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Book o Fun

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S: Book o Fun

BC: Made by: Joseph Nguyen Thank you google for pictures.

FC: The Classic Mixbook .Made by You. | House o Fun! | By:Joseph N

1: This is a story about Bob o Cool and his magical house! | 1

2: One day Bob o Cool bought a house and moved into it. | 2

3: Bob bought a bag of bread and took him in the house. He was about to eat the bread, then it suddenly said "STOP!" | 3

4: It turns out that the bread can talk! Bob o Cool was very confused, so he left the bread there, and for now on he called it Bag o Bread. | 4

5: The next day Bob o Cool went to go buy jello mix. Bob made the jello, and put it on a plate. Bob was about to eat the jello, then it said "STOP!" | 5

6: So Bob did not eat the jello, and he put it next to Bag o Bread. Bag o Bread was happy now because, he had someone to talk to. The jello was now Plate o Jello | 6

7: The next day Bob went to the store to buy butter. He bought the butter and brought it home. | 7

8: When Bob got home, he figured out that he couldn't eat the bread, and since the butter went in the house, it can talk. It was now Tub o Butter. | 8

9: It turns out that Tub o Butter was MELTING! So bob went to go buy a fridge. | 9

10: Bob bought the fridge and went home. He put all the food in the fridge, and the fridge can talk, so now it was called Fridge o Food! | 10 | 11100idlnfclkjdc0010 | 10

11: 11

12: One day Bob o Cool went to Fridge o Food. He opened the door, and said "Good Morning everyone." "Good morning Bob o cool", they all said back. "Hello Bag o Bread, why do you look so sad?," said Bob. "Well life as a bread is so boring i have nothing special about me, and i wish i can be something else like Plate o Jelly." | 12

13: "Like me?," Plate o Jelly said. "Ok,"Bob said "Lets do this. Jello, you teach Bag o Bread how to be jello, and Bag o Bread teach, Plate o Jello to be bread." | 13

14: The next day, Bag o bread learned how to be Jello, and Plate o Jello learned how to be bread. So Bag o Bread was put in the fridge, and Jello outside. | 14

15: 15

16: After that day, Bob o cool went to the fridge again. "Good morning everyone," Bob o Cool said "Good morning," they all said back "It's getting kinda hot out here" Plate o Jello said "It's getting to cold in here," Bag o Bread said | 16

17: "How are you doing Tub o Butter?" Bob asked. "I am so bored of being just butter. i want to be something more important like, Fridge o Food." "Ok" Bob said "Fridge o Food teach Tub o Butter to be like you, and you Butter teach Fridge to be like you." | 17

18: The next day Bob woke up, and went to Fridge o Food. Once he opened up the door... "BOB! O COOL!" they all yelled "Yes..." Bob said. "We are all sick an tired of doing this," Tub o Butter said. "No matter how hard i try i jus can't jiggle like Jello" Bag o Bread said "No matter how hard i try i cant be as hard and Bag o Bread" Plate o Jello said. | 18

19: . | . "No matter how hard i try i just can be as cold as Fridge o Food, Tub o Butter said "No matter how hard i try i just cant be as Smooth and creamy as Tub o Butter," said Fridge o Food | 19

20: "Ahh so you guys have finnaly learned your lesson,"Bobo Cool Said "HUH?" They all said "It doesn;t matter who or what you are, you are always special or awesome in someway." Bob said "Like Bag o Bread, you are hard and strong to protect yourself. Jello you are soft and jiggle, you dont get hurt as much. Tub o Butter you are soft and creamy, perfect for spreading across something. Fridge o Food, you are the man, you save food lives everyday by keeping them cold all the time. You guys know what i mean,you guys are special!" | 20

21: . | "Oh!" They all said "I guess we are all special!" "Thank you Bob o Cool for teaching us such an important lesson" They all said "i am glad that I bought all you guys" Bob o Cool said | THE END | 21

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  • Title: Book o Fun
  • Bob o Cool has a magical house that brings anything to life!
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