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Beverly Gertrude Brent Asbury (Copy)

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FC: Beverly Gertrude Brent Asbury

1: For our loving Mother, Grandmother and Great Grandmother on her 80th birthday. You mean the world to us and thought we would share our thoughts and memories with you. Happy Birthday Love- your ever growing Family

2: Kenneth and Frances Brent Iowa 1922 (Picture was taken just before moving to California)

3: Kenneth and baby Beverly November 1929

4: Frances and Beverly - 1931

6: Born Beverly Gertrude Matilda Brent September 25, 1929 in Los Angeles, California Parents Kenneth and Frances Brent Beverly, became a member of the Daughters of the Revolution, worked as a radio dispatcher for the FBI, also on early computer systems for Crocker and Union Banks for 27 years, spent 15 yrs. teaching special education students all while being a loving wife, mother, grandmother and great grandmother to our family.

12: To my one and only! If it wasn't for my wife, I wouldn't be where I am today. Beverly encouraged me while I attended Pepperdine and USC for seven years to get a college education. She would even sign me up for classes while I was at work, just so I would stay on track to achieve my goal. She has been by my side for most of the 60 years of USC football games. (Don't let her fool you; she is Coach Asbury when it comes to watching SC play.) She gave me four wonderful children, whom we love so dearly – She's the business woman, teacher and chef of our family and the one who can answer any and all questions. Honey, I love you very much! Happy Birthday sweetheart! Your Husband, Jack | September 23, 1949

21: Through the years...

22: To Mom on her 80th Birthday: If Dad was the leader of our family, Mom was the glue that kept us together. My first recollection of Mom is her leaving for work with the FBI as a clerk in downtown Los Angeles. I was probably only five or six years old but I knew that Mom played an important role in ensuring the family was provided for. My mother was always the youngest and prettiest when families would gather at school. I didn't realize until later that she was so young to be a mother of three and then of four very active children. For some reason other mother's seemed to be jealous of Mom, her good looks and her youth. I always knew that she loved me, the first born, better than the other three. (at least that is how it was in my mind). As the other sibs will attest, if they are truthful, that Mom was the disciplinarian. She told us that Dad would be disappointed in our misbehavior, but she was the one to hand out the punishment.

23: It was Mom however, that I knew would always stand beside me, encourage me, and understand me. She is the one I could count on to be on my side at all times. Mom loved us, unconditionally. She worked, was home when we needed her, was positive towards our friends, encouraged us to to do more than we thought we could. She could be counted upon to be with each of us, our wives/husbands, our children when we needed her. She has taught me patience, love and understanding. She is the model for what I looked for in a wife. Mom is my first love and I thank her for a life full of opportunities and experiences. Happy Birthday! Love, Gary

24: BEVERLY Busy Wife, Mom, Grandma, and Great Grandma Every family graduation, wedding, party or shower will find her there. Very proud of her children, 15 grandchildren and 21 great grandchildren. Each grandchild and great grandchild is remembered with a Christmas gift. Raising Kayli and Nikolaus in partnership with Gail. Lots of Afghans and quilts made with love and treasured by all. Years of caring, sharing, and mentoring. Wishing you a Happy 80th Birthday and many more! Love, Diane

25: I'm in constant awe of the amazing life that you helped create. 4 children, 15 grand children and countless great-grand children (though I'm sure you know the count exactly). With a family as large as ours there seems to be an endless circuit of graduations, bridal showers, weddings and baby showers and you are always there to support each and every one of us. I feel so blessed to be a part of this ever growing and changing family. I hope that someday I will be fortunate enough to have a fraction of the legacy that you do. Happy 80th Birthday Grandma, I love you. -Wendi

26: Grandma Beverly, From my earliest memories of Grandma Beverly the one thing that stands out is her ability to always make each of the grand children feel special. From the beautiful quilts and afghans that were made on special occasions to the Christmas present for each of the 15 grand children that were under the tree Christmas day. | Midway through sixth grade I moved from Fresno to Moreno Valley which meant moving from elementary school in Fresno to middle school in Moreno Valley. The week before I started at my new middle school Grandma took me shopping for some new cloth and shoes. Grandma knew, since she was working at a middle school at the time, that I need some new digs if I were to make a good first impression at my new middle school. She told me that the kids were different and harder in the “big city” and I need to dress a little different (less Fresno) to make a good first impression and fit in. With her advice and some nice new cloth and shoes I was able to make a smooth transition. Thank you Grandma. Love, Ken Asbury

27: Grandma has gone to so many graduations and showers for ALL of her grandchildren. She is always happy to see us reach our milestones. I will always remember her at my functions. She travels all across California for her children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren. She has also supplied all of our children with blankets and quilts. We love receiving these gifts because we know that is was made from love. Happy 80th birthday Grandma! We love you! Cheryl, Paul, Logan & Layla

28: **Grandma** Happy 80th Birthday!!! I remember how you always baked lots of tasty treats: Home-made cookies were my favorite! I remember how you always made the most beautiful blankets that are so cozy and nice: I would wish every year that one of those many under the Christmas tree were mine. | I remember how you always were working so hard to make sure all us grand kids had fun things to do at your house: Playing Nintendo in your guest bedroom, swimming in your pool and playing board games with my cousins is always a great memory for me. I remember that you were at my Graduations, Wedding, and you even came to visit me in Vegas when my son, Noah was born. You Grandma are a remarkable lady and have so much to be proud of in your 80 years of life. I love you! **Laurel**

32: My mom; always a lady, beautiful and defender of the family. Mother is one fine lady; she shows her grace physically and in wisdom. She could and would challenge a person's view with debate-like skill. There was never a time that mother couldn't get down to the “crux” of the issue, especially with her children. Mother is never left in the dark about any issue; I'll give an example of this later. She is assertive when necessary, always caring particularly when building character, and loving when matters of lose and discouragement occurs. Mom modeled self-assurance, be it in ones appearance, education, or sports. She always made sure her children were neatly dress for whatever occasion. I remember a boy/girl party in which I was going to attend and Mom had me wear my first dress-up sports coat. It was made out of corduroy material. It would have been cool looking but the color was not something I thought was quite right. PINK! There wasn't any arguing I was going to be wearing that pink sports coat and look good in it. Another fond memory was when we would get new shoes, no not tennis shoe or athletic shoes, dress shoes. We'd go to Sears Department store and head for the children's department to get fitted for a new pair of shoes.

33: Once there we would find this machine that would fit you. Placing our feet into a slot within this machine that would x-ray your feet to see if the shoes would fit appropriately. Think about it, x-ray your feet today without a doctors order, this is screaming law suit. We'd wear these shoes to school, to outings, and outside in street games. I remember wearing the souls of the shoes down so far that the souls would release from the tops and flap while I walked. That was kind of cool but Mom wouldn't have anything to do with this so very soon those shoe would be taken to the shoe repair store and a new soul would be sewn, just like new. I thought the flapping noise was cool though. Mom is so proud of her children there was nearly nothing we didn't get, although there was always a time of waiting. Being successful in whatever the endeavor you put your efforts into is a strength that Mom also exhibited. A very import example of this attribute was when Mom and Dad paid for a tutor. I had fallen behind in school and lack motivation to succeed. They knew there was something more in me than hating to go to school and not succeeding. Mom sat with me reviewed my work from school and from the tutor, encouraging me and reinforcing that I can be successful. Mom saw in me a graduate of high school and encourage me when I talked about college. She knew, she knew, she knew that there was a successful person in there. The most unique quality Mother has and some what exasperating, too, is the sense of “knowing” the needs of her children intuitively. One winter evening in February Mom shows up at Hawthorne Memorial Hospital Labor and Delivery where Linda and I were waiting for our first child to be born. Once again Mother just knew. Another eerie incident was when I had cancer and she called knowing that there was something not quite right with me. How does she know? The most recent foreknowing of an event was when she called me while I was in Maine; I had flown to Maine to help Janel get ready for Grace's birth. Sean at that time was deployed. Mom once again called and asked what was wrong with Janel?! I was so flustered with how mother always knows so this time I lied. I told her that Sean and Janel had gone out for a ride leaving the kids with me. Sean had just arrived home that day and that same afternoon Janel went into labor. I know, “What an example that was. Lying to your mother.” Guilt leaped in and I called her and told her that she's a Great Grandmother once again. I do know this that she has been given this gift of connecting with her children and there is NEARLY nothing she doesn't know about her kids. My mom is a comfort, an informant, an example of what a Mother should be like. You're awesome and I love you. Deanie

34: Congratulations on reaching 80 years. This December will mark the 40th year anniversary of our meeting. I think the greatest gift you gave me was to insist that Dean ask a girl out to the Christmas dance. I have often wondered if you thought about how that decision changed Dean's life forever. Thank you for that gift. I know that many women over the years have said that they wished their husband could cook, clean and do laundry. Your training helped us through our early years of marriage while we were both working and then when we had children. Life is great when we can work as a team. The years seem to have gone by so quickly. I have spent the last few days reminiscing all of the events over those 40 years. It has really been interesting to look at pictures and remember. I look at the family gatherings when we all had babies and think how we enjoyed getting together and talking about the little ones. Now all of those babies are having babies of their own. I don't know where all of those years have gone. | My favorite house was the La Palma house with the pool and the enclosed patio. It was a great place where we had a lot of family gatherings. We could house all of the toddlers playing in the patio room and we could carry on adult conversations. That room had everything including Gail to help watch the children. I remember you have always known when we needed you. In all of my memories I can not remember a time when you were not the pillar of strength. It amazes me how strong you are and able to handle any situation. I end up a bundle of emotions and tears. I admire your strength and ability to stay strong and I guess I am a little envious. You have been there to help us through a number of trials. I remember you knowing the morning Dean was hospitalized for his ulcer. You have a gift to be able to help us through difficult situations. I think one of the things that I cherish most is the change in our relationship when you were diagnosed with cancer and we went to the oncologist together. I never will forget when he offered minimal treatment. I don't think the doctor knew how much our family depends on your. I went home after that with a new closeness really being one of your daughters and knowing we were going to make it through that illness. I am so proud to tell others of your determination and how you never let the treatments get you down. You are one awesome woman.

35: I want to follow your example of focusing on family. You are always available for any event. It is wonderful to see the support you show towards all of your grandchildren. It was a blessing when you traveled to Boston and stood in the rain to see the commissioning of Sean’s ship. It meant a great deal to Sean and Janel to have family there supporting them. I love it when you tell your grandchildren what they should do and most of the time they do what you tell them too. Now, you are helping a new generation, your great-grandchildren; learn about the importance of family. I often find myself wondering what is on your mind. I want to know what your intuition is telling you. I find myself hesitating to ask but really wanting to know because I know you are always thinking. I regret that we never lived closer where we could visit more. I am looking forward to celebrating your 100th birthday is 20 years so stay healthy. I have a lot more lessons to learn from you. I pray that God will continue to give you good health and the strong will that you have shared with us. God bless you Mom on your 80th birthday. I love you! Linda

36: Grandma.... I am humbled and encouraged by you. When I think of you, I think of someone with ideas and insight and wisdom to share with us all. You are a go-getter and someone that just sees a need and gets it handled. When I think of my Grandma Asbury, I think of a doer not a complainer. You overcome and make things happen. A strong woman who offers her strength, insight, and wisdom to us all. I have often thought about you during times that Sean has been gone and I have been tired of doing it on my own. In my memories as a little girl I think of the house in La Palma. You are my grandma with a pool to swim in and a player piano to watch. I remember walking through craft fairs with you and playing in the park at the school behind your house. You always had ways to keep us kids busy and entertained. As I grew up and became an adult I have enjoyed the special times that you call out of the blue, just to talk or because you were thinking about me. | Or the notes or postcards that you have sent to say hi. I have loved sharing my home with you when you have visited and enjoyed being able to share the different places we have lived. Grandma, as a Great Grandma to my kids thank you for thinking about things that the kids might need or enjoy and for passing on hand-me-downs. Thank you for your time that you give each time our family comes home to California and the way that you make an effort to drive out and see us. Thank you for being excited with me with each of our babies. I am so thankful for the times that you have held each of our kids in your arms and ooooh & aaah over them. Thank you sharing your thoughts and experience. Thank you for walking beside me at different phases of life. I love you. Janel

37: Grandma, I will always remember the times spent growing up at the house when we would come and visit you and Grandpa. These times we spent with all of the cousins were definitely great times, either playing in the kidney bean shaped pool or the bonus room. I remember all of us kids always having stuff to do and never being bored. It was at your house during these visits that all of us cousins were able to form friendships that can only be found in a family. Still to this day even if we spend time apart the time when we return together to visit is always full of love. Our family is truly blessed by you and Grandpa, and now even your great-grandchildren are blessed by our large family as well. Happy birthday. Love, Jeanine

38: Grandma, We are all excited that we get to share your 80th birthday. I think we should sit down and have a long talk on how you make it to your 80th and still so sassy. I know that you have a strong will because you always are able to figure out what is happening even when we don't share it with you. That is something we all admire. I really enjoy how you are attentive and how you really listen when we talk to you. I appreciate your concern for my family when there are fires in the area. I am looking forward to Ginny, McKailee, Jackson, and Maya getting to know you better. Happy Birthday Grandma! Love you - Jeff

39: Grandma, Where do I start???? I remember when I was young coming over to your house and playing with the dog, going swimming and then as I got older taking road trips to Moreno Valley to spend Christmas with you and Grandpa. Now that I’m older and have a family of my own, I remember you keeping me in line and teaching me to be kind to everyone even though I was the baby. Grandma you are a very strong and caring woman and I think about the love that I always feel from you every time we are together. Chelsea and I love you so much and can't wait to share our girls with you and have them experience the love the pours out of you. Grandma you are the backbone of our family and can't tell you enough how much our family loves you. Love, Jason, Chelsea, Julianna, and Ellie

45: She's always been there for me Just talking to her can make me happy She tells me of the hard times she's been through In hopes that I won't go through them too She's an independent woman of stature and grace She has beautiful eyes and a lovely face An audacious strength from deep inside In her I know I can confide She's my guardian angel who'll always be A very special part of me She takes pride in caring for her kin She gives us hope and things to believe in If I didn't have her there for me I wouldn't be half the woman I turned out to be I Love You Mom Love your daughter -- Adele From a card that Adele gave to Mom one Mother's day.

46: You stand firm as a rock And you are the hub You know about everything. Like family things, the news of the world And all things in between. You have always shared your knowledge You have taught me to stand tall. No matter what the issue Whether it be great or whether it be small. You have taken me places to see some sights And exposed me to new things. You have always made it seem important To go out in the world to stretch my wings. You have opened your home and your heart to me Every since I was very small. I remember the many weekends spent with you And the many times that I would call. My best memories of you and I Are those from late at night. I’d wake to find you working on a quilt Oh, the talks that made us tight. You have done so much for me I cannot repay it all. You always said just show love to those I hold dear And take care of those that may fall.

47: I appreciate your strength and love You have a strong spirit about you. You have made a big difference in my life And in those of this big family, too. I wish you so much happiness. A hug, a wish, and good thoughts for you. I wish you lots of love forever Have a Happy Birthday, too!! I love you! Love, Kristen

48: Happy 80th Birthday, Grandma! Thank you for being such a good Grandma to us. For making us quilts and teaching us to be strong individuals. Thank you being there for my family. I love you and wish you a very happy birthday. Love, Matthew

49: I have several memories of Grandma. Some of my favorites are going over to her house at Christmas time to make date bars and chocolate covered peanut butter balls. Or going to Grandma's and Mom's craft store for the day and going to Carl's Jr. to get Grandma fried zucchini and of course Dr. Pepper. Besides all the times I went over to Grandma's house to spend the night or just to visit, my most favorite memories are the many times Grandma and I had conversations about life. Grandma has taught me to the importance of being a strong and independent woman. Grandma has always said to be prepared for the "what ifs" in life. I really appreciate all the advice and love Grandma has given me. I love you Grandma! Happy Birthday!! Love Heather

50: I am extremely grateful for my grandmother and everything she taught me. I had the pleasure of living with grandma and grandpa my senior year in college, and grandma taught me to be independent, honest and strong. A big part of who I am is because of her. I remember when was younger and started to say everything that I was thinking, the good, the bad, the ugly. If I thought it, I said it. Mom use to give me the evil eye and laugh, saying “Elizabeth, please keep certain things to yourself!” I never understood why no one appreciated my honesty, until grandma told me “it is not that no one appreciates the honesty it is that you are so blunt about it, which is a trait you inherited from me!” So now, when I have to be honest and say whatever needs to be said, I go to grandma, because I know she will appreciate it. Love you - Erin

51: I Love You More Than I Can Express Grandmother, you are wonderful, so gentle, and yet so strong. You've always shown that you care, and without a doubt I belong. You've been patient when I’ve strayed, and offered guidance when asked. It seems you can do anything, and fantastic with every task. Always a source of calming comfort and a safety net when I fall. Your love helps me in stressful times and supports me through it all. I love you more than I can express, I pray I’ve earned your respect. If I had my choice of grandmothers, you'd be the only one I’d select!

52: When I think of grandma I think of all the family gatherings and that laugh. When I picture her in front of me, I hear that laugh. For me that laugh brings a smile to my face. I cherish all the family dinners at Grandma's and how inviting she always is. Happy birthday grandma! I love you. Brandon

53: I love you Great Grandma. Happy Birthday ! Carson

54: Happy Birthday Great Grandma. Love - Sidney

58: My Mom I'm thankful for my mother for always standing by my side. For letting me cry on her shoulder, and for being my greatest guide. For teaching me my numbers, and my A.B.C's. Also for my manners, like saying thank you and please. For teaching me about the world, and what to watch out for. And also about life, and what I have in store. For always being creative, Always thinking of something new. Like creating games to play when I had nothing to do. To her it didn't matter what the circumstance. She was always right there by me, to help me and hold my hand. Without my mother around, life wouldn't be the same. I'm one of the happiest girls I know And my mother is to blame.

59: A couple of things I have learned from you is family first. Provide for you family and be supportive. Thank you for being such a great example to me and my children. Without you and Dad here to help me I don't know where Kayli, Nikolaus and I would be. Sometimes I use to wish I had been born when the other siblings were but I soon figured out that I lucked out being born when I was. Thank you for all of the vacations, theater trips, SC football games and prime rib dinners. You always worked so hard for your family yet always have found time to watch us play sports, encourage us in our studies and listened with a open mind; well most of the time. I love you more than you will ever understand. Happy Birthday, Mom. Love Gail | Mom, You have been there for all my life's ups and downs. You showed me early on that I can do anything I want with my life if I just set my mind to it.

60: Grandma, You have always been there for me whether it was when I promoted, or when I needed help on my homework. Thank you for all of the help and advice you've given to me and all of your support. You believed in me even when I didn't believe in myself. Like when I did my first horse show I didn't think I would place in any of the classes but in the end I got 4th, 5th and 1st place at the show. Without your help with my homework and encouraging me to keep trying, I don't know if I would be the student I am now. I always look forward when you come to pick me up from school or summer camp. You always put a smile on my face whenever I see you. Thank you for everything, I love you lots and lots. Happy Birthday Grandma. Love - Kayli

61: Grandma, You have been there for me since I was born. You have cared for me while mom was at work and would play trains and monster trucks with me while Kayli was at school. Thank you for all of your help with homework and encouraging me to do my best. You have always been supportive and let me figure things out on my own if I wanted. As mom always says, I will never go hungry because you have taught me to cook. I really enjoy the time we spend cooking meals together. Another thing I like is going on vacations with you and Grandpa. You have taken us so many places and shown us so many things. Thank you taking us. Happy Birthday Grandma! Hope your day is great!! Love you - Nikolaus

66: A family is pieced together with hope and faith. A family is quilted and bound with love and grace.

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