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Ashesh's 65th Birthday Book

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Ashesh's 65th Birthday Book - Page Text Content

S: Ashesh's 65th Birthday Book

BC: Happy 65th Birthday, Papa! Enjoy these family memories... | Love, Jugnu, Naina, & Manisha


1: My wife, Anjeli

2: Pitaji | Amma

3: Like branches on a tree, our lives may grow in different directions yet our roots remain as one. | born September 19, 1918

4: Ashesh loved his mother and was with her up to her last breath. -Pitaji

5: I was very much impressed and moved by the way Ashesh bhai had taken care of Amma in her last days. His approach was holistic; he took care of her physical, mental and emotional needs too. It was nice to see somebody so caring, thoughtful and empathetic. Amma must have felt very fortunate to have a son like that. --Vyom

6: Amma August 22, 1924 - October 26, 2008

7: I will always respect and admire Ashesh bhai on how he handled Amma’s last moments. I know she was his mother too, but I have not seen many sons do what he did. He was hands on feeding and even cleaning her. He was there 24 hours with her, lifting up her spirits, which many of us didn’t know how to do, we were all so tense. He was trying to talk to her non-stop even when her voice was gone, reminding her of his childhood days and other incidents that would make her stir and smile. He was composed and kept all of us around him upbeat too. He was brave enough to sing a song after she left us, “Chalo chale maa, sapnon ke gaon me.aisa na ho ki bichur jain hum..” One evening, he made us all sit down to recap our experiences with Amma and remember her in a fond way. It’s all about how we handle situations in life, especially in a difficult situation like this, and he definitely knows how to do it. There is a lot to learn from him. --Archana | I cannot ever forget the last times of Amma and the amount of hard work and support that Tauji put into it. Tauji used to feed her and tell her stories all the time. On the day of her funeral, Tauji dedicated the song "Chalo Chalen Maa" from the movie Jagriti to her which just touched everyone there. –Anant | I admire Papa for his courage and bravery on how he rallied everyone together during Dadiji's last days. He is a gentle yet strong man. -Jugnu

9: Pitaji | In the early hours of July 12, 1945, a child was born after two years of our wedding. At that moment clouds roared and rain came to cheer his birth which was warmly welcomed by his mother and her family at Hapur (city of birth). His mother was the eldest daughter of her parents and Ashesh was the first child of their daughter. They felt proud in becoming grandparents. They rejoiced by sending lots of gifts and throwing a large party in his honor at Hapur. Everybody at Hapur kissed and blessed him. --Pitaji

10: I'm such a cute baby! | I'm not always making jokes... | my elementary school in Sharanpur | Prashant | me

11: Aren't I handsome? | Rashmi & Vyom at the back, Vasudha, Archana, & Vivek in front | Me in the front right

12: Vyom, Vasudha, Rashmi | Me holding Vivek, Rashmi, Vyom, Prashant, Vasudha in front | Prashant, Vyom, & Ashesh | Prashant, Vyom (at back), me, Vasudha, Rashmi (in front)

13: Me & Prashant | Me, Rashmi, my cousin Usha holding her nephew, Prashant | Vyom, Vasudha, Rashmi

14: my Nanaji | my Naniji | Me, Vasudha, Prashant (top row), Vyom, Rashmi holding Vivek (front row)

15: Me at the back, Vasudha, Vivek, Archana in the front | Vasudha, Vivek, Vyom, Me, Archana as a baby | I am so studious...

16: a younger Amma | a younger Pitaji | Amma's siblings | Amma

17: Prashant, Vyom, me, Rashmi, Vivek holding a basket, Archana as a baby, Vasudha sitting | Vivek, Rashmi, Archana, Pitaji, Vyom, Vaasudha, Prashant, & Me at Shivani & Shankars wedding | The Seven of Us | as children... | as adults...

18: Family lasts forever

19: Family | Raj's 1st Birthday Party

20: Memories | Anshu | Rishabh | Shubhra

21: Soanl | Phoopaji is a very fun-loving, cheerful & outgoing person. We always look forward to his short visits to Lucknow & enjoy PIZZAS, ice creams & movies with him. - Anshu & Rishu

22: I enjoy being around Ashesh Mamaji because he is full of stories and anecdotes. Moreover because he ensures that even the quietest and the shyest one is included in the conversation. --Bansi | His immense knowledge of the world has always amazed me. --Anant | I at times feel if Chachaji were in India, I would have definitely taken training classes from him. –Manu

23: I can’t repeat in mixed company some of the jokes and stories Ashesh has told us. Two words: "Ancient Temples" --Amit | I enjoy being around Chachaji because with him life seems at ease and fun. -Shaphali | It is not the years in your life but the life in your years! –Sujata & Prashant

24: To have and to hold | Tony & Jugnu | Naina & Kalpesh | Me & Anjeli

25: Happy | Abhishek & Sonali | Dinesh & Archana | Vivek & Mamta | Virendra & Vyom

26: Manu & Shaphali | Mayank & Bansi | Saurabh & Shailee | Sumit & Lucy

27: Ashesh is always there when one needs him in good times or in challenging times. He is a good listener, an understanding person, keeps in touch with all extended family and manages to keep his composure even during a storm. I take my hat off to Anjeli who lets him go where ever he is needed even when she is busy with her school commitments. Love..Brij | Brij & Rashmi | Shankar & Shivani | Happy

28: Happy | Narendra & Vasudha | Prashant & Tarang | Pitaji & Amma | Amit & Niki

29: All, everything that I understand, I understand only because I love | Daddy & Mummy | Anshu & Shubhra | Puroo & Raveena | Prashant & Sujata | Ravi & Sonal | Rajeev & Kavita

30: My Brother Ashesh Ashesh is someone who has lots of ideas to share With wit and good humor to spare. He does thoughtful things In distress and merry makings. He is competent in his quiet and simple way, True to his name “Ashesh” meaning complete every way. We love his personality, We love his jokes, We love his kindness, We love all his brotherly ways. --Rashmi

31: Ashesh is like a liquid and takes the shape of the vessel you pour him into. He becomes you. -Narendra

32: I don’t remember who told me this anecdote. As a punishment Naniji once asked Prashant and Ashesh Mamajis to stand in the nude in the garden. As a kid it was thrilling to hear that even the elders could get punished. :) –Bansi | taking a walk with Big Nana

33: Ashesh Bhai is a lovely person and I visualise him as a lighthouse. He is strong, firm and stable. He spreads light in all directions and illuminates the way for others. He spreads the light of love, peace and joy empowering others on their journey. --Virendra | Swimming in Mausi's pool | Big Nana & the boys | at the beach | Manisha & Dadiji

34: I gather this from an anecdote about him that he had flaunted about a girl friend. To ensure that all the cousins/siblings believed him he showed them love letters. These were later found to be written by Ashesh Mamaji himself. –Bansi | June 2011

35: MEMORIES | FAMILY | Ashesh Bhai takes pleasure in cherishing others. He is always there to help anybody in need. He gives positive energy and makes one feel comfortable and supported in his company. --Virendra | No, don't take my picture! | Kavita, Rajeev, Vansh, & Vidhi

38: My wedding | I'm not nervous at all...

39: Over the last 11 years, Papa has become my second father to me. He has been an awesome mentor and teacher for me. I really enjoy all of the time we have spent together. Papa is such a caring, thoughtful, and knowledgeable person. I learn something new each time we speak. I always enjoy talking with Papa about Skymiles and all of our travel adventures. Enjoy your special birthday. Happy Birthday Papa!! - Tony

40: family. | When we were getting admitted in the Lucknow Montessori School in fourth class, Amma (our mother) told Shuggan bhaishaheb (a grown up son of a friend of Ashesh’s father) who took us to the school for the admission to decrease the age of both of us by one year. Consequently, the date of birth given to the school was July 12, 1946 in place of actual date of July 12, 1945. In those days birth certificated were not there, at least in medium and small cities of India. In fact, our high school certificate has worked as the birth certificate for all purposes including for the making of the passport. What was the reason for reducing the age by one year? In those days most of the jobs were available with government only and the retirement age was only 55 years. It was the Amma’s foresight to compensate for the ridiculous retirement age. Thus both, 65 and 66 years, are valid ages of Ashesh. -Prashant | Papa will bend over backwards to help me out. His best interest has always been for me to succeed in life. If I ever have any questions on how to write or do something, he will give a helping hand. One memory I have of Papa is him helping me write my appeal packet to the university, spending hours and hours of time perfecting my packet. –Manisha | I enjoy being around Ashesh because he doesn’t let you get bored, he can make a conversation on any topic. What a memory, he remembers family incidents, history dates, science discoveries, religion, anything and everything it seems. –Archana | Your initiative to keep the whole family connected and in touch through “connect-and-share” is something everyone, especially from our generation, will appreciate immensely in the future.--Ana

41: Many years ago when I was an exchange student in Korea, Mamaji had a business trip and took me to dinner. He shared a story that he learned while he was studying in the US. He asked me if I knew how MSG, despite having bad health effects, still had high sales. He then explained that MSG sales were down in the 60s/70s and efforts were made to bring up sales. An MBA program asked students to research this problem and come up with a solution to increase sales. While many students did a lot of research and came up with new applications for MSG, the person with the winning idea came up with the simple idea of making the holes on the MSG shaker a little larger. This was due to the student’s time spent in restaurants where he observed that many chefs typically added a few shakes of MSG to their recipes rather than measuring actual amount of MSG. By making the holes bigger in the standard MSG bottles, chefs would therefore add just a little more MSG with each shake which would sell more bottles. Usually I ask for MSG free food when I'm at Chinese restaurants and I remember this story...I recall that Ashesh Mamaji is full of these interesting stories...Vibhor | Well, while I was growing up, my interaction with Chahachji was less as his visits were less frequent. However lately his visits to India have increased and in comparison I get to see him more often. I am hoping that we will get much more time to spend together in days to come. --Saurabh | Strange as this may sound, I have always thought of Mamaji as an exemplary ambassador! Whenever Mamaji talks to, or meets with any member of the family, he is sure to talk about Jugnu, Naina, Manisha, or Anjeli Mamiji. He shares their achievements as a proud father or husband of course, but he ONLY shares the good stuff! He always praises them. I wish my dad, or husband did that :) Seriously though, I think we all depend on Mamaji in terms of keeping us all updated on what's going on in the Agrawal clan! --Shivani | My very best wishes for a wonderful birthday celebration. I look forward to our spending more time together, as we enter our golden years.—Dinesh

42: Nana, I love dal!! | Hawaii, here I come...

44: You’re probably THE most organized and methodical person I’ve met. You pay attention to every little detail and you’re so meticulous in anything you do. --Ana

45: There is a calmness and serenity about his presence; he almost never loses temper and deals with situations with a cool composure. --Vyom | Papa always tells you a unique fact or a story about life, the news or current events, and of course India. He is a built in encyclopedia. -Naina

46: My wedding | I enjoy being around Papa because he and I think very much alike. --Pesh

47: Mamaji loves to SHARE, be it stories, jokes or moments. --Shivani | Amit's wedding | Shivani's wedding | Jugnu's wedding

48: When he comes to Lucknow, Mamta makes delicious food at home and so even I get a chance to eat good food, which is a welcome change from the everyday food. -Vivek | There is a lot to learn from him on a professional level as well. Apart from other things he seems to understand the human psychology of people from various countries very well and can give you a very good idea of how a Japanese thought process would be in comparison to American or Indian. –Saurabh & Shailee

49: Like everyone else, I admire his breadth of knowledge, as one can talk to him almost on any subject. He is meticulous in whatever he does. --Dinesh | Life is a one-way road where you can see back but you can’t go back! So, don’t miss anything. Enjoy every second of your life! –Sujata & Prashant

50: Ashesh Bhai is a master not only in chemical engineering but also in other areas of academia as well as practical life. He is an excellent teacher and teaches with full devotion, diligence and determination. I still remember his talk on ‘GANGA’ water which was brilliant and learnt a lot. --Virendra | Ashesh cracks jokes, sometimes quite embarrassing ones too!--Archana | Chardam Trip

51: He entertains all of us with his jokes... It is very easy to make a conversation with him since he perpetually has stories to tell you! –Aditi | I enjoy being around Ashesh because he is a wonderful human being. --Dinesh

52: Ashesh and I spent the first 22 years of our lives together both in home and school. In 11th grade of Lucknow Christian college, we were initially assigned different sections, but then we made a case to be in the same section as we had only one bicycle to go the college (with double riding). Within a week or so we were put on the same section. --Prashant | After my surgery in 1994, Ashesh bhai visited me in UK. He wanted to see the hospital where I was operated. We went to see the room where I was admitted, and walked in the park where I had recuperated. I was touched! --Vyom | When I was about ten years old, in one of my adventurous and daring moments, I jumped over a 4 ft. high fence in our front yard (at that time we were living upstairs) while playing tag. I landed on a main hole and fractured my right forearm. Consequently I had to have a cast for six weeks. In the beginning I could not break chapatti from my left hand to eat so Ashesh fed me my lunch and dinner. Sometimes he used to tease me, as often siblings do, and in those moments I would push and hit him with my casted hand. --Rashmi | I think the best memories of Ashesh bhai are from our first trip to the US when we visited Disneyworld and got to spend some extended time together. --Dinesh

53: Ashesh Bhai is calm, quiet, serene and tranquil and handles the most difficult situation with ease. His presence gives us pure energy flow that recharges and re-energises. He is always there when you need him, and ready to help and rescue. I cannot forget when Ashesh Bhai came to Rochdale in January 2010 when my home minister was very unwell. His presence was a great boon and booster. He uplifted everybody’s confidence and Vyom felt a lot better and recovered with leaps and bounds. --Virendra | Tauji plays a very important role in keeping our family this close and I think everyone would agree with me if I said that he is the backbone of our family. –Anant | I’ll never forget how he and Bhabhiji were there with me throughout one of the most important times in my life. The last two months of my pregnancy with Ana, in the delivery room with me (as Ana came 20 days earlier and Dinesh could not be there on time from Saudi), even after the delivery from Ana’s first bath to taking such good care of me and Ana for three weeks. He’ll always be a treasured part of that special moment. --Archana | I can never forget one incidence. One day I was very tired, maybe we did a lot of shopping. My legs were aching badly. He came to me and offered to press my feet. He even started doing that which I promptly refused. I knew that he meant it. I was really touched!!!! –Mamta | He has a very unique way of talking to each and every person in the house, whether together or individually. This immediately creates a bond with him. --Vivek

54: "It’s not the strongest or most intelligent who will survive, but the one who adapts most readily to change and time". We feel these words are most relevant to you. We look forward to sharing many more moments with you and with that learning a lot more. Wishing you a very Happy 65! (It’s just a number for the timeless!). Best Wishes. --Sonali and Abhishek | I wish him a very happy and healthy long life, cherishing and helping others as ever. Happy 65th Birthday! -Virendra

55: June 18, 2011

56: Tauji loves "Aryan'. This is a restaurant near our place. He used to love eating there. During his stay we would go there at least twice or thrice!! -Aditi

57: I enjoy being around Ashesh Mamaji because he is FULL of life. Mamaji is a wonderful storyteller. He weaves facts and stats and keeps you engaged until the very end. He is a wonderful blend of Indian and American. --Shivani

58: I don’t remember much about my childhood days. We seemed not to have much interaction, but I know he was always there for me. I remember one incident. We used to go to our grandparents (nana-nani) place in Hapur every summer. From there, all the cousins would go to Delhi together. This one summer, the plan was to go bicycling around Delhi for sight-seeing. Everybody was ready to go. There weren't enough bicycles, so I was to be left behind. I was shy and would not say that I also wanted to go. Ashesh bhai somehow knew what I wanted, and refused to go without me. Another bicycle was arranged and I pillion rode with him. I felt so proud to be his sister. --Vyom

59: Ashesh sings well, and the song “Andheri Nisha mein, nadi ke kinare “ always reminds me of him. --Archana | I think pink is my color!

61: our 1st anniver-sary

62: There’s never a dull moment when you’re around! Whether it’s at a wedding, MC’ing with all your jokes, or the various family trips (UK/Scotland trip and Chardham in particular) You somehow always manage to bring a smile on our faces! You’re always the person who will have some funny story, a joke, random facts, or some hilarious anecdotes to share and liven up the mood! I don’t think there’s anything in the world that you don’t know something about – your knowledge is that vast!! --Ana

63: Ashesh was a big miser in his young age. He would not buy anything with his pocket money and almost all money would go to his Gullak (piggy bank). I covered his share of the expenses of our friends group. Several years later Amma (our mother) complained to me that I was a big spender not saving even a single penny from my pocket money while Ashesh practically saved everything. I kept mum. --Prashant

64: The first time I remember he really talked to me 1:1 was my wedding day, I guess he realized I was old enough to have a discussion now. I don’t have to tell you what he talked about, you all know. -Archana


66: so many | Ashesh was very objective right from the beginning. Once there were two groups in our local cricket team. The other group was not happy with the captain who belonged to our group and a new captain had to be chosen. Our group proposed my name and there was voting with secret ballots. On counting, there was a tie of 5-5 with one blank ballot. We did not have to enquire who left the ballot blank. --Prashant | i can say that Ashesh bhai has such a good sense of humor that nobody can be gloomy in his company.—Mamta | tennis anyone? | Tauji has this talent of understanding what the other person wants. --Anant

67: I enjoy being around Ashesh Mamaji because it’s always fun and you can never get bored. Mamaji has knowledge about everything & it’s always fun & great talking to him. --Lucy | Something Ashesh always did was bring gifts everytime he came to meet us. As kids we loved to wait for his visits in anticipation. –Bansi

68: Although Ashesh was very shy in his college days, in my judgment he is the most successful person of our entire batch of about 80 students. –Prashant | Mamaji is one of those rare men who is really sensitive - I guess raising three daughters had something to do with it! --Shivani | Ashesh bhai is a live encyclopaedia. I can talk to him on any topic without hesitation. He is so informative that I am amazed !! --Mamta

69: Ashesh bhai came to cheer me up after my stroke and stayed with me for a month. I really enjoyed his company. We talked a lot almost about everything and had a good catch up of all the past years. He has a very good memory and has a knack of narrating incidences in a manner that they seem live and fresh. --Vyom | Due to age difference between me and him, we didn’t have much interaction and I don’t remember a lot from our early days. By the time I was in my teens, he had already left for IIT Kanpur. My childhood memories of him were his visits to Lucknow from US every 3 years or so and for me primarily it meant Amma doing a major cleaning drive in the house, from painting the house, washing the curtains, to buying new furniture. –Archana | I enjoy being around Ashesh because he is very patient and full of interesting ideas and jokes. --Rashmi | Ashesh bhai makes learning simple and fun for all around him, across ages. –Dinesh

70: Ashesh is very knowledgeable and has a fantastic memory. He tells stories along with facts and figures in such a way that they become very interesting. He can talk about so many varied topics that people of all ages listen to him with enthusiasm and interest. --Vyom | Mamaji, You and I have always had a special bond – from the second I was born. For you, no matter how old I get – I’ll always be the little baby girl who was born at your house and who gave me my first bath! And I absolutely love all the extra pampering and concern I get because of it! J Love you Mamaji!!! Happy 65th Birthday!! --Ana | Ana's 1st bath

71: Ashesh bhai made our family trip to Chardham a memorable experience, by keeping us entertained all the time by his jokes, anecdotes, knowledge and insights. --Archana | Ashesh was an extremely shy person during his UG days. In fact, his face would turn red while talking to a person of authority or even a stranger. I do not know how and when his personality got changed dramatically; so much so, that he got the responsibilities to sell the technology of the acrylic plant in various countries of the world. --Prashant

72: Rishabh, Sonal, Anshu | Ravi | Anant, Ravi, Jayant | Prashant, Ravi, Sujata, Sonal | Shubhra, Sujata, Sonal

73: Ashesh Jijaji is a perfect host – when I visited Pensacola in 2008, he went out of his way to make me feel at home, in-spite of so many family members being there. He had anticipated all our needs & made sure that we had a wonderful time in the US. Looking forward to another visit - Sonal | Ashesh Jijaji is a very cool & balanced person – I have never seen him getting angry at anyone or anything. Even if he gets stuck in a wrong situation, he simply finds his way out very coolly. - Ravi | Rishabh

74: FAMILY IS EVERLASTING | His endless jokes (even the "non- veg” ones) are still the highlight of his presence. --Anant | playing soccer... | Brij &Rashmi | Wedding anniversay!!

75: He has always been very caring, loving and considerate. I feel comfortable in his presence. I can depend on him. There has been an unsaid understanding and concern between us. --Vyom | Ashesh bhai has such an uncanny resemblance with Pitaji that he has been like a father figure to me. -Vivek | I enjoy being around Mamaji because he narrates a lot of interesting stories about the family--Sumit | I loved it when he talked to the girls about the birds and the bees and the facts of life.--Anjeli | monkeys in the tree... | my three beautiful daughters...

76: Family is Love! | Men in skirts...attractive...

77: Didn't even know you In my childhood days. In the last few years Felt your presence in several ways. With each interaction Got to know you a little more. What a wonderful discovery To find a brother I was looking for! Sisters may chat for long But brothers have a silent bond Giving confidence all along There's one more I can depend on!! With amazing patience and cool Saw glimpses of Amma in you. Now make up for our yester years By pampering your baby sister too! --Archana

78: Nana is a cool Nana! We like him! Jay & Raj | We have matching hair!

79: Papa used to give lectures to high school students about the science behind the glowsticks his company used to make. He would always open his lecture by telling the story about how he and Mommy named me “Jugnu” because I lit up their lives like a firefly. I never tired of hearing that. –Jugnu | It was Mamaji who came up with the idea for the group - Connect and Share, to encourage us all to share as a family, both the good and bad. What a wonderful thought and idea! --Shivani

80: Ashesh and I spent the first 22 years of our lives together both in home and school. In 11th grade of Lucknow Christian college, we were initially assigned different sections, but then we made a case to be in the same section as we had only one bicycle to go the college (with double riding). Within a week or so we were put on the same section. --Prashant | Ashesh bhai had been with us to Gujarat and Chardham trips. We simply loved his company. He could easily take charge of the conversation in a group. When everybody was sleeping in the car, he would come up with a joke or an interesting incident and everybody would be alive again. --Vyom | I enjoy being around Ashesh bhai because he can always understand my feelings and care for them. --Mamta | He is a great guy, and we always enjoy his company. My trips to USA including those to Disneyworld and Kennedy Space Centre were most memorable. In recent years, it was great fun to be with him during Teerath Yatra in Gujarat and Char Dham in India. He is very jovial - cracking jokes, narrating interesting stories during the trips that everybody enjoys. We will never forget these trips as his impressive presence made the trips unforgettable. --Virendra | Childhood memories of Ashesh bhai are very few and far between. Due to our huge age gap, we hardly spent time together. He went to IIT when I was only about 10 years old. After that he went to the US which left us with barely a couple of times for interaction. But now after almost 20 years when he started to frequently come to Lucknow, I got to know him better. -Vivek | Ashesh Chachaji has excellent communication skills. He was to fly somewhere and he was bargaining about the price of the ticket on the phone. I was surprised by the ease with which he was able to bargain his deal within minutes by putting his points very effectively! I felt as if he knew beforehand what the conversation was going to be. –Manu

81: Some memories I have of Papa is traveling with him to various parts of the world. He was and still is always so resourceful and not timid when it comes to asking for directions and information. I remember him traveling and always asking questions to increase his wealth of knowledge. --Manisha

82: If you are nervous, you can be with Ashesh If you want to enjoy good company, you can be with Ashesh If you want to be alone, even then you can be with Ashesh If you want to share jokes, you can be with Ashesh If you want to be in crowd, you can be with Ashesh If you want to discusses national & international issues, you can be with Ashesh If you are with Ashesh, nothing is Shesh (left over), you are complete. --Vasudha

83: Ashesh had a good humor right from the beginning; however, it was a bit different. In those days when phones were not there, Ashesh wrote a letter to one of his favorite mamis in Hapur (aunt from our mother’s side) that his eyesight was getting weakened waiting to read a reply. Immediately a reply came advising him to eat better and take care of his eyes. --Prashant | Something Ashesh always does is make everyone laugh. He is the only person who has been there for everyone's wedding. He came to see my Saanvi especially. He is participative. --Lucy | One of my favorite stories or jokes Ashesh Mamaji has told me is about Naniji making him stand naked out of the house when he did not listen to her. --Sumit

84: This is one incident which had the strongest impression both over my heart and soulI had my closest interaction with Chachaji just after my wedding, at the time of viddai. I was going to my Sasuraal in Kanpur for the first time. My parents, sisters and brother, friends and relatives were with me to do the send off at the station. The train had its halt at Kota station for ten minutes. Usually the train whistles before leaving the station but that day it just started moving without any whistle. I boarded the train in a rush and suddenly got filled with lots of anxiety and uneasiness. The reason must have been because I was leaving my home, my parents and my family behind and was heading to an unknown place. In the train Manu, Chachaji, and I were in the same compartment. Manu was busy adjusting luggage in the crowded train and I was sitting alone. Then after some time Chachaji came and started a conversation with me. Chachaji started showing me all the wedding pictures clicked by him, and also started introducing me to family members who were there in the wedding pictures. He also showed me his grandson’s (Jay’s) snaps. In no time, I was completely engrossed in his talks and stories. All my anxiety and uneasiness was faded away. I guess he must have understood my state of mind at that time and was creating a comfortable environment for me. I was very much impressed by that gesture of Chachaji and that incident has a permanent mark in my memory. --Shaphali | Ashesh is gentle, caring, and very helpful. He will bend over backwards and help until the job is done and the person is satisfied. -Anjeli | I have never come across Ashesh Bhai getting angry in any situation. In difficult circumstances, he is in full control, stable and handles the problem with full calmness and tranquility. He is like a rose spreading fragrance all around him. --Virendra

85: I’m not sure if this is my favourite story BUT it is definitely something I will never forget and something I keep repeating to others! Ashesh Mamaji once gave a very vivid description of a restaurant in Japan / Bangkok (not sure where it was exactly) where the food was served on the waitress’s nude body! --Sonali | When Jugnu didi asked all of us write about Ashesh Tauji,there was a gush of memories that came across. As little kids, Aditi and I always used to wait for Tauji to come to Lucknow as his Lucknow trips used to be extremely fruitful for us. He always brought a lot of gifts for everyone in the family and especially for us. His Lucknow trips in summer were a great time for the whole family as we would very frequently go out for dinners and shopping. --Anant | His visits to Lucknow lightened the mood of our house. With his jokes, he keeps the atmosphere light and cheerful. There is never any kind of awkward silence around him. A person like him who has traveled all over the world will obviously have entertaining stories to tell! -Vivek | Tauji's visits are eagerly awaited here in Lucknow. As a child I used to be so excited whenever he was about to arrive. Ashesh Tauji always brought me loads of stuff, and his suitcase was stuffed to the extent that not even another single thing could fit into it! His visits meant exciting new goodies...cosmetics from Taiji...and of course his jokes and stories of china or any other place he had been to. -Aditi

87: When you look at your life, the greatest happinesses are family happinesses. -Joyce Brothers | We enjoy our relationship with Ashesh because of his helpful nature not only for us but everyone who comes in his contact. –Rajeev & Kavita

88: I have noticed that with him around, there is a change in Pitaji too. I guess this is because Ashesh bhai talks to him a lot. He talks to him about his health, his problems, his work, his life and also listens to him. This means a lot to Pitaji. -Vivek | He was the one who first brought us Oreo cookies from the US. Though these are available now in India, they weren't at that time, so it was a very new thing for us. I used to love those and always asked him to bring them. -Aditi | Lots of wishes for his 65th birthday! --Saurabh & Shailee | Lots of wishes for Chachaji on his 65th birthday. –Shaphali & Manu | Papa is a joker at heart. --Jugnu | I haven't interacted much with Mamaji, but he came across as a cool guy, and oh yeah ... he got me the coolest gadget I possess to date ... so he's one of my favourite uncles so far ;) –Shankar | Dear Ashesh Mamaji - Wishing you a very very Happy 65th Birthday! Thank you always for being there ... it means a lot to us to know that you are around. Hope you have a fantastic birthday. --Sonali

90: Three Words to Describe Ashesh... *patient, intelligent, and easy to talk to-Rashmi *cool, caring, and knowledgeable -Vyom *intelligent, humorous, and caring-Archana *helpful, smart, intellectual -Lucy *versatile, caring, and intelligent-Sumit *too much information!!!--his jokes can be a bit "non-veg” at times-Shivani *entertaining, smart, caring-Ana *handsome, fun-loving, liberal in thought process-Bansi *a good talker, a pleasant company, and a versatile hidden genius-Pitaji *very caring, adjusting, intellectual-Mamta *funny, caring, family-oriented-Dinesh *happy go-lucky, family man, patient (living with 4 women – 'nuff said)-Amit *methodical, magnanimous, and mast :0) -Sonali *jovial, caring, affectionate-Shaphali *simple, honest, friendly-Rajeev & Kavita *high-spirited, fun-loving, and intelligent-Pesh *analytical, brilliant, and thorough-Jugnu *calm, cool, and collected-Anjeli

91: Something Ashesh Always Does Is... *make everyone feel welcome–Jugnu *tell the best stories-Pesh *make you laugh-Shaphali *give fantastic detailed descriptions using all the WOW words-Sonali *make others laugh-Dinesh *to remain in touch with all his relations and their children by calling them whenever he came to India besides sending them their photos-Pitaji *talk about sex to everybody in India-Sumit *tell us stories about Nanaji & Naniji & other family which helps us to know them better-Lucy *play a good host – it is touching how he goes out of the way to look after you when you visit him -Archana *clear his throat-Rashmi *make conversation lively with his jokes -Rajeev

92: I enjoy being around Papa because he is very caring and always has something appropriate to say to you in trying times. He has always been there for me when I have been sick or gone through some medical procedure. He is for sure a girl's dad. He has taught me so much about life. I changed my first and only tire with him. I bought my first car with him. I call him to cry, laugh, rant and get advice. He is my father, my mentor, my friend. I love you Papa! -Naina

93: When I think of Papa, I think of the interesting fun facts he always has stored in his brain. Papa knows a piece of information about almost anything and everything. Manisha | Once he was in Lucknow and I was just visiting from college when we had a very long conversation about women. It was a little weird at first as he was the first elderly in the family who had asked me that (realize that India is highly conservative about this stuff). After that we somehow gelled. Our bond had just strengthened. -Anant

94: It might be a statement which everyone has mentioned but is very true, Chachaji's sense of humour and way of talking is amazing and he has this warmth and patience in him which relaxes you. As and when you spend time with him, he keeps telling various interesting incidences and jokes which are very humorous. To remember so many incidences and to convey them so beautifully is an art which he has mastered. –Saurabh & Shailee

95: I have interacted with many professionals in my life, but I still have to meet a person who is more organized. Ashesh wrote the entire report of his BTech project even before he conducted the experiment. The same happened when he worked for his MTech thesis at Moscow, Idaho. He told me right after his thesis was over that he wrote the entire report including preparing the format of the tables for the results even before he conducted the experiments. All he had to do was to fill those tables while conducting the experiments. I think this explains why he has been so successful in his career. --Prashant

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