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Bobbie's 80th

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Bobbie's 80th - Page Text Content

S: Happy 80th Bobbie!

FC: Happy Birthday Bobbie! | If love is the compass of life then Bobbie, you're our true north!

1: Bobbie

2: Nana Bea | Papa Harry

3: Stuart | Beverly | Bev & Bobbie

5: Dear Bobbie, It has been seventy-seven plus years since I arrived. From that very first day, you were there for me. We grew up together not only as brother and sister but as best friends. We would at times fight, as brothers and sisters do, but always made up and were best buddies. You always “had my back.” You were my protector and always took my side in any dispute or wrong doing. We would run and hide from Margaret, our housekeeper, when she chased us with a wet dish rag. When we were young and playing in the bathtub, you put a slipper on top of my head. I tried to shake it off, but when I did it hit my front tooth on the bathtub and broke it in half. You begged me not to tell Mom- “She will be mad at me,” you said. I didn’t tell Mom, but when she came into my room to kiss me goodnight, I said, “Promise me that if I tell you something that you will not be made at me. “ She said o.k. I told her I broke my tooth, but I never told her you had anything to do with it. I protected you and you have never stopped protecting me in every way. I always came to you for advice. When I was having problems with Helene, It was you who helped me through the tough times. When I needed your help with Stacey, you were there. You are the best sister a brother could have. We had a lot of fun times together. Remember the ski trip to Vermont? Arrived there, and no snow, so we went on to Canada where we found snow and cold weather. We were all bundled up with scarves, hats, gloves, etc. After we finished skiing, we were in the parking lot with the car putting our things away. Your ex-husband Stewart slammed the trunk and both ends of his scarf were still in the trunk. We all laughed so much that you “peed” in your pants. I have so many great memories of the fun things we did together. Bobbie, it is your 80th Birthday, and I want to say Happy Birthday to the best sister in the world. I love you so very much and I pray we can share many more birthdays together. I am very happy to be able to be with you for this special birthday. I love you! “Brother”

6: Nana Bea | Papa Harry | Lazar House

8: Simon | Harry | Dora | Stu

9: Bobbie | Bobbie | Bev

10: Bev & Mel

11: Mel | Mel | Ida | Bea | Harry | Stu | Usdan House

12: Engnagement party | Usdans, Bayers, Schwarz | Mel & Specters | Mel & Naomi

13: Bev & Vivian | Bev | Usdans, Shirly & Stanley Liss | Uncle Sam & Bobbie | Bev, Shirley, Vivian, Naomi, Alice

14: Lazar Kids | Bev & Mel | Wind, Bobbie, Bev | Bobbie & Stu

15: Michael | Dennis | Scott & Stacey | Michael & Debbie | Debbie | Wind | Debbie

17: Happy 80th Birthday to my favorite Aunt Bobbie, You have become the beloved Matriarch of the family keeping in touch with all your family and friends and thus keeping us all connected. We love you so much. I have been thinking about my impressions of you throughout my life. I remember when Michael was a baby and you had a little dog, maybe a Cocker Spaniel. Was that when you lived next to the train tracks? You moved to Woodmere around the corner from my home. The role-model of love and caring between you and my mom, your sister, Beverly, made the biggest difference and influence in my life. Sometimes you two would get so hysterical laughing at the most inappropriate times. I love that about you. I learned that sense of the absurd and how to view life through that filter during stressful challenging times or around difficult people. I loved that closeness between you and my mom and all the laughter. I remember your story about when you were very young and my mom, six years older, manipulated you to do all the dishes while she talked to her friends on the phone and she just washed one dish while your rushed to do the rest for a nickel. With a big sister tricking you; you had to develop a good sense of humor and you did. When I would see you, your empathy made me feel loved and accepted. Debbie and Michael and I were very close as children because of you. I remember sleeping over and loving the warmth and comfort. The good feelings you created in your home with Monty and Junior and Pizza the bunny. When my family purchased an Old English sheep dog, Elizabeth, your family out did us with Bruno, a giant Saint Bernard. When the Saint Bernard bought the farm you guys got that funny looking Bulldog. I remember many holidays at your house, and Friday night incredible dinners at Grandma Bea and Grandpa Harrys' house. Remember the roast beef and shrimp cocktails, of course you do. Grandma was a great cook and you are too. | Poor Debbie, you let me cut her hair when I was still a kid. I also remember baking cakes and visiting with the Ovians. Sharing Keen Ovians' hot homemade twisted bread that Michael had helped braid is another wonderful memory. Your house was the magnet. Having a Willy Wonka cache of Candy and Cookies made it even more desirable. You are a tender hearted, sexy and beautiful Aunt; did I mention that you are brilliant too. You also were the golf champ at the oodmere Club..You were the Valedictorian of Woodmere Academy and went on to study at Wellesley College. I have seen you being a true blue faithful friend to all your friends and family. You helped me cope with my Mother and Fathers' death and acted as a buffer for me in many challenging situations, Last year you came and helped me unpack and decorate my house after I moved. You continue to support and love me with encouraging words like "be Optimistic". Once you took me with your family skiing where we skied with Jackie Kennedy, Robert Kennedy, Jon-Jon and Caroline and Robert Kennedy's' kids. Do you remember that? Remember how the color of Robert Kennedy's' hair was auburn, so thick and so beautiful. Once in the late 60's you asked to share a joint with Michael and me to keep the lines of communication open between us {as I recall, you did not inhale}. I like that you can be a bit naughty and unconventional. I have a feeling the best is yet to come for you. With great love and respect, thank you for being my favorite Aunt Bobbie. Wind When I think of my Aunt Bobbie, I think of the special friendship she had with my mother Beverley, not just as a sister but as a best friend to my mother. My mother always cherished that relationship. I also think of Aunt Bobbie as a connector to the family, she never forgets birthdays, anniversaries, or other special dates. I will always remember Aunt Bobbie at dinner on Friday nights at her parents’ house, of course they were my grandparents, Bea and Harry Lazar. Happy birthday Aunt Bobbie! Dennis

22: Michael Favorite dish: Mom has always loved cooking so there are a lot of great dishes to choose from. But I’d say my favorite without any question is her brisket, even though it gives me heartburn every time I eat it! Quote: “Tomorrow’s another day”. Which she would always say to me whenever I was feeling down. And “There are other fish in the sea,” which she would say whenever I needed to recover from another bad girlfriend experience, and of course eventually led to me to wait for my one and only true love, Kiki! Best advice: Do what you love. Question I've always wanted to ask: Why don’t you do more things for yourself, rather than for others? Favorite memory or story: I don’t have a single favorite memory, though what I’ll always appreciate is the way she always made our home so welcoming. When Debbie and I were growing up it was always the place where my friends wanted to hang out, no doubt partly because of all the candy Mom always put out on the tables, but also because everyone just loved being with her. Favorite attribute or thing you wish you'd inherited: I hope I’ve picked up her sense of decency towards all and the way she always treats other people the way she would want to be treated. Favorite gift: Sense of values Mom instilled in me, which have guided me in everything I have ever done.

23: Debbie & Richard Favorite dish: Debbie/Matzo ball soup- Richard/Blintzes Quote: Want to hear a funny story? Best advice: for Richard- you take good care of my Debbie, for Debbie- you take good care of my Richard; and I'll take care of the kids Favorite memory or story: eading to the airport from our place in Mammoth, we were late for the airport and Dempsey had rolled in a dead animal, we covered him and the back seat in Talcum to try and cover the smell; and we took off on a 180 mile trip with no time to spare, on a windy mountain road; it was scary for us- it must have been scary for her too- but she never complained. Favorite attribute or thing you wish you'd inherited: Her patience.... Favorite gift: my Life Kiki It was the day Michael and I flew down to San Diego to meet you after we got engaged. You didn't know me at all....you welcomed me with open arms and embraced my heart. Then you presented me with a diamond necklace. That necklace was the beginning a world of your giving everything in your heart to me, and I thank you every minute for everything you do always to keep us close to your heart and so safe. I not only married Michael, I married your family....and it was the best decision I have ever made. To see what a loving and caring family you have created has inspired me and awed me. My mother always said what you give to the world - you will get back greatly. I hope on your birthday that you see all the love you have created in all your family and you feel blessed with the love you bring out in each and every one of us. We have been through the best of times together and we have been through the worst of times together but we have always been together.....holding hands through it all. For that I am always grateful ....to have you by my side. I love you Bobbie so much, you know. Happy, happy birthday gorgeous woman!

24: Rusty When I first learned how to drive I realized right away I had never paid attention how to actually get anywhere. There were only three places that I knew how to get to: 1) School, 2) The Kramer's (it was on the way to school), and 3) Grandma's house. Grandma has always been the North Star. Things that I've learned from Grandma: - It's better to give than receive. - Pink lemonade and chocolate milk are as important to have in the house as milk, butter, and eggs. - Love with all of your heart. - A meal made without 3+ days of ample leftovers was not done to proportion. - In the event Mom and Dad say "No", Grandma has 51% of the vote. - The eldest grandson is the favorite. (Sometimes trumped by great-grand-dogs.) - Kitchen cabinets should be white. | Danny My earliest memories include you taking us to pick strawberries in the fields behind the house, and watching the many hot-air balloons float by from the back yard. My personal tastes detoured me from salads, but I sure enjoyed the salami and cheese inside. You always made sure to get me my own carton of just salami and cheese, so I didn't have to pick it out of the salad. You also stocked the garage freezer full of surprises. You always had spare cookie dough pops, churros, flinstones push pops, you name it. In New Orleans, I found Abita Root Beer. This is the absolute finest. I had given up on Major Market in hopes that one day they would stock their everlasting empty shelf, but only after you went in was I able to obtain it.

25: Corey Favorite dish: Matzo Ball Soup (hands down) Quotes: "That’s so clever!" "What a shame!" My Jewish Grandma Bobbie says “Jesus Christ!” more than anyone I know. "Want to hear a funny story?" (generally followed by a traumatic, awful story). "Remember this/that when they try to put me in the nursing home." "I love you." Best advice: You’ve always been one of the best listeners I know, and I think that’s because you focus more on that than giving advice. Question I’ve always wanted to ask: Why was your house always so white? Favorite memory or story: So many but probably all the times you’ve “sassed” someone never fail to make me laugh. Like the first time I heard you cuss or the time we were leaving the Del Mar Fair and the parking attendant told you that you couldn’t make a left hand turn and you said, “Where? Here?” and then went ahead and flipped a U-turn with all the grandkids and Kramer kids in the car. Or that time that Grandpa bought that hideous chair and they wouldn’t take it back so you ripped the back off and told them it was defective. Favorite attribute or thing you wish you'd inherited/picked up from her: Calling people! I hate the phone and am awful about keeping in touch. I admire you so much for how you make time for EVERYONE even people you haven’t seen in 25 years. And your generosity! Favorite gift: Too many to name them all! There’s the material ones like my pot and pan set for our wedding, my down jacket, my luggage and tags (that you wrote out even though it hurts your hand to do so), etc. You always give the best gifts. But one of my favorite non-material gifts was my graduation trip when you took me to NY. It was so fun to be your special companion, to see your old city, eat yummy food, go on adventures, and meet all your friends! I cherish that trip! And of course, most of all, your love! | Carl Since being introduced to the Funderburk family, you have been nothing but inclusive and loving. Your determination to care for and look after the people in your life immediately drew me to you, while your sincerity clued me in that you were for real. Your emotions and actions are genuine and intentional, two wonderful attributes to find in anyone. I remember your willingness to seek out a deal even if it meant going back to a store and fooling a high-school-aged clerk ;). I remember your fondness for innovative, neat kitchen-y items, which inevitably produced my favorite quote “Isn’t that clever.” Favorite gift: an example of generous love.

26: Ari Favorite dish: My all-time favorite thing you cooks is your matzoh ball soup! I have the greatestmemories of going to your house where you always kept a candy and chocolate stash too... I had so much fun with you when you came up to help me take care of my pops :) You made a wonderful chicken marsala! Misha Favorite dish: Making matzo ball soup with you Favorite memory: Going white water river rafting with you in Sun Valley, Both When we were little, you came up to our home for every birthday, graduation and major family event. You always brought candy and special little things...even though they weren't organic, we LOVED every little bite. You always made us feel like we were the most special people in the world to you. When we would visit San Diego, you always had events for us to keep us busy...you would take us everywhere from painting pottery to going to the beach to going to Sea World and the Wild Animal Park. There were delicious menus and meals ready for every visit and you delighted in showing us off to your friends. We remember seeing the sleeves come out for your dining table and the table being set and seeing you get so excited with every meal that we enjoyed at your table in the midst of all your love. Even now Grandma, you have been so solid and present in our lives as we head off to college, showering us with calls and visits....and asking us to remember to call you. Though we aren't the best at calling you, Grandma, we carry you with us always in our hearts.....we love and treasure you so much. Every little thing you do to show us you love us is always noticed, cherished and carried forever in our hearts.... HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRANDMA, we love you so much.

29: Our Relatives

30: Vikki & Jordan | Bobbie & Sydney | Corey & Sydney | Stu, Stacey, Bobbie

31: Vikki & Jordan | Jordan's wedding | Mel | Mel | My Favorite Aunt Bobbie Smiles, Hugs, Boundless Love, Encouragement, A Second Home, Laughter, LOTs of Delicious Food, Kindness, Warmth, Ring Pops, Stationary, The Woodmere Club, Endless Courage, Selfless, Generous and Self Respect, Are just a few words that come to mind. | Aunt Bobbie you are the woman I most admire, you are my idol .You always have had a spare bed, an extra place setting or a hug. You Love unconditionally through the ups and downs. You are always giving with no expectations. You have shown me how to stand up for myself by your example. Never a harsh word, you only see the good in everyone. | Aunt Bobbie I thank you for helping me become the woman I am today. I love you with all my heart. I wish you Many More Happy Birthdays. May All Your Dreams Come True Love Your Favorite Niece Stacey

32: I don't care how poor a man is; if he has family, he's rich. ~Dan Wilcox and Thad Mumford | Lazar Vacation | Stuart & Paulette

33: Hope, Lisa | Vikki | Nic & Jake | Scott & Nic | Joyce & Nic | Bobbie's 75th | Juliet, Tori, & Jake | Wind & Dylan

34: We love you very much and thank you for being part of our lives. Hope, Russell, Juliet & Tori | Aunt Bobbie, you are a very special person. I've always admired your dedication to her husband (even in tough times) children, friends and family. You were a working woman and still did it all. As a kid, I wished that we did more trips as a family like you did when you went skiing and waterskiing. I remember being quite frightened of your dog Bruno, who you would keep locked up in the kitchen for me, but liked hanging out in your downstairs den with the Schnauzers, Junior and Monty. One of my favorite quotes is, "awww, isn't that a shame" if I am telling you a sad or pathetic tale. I can hear it in my head, the exact inflection in your tone.. To this day, I still have a few of my favorite birthday presents from you, one being my gold name necklace! You also gave my sister and I matching sweaters a lot. In your house, you always had candy bowls filled with lots of assortment and still do! You gave me one for my bridal shower and I continue the tradition. It's amazing how quickly it becomes empty from all that pass by. You have always extended your warmth to my husband, Rob and son, Jacob. I used to love hearing him ask if we were going to be able to visit Aunt Bobbie and go to Legoland. We would sleep over and you would make a wonderful dinner and always a special prize for the kids. I love you and wish you the best, best 80th. It should be a decade filled with all good things, good health, happiness, and much joy. We love you, Aunt Bobbie, much love, Lisa, Rob and Jake.

35: Just wanted you to know that you are indeed my "favorite" aunt Bobbie. I have always loved the way you actually announced yourself as "your favorite aunt calling, please call me back." You have definitely been there for me! I have always been amazed how you never forgot a birthday or any occasion for that matter. Even when things were very tough for you, we would still get our birthday cards and presents, way on time! You are the master of staying in touch with people. I can only hope I will be half as great as you, remembering birthdays. You are one of the nicest persons we know and you deserve the best of everything ! Happy Birthday! Love, Joyce and, of course, Nick and Jake On this very special birthday, I had to let you know what you mean to me. For 58 years, you have been there in good times and sad times. Always keeping everyone close by, even though miles keep us apart. You have a way of making everyone feel important. Whether it be a birthday, anniversary, or other celebration, there’s Bobbie with a card or call. You never forget. I just love the family pictures you send, too. You’ve much to be proud of: your accomplishments, family and friends. Here’s hoping his birthday is the start of a very memorable year, with good memories spent with those you hold dear. With love always, Ruth & Jack | Jack & Ruth Maurer

36: Corey & Carl's Wedding | Thanks for making it the best day of our lives!

37: Michael & Kiki | Schwarz Family | Wind, & Quinn | Ari & Marisa | Corey & Richard | Funderburk Kids | Stu & Paulette

38: grandkids were born, being at Debbie & Richard’s wedding, being rescued from problems in my own life – your seal o f love is so great. There’s been so much and so long and so solid. Your family has | Quinn & Tom | It’s hard to write down the feelings that I have for you, Bobbie, because you’ve been family for so long. You have been so wonderful to me through all years. I can remember when | been my family for so many years that It’s hard to separate. Everyone is so special.One of my favorite memories is cruising with you. I’ve been on 32 cruises, but the one with you, Stewart, Annie and Phil was the best. The gals wanted to go shopping and the men went to the bar. You gals came back with loads of stuff. We’d get together in one room every night and have an impromptu cocktail party. We’d call each other and talk about where to go to dinner and every night we’d end up going to the big table for 10 with tons of good food. You have been my principle of Jewish guilt: not calling, being late, forgetting something, etc. but you always forgive. You mean everything to me. And nothing beats that box of chocolates.

39: Dear Bobbie, It’s hard to believe that you’re reaching the age of 80! It seems almost impossible because you’re Bev’s younger sister! Time does fly when you’re having so much fun! Ha-ha! My favorite memory of our being together was of the New Years Eve celebration on Lake Placid. We were five couples: Usdans, Specters, Birsins, Schwarzs and Zimmermans. The boys, Skippy, Stew and Morty, working in New York, met up at Grand Central Station, as that was where we were leaving from. Sandy and Mel were driving into the city, so they drove the rest of us. I remember that we took Vivian, and all she was carrying was her ice skates! She said that she would feel much better if she had her luggage. We told her it was being picked up. We arrived at Grand Central station and met the boys. The first thing said to Skippy was to ask him if he had her luggage. He too, said that it was being picked up. Along comes Mel and they asked him. He said that Sandy was supposed to have picked it up! Naturally, an argument ensued, each wife sticking up for her husband. Vivian started to cry. She wasn’t going if she didn’t have her case and naturally we would not hear of it. Bev, our leader, solved the problem. She called mother and she and Ruth’s mother picked up the luggage and drove it to Laguardia. The luggage was there when we arrived the next morning! What started as a fiasco, ended up to be a blast! It was a wonderful way to bring in the New Year with our good friends. Bobbie you are a kind, caring and wonderful person and we are fortunate to have you as our friend. Congratulations! We wish you good health and much happiness in the years ahead. Love you! Rita and Sandy | Specters & Joanne

40: We always laughed at what you said to a sleep in maid (that is what we called help then) who used to drink: "This is your final and next to last time; I am not going to tell you again." Also we used to play Mah Jong. Beverly and I loved to play but you played just to please us I think. You used to constantly look at your watch. I don't think she could wait for the game to be over! You have been a great friend and I am so happy that you have been a part of my life. Love, Naomi | HAPPY BIRTHDAY Dear Roberta, Bobbie, Honey To a great Friend, next door and far away. We shared so many good times and happy occasions. (some not so) Remember Laura? How could we forget? Nuff said. How about Bruno? A great sex education for the girls. And the golf games? some great, some not. We had wonderful visits to California and loved having you in Florida. Your Cranberry Meatballs are still a favorite. Wishing you many more Happy Birthdays, happy visits, and Happy family times. With Much Love, Ann & John Cohen | Dearest Bobbie, We have been thru laughter and tears through the years and our friendship has grown stronger because of these ups and downs. You are such a strong lady and have always remained a lady. I love you for this and so many other attributes too numerous to mention. I hope you have many more happy and healthy years for us to celebrate together. Love, Jane

41: Dear Bobbie, Wanted to take a moment to wish you a very Happy 80th B-day. Had this photo of Melley, Mom and myself that I thought I would include as a memento. When I saw you a few years ago with Wind in Georgetown, what I came with was your sense of strength and perseverance. You had endured huge challenges during your life but had come out of them stronger & wiser. Look at the wonderful family and friends that surround you. It is a testament to your deep devotion to those who care. -Much love and best wishes on this momentous occasion. All my love, Joanne | Whenever we visit California, you invite us to have dinner with your family. You are the best hostess and most wonderful cook. I have great recipes you have given to me. Brassy and I consider you to be a great friend. Happy 80th birthday, we love you. Melba and Brassy | Skippy & Brassy | Melly, Rita, & Joanne

42: Over the years, you have been like a third Grandma to my daughter, Erin. The best at etiquette, buying gifts, girl chats and always available to give her time, you are a good woman I am happy to call my friend. Your influence and zest for life is reflected in your children and grandchildren. Favorite gift: Hands down, it would have to be your daughter, Debbie. Happy Birthday, Bobbie, Love Ya! Sharon Kramer | Corey & Erin | Sharon Kramer | Dear Bobbie, One of the things I remember most from your house was you always had chocolate milk. It wasn't just the "buy this at the store" chocolate milk. You would take a gallon of milk and put just the right amount of Hershey's chocolate syrup into the jug and mix the whole thing yourself. It was great! Happy Birthday, Erin | Hi Bobbie, I remember you had Sharon, Mike and I over for a very elegant dinner with Debbie and Richard. Your prime rib was done to perfection. Your table was beautiful. We had such a lovely visit. Thank you for being a second grandmother to my grandchildren, Erin & Meghan. Have a Happy 80th and enjoy your family and friends! Love, Helen Noonan

43: Dear Bobbie, To a dear friend—you know that my Mom and Dad always valued your friendship. And you have been wonderful to me. Wish my mom and I could be there with you to celebrate. Love, Nancy and Vivian | Bobbie, you are a friend we know we can phone at 4 a.m. You give unconditionally of your spirit and your mind, and we cherish those attributes. Favorite gift: Your friendship, of course! Quote: "That sounds like a plan." | Vivian Bersin | Dorothy Katz | Lee, Edie, & Dorothy

44: Dear Bobbie: I remember: 1) Family ski trips every year; 2) Visiting each other in California and Florida; 3) Meeting in Las Vegas and going back to California with you- Being there for an extended visit because of 9/11. So many memories. Love you, Phyllis and Joel | Phyllis Weisman | Weisman & Pinkes | Millers, Frys, Parkers | Bev & Ovians

45: Favorite dish: Bobbie’s favorite food is Orange Chicken (Chinese) She also loves ribs. Quotes: “sounds like a plan” and “did you go out for an early bird?” I think I have heard those about 100 times. We have been friends since we moved here in 1982. You are the best friend, always generous and thoughtful. You are always “up” even you have been through some tough times. You are very special. Renee Parker | Jane & Claire | Renee Parker | Marilyn

46: Trip to New York with Corey for Graduation | Woodmere Academy | Mike/Mitch Pinke & Corey

47: Favorite dish: Baked Chicken with mushroom soup, string beans & onion Quote: calling my husband "Mitch-Mike" Favorite attribute or thing you wish you’d inherited/ picked up from her: Her giggle Favorite gift: Her wonderful friendship Joyce & Mike Pinke | 60th Reunion! | Pinkes visit San Diego

48: What do the Ovian’s think of when they think of Bobbie S.?? Well, first and foremost – Candy, Candy, Candy and lots of it!! It seemed as if Halloween was a national holiday and celebrated on a daily basis in the Schwarz household. There was just bowls of candy everywhere you turned!! Next, is the time I (Karolyn) decided to rescue Monty in the dead of winter on the half frozen pond across the street. Debbie can correct me if I am wrong, but my recollection of that day was: Debbie and I would bundle up and take the dogs across the street to the pond to see if the ice was frozen. I would have my dog Funny and Debbie would have “Grouchy” Monty, Junior and Bruno. We would first have Monty and Junior test the ice, and if that worked we let Bruno out on the ice. That particular day, Monty fell thru. Every time Monty would try to get out, the ice would continue to break and he would fall back in. In horror we watched and I don’t know how I got nominated, but I jumped in and “saved” Monty (looking back, I’m glad it wasn’t Bruno). Our outing was cut short and we returned to our respective houses with our respective dogs – All of them!! My mother recalls calling Bobbie in apparent disbelief trying hard to comprehend why her “idiot” daughter felt the need to save the dog!! On a side note, you gave me some money for rescuing Monty and I was so excited I shared this triumphant moment with my class at P.S. # 3 School. My 3rd grade teacher, Mrs. Mannix scolded me for being so stupid and sent me to the principal’s office to reflect on the stupidity of my actions. My father, being the chauvinist that he is, would often refer to you as “Boy Schwarz” because you had such a powerful golf swing, a swing as good as any male!! I guess we can term this as a “back handed” compliment. In closing, my parents have been on the move several times since the Woodmere Club days. In all those moves, whether it be in New York, Massachusetts or Florida; my parents have never found a better neighbor than they found in you, Bobbie. When mother was sick with pneumonia and was ordered bed rest, you came over everyday to check on her and see what you could do to help. Although you are a distance away, you always remain in our hearts and have given us memories to cherish. Thanks for the love, laughs and have a very, very Happy 80th!!!!! (wish we were there). Cheers, much love and hugs, Kayem, Keene, Karyn, Korry and me (Karolyn)

49: With love from Sydney | Your newest addition to dote on: Baby Asher

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