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Anna's Adoption Profile

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Anna's Adoption Profile - Page Text Content

S: Anna

BC: If you would like to speak to me about adopting your child or have questions for me please: call me at: (573) 239-6167 or email me at:

FC: Anna

1: Hello! I can’t begin to understand the emotions you’re feeling or what you're going through right now, but I truly appreciate you taking the time to read my profile. I know meeting someone in a book is very different than meeting them face to face, but I hope this book is a good introduction to me, my life, and the life I could offer your child. My name’s Anna, and I'm an elementary school teacher. I have always wanted to have children, but I haven’t found the right man to spend my life with yet. I’m independent and lead a happy, fulfilling life, and I won’t settle just because I would prefer to be married. I’m finished waiting to hopefully meet ‘mr. right’ so that I can then start the family I’ve always wanted. I made the decision to actively pursue my dream of having a family through adoption. I’m ready to be a mom. Even though this wasn’t the way I had thought it would happen I’m excited and anxious to start the adventure of motherhood. I would love your child unconditionally no matter his or her the race or gender. I have taught boys and girls of all races and nationalities and know that all children are individuals and have different personalities no matter what their race. Also, I would tell your child from the beginning the story of his or her adoption. Knowing where you come from is an important part of self-identity. I would be happy to exchange letters and pictures with you, and would be open to the possibility of having a continuing relationship with you if you would like. Again, thanks for taking the time to get to know me. with love, Anna

2: I was born and raised in St. Louis. After high school I went to college and earned my degree in elementary education. During my first year of teaching I was a teaching fellow, and I earned a masters in curriculum and instruction. I moved to California and lived there for a few years. Living there was amazing, but two years ago I moved back to Missouri to be closer to friends and family. | I'm a laid back and easy going person. I laugh a lot, and l am good at making other people laugh. My sense of humor has been described as goofy, intelligent, and sarcastic. I'm creative and like projects that allow me to think outside the box. I'm very organized; the longer I've been a teacher the more that is true. I feel like I have a good balance of having a plan and being spontaneous in my life. Education is important to me. I enjoy learning, and it comes pretty naturally to me. Two character traits value highly in myself and others are dependability and empathy. I try to treat people the way I want to be treated. | The Life and Times | Me In a Nutshell

3: A few of my favorite things | flower...................sunflower season...................summer sport......................bicycling activities...............hiking, reading animal.....................monkey food........................burritos shopping.................farmer's market fruit........................strawberries candy......................chocolate dessert..................Ghiradelli brownie hot fudge sundae color.......................olive green smells.....................the ocean, rain, clean linen city.........................San Francisco tv shows..................Big Bang Theory, Castle, West Wing

4: Family | My first Christmas | every fourth of July we went to my grandparent's | summertime at our grandparents' house | Christmas with at our grandparents' house | together at Christmas | on vacation at Cape Canaveral | fourth of July | all dressed up at Matt and Sara's wedding | I'm feel so lucky to have an incredibly supportive and loving family. I know I can count on them no matter what to be right there with me. When I rode my first hundred mile bike ride it took much longer than I expected. It started raining and getting dark out. My parents drove behind me for the last two hours with their headlights on so I could finish my ride. I never doubt their support. My brother, Matt, is four years older than me. Five years ago he married my sister-in-law, Sara. I love spending time with Matt and Sara, but unfortunately I don't get to see them as often as I'd like because they live in Georgia. I'm so excited they're going to have a baby in a few months, and I get to be an aunt! I had a fantastic childhood. My parents played with us, colored with us, and took us to parks, zoos, and art museums. Education was always important to them. They read with us from a very early age. Every summer I looked forward to doing the library's summer reading program with them. My parents have always been very positive minded people. I hope to recreate the carefree, loving, and stable childhood I had for my child. Childhood was fun; I so look forward to blowing bubbles, reading, coloring, and playing outside with my child | I have fond memories of my grandparents and their houses. I spent a lot of time listening to my dad's parents' stories, climbing their redbud tree, and helping them in their garden. The M&Ms, cookies, and cheese (which I loved) were never far away. Memories of my mom’s parents’ house are of snuggly Christmas Eves, summer barbeques, and shooting hoops in the driveway. My mom's mom will be ecstatic to be a great grandma! | my cousin, Krystle, and I

5: "Anna has always enjoyed being around babies and children. The neighbor's children loved to have Anna baby sit. She was gentle, kind, and loving with them and with the special needs children at Rankin Jordan Hospital where she volunteered during high school and college summers. Anna is trustworthy, kind, responsible, and dedicated to children as well as adults. Anna enjoys being an elementary school teacher where she has the respect of her students. She gets along well with family, friends, co-workers, students and parents. Anna is committed to caring for and giving a baby a loving home. She will enjoy helping them experience new things and exploring the wonderful world around them. I'm looking forward to being a grandma! This baby will be lovingly accepted by great grandma, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins and friends." | reading with dad and Big Bird: life is good | my mom and I at my cousin's wedding | Matt and I then... | ...and now | "Anna is out going, hard working and goal oriented which is how she achieved a masters degree in elementary education. She is well liked by her fellow teachers and the school staff. Anna has always displayed a fondness and affection for children which I believe is why she became a teacher. She relates well to children and her students like and respect her. Anna enjoys the company of her 2 cats and has always taken very good care of them. Anna is committed to adopting a child to care for and love and has worked hard making preparations (obtaining information and getting her apartment ready with furniture, etc.) for her child. My wife and l really look forward to having grandchildren. We have an adopted nephew who has always been fully accepted and loved by the entire family as I know Anna’s adopted child will be. " | "Anna is a kind and loving sister. She has always cared about children. She is nurturing and her home is an inviting and warm space. As a child she was happy and well adjusted and we enjoyed playing together. As we grew older, Anna was someone whom I could confide in and who was there to support me. Anna is disciplined and hard working. She has always loved children and was excited at the prospect of becoming a schoolteacher. As a graduate student, she waited with anticipation for her first class and all the while amassed a collection of children’s books for her classroom. Anna was a perspicacious student and a driven employee. She has always striven to be the best schoolteacher she could be, but she recognizes the importance of work life balance."

6: Miss K's Kiddos | I love teaching elementary school. The kids make me laugh every day and it's never boring. Each year I get to create a new classroom family and an environment where kids know they are safe and loved.. It warms my heart when I see my kids watching out for each other and making sure others are alright. Over the years I've taught first, second, fourth, and fifth grades. Each age group comes with its own wonderful qualities as well as its own challenges. Watching students grow academically and socially makes everything worthwhile. I love seeing how proud kids are when they understand a new concept, and I love being there to help them along the way. I feel very lucky to have found a job that I enjoy and that makes a difference in kids' lives. | enjoying a silly book together | the last day of school is always bittersweet | I love reading with kids | proud of his work

7: Play Time | Celebrating the last day of school by taking a party bus to a Cardinals game | Fun with CoWorkers | I'm the Magic Eight Ball sticking her tongue out | lost in a corn maze together on a field trip | It was 65 degrees the day of my school's fundraiser - that didn't stop my kids from wanting to dunk me | the mouse takes the cheese | The kids loved when the cat chased me | dinner with friends | summer's here!

8: Friends... | trying to stay warm while waiting for the Blue Angels to fly over San Francisco | couldn't stop without a picture for a random Homer sighting | together at a wedding shower | dear friends from high school - we've each changed since then, but our friendship hasn't | a rubber chicken might have been involved in celebrating a friend's 30th | Friendship is important to me, and I'm lucky to have amazing friends. I'm the type of person who invests a lot of time in meaningful friendships rather than having a lot of acquaintances. My friends and I have been with each other through wonderful times as well as rough patches. We know how to make each other laugh, cheer each other up, and just be there as a shoulder to lean on. We've had some pretty great adventures along the way. My friends are very excited about and supportive of me becoming a mother. | "Anna has dedicated her adult life to others, particularly children. She is an enthusiastic and compassionate woman with a sincere interest in helping children to be successful. She is “a natural” when it comes to establishing relationships with them, and children respond to her because they understand that she cares for them and respects them. As both a parent and a professional educator myself, I see in Anna the characteristics that make her a great teacher and that will make her a wonderful parent: selflessness, dedication, patience, flexibility, and—most importantly—love. I know that she very much desires to be a mother and will provide a loving and stable home for a child." ~John

9: and Fun | taking a break from the dance floor | enjoying good company and a good brunch | lunch with an old friend in a cute downtown | friends from college back visiting campus | photo booth antics | having some fun before a wedding | good friends' rehearsal dinner | "I’ve been Anna’s friend for over 11 years now. Anna is such a laid-back, down-to-earth, fun person to be around! She can take something as simple as trip to get ice cream and make it the best experience you’ll have all month. Anna’s children will have an adventure-filled childhood full of learning, outdoor activities, and laughter. Equally important, Anna is a highly motivated and responsible individual who will do a wonderful job juggling the demands of parenting. I watched as she met every demand placed on her during college and still graduated with honors. I watched her complete a Master’s degree in one year’s time while working her first year as a full-time teacher. She does what she says she will, attacks any problem she encounters head-on, and is not scared to speak up when she needs to on behalf of herself or a loved one. She is also very savvy when it comes to her personal finances. I would trust her with my child in any circumstance." ~Becky

10: Biking Chick | The Tour of California | my favorite cycling announcers | I was freezing and wet, but bikes on the bridge was worth the wait.! | the road ahead | one of about 50,000 pedal strokes in 24 hours | the day after a 24 hour race | hour 23 and a half | favorite spot on a local ride | cornered mid snack break | a little worse for wear 306 miles later, but happy to have met my goal | I started seriously biking when I was seventeen and haven't ever stopped. Riding is much more than a hobby to me. It's freeing and exhilarating and makes me feel alive. I love the sun on my face, wind at my back, and burn in my legs. Long distance rides are particularly my favorite. I've done several twenty-four hour races and a lot of rides longer than a hundred miles. I can't wait to enjoy biking with my child - my aunt already got me a bike trailer for kiddo to ride in! Katy trail here we come!

11: The Great Outdoors | then relax. | Play hard... | snowball fight in July on Mt. Rainier | holding on for dear life on Pismo Beach's sand dunes | redwood that sprouted in 544 | hugging trees on Mt. Rainier | enjoying the view of the golden gate from a hike on Angel Island | tidepools in the Pacific | I loved when sea otters would play by the kayak | I'm good at going fast, but not so much stopping | great vacation day | I joke sometimes that I'm solar powered. I'll use almost any excuse to spend time outside. Fresh air and sunshine is a magical combination. I'm athletic and will try just about any sport or activity. Hiking is a particular favorite because you can find a quiet, peaceful patch of nature almost anywhere. It's great living next to an extension of the Katy trail and being able to walk out my door and go for a walk on the trail any time I want. I'm looking forward to spending quality time playing outside with my child. From hiking with baby in a carrier to camping together for the first time it will be exciting! | an afternoon with some big trees

12: People, Places, | always feels like home. Many days were spent in and around the ocean kayaking next to sea otters, whale watching, hiking on the Channel Islands, and just enjoying the beach. | I *love* the golden gate | making a friend at the Monterey Bay Aquarium | Fireworks cruise on the bay = coldest fourth of July ever | The ocean | smiling because I was finished riding up and was about to descend | this happy viewfinder always makes me smile | good times when a dear friend visited | I called the sunny state of California home for four years. After staying in Missouri to get my masters' degree I did what I'd always wanted to do: packed up and drove myself 2,000 miles west. California was an amazing place to live. Living in the | bay area I had mountains, ocean, redwoods, and San Francisco all at my fingertips. It's an outdoor enthusiast's dream. Between bicycling, farmer's markets, unbelievable parks, and exploring the city there were always opportunities to get out in the sun and fresh air. After four years on the west coast I moved back to Missouri to be closer to family and friends. While I miss California I enjoy visiting, and look forward to playing on the beach and hiking through the redwoods with my child.

13: and Adventure | indoor skydiving | the unbelievable feeling of flying without the risk! | bagels taste extra good as a picnic breakfast in Central Park | great end to an awesome day looking down on New York City | enjoying the amazing view of New York from the top of the Met | on our way to visit the top of Mt. Rainier | enjoying the scenery in Mt. Rainier National Park | I spent some time exploring Central Park | I've known Anna since we were 14 years old and having her in my life has been amazing. Her smile and laughter are contagious - and I think that her happiness comes from the fact that she knows who she is, and what path she wants to follow. With Anna, it is OK to be different, to try new things, to be yourself. She has a great sense of adventure, knows how to embrace a challenge, and isn't afraid to do things that would scare other people. For example, when she moved to California to teach elementary school, she didn't know anyone in the state. But she made a plan, and had a positive, energetic approach, and before long she had a great network. Her adventurous spirit enables her to embrace and challenge life, and live it to the fullest! Adopting a child as a single mom is certainly not a traditional thing to do. But that I know it is the right decision for Anna, and that she has the strength and energy to make it work. Having a child is certainly an adventure - one of the greatest adventures we can have as women. Anna has the energy and willpower to embrace the challenge! ~Jessica

14: Furry Family | Sophie Sophie is my adorable, mischievous kitty. I'm convinced she's part kitten, puppy, and toddler wrapped in one. Sophie loves socializing and meeting new people - even the vet. When she's not showing off how fast her racing stripes are she's making sure Louie is never alone for very long. | Louie Louie is my good kitty boy. He's sweet, gentle, and loves to snuggle - especially when the magic kitty blanket is involved. He's a scaredy cat who actually loves attention and affection, it just takes him a while to be sure he can trust people.. He loves having Sophie around to play and nap with. | Sophie's fur on his all black face | copilot for cross-country trip | staring contest -Louie lost | snuggle buddies | they packed themselves for their vet check up | it's a rough life | part kitten, part meerkat, all vain | helping me grade papers

15: Auntie Anna | " 'Auntie Anna' flew half way across the country to be there when my daughter, Lucy, was born. Not only did she come for a peek at the new baby, but also she brought birthday hats for everyone. This is easily one of my happiest memories of one of the happiest days of my life. Lucy is only lucky enough to see Anna a few times a year, and yet, at each visit, she is ecstatic to see Auntie Anna. Anna is always ready to play, read, cuddle, or tickle for as long as Lucy would like. We can’t wait for a new 'cousin' to join our fun! " ~my good friend, Chris | giggles galore! | she was a festive newborn | brand new and so tiny | hanging out | so glad I could be there with Chris and Lucy

16: Home Sweet Home | Nursery | so much fun picking out the fabrics! | the glider and ottoman are being reupholstered in adorable green fabric with white polka dots | can't wait to put baby pictures on the magnet board! | almost ready to go | my comfy family room | I like having a comfortable place to come home to at the end of the day. I enjoy decorating according to my tastes. I'm having a good time getting the nursery ready to go. I've painted all the furniture except for the side table. I have some modge podge, fabric, and lime paint lined up for it. It's fun watching different pieces of furniture come together with the zebra, orange, and lime green color scheme. I can't wait to rock my baby to sleep in the nursery.

17: home with seasons When I was living in California one thing I missed a lot about the midwest was the change in seasons. After moving back I documented the season changes at one of my favorite spots. | summertime in Missouri | and Community | my favorite bridge on the Katy Trail | I'm happy where I live. Right outside my windows is a huge woods. In the summer I can open my windows and hear crickets and frogs at night. It's such a nice sound to hear as I fall asleep. In the winter the bare trees are beautiful when they're covered in snow.. Not too far into those woods is an extension of the Katy trail. I can walk out my door, down a hill, and go for a walk on the trail. It's so quiet and smells so good amidst the trees.. The town I live in has some restaurants, coffee houses, and movie theaters I enjoy going to. It also has some great parks that will be fun to play at with my child.. There's a cute little downtown with shops, restaurants, and great people watching.. I can't wait to share the town I live in and the trail with my kiddo.

18: Thank you! I so appreciate you taking the time to learn more about me. I hope to get to know you and keep in touch in some way if you want. I wish you the best of luck with your decision and peacefulness about that decision. | I look forward to: | I promise: | To love my child unconditionally To provide a safe, nurturing and stable home environment To laugh and play with my child To provide educational opportunities and read with my child To make sure my child has an active childhood outdoors To teach my child a sense of morality and right from wrong To be thankful every day for the life-long gift you have given me | Hearing my child giggle Snuggle time Bike rides with my child Reading books together Holding my child's hand The wonder of new experiences Watching my child learn and grow | Camping together Holidays Tickling my child Rocking my child to sleep Baking together Seeing my child smile Showing my child affection | with love, | Anna

19: If you would like to speak to me about adopting your child or have questions for me please: call me at: (573) 239-6167 or email me at:

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