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Bissets of the New West

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Bissets of the New West - Page Text Content

S: Bissets of the New West

BC: FRONT COVER: This postcard is postmarked 17 December 1912 at Dufur, Oregon and addressed to Mrs. A. Bisset, Muir of Ord, Rosshire, Scotland. The handwriting is a facsimile. Pictured from left to right are Lex, Ken, Mary, May, Ralph, James. & Don. The photograph was probably taken at their Wolf Run Home. Photographer unknown. | On a sunny June day in 1998 Grandpa Jim took Bailey, Allie, and James to spend the day with Great Grandpa Lex. Lex taught them to make a teeter totter and to whistle in a bottle. He sang them children's songs and nursery rhymes. He told them how he and his brothers put string around the necks of bottles then drug them around and played "bottle horses." | He let the kids wear his cowboy hat and they got to ride the horse and go look at the cows. Then they all had their picture taken sitting on a hay bale. Lex was ninety five at the time. | A Truly Magical Day

FC: Bissets of the New West and affiliated families | Dear parents, Here's a group coming to wish you a Happy Xmas and bright New Year. Love to Nellie and Mary. Do you recognize Jim? ----- Bissets of the New West | Sandy Bisset 1021 Irvine Street West The Dalles, Oregon 97058 wildflowers@gorge.net December 2011

1: I am indebted to generations of family members who had the forethought to preserve photographs and mementos of their lives and those of their children. Without them this album could not have been created. It is a rich history on its own and also a valuable adjunct to those family stories that have been passed down through the years. Enjoy the read! Sandy | Bissets of the New West and affiliated families | May Bisset Kennedy | Marion Pascoe Sarafis | Marian Vanderpool Bisset

2: Lineage Alexis Paul Bisset | Lineage Marian Juanita Vanderpool | 2 | Mary McKenzie

3: NOTE: These charts should be used only for relationship purposes as the spellings and dates may not be completely correct. | Descendants of James & Mary (Klimanek) Bisset | Affiliated Families Index | Family of Floyd & Lulu (Pickering) Vanderpool Marian Vanderpool pages 76-77; 80-81 Family of Elias Elwood & Lydia Ann (Way) Pickering pages 78-79 Family of William & Susannah (Heisler) Vanderpool pages 82-83 Family of Larkin & Mary (Turnage) Vanderpool pages 84-87 Family of William & Martha (McConnell) Heisler pages 88 Gulliford Connection page 89 Family of John Joseph & Emily Jane (Harding) Klimanek pages 90-91 Family of Philip & Mary (Crocker) Harding pages 92-93 | 3

4: 4 | Mary Harding-Klimanek was born in the Czechoslavokian town of Maribor and raised in the city of Prague. She spent her young adult life in the bustling city of Vienna. The year she emigrated to the United States the population of Vienna, or Wein as it is known in German was nearly two million persons. The 1890's views below show the city as it was at the time she left it. | Spanish Riding School Lipizzan Arena | Schollenring | Votivkirche Catholic Church | Am Hof Open Air Market | Vienna 1890's | Mary Klimanek Vienna It reads""A souvenir of your Mimsch on horseback". Mimsch was her family nickname.

5: This house at NW 20th & Hoyt in Portland, Oregon was constructed in 1892 for Dr. Kenneth (K.A.J.) and his wife Cora Mackenzie. ----- Mary Klimanek lived there in 1899 when she came to Portland from Vienna to care for the Mackenzie children - Ronald, Jean, and Barbara. There is a second floor bedroom connected to the day nursery which is probably where she stayed. ---- It is unclear whether Mary met Dr. Mackenzie on his earlier trip to Vienna or became acquainted with the family in 1899 and accompanied them back to Oregon. No immigration records have been found. ---- What is clear is that she traveled to Dayville, Oregon with the Mackenzie children one summer and met a Scottish sheep herder named James Bisset. | Barbara Bisset photo | Once Upon a Time.... | 5

6: The surrounding valley | Dayville, Grant County, Oregon | ... and painted hills | Mary (Klimanek) Bisset James Bisset with baby Lucy Canyon City, Oregon | 6

7: The Bissets James, Mary, Alexis, May, & Don Grant County, Oregon | Mary holding May | 1909 at Mascall's | Lex and Lucy | Don, May, Lex, and Ralph | Alex, Lucy, & May Dayville house | Mrs. Murchison and Mary, May, Don, and Ralph | James & May in the house | 7

8: May pushing the buggy | Jim and May | Lucy with her doll | Mary riding Tony | Three kids on the horse | Bessie and the colt | James, May, Lucy, & Alex | Lex, Lucy, May | 8

9: Lex and the kitties | May, Don, and Lex | Dayville, Oregon - Summer 1908 | Aunt Lucy with Don | Lex and Lucy playing horse | Lex & May | Aunt Lucy Lucy Harding-Klimanek made her first trip to the United States in 1908, landing at Ellis Island on May 17, having arrived from Plymouth, England on the Pretoria. | Dayville Mercantile The Dayville Mercantile was built in 1896 in the yet unincorporated town of Dayville. In addition to its retail function it served as church, school, dance hall, and meeting place for the small community ---- Generations of Bissets have walked on the worn wooden floors in this store that is still open for business 115 years later. | 9

10: 10

11: Why Dufur? Mary Klimanek Bisset sent the pamphlet entitled "The Fertile Dufur Valley Oregon" and the newspaper article proclaiming "Dufur A Country of Bright Prospects" to her family in England. These and other enticements lured the unsuspecting to a land of spectacular apple orchards and more, which the dry land could not support. The marginal land she purchased had moved from speculator to speculator until a family with dreams and determination came along. It turned out to be wheat, not apples that allowed them to survive, if not thrive. | Dufur Train Station The Bisset Family came to Dufur by train from The Dalles. They bought a team and wagon from Willard Vanderpool and traveled as far as McConnell's the first night, then on to their new home on Wolf Run. | Great Southern Station The Dalles | 11

12: Dufur School where a later generation of Bissets were educated | Dufur Main Street looking North, with Johnson's Store (Kramer's) on the left and the Bank on the right | Dufur Colt Sale about 1900 | Early community of Kingsley where Bissets had friends, and location of Catholic church and cemetery | 12

13: Dufur, Oregon | Fifteen Mile Valley between Dufur and Wolf Run | Vanderpool Stoughton Orchard over the ridge from the home place | ...where Bisset boys stole apples and eventually worked for wages | Burtner's apple packing shed | Harvesting wheat on the ridge in the early days, probably at the McAllister Place. The equipment was owned jointly by the neighbors. | 13

14: Lex, Ken, Mary, May, Ralph, James, Don at Wolf Run, Wasco County, Oregon about 1913 | Ralph, Mary, Don, James, Lex, May at Dufur, Wasco County, Oregon 1911 | Ralph & Ken with their pet goat | 14

15: Lucy Harding-Klimanek who came to Dufur to care for Mary's children | Mary died giving birth to a daughter. She and baby Patricia Mary are buried at Kingsley Catholic Cemetery | Lucy arrived on the steamship "Amsterdam" from Rotterdam to Ellis Island on May 24, 1916 | Lilacs on her grave | Lucy and Mary in Vienna | 15 | Aunt Lucy at the Home Place mending stockings

16: Lucy Bisset in England, Germany, and Austria | Lucy with Great Aunt Eliza Harding | Lucy at Brackenhill with Marian Pascoe's dolls | Brackenhill Woking, Surrey | Aunt Annie's room at Brackenhill | Lucy Harding Lucy Klimanek Lucy Bisset | Lucy and Grandfather Klimanek at Brackenhill | 16

17: at Brighton Beach | Uncle Paul Harding-Klimanek with Lucy | Lizzie Klimanek and Lucy Bisset | Converted railway carriage bungalow | Shoreham Beach Shoreham-by-Sea 1912 | Pier | Footbridge to shingle beach | 17

18: John Novak took these pictures of the old barn and the wheatfields in about 1975. The barn has since fallen and the property sold but the memories persist. | The farmhouse burned on Good Friday in 1943. The remains were bulldozed into the cellar. | Aunt Hazel's sketch | 18 | The Bisset Home Place | Background: Mary salvaged these barn boards before the property was sold and the barn fell down.

19: Pen and ink drawing by Roy Berry, Goldendale | 19 | Oil on canvas, Roy Berry

20: Wolf Run School Graduation 1912 | 20

21: Wolf Run School names listed in appendices | Ramsey School 1911 Wolf Run students attended school at Ramsey before Wolf Run was built in 1912 names listed in appendices | The original Wolf Run School now sits on the uphill side of the grade along Wolf Run Road. It has become a derelict old building that has seen many uses over the years. It was moved on skids from its original location on the rise to the south when the new school was built. | 21

22: The Bisset farm house on Wolf Run | Lucy, Jack, Lex, Ken May, Ralph & Don | David, Ralph, & Jackie | May, Jack & Lucy | Lucy, Jack, David, & Jackie | "Alexis on his 21st birthday. That black smudge is Mickey" Lex | May with baby | 22

23: Marian holding Jim, Jack and David standing; Betty McAllister, Lucy, Jackie, & May sitting | The family at the barn Jackie, May, & David in front | Ken, Don, & Lex with barn in background | Lucy and Jack at Wilson's in The Dalles | Lex | 23

24: Lex, Don, Ralph & Ken Bisset with their father James | Granddad and Ken at Lex's during the war | Lex's wife Marian, Ralph's wife Hazel, Lucy, and May | Don at McConnell's and during the War | 24 | Ken | Don

25: May's Nursing School Graduation Class | May and her friend John, after she was widowed | May with husband Tom Kennedy at their Portland home | Tom Kennedy in front of their home in Portland, in his taxi driver uniform. | May served in the Army Nursing Corps during World War 2 in England. | Don & May in Portland | Ken, May, Lucy, Ralph | May at home in Portland | 25 | Jack in front of the Umatilla House back-bar at the Turf

26: Ralph & Hazel, Rufus 1941 | Lucy, May, Hazel | Hazel, Lucy, Lex Judy, Vonnie, Mary | Judy, Linda, Ralph, Hazel, Vonnie | Ralph & Hazel Judy, Vonnie, & Donna at May's in Portland | Lex, Jim, Tom Mary, Judy, Peggy | Peggy, Mary, Judy, Vonnie | Hazel & May at the beach | Judy, Mary, Peggy at St. Alphonsus | Phil | 26 | Ralph with Jackie, Phil & Linda

27: Jack & Mary with Jackie & Phil | Julie | Julie & Linda | Granddad Bisset, Don's wife Mary, Ralph, Ken, May, and Don with Ralph and Hazels girls, at Ralph's in The Dalles | David James McCarthy | Jack, David, Lucy, Ralph, & Hazel | Jack & Mary's wedding with Mary's mother, Matilda Henricks on the right | Jackie & Julie | Don "Jack", Mary, Jackie, Julie | 27 | Jack & Jackie | Julie & Jackie

28: Young Jack McCarthy on Steamboat | Dave McCarthy | Jack McCarthy with his string of horses for the Canyon City Race | Jack McCarthy | 28 | Jean with Mike & Dave with Jim

29: Granddad James Bisset with his piper friend John Murray from Dayville | James Bisset at Don's house in The Dalles | James Bisset 1865-1964 Lochcarron, Rosshire, Scotland The Dalles, Wasco County, Oregon | Kingsley Catholic Cemetery Tygh Ridge | 29

30: James Bisset was born at Lochcarron, Rosshire, Scotland | James Bisset lived at Muir-of-Ord in the parish of Urray, Rosshire, Scotland prior to immigrating to Canada and the United States | 30

31: Muir of Ord Rosshire, Scotland | Heatherlea House Alexander and Mary lived upstairs in their later years and son John and family resided downstairs | Church of Scotland Parish of Urray | Alexander and Mary Bisset lived upstairs in McIntosh's building at one time. Alexander, who was a tailor, may have worked downstairs | Alexander and Mary's burial records have not been found | Tarradale Terrace residence where Bissets once lived | 31

32: It is interesting to note that the stained glass memorial windows in St. Alphonsus Catholic Church in Dufur were moved there from the Most Pure Heart of Mary Catholic Church at Kingsley on Tygh Ridge | Kingsley Church Windows | St. Peter's The Dalles Oregon 1898-1971 | St. Alphonsus Catholic Church Dufur, Oregon 1911-1949 | Rectory at Kingsley at the end of its existence - a dilapidated storage building | 32 | St. Peter's Catholic Church 1971 | Father Stone

33: May You Rest In Peace | All are buried at St. Peter's Catholic Cemetery in The Dalles, except Thomas Kennedy who is buried in Portland and Ken who is buried with the Bisset parents at Kingsley Catholic Cemetery | 33

34: "This is me up on Lookout Mt. Road" | "This is a picture of Marian, my girlfriend, taken the Fourth of July up in the mountains above Bleim's Mill" | Flag Point Lookout 1932 | caption on photo "Vanderpool Man - Dufur Mill" | "When I was working for the Forest Service me and Ken [Bisset] packed all those lookouts by horse up on them points. ... We packed the lumber, the timbers, and everything on horses for Flag Point, Five Mile Lookout, and Bonney Butte." | "I think Marian and her mother stayed up at the Dufur Mill when I started going with her ... and they cooked over at Camp Friend at the CCC Camp for the Forest Service, not the CCC boys. We were going together then." | 34

35: 35 | Dufur Mill | "I worked at Bleim's (Dufur) Mill one summer...up where the Scout Camp is now. Pop [Vanderpool], Marian, and Marian's mother [Lula] worked up there. Marian worked in the box factory there." | Marian & Lex about 1937 | Lex & Marian at John & Carol's wedding 1973 | The Lex Bisset quorarions on these pages are from the backs of pictures and conversations between Lex and Sandy Bisset

36: Jim | Tom & Jim in the tub | Tom & Jim on Rock | 36 | Lex & Jim at Badger Lake at 8 weeks | Marian with Jim at 3 1/2 months | Jim in suit knit by Great Aunt Annie Pascoe | Lex & Jim

37: Jim & Lex at the Home Place | Jim & Marian with "mean" gobbler they had to trade off | Jim & Tom with tomatoes on him | Marian with Jim & baby Tom at Mays in Portland 21 February 1941 | Jim & Tom on the chicken coop at the Home Place | Jim | 37

38: Peggy | Peggy | Peggy | Aunt May holding Peggy, with Jim, Mary, & Tom | Jim, Tom, Peggy, & Mary | 38

39: Peggy | Peggy | Peggy & Mary after Aunt May cut their hair | Peggy & Mary | Mary, Tom, & Peggy | 39

40: Granddad James Bisset with Mary and Peggy | Jim, Tom, Peggy, and Mary with Santa | Marian, Jack, & Lucy Peggy, Tom, & Mary | Mary & Peggy | Jim & Tom August 1949 | 40

41: Jim Bisset Dufur School First and Second Grades see appendices for names | 41

42: McConnell's | 42 | The ring was one long and two shorts on the party line

43: Lex shoveling snow off the barn roof at McConnell's | McAllister's | 2nd Wolf Run Schoolhouse | Ken's team "Doc & Dora" with schoolhouse in background | Tom, Peggy, & Mary | 43 | Betty McAllister

44: Jim | Jim & Tom | Jim, Tom, & Mary | Jim, Tom, & Mary | Tom on Rock, Lex, & Jim | 44

45: Jim, Mary, & Tom | Tom, Mary, & Jim | Jim, Tom, & Mary | Jim, Tom, & Lex with baby Mary | Jim, Tom, & Marian with baby Mary | Jim, Tom, & Mary at McConnell's | 45

46: Jim, Mary, & Peggy and bunny | Peggy & Mary on Grandma Vanderpool's porch in Dufur | Marian & Tom decked out for the Farmers Union Picnic | Tom, Jim, Peggy & Mary | Mary - First Communion St. Peters | St. Mary's Catholic School The Dalles | 46

47: Jim and horses at Warm Springs | Jim's first deer Ole Larson's camp below Flag Point | Ken, Jim, & Lex | Jim with his 4-H steer | 47

48: Mary & Peggy with "Cowboy" & "Cowgirl" | Peggy | Mary | Mary | Tom | Tom | Mary | 48 | Tom 1956-57

49: Wolf Run Baseball Team Chris Osborn, David Remington, George Gibbs | David Remington | 49 | Tom, Jim, Barbara, Peggy, & Mary with Aunt Lucy | David Remington, George Gibbs, Chris Osborn, Tom Bisset, Bill Durst | Tom coming into home plate Dufur High School 1959

50: John | John's 2nd birthday | Mary with John | Mary with John | Grandad Bisset with John | John | John dressed as "Mitzi" | Lex with John on skis | 50 | John | John Kenneth Bisset

51: John & Barb | Tom, John, & Jim | John washing his '57 Chev at Mary's | Barbara & John | 51 | 1959-60 | 1960-61 | John, Barb, & the deer

52: Mary, Lex, & Peggy with Barbara at her baptism - St. Alphonsus | Mary & Barbara | at McConnell's | 5th grade | 1959 | 1960 | Age 13 | Barbara Ann Bisset | 52 | at Sorosis Park April 1959 | Age 2 1/2 with snowball

53: Steve's 3rd birthday at Mary's | Steve feeding the fawn | Steve | Steve age 2 | Steve on the tractor | Steve at the Ranch | Steve & the kitties | Age 10 | Stephen Paul Bisset | 53

54: Christmas | Christmas | Dufur School Pictures names listed in appendices | 54

55: Eldon Reed | Dixie McAllister | Dufur basketball | Coach Rick Cantrell & Virgil Thompson | Wanda Wetherbee | Jerry Sigman | Cheryl Hicks | Darlene Wetherbee | Nancy Johnson | 55

56: Russ McCullough, Jim, Bill Benedict Dufur School Bus Drivers | Jim & Suzanne (Benedict) Bisset | Suzie | Suzie, cousin Judy Bisset, Mary, Barbara at Mary's in Springfield | Jim | 56 | James Frederick Bisset | Darlene (Kizer) Bisset

57: Nancy Dory Eugene | Jim & Tony at Siltcoos Lake September 1960 | Jim in Eugene | Scott, Tony, Mary with Tami, Jim, Barbara | Jim on Lex's tractor | 57

58: Floyd Thomas Bisset | Tom & Steve | Tony, Melvin, Tom | USS Tom Green County | Tony, Jerry, Tom | Peg, Jerry, Joyce, Tom, Jim, Tony at folks | Tom, Barb, Tony | 58 | Tom & Joyce Cindy & Greg | Tom at boot camp

59: Mary Sue Bisset | Tony & Mary (Bisset) Thompson | First home in Springfield | Tony, Mary, Scott, & Tami | Mary, Scott, Tami | Lex, Mary, Tony, Beth & Ronnie Thompson | Marian, Mary, Tony, & Ruth | 59

60: Margaret Lou (Peggy) Bisset | Jerry McCann | Bisset residence at Doyles | Jerry & Peg with Warren | Jerry & Peg's wedding | Marian, Peggy, Jerry, Jerry's mom, Theresa | 60 | First Communion

61: Upstairs Poker Game Jerry, Lex, Tom, John, Jim | Lex, Jerry, John, Tom, Jim | 1956 | 1957 | Flyleaves from 1957 Dufur Yearbook | 1956 | 1954 | 61

62: Jim's First Car '41 Ford | '52 Ford | '61 Chevy | '57 Chevy | '63 Chevy | 1950's Dufur Car Club | 62 | Jim's Cars

63: '65 Chevy | '52 GMC | '65 Chevy 4x4 | '83 GMC 4x4 | Jim's Cars | 63 | Wes Pray & Jim in the garage at 900 Washington | Wes Pray & Vern Dinnell at the ranch

64: Up on the Ridge Wolf Run Wasco County, Oregon | 64 | see the deer?

65: 65

66: Lex riding down into Eight Mile on "Joe" | Lex at Sinamox on the Deschutes | The Ranch from Wolf Run Road | 66 | "Rock"

67: 67 | Lex's saddle and gear | Circle X Branding Iron | Remnants of the orchard on the Parker Place

68: 68 | Steve - hunting season | John & Peg Novak 1983 | Sonny & Mary Taylor 2003 | Carol & John Bisset 2003 | Tom Bisset with granddaughter Erika 2008 | Lex & Marian 1973 | Barbara, Amanda, Peggy 2008 | Jim & Sandy Bisset

69: 69 | Jim's 70th Birthday Celebration 2008 Jim, Tom, Mary, Peg,John, Steve, & Barb | At Tony's Funeral 1976 back: Jim, John, Tom, Steve front: Barbara, Marian, Mary, Lex, Peg | Barbara & Brad

70: 70 | Warren Keith McCann | Tamara Jean Thompson | Michael Lee Bisset | Robert Kevin McCann | Patrick Leon Bisset | Gerald Thomas McCann | Cindy Ann Bisset | Gregory Alan Bisset | Jeffrey Alex Bisset | Amanda Jo Bisset | Colleen Danielle Bisset | Robert Hamilton Ping | Justin Bradley Ping | Molly Ann Bisset | Jean Elizabeth "Betsy" Bisset | Lex & Marian's Grandchildren | Michael Scott Thompson | Tami & Scott coming down the lane | Warren | Not Available

71: 71 | Amanda, Steve, & Lex coming up from the bottom | Lex hauling hay with Patrick & Steve | Lex and Colleen | Tami and Lex | Cindy | Barb, Robbie, Lex, Amanda | Robert, Brad. Justin | Lex and Jeff | Betsy | Greg | Greg, Steve, Lex, Tom | Kevin & lamb | Jerry | Molly & Betsy | Mike & Pat with Barb

72: 72 | Alex, David, Isaac, & Cathy Thomas | Scott & Becky Thompson | Tami, Collin, Jay Raymond | Justin Ping & Amanda Bisset | Callie, Kevin, Courtney, Mendy McCann | Warren, Peg, Kevin, Jerry | Cindy & Mike Thomas | Betsy & Molly Bisset

73: 73 | James, Cathy, Bailey, Mike, Allie Bisset | Sheri & Jeff | Taunia, Greg, Erika Bisset | Erika & Landon | Hank, Patrick, Jeanie, Lexie Bisset | James, Bailey, Allie | Hank & Lexie | Grandpa Jim with Quequeg & Coal | Caine, Colleen, Arlo Speights* | *photo by Molly Bisset | Grandpa Tom with Landon Bisset

74: 74 | A gathering of Bissets at Ralph's Funeral 2006 | Ken, Ralph, Don, May, Lex, Lucy 1968 | Dave & Jean McCarthy | Jack & Pam Bisset

75: Ralph & Hazel Bisset Family gathered for Ralph's 90th birthday at their home in The Dalles 1999. Names listed in appendices | 75 | Tony & Debra Davis with Jill, Jenell & Kyle 1996 | Vonnie, Phil, Linda Judy, Donna | The Colbys Alex, Dave, Matt, Julie, Josh | Julie with Matt & Josh | Kyle | Jenell & husband Caleb Iorg | Jill & husband Jonathon Niemeyer | Alex Colby and wife

76: Lula & Marian | Lula & Marian traveling to Nebraska | Marian | Marian at the Vanderpool Ranch | Marian and her kitties | Floyd & Lula (Pickering) Vanderpool | Vanderpool | 76

77: Lula & Marian | Anna Pickering,Floyd, Lula, and Marian going camping at Mt. Hood | Marian | Marian's Dufur School Picture. Names listed in appendices | 77

78: Pickering Sisters Mary, Ruth, Lula, Anna | The Willis Pickerings Carroll, Maggie (Cathcart) and Willis | Mary (Pickering) Barker | Carl, Billy, Bobby, & Ruth (Pickering) Jensen | Anna (Pickering) Brown | Bert Brown Sr. with baby Bert Elwood | Bert Brown Jr. | Pickering The Willis Pickerings came to Dufur early in the century, Lula followed and cooked for the harvest crews. Anna followed. The rest of the family stayed in Nebraska, and most migrated to California later. | 78 | Harvest Cook House Bolton Ranch

79: Lula Dianthus Pickering | Mother Lydia Ann (Way) Pickering 1857-1897 | Floyd & Lula (Pickering) Vanderpool | Mary, Lula, Anna Chockley, Elwood Pickering | The Pickering Siblings Back (left to right) Benjamin Chockley Lambert, Sela Hazen, Elwood Lafayette; Center (left to right) Mary May, Ruth Elizabeth, Lula Dianthus, Anna Lydia; Front (left to right) Willis Morton, David Robert, Roy Ivanhoe | 79

80: Floyd Leon "Pop" Vanderpool | 80 | Dufur School about 1900 Floyd Vanderpool on left in hat | "Pop" was Dufur City Marshall when the picture at the right was taken. Note the badge he is wearing.

81: Floyd & Gertrude's travel trailer, used when they visited relatives in southern California | Floyd with second wife Gertrude (Covert) (Ober) Vanderpool ----- The Bisset kids' Grandma & Grandpa Vanderpool | Floyd with his sisters Levie (Vanderpool) Moad and Eva (Vanderpool) Sigman | Floyd and Eva | 81 | Three generations Steve, Marian, & "Pop" Vanderpool | Four Generations Susan (Heisler) Vanderpool Floyd Vanderpool Marian (Vanderpool) Bisset Jim Bisset

82: William & Susan Vanderpool's children | Melvin & Eva (Vanderpool) Sigman | Tally & Edith (Sawyer) Vanderpool | George & Lillie (Temple) Vanderpool | Charlie Vanderpool | Martha Olivia "Levie" Vanderpool, later Moad | Floyd Vanderpool | 82 | The Dufur Methodist Church where the Vanderpool families worshipped | 1909 | 1940 | The day the church burned

83: Four generations Susan, Tally, Grandma Martha Heisler, and Tally's child | Eva (Vanderpool) Sigman & Levie (Vanderpool) Moad | Charley Vanderpool | Jeff Heisler & Floyd Vanderpool | Floyd Vanderpool | Eva (Vanderpool) Sigman and Tally Vanderpool in front of Menefee Blockhouse in Dufur Valley | Tally & George Vanderpool with corn crop | George Vanderpool with his gold pan | Lillie, George & Raymond with mailman Bill Ragsdale at Maupin (Bakeoven) | 83

84: Susan (Heisler) Vanderpool | Susan & William | William with remains of his burned ranch house | William & Susan on porch of their Dufur house | Willard & William with families camping at the beach | Floyd Vanderpool, Batt Senecal, Susan & William Vanderpool at Flag Point Lookout | 84

85: Willard & Mary (Heisler) Vanderpool and son, Johnny | William & Susan (Heisler) Vanderpool | The Vanderpool Family Bible | Larkin Vanderpool | Mary (Turnage) Vanderpool | Rebecca (Vanderpool) Wilson with daughter Una Pearl | Willard & Rebecca in Prineville | Larkin & Mary Vanderpool & Children | Willard & Mary Vanderpool House in Dufur, where Floyd and family lived in later years | 85

86: 86 | Larkin Vanderpool came to Oregon in 1852 with a new wife, his father and step mother and a large number of relatives. His father, Kinman Vanderpool, died of cholera upon reaching Polk County. | Dr. Vanderpool | When his practice of medicine started is unknown but Larkin was licensed by Benton County to practice medicine on the basis of "experience", which was common at the time. In 1889 the State of Oregon passed an "Act to Regulate the Practice of Medicine and Surgery in the State of Oregon." Larkin Vanderpool was licensed in 1890. He was known for his ability to cure skin cancers and published a small book on the subject. His daughter-in-law Mary Vanderpool was his nurse in Prineville, then in Dufur. It was during the vigilante days in Prineville that his practice turned into a "remove the bullet and keep your mouth shut" scenario. | Larkin Vanderpool's Skin Cancer Treatise | At that point he moved his family to Dufur where his son Willard later started a patent medicine company, using his father's formulas. The SB medicines were sold throughout Eastern Oregon and Idaho, and the patents were eventually sold to Blumauer-Frank Drug Company in Portland. Unfortunately, as years went by, the patent medicine company cheapened Larkin's contribution as a medical doctor and he is often called a charletan and a quack in modern literature.

87: S B Medicine Company | Larkin Vanderpool & James Wilson with S. B. Medicine Company wagon | 87 | trade cards | Dufur, Oregon | embossed medicine bottles | saved in Grandma Gertrude Vanderpool's Bible. | Dufur Methodist Cookbook | This 1924 cookbook reads like a who's who of the Heisler and Vanderpool families. It is here that we found Lula's recipe for Lex's favorite steamed pudding

88: The William & Martha (McConnell) Heisler Family Dufur, Oregon about 1900 see appendices for identification | William Heisler | Martha (McConnell) Heisler | William and Martha with their children Back Row: Katherine (Heisler) Howie, William H. Heisler, Susan (Heisler) Vanderpool, Jefferson Heisler, Mary Jane (Heisler) Vanderpool, Alexander Heisler, Anna (Heisler) McAtee Front Row: Monroe Heisler, Martha (McConnell) Heisler, William Heisler, Louisa (Heisler) Carey | Heisler Family | 88

89: The Gulliford Connection | Martha Elizabeth (Vanderpool) Gulliford, daughter of Kinman Vanderpool and Dulcenia (Tomlinson) Vanderpool | Memorial Stained Glass Window J. A. and Martha Gulliford Dufur Christian Church produced by Povey Brothers Glass Portland | 1905 Christian Church Dufur, Oregon | Jacob & Martha Elizabeth Gulliford with son William | Dulcenia (Tomlinson) Vanderpool, last wife of Kinman Vanderpool, mother of Martha Elizabeth Vanderpool, and half sister to Larken Vanderpool | 89

90: The Children of John Josef Klimanek and Emily Jane (Harding) Klimanek Prague and Vienna all of whom used the hyphenated name Harding-Klimanek at some point in their lives | Annie, Mary, & Lucy | Annie, Florence, Mary, Lucy in front | Mary with Lucy | Mary | Mary | Philip & Paul | Paul | Philip | Lucy | Mary | 90

91: Emily Jane Harding and John Josef Klimanek on their wedding day | Florence Elizabeth "Florrie" | Annie | Lucy | Philip & wife Zoia | Paul & sweetheart Annie | Josef, when an old man | Emily Jane in Prague | 91

92: The Children of Dr. Philip Harding and Mary (Crocker) Harding Devonshire and Isle of Jersey | Papa born 1800 | Mamma born July 27, 1813 | Hannah Maria Crocker born July 20, 1833 | Sarah born August 29, 1835 | Agnes Ann born July 7, 1838 | Elizabeth Mary born May 23, 1830 | Klimanek The family history of Czechoslovakian born John Josef Klimanek is an enigma which has yet to be explored | 92

93: Emily Jane born May 18, 1846 | Eliza born July 1, 1841 | Lucy born December 18, 1844 | Susan born August 6, 1839 | Eliza Harding kept family hair swatches, birthdays, and addresses in this little book | Baby Kate, born in 1848 and twins, George and Robert born 1851, did not live. | Lucy, Annie, & Sarah Harding | 93

94: Agnes Crocker 1796 | Annie Klimanek Pascoe | Mary Klimanek Bisset | probably Emily Jane Harding Klimanek | 94

95: Mary Bisset or Lucy Klimanek view of Mt. Hood from Bisset Home Place at Wolf Run, sent to Annie in England | Brackenhill Annie Klimanek Pascoe's home at Woking, Surrey artist unknown | These family paintings and needlework samplers were treasured and saved by Annie Klimanek Pascoe, and then her daughter Marian Pascoe Sarafi | Shoreham-By-Sea or Brighton | 95

96: Appendix I: Ramsey School 1911 Before the Bisset Family moved to Wolf Run there were not enough children on the ridge to warrant building a school. This is the last year that the Wolf Run children went down the hill to the valley to school at Ramsey School. Miss Marion Saxton was the teacher and the students in the picture are listed as: Front (left to right) Paul Benedict, Wayne Sigman, Walden Burtner (visitor), Kathryn Burtner, Edward Lorenson; second row (left to right) Harry McConnell, Elton Benedict, Truman Hildenbrand, Julia Hildenbrand, Harvey McConnell; back row (left to right) Bill Benedict, Bryan Benedict, George Sigman, Eugene Collins. Appendix II: Wolf Run School The year of this picture is unknown, probably late teens. Mrs. Vena Gibson was teacher in 1919 but there are no records prior to that. The students in the picture are listed as: Back (left to right) Marie Doyle, Hazel McCoy, Lucy Bisset, Thelma Lorenzen, Edward Lorenzen; front (left to right) Ken Bisset, Don Bisset, Ken Doyle*, Frank Doyle*, Katie Case, Evelyn McConnell, May Bisset, Marguerite Doyle, Leona Lorenzen [*may be reversed]. Appendix III: Dufur School 1st & 2nd Grades 1946 Jim Bisset spent 1st, 2nd, and part of 3rd grade at Dufur School before he rreturning to Wolf Run School. Isabel Loynes was teacher. The students are listed as: Back (left to right) Steve Dawson, Kay Bolton, Florence Courtney, Jimmy Hunt, Mrs. Loynes, Donna Munger, Robert Eakin, Virgil Thompson; second row (left to right) Gerald Thompson, unknown Steuber, unknown, Jane Hendricks, Mary Smith, Sharon West, Jerry Sigman; front row (left to right) Nate Wetherbee, unknown DeBuhr, Carol Thompson, Deanna France, unknown, Fritz Munger, Jimmy Bisset, Eldon Reed, Keny Thompkins. Not pictured Jimmy Hemphill and Gordon Harper. | I

97: Appendix IV: Dufur School 1st & 2nd Grades 1947 Back (left to right) George Munger, Jimmy Hunt, Delbert France, Ronnie Crawford, Keith Smith; third row (left to right) Robert Eakin, Donna Munger, Myrtle Sendlinger, Lora Butler, Mary Ann Taylor, Doris Engel; second row (left to right) Sharon West, Gerald Sigman, Vaughna Lee Rothery, unknown Caton, Phyllis Tidwell, Jimmy Bisset, Eldon Reed; front row (left to right) Beverly Norman, Florence Courtney, Deanna France, unknown Norman, Geraldine unknown, Kay Bolton. Mrs. Loynes on the right. Not pictured Jimmy Hemphill and Gordon Harper. Appendix V: Dufur School 7th & 8th Grades Back (left to right) Philip Adkins, Larry Howell, Tommy Phillis, Steve Sorenson, Eldon Reed, Junior Underhill, Virgil Thompson, Jimmy Hunt, Omar Freeman; second row (left to right) Jimmy Bisset, Burton Appling, Gerald Thompson, Frank Brown, Gregg Jones, Elton Sorenson, Jerry Sigman, Ronnie Sorenson, Miss Lewis (teacher); front row (left to right) Glenda Parsons, Florence Courtney, Carol Thompson, Nancy Johnson, Jane Hendricks, Mary Smith, Nadine Byler, Charlene Nelson, Donna Mayfield, Sharon West, Donna Munger. Appendix VI: Dufur School Picture Top row (left to right) Mrs. Dodge (teacher), TeddyTidwell, Jerry Frazer, Lucille Armstrong, Yvonne Potter, Mary McLean, Bonnie McCafferty, Ruth Powell, Jim Hix, Stanley Reeves, Steve Hill; fourth row (left to right) Mrs. Strauss (teacher), Ginger Porter, Stella Benedict, Than Kramer, Bill Standley, Musette Byler, Lola Dunn Art Parrow (principal); third row (left to right) Walter Hanna Buckley Martin Underhill, Marvin Tufts, Donny Lindhorst, Donna Kortge, Doris Engel, Marianne Taylor, Phiullip Howell, Myrtle Sendlinger, Phyllis Tidwell, June Freeman, Keith Smith, Bill Merrick, George Munger, John Boden (coach); second row (left to right) Dorothy Schans (teacher), Virgil Thompson, Donna Mayfield, Kay Bonton, Sharon West, Charlene Nelson, Dixie McAllister, Donna Munger, Marie Powell, unknown Thompkins, Dorothy Kuchenthal, James A. Hunt Jr.; first row (left to right) James Bisset, Raymond Lavern Wetherbee, Larry Howell, Tommy Phillis, Eldon Reed. | II

98: Appendix VII Dufur School Picture 1920's Back row: (l;eft to right: Lillian Strachan (teacher), Archie Swett, Stewart Mead, unknown, Albert Limmeroth, Tommy Johnson?, Otto Grazier; third row (left to right): George Simmons, Lewis Steuber, Frank Ingels, Donald Heisler, Omer Huff, John Underhill, Bob Heisler, unknown Gould; second row (left to right): Elora Huff, unknown Russell, Iris Grant, unknown boy, Ada Swett; front row (left to right): Elmer unknown, Alice Cameron, Mary Taylor, Kathryn Carleton, unknown Grazier, Eugenia Phillips, La Vera Boule, Marian Vanderpool, Mayabel Peabody. Appendix VIII Ralph Bisset's 90th Birthday 1999 | III | 1 Donna Bisset 2 Katie Balzer 3 Ben Balzer 4 Bill Balzer 5 Denise & "little " Ben Balzer 6 Robbie Perdue 7 Dick Jordan 8 Linda (Bisset) Smith 9 Phil Bisset 10 Melissa Bisset 11 Mary Bisset 12 Vonnie (Bisset) Jordan 13 Micheal Jordan 14 Ken Bisset 15 Hannah Bisset 16 Ashley Webb 17 Hazel Bisset 18 Ralph Bisset 19 Nell Webb 20 Sue Bisset 21 Bob Smith 22 Owen Smith. not in picture: Judy & Allen Perdue, Noel Smith

99: Appendix IX 1900 Heisler Reunion Back row: Darrell Heisler, male, Willy Heisler, Bruce Heisler, Clarence Heisler, Charles Heisler, male, Charlie Vanderpool, Johnny Vanderpool Second row: Vincent Circle, Sylvia Circle Heisler, Paul Norman Heisler, William H. Heisler, Katherine Heisler Howie, Alexander Heisler, Susan Heisler Vanderpool, male baby, Jefferson Heisler, Louisa Heisler Carey, female baby, Mary Heisler Vanderpool, Anna Heisler McAtee, John "Jack" McAtee, female, Willard Vanderpool, Park Bolton Third row: Cynthia Heisler, Lillie Temple Vanderpool, George Vanderpool, William T. Vanderpool, baby Fern Vanderpool, Martha McConnell Heisler, Monroe Heisler, William Heisler, Eva Heisler Carson, Leavie Vanderpool, female, Minnie Heisler Bolton, female, Claude Heisler Front row: male, Melvin Sigman, Eva Vanderpool Sigman, baby George Sigman, Vern Bolton, Eva Powell Heisler & daughter, Edith Sawyer Vanderpool, baby William Scott Vanderpool, Willard Clarence "Tally" Vanderpool, Floyd Vanderpool | IV

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