12, and 13

136: Mike, Michelle, Eric and ...Karen. We were raised together. There is just 3 years, 1 month between the 4 of us. Bobbie and Mom were pregnant at the same time. I am 7 months older than Mike. | ? | no! | 2 & 3 | Please pass the salt!!

137: Jammie time!!!

138: patricia ann | March 6, 1945 | Dad was in the army when their 2nd child, Patty, was born. He got word that he had a son. Surprise, surprise! | second child

139: Patty has always been quiet. In between her sassy older sister and her younger brother, she hadn't much choice. She loves dolls, stuffed bears and quilting and has a very kind heart. She had always wanted to be a nurse, so after raising her 4 children, she went back to school and got her nursing degree

140: patty thru the years

141: Nurse Patty

142: January 19, 1964 | Patty was married for 30 years when her husband decided it was time for him to move on. 20 years later she met and married Larry

143: Mr & Mrs Larry Swift March 6, 2014

144: Patty and her babies

145: Jon, David, Kevin & Dana

146: Grandma Patty

148: David Lee Harrington Oct. 28, 1964

149: David is Pat's first child. He has 2 grown boys that live in South Carolina near their mom. He works for Scot Trade and lives in Lake St. Louis, MO. He will be getting married soon.

150: Daddy Dave with sons Matt and Drew

152: Matthew Alan 5/31/81 Andrew Ryan 4/30/82

154: Jon Daniel Harrington November 27, 1965

155: Jon is Pat's 2nd child. He loves motorcycles and trucks. He has a big heart and helped take care of Dad when he was so ill and also has helped Pat when she had various surgeries He currently lives in MO.

156: Jon Daniel Harrington II - November 27, 1965

157: Jon is Pat's 2nd child. He loves motorcycles and trucks. He has a big heart and helped take care of Dad when he was so ill and also has helped Pat when she had various surgeries He currently lives in MO. | Uncle Jon with Kyle

159: Dana is Pat's 3rd child and only girl. She has 2 grown boys, Zac and Kyle. She is an executive assistant at Wiess and has worked there for many years. She is married to Tony Saunchgrow and they live about a mile from her childhood home in Florrisant, MO. | Dana Ann Harrington - July 19, 1970

160: Zachary Alan Cowan - December 19, 1994

161: Kyle Edward Cowan - September 27, 1997

162: Dana and her boys!

163: Grandma | Great Grandma

164: Kevin Doyle Harrington-May 24, 1974

165: Kevin is Pat's youngest. He is married with 1 daughter, 1 granddaughter and 2 step children. He lives and works near Osage Beach, MO, not far from where Pat lives.

167: Kayla Denise Harrington September 11, 1995 | Kayla's daughter, Hadley born 9/6/16

170: 2000

171: COUSINS | Zach, Kayla & Kyle

172: Richard doyle | March 18, 1950 - October 18, 1969 | Ricky was Mom and Dad's 4th child. He was born in Wichita, KS 3 years after Doyle Jr. He enjoyed music and liked to play the guitar. He was on the drama team

173: in HS and was also part of his HS championship basketball team. He was very involved with the youth group at his church. After HS he decided to join the Air Force.

174: Ricky through the years

175: class of 1968 Fremont High School Palo Alto, CA

176: They finally got their baby boy!

177: Ricky

178: Rick with David | Rick with Michelle,Mike,Eric and Karen | Rick with sister, Karen | Ricky with babies, Karen and Mike | Ricky with big sisters, Bobbie and Patty

179: Minot HS | HS Drama | Rick and his girlfriend. | Rick and big sister Bobbie. | I was 10 years old when Rick died in a car accident. Of course, our family was devastated and it was a life molding event for me. He drowned with 5 others when the car they were in turned upside down in a canal. The following letters explain this horrific event but also show a glimpse of the compassion shown to us.

182: Karen Kay October 12,1959 | Baby #5

183: I am Mom and Dad's 5th child. Quite a surprise as Mom tells it. She was 42 when I was born and was pregnant at the same time as Bobbie. I was raised with Bobbie's kids. I like stuffed animals, playing cards and board games, baseball, dachshunds, snoopy and spending time with my family.

184: k | k | So mad!! All I wanted was a box costume like the other kids. | aren | ay

185: In the news | Above: Mike was only 7 months younger than I and so it was always a novelty for others to discover I'm the Aunt and not a sibling. Right: Pat had to choose a couple of kids to advertise VBS.

186: Karen through the years | I was born in Wichita, KS. Moved to Minot,ND when I was 3, then to Fremont,CA at age 7. Back to Minot in the 2nd grade and finally to Seattle in the 3rd grade. Graduated from Lindbergh HS in Renton WA in 1977 and moved to OK to go to Oklahoma Baptist University. Here you see my interests and my love for the mountains. I went to Hawaii with Mom and Dad while in HS and could actually fit into Mom's wedding dress at one point. Have loved my career as a Respiratory Therapist. | Hawaii

187: Mountains | K. Andreas,CRT Respiratory Therapy

188: I had a wedding the first time in 1978 and was married for 7 years. The second time we just went to the JOP and we're still going strong after 32 years. We raised our family in Oklahoma and moved to Oregon 2 years ago to be closer to the boys.

189: Mr & Mrs Harold Vaun Andreas | February 14, 1986

190: Karen and her | s

191: Keaton's wedding day | wine tasting

192: tonsils out

193: Joshua Ryan September 22, 1982 | Josh is an adventurer. He has never met a stranger. He's creative minded and very talented in so many ways. He received a BS in Corporate Communications from Univ. of Central Oklahoma. He went to Asia right out of college where he lived and worked for over 10 years. He speaks Japanese and Chinese. He came back to the US for 3 years and lived with Michelle. We so enjoyed being albe to see him often. He is currently planning to return to Taiwan where he hopes to make his permanent home.

194: Josh | keaton

195: brothers | uco | dhs

196: chicken pox | curls | KARATE

197: Keaton Vaun August 26,1987 | Keaton was born in Duncan, OK. He graduated from Texas Christian University where he met his future wife, Macall Harkins. He got his Masters degree from Fuller Theological Seminary. He now is the recruiter for Pacific Univrsity in Berkeley,CA. He and his family live in Oakland,Ca. He loves jiu jitsu, gaming and time with his family. | Fatherling | Japan

198: Keaton Vaun Andreas and Macall Marin Harkins | engaged

199: Mr and Mrs Keaton Vaun Andreas November 26, 2011

200: Ayla Lee Andreas January 20, 2017

201: Grampa | Grammy | Uncle Josh

205: Karen and her June 2017 | Macall Josh Keaton Harold Karen & baby Ayla

206: These are the final pages of our tribute to Mom and Dad. These are rare photos of their family together. Not all knew each other well but all are connected because of them. They were called sister, brother, parent, grandparent, great-grandparent or aunt and uncle. They were well loved by each and every person you will see on these pages.

207: Rick and baby Mike | Karen David | David-Eric-Michelle Karen-Patty-Jon | Dana | Eric and | Eric, Michelle, Mike, Jon, David Oct. 1969 | Karen and baby Kevin | Karen and David | Karla and Karen | Aunt Charlotte | Uncle Harold | Kevin and

208: Mike | Jon | Jon | Eric | Patty | Keaton | Josh | Eric, Kevin, Dana, Karen | Jos | Josh Eric | Josh and Eric | Uncle Harold, Aunt Charlotte, Josh | Josh and Megan | Eric and Josh | Aunt Pat with Megan | Aunt MaryLou with Josh | Aunt Bobbie and Josh

209: Josh with Grampa | Aunt Bobbie and Josh | Eric Josh Keaton | Aunt Pat and Keaton | Keaton Austin | Keaton, Kevin, Josh | Zac and Keaton | Keaton, Kyle, Josh, friend, Zach | Megan, Austin | Austin Megan | Keaton Josh

210: Harold, Josh, Karen, Keaton, Patty, Jon, Mom | Michelle and Keaton | Michelle, Megan and Karen | Megan and Karen | Josh, Austin and Keaton

211: It has taken 6 years for me to finish this book. I have taken great care to represent each family and individual accurately.Thanks to my sister for her help in putting this tribute together. I couldn't have done it without her. It is our hope that, although our parents are gone,they will never be forgotten. --

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