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Ann - Page Text Content

S: Ann Perez

BC: Forever

FC: the one and only | Ann

1: For Norie to remember the woman we will never forget

2: Sisters | Annie | Smooches

3: To the outside world we all grow old. But not to brothers and sisters. We know each other as we always were. We know each other's hearts. We share private family jokes. We remember family feuds and secrets, family griefs and joys. We live outside the touch of time. ~Clara Ortega | Banny

4: A Sister | Ann and I grew closest when I got married. It seems we gradually came to realize how much fun we could have together. We started meeting up in Boise as often as possible. Any time I had a break from school or Ann wanted a vacation, we would get on the phone and start shopping for tickets. We even sent Mario and Raphael to Comic-Con knowing we could have the week together in Boise. When together, we’d usually eat at Costa Vida, help mom organize, and go shopping. Ann always wanted to shop for crafts, Norie’s clothes, shoes, and lotion. In clothes stores, she’d sit outside the dressing room and honestly tell me when I looked ridiculous. I appreciated that and really valued her opinion, though I sometimes wonder why since Ann always wore sweatshirts. We had so many great shopping adventures together. Ann was so giving. After I got married Ann called and asked what I needed and I told her I really didn’t know. She started opening her kitchen drawers and asking me if I had various things. Within a week I had a box full of Ann’s spatulas, pizza cutters, towels, Tupperware, and so many other things I hadn’t even thought about buying. Ann showed me how to be a loving wife and educated with me about how to live with someone else. We talked about our husbands that love to work, people that used and abused us, and all the uncomfortable situations we found ourselves in. She comforted me when I was hysterical and made me laugh even when I didn’t want to. Ann was the only one that called me Roonie. I loved that. Ann could get Dad to buy anything. I aspire to do that. Ann will always be my dear friend and sister and I look forward to the day when we we can meet up again. Sharon

5: As Ann’s nearest younger sister, we didn't get along as children. This was mostly due to normal “younger sibling” actions that got the older sibling in trouble. Thankfully, after I left home for college, our relationship only grew stronger. I was always thankful for Ann’s friendship and was eager to spend time with her when we lived just an hour from Eugene. Ann was always up for a good chat, was easygoing and generous, and LOVED Norie. I remember helping Ann prepare for Norie’s arrival; she was so excited to get all the best things for her. I found myself always asking Ann for advice, and she had a calm way to deal with almost everything. I looked up to Ann, was flattered when she asked me to watch Norie, and enjoyed all the time I had with her. I’ll miss her kissing my cheeks hundreds of times in embarrassing venues, I’ll miss her calling me to “chitty chat”, I’ll miss how she eased my mind about having kids, I’ll miss her quick and wise opinions on things, I’ll miss the place that she had in my heart. I’ll miss her forever, I’ll love her forever, and I know she's keeping an eye on all of us. Lisa

6: "Just thinking about how much I miss you!! Wish you were closer but I am so looking forward to seeing you in a few months. Love you! Smooches." -Ann

7: "I miss you! Waaaaaaaaaa! I keep thinking of all the fun things we can do and then remember you are not here and think about how lame it is to be so far away. Lame." -Ann

8: Ann is one of the most amazing people I know. Her generosity and kindness always just blows me away. I was reading in my journal the other day and was reading back when I was in high school. The family went on a trip and Ann and I had to split doing Ed’s paper route. I wrote that I woke up in the morning to do my day and Ann had already bagged half of the papers. Even when we were in high school and we butted heads, she did thoughtful things like that for me. I love her hugs and how she is always excited to see me. She makes the people that she is around feel so special. Looking back at communication between us over the last couple of years she has sent short notes to me saying that she was thinking about me and how much she loved me. I am so impressed with her and the huge difference that she makes in my life. I hope someday to be able to live up the incredibly high bar that she has set. I love you, Ann! Matt

9: Ann and I were less than twenty months apart in age yet I did not realize how close in age we were until a few years before she passed. Growing up Ann was always my big sister and the enforcer of fairness in the home. I recall when we were in high school Ann would come into my room in the morning before I was awake and let me know she was going to take some of my clothes to wear. I also recall rumbling with her over who had the remote control for the television and she would say, “you might be stronger but that doesn’t mean you can beat me”, and she was right. At school I can still hear her voice when she would see me in the halls saying to her friends, Edy. that’s my little brother isn’t he cute. Needless to say Ann and I lived in different worlds growing up but I always knew if I needed a ride home from school or anything else she was my big sister and would take care of me. I don’t think Ann and I really became close until we started working together on her business. Ann and I started talking regularly for business and from there built a real relationship. I will always cherish the talks we would have and how I could talk with her about anything or anyone. I still laugh recalling her truthful frankness and colorful words. Ann was not only a big sister to me but was an amazing aunt to my children. She had a peace about her and showed it on our last vacation with her when she could calm the baby when no one else could. Ann was also great at remembering nieces and nephews and sending little things to them to let them know she cared. Ann is a dear friend who will be missed. Ed

10: Brothers

11: Ann's description of Christmas in Boise: "We will be laying around yelling at each other for food from the kitchen. Sharon will be trying to get us all to put stupid outfits on, I will be bringing out the video of Sharon and Xtina rapping, Matt will be trying to get us to play games, and Ed will by trying to figure out a way to leave."

12: Ann and I didn’t get along too well with each other, Ann always had her own way of doing things, her amount of clean a room should be. How to eat, and just about everything. Something Ann really was is thoughtful, some people when giving a gift will just give something that might be useful, Ann always gave me the gift that I needed the most, sometimes it was really crazy things. Something that I will miss more than most things is my phone calls with her, she made sure to say “I love you!” every time we talked, and every time when I would say “I love you too!” she would say “good!” then hang up. That is something that would always make me laugh. Ann enjoyed teasing, every time she would see me she would ask when the last time I had showered was, if I was wearing deodorant, and why my room wasn’t clean. No matter what I did, I always knew that my Anny loved me and wanted the best for me. I miss her more than words can ever say. Dan

13: The thing I will always remember most about Ann was her laugh. It was so unique and infectious, it just made you want to be around her. I always loved it when Ann came to Boise with Norie. She would usually bring Norie over to our house one morning to play with the kids. Ann and I would sit back and let the kids play while we chatted about our lives as moms. She had some great insights into children, and was such a good mom. She would always say “I know, right?!?” Just that phrase made me feel like we were in this together and she completely understood what I was feeling. Ann made sure I felt like an important part of the family. I will always be grateful for that. I loved Ann’s ability to make decisions and not look back. She said what she thought, and made decisions when no one else would, and never felt bad about it. I loved watching her play on the Kinect at the summer house. It seemed like a totally different side of her that I had never seen, and it was hilarious! She was not ashamed to get up and dance in front of everyone. She also had unlimited patience teaching my kids how to play. I think my sweetest memory of Ann will always be of her and 7 week old Jake at the summer house. No one could calm him down and make him sleep the way Ann did. He absolutely loved her, and I wanted her to come home with us so bad!! Jake has always loved my necklace that I wear with Ann’s initial on it. I think he knows that it is a reminder of her. I have learned a lot from Ann, and am so grateful for the time I got to spend with her. It will be a fun reunion someday! Christina

14: live

16: A Daughter | From a young age Ann was a deep thinker, she didn't have much to say but when she did, you could tell she had given it some thought. She was not a jabbery child. One day when she was old enough to walk she stood in the kitchen and blinked at me. Didn't say a word, but there was eye contact and she did it on purpose. I called Dirk and was so excited. She connected on many levels. Ann liked to play on he typewriter in her room as a young child. One day she showed me that she taught herself the alphabet from the letters on it. Although Ann was considered quiet most of her life, once you got to know her you realized she has a bright sense of humor that revealed her quick mind and attention to past and current events. Ann has a way of telling a story that brings out the funny side. She also has a way of saying what needs to be said and she doesn't worry about sugar coating it, yet Ann is kind. Ann has always dressed modestly. She wore over sized clothes that made her look even thinner than she already was. She said in her older years, "when I had a cute figure I hid it, now that I don't, I wish I had it back". Ann loved to play computer and video games.One game she was excellent at was Tetris. She would play it and play it until she got a score that she was proud of then tell family members; Matt would jump on the game and beat her score, letting her know of course. Then Ann would play it for hours and hours until she got a better score and back and forth it would go until Matt gave up. This competition happened

17: when they no longer lived at home and was a fun way of staying close. Ann is an amazing mother. No child was as loved and cared for as much as Norie. Nor was there a mother more patient. Ann went out of her way to explain things to Norie even when she was way too young to understand the explanation. If Norie did something she wasn't supposed to do, Ann would say "Norie I am going to have to ask you not to do that anymore"... she was like 5 months old. Ann was an excellent gardener. She kept her yard in pristine condition; she mowed and pulled weeds by the garbage can full. She planted flowers, pruned, and trimmed. Her wedding in her yard was the most beautiful ever. Her Hydrangeas were in full bloom just as Ann had planned. Ann has a positive, quiet, and calming influence on others. She loved to read and share what she had read with others. She made time for people. Ann is crafty. She made adorable bows for Norie's hair, cute scrapbooks, and crafty things around their house. Ann helped others in her ward feel included through craft days she held in her home. She would come up with the idea and get the supplies and usually had a back up plan if it was a bust. When Ann would come visit, she would say "choose a room and I will help you organize it". Ann was a great example of that herself. Whether it was her home, her schedule, or her finances, everything was planned and orderly. I often feel Ann close in her quiet way of watching and not talking. When I accomplish something I am proud of I can imagine her squeezing my hand and saying “good job, momma”. Ann, you are missed. We are enjoying your little shadow in Norie who is like you in so many ways. Love, Mom

18: Oldest Daughter

19: A daughter is a little girl who grows up to be a friend. | A daughter may outgrow your lap, but she will never outgrow your heart.

20: Ann is such a blessing in my life. When she was smaller she would challenge me on almost everything. Her and I butted heads all the time. With Ann I had to be consistent and I had to stick with things. If I said something I had to insure that I stuck with it no matter how many hours/days/months it took to convince her that I would not be backing down. Because of that I also had to spend a lot of time thinking of Ann and how I could always let her know that I loved her no matter what. I could not just say, “I love you” I had to show it without her knowing I was saying I loved her. For example if we had a stormy day I would always go into her room after she was in bed and give her a big hug and tell her thanks, I needed that hug. We would spend time looking for toys for her birthday and Christmas. Almost always she would ignore the toys or tear them apart and not play with them. One time when she was about 3 I said, ok we can fix that. So her and I went to Penny’s and I said get whatever you want. She looked around for quite some time and then picked a pink stuffed bunny. I didn’t expect she would pick that because we had given her stuffed toys before and she was not interested. I bought her the bunny and she played with that thing forever. From a very early age she knew what she wanted and what was important to her.

21: As Ann grew and matured, she and I continued to get closer. We could talk about anything and she had no problem telling me that I was wrong and needed to fix my actions. I could tell her about things she needed to work on and she would not get defensive. Normally she would say, yes I know Dad. She was very self-aware and examined her life frequently, which is a sign of a great person. Ann was a stickler for the rules. If one of the kids didn’t follow the rules she would get very upset. Mom and I used to say we felt sorry for Ann’s children. We said that Ann would be a real task master. Then Norie came along and I have never seen a person so much in love with a child. Norie was everything to Ann. We loved to hear the Norie stories and loved to see Ann as a Mom. She was not a task master at all. Norie got anything she wanted. It was fun to watch. Norie had some of Ann’s traits that she had as a little child. Ann used to call and ask, “What do I do Dad”. My response was, think of yourself and what you would want and that is what you do. I enjoyed Ann and Norie’s relationship immensely. It was a joy to watch. Ann became a wonderful mom, wife, daughter, and friend. I learned so much about myself and about life having been with Ann. For me Ann became a yardstick for many decisions. I often ask myself, what would Ann think. I thank God for Ann and what she has meant to me. What a blessing she is! Love, Dad

22: Turtle Kisses | Ann tells the funniest stories! | Annie

23: She wanted to be the boss | She winked! | love

24: A Wife | "When Mario starts talking about boy stuff I have a bad habit of interrupting and taking about something totally unrelated. Not mean spirited. I just get bored and start thinking about something else then it comes out of my mouth. Those are the moments when I am a super star wife!" -Ann | "One time we were out with Mario's dentist friends and there was one that I had just met. After a stop in the bathroom where there was no paper towels I wiped my hands on his face because I am classy like that." -Ann | "I have the worst memory in the world! Mario thinks it's funny" -Ann

26: For Time and All Eternity

27: Until we meet again

28: A Mother | "We love Norie tons! She is a little monkey... into everything, climbing everything. She really keeps me running. I am just really glad that I can stay with her most of the time and keep her out of trouble:)" -Ann | Norie just told me that she wouldn't wear her princess ring because she didn't want to get married. She then stripped naked and painted herself purple. I don't think you have anything to worry about, my love. -Ann

29: "We have learned that we always need something in her hand when we are taking pictures. If not she gets bored and starts acting out (Not Norie gasp)" -Ann | "Norie pooped in her undies today and I got to wash them in the toilet. You want to know the reason that I know | the best way to get terds out of undies? Because I had to swish Sharon's POOP IN A TOILET. It was really tough and I still have back problems. I think I can whine about this for at least a few more decades. I plan to bring it up over and over again, hopefully in public." -Ann | "Mario has taught Norie to blow bubbles in the water and lay on her back in the tub. My little fish:" -Ann | "I am crap at sewing all I have is a handheld:)" -Ann

30: It's Norie! | "Mothers hold their children's hands for a short while, but their hearts forever." -Anonymous

31: Mommy | “As mothers and daughters, we are connected with one another. My mother is the bones of my spine, keeping me straight and true. She is my blood, making sure it runs rich and strong. She is the beating of my heart.” -K. Hannah

32: Mommy | Mom

33: Oh my land! | In 2010 Ann said "I have never had a great friend. I think it is the price I have to pay for being so awesome in every other way." The following notes are a testimony that Ann had and made many more friends than she even realized. | I know, right?

34: A Friend | Oh Ann, how do I tell you all that you were to me? Our friendship is one of my life's sweetest gifts. It testified of God's love for me by Him bringing you into my life. I will love you forever. -Marnae Selman Bake | Ann, you were always smiling, laughing and kind to everyone around you. I am proud to call you my friend now and forever. I am so glad we were able to spend time together just a few days ago. I will cherish that for always. You are an angel for us all now. I love you friend! -Stephanie Olsen Stanley | Ann, I miss you, my sweet friend. The world doesn't seem quite right without you in it. If I were half the strong woman, thoughtful friend, and devoted mother you are, I'd be doing alright. Here come the tears again...there are no words. -Eryn Baxter Salden

35: Ann--How sad I am to hear of your sudden passing to that beautiful place. My heart aches for your husband and precious little girl and hope they feel the many prayers for them as they grieve the loss in their life. I'll remember how happy you were when you found out you were to be a Mommy and what a beautiful girl you were blessed to raise for such a short time. She will be come to know what a wonderful, amazing, beatiful, and selfless mom and wife you are!! Until we meet again, my friend, God be will you! -Larabeth Gibb Lobo | Annie Banannie. I miss you with my whole heart. I can hear your voice still in my head... "I know, right?" You became one of my besties and I will forever and ever love you. Thank you for being one of the good ones in my life. Our little group of girls will set a place for you at every get together, I promise. Until we meet again, my friend, I love you. -Rachel Houk Hansen | Oh friend, I miss you already. Your example of friendship, of love, of laughter and of sisterhood have touched so many. You leave a legacy of joy to all who were blessed to have you in our lives. I love you! Quincy Beckstead Brandt

36: Ann you were so wonderful when Kevin was getting deployed. It meant a lot to me how sweet you were. Ill miss you. -Amber Baird | Sweet, Funny, Amazing Ann! Our friendship was filled with girls nights, craft days, pizza at Papa's, and let's not forget the Mt. Dew cake! And so many times we laughed until we cried. You were the friend that made sure we were alright. You went the extra mile in our friendships. We are better because of you! Our lives will not be the same without you! We will miss you.... I will miss you! Till we meet again my friend! Lve ya ANN! -Tami Wilcox | Ann had a goal to make everyone feel loved and welcome; to be kind to everyone. She wanted everyone to feel like they had a friend. May we all carry on her goal. We are all better for knowing her. I hope to show love like she did. -Lauri Lake Hopkins | You will never be forgotten. Your little girl will always be reminded of what an amazing, loving, and phenomenal woman you were. Missing you already. -Jennafer Frost

37: When I think of Ann I think of someone that was happy. I have been trying to think of what I would share about my dear friend. We had some great camping trips growing up. Then there was girls camp, ward activities, neighborhood activities and just you being you. I recall a specific time when we played varsity volleyball together with Coach Bartlett. I just keep thinking of "Happy Bows". Ann rallied the team to wear Happy Bows in their hair because we should be happy when playing volleyball. They were these HUGE bows that were planted on the top of ones head. Ann wore them faithfully to every game and most practices. Coach Bartlett commented on them frequently and it was just an "Ann-ism". What a wise soul to not worry about what others thought of her and to make sure we were all happy. I miss you Ann. Prayers of comfort to your sweet family and to Mario and Norie. They are so lucky and blessed to get to be with your forever. -Michelle Ewing Hall | I love you. Thank You for always making me feel Loved. You have always been a good and darling friend to me. I miss you and wish I could come over and just be with you and hear you talk & get one of your famous hugs. -LeaAnne Webb Larsen

38: Ann you are such a great person and I love you. You always make me laugh and feel better. Thanks for being such a great friend. -Jennifer Hess | The last time I heard you talking, you were rallying my wife and some of the other ladies to make a pact to be nice to everyone and try to include everyone as much as possible. I think you just kinda have things figured out. -Jason Zollinger | Ann, what am I supposed to do now?? The void you have left in my heart can never be filled. You loved from your soul, not many can do that. Only you Ann, only you. Oh my friend I find you in so many things, and as this horrible pain I feel heals with time, and turns to a ache I will still find you. You are one of my dearest friends, and I'm so thankful for you. I love you Annie, I will love you forever and ever and thank Heavenly Father everyday for you. -Kristen Hall

39: I'll never forget your fun sense of humor and laugh. Our prayers are with you and your family. -Jenny Reid Sarantis | Ann, I love so much sweet lady and I will always cherish your friendship,I will miss you for now but Will see you later!! -Klareesa Andersn Williams | It was such a pleasure to know you. You are amazing :) Thanks for being such a wonderful person & teaching us so much about joy, love & friendship. Thoughts & prayers to your beautiful family -Jeanette Webb | I love you Ann! You're the sweetest, most caring, and friendly person I have ever known. I want to be just like you. -Cari Sprague Zollinger

40: Marnae's Talk about Ann- October 27, 2011 I would like to start by saying how humbled and honored I am to be up here. I know that a lot of you have known Ann for a long time and she is very dear to you. I hope that I am able to express to you how much she means to me and in so doing honor the love all of you have for her. I was ordered by my mother to hold my tears while I talk. That there is time later for that now is the time to talk about Ann. I pray that I can do it. The first time I met Ann I knew immediately that I wanted to be her friend. We were in church in the nursery(which is a class designed to allow parents to take their children so they can enjoy their own classes without having the distraction of small children). For some reason the nursery had just as many parents as babies. I was very new to the area and still trying to find my place. I was introduced to Ann and everyone was chatting. The whole time Ann did everything she could to make me feel part of the group. She asked me questions, she filled me in on things I didn't know, she kept bringing me in to the group. She had no idea at the time how much I needed to feel at home she just naturally made sure I was included. From that small seed of kindness we developed a beautiful friendship. It is funny how quickly we became close, after just a few times hanging out it felt like we had been friends forever. I learned so much from Ann through our friendship. As I have spent the last few days mourning the loss of her in my life I have seen even more clearly what a unique and special person she is. From Ann I have learned several very important things.

41: First I have learned that EVERYONE needs and deserves love. Ann loves so easily. She is so aware of the needs of others. She told me once that she knew what it felt like to not be included and she did not want anyone to feel that way. So many times when we were talking she would be getting ready to help someone. Whether it was watching their children, bringing them a little treat, calling them to check up on them or just being there to listen and offering her shoulder to cry on. Serving was a natural part of who she was. She did it almost automatically. She felt personally responsible for others happiness. She made a pact with some ladies at church to be nice to everyone and try to include everyone as much as possible. She would see a need and try to fill it. She was a friend to all. She had true Christ like love and empathy. 2nd I learned that the best person you can be is yourself. Ann was Ann. She never put on airs or tried to pretend she was anything more than who she was. For awhile Ann and I were doing a boot camp together along with several of our friends. Every week day at the unnatural hour of 6 a.m. we would hit the gym. Working out with Ann was quite an experience. It was soo fun. She chatted with everyone. While most people were trying to avoid eye contact or trying to out-do others Ann was the life of the party. She talked to anyone and everyone within sight. She made fun of herself(and me) sang to the 80's rock and did some of her best Ann dance moves. She made the sweaty madness fun. One day there was a new gal who was really struggling. Immediately Ann has her join our group, then she patiently explains all of the exercises as we are doing them, all the while encouraging and praising every little things she did. Then

42: every time this gal came after that Ann told her how much she was improving. Ann was Ann. and Ann was hilarious. She is one of the wittiest people I know. She could tell a story and put a funny spin on almost an situation. Fun is what Ann was. Dancing with Kinex, singing our hearts out to teeny bopper music in the car, ladies night, chub club, crafting, whatever Ann did she made it fun. I know, right? Another very important thing Ann taught me was how to be a better mother and wife. Ann loved Norie and Mario. She loved everything about them, She was such a great example to me of putting your family first . Mario was her best friend and she often talked of what a wonderful father he was and how much she appreciated him. She was also such a kind and patient mother always putting Norie's needs first. I loved the way she talked to Norie, as if she respected the little person that she was that she understood her sweet girl. Ann also loved her friends children. When we would be at a playdate and my gals would do something crazy she would be so understanding and so kind to them. My children all felt her love, her home was one of the only places I could take my baby Eleanor where she wouldn't freak out if I left. In fact for several months Eleanor referred to every woman that wasn't me as Ann. Ann also taught me that everyone deserves a second chance that forgiveness is important. She was quick to try and understand the reasons behind peoples actions and to accept the imperfections of others without loving them less or holding a grudge.

43: But probably the most important thing I got form Ann was the knowledge that God loves me. He knew that I needed Ann and he brought her into my life and gave me one of my life's greatest gifts. His love is true. He loves us all. Ann was a co-worker, an employee, a cousin, a niece, a friend. She was a daughter, a sister, she was Mario's wife, she was Norie's mama, she was my friend. She touched each of our lives in profound and simple ways. And though her time with us does not seem long enough I trust that the Lord knows and loves our Ann. Her work here is done and I know that through the beautiful plan of salvation we will one day be with Ann again. So I will honor her memory everyday by being myself, by being kinder, more forgiving, loving my family more, and knowing that God loves me. Thank you my dear sweet friend. I love you, Annie.

44: Melody Ann Perez Eulogy October 27, 2011 Ann. Annie.. Annie Bo Bany. Momma. Sweet Cheeks. Ann Girl Ann was my older sister by 5 years. Ann was very driven and always knew what she wanted. In our family, Ann was the person to say what needed to be said. She would also be the one to act when the rest of us wouldn’t. Ann was born in Renton, WA August 11, 1978. Our mom remembers the first time she saw Ann she exclaimed, “look at those hands!” Ann always had beautiful skin and kept her hands looking beautiful. Even as a child Ann had a powerful personality and could never lose. My parents told me when Ann was maybe 4 they told her to go to sleep in her room. She didn’t want to. They fought back and forth about it as most kids do with their parents and they eventually gave up and went to sleep. They woke up to find Ann snuggled in her favorite blanket—in the hallway. Ann had a firecracker personality but was also afraid of matches. When I was 8 and she was 13 she made me light fireworks on the 4th of July and would hide when they went off. Thanks to Ann’s helpful proddings, though, we all drive slower, eat quieter and drink quieter. For the record, though, Ann was our older sister and could beat us up. Even if we outweighed her or were taller than her. She never did beat us up, but she wanted us to know that she could. The brightest season of Ann’s life began when she met Mario. For the first time in her life she was completely obsessed with a guy. I remember meeting him for the first time. Ann was almost embarrassingly obsessed, “look how cute he is?!” “I know, right?”. Nothing made her happier than Mario. In him she found her center; her match. They were married July 16, 2005. Mario also gave Ann the joy of her life: Norie.

45: For a girl who never wore matching socks and always wore boy’s clothing, Ann sure figured out how to dress Norie cute. We all know Norie would never want for anything. Ann’s patience increased with everyone after she had Norie. She was a natural and loving mom. Mario and Ann made the perfect couple. They made each other better people. Ann was always up for a challenge. She was the captain of her high school volleyball team, she took on guitar lessons, voice lessons, and numerous workout challenges. She obtained a masters and doctorate of audiology and excelled. She had a real talent with older people and really enjoyed her work. Ann was a snuggler. She was generous of mind, spirit, and heart. Ann had a sincere, giving laugh. She always had the softest skin. She collected and used lotion her whole life. Bath and body works will forever be a place that reminds me of Ann. Ann was a planner and always had a schedule. Whether on paper or not, Ann always knew where she was going. Ann’s generous and loving nature made her close friends throughout her life. To steal a few words from her facebook page: they saw her as sweet amazing strong funny crafty beautiful. She surrounded herself with spiritual giants. But I need to mention, because Ann would have said it twice already: she has always been the prettiest and smartest girl in our family. Way prettier than Sharon or me. Although saying goodbye today has and will be extremely difficult, we have all been blessed by Ann’s presence in our lives. We need not worry about Norie as Mario is a devoted and doting father to Norie. Plus, we’ll always be able to find Ann: In our hearts. In our memories. In how she made us better people. In the things we made or did together. In how knowing her changed us. In her amazing daughter and spouse. And in prayer. As Norie so eloquently explained: Mommy is an angel on a star. But I can’t reach that far yet.

47: In August of 2011 Ann posted the following quote to her Pinterest "At some point you have to realize that some people can stay in your heart but not in your life" She commented "ugh. yes. sad but true"

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