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Birth-parent book

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S: David and Tina

BC: Thank you, David and Tina

FC: David and Tina

1: Husband: David Age: 34 Year of Birth: 1979 Race/Nationality: Caucasian Religion: Agnostic Height: 5' 11" Weight: 145lbs Hair: Blond Eyes: Blue Education: Bachelor's Degree - Computer Science Occupation: Staff Engineer Qualcomm | Wife: Tina Age: 41 Year of Birth: 1971 Race/ Nationality: Caucasian Religion: Christian Height: 5' 9" Weight: 160lbs Hair: Brown Eyes: Brown Education: Bachelor's Degree - Theatre Arts Master's of Arts - Theatre Design Occupation: Freelance Artist | Years of Marriage: 9

2: David about David | In Maui, Hawaii | I grew up in Southern California and have never wanted to leave. I have a younger brother who I spent lots of time with during the summers playing table tennis and other games. When I was younger I spent a lot of time playing soccer both for fun and during school. I loved being an athlete. I also dabbled a little with the high jump in track competitions. Education was very important in my childhood home being that both of my parents, who are now retired, worked at Cal State Fullerton. My mother as a Research Librarian, and my father as the Director of Telecommunications. I had always planned to go to college and had been interested in computers from a | young age. My two childhood buddies and I were always fixing or working on them. I therefore decided to go to UC San Diego where I got a degree in Computer Science. I received my degree in four years. While in college I started working at Qualcomm as an intern and have now been working there for over fifteen years. My main focus is making cell phone cameras take better pictures. My work at Qualcomm has also given me the opportunity to receive four US patents on various projects.

3: Tina about David | Our Wedding, 2004 | David is the most incredibly kind, generous and patient person I have ever had the pleasure to know. I feel so very lucky to be his best friend and even luckier to be married to him. His calm rationality complements my more passionate personality, making me act less impulsive than I would have been before. My grandma always used to say to me that I should marry a man that made me a better person. I like who I am with David. I continue to evolve and improve with age. I knew when we met that he would end up being one of my best friends. David has a talent for making me laugh, not only at his jokes (which are incredibly quick-witted) but at myself. His intelligence is one of the most attractive things about him. He is a computer software engineer and has a talent for mathematics and analytical thinking. | But he also has a great appreciation for art and theater. One of the things I love the most about David is that he is so encouraging and supportive of my art and of all his friends and family. David is an incredible athlete. While he was in school he played soccer and was not only an extremely good player but, more importantly, a TEAM player. David works well with others. He is a great teacher; he is always the guy that the interns turn to at work to help them with problems. I don't feel as if I could possibly say enough about what a great person he is and what an even more wonderful father he will be.

4: Tina about Tina | In Venice, Italy | I grew up in a small town in Idaho with my parents and one sister. I attended school in the same town from Kindergarten through my senior year of high school. I was an average student that was involved in concert band, marching band, drama and softball. We lived outside of town in the middle of a bunch of fruit orchards. I got my first job when I was 13 years old picking apples. From then on I decided that I liked being independent and found a job in town at age 14 at a local furniture store that also rented videos. I was the manager in charge of rentals at the age of 14. But I couldn't wait to get out of the small-town atmosphere and see the world. I decided the best way to do that was to go to college. I attended University of Idaho in Moscow, Idaho. I was determined to get my bachelor's degree in Theater. I also worked at Sears in the Automotive Dept. when taking a break from college, and then transferred to Alaska. After moving back to Idaho from Alaska I continued to finish my degree in Theater at U of I. I graduated in 1999. I then moved to San Diego to get my Masters Degree at SDSU. I graduated with my MFA in Theater Production in 2003. That year I became the Art Director for the Real World, San Diego. | I kept teaching at SDSU as an adjunct professor in the Theater Dept. and I also took a job as a teaching artist for the San Diego Opera. In that program I taught 2nd through 6th graders. Still one of my favorite jobs that I have ever had. Unfortunately because of education budget cuts and the recession, I was laid off. Currently I am a freelance artist and I design costumes and sets from home. My passion is painting and photography and I have had a couple of gallery shows here in San Diego.

5: David about Tina | In Los Angeles | Tina is a truly amazing person. She stole my heart before I ever even laid eyes on her. We met at a BBQ she was having at her house with her roommate. I was invited because my cousin was one of her former students. I met her and I was in love. Tina has a way of making people feel welcome and wanted. Tina grew up in a tiny town in Idaho that only had one stoplight. And while she loved her childhood, she couldn't wait to see the world! She went to school in Idaho, Alaska, and eventually San Diego where she received an MFA in Technical Theater. She is an avid reader, having amassed almost the entire collection of Agatha Christie novels. She loves taking pictures and is very good at it. It does have the side effect that she isn't in as many pictures as everyone else. She has taken photos professionally at weddings and also does head-shots for her theatre friends. She even still shoots with a film camera and it is always exciting to get it developed to see what comes out! Tina is an incredible artist; her media of choice is acrylic on canvas, and has had her work shown in galleries. | Tina is very out-going and makes sure that I experience new things and meet new people. She lives her life with passion, and it's hard not to be carried along with her enthusiasm. I know that she will make a wonderful mother because she is wonderful with children and enjoys teaching so much. Her enthusiastic attitude will be infectious to any girl or boy.

6: Why we are choosing to adopt | Since we started dating we have always been excited to have children. However, after trying to conceive for over 8 years and going through disappointing and exhaustive fertility treatments we started to look at other options. Tina's favorite uncle is adopted and he and his siblings are very close. Adoption just seemed like a natural fit for us. So we started looking into overseas adoption options, as well as domestic adoptions. When we discovered Catholic Charities, we went to their orientation and felt immediately that this was the option for us! We are excited and nervous about parenting a child, but truly happy to have the opportunity. We are so lucky to have such incredibly supportive families and friends. Their support and love will be crucial to us. Everyone is very excited to have a new addition in our families! | David and a cousin | David, his brother and cousins | David and cousin

7: Our experience with children | Tina and a friend's baby | Tina and nephew | David and nephew | Tina has a lot of experience with children. From babies, all the way up to college students. During her childhood she was one of the oldest cousins and it was considered her job to keep an eye on the littler ones. She also babysat all through junior high and high school. When she moved to college her first job was teaching kindergarten for a local daycare. While working with the San Diego Opera Education Dept. she taught 2nd through 6th grades, and she also taught at the college level for years, supplementing that with her work at area high schools. David has considerably less experience with children. However he tutored students in math and French while he was in high school. David is a natural with children and with his kind, mellow demeanor and happy attitude children seem drawn to him. We are both so thrilled to be potential parents!

8: Tina and David | Tina and Bridesmaids | Us and our wedding party | David and Tina

9: Our Marriage | We met and started dating while we were both still in college. David was doing his undergraduate degree at UCSD and I was finishing my Masters at SDSU. One of my jobs while in grad school was teaching an undergraduate class. As it happens, one of my students was David's cousin. He kept telling me (several times) how I just HAD to meet his cousin. Eventually he brought his cousin to one of my BBQ's and we liked each other at once! David says that he fell in love with me right away, and I knew that we would end up being the best of friends. I guess we were both right! We dated for two years and then got engaged. We were married a year later. We have been married now for 9 years! It is hard to believe, the time seems to have just flown by! Although we have the same values, morals and expectations from life, we still are quite different. One of our biggest differences is that David is an extremely patient person, while I want things to happen immediately. He is my balance, making me think things through and my passion and lust for life brings him out of his shell, making him try new experiences and meet new people. I think one of the best things about our relationship is that we never get tired of talking. We chat all the time. We even lose track of time and end up staying up until 4 am! He tells me about software that he is developing at work and I talk to him about my newest paintings. We also enjoy just hanging out. It's nice to have someone that you can just watch a movie with and feel like you get to be yourself. We truly are best friends.

10: How we will handle childcare responsibilities: | David and nephew | Tina and nephew | Before David and I were married we discussed having children and decided that even though we were both raised by successful working mothers, it would have been nice if our mothers had been able to stay at home. And since I only work part-time I plan to be the major care-giver and work from home. Luckily David has an amazing job so that I can afford to stay at home with the child. David also plans to take Paternity leave from work when we first get placed with the child. It is nice that Qualcomm is also supportive of adoptive families. We are both excited to share the things from our childhoods that we loved. I can't wait to read, "Winnie the Pooh" and do all the voices and also teach the child to swim, and David is excited to coach the soccer team or whichever sport our child is interested in. It is also great to be able to mention that we have many loving and excited friends who have already offered to babysit! Plus our parents are excited to have a new grandchild and David's parents are prepared to drive down as much as possible!

11: How we plan to raise our child: | David and I are extremely blessed that I will be able to stay at home to raise our child. I intend to stay at home until the child becomes school-aged and then return to freelance theatre design or maybe get another teaching job. One of the greatest things about our childhoods was that our parents supported our interests in activities and we are determined to support our child in the things that interest them as well. For example, David's parents were supportive of his interests in computers and soccer and Tina's parents supported her in softball, swimming, music, art, and community theatre. My parents never missed a performance, and David's parents never missed a game. We intend to be the parents that are there for our child, to support them, win or lose. We will also encourage our child to explore their heritage and are excited to learn more about other cultures as well. Education in general has always been one of the most important things to us. While our child is exploring their background we will be learning too. We are also excited to share some of our cultural activities with our child. There are a lot of Christmas activities that are traditional in David's and my family that we are excited to share. In David's family a college education was a given. He was expected to go straight to college after high school. In my family when you graduated school, you got a job. But I was determined to go to college, and I did. To David and I it is more important to us both that our child is given opportunities to decide what they want to do, with guidance and understanding from us. | Tina and nephew | David and nephew

12: OUR RELATIONSHIP WITH OUR EXTENDED FAMILIES: | DAVID'S FAMILY | David's family is so much fun! And it is so nice that they live only an hour and a half away in Orange County. We see them quite often and love spending time with them. When we go on vacations with them, everyone gets along perfectly. Our vacations to Maui and Malibu have been some of the most fun we have ever had. It is so nice to hang out with them and play games, watch movies, go swimming and snorkeling and just be close. We have always spent every Christmas with them since we were first together. Christmas with David's family is packed full with fun and games. We have a traditional fondue party every year with close family friends. This tradition has been going on since before David was born! There is always something going on and people stopping by. It truly is a perfect Christmas (except for the lack of snow)! My mother-in-law and I get along famously. She and I hit it off from the very beginning. She and I regularly take the train to meet in San Juan Capistrano just for lunch! Together she and I are always coming up with something fun to do and we love just spending time together. David and his dad are incredibly similar. His mom and I always joke that David and he have a language all their own. When they start a discussion about computers, or the latest phone or tech device she and I just leave the room. They can talk for hours. David's brother lives in North Carolina with his wife and their son that has just turned one year old. We don't get to see them as much as we would like, but when we do, we pack a lot of visiting into very little time. David's family has been very supportive of us during all of the fertility treatments and now through all the adoption process. They are very excited to have a second grandchild and a new niece or nephew!

13: IT'S NOT WHAT WE HAVE IN OUR LIFE, BUT WHO WE HAVE IN OUR LIFE THAT COUNTS. - J. M. Laurence | David's family and us, picnic | David's mom and dad, us and a close family friend | Us, David's parents and his younger brother and wife | David's mom and Tina | Family Photo | David's family

14: OUR RELATIONSHIP WITH OUR EXTENDED FAMILIES: | TINA'S FAMILY | My extended family is enormous! I have 14 aunts and uncles and sometimes it seems like thousands of cousins. My closest relationships are with my sister and my father (who I call Poppalop). My sister has two boys that are 14 years apart in age! Our oldest nephew is 21 years old and the youngest is 7! I was still living in Idaho when our oldest nephew was growing up and so I was there for all of the important firsts, first word, first steps, and first sparkler on Independence Day. I wish so much that I could have been there to see our second nephew grow up. When I was growing up my sister and I would go to Washington State to visit our grandparents. It was great, there were so many cousins to play with! Our grandparents lived just outside of town and right on a creek bed, where we could hike and fish and swim! I am so excited because there is a family reunion next summer and David will get to meet a lot more of my family. David and I would love to see more of my family, we usually take one trip to Idaho a year; my family can't really afford to fly down to see us. However when we do get to see them, there are all sorts of activities that we like to do. We play cards and cribbage with my mom, work on cars and carpentry out in Pop's machine shop and go camping with the whole family. Camping is extremely fun with my parents. We go fishing, hiking and four-wheeling! I love to cook with my mother and she is also teaching me how to quilt. Both my parents are extremely excited that we are going to adopt. Pop has even had dreams about it! When I told my mom, she actually giggled, my mom never giggles. My family has been incredibly supportive and calls up a lot, just to check on our progress.

15: HAPPINESS IS ONLY REAL WHEN SHARED. -JON KRAKAUER | Families fill our lives with happiness and laughter leaving us memories to treasure today and forever after. | "Poppy" walking Tina down the aisle | Tina's sister, Tina, David and our nephew | Various uncles and cousins | Not even close to half of my cousins! | My sister and myself, Easter 1977 | Pop's side of the family; aunts, uncles, cousins | Pop and David

16: The Colosseum, Rome | Maui, Hawaii | Maui, Hawaii | Trevi Fountain, Rome | New York City, Central Park | "Big Flat" Campground, Idaho

17: How we spend our vacations and leisure time | We love to travel! We spent our Honeymoon in Europe. We traveled to Italy, Switzerland, and France. We had such a wonderful time there. We have also been to Mexico, Hawaii, and throughout the United States. We especially love when we get to travel with family. We have been to Hawaii with David's family three times! Last year we rented a cabin in Idaho with my family and went to a winter carnival there that I used to attend with my family when I was little. We got to share that with our nephews too. While touring Europe on our honeymoon, we got to see many amazing places. We started in Rome and Vatican City where we went to the Sistine Chapel and St. Peter's Basilica. It was one of the most moving places we have ever been. In Rome we saw the Spanish Steps, the ruins and the coliseum. They were impressive structures! It was all so incredible that there were new buildings that were built around all of these toppled columns. Then we traveled on to Venice where we took a ride on a Gondola while an Opera singer serenaded us down the Grand Canal. After that we traveled on the train to Switzerland and saw where Albert Einstein had his first job as a patent clerk. The entire city of Bern reminded us of a storybook. All of the building were beautiful and had a very cottage-like feel to them. Then we were on to Paris, France. The Eiffel tower, the Louvre Museum, Notre Dam and all of the amazing art and food, we had such an incredible time! Some of our favorite vacations were when we joined David's family in Hawaii. The first time we went to Maui we rented a house. It was so quiet and peaceful. We attended a Luau and also went on a

18: How we spend our vacations and leisure time | Venice, Italy | catamaran for a snorkeling adventure. I got very seasick but enjoyed the snorkeling and swimming parts immensely. We have since returned to Maui twice. We love it there. The last time however, we decided to see some of the other islands. We started on Oahu and saw the Arizona Memorial, (where a relative of mine is entombed), and also went to Waikiki Beach. Then we met family on Maui for Thanksgiving and then traveled on to the Big Island of Hawaii, where we took a helicopter tour over the magma fields. There were no doors on the helicopter and I ended up hanging out of the side taking pictures like mad. By far one of the most fun things I have ever done. | No matter how much we love to travel, we love being at home even more. We have many friends and love to spend time with them. Our favorite thing to do is to have BBQs in our back yard and play frisbee and croquet. We both love to watch movies and we both also love cooking. I have also turned one of my hobbies into a business. I am a painter and have sold several paintings and been commissioned to do paintings as well. My art is all around our home. By far our favorite activity is spending time with our friends and family.

19: Maui, Hawaii | The Big Island, Hawaii | Rome, Italy | Paris, France | Vatican City | Our Friends, San Diego | Wild Animal Park | New Haven, Connecticut

20: Our Home | We were lucky enough to have just purchased our home this last year! We love it and our new neighborhood! Our home has four bedrooms and two baths, a huge backyard with a patio and room for a swing-set! Our home is casual and lived in. We are both extremely tidy people, but love having company and making people feel comfortable and welcome. We have a beautiful open living area; the living room, the kitchen and the dining area are all open and it is quite nice because we love to cook together and everyone always ends up in the kitchen when we have people over. Our new community has an elementary school just down the street and both a high-school and a middle-school within a mile of us. Even though we have only lived in our house for a few months, it has a lived-in feel. I am an artist by trade and have tried to make it look and feel very homey and beautiful. I am looking forward to decorating a nursery room! | Our New Home | Master Bedroom | Our Backyard

21: Home is the nicest word there is. --Laura Ingalls Wilder | Our Living room | Our Dining room | My Studio | Our Master Bedroom

22: Our thoughts about Birth-parents | We both have a great amount of respect for Birth-parents. We can only imagine how much courage, love and strength that it must take to make an adoption plan. We feel truly blessed to be even considered for adoptive parents. We are also fully committed to an open adoption plan, however we will respect the birth-parents choices for the level of openness. We also plan to share with the child their adoption story right from the beginning. It is important to us that the child understand adoption and their heritage.

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