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BYU College Scrapbook

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BYU College Scrapbook - Page Text Content

S: Rachelle's BYU Memories 2008-2012

BC: Every Ending leads to a new Beginning

FC: REVIEW | college in

1: Freshman | Sophmore | Junior | Senior

2: Freshman Year | 2008-2009

4: Where I Lived: Roommate: Favorite Classes: Ward Calling: Funniest Memory: Accomplishments: | 3108 Hinckley Hall Helaman Halls Nicole London Teachings of the Living Prophets (REL 333) & Intro to Music (Music 101) Gospel Doctrine Teacher On my way to dinner at the Cannon Center with my roommates, I started running to the window to wave to our friends, tripped on a ledge, and smacked my face against the glass window. Choosing a major, loosing my "Freshman 10" by the end of the year | About Freshman Year

5: School | back to

6: New Student Orientation | Volleyball game with Nicole and Justin | NSO Leaders Robbie & Blake | Sleepover with Carly | Subzero - our favorite! | Exploring BYU campus

7: 80's Night | A bunch of the girls on our floor decided to dress up "80's style" and wander around campus on a Friday night. I'm sure we all looked ridiculous dressed in our mismatched clothes on campus!

8: BYU football games with Jessica and Nicole... | My family... | Watching at Legends Grill with Kyle, Nicole, Adam, and Gwen | Rise & Shout the Cougars are Out | BYU Football

9: We would go on frequent late-night Denny's runs (open 24 hours) on the weekends. One night, we fit 7 people into my 5 passenger car so we could all drive together. Below (left to right): Brooke, Rachel, Nicole, Adam, Rachelle, Blake, Mike | Late Night Denny's Runs

10: Family Home Evening Group | One of the most memorable things from freshman year was my FHE Group. Nicole and Jake S. were our FHE Mom and Dad. Our FHE included watching general conference after a yummy breakfast, bowling, pumpkin carving, and playing Disney Scene It at the Tanner building. Right photo (left to right): Shelby, Jillian, Kristie, Jake M. , Nicole, Rachelle, Jordan, Jake S. Center bottom photo: At our first ward FHE activity, we each had to make a skit about our new group. We decided to write a wrap to the tune of Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

11: Bowling Activity at the Wilkinson Center

12: Homecoming Dances | During Homecoming weekend, I went to the 80's themed Homecoming Dance with Justin, a friend from the dorms. We had dinner at California Pizza Kitchen and then went to the Heber Creeper for the dance. Top middle photo (left to right): Justin, Rachelle, Brianna, Will

13: The next night, I went to the formal homecoming dance at Thanksgiving Point with Tim Martin, a friend from my physical science class. We cooked dinner at his sister's house in Eagle Mountain before we headed off to the Cinderella themed dance.

14: P u m k i n C a r v i n g

15: Rachel S. and I planned a murder mystery party held in the basement of Hinckley Hall. Everyone's costume looked great! | Above (left to right): Gwen, Stephen Bookstaber, Austin Harris, Brooke, Rachelle, Nicole, Blake, Rachel Brisson, Rachel Scudiere | M u d e r | M y s t e r y P a r t y

16: Center photo (left to right): James, Stephen, Rachel, Gwen, Rachelle Blake, Nicole, Jessica | Left center photo (left to right): Rachelle, Emily, Brooke Ellis, Nicole, Rachel, Gwen, Jessica | Halloween at Helaman Halls

17: Hiking the | y | Tim and I hiked up to the Y on a beautiful fall day.

18: We asked some boys in our ward to the girls preference dance. We ate dinner at Rice King Provo and went to the Seven Peaks Ice Arena for the activity. Couples: Gwen & Stephen, James & Rachel B., Mike & Nicole, Adam & Rachelle, Rachel S. & Matt, Brooke & Kyle | Girl's Preference Dance

19: Fall Fun with Roommates

20: Dorm Life The crazy things we do . . . | We would have roommate sleepovers where we would take the mattresses off our bed, lay them on the floor of our | One of the craziest things we ever tried was mattress surfing. We lined several of our mattresses along the staircase and slide down the mattresses like a slide. Thankfully, our RA wasn't in the dorms that weekend! | I volunteered to be on a Relief Society committee where we decorated each girl's door for her birthday as a surprise. | Rockin' the mocs. Nicole, Brooke, Gwen, Rachel, and | tiny dorm room, and share the bed space between four or five of us. | I all bought matching moccasins.

21: Sunday Afternoon Makeovers | One Sunday afternoon, Brooke, Gwen, Rachel, Nicole and I went to the boy's dorm and styled their hair. They sure looked good!

22: GIVE | T h a n k s | Harrison Family Thanksgiving Dinner

23: Neighbor | Lane | Thanksgiving

24: Mike Day! | The Fab Five decided that when each of our friends got their mission call, we would have an evening just for them. When Mike got his mission call to North Carolina, we had Mike Day. We started out by going to Rachelle's University Chorale performance, Bombay House for dinner, and finally drove around Provo in Mahana (Mike's Jeep).

25: While the girls were taking Mike out for Mike Day, the boys were pulling off the ultimate prank back at Stover Hall. Over the past month, they had collected TONS of newspapers and phone books. While we were out with Mike, all the boys on Mike's floor were stuffing feet of shredded paper into his dorm room. When he came home, all of the boys had hidden in the mounds of paper. | Rachel & Gwen collecting newspapers | The nine 20-gallon bags we used to load the newspaper out | The Ultimate Newspaper Prank

26: Temple Square | During Thanksgiving break, Rachel, Nicole Matt, Dan, and I went to Temple Square to enjoy the lights.

27: We all decided to wear the most mismatched outfit we could find and go to the movies. Scott (in the back of center photo) decided not to wear a shirt. | Austin got his mission call to Omaha, Nebraska | Benji's high school musical performance | Shopping at DI with Rachel and Adam | Adventures in Provo

28: Sledding in Heber

29: Visiting Santa | One of our Christmas traditions is going to visit Santa to get pictures for mom. | Nicole and I decorated our dorm door for Christmas. | Megan celebrating her birthday with Benji, Spencer, an dKendall.

30: Performing the Christmas Nativity at Grandma and Grandpa Ellsworth's house. | The Boomwhacker players performing Christmas carols | eve

31: merry

32: Happy 16th Birthday Megan! | For Megan's 16th birthday, we had surprise party for her with a group of her friend's at Noah's. Everyone had a great time!

33: We celebrated the beginning of 2009 at Kathy and Dave's house in Heber.

34: It was great to go back to BYU after a wonderful Christmas break to enjoy basketball games and snow wars with freshman friends. | Semester | Winter

35: New | York | City | Top left photo: Bottom Row - Angelina, Jamall, Anthony Romero (ACLU Director), Johnathan, Adam Top Row - Rachelle, Matt, Tonei, Daniel, Bryan, Chip | I got to go to New York City for a few days in January for my ACLU scholarship. We had workshop training in the day and explored the city in the evenings.

36: Dates with Mike | Mike and I went on a lot of fun dates together, including pizza making at his house, Jazz games, and favorite restaurant Cucina Tuscana.

37: Mike's Missionary Farewell | Center Photo (left to right): Will, Dan, Matt, Gwen, Nicole, Adam, Rachelle, Mike, Brooke and Rachel | A group of friends from our freshman ward all went to Mike's farewell in Farmington before he headed off to North Carolina for two years. Rachel, Gwen, Matt and I all spent Saturday night at Matt's grandparents house in Bountiful. We found the dress up box and had a little fun.

38: I went skiing for my first time at Snowbird Resort with Mom, Dad, Tanner, Levi, and Jared. The snow was beautiful and I really enjoyed learning to ski. | Skiing at Snowbird | I had to have a minor surgery at the beginning of winter semester. The nurses were so nice and I was home in no time!

39: I couldn't believe it when all of my friends started leaving on their missions. We went to so many missionary farewells this semester. A big group of friends from high school came to Jameson's farewell before he left for his mission to Mexico. Photo (left to right): Kylie, Mitch, Britten, Jameson, Stacie, Rachelle, Nicole, Jessica, and Austin | High School Missionary Farewells | Tanner, Spencer, and I went to a fun ceramic painting shop called Color Me Mine. The boys made colorful mugs and I made a plate for Elder Derrick that said "Elder I think about you all the time." | Color Me Mine

40: Rachelle's 19th Birthday | To celebrate my 19th birthday, the girls on my dorm floor decorated my door. That night, I went home and opened presents with my family. Later in the week, I celebrated with Stacie and Nicole by eating at Tucano's and seeing the Marriage of Figaro at Capitol Theater in Salt Lake.

41: Daddy made a delicious Easter ham for dinner. | Spencer and I had a great time coloring two dozen Easter eggs. | Tanner got ordained to the Aaronic Priesthood. Many family and ward members came to support him. | happy

42: And the next Miss South Jordan is . . . | Preparing for my judges interview | Performing Rachmaninoff's Prelude in g minor | Hearing my name read - I can hardly believe it! | Answering my on-stage question | Waving across as the stage as Miss South Jordan 2009

43: Previous Miss South Jordan, Trista Snyder | "Congratulations" cake mom had in advance in anticipation of my win | Grandmother Harrison & Grandma Sandy | Carol Jensen made a Wheaties box with me on it! | High school friends Carly, Nicole and Stacie | Two former Miss South Jordan's, both my home ward! | Piano teacher Mrs. George | My fan group who came to support me

44: Parades & | Summertime | As Miss South Jordan royalty, we were in 13 parades during the summer, including the Days of '47 Parade. | Eating at Buca di Beppo after the Days of '47 Parade | Even though we had stands on our float, we were grateful to wave seated from our swinging bench. | Miss South Jordan 2009 Royalty: Malinda Money, Portia Williams, & Rachelle Harrison

45: I taught Spencer to knit of the float before the parade started. | During the Forth of July Parade, Megan and I were making Curious George faces. | Portia fell asleep on the float.

46: Summer in Provo | During spring and summer terms, I lived at an apartment complex called Alpine Village in Provo and continued to take classes - no breaks! I took 9 credits during Spring Term (equivalent of 18 credits during a full semester) and 3 credits during Summer Term. - I SYS 201 Intro to Information Systems - I SYS 202 Intro to Computer Programming - M COM 320 Communications in Business - Accounting 210 I made a good friend, Anthony, from two of my classes. One of the fun activities we did was make sailboats out of random grocery store items and sail them in a little river in Provo. | Left: Attending the Oquirrh Mountain Temple Open House with family Above: Doing baptisms at the Jordan River Temple for Tanner's first time.

47: Mrs Giffen, my 1st and 2nd grade teacher, sent me a cookie bouquet to congratulate me on becoming Miss South Jordan. | Cow Appreciation Day | Sister Bonding | Thanksgiving Point | Spencer and I celebrated Cow Appreciation Day at Chick-fil-A by dressing up like cows and getting a free sandwich!

48: Girl's Camp | I got to go to Girl's Camp with mom and Megan as an honorary 8th year camper. It was so much fun! | We raised a virtue banner that each person signed at the top of the mountain at the end of our hike. | Jennie Lever and I loved singing girl's camp songs!

49: Night Out | I got to make an appearance as Miss South Jordan at the Night Out Against Crime, a local fair that educated people about safety principles. | Against Crime

50: 2009-2010 | Sophomore Year

51: Where I Lived: Roommates: Favorite Classes: Ward Calling: Funniest Memory: Accomplishments: | Virginia Building Apt #6, Liberty Square Apartments Brooke Zollinger, Nicole London, Rachel Scudiere, Gwen Stoneman, Mikhael Doe Business Programming (I SYS 403) & Basic Conducting (Music 135) Relief Society Pianist Eating Ritz crackers and cheese whiz the entire Intex week with team members Devin & Spencer Completing the Information Systems Junior Core without pulling a single all-nighter | About Sophomore Year

52: Welcome to Virginia 6 | Bathroom vanity | Calendar and bulletin board | Kitchen & bar | Our decorative Christmas tree | Above: The missionary wall. We had a world map with a picture of each of our friends pointing to where they were currently serving their mission. | Living room area | Right: Our world clocks. We bought eight clocks at Ikea and set them to different time zones around the world.

53: All the roommates went to Mikhael's murder mystery performance! | First Sunday at Liberty Square | Happy Birthday Brooke | Celebrating Brooke Zollinger's birthday with friends from freshman ward. Center photo (left to right): Kassandra, Rachelle, Brooke Zollinger, Nicole, Gwen, Brooke Ellis, Rachel | Rachel playing dress up with my Miss SJ crown

54: Hiking to Secret Lake | We hiked to Secret Lake with the Lambsons and Worshams | Healing Field with mom, Spencer, and Emma | First home BYU football game of the season | Scarecrow decorating with Marissa and Emma for Fall Fest

55: Family Time | Performing a duet with Spencer at his school talent show | Eating at Tucanos with Brynna & Megan | Taking pictures of space at the Derrick Family observatory | Making gyoza with Tanner & Spencer | Megan & I got matching footie PJs | Family pictures after church

56: Happy Halloween | For Halloween, all of my roommates dressed up as Spice Girls. I was Baby Spice.

57: Junior Core | Group | During my year in the Information Systems Junior Core, we were assigned permanent groups for the entire year. Devin Moss and Spencer Griffen were my assigned group members. I think I saw more of them then I did my actual roommates that year. We were always working together on group projects at school. For a Business Processes and | Controls project, we visited Carr Printing Co. in Bountiful where Spencer's grandpa is one of the owners. We learned all about printing and binding.

59: Roommates | After fall semester, Gwen moved home. We took plenty of pictures with all six of us together before she left.

60: And thus . . . The Christmas Nativity! | For our Christmas FHE activity, we performed the nativity. Mikhael was an angel, Brooke and Rachel were wise men, Gwen was Mary, and Nicole and I were donkeys. It was a huge success!

61: Andie, Gwen, Rachel and I performed "Rocking Around the Christmas Tree" in ugly Christmas sweaters from DI for our ward talent show. It was a big hit! | Enjoying Christmas Eve at Grandma and Grandpa Ellsworth's house

62: Megan's Birthday Lunch at Tucanos | The Ellsworth family enjoyed a delicious lunch at Megan's favorite restaurant, Tucanos, for her birthday.

63: Happy New Year | We enjoyed an exciting New Year's Eve at Grandma and Grandpa's house with the Johnsons and the Spoelstras. The cousins also played a fun game of Dominion while we waited to bring in the new year.

64: Miss South Jordan Year of Service | During my year as Miss South Jordan, I promoted my platform of "Creating tomorrow's leaders through youth community participation." I spoke at elementary schools, participated in DARE graduations, and attended many city events throughout the year. | Right: I spoke at several DARE graduations at the local elementary schools with Officer Campbell. Spencer even went with me one time and asked to be handcuffed! | Above: I attended the Miss Utah Workshop in January to prep for the Miss Utah competition the following June. I met the other contestant and received my group and number assignment. | Miss Utah USA 2007, Heather Anderson

65: Left: I read books to elementary students at Dr. Suess Reading Day. Fox 13 News was there to also highlight the event. I got to meet Big Buddha and be on the news that night! | Above: Speaking at Paradigm High School Charter School to the middle and high schoolers about the difference they can make in their communities. | Left: Meeting the real Easter Bunny at the city Easter Egg Hunt. It was so much fun participating in so many city events!

66: We celebrated Nicole's birthday by having fondue at the apartment with our next door neighbors and going on a scavenger hunt around Provo. | Center photo: Bobbie, Rachel, Andie, Hannah, Brooke, Alyssa, Nicole, Rachelle | Rachel, Nicole and I went to Park City on a Saturday adventure. We ha d a fun time shopping and eating! | Nicole's Birthday & Park City

67: Rachelle's 20th Birthday | My roommates made me a delicious chocolate cake | Birthday dinner with the family Below: Nicole, Mikhael, Rachelle, Derek, Chris | Grandma Sandy gave me this cute apron for my birthday!

68: I went night skiing at Snowbird with Trevor and Seth from school. It was even Seth's first time skiing. It was cold, but very fun! | Night Skiing | Nick Lambson got home from his mission in Russia. We made him a cute welcome home sign. | Nick is Home!

69: University Chorale | Neighbor Lane | As part of my music minor, I had to be in a performing group for four semesters. I was in University Chorale, BYU's non-audition choir during my freshman and sophomore years. | It is always so wonderful to get together with our Neighbor Lane friends. Everyone is growing up so much! | Family

70: Miss South Jordan 2010

71: At the Miss South Jordan 2010 pageant, I passed my crown onto the new Miss South Jordan, Audrey Zeller I also convinced Megan to do the pageant with me. It was great going to weekly workshops and rehearsals with her there. All of the contestants did a fantastic job, and Megan was especially beautiful!

73: Moving to Houston, Texas | The ExxonMobil building - my new work! | During the school year, I accepted an internship with ExxonMobil in Houston, Texas. At the beginning of the summer, my mom and I drove my little Hyundai all the way to Houston. Although I had tentative living arrangements when I got to Texas, plans quickly changed. I moved in with the Squire family for the month of May. I met roommates Alina and Erin in the Braes Bayou Singles Ward a few weeks later and moved into the Greenbriar Chateau. Moving to a huge city was a little unnerving to me at first, but I quickly learned to love the city and met so many wonderful people. This summer was one that I will never forget. | Such a big city for a little girl | Shauna Squire and mom

74: Soon after I moved into the Braes Bayou Singles Ward, I was asked out on a date by Bryant Hawkes. Our first date consisted of him picking me up at my apartment at the Greenbriar Châateau, performing him my Rachmaninoff piece on Alina's broken piano, having a homemade fajita dinner at Hermann Park, and playing a round of frisbee golf at the park. Our last hole ended at a large rock where Bryant pointed out an envelope taped to its base with my named written across it. I opened it up and found a voucher to go to the Houston Symphony with him in July. We finished up the date feeding the ducks at the park and drinking tapioca drinks and playing Rummikub at the Tea House. It was most impressive first date I have ever been on. | First Date

75: A few days after our first date, Bryant asked me out again. On our way out of my apartment complex, I found another envelope with my name written across it taped to the entry gate of the complex. Inside, I found the first clue to a scavenger hunt Bryant had concocted. Our adventure led us to dinner at Thai Village, and Borders bookstore. At Borders, Bryant surprised me with a cute pamphlet he had made called "Bryant's Bytes: Successfully Navigating Miss Utah 2010." I would be leaving the next week to participate in the MIss Utah Pageant and he had wanted to give me something to remember him while I was away. His plan worked flawlessly. | Answer: Bryant's Bytes hidden in Bryant's pant pocket | Second Date | Answer: Borders | Answer: Thai Village | Clue #1 | Clue #2 | Clue #3

76: Show Me Your Shoes | The start of Miss Utah week begins with a parade called Show Me Your Shoes. Each contestant creates a pair of shoes that represents her community. I represented the first South Jordan baseball league. | Before I accepted my internship with ExxonMobile, I told them I was committed to be in Utah for a week during the MIss Utah Pageant. So a week after my internship started, I flew back to Utah for a week to be in the Miss Utah Pageant! It | Rehearsal Week | For three days straight we had rehearsals. It was very exhausting, but I had a lot of fun with my new pageant sisters, Tara, Erica, and Bridget. | was an incredible experience to perform at Capitol Theater and meet and work with so many amazing women!

77: Miss Utah Pageant | Evening Wear | On-Stage Question | Talent | Swimsuit | Backstage... | ^ My Little Miss. So sweet. | < My host mom, Camille. She was the best :) | My family came to support me every night. | Piano inspiration, Mrs. George | Opening number costumes. Theme: Mission Impossible

78: Flaming Croûuton Chicken | When I got back to Houston after Miss Utah, I invited Bryant over for dinner after work one night. When he got over to my apartment, the tiny kitchen was smoky from cooking. After several minutes, I realized my chicken casserole had literally caught on fire in the oven. Upon opening, the flames were licking out of the oven! Bryant used his quick thinking, smothered the fire, and we still ate our Flaming Crouton Chicken for dinner. | A date at the Astros Game at Minutemaid Park | Astros Baseball Game

79: Where I Lived: Roommates: Where I Worked: Position: Ward: Funniest Memory: Accomplishments: | The Greenbriar Chateau 4100 Greenbriar #123 Houston, Texas 77098 Alina Pando and Erin Smith ExxonMobil Knowledge Management Intern, worked primarily with migration to SharePoint 2010 Braes Bayou Singles Ward Flaming Crouton Chicken (see previous page), dodging Bryant's first kiss and then begging him to kiss me 2 weeks later :) Survived living >45 minutes away from home (bonus: loved every second!) | About Summer 2010 | Roommates Erin and Alina | Greenbriar Chateau neighbors, Ann & Kirsten | ExxonMobil intern lunch

80: Brazos Bend State Park | Bryant and I went to Brazos Bend during the Fourth of July weekend. We came within feet of alligators!

81: Houston Symphony Dollar Concert | Dessert at III Forks | There was a very fancy, expensive steak restaurant in downtown Houston called III Forks. Instead of eating a full meal there, Bryant and I decided to just go for dessert. | The first of many Houston Symphony concerts that Bryant and I went to together was the Dollar Concert at Jones Hall.

82: One of my favorite Houston traditions was going to Miller Outdoor Theater for a Fourth of July celebration. We went with a large group of friends from the singles ward, laid out the blankets, and enjoyed rootbeer floats and games until the performance. The Houston Symphony plays a big patriotic program concluding with the 1812 Overture with live cannons and fireworks! | Center photo (l to r): Chioma, Alina Pando, Derek Senior, Scott Gunther, Ryan Odom, Brock Josephson, Kirsten Johnson, Angela Cintolesi, Ann Marshall, Adam Taft, ?, Jordan Horrocks, Rachelle and Bryant Hawkes

83: Exploring Downtown Houston | Bryant and I enjoyed several theater performances, including Agatha Christie's The Mousetrap with the Squire Family and Little Shop of Horrors at the Miller Outdoor Theater. | Theater Performances

84: Space Center Houston | Bryant took me to Space Center Houston for a special tour of his work. We saw the Saturn 5 rocket, touched moon rocks, and even saw a special lunar base module prototype.

85: Michael Buble Concert | One weekend Bryant and I had plans to see the circus. That afternoon, Bryant came to pick me up at my apartment. He sadly told me that he had failed to get tickets to the circus but that he had something I might enjoy even more. He then pulled out two tickets to the Michael Buble concert that night! I was absolutely in shock. Our tickets were fantastic but the company was even better.

86: Exxon Mobil Interns | During the final week of our internship, all 40 interns went to Galveston, TX to present our projects. Center photo: Ben, another intern from my building, and I went to lunch at Remington's for Houston Restaurant Week.

87: Visiting the beach in Galveston with our baby pool. The Houston Temple was beautiful! I went there several times with the ward to do baptisms. | Family Home Evening activity singing patriotic songs and hymns at the retirement center | Hailey Mattsen's bridal shower with Ann and Mandy | When Bryant dropped me off after a date one night, I found this little lizard in my apartment. | Houston Friends

89: Rooftop Dinner at the Greenbriar Chateau | For our last date of the summer, Bryant and I planned a romantic dinner on the rooftop of my apartment complex. Despite the heat, the sunset was beautiful and the food was delicious!

90: Farewell Party at Sugar Baby's | Before I went home at the end of the summer, I had a farewell party at a cute little cupcake shop called Sugar Baby's with several friends from the singles ward. Bottom photo (l to r): Spencer, Hailey, Jeff, Gary, Erin, me, Alina, Jordan, Bryant, Derek, Ann and Kirsten

91: Park City Trip | The weekend after I got home from Houston, I went to Park City with my family. We went hiking, jet skiing, and to the Olympic Park on the zipline. It was so wonderful being home with my family again.

92: 2010-2011 | Junior Year

93: Where I Lived: Roommates: Favorite Classes: Ward Calling: Favorite Memory: Accomplishments: | Centennial Apartments 380 N 1020 E #218 Provo, Utah 84606 Rachel Scudiere, Gwen Stoneman, Andie Garrett, Cassidy Nelson & Naomi Whitehead Organizational Behavior with Troy Nelson, Organ lessons from Zhenya, Biology with Dr. Black (birds, bats, and bears!) Visiting Teaching Coordinator When Bryant picked me up at the Houston airport during my first trip back to Texas and having him tell me he loved me for the first time in the baggage terminal. Taking 21.5 credits fall semester, working, and having a boyfriend in Houston. Talk about a juggling act! | About Junior Year

94: BYU Football | Back to School | So excited for school to start! | Centennial roommates | Rachel, Gwen and Andie

95: Happy Birthday, Dad! | We enjoyed a great birthday celebration for dad at Tucanos! Yummy! | Taylor Starts School | We had Indian food with Taylor and Jean when she dropped Taylor off in Provo to start school.

96: FHE Shooting Activity | We got to go shooting for an FHE activity with our fantastic FHE brothers.

97: In October, I took my first trip back to Houston to visit Bryant. It was a magical weekend. Highlights included going to the Houston Symphony and overlooking downtown at the top of the Chase tower. | Trip to Houston

98: Bryant Comes | G | O | C | O | U | G | A | R | S | to Utah | Tailgating before the game | Bryant came for a visit to Utah right before Thanksgiving. It was the first time he met any of my family and friends. We started out the trip by going to a BYU football game. | Hanging out with Sam and Abby at the game

99: G | S | Secret Service Yard Cleanup | Before | After | We had a big storm come through South Jordan that damaged several branches on a big tree at my parents' house. | Bryant and I decided it would be fun to clean up the broken branches one morning while both of my parents were gone. They were pleasantly surprised to come home and find a clean yard! | The moment we realized we had been putting all of the leaves in the recycling bin. Note the garbage truck directly behind me.

100: Hiking Donut Falls | We enjoyed a beautiful hike up to Donut Falls. We all wore our matching Mexico hats and stuffed them with newspaper so they would stick straight up.

101: Thanksgiving in Twin Falls | After spending a weekend with my family in South Jordan, Bryant and I made a treacherous trip to Twin Falls in a horrible snow storm. Thankfully we made it safely to his home. I was a little nervous to meet his family at first, but immediately felt comfortable and at home with them. We enjoyed a delicious Thanksgiving meal prepared by Niki. We were able to have the entire family home for the holiday. Dishes included turkey, roasted vegetables, mashed potatoes, sparking cranberry drink, cranberry salad, and delicious homemade pies for dessert.

102: On my first visit the Hawkes' in Twin Falls, we put together homemade gingerbread houses. Everyone was so creative and they turned out so cute! | Making | Gingerbread | Houses | Above (l to r): Robert, Raffa, Annmarie, Olivia, Jake, Joseph, Rachelle, Bryant, Elizabeth, Niki, Richard, Melissa

103: After we finished our Thanksgiving feast, we all headed to the church to play some post-Thanksgiving games which included darts, Poison and Pig. We are all showing our dart wounds in the picture on the left. | Games | Playing Thanksgiving

104: Richard's Birthday | Our First Christmas Card | As a joke, Bryant and I turned one of our pictures into a Christmas card and sent it to our Houston singles ward bishop, Bishop Peterson. He sure got a kick out of it. | Visiting Santa Claus

105: Forgotten Carols | Enjoying The Forgotten Carols performed by Michael McLean | Happy Birthday | Celebrating Spencer's 11th birthday at Pizza Pie Cafe in Provo | Visiting the my Houston family, the Squires while they were visiting Utah | Enjoying the annual Lambson music concert | Celebrating Natalie's baptism with the Harrison family | Spencer | During winter semester, I took private organ lessons from Zhenya and got to perform at the organ recital.

106: Robert's Graduation | December Trip to Idaho | In December, Bryant flew into SLC. We met Bryant's family in Salt Lake and drove to Rexburg together for Robert's graduation. | The newly opened BYU Idaho Center | Eating at Bryant's favorite high school restaurant, Nine Beans and a Burrito | Riding in the tractor at the Quonset

107: Centennial | Celebrating Christmas | After the graduation, we spent several days in Twin Falls where we did a lot of fun activities. I went back to Utah on the Salt Lake Express bus | on Christmas Eve. | The snow and icicles at Centennial Park were incredible! | Bryant and I opened our gifts to each other before I went home to Utah. Bryant got me a collection of Sherlock Holmes. He also owned a copy so we could read to each other on our Skype dates. For Bryant's gift, I recreated the Monopoly game using places that we had been together. It turned out so cute. | Park

108: Christmas Eve | Acting out the Christmas nativity and playing Boomwhackers at Grandma and Grandpa's house | The three wise men Tanner, Aaron and Spencer | 2010 Harrison Christmas Card

109: Christmas Day | I got money for my next Houston trip from Santa. Megan got a new KitchenAid. | Traditional Christmas morning picture at the bottom the stairs

110: Las Vegas Bellagio

111: Red Rock Cafe | Moving into Brett and Kae's mini van. | We watched home videos the whole way to California. | In December, we took a family trip to California. We made an overnight stop in Las Vegas to visit Brett, Kae and their family. Due to van difficulties, we ended up driving Brett and Kae's car to California | while our van got fixed. It sure made for a comfy drive!

112: Newport Beach

113: From Las Vegas, we made our way to Newport Beach where we spent a week together as a family. It was wonderful to see the sun and the beach, but still very cold. We had to wrap in blankets at the pool and ocean to stay warm. I think Tanner and Spencer were the only ones who actually swam. We also enjoyed several wonderful meals and played some fun games in our hotel room.

114: Practicing our pogo stick skills on the beach | I made a giant heart with my and Bryant's name to show him pictures of when I got home. I had a lot of help from Tanner and Spencer.

115: California Sunsets

116: Newport Beach Temple | We all got to do baptisms at the beautiful Newport Beach Temple. | Shopping Trips | We did lots of shopping in California. Megan found a cute coat and I found a perfect symphony dress for my trip to Houston in January.

117: Birthday on the Beach | We celebrated New Year's with Darron and Ashley Ohlwiler. We put birthday candles in a muffin to celebrate her birthday. | On Megan's birthday, we ate at a yummy Mexican restaurant. The waiter sang and gave her free dessert!

118: Exploring the Salt Lake Library | Sunday in South Jordan | After our trip to California, Bryant came to Utah for a few more days before going back to Houston. It was so fun being together! | Taking silly heart pictures...

119: Happy 18th Birthday Megan!

121: to Houston | January Trip | Biology class at Sam Houston Park. That night I got to use my new symphony dress and went to Verdi's Requiem at Jones Hall. Sunday morning, we made a yummy breakfast and went to go to church with all of my old Houston friends at the Bering building. Bishop Peterson was so surprised to see me in the congregation and started texting me. That night we had dinner with our good friends Dan and Angie Robertson. It was a wonderful trip. | In January, I went on my second trip to visit Bryant. Saturday morning we had a great time going bird watching for my

122: Neighbor Lane Service Project | We made humanitarian kits for people in Africa after Mariama talked to us about her conversion story.

123: Skiing with Sam & Abby | My good friend Sam from school and his new wife Abby invited me to go skiing with them at the Park City Resort. We had a great time. | Picking up Bryant at the Salt Lake Airport in February for another visit

124: During the trip, we saw The Lion King with Kae, Annie, Becca, Josh, Roberta and Kent. It was an amazing production. | We also got to visit Grandma and Grandpa while they were also staying in Las Vegas. | Making our regular treat run at Costco

125: President's Day Trip to Las Vegas | Our family went to visit Brett, Kae and their family in Las Vegas on President's Day weekend. We went on a fun hike close to their house. We all had a great time together.

126: My roommates planned a great birthday party for me. Above (L to R): Jameson, Mike, Gwen, Rachelle, Rachel, Brian, Nate, Danny | Wonderful roommates (L to R): Gwen Rachel, Rachelle and Nicole | Rachelle's 21st Birthday | Delicious Costco chocolate birthday cake | Happy Birthday Tanner

127: Elizabeth's Missionary Farewell | In March, Elizabeth had her missionary farewell before leaving for the Fort Lauderdale Florida Mission. We took family pictures on the canyon rim - only later to find out the one with me would be the next year's Christmas card picture! | << Bryant with Baby Olivia | Cleaning up >> after the family party at the Hilton

128: The Proposal | On the last day of winter semester, I finished my last few class assignments and moved out of my Centennial apartment. I had planned to meet Bryant's parents at the Old Spaghetti Factory for dinner. | When I arrived at the restaurant, I found Bryant there instead of his parents! I was so surprised! He proposed with a Denver airport ring (the real ring wasn't finished yet). His parents, Melissa and Joseph met us later to celebrate.

129: Let the Wedding Planning Begin! | Since Richard and Niki were in town, we decided it would be a good time for some wedding planning. We picked a date, scheduled our sealing at the Salt Lake Temple, called our photographer, and chose a reception hall. Talk about efficient! | Bryant calling the Salt Lake Temple and Melissa helping to relieve the stress | Magnolia Grove Reception Hall | Allison's dance with Adam

130: Before Bryant went back to Houston, we celebrated Easter weekend with my family. I couldn't believe we were finally engaged!

131: The Greenbriar Chateau 4100 Greenbriar #123 Houston, Texas 77098 Alina Pando and Erin Smith ExxonMobil Knowledge Management Intern, worked primarily with migration to SharePoint 2010 Braes Bayou Singles Ward | Celebrating the 4th of July at Miller Outdoor Theater | Where I Lived: Roommates: Where I Worked: Position: Ward: Funniest Memory: Accomplishments: | About Summer 2011 | Our wall-sized summer planning calendar | Recreating our first date with dinner at Hermann park | The Greenbriar Chateau 4100 Greenbriar #246 Houston, Texas 77098 Kellie Kercher & Chloe Bailey Ernst & Young IT Risk & Assurance Braes Bayou Singles Ward So many fun dates - 4th of July at Miller Outdoor, Saturday at Kemah boardwalk, picnics in the park and making our giant calendar to plan our summer. Planning a Utah wedding from Houston

132: Visiting Joseph & Aunt Jamie and her family in Austin. We had a great time playing at the beach and seeing the latest Harry Potter. | Dinner at a nearby Asian restaurant | Above: Bryant & I made a giant wall calendar to plan out all of our summer events.

133: We went to several Houston Symphony concerts throughout the summer. | Trip to the Houston temple | Astros game with matching T-shirts | E&Y summer BBQ & playing tug-o-war

134: Proposal Part II | Bryant recreated our first date together with dinner at Hermann park and frisbee golf where he gave me my actual engagement ring.

135: Kemah Boardwalk Adventure | We spent a fun afternoon at the Kemah Boardwalk. We ate at the Aquarium Restaurant, feed & touched sting rays, and had a fun day together.

136: Boeing Summer Parties | The Bat Cave | Bryant's work group threw us an engagement party on a Friday afternoon for lunch. It was fun to see his co-workers. They were all very kind and generous. | Summer BBQ at NASA with Bryant's work group

137: Moving Day | When Bryant's roommate, Mike Hansen, got married, Bryant moved out of City Creek Apartments to The Remington with Gavin Parker. After living in the same apartment for 3 years, there was a lot of stuff to move! | It's like a giant puzzle . . . Yay it all fit!

138: Celebrating the 4th of July at Miller Outdoor Theater, one of our favorite Houston traditions. | We enjoyed an incredible live performance of The Lord of the Ring by the Houston Symphony while watching the movie on the large screen. | Our giant summer wall calendar | Sharing dinner with Gavin Parker.

139: We spent a Saturday at Galveston with a group of friends. We brought our awesome kite and had fun flying it. | Mike & Mandy''s wedding lunch. We wrapped up Mike's blender that he left behind in the apartment. | During the last week of our internship, E&Y flew us to Florida for a conference. We got to spend a day at Disney World.


141: Joseph came to Houston from Austin over the 4th of July weekend. We had fun touring NASA and visiting the San Jacinto Monument. | San Jacinto Monument

142: The many faces of Bryant . . . . Who knew that wedding shopping could be so fun.

143: 1,000 wedding announcements is a lot of work . . . | We had a lot of help from roommates and friends to stuff and lick envelopes. | Wedding Preparation

144: Engagement Photos

146: Ward Bridal Shower | Linda Narsizi & Diane Kenison | Julie & Rika McIntyre | Annette Matkin & Jen Brown | Left: Nedra Sproul Right: Jenny Johnson | Left: Lisa Jones & Cindy Weeks | Annette and Jen threw me a wonderful shower with the members of our neighborhood

147: Neighbor Lane Bridal Shower | The Neighbor Lane threw a combined shower for me and Gina. It was a fun girl's afternoon.

148: Family Bridal Shower | Both my and Bryant's extended family came to the another bridal shower. (Yes we're up to 3 in one week!) | We played a game where everyone helped make a wedding dress out of tissue paper. It was lots of fun.

149: Wedding Day! | Top Right: The detailed schedule for the day Top Left: Finally at the temple! Left: Getting hair and make up done

150: Time & Eternity

151: Wedding Luncheon at Old Spaghetti Factory

154: Kauai | Wailua Falls | We stayed at the Kauai Marriott. It was absolutely perfect! | We stayed at the Anniversary Inn on our wedding night and then flew to Hawaii the next day.

155: ^ Our view from our back balcony! | We loved spending time at resort pool. It was so fun and pretty. | ^ My friend Charlotte happened to get married in the Salt Lake Temple the same day as Bryant and I. Coincidentally, we also stayed at the Kauai Marriott.

156: Sunday Drive to | After we went to church in Hanapepe, we took the 20-mile drive through Waimea Canyon and saw the Ni'hau lookout and Mt. Waialeale. | Waimea Canyon

157: Helicopter Ride | Bryant and I had a Jack Harter helicopter ride around the entire island. We saw everything from the Napali Coast to Mt. Wailaleale.

158: Spouting Horn | ^ Driver & Navigator duo! > Below: Enjoying smoothies at the resort

159: Menehune Fishpond | Brennecke & Po'ipu Beach | We went paddleboarding at Brennecke Beach. The waves were huge. On my second attempt in the water, a wave swept me under. That was the last time I attempted the paddleboard...

160: Hanalei Bay & Kilauea Lighthouse | ^ The chapel in Hanalei | The Shave Ice is best in Hanalei! So yummy!

161: Snorkeling at Tunnels Beach | Beautiful sunset... | Selfie on the beach after a day of snorkeling

162: Koi fish pond at the resort | Birds of paradise | Talking parrot | ^ Plumeria flowers were our favorite < Grilling dinner at the resort

163: Our favorite treat was Hula Pie (macadamia nut ice cream in Oreo pie, topped with hot fudge and whipped cream!) from Duke's. I think we had it 5 times in the week we were there!

164: Twin Falls | Open House | Richard and NIki put together a beautiful open house for us in Twin Falls. Lots of family and friends came to support us.

167: Boating on the Snake River | Sniders invited us to go boating with them on the Snake River. It was a fun adventure!

168: Wedding Gifts | Bryant and I received so many generous wedding gifts from our family & friends. We are so blessed.

169: Bryant's Birthday | Saturday Morning Slump | Top photo: Celebrating Bryant's birthday with the b-day hat and a famous Grandma Sandy card. Middle photo: Spencer helping Bryant study for the GRE. | Celebrating Grandmother's birthday | Making German pancakes on a Saturday morning

170: 2011-2012 | Senior Year

171: Where I Lived: Roommate: Favorite Classes: Ward Calling: Favorite Memories: Accomplishments: | 135 North 100 West Pleasant Grove, Utah 84062 Bryant Hawkes :) Personal Finance (BUSM 418) with Brother Sudweeks. I learned so many valuable aspects about personal finance to help our new family. Ward Organist & Young Women Secretary Movies at the Water Gardens theater, Saturday morning slumps, Living in an apartment with no dishwasher, washing machine or control of heat/AC = great first year of marriage Graduating without having a job (we were waiting to figure out whether or not we were going to grad school) but got an internship turned full-time position at Domo in July. | About Senior Year

172: BYU Football | Melissa came to visit us from Idaho. We got to go to the BYU Homecoming football game and BYU Spectacular while we were together.

173: In the fall, we went to Idaho in September for Grandpa Hawkes's funeral where Bryant was a pall bearer and again in October for Joseph's missionary farewell.

174: We went to BYU's murder mystery dinner with Tyler and Erin. We were actors in a murder story plot and had to help solve the mystery! | Murder Mystery Dinner

175: We started a Halloween tradition to do pumpkin carving with school friend's Sam & Abby. Didn't the pumpkins turn out great?! | Pumpkin Carving with Sam & Abby

176: Our First House | The front of our little apartment in Pleasant Grove. It was literally a mother-in-law apartment attached to a house. | The kitchen - complete with microwave! | The living room and our sofa | The dining room area with our $30 KSL table | The master bedroom | The view from our front door overlooking Mt. Timpanogos | The bathroom complete with shower bench. The window was exactly outside of the attached house's stairs to go in through the back. Talk about a few awkward experiences.

177: Celebrating a delicious Thanksgiving dinner in Twin Falls. Everyone was able to make it home except for Elizabeth and Joseph on missions. Olivia is getting so big! | The first time speaking in Sacrament Meeting as a married couple! | We met Josh & Kelsey for lunch in Idaho Falls.

178: Family Pictures | Literacy for Life field study group - James, Amy, me, Aurora Prof. Warner Woodworth, and customer Gary Snyder. | Dinner at Wallabys with Sam & Abby | Baptisms at the Salt Lake Temple with Megan and Spencer.

179: Natalie's Dog Birthday Party | We were invited to Natale's birthday party -- Dog themed. She created her own dog-themed menu, games and treats!

180: Christmas Eve Celebrations

181: We visited Alan and Renelle's house to enjoy Christmas decorations. | Playing a Christmas duet with Spencer | We gave a letter to Grandma and Grandpa saying "All we want for Christmas is for you to submit your mission papers." | Kathy & Dave made Dad a vegetable poster. It turned out so cute!

182: Since we celebrated Christmas day in Twin Falls, we had an early Christmas celebration with the Harrison family. | Spencer and I decorated personalized stockings for everyone.

183: Sibling gift exchange Megan --> Bryant (Jim Collins book) Bryant --> Spencer (Spiritual thought journal) Spencer --> Megan (Forgotten Carols book) Tanner --> Rachelle (Christmas piano book) Rachelle --> Tanner (Jazz piano music)

184: Waking up on Christmas morning and playing Sequence

185: Shooting at the quonset | Delivering Christmas goodies

186: Above: Grandma and Grandpa submitted their mission papers online and had a special dinner to celebrate. | Right: Bryant helped Tanner work on his science fair experiment - arching vegetables in the microwave.

187: The Boomwhacker Accordion band players | Happy Valentine's Day

188: Melissa's winter Jive performance at Twin Falls High School. She did a great job! | Love notes from home

189: Sunday Walk | Since we didn't have a TV at our apartment, we would stream shows on Bryant's phone and use our heater as a stand. | We went to several Jazz games during the basketball season.

191: Happy 22nd Birthday Rachelle!

193: Boeing 787 and Engineering Week | << Bryant got to tour a brand new 787 Dream Liner in Salt Lake. He was also in charge of the Sale Lake site's >> Engineering Week. He planned wonderful activities and events.

194: Celebrating Tanner's Birthday | Dad Tanner, Spencer, Bryant & Christian all went to Priesthood Session of General Conference together.

195: Julie got married in April. We always have so much fun when we get together. | We had an Information Systems BBQ to celebrate graduating. I become such good friends with all of these guys! | Above: Bryant, Rachelle, Brittney & Tristan Perdue, Craig | Information SystemS BBQ

196: Thanksgiving Point Gardens | Bryant and I loved going to Thanksgiving Point and walking through the beautiful gardens. We would also bring picnics and eat on the lawn while enjoying the beautiful spring weather.

197: Jive Week in Twin Falls | We got to go to Twin Falls and see Melissa in her Jive performance. The group sang many well performed and memorable numbers. I think we were singing Jive songs at home for at least the next month. It was also great to enjoy the performance with Jake and Annmarie.

198: Three years ago, I stepped into my first Information Systems class feeling out of place and very inadequate. In my class of forty, I was one of four women and younger than most of my peers. I also realized that many of my classmates had significantly more expertise in the area which I now claimed as my major. | BYU Graduation | My unique education at BYU, however, provided me with a series of educational experiences both in and out of the classroom. Today, as I share with you a few of the life lessons I have learned while being Marriott school student, I hope you’ll join me and reflect on your own experiences in what you have learned.

199: First, I learned what it means to magnify my church callings through the example of my ward Relief Society President who took the time to visit each apartment every week and showed genuine concern for each sister. | I learned that I can do difficult things. During my junior year, the class expectations almost overwhelmed me. But as I my put faith in the Lord, he gave me strength to do my best. | I learned to seek out the spiritual and make time each day to ponder and reflect on things that are sacred. Each week I looked forward to attending BYU devotionals and the spirit and strength those meetings brought to me throughout my week. | I learned from Dr. Albrecht that life is like juggling act. The balls are the demands of life - some are rubber and others are glass. It’s okay to let the rubber balls fall but not okay to drop the glass balls. One of the glass balls is being fiercely loyal to your spouse. We can be disloyal through our use of technology and social media and the improper use of time. Being loyal means spending quality time with your spouse and sharing your best self with them.

200: These educational experiences have shaped this once timid young woman sitting in her first Information Systems class into one filled with confidence, knowledge, and passion. My diploma that I will receive today does not solely represent the knowledge I know possess. It also represents the better person I have become – more complete, better prepared to serve, and well equipped to live a balanced life. | My hope is that we will recognize our diplomas as more than a sheet of paper that will hang nicely framed on a wall – that we will see it as a contract, an obligation that we have to become better husbands and wives, sons and daughters, church members and contributors to the communities in which we live. Gordon B. Hinckley stated, “If you educate your mind and your hands, you will be able to make a great contribution to the society of which you are a part, and you will be able to reflect honorably on the Church of which you are a member.” | As the BYU mission teaches, we have entered to learn, and now we are expected to go forth to serve. Congratulations to each of you who are graduating today, and may you always remember the great obligations and responsibilities that lie before you. | Dr. Bonnie Anderson, IS Professor

201: Below (L to R): Mitchell Wright, Brett Myers , Roy Peckham, Rachelle, Eric Christensen, Dan Burner, Tristan Perdue and Tyler Seader

202: I was asked to speak at Convocation ceremonies for the Business school (see speech on previous pages). Bryant got to sit up on the stage next to me. | So many family members came to support me. Tanner, Grandpa Bert, Grandma Sandy, Dad, Mom, Bryant, Me, Megan, Spencer, Grandmother Harrison, Melissa & Niki | !!!

203: My Information Systems class of 40. After I finished my speech, they all gave me a standing ovation. They all were like older brothers to me. | Brother Sudweeks, Personal Finance professor

204: Graduation Open House | Spencer, Zach, Gina, Mike, Tanner, Bryant, Rachelle & Carol Jensen | Melissa helped me create a banner. It turned out super cute :) | Rachelle, Craig, Zack, Rodney, Tanner, Megan & Spencer | Deanna, Rachelle, Rinda, Mom, Kelly

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