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Biola Youth Theatre Les Miserables 2011

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S: A show to remember

FC: Les Miserables | Biola Youth Theatre January 2011

1: Toulon Prison 1805 | The chain gang begins their daily work in prison. | One of the prisoners, Jean Val recieves his ticket of leave from police cheif Javert after 19 years of prison.

2: Great Grandparents | Valjean roams the streets looking for a place to stay. But no one will give him work or pay because he is an ex-convict. The only to bestow kindness upon him, in the Bishop of Digne. He takes him in and gives him a place to stay and food to eat. The bishops sister does not take kindly to Valjean.

4: Regardless of his kindness, Valjean decides that night to steel the bishops silver.

5: The police capture Valjean and bring him back to face he bishop. To Valjean's surprise, the bishop tells the police that he gave Valjean the silver.

6: The bishop graciously allows Valjean to keep his silver, and gives him even more. He parts with him telling him that he has bought his soul for God. Valjean breaks parole and begins his life as a new man.

7: Mon-sur-meir 1813 The poor gather outside the local factory walls.

8: The factory foreman turns them away. | They beg for help and money.

9: They are hungry and alone

10: It is payday inside the factory. The workers gather, now at the end of the day to collect their pay.

12: The foreman tries to get his hands on all the women. But he has a special eye for Fantine. She refuses to give into his demands, and the foreman grows angry. The other factory women gossip about her, behind her back. | One of the factory girls steals a letter Fantine is reading, and reveals that she has an illegitament daughter. They get into a fight. Valjean, now the mayor, breaks it up, and leaves the foreman to settle it.

14: The factory girl tells the foreman that she has a child. She concocts a story that Fantine is sleeping around with other men, and must be sent away.

15: Fantine pleads with the foreman, but he is already angered from her denials. | He fires her, and sends her out into the streets to fend for herself.

16: Alone in the world, and her daughter far off with another family, Fantine dreams of the life she once lived, and how she longs to recollect it once more.

17: The prostitutes gather out on the docks and wait for their costumers to approach.

19: Fantine approaches the docks. Desperate to get money to pay for her daughters keep, she sells her hair for 10 francs.

20: Fantine becomes ill, and wanders the streets helplessly. In order to continue to pay for her daughters keep, she sells herself into prostitution.

21: One day a customer plays rough. Fantine tries to get away, but instead is harrassed. She scratches his face, and flees.

22: While fleeing, Bamatabois, calls the police, and has her arrested.

24: Recognizing Fantine, Valjean asks Javert for her to be released.

25: Fantine believes that he is mocking him, but finally gives in for she is too weak to go on alone.

27: One of Valjean's workers is run over by a cart. Being exceptionally strong, Valjean lifts the cart by himself. Javert sees this, and tells him that for a moment he believed him to be the real Valjean. In attempy to lure him to confession, he reveals that the court is about to try the real Valjean. Being a Godly man, Valjean cannot let the man suffer in his place.

28: Valjean reveals himself in court, freeing the fake Valjean, and angering Javert. He quickly flees.

29: Fantine, growing weak from consumption, dreams of when she will one day see her daughter Cosette again. She even begins to hallucinate that she is already there.

30: Valjean promises the dying Fantine that he will care for her child once she has passed.

31: As she takes her last breath, Javert appears and demands that Valjean return with him to prison. | Valjean reveals his promise to Fantine, and asks that he be allowed to fetch Cosette. Javert refuses, and Valjean resorts to his last option.

32: Valjean punches Javert, disabling him from taking him in, and flees to find Cosette.

33: Inn at Montfurmeil | Cosette has been enslaved by the family "caring" for her, the Thenardiers. She stops only for a moment to dream of a life free of work. | She is caught and scolded for being lazy. Mdm. Thenardier is upset that Cosette cannot be like her daughter Eponine; beautiful and perfect.

35: The Thenardiers open up their inn for business. | Little does the public know that they are cheap cheats, trying to swindle them out of their money

36: The people are completely oblivious to everything that goes on.

38: The | It is quickly evident that the Thenardiers care for money more than they care for eachother.

40: Valjean finds Cosette drawing water in the dark of the night. He brings her back to the Thenardiers and reveals that he has come to take her away.

41: He reveals to the Thenardiers that Fantine has passed away, and asked him to take care of her. The Thenardiers pretend to be devastated and lie about how much they love Cosette, and are worried her may not be the right person to care for her. | Valjean pays the Thenardiers 1500 francs in exchange for Cosette, and they happily except.

42: The poor gather in the streets to beg for food, money, and mercy. | Paris 1823

44: Ten years later Thenardier has moved from robbing people at the inn to the streets. Even Eponine, his daughter now grown joins in. Simultaneously, the students begin their public campaign for freedom of the French government.

46: Eponine finds her Marius, one of the students on the street. She is in love with him, but Marius is oblivious, and does not realize it. | While helping the poor, Marius bumps into a young woman, whom he falls in love with at first sight. Eponine is devastated.

47: Pretending to be blind, Thenardier lures Valjean in to steal money, He quickly recognizes him,. | He attacks Valjean, and finds the brand on his chest, but flees when Eponine spots Javert on his way,

49: With nothing to hold Thenardier for, Javert lets him go. He learns that the man Thenardier had been attempting to attack was Valjean. He vows to God to not rest until he finds him.

50: Gavroche, a child friend of the students, vows to keep an eye out for Javert. | Eponine realizes that the girl Marius saw in the streets was Cosette.

51: ,Marius finds Eponine and asks her to find where Cosette lives. Out of great love, although it breaks her heart, she agrees.

52: ABC Cafe | The students gather to talk about their plans for revolution.

53: Marius arrives late, and in a daze. The others tease him about his new lover. | Enjolras reminds the students they aren't fighting for love, but for the better of France.

55: The students go into the streets and get support for their cause.

56: The public support them, and join in with the plans for revolution. They are tired of the horrible lives they are living.

57: Cosette sits in the garden of their home. She reveals her loves for Marius, and wonders if he loves her as well.

58: Valjean find Cosette in the garden. She wishes to know about his past, and why they live so secretly. | Valjean does not tell. Eponine and Marius watch outside the gates.

59: Marius is overwhelmed with love for Cosette. Eponine is full of sorrow. Marius does not even notice. | Marius climbs the gate and professes his love. Cosette eagerly reveals her own.

60: Eponine can do nothing but watch helplessly from the side lines.

61: The two make a vow to always love each other.

62: Outraged, and determined to take Valjean's money, Thenardier and his gang try to break into his home at Rue Plumet. | They are surprised to find Eponine lurking in the shadows.

63: Eponine threatens her father that if he tries to attack the house she will scream to alert them.

64: She screams as loud as she can. Monteparnesse tries to silence her with a knife. Thenardier and the gang skatter when Marius sees them standing outside. | Marius introduces Eponine to Cosette as their savior, and then flees over the garden wall.

65: Valjean runs outside, after hearing the scream. Afraid, Cosette claims it to be her own. Valjean believes them men outside are working for Javert and prepares to flee to England. | Cosette does not want to leave, for she will be separated from Marius.

66: Marius and Cosette promise to always love each other, no matter what happens. Javert has learned of the student uprising, and plans to help silence it. | The Thenardiers see this uprising as a wonderful opportunity to find some good money.

67: The students and the public join to prepare for the fighting.

68: Javert comes, disquised as a citizen, to the barricade and volunteers to help the students find out the enemy plans.

69: Eponine dresses herself as a boy to stay on the barricade with Marius. He instead asks her to deliver a letter to Cosette. Valjean intercepts it, and learns Cosette's secret.

70: Eponine wanders the streets and dreams of what life would be like if Marius loved her, Even though she knows he never will.

71: The students and public prepare to fight on the barricades.

72: Javert returns to the barricade with the "enemy plans" | Gavroche reveals to the students that he is an enemy spy. He is taken as a prisoner.

73: While the students try ti figure out the plans, Eponine returns to the barricade. She is shot while climbing at the top.

74: While dying in his arms, Eponine reveals her love to Marius.

75: The students watch from the side.

76: Valjean comes to the barricade. His true intentions are to protect Marius for Cosette. He joins in the fighting, and helps them win their first victory. | Eponine's body is taken away, and all of the people grieve. Marius is devastated.

77: Valjean offers to kills Javert, but instead releases him. Javert is confused, and vows to find him once again, and have him imprisoned.

78: Night falls on the barricade. | The students remember their life before the revolt.

79: Marius dreams only of Cosette. As everyone sleeps, Valjean prays to God, and asks him that Marius life be spared.

80: The fighting begins again, and students realize that they are almost out of ammunition. They argue who will climb the barricade to steal the dead enemies bullets.

81: Gavroche swiftly climbs the barricade against their will and begins searching the bodies. | The students watch helpless as the enemy fires upon, and kill Gavroche.

82: When an enemy soldier evokes the students fight. With great valor, the students fight on the barricade once more.

83: All but Valjean and Marius die.

84: Valjean escapes with the wounded Marius into the sewers. | The bodies are dragged away. Javert searches for Valjean.

85: While sleeping in the sewers, Thenardier finds Valjean. Without recognizing either, he steals Marius ring, but flees in fear when he finds the brand on Valjean's chest.

86: Javert finds Valjean carrying Marius in sewers. Valjean pleads with him to get Marius help, and then he will return.

87: Javert lets him go. But he is unable to comprehend or recieve the grace previously given to him by Valjean. And so he takes his life.

88: Marius grieves over the death of his friends, and reveals his desire to have died honorably along side them.

89: Now living in Valjean's home, Marius is free to spend his time with Cosette, When Cosette comes to visit him, their time is interrupted by Valjean. It is when he sees how much Cosette and Marius Love each other. that he gives his daughter's hand to Marius.

90: Valjean talks with Marius, and reveals his secret to him. He reveals that he will be leaving, and that Cosette cannot know where he has gone. Marius agrees. Marius and Cosette's wedding is a joyous and splendid occasion. Until, the Thenardiers, now the Baron and Baroness de Thenard, come to crash the party.

92: Thenardier tells Marius he has a story for him. | Mdm. Thenardier steals the silver on the side.

93: The guests pa no head, and continue along with the party. | Thenardier reveals to Marius that the man who saved his life was indeed Jean Valjean.

94: While leaving, the guests catch the Thenardiers stealing. | Marius realizes all the good that Valjean has done for Cosette and him, and leaves to take her to visit him,

96: Valjean, now very ill, pleads with God to bring him home with Him. Fantine's ghost appears to Valjean and readies to bring him to the Lord.

97: Marius and Cosette arrive. Cosette, confused, worries for her ill father. | Valjean thanks Marius for bringing Cosette. Marius reveals to Cosette, her father saved his life.

98: Valjean gives Cosette a letter, revealing everything to her about his life. Fantine and Eponine's ghosts come to bring him to God.

99: Fin

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