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Becky's 60th

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Becky's 60th - Page Text Content

S: Rebecca Sue Singer

BC: The rest of the book has yet to be written

FC: Rebecca Sue Leitnaker Singer 18 December 1950 | 60th Birthday Book December 18, 2010

1: As I recall, Becky arrived about on time. Her mother and I lived in an apartment house across 39th street from the KU Med center where I was a Junior medical student. Her mother's obstetrician was Dr. Floeurisch who was very kind. Although Joyce was in active labor, she was not making any progress after eight hours or so and Dr. F. decided to give her a big dose of Dermerol so that the two of them could get some rest. He then went home. Well, about 30 or so minutes later the L&D nurse happened by and noticed that Becky was about ready to come into this world! In haste, she summoned the resident, one Dr. Charles Hunter who deftly made the catch like a true outfielder. (I don't know if it was with one or two hands.) As I recall, her birth weight was 5 lbs. and 15 ounces.

2: Bath time in Security Village Colorado 1959

3: G e r m a n y | Your pediatrician was no fan of fat babies which is why you were weaned to skim milk. Yellow vegetables were a big part of your diet as an infant; so much so that you turned pretty yellow yourself. You didn't cut your first baby tooth until you were at least 10 months old. But you did all the motor things like, turning over, crawling, standing, cruising, and walking early.

4: Like branches on a tree, our lives may grow in different directions yet our roots remain as one. | Mom and Dad

6: The Leitnakers - Amy, Jenny, Molly, Frank Chris, Cori, Tracey and Becky - 1972

8: Nana and Grandaddy Hughes | With Fred's mom in Florida

9: With the Linets, 1977 | Daddy, Chris and Cori around 1980

10: SISTERS | The oldest of six girls. Always the devoted sister.

12: 1976 | Grandparents

13: Ms Leitnaker leaves school to start a family in 1977.

14: Where did all these girls comne from?

16: The girls are getting bigger

17: And bigger....

18: and bigger.....

20: For a special lovely friend! | Grandmother | Some photos in memoriam to a wonderful unforgettable time together with you in Germany!

21: We send you our best wishes from Germany to your 60th birthday! Thanks for all you have done for my mum. In Love Andreas, Beate, Janine, Marcel & Ernst


23: A private jet for the Singers from Japan to Okinawa

25: We were young once, lived next door to each other at Plaza Housing on Okinawa, Japan, raised our families, worshiped and socialized together, and in the process, became good friends! All the best on your 60th Birthday! Brad and Kathy Williams | Coy and Georgia Stone | Father Paul, John and Sue Wissler

26: A Mother's Love Her Love is like an island In Life's ocean vast and wide A peaceful quiet shelter From the wind, the rain, the tide 'Tis bound on the north by hope by patience on the west By tender council on the south And on the east by rest Above it like a beacon light shine faith and truth and prayer And thro' the changing scenes of life I find a haven there Happy Birthday Mom! Love, Mandy | MANDY

28: Brandon Joins the family 2003

29: Ave Maria University | A Masters in Theology 2005 | ELCOME

31: A family trip to Costa Rica | Brandon, did you say TEN THOUSAND dollars?

32: Grandma with Sammy and Benny

34: Estes Park

35: THE JENSENS | Johnstown, CO 2009 | Lake Tahoe, 2010

38: For my mother on her 60th birthday. | A little girl, asked where her home was, replied, "where mother is." ~Keith L. Brooks | God could not be everywhere, so he created mothers. ~Jewish Proverb

39: Mickey Mouse Pancakes, the I'm Proud of You Song, "Jobs" on the weekend, phone calls to my pre-school teacher and your ardent honesty all made me the woman I am today. You have been my example, my rock, my guide, my solace and now my friend. I love you, mom. Love, Ashlie Ruth

40: Ashlie in Qatar 2007-2008

41: Iraq 2010-2011 | Dear Mom and Dad, I made it safely to Iraq. Please send cookies. Love, Capt Singer

42: " | Two Hearts, one umbilical chord.

43: If you have a mom, there is nowhere you are likely to go where prayer has not already been. - Robert Brault | If you have a mom, there is nowhere you are likely to go where prayer has not already been. - Robert Brault

44: A Christmas Kiss!

45: At 28, should I be embarrassed that sometimes I still want my mommy? There is no one whose words can speak to my heart so easily and make me feel better by the time I hear her "hello" on the other end of the phone.. There is no woman I admire more for her accomplishments, strength, determination, love and rock solid faith. How can a daughter be so fortunate? I may never know. I love you mom! Happy 60th

46: Count your nights by stars not shadows. Count your days by smiles, not tears. And as you celebrate your birthday,count your age by friends, not years. Live every day thru and thru, For they are God's gifts to you! Loved ones are the notes in life's song. We are proud to have you as part of our melody. We love you, Marsha and Al

47: Your 60th birthday is a time to reflect on the years you've had so far. The times that shaped your life today and made you who you are. Al and I are honored to have been a part of those memories. Through the good times and bad, you have proven you can be counted on.

48: My Beautiful Friend ~ How happy I am to say Happy Birthday to you ! I am so glad God sent YOU! I was looking at all the wonderful pictures your family has put together for you in these pages~ Oh, Becky so much love surrounds you! Sometimes I laugh to myself to think back on so many memories of knowing you (your lovely ladies and Fred). I wish I had pictures of the times when I caught a glimpse of the “special” person you are. You befriended me in Germany, when I was looking for a “Charismatic Catholic person.” Father Sullivan sent me to you.

49: That very beginning~ I am so thankful. You listened to me as I tried to understand being drawn to the Catholic Church- never pushing, letting me find my way. I always tell you - You are my angel. I know you do not like accolades; you do what you do because of who you are in Christ. My dear friend I am sure our Lord looks down and smiles when he hears your prayers,“ you know the red phone” I need to create another word for “thank you”, it seems to not hold enough emotion for whom you, Fred and your ladies are to me and my daughters! I love you, MY FRIEND, happy birthday, Connie

50: Hey Becky! Remember when you used to beat me up as a 2 year old? No hard feelings. It made me strong! Seriously, I think you were the nicest cousin a tot could have. And even though you're all grown up, you're still the nicest cousin in the universe. I trust you will have Huge Fun on your birthday without me, and I look forward to sharing atoms in person again soon. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Big Love, Cousin Greg | Becky, I don't really have any particular story to tell about you, but the memories are all good, very good. I think of you as my cousin with the tender heart who always cares, always prays, and loves me through whatever I have in my lap at the moment. So many thanks to you with a big hug and so much love for being there so so many times for me throughout the years - the closest thing I've ever had to a big sister. I thank God for you and your big steady faith in Him that you've so often shared with me. Happy Birthday, Becky and may God bless you with many more - you're doing a good job down here! Claudiia

51: Ken & Susan VanLew were delighted when Fred & Becky retired in Greeley while the VanLews were living in nearby Fort Collins. For several years they shared dinners in alternate homes until the ladies decided eating out was more fun and a lot less work. From then on the only difficulty was trying to pick a different restaurant that everyone liked. Fred never failed, however, to ensure that we had a rich, whipped cream dessert, regardless of the eating venue. With both couples back in America, it was great fun to be with friends that understood Autobahns, Jaegerschnitzel, Stau, Bahnhof, and other good memories of our time together in Germany. Getting filled in on all the adventures of the 3 widely traveled daughters, teaching and job challenges, and family vacation trips drew us closer together through shared experiences over the years. Seeing Melanie perform in "Anything Goes", hearing about Ashlie's military adventures in Bahrain and elsewhere, and sharing in the joy of Mandy's marriage and children were privileged highlights over the years.

52: Liebe Becky! Alles Gute zum 60. Geburtstag! Were looking forward to seeing you all next summer! Love Cori, Christoph, Lilia & Justus

53: ODE TO REBECCA SUE By Frank Leitnaker – a.k.a Daddy Even though now a “Grandmom” you be I still remember it when you were wee. Less than six pounds when you gazed on Doc Hunter Somewhat of a runt but others were runter. “Poor little thing” some nitwits would say But strong and wiry you’ve been to this day. “What do you feed her?” some doofus would query Your Mom thought that question more eerie than cheery. So here’s to Becky, the athlete-toddler Who avoided becoming a Mollycoddler As Uncle Charlie will surely attest Your vocal oomph ranked with the best So that is why that we soon knew We should have spelled you “Becky SOUIX”!

54: What was that song, Shanaiah Twain(SP?), you changed the words “OOOh oh I’m a HOLY Woman!” And YOU ARE!!!! I remember decorating for the mom/daughter retreat and as you taped up a streamer you said you were afraid you hadn’t done enough to prepare. As I asked in what way, you said that maybe you hadn’t prayed enough. !!! J Recall the gathering at your house- mostly us from what had been our Lord’s Dinner group. We were praising the Lord in songs and in walked Carolyn Brown – who had spent a month on her back unable to get off the couch! Joy filled the room. I love you! You are like the big sister God let me find/choose. – Erin Kelly

56: Dear Becky, What a wonderful friend God sent to me and our family in you. I couldn’t be more thankful. Remember that Holy Spirit seminar? I really didn’t want to go but George did. It was life changing for us on our path to seek and discover more about our faith and the church. I was pregnant with Michael and met Erin Kelly who was pregnant with Thomas John. The friends we made at St. Mary’s are truly friendships built on Christ. We will treasure them always. Then there was Joy 2000 we learned SOOO much about being group leaders, hosting meetings and meeting new people. Whew we can’t forget your lovely food service person at Vacation Bible School that comes down with MENIGITIS of all things. Thank you would never be enough for all the prayers and your faith that believed there would be a miracle and I would get well and indeed there was, THANK YOU LORD. And then we had to say good-bye from St Mary’s (all good things on this earth must pass) but NEVER good-bye to our friendship. Amen Happy Birthday and May the Lord continue to guide and Bless you. With Love In Chirst, Carolyn and all the Browns

58: Dear Becky- AlasI have no photos to share. However, I have a multitude of kodachrome memories from the many years we’ve known one another. Here are but a few Meeting you at St. Mary’s – the office in the corner -- when you stepped in as DRE and finding a true kindred spirit. Helping you with the St. Mary mother-daughter retreat up in Estes; I can’t believe you actually got me to play the piano in front of people!! Serving as one of your presenters for a Longmont-Greeley women’s retreat – again up in Estes (where good things seem to happen!). Sharing countless cups of tea while solving the world’s problems (okaymaybe just our OWN problems!). Sitting on my rocker in the living room, talking with you on the phone, and knowing that you will understand perfectly.. Talking about our kids, going back to school, and then talking about our kids some more. Being utterly blessed to have you for a friend! I wish you every good blessing on this special day! Much love, Cathy Heise

59: Happy Birthday from the Heinles....We definitely miss the “old” days in Okinawa as neighbors. It was great catching up with you when we were together for Matt Williams wedding in Charlotte in 2006. We need to do have another gathering together of your family, the Williams and us! Love, Kitty | Dear Aunt Becky, Have a wonderful 60th birthday! You deserve to have the best day ever! I love you and hope to see you and the Singers very soon! Love Always, Lissy Happy Birthday!! We love you and hope your day is wonderful!! Jeff, Kristi and Jace

60: One of my favorite memories are from Boulder in the 80's when you would come for the summer. The kids were little and free to play and play and then come in for ice cream. It was a golden time in life. The sun shined on all of us. Love, Darel | Becky: Though we weren’t able spend much time together when we were children, I will always cherish our years together at Baker and our family get-togethers in Germany. You are a special woman and I am proud to call you my cousin AND my friend. We are anxious to see you in August and hope you have a glorious birthday! Love, Ruthie”

61: Aunt Becky has always been the force behind keeping our families close over the years. Holidays, graduations, weddings and now the birth of grandchildren have all been kept close to her heart. Joyce had wanted a large family to enjoy. Becky helps us live out that wish for her.

62: Dear Becky, OMG!! All the clichés about time slipping away, wondering where the years went, and how did we get this old, come to mind. And yet what a wonderful time -- another birthday!! It gives us the opportunity to reflect and remember the people we care abouut most. I LOVE what a wonderful family you have!! | Many will have funny stories about you growing up, but as the youngest, I don’t remember much. Of course I do remember you and Fred dating, after all it was during my ‘puberty’ years and so of course I only remember things that had a sexual connotation. We must have been going somewhere with Daddy and Chris, when you made some comment about sitting in the back seat and smooching!! It is probably the healthiest comment I ever heard at home about marriage!! I mean what is better than to think that a married couple wanted to ‘smooch’!! You often set an example for me of what a marriage should look like. For example, you encouraged me to read “How to be the wife of a happy husband”. You were trying to live by example, and me, well ask Stan, I didn’t get much of that book read!! I kept wondering where the companion book was - “ How to be the husband of a princess”!

63: Then I think about all of us! Mommy’s girls have not only grown up, but have created families of their own..and how excited and proud she would be!! As I reflect on how our lives have turned out, I know what a tremendous influence and stabilizing force you have always been for me. I know it wasn’t your idea to become a ‘mother’ to me (although I have a feeling that as the oldest you took on this role even before we lost mommy) but you have always provided a lot of stabilization for me! I don’t really remember that first year that you had to comfort me every nightbut I believe that you doing that gave me the comfort I needed not to feel so abandoned. Over the years I’ve missed mommy- the idea of who she was and what she wanted for me but I have always felt very loved and supported by you. In many ways you filled the gap in more ways than you know. Even today I find comfort and healing in knowing how you are in contact with all the family, you have the pulse, so to speak, of our family. I know she would be proud of how you have managed that, and of course, of the wonderful family you created as well. For me, the sister you are to me is far greater than any loss I endured. So on this very special birthday, I want you to know how much I appreciate all you have given to me. As you reflect on the memories that make up the years thus far, know that you have accomplished much. Your love has touched so many and their journey made more complete with your presence. I LOVE YOU dearly and hope you have an amazing birthday celebration. Your sister Tracey (always at the little kids table).

64: To the # 1 sister from the # 4 sister! ter!

65: Becky- Happyhappy birthday.!Thanks for being such a great "sister". Thanks for all the conversations and prayers and just being there. Here's to more great years together! Love ya, Aunt Cindy | from all of the Blevins in Kansas, we love you Becky and Happy 60th!! OOXXO

66: Reunion in Baldwin, Kansas 2005

68: To my big sister and friend. You have always been there for me since we were 3&5 and watching the Mickey Mouse Club together. You were the brunt of many vicious attacks when we were growing up, but were always there to tattle as well. I am glad that we get along much better now. You helped me get married the first time and divorced the second time. We shared our children's lives since they were so close in age. I am thankful to have such a caring person in my family. May the next part of your life be as wonderful as the last. Love, your little sister Molly. | A sister is someone that knows all the same songs from when you were five. Has seen the worst of you, but believes the best of you. Who you can get angry with, but never leaves. Who laughs at the same corny things. I am so glad that I have had you to walk through the journey of my life with. You pick me up out of the holes and then I pick you up. I love you my sister and forever friend. Amy

69: The sisters are growing up- | Sisters, sisters-there were never more devoted sisters...

71: I knew a half hour after we met at the Rein Main O'Club in 1974, that someday we would be here in the next century, looking back at pictures not yet taken, at children yet to be born, at shared lives waiting to be lived . For my permanent date, best friend and forever love. Fred

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