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Bobbie Miller

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FC: unforgettable | Bobbie | gentle | loving | sweet | talented | vibrant | beautiful | effervescent | kind | strong | energetic | compassionate | great | special | smart | funny | caring | positive | creative | honest

1: She was a mother, sister, daughter, student, and friend. She was truly the most incredible woman. The words on the cover, taken from the quotes in this book, just begin to describe her essence. Only her enduring smile and our memories can fill the voids in our hearts. I love you. - Jen | "Grieve not, nor speak of me with tears, but laugh and talk of me as if I were beside you there." - Isla Paschal Richardson

2: "I love and miss you so much...anytime anything was wrong I could tell you. Even if it was me doing something stupid. Living right around the corner was perfect. Even my nightly appearances on the four wheeler. You always had bologna in the fridge for me and even had cookie dough most of the time. You were the best mother anyone could ask for. You were amazing to me and my friends. People would meet you once and tell me 'oh i love your mum shes such a sweetheart." I love you." -Jonny

3: "Bobbie was a real sweetheart. I will always remember her wonderful smile." - Debbie

5: "I will never forget running into Bobbie at Fratellos... She was still the same loving, sweet person I had always remembered." - Muriel

6: "...She touched a lot of people in her short life...She loved life, her family, and friends." - Dale

7: "She was a sweet, always smiling, always happy soul. She and I were friends in high school. We graduated together and had a lot of mutual friends. For the children: you had one of the greatest people I ever met for a mom. If you try to live like her you will be a great person also. She will live in my heart, I will never forget her." - Dennis | "What a great lady! How lucky we all were to have her in our lives! I will cherish the memories." - Lynn

8: "I am so thankful I was part of your life for a few years. They were some of my fondest memories." - Peter | "Bobbie was my very good friend and partner in crime all through high school. Some people are simply unforgettable." - S. Mullen

9: "Our wonderful fun-filled family vacation to TN is a Christmas I'll never forget! Bobbie will always be in my heart." - Alysen | "The trip to the aquarium in Tennessee—Jen was driving and we were stuck at a red light looking to park. Bobbie, sitting in the back, says 'Jennifer watch out for the cars on the left.' We then told her not to worry because they were parked cars. And she pretended to be Chris in order to use her membership—Highlight of Christmas 2009." - Jeff

10: "Bobbie and I went to Granite State College together. We worked on a marketing project last spring. She was very excited about school and was an excellent student. She was in the writing process class with me and was working on a paper about the "Ironman." I will miss Bobbie as her smile brightened my day and I looked forward to seeing her in class." - Sue

11: "Bobbie was a special lady. My husband and I met her in the paint store when we first moved to Wolfeboro and we liked her right away... Always willing to help out where she could. Bobbie will be missed by many." - Dale | "Bobbie and I worked together at Johnson Paint. I remember her kindness, her smiles and her eternal love of both Jen and Jon. I also happily remember her great love of Good N' Plenty candies! - Victoria

12: "We will miss your smiling face. You were a wonderful mother." - Peter & Judy

14: - Whenever I came to your house, your mom used to joke about buying grapes and scooby snacks cause I loved them so much. At times it crossed my mind that your mom thought of me at the grocery store. - I remember seeing if your mom would let us borrow the convertible so we could cruise around with the top down in the summer. I remember taking it up Mt. Washington one time. - I remember hanging out at your house a bunch and one day we decided to make stained glass. Your mom gave us the supplies and loved to show me/us the newest piece she had worked on. She was awesome at it. - I remember taking trips to Olive Garden with you mom and we would get Shirley Temples. - When my dad broke his foot, he couldn't move me into my apartment senior year. Your mom was kind enough to help me which was such a huge favor since I couldn't do it myself. - Your mom was always so inviting. Whether it was at your house, or your summer house. Your house felt like home because of you and her. I truly relished the time we had together. - I remember going raspberry picking with you mom, and she thought it was funny that you and I ate so many raspberry while picking. I didn't want raspberries for awhile after that. - We decided it would be a great idea to take a road trip down to Florida to see your aunt and get away. Your mom packed into the jeep with us and we took off. That was the first time I had ever been to Florida. It was a great trip." - Amy | "Your mom was such an important part of my life and at times I felt like she was a second mother to me. In high school I spent a lot of time at your house and your mother was a big part of making those times great memories. Below are a few of things I remember about your mom.

15: "We were fortunate enough to share afternoon walks with Bobbie and Sport. They walked by our house every day, two kindred spirits that loved their time together and the outdoors." | "All the memories we have shared with her will forever be remembered and cherished. Bobbie and Sport will live in our hearts and In our minds for all time." - Amy & Lindsay

16: "To my beautiful Bobbie... All your Dionne cousins will be here with us to enjoy your favorite soup—SPINACH SOUP. I will still make it for you on your birthday every year. Love forever, Mom."

17: "...I miss your smiling face as I drive down Haines Hill. Give Sport and Blazer a big hug and kiss for me!" - Kimberly | "Bobbie's loving presence was a light in the neighborhood. She will always be remembered. I can see her and Sport now, walking together." - Beverly | "She was a very special woman who adored her pets. They gave her the unconditional love that pets are wonderful at giving and she gave it back to them tenfold. We know there is a special place for our pets in heaven and know they are together." - The Kindness Animal Hospital

18: "I fondly remember starting 'craft club' at First Congregational Church with Bobbie. She went on to do wonderful things with her crafts. I have some hanging in my home and will always remember Bobbie with love when I look at them. She was a kind, special, talented lady!" - Diane | "I too remember being in the craft group with Bobbie. I admired her woodworking, stained glass, and love of crafts." - Bette

19: "No matter what was happening in Bobbie's life she was always there for me. I will miss talking to her every week. We always had great conversations about each of our lives. I will always keep her in my heart and still talk to her. I will love her, cherish her, and she will always give me strength. I love you Bobbie." - Sandy C.

20: "I'll always have great memories of Bobbie doing relaxing things like kayaking and hiking. And trips to the Boston Pops at Meadowbrook in the convertible during the rain!" - Maryann

21: "Your mom was a truly beautiful woman with a compassionate heart and we will miss her." - The Fernald Family

22: "I had the good fortune to meet Bobbie in my Human Development class. Although I did not get to know her as well as I would have liked, she left a permanent impression. Bobbie was smart, funny, thoughtful, caring, and honest in all aspects of her life. It is very sad when such a good spirit is taken from us before her time. We will miss you." - Nora | "Bobbie was a student in my Human Development class during the current term. Even though this was her very first psychology course, she did a tremendous job of making insightful connections between the academic material and her own experiences as a friend, former child, caregiver, youth group leader, and especially mother. We so miss her kindness, her intellectual curiosity, and her smile." - Angele

24: "Bobbie was a wonderful person, a strong woman, and a hard worker. She was always smiling, helpful and friendly to other people. I had the pleasure of having Bobbie work for me when I owned my store downtown. She loved to arrange displays and did a wonderfully creative job. She always spoke of her children— was so proud of both of them. Worried like a mother should, but knew they would both do well in life. ...I'm sure she is looking over all her friends and family." - Sandy S. | "Bobbie was a wonderful person with a huge heart. She loved her children so much. My condolences to her family. She will be missed." - Ann

25: "I will always remember Bobbie's smile and energetic personality. She always had a kind word and was always ready to help." - Betty Ann

26: You could always count on Bobbie for a smile and a pleasant word. - Laura

28: "I will always remember Bobbie's smile and positive attitude, her willingness to help with whatever she could, and how she loved her children. She was the best Cub Scout den mother too! She will be missed by all of us who had the opportunity to know her." - Nancy | "Bobbie—a wonderful vibrant person who cared greatly for her family and friends and was always ready to assist a friend in need." - Pat

29: "We both attended Mckelvie School and then went on to West High together where my memories are the strongest. She was so strong and soft hearted and loved unconditionally. She never judged the next." | "We had an amazing time together. Today, when and if I am asked about our loving Bobbie, I will respond 'She was amazing.' She was one of the most beautiful woman in high school and had the strength of an ox within. She made a huge impact in my life and her memory will live on forever!" - Susan

30: We will miss your beautiful smile, your kindness and your friendship. - Carol | "Bobbie was such a special person to so many. She will be missed by all. I am so lucky for that chance to know her, spend time with her, laugh with her and have her be a part of my life. When my Mom was out with her hip, every Sunday we went to Bly Farms for an ice cream. We would laugh and talk in the sunshine. I will cherish all that she taught me and carry her in my heart." - Melanie

31: "My memories of Bobbie are of an exceptionally kind heart, great creative energy, and effervescence. She sparkled! Our last conversation was years ago, but it may as well have been yesterday; her spirit doesn't fade. " - Lois | "I will always fondly recall Olive Garden dinners, motorcycle discussions, your generous hospitality, and your words of love and praise..." - Max

32: "...She was like an older sister to me. She said numerous times that she got a kick out of me and that I needed to believe more in myself. She always had kind words to say. We went and got tattoos together, both our first... I told your mom, 'I don't know what it's like to have children, but christ it hurts.' She said it hurt worse than a having a baby. Haha! That actually made me feel a bit better... She took me for who I am, she treated me with respect and could be honest with me... - Tracy

33: "I had Bobbie in my computer course, which was one of the first college classes she had taken. She worked so hard in the course and stayed late after class to throw all of herself into learning the new material. She was always smiling back at me during lectures and I took a liking to her sweet and down-to-earth charisma... I will miss Bobbie's friendly wave and smile when I saw her heading into class. Such a wonderful woman..." - Nicole M. | "...I remember what fun she was, how often she laughed and made others laugh, and what a kind heart she had. I remember spending hours at your house playing with you (and all those hermit crabs!) and her being so patient with us and even joining in the fun." - Allison

34: "I remember when I moved out to Arizona to work at an engineering company at the same time as Jen. She made Jon and the entire family help move me into my apartment even though we had only met. I remember first visiting NH and how she gave us tickets to go skiing and took us candlepin bowling as if we were old friends of the family. I know that my mom also loved Mrs. Miller very much and always looked forward to seeing her. We will miss her and will cherish the memories." - Matt (and Summer) | "I think of your mother with great fondness. During your high school years, I remember some extremely enjoyable visits with her. She had charisma, drawing people to her as if she were a magnet and we the steel." - Lois

35: "I'm very lucky to have had her in my life. It was just the beginning of our friendship...and I will be a better person because of her and her friendship. Having her kids, made her get out of bed every single day with a beautiful smile. Bobbies gentleness, kindness and beautiful spirit was so inspirational—she was as beautiful on the outside as the inside." - Tracy

36: "Bobbie was a wonderful person to spend time with, and that includes working. She had a ready sense of humor and was always smiling. She had many friends in Wolfeboro, and I know of many small acts of kindness that she did to help or encourage anyone who needed it. She loved her children and always spoke proudly of them." - Thomas

37: "Your mom definitely made the Miller residence a place that a child never wanted to leave. I can remember countless times I'd con my mother into staying over just one more night! | - I can remember so many trips to the beach in the summer, and fun filled ice skating birthday parties in the winter. - She also was a trooper volunteering as a chaperone on Dr. Ladds many long trips to DC via the luxurious Amtrak. - She always had a crafty project in the works amidst all of the busy things going on in her life! She made some very beautiful things for that school store in elementary school! Our family still has many of her hand made ornaments that go on the xmas tree every year." - She cheered at every basketball game, listened to every band concert, and had a smile on her face at every moment. - She had so much fun when she was matched up against you at the parents vs kids bball game in high school. - I'll never forget when she substituted a real rabbit for the stuffed animal at easter! I still thank her for that because I finally got one after using the 'but mom, Mrs. Miller got Jen one!' -Nicole H.

38: proud of herself in school and so happy about her new home. She was so proud of her kids and how they had grown into such wonderful young adults. There is so much to remember and to remind me of her friendship and experiences. Bobbie will always be remembered with love and pride." - Ellen | "I will always remember Bobbie and Sport walking on Chick and Bickford Rd. And the hours we spent talking on the road. She was so

39: "Through my eyes, my sister Bobbie was a very very strong person. No matter what was going on in her life, she is always there for me. I still hear her voice. She is my strength forever and I will always keep her in my heart. She loved her kids and always talked to me about them—they are the most important thing in her life. Her being creative with her crafts and her energy is beyond what any of us can imagine. I miss her and Love her and will talk to her always." - Sandy

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