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Appreciation Book For Susan Batchelor

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BC: Happy Birthday

FC: With Much Love, Your family and friends | An Appreciation Book For Susan Green Batchelor On The Occasion Of Your Birthday

1: Once upon a time there was a wise man who used to go to the ocean to do his writing. He had a habit of walking on the beach before he began his work. One day he was walking along the shore. As he looked down the beach, he saw a human figure moving like a dancer. He smiled to himself to think of someone who would dance to the day. So he began to walk faster to catch up. As he got closer, he saw that it was a young man and the young man wasn't dancing, but instead he was reaching down to the shore, picking up something and very gently throwing it into the ocean. As he got closer he called out, "Good morning! What are you doing?" | The young man paused, looked up and replied, "Throwing starfish in the ocean." "I guess I should have asked, why are you throwing starfish in the ocean?" "The sun is up and the tide is going out. And if I don't throw them in they'll die." "But, young man, don't you realize that there are miles and miles of beach and starfish all along it. You can't possibly make a difference!" The young man listened politely. Then bent down, picked up another starfish and threw it into the sea, past the breaking waves and said- "It made a difference for that one." | For my beautiful Mama; who's made a difference for so many starfish Love, Bryn Loree

2: Happy Birthday Susan | Thank You for joining us for our 50th Wedding Anniversery April 18th 2010

3: We always enjoy your ever present smile and upbeat personality and wish you a continuing long, prosperous, loving ,romantic life with Bob B. | Ralph & Mary

4: Some Favorite Memories Of Our Treasured Friendship With Susan Newcomers Club - Wine Dining out Club - Wine Fun Theme Parties & Games in Lafayette - Wine Boating on the Delta- Wine Balboa Island - Wine Roof Top Parties - Wine Catalina - Wine Boating around Balboa and the Back Bay - Wine Newport Beach - Wine Laguna Beach - Wine Pageant of the Masters - Wine Wedding Showers & Weddings - Wine Grandchildren - Wine!!!! All this and so much more and you made it to ‘70'. So please know that on your birthday Tanc and I will be raising a glass of wine to toast your good health and all the wonderful times and memories we have shared with you both along the way. Happy, Happy Birthday!! Congratulations on reaching this milestone! We send you our love and wish you many, many happy returns of the day. Tanc and Nikki

5: Susan, wishing you all the great things in life. Knowing you has made my life richer. I so clearly remember when we first met out at UCI stables/Farm House. It is so awesome that I became friends with both you and Bryn. What I remember most from those days is your Cabbage Patch collection! What I cherish most is spending time with you and the family. I am grateful we have kept in contact no matter where you lived (you always found such awesome places to call home), and I am glad to have you back in the area. I enjoy when we can get together for dinner and catch up on things! I love the new meatball place :) You are the most energetic and beautiful woman. I hope your 70th birthday brings you an extra share of all that makes you happiest. Lots of love, Barbara Hudgins

6: Happy 70TH Birthday, Susan!!! Wow! Where to begin with memories that span over 26 years? That’s right, 26!!!! I guess I should start at the beginning: “Once upon a time, in a city not too far away, we were two lonely, relocated princesses (I use the word for effect), looking to make new connections and new friends in Santa Barbara.” We joined the Newcomer’s Club about the same time. If I remember correctly, Susan, you met Jack first during a Newcomer’s dinner. You two shared having lived in Dunedin, FL and also growing up in Pennsylvania. I was finally included in the conversation and we instantly had common interests, not the least of which was our love of wine and Rock n Roll music. (Same as today, eh?) That was the beginning of our friendship. Over the years we’ve shared parties, dinners, holidays, etc. You and Bob have been very special people in our lives, as well as our children’s. We always loved and admired your unique style, individuality and sense of humor. Who else but you earned such titles as “Teeny Tiny Hips”, “Alien” and our all-time favorite “Mistress of the Universe” (a title which I believe you still hold). Remember our trip to Napa with my sister, Janet, and Lynn??? What fun!!!! Even though we’ve both moved more than once since Santa Barbara, and we’ve both been through some ups and downs, we’ve survived. Your birthday is a celebration of you and all the joy you have given others. We love you and are so glad we have you in our life. Here’s to many more years of wine & dancing!! Love, Jack & Dottie

7: Thanksgiving 1994 Skidmore's | Fisherman's Wharf July 1991

8: Happy Birthday Memories Friends and Good Times Laguna Woods With Leon and Carol St.Hilaire | Peace and Love at Woodstock Reunion

9: Music Under the Stars at Mission San Juan Capistrano Boat Ride on Newport Bay | Singing at Thanksgiving Valentines Party Lynn, Susan, Patty, and Carol

10: Birthday Wishes: I wish for you a most wonderful birthday, Aunt Susan. Favorite Memories: There are so many wonderful memories, but I think my favorite was just sitting drinking tea with you and Mom and "solving all the worlds problems". Favorite Qualities: Aunt Susan, you have always made life more exciting and fun, no matter what we are doing, just by your presence and enthusiasm. You have the most wonderful creative ideas about everything. You're a great cook to boot! I have benefited greatly by your sensitive caring and wise counsel in my life. Your gifts have been the best and most thoughtful of anyone I know -- you have warmed my heart and soul many times with them. Aunt Susan, next to Mom, you have been the most nurturing woman in my life. You are a beautiful person, inside and out. Love, Kathleen | Susan age 11 and Patricia age 16

11: A Birthday Message There are many people you meet throughout your life, who inspire you and make you feel comfortable and sometimes special. Susan is one of those people. She just loves life and enjoys life as much as she can. Her and Bob have a wonderful relationship. They work together and have fun together. They have a unique outlook on life. Susan not only is a fun spirited individual, but she is a warm, loving person. She genuinely cares for people of all ages. She was particularly thoughtful to my mom, Tillie. She would send her greeting cards for her birthday and other holidays. It always made my mom feel special and happy. She thought a great deal of Susan. In fact, she always asked when was Susan Batchelor's birthday..so she could send her a card. My friendship with Susan dates back to the Chico days, when our daughters became friends in college. We had a lot of fun together from that time on at college functions, and continued to other social gatherings with the families. And, that is another quality of Susan's..she's a good friend. We don't see each other as often as I'd like, due to the distance of our homes now, but I cherish her friendship, and hope we do get together more often. Susan..Have a fabulous birthday celebration. You deserve it and I know you will have a great deal of fun, as I know you, of all people, know how to. Love, Clara

12: I remember that I met my aunt Susan in the late 60's. I know I had seen her before that but I was too young to remember. We still lived in Pennsylvania and they had moved west to California. I had regularly heard stories about Aunt Susan and uncle bob of coarse from my parents and my grandparents, but only vaguely remember spending time with them when I was very young.

13: Favorite stories from back then were how grandad and Grammy had a family cocker spaniel dog that was ornery and prone to biting. Mom was a bit intimidated and the dog had her pretty much under control. Not so with aunt Susan! She was not going to let a dog run her life. When the two of them had a run-in over whom was to be the boss, the dog resorted to biting aunt Susan. It had worked On my mom but not on aunt Susan. Aunt Susan promptly bit the dog back! Mom also bragged about how pretty Susan was and that she had dated Joe Namath once in high school. That impressed me too. I had a very high opinion of aunt Susan in those days and that has not changed! My first real memories are of going west to visit Susan and bob. Aunt Susan and uncle bob lived in California. This in itself was soo cool that it would have been enough. But on top of that they lived on a houseboat in San Francisco bay and then in trendy palo alto. I was in awe of this. Being californians Susan and bob were also way more hip and fashionable than any people I had ever reAlly known. Modern hairdos, striped bell bottom pants, wide belts, the whole deal. Uncle bob had enormous collars just like the ones the Monkee's had on their tv show. I remember thinking my moms younger sister was SO glamourous! It very much reminded me of the then current tv show "bewitched". Mom was samantha and aunt Susan was Sabrina. Younger with dark hair and more exotic.

14: Later we also moved to California. We lived in San Jose and the batchelors had moved to southern California. Again in my eyes very cool. They lived in places like huntington harbor and it was all very sheik to me. Uncle bob seemed to be quite a tycoon with a big Mercedes Benz car and long blond hair. Aunt Susan was just plain glamorous. And then came cousin Bryn. I loved Bryn from the very start. Everyone did. She was a wonderful and beautiful baby. But nobody loved her like aunt susan. The glamorous Susan became a devoted and doting mother. She still is to this day. And a doting grandmother too! Aunt Susan had traded in her glamour for fun. She had a ton of fun with bryn. She seemed to be as much of a friend as a mom in my eyes. She was ahead of her time in that respect I believe. She and Bryn did everything together from shopping to collecting dolls. That relationship holds true today as well. Bryn grew onto a fine woman and mother and the two are still like two peas in a pod. | As I have become an adult myself I have lost my glamorous ideal view of my aunt Susan. In it's place has come a respect and deeper love. As I matured I found that my aunt was more than glamorous. She is a warm, fun, wonderful, and happy woman. Aunt Susan is one of the most well adjusted and content people I know. She is always there when I need her and she checks in regularly to make sure all is well in my world. I consider my aunt to be more than a relative. She is my friend too. Happy birthday aunt Susan. You are still the most glamorous but you have become more than that to me. I love you, Greg Whitehouse

15: Susan, Happy Birthday to my favorite Cousin. I have many happy memories of our growing up together in Pennsylvania. Do you remember our adventures with Tinker Green our protector? We always thought if he was with us we would be safe. I bet you remember going to Brady's run with Grandma, Grandad, and our parents for picnics. Recall how much fun we had together swimming there? You have always been there for me. You helped tie my shoelaces when I thought I would never learn. And thanks to you I can today write the numeral 8 with a great deal of confidence. Both Bob and I hope that your 70th birthday is a joyous one. Love, Cousin Judy

16: Susan, You totally and completely shaped my childhood. You were the most glamorous woman I had known as a kid, and I used to obsess over growing up to be just like you one day. Wearing berry red lipstick, having beautiful long wavy brown hair, joining a sorority so I could go to reunions forever, and saying "warsh" instead of "wash." She were my idol. I love you and have so many great, great memories. Love, Urmila Venkatesh

19: Happy 70th Birthday, Susan! We have only had the pleasure of knowing you for the last decade, but you have been part of some of the happiest times in our lives! From that first introductory dinner of the Batchelors and the Boughtons at 4th Street Grille in Sacramento till now, we are happy to have shared our lives with you! Memories of wedding celebrations, baby announcements, arrival of grandchildren, vacations in Santa Cruz and Disneyland, Christmases, Easters, birthday parties and more bring a smile to our faces and joy to our hearts! This summer, our families are embarking upon a new adventure with the birth of a new baby boy to add to the joy that Avery has brought to us all! We are excited about the future and are looking forward to sharing many more happy times with you and Bob! Love, Ted and Dolly Boughton

21: Once upon a time a long time ago in 1959, Susan Green Batchelor graduated from Beaver Falls High School in Beaver Fall, PA. After graduation, one of her classmates and good friends, Lee Fisher, went to Penn State University with her. There, in 1960, one of her Kappa Alpha Theta pledge sisters, Louise Keefer, became her roommate, and, as fate would have it, Susan introduced Louise and Lee. The happy ending of this tale is that Louise and Lee married, and years later their daughter, Laura, met Susan and Bob's daughter, Bryn, in New York City where the girls were working. To make this happy ending complete , these families each had a granddaughter, and the California family and the Florida family reunited last year so that the mothers, daughters, and granddaughters could have a fun reunion at St. Petersburg Beach. We hope that there will be many more as all live happily ever after! Happy 70th Birthday, Susan! We owe it all to the role you played in this fated tale! Lots of love, Louise and Lee

22: Congratulations on your 70th. Have a happy birthday and great year! Pam and Bob

23: Susan Batchelor is simply one of the most generous, outgoing, caring and thoughtful friends that we know. She is never too busy to stop and do things for the people in her life. She is a very beautiful and creative woman. Wish I had those blue eyes. We are glad to be included in her circle. Here's hoping that her 70th birthday will be one of great joy as she spends this time enjoying a new grandchild. We look forward to having Susan and Bob return to Laguna Woods and getting to enjoy many more good times with them. Pat and Emmett Futch

24: Happy Birthday, Susan! :-) It was great to get together with you and Bob again in May at St. Petersburg Beach! What a fun Theta sister/girlfriend weekend we had! I look forward to our next reunion! I told Bryn that the years just melted away, and we picked up where we left off 50 years ago at Penn State! Congratulations on your new grandchild! We all hit the "Big 7-0" this year - mine comes in October. Have a wonderful celebration! Theta love and mine, Bonnie :-)

25: Dear Susan, Time marches on so quickly!! You and I became "sisters" in 1961 as Thetas. We did not know each other very well since you were in a different major than I. I was in Education..to become a teacher...as well as work on my MRS. degree. We each had different roommates so our paths did not cross too much. We had some fun times as Thetas working on the Greek Sing floats as well as other things. Once we graduated from Penn State we went our separate ways. I went home to live while I was teaching in Plainfield, NJ while my to-be-husband went to Stanford. He was a Naval Academy graduate who took his commission in the Air Force. Never would I have dreamed I would meet you again...in California. I recall being so excited to have a pledge sister living in the same town. Thus we rendezvoued a few times. I will never forget your comment to me while walking on Balboa Island when you lived on Ruby. You said you just kept walking so some little old lady would find you and will her home to you. Wouldn't that have been fabulous? I also remember seeing your fabulous doll collect of Bryn's and admired you for keeping it for all those years. Then we met again when we were at our 50th Theta luncheon. Could we really be that old? What a pleasant day that was to reunite again. By then you were living in Laguna Woods. In 1997 we moved to Big Canyon in Newport Beach from Rochester, NY. We then spent 4 years in Singapore so we lost touch again. I hope we will touch base again soon. I know our Pioneer Year is coming up at Penn State next June so hopefully we will gather the rest of our pledge class to come for that reunion at PSU. John and I wish you the best and happiest of birthdays on this your BIG 70 coming up. All our Theta love to you, Betty Skade Middleton

26: Book Club Dinners and Dances | Happy Birthday! Susan Looking forward to many years of fun together. Love, Lynn and Tom

27: This is an extra special birthday. It is a day to celebrate you and all the lives you have touched. You were one of my favorite Theta sisters and some of my fondest Penn State memories. That St.Pete mini-reunion was a dream come true. Celebrate with family, good food, love and laughter. Love and light!!! Gretchen

28: To Hon, Very merry 70th Birthday-I love you. What a wonderful wacky journey we have had the past 56 years-yes met in 1955. We have had so may memories toghther that it would take a very large body of writing to just hit the highlights. I appreciate your beauty, your communicativeness, your dancing skills, wonderful sense of humor, ability to make new friends (and to keep in touch and hold on to the old ones), being such a great friend, caring for people, love of animals, financial acumen, your social and party giving skills, being a terrific mother and grandmother (Grandma Susan), toughness when things aren't so rosey and your zest for life. Still can see you on the beach and the boardwalk at Ocean City, NJ and along the shore of Lake Ponchetrain in Louisana in dresses your looks and style made fabulous. Still can see you in the window of the portrait studio on the Ocean City boardwalk as you wore that Van Gogh silk dress while having your portrait done. Then there was the full length red jump suit-wow. You and I can travel together for hours and never run out of things to say. I such admire your ability to make new friends and keep the old ones. If it wasn't for you I would hardly know anyone. Thanks to you we have frineds from CA to Fl. You are such a good friend. You truly care for people and "put your money where your mouth is" by providing a helping hand up to the many people we have met in life who are in need.

29: You can laugh yourself silly and I can always distinguish your laugh in any sized crowd. When you and Niki were standing around the magician at the Groves, I could pick out your laugh out of the +100 or so people ringing the stage. Such a love for animals-Tinker, Shah, Sheba, Mellow, Puff, Goldie, Lucky, Ala Mark, the variety of guinea pigs and a rabbit. Not only have you provided wonderful homes for the animals but you make certain that they get brushed, have 'pretty teeth", clean/clear eyes and that they are well provided for when we travel and can't take them with us. You have been such a great mother to Bryn and "grandma Susan' to Avery and Andrew. Your degree from San Francisco State (via Penn State and Long Beach State) in Psychology has served you well. You have been such a trooper when are financial lives haven't been so good. You pack, you move, you handle things and have gotten us re-started no matter where we ended up. We have had quite a physical journery from Rochester, PA, to Sacramento, to Palo Alto, to Houston, to Palo Alto, to Huntington Harbour, to Montecito, to Lafayette, to Newport Beach and to Laguna Woods Village. Makes me tired just to think about all those moves. You have a great sense of value (Scottish ancestery) and know what to buy when- Google stock, antique jewelry and various real estate. Party giver extrodinaire. This should have been your paid profession-you are so good at it. I have never know anyone to "set the stage" like you do with parties as you always have the most fun decorations and games. So the 70th is upon you. You have a great zest for life and I hope you and I can keep dancing for years to come. Love-Husband

30: Happy Birthday Susan, We wish you the best birthday ever and so many more birthdays to come. You are so special to us and we will value your friendship forever. One of the reasons we moved to Laguna Woods was to meet new friends who we enjoy sharing our time with, so we finally found the perfect couple with you and Bob. We have shared so many special moments together and ones to cherish. You have been an inspiration to us with your ever smiling face, kindness and positive thoughts. May we grow old together and always be there for each other. We miss you while you are away, but knowing it is a short time, we will all soon be back to the good times. Enjoy your visit with your wonderful family and new baby. Your Friends, Patty & Gary

31: Hi Aunt Susan Happy 70th Birthday. Memory as an Adult Kathy and I love our memories of being invited to your house for the Christmas boat parades. We really enjoyed the whole evening of walking around and seeing the homes and then the boats. The dinners after we just wonderful. I can remember how your home was decorated for the season also. It really made those Christmas time a special thing. A great memory. Memory as Young Adult Kathy and I also remember the times you had us over while we were dating. You always went all out and made Kathy feel like family even before we were married. She really appreciated all the support and love you extended. Memory when I was a teenager The next memory is when I was young. Your Orange tree in your back and Shaw and Sheba when you lived up north. Shaw and Sheba had to wear plastic boots that had ties on the top to keep them on. I always thought the Orange tree was giant and the oranges were a perfect orange color. Shaw and Sheba with boots I thought was funny picturing them walking around. Memory when I as 12 When I was twelve I had a special birthday party up in Walnut Creek. We all went to the Nut Tree Restaurant. Both you and Bob came. I can remember us all sitting around the table have a good time. I really liked having my Aunt and Uncle there. It made it really grown up and fancy. Eating at a restaurant for my birthday. Kathy and I want to wish you the best on your birthday. You have always been a great Aunt. Always interested in what we had to say. Always very supportive of our efforts in life. We both appreciate you very much. Love to you on your birthday. Kathy and Paul Reeb

33: Age Is A Quality Of Mind If you left your dreams behind, If hope is lost. If you no longer look ahead, If your ambitious fires are dead - Then you are old. But if from life you take the best And if in life you keep the jest, If love you hold - No matter how the years go by, No matter how the birthdays fly, You are not old! Author Unknown Susan, David and I wish you the happiest of birthdays. You are the epitome of young at heart that is for sure. We will all keep each other young until age 80 is the new 40! With lots of love, Susan and David

34: Dear Susan, The years have flown by since we met.you were only 19 years old, a beautiful young woman. Now all these years later, you are somewhat older and still beautiful. Although our paths did not cross often as our children were growing up, I have enjoyed our recent times together, especially at my children’s weddings, visiting with you in CA and most recently our meeting at Union Station. I most appreciate your making Bob so happy all of these years. You two share what many couples don’ta happy, loving relationship. You still even enjoy each other’s company!! I wish you a happy, happy birthday and many more so you can enjoy watching Avery and her new brother grow up. I hope John and I can enjoy more happy times with you and Bob. Happy Birthday Much Love, Sally

35: Happy Birthday to Susan. She is very thoughtful and generous. She is truly a lovely person...and I'm proud to be her relative. Heather Cantlin and the boys.

36: Dear Sue, I wish you much happiness as you celebrate your birthday. I have always enjoyed visiting you and Bob on Balboa and in Newport Beach. You are such a great host!! Not only would you ask if I was thirsty after the drive down from L. A, but you would always list every beverage located in the fridge!!! My thanks to you for always keeping my grandma in your thoughts. Your cards to her made her feel special and are a testament to what a kind and thoughtful person you are. Finally, thank you for bringing amazing Bryn into the world!! Without her, my college days and beyond would have been much less fun! Much love, Jaime Haile

37: Susan, I have only had the fortune of knowing you for a short part of your life but you have done many things over the past 12 years that prove what a wonderful and loving mother, mother- in-law, and grandmother you are. I remember being a little nervous the first time I came down to Balboa Island with Bryn but based on what she had told me about you I was pretty sure I didn’t need to worry too much about the trip. While there I learned that Bryn had a mother who was very similar to mine in the way that she loved and cared for her children and was very accepting and kind to their guests as well. I also learned that the sun wakes you up very early in the morning when you have to sleep in a tent on the roof. I’ve enjoyed getting to know you even better during our cruises, Florida vacations and trips up and down California. You raised an incredible daughter who has become a wonderful wife and loving mother, you have been a great mother-in-law for the past 9 years and, as I’m sure Avery would attest ( and Drew, once he gets to a proper attesting age), you are a caring and fun loving grandmother. Happy Birthday! Mike Boughton

38: Dear Susan: You have always been a terrific aunt to me, and a great great-aunt to my daughters Remy & Rory. I want you to know that Alexa and I have always really appreciated all the Reeb family events and get-togethers that you come down to San Diego to attend. It always feels more like family when you are here with us. I have three very specific memories of you from when I was little. The first was when my family lived in Walnut Creek, California. My parents had bought a new tract home on the outskirts of town, and I think were having a house warming party. It was probably around 1964 or 1965. You were there. Every one played a game together in the backyard. The backyard had a walnut tree. Today the kids call the game "monkey in the middle", but back then I think we called it "keep away". Basically, one person is "it" and stands it the middle of a group of people, and people around the outside throw a beach ball back and forth trying to not have the person in the middle catch the ball. You were in middle, and as I recall, were having a difficult time getting out of there. During the game, someone yelled out "Susan's in the soup!", which I thought was hilarious, and made quite an impression on my three or four year old little brain. I still can remember to this day people chanting, "Susan's in the soup! Susan's in the soup!" (or maybe it was just me chanting it!). It became the good-natured running joke of the day. At least that's how I remember it. The second memory I have of you from my childhood is of you and your dogs Shaw and Sheeba. I remember them being very friendly and good-looking dogs. I picture them with big smiles on their faces. But what I remember the most is the little plastic booties you used to put on their paws. I thought that was the funniest thing!

39: I recall them being red, and you put them on their paws to keep them from getting muddy. I think that this must have been sometime in the mid-1960s, but I don't remember exactly when or where that was, but it made quite an impression on me, and I still remember Shaw and Sheeba fondly. The third memory I have I was a bit older, maybe somewhere between ten to twelve years old, so it would have been the early 1970s. You always used to send me presents for my birthday. For this birthday, you gave me a present that really stuck in my mind. It was a fishing tackle box filled with fishing lures and weights. I think the tackle box was red, although it could have been green (dang this 50-year old brain!). I had the tackle box for years and used to take it with me when I was a teenager and rode my bike with my best friend to go fishing off the Ocean Beach Pier. I got a lot of good use out of that tackle box. One other time with you stands out in my mind. It was the mid-1980s, and you and Bob invited Alexa and I over to dinner at your apartment in Newport Beach. I think that Alexa & I were engaged at the time, and this was a chance for you to get to know Alexa better. You had a big Cabbage Patch doll collection at the time and had a room full of them. I think you served us spaghetti. I remember it being a really nice get-together, and Alexa came away with a favorable impression of my extended family. I always thought that it was very nice of you to go out of your way to have us over. Thanks! And of course, I have to mention Bryn's wedding. I'm guessing that other people have probably already detailed the many detail-worthy aspects of this truly memorable family event. Suffice it to say, that of all the weddings I've ever been to, Bryn's wedding produced the most legendary stories to tell. Happy Birthday Aunt Susan! Love, Pete, Alexa, Remy & Rory Reeb

40: Mama, I thought mine would be the first letter done and in the book; but in fact, it’s the last. When I decided to put this book together, I had no idea how daunting it would be to write my own letter. Where can I possibly start when writing to the person who has most shaped who I am?

41: Growing up, I took for granted what an extraordinary mother you are. I assumed every Mom peeled grapes for their baby, read hours upon hours of books to their toddler, stood up for their child to shop-keepers (where’s all that heiress money that I’m due..), and rented a house so their teenager could finish out high school with her friends. As I’ve gotten older and become a mother myself, I’ve come to appreciate how fortune I am to have had you as my Mama and a Grandma to my children. Through example you’ve taught me perseverance, kindness, love of animals, gratitude and the power of a thank you note, the joy of dancing, the importance of protecting your family, standing up for what you believe in, trusting your instincts, the power of visualization, sticking to your guns, the need to show children respect, how to really have fun and most of all; how to be a good friend, wife and mama. Reading these letters has allowed me to see you through the eyes of your cousin, nephews, sister-in-law, friends; both life-long and new among many others who love you. You’ve touched so many lives and you leave a consistent impression; one of glamour, kindness, fun, beauty, intelligence, laughter, thoughtfulness, generosity and love. As your daughter I can say; you’re sure a hard act to follow. I love you! Happy birthday! I look forward to sharing many more! Bryn Loree

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