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Bullock Family 2011

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BC: A Christmas To Remember | Christmas Jeopardy

FC: Bullock Family 2011

1: BULLOCK FAMILY 2011 | ALLEN- 43 Continues to work at Citgo pipeline but really wants to improve the 82 acre homestead. This year he leveled the pastures in addition to all the other wonderful things he does. He serves as a deacon and sing in the quartet at church. | RACHEL- 38 Gets a great reward from the hard work of homeschooling the kids. She also is a nurse every other Saturday. She really enjoys reading, hanging out with her family and friends, getting out of the house, and Awana that the church restarted this year! | CADEN- 7 My first that follows the rules and has the heart for righteousness, loves to create things with his legos, play Wii, and is enjoying baseball and basketball. | DANIEL- 5 Our lovable child who always has a smile to share, enjoys doing things outside just like his daddy. Daniel can spend the afternoon in the barn while Allen is working and come home in the evening covered with dirt. He also enjoys following his brother's lead and playing with legos or joining Evie in whatever pretend play she is involved in with her doll house or dolls. | EVIE- 3 What a cute girly-girl you are becoming. You love to have your hair done, wear dresses, and paint your nails. You and daddy play a game each night where he pretends to sleep in your bead and you don't want him to. You enjoy taking your dolls places, having all their accessories and changing their clothes. You also have acquired quite a collection of people that live in your doll house.

2: Monkey Daniel Turns 5 Many of his friends came out Of curiosity to see what it was all about. Eating cake, coloring on walls, Keeping the Monkey out of the Middle, and trying not to fall. Many went bananas tossing the groceries, pinning one on the wall, Breaking the Monkey's head and fun with friends was the best of all.

4: Skyping with Grandpa- oh how I wish our connection was faster | Monkey Cupcakes taken to Mother's Day Out | Daniel's Birthday Date to Baskin Robbins! Just the two of us!

5: SNOW DAY! | Amy brought us snow from Pittsburgh, TX the week we were studying SNOW! We had fun not only reading about snow but also having a snowball fight and building a snowman.

6: Passover | Daniel- Pre K | Charis- 2yr old | Aria- 1st Grade | Rhema- Pre K | Caden- 1st Grade | Evie- 3yr old

7: Passover was celebrated during our overview of the Old Testament with our Homeschool curriculum.. The kids enjoyed making Unleaven Bread, and searching for the Matzah. They didn't enjoy tasting all the foods that went along with the Passover meal, especially the Horseradish. The Haroset was a sweet hit! Who would have know that it reminds us of the mortar the Jews used in Egypt and symbolizes the good things God can bring about, and that God is with us even in difficult circumstances. | Bullock and Stubblefield Homeschool

8: UPWARDS BASKETBALL | During another year of Upwards Basketball in Silsbee, Caden made improvements on his technique and performance. He was able to enjoy the season with his homeschool and church friends Turner Hart and Jase Gault while their dads coached.

10: This month Allen quickly added a lean to to the barn. Daniel is still asking when he will have a place to put his animals. He also had the kids help stack wood that ended up being needed many days this season. | JANUARY

12: Ballroom Dance Lessons | Dorey & Amy Stubblefield | Kenny & Marsha LeJuene | The Day & Night Orchestra | We had a great time for a few weeks learning the Foxtrot, Tango, and Waltz with a few friends. Allen, Dorey, and Kenny became known as the class clowns. You could always count on a great laugh watching Dorey's face. The last night was enjoyed with a great band and lots of fun

13: Sweet Stubb Times | The Whole Gang: Aria, Evie, Rhema, Caden, Daniel, and Charis


16: you make me | DANIEL

17: It is good to sing praises to our God! Psalms 147:1 | children's choir | The children's choir made monthly visits to local nursing homes in addition to singing for the church. | The kids really enjoyed the bus ride when daddy would rock the van back and forth. | DANIEL | CADEN

18: On our field trip to Shangri-La Gardens, we were able to observe the nesting Egrets, plants, and have fun interacting with nature.


20: Hit one out of the park! | Caden hit his first home run and received the MVP game ball! | RED SOX 2011

21: GO TEAM! | Caden had a great year in Coach Pitch Baseball playing on the Red Soxs. He did a great job in outfield backing up | the first baseman. Daniel and Evie had | a great time in the stands | enjoying snowcones | & the game.

22: Daniel enjoyed his first year of T-Ball playing on the Rays. He had a great set of coaches that did a wonderful job of teaching him the game. He especially loved sliding into each base and getting as dirty as possible. The year ended with the team being featured on the local news on Father's Day. | Coaches Jen, Parker, & Kathy top:


25: Easter | Our Easter celebrations began the week before with egg hunts at MDO. Daniel and Evie were great hunters and also shared their stash with others. We also checked out the community wide hunt since the boys heard there would be a train ride there that our church was hosting.

26: Evie | Caden | Abby | Andrew | Joe | Daniel | crazy cousins

28: Bunnies are brown. Bunnies are white. Bunnies are always An Easter delight. Bunnies are cuddly The large and the small. But I like chocolate one The best of them all. | Looking for a Golden Egg?

29: We enjoyed our first Easter with Mom and Dad back in Texas with some Crawfish and an Egg Hunt | Just the Girls!

30: The Caterpillar | Caden recited the poem The Caterpillar by Christine Rosetti for a homeschool coop presentation. Daniel and Evie acted out the parts of the Butterfly and Caterpillar, all with great success!

31: "Little girls have a magic all their own." | Evie 3 1/2 years

32: "A hundred hearts would be too few to carry all my love for you." | Mother's Day

34: Daniel and Rhema | Daniel | Caden

35: PITCHER PLANT TRAIL BIG THICKET NATIONAL PARK KOUNTZE, TEXAS | Amy gave us the science lesson on the trail | Inside of the Pitcher Plant | In Bloom | Aria, Daniel, Caden, Rhema, Evie, Charis | Evie

36: Time With the Tolars

37: May 2011- A great time was had by all in Ruston, LA visiting our friends the Tolars. We enjoyed a girls night out at the movies, introducing me to Mixbook, and the kids playing Wii and trains. Of course Michelle and I spent time shopping and didn't make it to Monroe again, getting stuck at the BeeHive, a wonderful jewelry store. We also enjoyed a very nice concert by Cary's Choir. We had the wonderful blessing of having Matt coming home with us and spending some time with us.

38: Happy Birthday to Allen and the Birds! We had the great joy of celebrating the birth of Allen and a nest of wrens hatching on the porch May 24th.

39: Just as Allen got a little older over the next two weeks, so did our birds. We watched as they begged for food, called momma bird, and grew their down and feathers. The kids especially liked whistling and seeing them wake and their little mouthes open for food.

40: Abby's 4th Birthday | Cousin Abby | Daniel helping Andrew | Cousins chasing in the inflatables | Evie | Caden and Joe | Caden | Abby and Joe

41: ISN'T IT GOOD TO HAVE GRANDPARENTS HERE | After living in California for 18years, GP and GM moved to Texas to be closer to family.,. | Caden & Legos | Daniel and Grandpa | Evie loves to color | Two Cubs fans! | Evie is showing GP how to play princess | Game Time

42: HAPPY 8TH BIRTHDAY CADEN! What fun we all had when Grandpa and Grandma treated us to Chuck-E-Cheese for lunch | HAPPY BIRTHDAY CADEN! what fun we had when Grandma and Grandpa treated us to lunch at Chuck-E-Cheese Pizza!

43: Look At All These Presents, I Can Handle This

44: 6 | CADEN

45: Caden came up with the theme for his birthday party LEGO. We had lots of fun with Aunt Becca, Joe, Jase, Rhema, Charis, Turner Evie, Aleeya, Aria, Daniel, Myles, and of course Caden. We played games, ate cake, and of course, built with Legos. How do you get 11 kids quite? Give them a pile of Legos!

46: Games: *Scoop up the LEGOS and fill up the jar *Pop a balloon and build a tower with your LEGOS *Who's got the LEGO? *** The most enjoyable activities- LEGOS and dolls in the sunroom and having LEGO Star Wars battles on the trampoline!

48: June 28th, we had a wild fire scare only 1/2 mile from our house. With unpredictable high winds and a 22month drought, we had a day of nervous watching. To contain the fires, the forest service utilized 5 different services, 5 choppers with buckets, and a C130 with fire retardant. | WILD FIRE

49: One loud afternoon while playing with a friend Braeden, ,the house became unusually quiet. Once locating the two of you, we found both of you making yourselves 'nice" in Mrs. Niki's bathroom with hair products, a comb,, and a pair of scissors. We had to go to WalMart for a quick trim. It took a while for those short ends cut to the scalp to grow back. | There is never a dull moment with Daniel around....

50: There's a whole lot of party going on | The weekend was started off at The Woodlands Pavillion with a patriotic performance by the Houston Symphony enjoyed by the whole Ross Family

51: Home of the free...Because of the Brave | The First Ross Family Olympics

52: Amazing Fun on the Fourth | Obsticle Corase | Foxtail Throw | Ed and Mary Ross | Abby, David, Kristi, and Andrew Ross | Brian, Becca, and Joe Harrison

53: There's a whole lot of party going on | tired kids at the end of the day | Donut Relay | Obstacle Course | Obstacle Course | Distant Judges

55: Fun at Adventure Kingdom with Myles and Lisa Garver. Mini Golf, Bumper Cars, Paddle Boats and a thunderstorm to cool off in consumed our afternoon..

56: One of our favorite summer spots to go to is the Water Park in Sulphur, LA. . Evie loved the water and swimming like a fish. Daniel had fun on the fun slides with his friends, and Caden, we never saw him. He was always on the three big slides.

57: after | EVIE'S FIRST HAIRCUT | before | Evie loved her first haircut from Mrs. Kelley. She needed all those long curly locks of hers tamed.

58: So Much Summer Fun! | Wii | Rachel and her friend Shelley West at their 20yr High School Reunion

59: Upwards Basketball Camp | Painting Nails | Crestwood Ladies Ministry | Cow Appreciation Day | Daniel and Myles | Caden driving the Track-hoe

60: Down by the Creek | Daniel | Evie | Caden | Drop Daniel!

61: What a wonderful Birthday Treat! "Painting With a Twist" with my mom and sister. God even supplied a gift of sharing the same verses and promises across miles with my friend Amy through song, paint, and nature in dealing with her move to Marble Falls. | Matthew 6:26- "Look at the birds of the air, for they neither sow nor reap nor gather into barns; yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not of more value than they?"

62: Bowling Night

63: appy | irthday | rincess | th | Charis, Evie, Rhema, and Aria

64: Oh! Don't eat the poison apple! | Cinderella needed help finding her slipper before she could dance at the ball | Can you guess which Princess is in the bag?

65: Birthday Breakfast at Grandpa and Grandma's house | A few Princes need to defend the Princesses

66: Loose | TOOTH | Daddy couldn't get his fingers around Daniel's tiny teeth to pull them, so he took them out himself.

67: Adventures in My Father's World 2011-2012 US History | Evie- Kindergarten Caden- 2nd Grade Daniel- Kindergarten

68: Family, Fun, Food and Fireworks | BACK TO SCHOOL PARTY WITH THE STUBBLEFIELDS An evening of All American Burgers and Flag Cake preceded the sailing of the Nina, Pinta, and Santa Maria in the pond, celebrating learning about Christoper Columbus's discovery of America. | Charis | Rhema | Charis, Evie, Caden, | Daniel, Rhema, Aria

69: Amy through Dorey into the pond | The girls couldn't stand the thought of Mommy being dunked by daddy | Rhema and Evie | Caden and the Santa Maria

70: Captain John Smith Pocahontas Squanto

71: During our study of Native American Indians, the kids had fun acting out the various stories, making Indian homes, and partaking in Native American cuisine: Buffalo (burgers) and Grilled Salmon (thanks to Grandpa)

73: SPACE CADETS | In September, the burgundy bus departed Hardin County for the last time carting the Stubbs to a NASA field trip. One of our favorite destinations, the kids were able to explore the universe, stars, space, and planets., and dream about space travel.

74: Jesus is the Bread of Life | "I am the bread of life. He who comes to me will never go hungry, and he who believes in me will never be thirsty." John 6:35 | Observing how yeast and sugar react together to produce carbon dioxide

75: Making butter and yeast rolls while learning the Bible stories of Elijah and the widow, passover, the boy with 5 loaves, and manna.

76: So Long Stubbs | What at sad time, saying goodbye to the Stubbs as they move to the Hill Country. God has given me such a great friendship, spiritual mentor,encourager in Amy. An added bonus was how well our spouses and kids got along, enjoying each others company, just hanging out. | Evie, Rachel,Caden, Daniel, and Bro Mark Celebrating with a dance at Larry's | BFF- Rachel and Amy | Dancing with Daddy Allen and Evie | Rachel and Charis | Rhema, Dorey, Amy, Aria, Charis Stubblefield | Aria

77: What are those princesses doing? Digging? | I am soo going to miss these moments... | Rhena | Cadne and Aria pulling out the trains one last time

78: Sweet Berry Farms

79: While in Mineral Falls, TX visiting the Stubbs, they took us to a wonderful farm with a pumpkin patch, goats, horses, donkeys, hayrides, barrel train rides, good eats, a scarecrow hay ride, and maize maze. What a fun adventure owned by members of their church. The Stubbs are truly in a good place with a caring church family. Now the ideas are rolling for enterprises that can take place in Kountze. The question is, "Do I want to work that hard?"

80: Looking for the Bald Eagles.... | The view onto Lake Marble Falls | 100 year old tree

81: Daniel gave into peer pressure and learned how to ride his bike without training wheels with the encouragement from Rhema who acquired the skill since the last time we saw her. He didn't ask for a lot of help, just needed a little encouragement, and took off! Look how serious he is working on this! Mastering this mode of transportation came latter in December. | Crash and Burn! After a busy weekend and fun enjoying each others company again, all 10 of us found places to sleep in the small two bedroom cabin. | LoonyToons

82: Dorey and Amy took us on a tour Fredricksburg on Saturday. A fun stop was the Pioneer Museum where the kids were introduced to hands on activities that we are reading about in Little House, and learning about in school. We even got to sit in the seats of the one room school house, see the quill pens, make rope, and watch women weave cotton and wool. We also stopped at Rockin' Rob's and ate our way through the store. We attempted to make it to the Old Train Tunnel to watch the Bats leave but they 'took off' early. | Daniel and Rhema trying to catch ducks | Fun swimming int he lake, relaxing, and floating away on the rafts.

84: Signing of the Declaration of Independence with Feather Quills and Homemade Ink | Science- Color spectrum and light waves, O-Octopus, and evaporation

85: Alex Williford's long awaited Adoption! | Evie playing with Michael Payne | Cousins Harper and Courtney Hawkins | a pink bath! | Crazy Hair Night at AWANA | Fun Scrapbooking Fridays: The boys are reenacting the Revolutionary War on the Princess Castle

86: OUR BIG BACK YARD | Trying to get close to the deer

87: Trick or Treat. Be so sweet. Give me something good to eat.Trick or treat | Getting a Daddy Do | What did the hungry caterpillar get? | Pit Stop | The beautiful butterfly and pouting caterpillar | Daddy Do

88: TOLAR | I | M | E | with them and their bunnies

89: Terrific Tutoring | Grandma helps out with reading lessons each time we see her | What a break this is for Mommy and the kids enjoy it also!

91: "Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower." - Albert Camus | CANE SYRUP | On a chilly November morning, we set out bright and early on a field trip back in time.. We went to Silsbee to make Cane Syrup. Cut Sugar Canes were fed into the caning grinds, squeezing juice from the stalks. Next, the juice was strained into a 5 gallon bucket, and trash pieces discarded. Once full, the juice was put into the sugar kettle to boil. Keeping the fire at a consistent temperature is the biggest challenge. While boiling, more impurities are scrapped off the top, then continued to warm and thicken over the fire, before putting the syrup into jars. Helping and watching this process brought to life the syrup making that we read about in the Little House Books. Not only did we get to make syrup but we also took a tour of the barn which housed numerous antiques and took a ride on the zip line and rope swing.

92: The family is one of nature's masterpieces. ~ George Santayana | Joe's 9th Birthday!

93: Andrew | Daniel | Racing in the foam Joe and Caden | Caden | Best Buds: Daniel and Andrew Hanging on Uncle Dave

94: All I Want for Christmas is.... | Daniel was the last of the three to sit on Santa's lap. After getting up, he remembered something he forgot to tell him, and ran quickly to whisper a secret into Santa's ear. All of a sudden I heard in a booming voice, "That is what Christmas is all about." Daniel had asked Santa to bring me a blue ring. I was very stunned to find a Blue Topaz ring, earring, and necklace set Christmas morning. He almost let the surprise out of the bag while watching a similar jewelery commercial where Santa provides the giver an idea with a gift of jewelry,

95: Christmas Time Brings So Much Pleasure When You Have Good Memories To Treasure | Evie is wearing the same dress Rachel wore when she was four. Christmas Tradition~Ornaments Daniel-Uncle Sam Nutcracker, Evie-Revolutionary Girl with a doll Caden-US Map | The Nutcracker Ballet Evie compared the American Revolutionary War with the battle between the Nutcrackers and the Rats after studying both in HS. | First Christmas at Grandma and Grandpa's House The kids were entertained for hours looking at all of the different ornaments that moved, played songs, or lit up in various ways. | Our Annual Mission Project Receiving shoe boxes for Samaritan's Purse at church and making sure they have all been secured correctly. Picking out presents from the Toys R Us Gift Catalog

96: Aunt Becca planned a fun "Girls Day Out " for her two nieces Evie and Abby. We spent the morning at a little girl spa getting nails and hair done. | Grandma, Aunt Becca, Kristi and Abby, Evie and Rachel, Sandi Askin | SWEET & SASSY

98: Family Is The Best Part Of Christmas | Joe, Rebecca, and Brian Harrison | Kristi, David, Abby, and Andrew Ross | Ed and Mary Ross | Bullock Family Ava Lee, Allen, Evie, Caden, Rachel, and Daniel Bullock Jill, Mike, Miracle, and Madison Petty | PawPaw (Henry) Bullock

99: Ross Family | Birthday Buddies Allen and Abby | Daniel and Andrew Best Buddies | Daniel

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