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Bubby's Book

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S: Happy Birthday, Bubby! Summer 2013 - 5773

BC: We Love you Bubby! Happy 70th Birthday!

FC: Bubby's Birthday Photo Album

1: Happy 70th Birthday Bubby! | Tuli, Dina, Aryeh, Mendel, Asher, Yakir Dovi, Dinah, Shana, Mendel, Avrohom, Sarah, Yehuda, Rivkah, Yosef Dovid, Devorah, Batsheva, Hadassah, Daniella Yudi, Humi, Ella, Leora, Avi, Ashi, Don Shloime, Chanie, Eli, Abi

6: Tuli Dina | &

7: Dear Mother, It’s hard to believe that you are turning 70. Few people are able to transcend their age and you are one of them. In the chart of qualities enclosed with our best wishes each of us put down words that we thought best reflect who you are and what you mean to us. The more people enter a particular word the larger the word shows up on the chart. The three most entered words – besides Bubby – are fun, generous and child-at-heart. We cannot think of a better way to capture who you are. You are the most generous mother and grandmother. When any of us spend time with you we always feel that we get the full you; your complete undivided attention. You are a great listener and you always remember the little details we share with you. Whenever we talk to you or spend time with you we come away feeling listened to and special. You are a child-at-heart. You buck social convention and you enjoy life on your terms. You never act like a grandmother. You see things with the eyes of a child and you make no apology for getting excited like a child as well. One of the reasons the grandchildren love spending time with you is because you see things as they do. You collapse the generational divide entirely. You are fun to be with. You see things in a positive light and you make everyone around you feel happy. And then there are so many of your other qualities that we each put down on the chart; patient, kind, nurturing, genuine. The list goes on and we hope you have pleasure reading it through. Oliver Wendell Holms once said: “Men do not quit playing because they grow old; they grow old because they quit playing.” Mother, may you never quit playing! All our Love, Tuli & Diandra

8: Dear Bubby, Happy 70th birthday! A few fun facts about 70 - Its factorization makes it a sphenic number. 70 is a Pell number and a generalized heptagonal number, one of only two numbers to be both. Also, it is the seventh pentagonal number and the fourth triskaidecagonal number, as well as the fifth pentatope number. It is the smallest weird number. Given all this, I'm sure you understand what an incredibly important deal it is to turn 70 years of age. Many of those years have been spent peeling onions and sobbing into horseradish and for that we are ever grateful. But equally, I will always remember the eternal love, generosity and support you bestow on not only your friends and family, but everyone you come into contact with. I wish you health, vigor and robust bone strength. There's going to be a lot of new and exciting developments in the world in the next couple of decades and you simply have to be around to experience them. All my love, Aryeh

9: Dear Bubby Happy 70th Birthday! 70 is 21 in Celsius. You have the wisdom of 70 and the youthfulness of 21! May the years ahead be full of success and fulfillment and may you always have the energy to undertake all the things you want to. You are a GREAT grandmother and it is always nice to spend time with you. Mendel (your velveteen rabbit)

10: Asher | On the subject of the nature and habits of Rosalind Brawer, concerning the attributes and virtues possessed by the said subject, and the practical applications thereof, hyperbolic lexical illustrations notwithstanding. Or My Bubby By Asher C. Brawer ‘Tis custom both in West and East When 70 years are spent To revel in a joyous feast With song and merriment ‘Twas my wish to gift to thee A statue cast in bronze Alas such funds are lost to me- I had bought Cypriot bonds And so a humble song I sing That thy virtues praiseth Methodically, thing by thing In verse that shall amazeth O Bubby, your kindness Is truly beyond compare Your thoughtful ways are finest When you stroke our eyebrow hair And if ever a woman were tranquil ‘Bubby’ would be her name As unruffled as an anvil Though not nearly the same Alas my I words I must compress The list only gets bigger Though one thing you do not possess Is a matronly figure And so in word that are not prose I wish you all that’s nice Health, happiness and nachos (not the type you dip in spice) As I hope this humble song Has pleased your aged ears For another 70 years long May we celebrate with you. Cheers!

11: Colorado Here We Come! | Yakir

12: the | Dovi Dinah | &

13: Dear Ma, It's not every day that a mother so Fine, Surpasses the already-impressive number of sixty-nine. We wish you many happy and healthy years with Ta at your side, To enjoy birthdays and simchos with only nachas and pride. Our children are so lucky to have a Bubby like you - Each grandchild loved, honored and paid full attention to! The joke books may be filled with tales of mother-in-law woes, But in our book you’re the very best one any girl could have chose! We love you, Ma!

14: S | hana | Dear Bubby, Happy birthday! I cannot believe that you're seventy years old. To me you will always be the youthful and fun grandmother who takes us to the dollar store, brings us chocolate from Montreal, reads us books, and is someone everyone enjoys being around. May you and Zaidy dance your Friday night dance for many more years, watching us grow and G-d willing loving it every step of the way! Ad meah veesrim shana. Love, Shana

15: Mendel | Avrohom | Dear Bubby, Regards from the holy city of Tzfat! I love you and wish you arichas yamim and shanim tovos. May you always see only nachas from all of us grandkids... and me ! Happy Birthday! Love, Mendel | Dear Bubby! Hello from Gan Israel Montreal! I can't wait to see you first at your party and then at my bar mitzvah! Visiting you in Montreal is always so much fun- we even learn the same ma'marim! I love you and wish you all the brochos and nachas in the world. Love, Avrohom

16: Sarah | Dear Bubby, Happy 70th birthday!! You are the best grandmother ever! You are always there for me when I need you. I love when we come for visiting day and you bring us to the Y, pizza shop, and dollar store. I wish I lived closer to you so I would be able to spend more time with you and Zaidy. Once I’m old enough I’ll definitely try to take the bus and see you all the time. Have an amazing year!!!! Love, Sarah

17: Yehuda | Dear Bubby, Happy Birthday! Thank you for being such a great grandmother. It's always fun visiting you in Montreal. You get great videos and I love the dollar store. I love you! Yehuda

18: Rivkah | Dear Bubby, Happy Birthday! I think you're the best grandmother in the world. I love visiting you and Zaidy in Montreal. You buy me the best presents. I wish I could buy you a really good birthday present! I hope you visit me in Tannersville soon. I love you, Bubby! Love, Rivkah

19: Yosef

20: Dovid | & | Devorah

21: Dearest Ma, Happy Birthday and welcome to the 70's. Now it is time for you to live it up and do as you please. You've always been there for us, through thick and thin, and now we hope that the future holds only smooth sailin! It is time for you to enjoy your children and grandkids, travel the world in good health, from Australia, USA, to England. May we always be for you, a source of nachas, and may Hashem continue to bestow upon you only Brachos. Love always, Dovid and Devorah

22: Batsheva | Dear Bubby, Have a happy 70th Birthday! Thank you for everything you do for me! From sending me off to camp, to taking me to see WICKED, your love for me is evident! May we continue to share many more great times together. Happy Birthday! Love, Batsheva

23: the | Hadassah | Dear Bubby, Happy Birthday! Thank you for always being there for me and talking to me when i need you. i always have an amazing time when I come to Montreal to visit you! i love going to the park, library, shopping, and out for dinner with you. I Love You So Much!!! Have an extremely happy 70th Birthday! Love, Hadassah

24: Daniella | Dear Bubby, Happy 70th Birthday! i always have such a fun time visiting you in montreal. i love going to the park and reading on your porch. I had such a fun time going to Old Montreal with you last summer! Happy Birthday, Love, Daniella

25: the | Colorado Here We Come!

26: ............................................ | Yudi Humi | &

27: Dear Ma, Mazal Tov on this wonderful milestone. We are so glad that you will be able to spend it with all your children, near and far. Wish the rest of our family could be there! While you live far away, your support is always close at hand. We love every opportunity we have to spend time together whether it be after you braved the long trip to Australia or when we meet somewhere closer to your part of the world. We will always cherish our memories of our time together in Israel visiting Holy sights, shopping, and shmoozing. We also love that when we are together, you manage to spend individual time with each of us and have an encouraging word pitched at the right level and tone. not to mention your Tehillim regime which no doubt stands each of us in good stead. Wishing you many more happy and healthy years deriving nachas from us and all your children and grandchildren. Iy"H may we have many opportunities to spend time together.


29: Dear Bubby, Happy birthday, I love you so much and even though you live so far away i love when you come visit. You always make me laugh and you make your visits so fun. I always enjoy watching Master Chef with you and shopping together and i really enjoyed when we went to Churva together. Hope to see you soon. Love Leora XOXOXOX | Leora

30: Dear Bubby, I wish you a happy birthday. I want to give you a jewelry box. I love you because you play with me. I loved playing games with you in Israel. Have a lot of nachas and a good birthday. Love, Avi | Avi and AshI | Happy Birthday Bubby! I love you and miss you. Love, Ashi

31: Don

32: ............................................ | ShlomieChanie | &

33: Dear Ma, It was only when I became a mother that I was truly able to appreciate all your hard work and love. Your love, support and confidence in me was limitless! A simple thank you is not enough to express my immense gratitude for all that you did and continue to do. Thank you! - for all the endless appointments at Dr. Konigsberg where you endured his wrath and many hours in that waiting room -- for your fiscal support of my many St. Catherine shopping sprees - for chauffeuring me to all my cosmetic appointments (in blizzards and ice storms!) - for feeding,hosting and answering endless phone calls from the borg - for providing a listening ear to all my teenage angst - for supporting my passion in interior design (and collecting all those Elle Decors) - for that gorgeous red room - for all our Rosh Hashana walks to Hampstead of which I have such fond memories - for the beautiful scrapbook you gave me when I had Eli - for your empathy and advice on my hard mothering days. - for your wonderful visits to LA - for being such a loving, fun bubby! This list could be pages as you were and are a truly selfless giving mother. I know I am called the child of your old age but in fact you were the most energetic ,young mom I knew. You are certainly a very young 70! May you always have joy, nachos and blessings from our family. We all love you so very much! We all love you so very much!

34: Eli

35: Abi

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