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Bowman Family History Final

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Bowman Family History Final - Page Text Content

S: Bowman Family Roots Hobart, WA

FC: Bowman Family Roots | A historical look at the Bowman family of Hobart, WA

1: To my dear Aunt Sherrie whose wisdom and love for our community helped form the woman I have become. Love Always, Your niece, Angelee

2: The Baumans Swiss Peasant farmers escaping religious persecution

3: Catherine Lorraine Bowman 1920 – 1987 | Aromio Leon Bowman 1881 – 1946 | Catherine Reddington 1878 – 1943 | Annie Elizabeth Hamilton 1851 – 1928 | Thomas Hayden Bowman 1848 – 1938 | Jane Meglemry 1809 – 1880 | Samuel Bowman 1787 – 1849 | Elizabeth Mary Keller 1753 – 1806 | Jacob Bowman Jr. 1744 – 1831 | Elizabeth Reuger 1730 – 1781 | Jacob Bowman Sr. 1722 – 1778 | Baumans of the Rhineland, Germany-Switzerland

4: Aromio Leon Bowman 1881 – 1946 | Mark S. Bowman 1904-1959 | Ella L. Bowman 1906 – 1979 | Annie Katherine Bowman 1907 – 1907 | Maud Bowman 1909 – 1997 | Romeo J Bowman 1912 – 1951 | Lieut Claude W Bowman 1914 – 1974 | Catherine Lorraine Kate Bowman 1920 – 1987 | Mary Bowman 1922 – 1992 | Catherine Reddington 1878 – 1943 | Thomas R Bowman 1918 – 1992 | Kate Anderson, Broe Sahlin and Sherrie Anderson outside a cabin probably in Hobart, 1947

5: Camping in Winthrop, 1925 Back row, left to right: Floyd Ruggles, Maude Bowman, Antonia Kochevar, Ella and Mark Bowman; front row, left to right: Rome Bowman, Ace Bowman | Hobart School Baseball team outside the school, 1947 Mark(Butch) Bowman | Rome Bowman, Tahoma High School baseball team 1933

7: Diaper wash line and Tippy the dog at Jake and Catherine (Bowman) Anderson's house, Maple Valley, ca. 1956

8: On July 1881, Aromio(Rome) was born to Thomas Hayden Bowman and Annie Elizabeth Hamilton of Miami County, Kansas. In 1902 Rome his parents, his siblings and their families moved to Tyler, WA. Rome would end up in Western Washington a year later. On September 30, 1903, Rome married an Irish-American girl named Catherine Reddington at the Church of Our Lady of Good Help, the first Catholic church in Seattle. They would settle in Hobart, WA. | Aromio Romeo Leon Bowman 20 Jul 1881 - 9 Jan 1946 | 1867 Rev. Francis X. Prefontaine founded Our Lady of Good Help, the first Catholic Church in Seattle

10: Rome had many occupations throughout his life. He worked as a donkey engineer during the 1910s. During the 1920s he became a mechanic and operated a taxi service in his Chevrolet touring car. His father in law, Joe Reddington ran | Logging crew and donkey engine, Wood and Iverson Lumber Company, Hobart, WA | Hobart WA, ca. 1925, left to right: pool hall and cook house, with the dance hall upstairs, bunk house, Wood and Iverson Company office with mill behind. | the Saturday night dances and many townspeople used Rome's taxi service to get to the dance hall. When Joe's dance hall burned down, the Wood and Iverson Hall took over the Saturday night dances. Joe also worked at a saw mill in the 1920s. Perhaps the mill he worked at | was the Wood and Iverson mill. Other mills in the area included the Maple Valley Lumber Company and the Peacock Lumber company.

11: The Wood and Iverson's dance hall made the Loyal Legion of Loggers and Lumberman's Bulletin on June 4th, 1919. When the great depression hit in the 1930s, Rome would go back to working as a donkey engineer. Eventually most lumber mills closed down and by the 40s, Rome worked as a farmer. Rome died on in 1946. | Bowman family outside their home in Hobart, ca. 1940. Left to Right Rome, Catherine, Mark

12: Maps | 1907

13: In 1907, Thomas Reddington owned a parcel of land located on the northwestern edge of Township 22 N, Range 7 E. This land would later be passed down to Kate Bowman.

14: 1912 | 1926 | 1936

15: Selective Service Registration | Selective Service Registration for Romeo Bowman

16: Hobart, WA | 1910 Federal Census | In 1920, Rome Bowman lived close to his in law', Joseph and Katherin Reddingont. Reddingon, Joseph | Head Katherine | Wife Reddingon, Katherine | Head Bowman, Romeo L. | Head Katherine | Wife Mark S. | Son Ella L. | Daughter Maud C. | Daughter Romeo J. | Son Claude W. | Son Thomas R. | Son | In the 1910 census, Rome is listed by his birth name, Aromio Bowman. He is 29 years old male. His wife is 20 years old and goes by a nickname, Katy. They have two children, Mark age 5 and Ella age 3.

17: Hobart, King, WA | The 1870 census list Thomas as a 23 year old farmer. His wife Annie, listed as keeping house, is 18 years old. Their son Walton is 1 years old and Thomas' mother, Jane is a widow living with them at the age of 61. | Rome is a donkey Engineer. Neighbor's include Wilhelm and Rosie Peacock. The Anderson family is listed on the page as well. Although Catherine is not born yet, she will marry Oscar Anderson who is 1 year old.

18: Hobart, WA | 1920 Federal Census | In 1920, Rome Bowman lived close to his in law', Joseph and Katherin Reddingont. Reddingon, Joseph | Head Katherine | Wife Reddingon, Katherine | Head Bowman, Romeo L. | Head Katherine | Wife Mark S. | Son Ella L. | Daughter Maud C. | Daughter Romeo J. | Son Claude W. | Son Thomas R. | Son | Now 39 years old , Rome changes his name to Romeo. Katy, however, uses her birth name, Katherine. They have 4 more children: Maud, Romeo, Claude and Thomas.

19: Hobart, King, WA | They live close to the Katherine's parents, Joseph and Katherine Reddington. They also live close to Katy's grandmother, Katherine. Katy's father is a Laborer in a saw mill. Rome works as a mechanic at a garage. The Reddington's are listed as Irish immigrants.

20: Hobart, WA | 1930 Federal Census | At the age of 48, Rome is again working as a Donkey Engineer for a lumber mill. Mark is still living at home, but Ella is not. Mark works as a truck driver. Rome Jr.

21: Hobart, King, WA | is a farmer. Katherine and Mary are added to the family. Maude is now married to Joseph Ruggles and have a daughter named Katherine. They live with the Bowman family. Joseph is a logger.

22: 1940 federal Census, | Rome is now 58 years old and is working as a farmer on a small farm. Mark still lives at home but now works as a graderman doing road maintenance. Tom also lives at home and is a timekeeper. Catherine has a profession as a new worker but it doesn't say where she works. Mary lives at home

23: 1940 federal Census, | Hobart, King, WA | and is not working. Rome lives nearby and is married to Phillis. He is a timekeeper for the W.P.A.(Works Progress Administration), an organization created by President Roosevelt to provide real jobs to the unemployed during the great depression.

24: Thomas Hayden Bowman 1848 - 1938 | Walton Bowman 1869 – 1916 | Eugene Bowman 1871 – ? | Mary E Bowman 1872 – | Elmer E Bowman 1873 – ? | Thomas Chase Bowman 1876 – 1956 | Inez Eloise Bowman 1883 – | Malonie Bowman 1888 – 1980 | Maude Ethel Bowman 1887 – | Josephine V Bowman 1892 – | Hough H Bowman 1895 – 1945 | Annie Elizabeth Hamilton 1851 - 1928 | Roy Bowman 1886 – | Aromio Leon Bowman 1881 – 1946

25: Thomas Hayden Bowman was the youngest child born to Samuel and Jane Bowman (Meglemry) of Farley, Platte Missouri. Born on January 17th 1848, he would have been born into one of the farming families who populated the Platte River area. Located on the Northwest corner of Missouri, Thomas would have grown up in an area that included parts of Kansas, Nebraska and Iowa. Jane Meglemry had a brother, Thomas Meglemry. It is very likely Thomas was named after his mother's brother. The name Hayden is a common name in the Meglemry family. Thomas Hayden Bowman married Anna Elizabeth Hamilton, who lived just south of the Bowmans. They married on 21 January 1867 in Leavenworth, Kansas. George S. Woodward, a minister of the | Thomas Hayden Bowman 17 JAN 1848 - 15 JUN 1938 | Presbyterian Church in Leavenworth, married them. George S. Woodward had been a minister in Platte County but left Missouri during the Civil War and moved across the Missouri River to Leavenworth County, Kansas. | Leavenworth, Kansas 1860

26: In the early years of their marriage Thomas and Anna Bowman lived | Tyler, WA c. 1920 | west of Argentine, Kansas. Anna E. Hamilton Bowman's parents lived a few miles south of the Bowmans, west of the town of Shawnee. Although the Bowmans lived in Argentine, Wyandotte, Walton and Thomas were born near Shawnee(most likely at the home of Washington and Mary Hamilton). Eugene, Mary and Elmer where born at their home in Argentine. Their son, Romeo lists his birthplace as Missouri | in later censuses. In the summer of 1881, the Bowmans were working at threshing wheat and other crops. The rest of the family may have been with them. In January of 1882 the Bowman family moved to Marysville Township, Kansas. Five of their children were born in Hillsdale. The family moved to Somerset Kansas in the early 1890's. In 1902 the Thomas Bowman family moved by train to Tyler, Washington. Many of their married children also moved to Washington State around this time. The Bowmans lived in the Tyler area only a few years. | 1860 map of NE Kansas

27: Like many farmers of the midwest, the connection of the Central Pacific and the Union Pacific railroad transformed their lifestyle. The quick transport of goods earned them a healthy amount of money for a short time. However, when the railroads raised their prices, the farmer's profits were quickly consumed. The Bowman's moved west in order to find work to support their family. | Promotional poster offering a "gift for the grangers", ca. 1873. The Grange was an organization founded in 1867 for farmers and their wives.

28: At some point, Thomas and Anna lived in a small house on the property of their son-in-law and daughter, Wallace and Mary Jane Bowman Thatcher, at Port Madison (on Bainbridge Island), Kitsap County, Washington. The exact date is unknown. The vault burial of Thomas Hayden Bowman and Anna Elizabeth Hamilton Bowman is located in the Violet Corridor of the original Acacia Mausoleum building, north of Seattle | Acacia Park c. 1931 | By 1910, the family lived in Snohomish, WA. Thomas worked as a farmer for a produce company at the age of 62. Roy(age 24) would take care of the home farm while his father was at work. His brother Hough, 12 years old, lived at home as well. Their final home was at Emander (near Everett), Snohomish County, Washington. After Anna's death in 1928 Thomas continued to live in Emander but often stayed with some of his children for long periods of time.

29: West Corridor of the Acacia Mausoleum | Acacia Mausoleum

30: Hobart, WA | 1870 Federal Census | The 1870 census list Thomas as a 23 year old farmer. His wife Annie, listed as keeping house, is 18 years old. Their son Walton is 1 years old

31: Shawnee, Wyandotte, Kansas | and Thomas' mother, Jane is a widow living with them at the age of 61.

32: Hobart, WA | 1885 Federal Census | Thomas is now in his 30s, living in Marysville, KS working as a farmer. Rome is 3 years old.

33: Marysville, Miami, Kansas

34: Hobart, WA | 1895 Federal Census | 1895 lists a T.H. Bowman who is 47 years old. Annie is listed as A.E. Bowman and is 43 years old. Walton would be around 25 years old and is not living with his parents. He married a girl named Emma Jane Powell so

35: he is most likely living with her. Their other children are listed including Rome who is 14 years old. Thomas is listed as a farmer, but his family's professions have been crossed off. Is this a mistake? | Marysville, Miami, Kansas

36: Thomas is listed as a Thresher for his occupation at the age of 52. Rome is 18 years | 1900 Federal Census

37: Wea Township, Miami, Kansas | old, but he doesn't have an occupation listed. They are renting their home.

38: Hobart, WA | 1910 Federal Census | At the age of 62, Thomas is finally a home owner and has his own farm. His remaining children,

39: Snohomish, WA | Roy and Hough are still living at home and help with the farm.

40: Hobart, WA | 1920 Federal Census | Thomas is 71 years old living and working as a farmer. His wife Annie and him have their grandson, George H. Ross, living with them. His mom was Josephine and his father has the initials

41: Snohomish, WA | H.C, which may have stood for Harvey. He also had a little brother named Gerald who was two years younger than him. Did his family die? What happened to them?

42: Hobart, WA | 1930 Federal Census

43: Snohomish, WA | Thomas is now living alone but his son Roy lives nearby, as he is on the same record, just a little further down.

44: Samuel Bowman II 1820 – 1894 | George Washington Bowman 1817 – 1870 | Jacob D Bowman 1825 – 1863 | Sarah Elizabeth Bowman 1827 – 1950 | Michael Bowman 1808 – 1850 | Sarah Bright 1790 – 1831 | Henry Bowman 1831 – 1863 | Louisa Bowman 1828 – 1828 | Mary Katherine Bowman 1829 – 1847 | Samuel Bowman 1787 - 1849 | First Marriage

45: Jane Meglemry 1809 – 1880 | Louisa Bowman ? | John Maglimmery Bowman 1835 – 1913 | Edward Monroe Bowman 1838 – 1950 | Harrison Champion Bowman 1834 – 1888 | Lavinia Bowman 1840 – 1950 | Barbara Jane Bowman 1843 – 1847 | Thomas Hayden Bowman 1848 – 1938 | Second Marriage

46: Samuel Bowman 31 Dec 1787 - 11 Jun 1849 | Samuel Bowman was born on December 31, 1787 in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. He was the son of Jacob Bowman II and Elisabetha Keller from Pennsylvania. By 1812, at the age of 25, Samuel was living in Green, TN. On November 15, 1815 Samuel married his first wife, Sarah Bright, daughter of Michael Bright Jr and Luisa(Land) of | Reading, Berks, Pennsylvania. Justice of the Peace, Cornelius Newman, preceded over their wedding. Samuel would have 8 children with Sarah. Sarah died during the birth of their 8th child on June 5, 1831. In his bible notes, Michael Bright Jr. mentions that Sarah was born in the morning and confirms that Sarah died in childbirth.

47: "Sarah Bright was born the 31 day of October 1790 in the morning" | "Our daughter Sarah Bright was married to Samuel Bowman on the 7 day of November 1815" | "Sarah Bowman our daughter departed this life in child bed the 5th day of June 1831"

48: children, Jane would have a total of 15 children. Samuel and Jane Meglemry Bowman and his parents, had property southwest of the little town of Farley, Platte, MO. Samuel Bowman acquired land in Township 51, North Range 35 west in Section 5 on 30 October 1843 and acquired river front land in Township 52, North Range 35 west in Section 32 on 29 January 1846. (These sections of land were part of the Platte Purchase.) The land in Section 5 was most likely where Samuel and Jane Bowman had their house and where Thomas Hayden Bowman was born. Just before Samuel Bowman died on 11 June 1849, he and Jane sold their land in Section 32, 114 and 81/100 acres for $193.50, to Jacob D. Bowman, Samuel's son by Sarah Bright. This document was signed on 9 June 1849. Dr. Borden and L. P. | Samuel married his second wife, Jane Meglemry on May 14, 1833. They would have a total of 7 children. Between her step-children and her own | Marriage record of Samuel Bowman and Jane Meglimmery

49: Stiles were witnesses. L. P. Stiles also filed Samuel Bowman's Will in May 1849 as the administrator of the estate. (This property deed information was found in the indexing under Samuel Bowman | and Jacob D. Bowman in records at the Platte County courthouse, Platte City, Missouri.) All of this property was bottomland along the Missouri River. The river has changed its course over the years and these river edging sections have changed, some land now gone. | 1877 Map of Farley, Platte County, MO | (This section information can be found on an early plot map stored at the Platte County courthouse in Platte City, Missouri.)

50: Last Will and Testament | of Samuel Bowman | I, Samuel Bowman, of the County of Platte and the State of Missouri, do hereby make and publish this my last will and testament as follows... First - I desire that my funeral expenses and all my other debts be first paid --- Second - To George W. Bowman, Samuel Bowman, Michael Bowman, Jacob Bowman, Henry Bowman my sons, and Sarah Houts my daughter the above named heirs sharing a portion of property being their Mothers property, which I have given to them --- Third - Harrison Bowman, Edward Bowman, (John M. Bowman's name omitted), Thomas H. Bowman my sons and Lavina Bowman my daughter I will and bequeath that the last named heirs of this third section shall have the home place to make their support up in tell Thomas H. Bowman my youngest son becomes 21 years of age. And in addition to the home place, to have a Black girl by the name of Hiley and a Black boy by the name of Ellick (or Elleck) and two horses and two ploughs and all the

51: household furniture to hold the above tell Thomas H. Bowman the youngest son becomes twenty one years of age, when the above shall all of it be divided equally among all of my heirs --- Fourth - I will that a Black boy by the name of Adam and his wife Mirna shall have their freedom, and if they wish they may stay and help to work the home place for which they shall have their support --- Sixth - The remainder of my property I will and bequeath shall be equally divided among all my heirs at my death --- Seventh - I will to my wife Jane to have with her children her support on the home place, to have the management of the home place and to all the property left to her heirs with the home place while she remains my widow and stays with her children.Eighth - In case their should be another heir I will that the Same receive a support on the home place tell it becomes of age and receive a portion equally with the rest --- I Samuel Bowman being in a sound and disposing mind make this my last will and testament this twenty second day of May eighteen hundred and forty nine.

52: Jane Meglemry was born in North Carolina in 1809. At some point she moved to Greene, TN where she | 1850 Federal Census, Platte, Missouri | met and married Samuel Bowman, 22 years her senior, in 1833. He was a widow with 7 children of his own, his oldest only one year older than Jane at 22 years old. The youngest, Henry, was two years old. His first wife, Sarah, died giving birth to Henry. After Samuel dies in 1849, Jane stays on the home place in Platte, MO. As long as Jane did not remarry, she would be able to stay on the homeplace with her children.

53: The 1850 census shows that Jane was a farmer. At the age of 41 Jane worked the family farm. She had the help of a black girl by the name of Hiley and a Black boy by the name of Ellick. In 1950 she had 5 children living with her, Harrison age 16, Edward age 12, Levina age 10, John age | 1860 Federal Census, Platte, Missouri | enslaved woman with her slaver in the mid 19th century New Orleans | 14 and Hayden age 1. For some reason, John was left out of his father's will but still lived with his mother. In 1860, Edward would take over the role as the farmer since Harrison was no longer at | the residence.

54: Abraham Lincoln is elected president in 1861. The first major Civil War battle west of the Mississippi River was on August 10, 1861 at Wilson's Creek, Missouri. Jane and the Bowmans lived in an area that supported both sides of the war and changed hands many times. | The Battle of Carthage in Missouri, in 1861 during the American Civil War. Illustration from Civil War Harper's Weekly.

55: By 1870, Jane would still remain at the homeplace. She lived with her youngest son, Thomas Hayden, his wife Annie and their one year old son, Walton. The rest of the family still lived nearby, in Platte County. Sometime between 1870 and 1880, Jane would move 30 miles south to Shawnee, Kansas and live with her Eldest son, John Bowman and his family. She dies soon after. | 1870 and 1880 Federal Census

56: Rebecca Bowman 1770 – 1842 | Henry Bowman 1774 – 1834 | Abraham Bowman 1768 – 1860 | Elizabeth Bowman 1783 – 1866 | Johann(Jacob) Bowman II 1744 - 1831 | Abraham Bowman 1792 – ? | Nancy Bowman 1772 – ? | Jacob Bowman III 1774 – 1840 | Elizabeth Mary Keller 1753 – 1806 | Samuel Bowman 1787 – 1849 | Barbara Ann Bowman 1785 – 1861 | Joseph Newman Bowman 1801 – 1872

57: Johann Bowman II was born in on May 15, 1744 in New Holland, Lancaster, PA to Jacob Bowman and Elizabeth Reuger. The American colony of Pennsylvania had complete religious freedom and attracted many peasants from the Palatinate (western Germany) fleeing persecution. These peasant descendants would use their skill to transformed this region into a rich farming country. The Bowmans were one of these families. Like many of the "Shenandoah Deitsch", Jacob would move with his parents into the Shenandoah River Valley of Virginia in the year 1752. | Johann(Jacob) Bowman II 1744 - 1831 | The Native American's of the area tolerated the quakers and Mennonites of PA because they were very peaceful. | Early settlers crossing the "Great Wagon Road" from Pennsylvania to Virginia

58: Typical Colonial Farm | Shenandoah Valley, oil on canvas, William Louis Sonntag, Sr., 1859–1860. Virginia Historical Society | Jacob married Elizabeth Mary Keller on November 25, 1767 in Shenandoah. They were married by a traveling preacher ranging out of the state of MD.The Rev. Charles Lange returned to Frederick County, MD where he recorded their marriage in the Evangelical Reformed Church records. The Bowman later attended the Lutheran Church. In 1779 young Jacob received 203 acres from his father-in-law, George Keller. He later sells this land while living in Greene County. Except for a few records, little is known of the lives of the family during/after the Revolutionary War. The lure of a new frontier with fertile untouched land may have prompted the Bowmans & several other families from Shenandoah County, VA to move to Green County, TN in 1795. They probably moved in a group, which was common practice.

59: To this new land came Jacob & his wife Elizabeth with their children to start again, build cabins, clear land, plant crops, etc. They were 50+ years of age at this time & had lived in Shenandoah most of their lives. The children likely ranged from 5-25. Jacob could read & write, Elizabeth could not. Their older sons must have attended school or were taught at home. Only the youngest son signed his name with a mark. The busy years after the move may have prevented any schooling for him. They sold VA land in 1797. Jacob spent quite a bit of time buying & selling land. The amount of acreage he owned changed yearly. In 1811 he had 1040 acres and 5 slaves. In 1812 he had 1340 acres and so on. In 1823 he deeded some land to his children. By 1828 his acreage was down to 921 acres on Lick Creek & that year he deeded 158 acres to his son- in-law & daughter, Daniel & Rebecca Linebaugh. | Map of the original settlements of Tennessee

60: In 1828 some of the Bowmans & other families packed up their belonging s & large families to move to Indiana. These were the children & grandchildren of Jacob Sr. Samuel & Joseph remained in TN until after the death of their father, as did some of the Linebaughs. They then moved to MO taking several of the slaves w/them where some were freed before the Civil War . Only two of the children stayed in TN. The death of Elizabeth we do not know, but she was not listed w/Jacob in the 1830 census. Jacob died on May 21, 1831 at the age of 87. When Jacob died, he had lived in his new & 2nd home for 36 years. At Jacob's death, Samuel Bowman, son or brother, administrator, registered in October 1831, posted a bond of $40,000. A story passed down through the family that one of the daughters took her inheritance in a pot of gold.

61: Colonial Pennsylvania

62: Inventory of the Estate of Jacob Bowman | A memorandem or Inventory of the personal goods and effects of Jacob Bowman late of the County of Greene and State of Tennessee deceased, taken the 21st May 1831. Towit, Seven man slaves towit, Daniel, Thomas, William, Adam, Elijan, Alexander, John. Six women slaves towit, Hannah, Phebe, Mime, Grace Lucia,Ilerena. Six head of the horse kind, ten wagons, five pair of horse gears. thirty three head of cattle, small and grown ones, fifty three head of hogs, pigs and sows, forty geese, thirty ducks, three bar share plows, five shovel and bull tongue plows, two sickles, two mattocks, one sprouting hoe , one foot adze, one pick axe, one cross cut saw, one broad axe, one handsaw, two drawing knives, three screw augers, and one barrel auger, three chisels, nine corn hoes, eleven choping axes, five guns, two set of dog irons, one fire shovel, one dirt shovel, two dung forks, four hoops of old wagon tires, one grind stone, three big kettles, one small brass kettle, one brass skillet, one copper tea kettle, five dutch ovens, eight pots, two skillets, one baking iron, three scythes, two thetstones, one still and six tubs, one barrel and three kegs, two weaving

63: looms, one pair warping cards,a set of spools, five big wheels, one bearough, one cupboard, five tables and one candlestand, five spinning wheels and one reel, one chest, two mans saddles, one wornan saddle, two sets of measures, thirteen pot hooks, one windmill, one cutting box, one carrying knife and steel, eight sides of leather, ten tubs, three pieces of apper (upper ?) leather, one box with a slider, three silver watches, four Bee stands, five pair of steelyards, one pair of gold ? * weighing scales and some weights, two hammers, one scythe anvill, one horse brush, four pewter basons, six pewter dishes, fifteen pewter plates, eight tin pans, five tin cups, one quart and pint, three tin buckets , two tin coffee pots, four glass bottles, one looking glass, five steel traps, two razors and case, five pair bedsteads, four beds and furniture, sixteen yards and three quarters of fulled woolen cloth, two old frying pans, one halter chain, two old plowshares, two smoothing irons, three flax hackles, and one craping hackle, an old English *Law Book and two Dictionaries, one pot, two iron wedges, one iron tooth harrow, one log chain, one dirk (?) and staff, one pellon (2) of dried buckskin.

64: Jacob Bowman II 1744 – 1831 | Samuel Bowman 1752 – ? | Catherine Bowman 1755 – ? | Maria Barbara Bauman 1741 – 1801 | Elizabeth Reuger Ruger 1730 – 1781 | Johann(Jacob) Bowman 1722 - 1778

65: Jacob would die on 9 Oct 1778 in Shenandoah Valley, VA. The Bowman cemetery is still in Shenandoah Valley today(right). | Jacob Bowman was born on September 23, 1722 near New Holland, PA. Many of Pennsylvania's immigrants came to the colony to escape religious persecution. Several Bowmans families came from Germany's Rhineland area and the German-speaking cantons of Switzerland. Jacob's family probably came from this region. On Aug 22, 1740 he married Elizabeth Reuger, a swiss or german immigrant. In 1768, Jacob purchased 200 acres located on the North Shenandoah River from Jonathan and Mary Langdon. Jacob and Elizabeth sold this land in 1769 to Frederick Stoner. Jacob Bowman also bought Lot #84 in the town of Woodstock. When the settlement of the estate of Jacob was made on 30 October 1779 his land consisted of 60 acres on the North River of the Shenandoah and the Lot #84 in Woodstock. | Johann(Jacob) Bowman 1722 - 1778

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