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Carolyn's 60th Birthday Book

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S: carolyn mickelson's 60th birthday


2: The natural BEAUTY of southern Thailand was stunning. | MY SISTEE TICKLES | AUNTIE CAROLY OONA | schweinschen honey bunny

4: Coca Cola when you visited us in Oxford in 1966! But most of all, you were always my "artsy" cousin: you could draw, you could sing, you had that special eye for things beautiful and elegant. We had such good times together | Dear Carolyn, We would like to join your family and friends in wishing you a very happy 60th birthday, with many years of health and happiness to come! Thinking of you always brings back special memories of your first visits to Israel in 1959 and then in 1963, For me, you were my older cousin, but the closest in age of all my cousins. You were - and are- always so beautiful and charming, but so modest, and even shy. You introduced me to "things American", in your accent, attire and general know-how. I remembered you introduced me to

5: in Jerusalem as young girls, with Doris playing the piano, you singing, and Orit and I playing the recorders. Living so far apart did not enable us to meet often. But whenever we did - it was so easy to feel comfortable and share our lives. It was so wonderful that Gary and David met at the Snowmass club and "hit it off" even before they knew they were related! And our hikes together in Colorado continued the Seligsohn tradition of the Alps...

6: It was nice for me to see your relationship with your nieces, and I think you had a tremendous impact on their lives. We loved visiting your beautiful home in California, even for a short afternoon. We all admired the courage and optimism with which you dealt with your illness, and your ability to elicit the support from those who love you all over the world. This, indeed, is the best way to recovery. And so, on this very special day, we wish for you to continue enjoying your amazing work at the museum, your singing, your many friends - two and four-legged ones as well! | Climb high and enjoy the view... With best wishes, The Diamonds from Israel: Gary & Ofra, Noa & Max Tamir & Tamar Yael & Guy

7: Happy 60th Carolyn! I will always treasure the happy years that we spent together in high school and college. They were some of the best years of my life. Love, Arthur

8: Time out from stress To celebrate and attest To the beauty outward and inward of Carolyn (aka a damsel in dis dress) Why? 'Cause she's the best! Artistic, creative, Generous, loving and kind I'm thrilled to know she's a friend of mine! Since her auspicious year of the dragon birth She has been caring And sharing Everyday on this earth! An honor and pleasure Our friendship A life long treasure!

9: Thank You Dear Carolee for 53 years of sharing and caring! HAPPY AND HEALTHY 60th BIRTHDAY!!! Onward to 100!!! Love and Hugs Always, Best Birthday Wishes! From your old,old friend from Michigan | Wendy Wilder Werner and her almost as old husband Michael Werner

10: Dear Carolyn, On your 60th let me take this opportunity to tell you how much I love and appreciate you. You are someone to be celebrated. You are a very special woman and a treasured friend. Your generosity, graciousness, sensitivity, kindness, compassion, love of people and animals, and sense of humor set you apart and make you one of a kind. Our kind!!! This is a milestone birthday and a time for reflection. I hope you know what a difference you make in so many areas of my life. The world is definitely a better place with you in it. I wish you a wonderful birthday filled with great happiness and dreams come true. Happy Birthday to YOU!!! With love, Cheryl

11: One of my favorite parts about becoming involved with the Oceanside Museum of Arts is meeting CAROLYN. She brings such joy, and at the same time a sense of calm, to any situation. She is so deeply kind and generous and has a spirit that makes me happy. Happy Birthday Dear Carolyn XOXO Ann

12: Oon, You have always been a second mom to me and a true role model. I guess it's only fair that since my mom had twins, she had to share a daughter with you. And I feel so lucky for that. My earliest memories of you are filled with bright colors, arts supplies, and encouraging laughter and joy. Maybe that's why I always knew that being an artist was one of the coolest things a person could possibly aspire to be. I've always felt right at home in your beautiful, creative houses. I've also known that it was safe to tell you anything. You've never judged me and you've always honored my every emotion, even the ones that don't fit the "good girl" category. From making wry puns and eating pizza at the arcade to laughing wickedly at your "Truly Tasteless Jokes" books, to helping me pick

13: the perfect shade of "Summer Blonde" in 8th grade, to teaching me how to drive stick shift and letting me borrow your sweet sports car - you've given me the freedom to express all of who I am. Even when you moved to California, I've always felt that you were right there with me; in fact, that move inspired me to travel outside of Michigan and live in New York a few years later. People tell me often that we are like mother and daughter. I can't think of a greater compliment. I love you and thank you for always being there for me. I aspire to be the caring. capable, creative powerhouse that you are. Love from Your Daughter, TALI

14: "The Wild Rose" by Wendell Berry Sometimes hidden from me in daily custom and in trust. so that I live by you unaware as by the beating of my heart, suddenly you flare in my sight, a wild rose at the edge of thicket, grace and light where yesterday was only shade, and once more I am blessed, choosing again what I chose before. THIS POEM REMINDS ME OF MY FRIENDSHIP WITH CAROLYN - love from JANE

15: To My Sweet, Beautiful Friend CAROLYN, Happy 60th Birthday!!! You are someone who nurtures dreams and embraces life fully. I admire your profound kindness and caring, your perceptive vision | and your fearless commitment to growth and change. I'm so lucky to have you as a friend! | Wishing you a birthday that sparkles with happiness and a year filled with dreams come true - and maybe a picture of the two of us?? ALL MY LOVE, MiMi

17: Dear Sister Carolyn! I enjoy all these years of being around you whenever we get together. You are so nice, so calm, so very caring, and loving, and also very practical. We never felt that something was missing when we stayed at your place, and very much enjoyed your warm hospitality. You have been such a wonderful aunt to our daughters, loving and caring, and always giving them good advice while never trying to impose your ideas on them. We also enjoy being among your nice friends whenever we come to your house and meet them there. Now I want to wish you another 60 happy years - up to 120 - or even more!!! I appreciate your dedication to your project - The Oceanside Museum - and your persistence and endless energy that you put into all that you do there. I admire your strong belief that there is no such thing as "failure". Enjoy your 60th birthday! Yours lovingly, | SHIMON

18: " THIS PLACE IN THE WAYS" By Muriel Rukeyser Having come to this place I set out once again on the dark and marvelous way from where I began; belief in the love of the world, woman, spirit and man. Having failed in all things I enter a new age seeing the old ways as toys, the houses of a stage painted and long forgot; and I find love and rage. | Rage for the world as it is but for what it may be more love now than last year and always less self-pity since I know in a clearer light the strength of the mystery. And at this place in the ways I wait for song. My poem-hand still, on the paper, all night long. Poems in throat and hand, asleep, and my storm beating strong! Love, MICHELLE JAN & SUSIE

19: "I believe a leaf of grass is no less than the journey work of the stars." Walt Whitman | THE MICKELSON NUCLEAR FAMILY

20: OON, To the lady who was a rock star aunt from the day I was born. This looked like Aunt Carolyn picking me up in her black sports car,blasting Prince and taking me on a weekend adventure away. Whether it was Burger King and a shopping date at the Children's Palace (my favorite shirt we bought there together said "I LOVE BOYS") or a weekend sleepover watching movies and sitting in the backyard swinging on the bench, talking - I knew it was going to be a celebration. As the years have gone by I have learned so much wisdom from you. You have given me great advice from our recent talks about love

21: and relationships and encouraged and supported me around all my ventures including hosting a sample sale for your friends when I first moved to NYC. Oon, who you are to me is a woman who faces challenges head on in your journey. You've taught me that it's ok to have whatever it is that I desire and not to settle until that happens. Thank you for your fun, open spirit, love and just being YOU!! LOVE,LOVE,LOVE, Your Niece, LEORA

22: BIRTHDAY LETTER FROM SSBC Please allow me to introduce myself: My name is Sir Sophie Bob Cat. I am honored to have this name for a few reasons. One is that I never had a name before I was adopted by my new parents, Carolyn and David. The other reason being that I am named

23: after my new mom's mom: Sophie Seligson - another amazing woman in the Seligson and Edut line. So , all that being said ( I just needed your attention right off the bat as my mom Carolyn can attest to), I would like to share with you a few things about my mom, as I missed her 60th this year. But mark by meow, I will be around for many, many celebrations to come. Carolyn B. Seligson Mickelson is a loving, compassionate, caring person. She is a wonderfully loyal, warm and sincere friend and sister to so many of those she has befriended ( be they two-legged, four-legged, feathered, gilled and otherwise.) Of course, she is the perfect | rwife to David as well. Her garden of friends and family seem to be constantly blooming. I cannot keep track. Geez. I have come to know some of them as I help Carolyn with her emails and graphics jobs, given that I am her designated computer assistant for a good part of her day. We are lucky to have each other in this and so many other regards. I adore watching her create. She is an amazing artist and designer with a love and commitment to all ( well, most) disciplines of art and culture. She offers up tons of time and energy to one of her greatest passions: The Oceanside Museum of Art. She serves as President, defender of the arts ( and so much more there.) She barely has time for me | during the day with the demands of this position. Well, this is my brief tribute for now. It is time for my treats, so time to shake things up a bit in my mom's world. Thanks for allowing me to share a few thoughts on this very special person. With love and gratitude to Carolyn and her longtime sister/friend BETSY WILDER (who helped to transcribe this) Betsty would also like to add that she is so grateful to Mz. C. for her warmth, dedication and loving friendship, sisterliness, her wonderfully creative and perverse sense of humour and her always present and caring spirit, ear and shoulder. Thank you for being there when... Much peace, hugs and love, BW Hubby Mark also sends his love and congrats.

25: For Carolyn on her 60th Birthday Kindred Spirits are what we are and people confuse us from near and far A love for animals is what we share and for unkind people we hardly care. | When our cats passed over For each other we were there Marking the day with a flag, a stone and a prayer. Color and Design is our essential bent And in its absence we are sure to vent. For my dear,dear Carolyn I have tried to relate | The bonds of our friendship up to this date. I wish you a Birthday full of love and delight And a wonderful future of all things bright! LOVE AND NAMASTE, "Sista" NANCY

26: Dear OON, A lot of people never experience unconditional love, and I've realized that more and more through the years especially now that I do readings for so many people who've had difficult lives. I've been so lucky to have been showered with unconditional love by the women in our family: you, Mom, and Grandma. And it's a "gift that keeps on giving." I vividly remember the encouragement you gave me as a little girl to express my humor, creativity, talents and | personality.As a result, no matter what I faced in school or the outside world, I always carried a sense that I had something special to offer the world.. I guess we all do, but because of your love and encouragement, I grew up believing it, and I've been able to create a life that's all about doing what I love. I'm very clear that the foundation for this is the hours spent drawing, writing, imagining and exploring so often because I w anted to be like you! You introduced us to Design markers, cool

27: paint sets, artist's drawing paper. You showed us how Disney movies were made, and introduced us to video games. Later on, you had a state-of-the-art Macintosh and let us play around on it (which in hindsight I realize was very trusting) which led to Tali winning a Sassy magazine contest and us starting our own magazine HUES. The Terry and Jerry Monkey and The Nine Wishes books that you wrote and illustrated for us made a vivid impact on me. I can picture the pages and your drawings clearly, even | though they're in Huntington Woods. I remember clearly being inspired to want to make books because of that, and because of your influence, that's just what I ended up doing! The way you helped raise and guide me is exactly how I raise Clementine and Cybele. I encourage Clementine to learn Adobe computer programs and buy her pads of professional watercolor paper and brushes, because I remember how fun it was to use "real" art supplies as a kid or to create a finished masterpiece. I'm more patient with Cybele's | quirky, funny ways(like demanding to wear her party shoes all day) because I remember that you, Mom and Grandma just let us "be". The message I got as a kid was that it was more important and interesting to follow my creative desires(even with how I dressed) than to stick to rigid rules. I'm certain that taught me a sense of leadership and self-confidence that a lot of people don't have. Thanks to you, I might not win any Disciplinarian of the Year awards (thank God) but I can raise two girls who know themselves and feel free to express that in the

28: loves animals and her favorite pastime is drawing on a kid-sized easel. So I think the name is rubbing off! Thank you for being one of the biggest inspirations in my life, and the best aunt ever. Love, OPHI | world. When Mom suggested that I make Cybele' s middle name Carolyn, there was no question in my mind. I can only hope she turns out to have your qualities and kind, compassionate personality. Already she

30: "tOThe entirtOe ocean is affected by a pebble." | Dear Carolyn, My Little Wifee and Honey Bunny, I LOVE YOU!!! DAVID

31: With love from ROZ CHRIS & JOE RIC CORINNE & NORBERT | Walt Whitman

32: To Dear Carolyn - The Dearest From: The Bargils and The Yaroms What can you write about a Carolyn- about our very own Carolyn? Well very easily that she is the sweetest, that she is so lovingly a wonderful blossoming flower.

33: Her sweetness and so natural kindness and love are her "FORTE" and it is so nice to be a part of it, that is, to feel it. Well, I must confess I got acquainted with dear Carolyn - being absolutely the cousin of my father Emmanuel - and may God be with us always as his name indicates - just recently while preparing the book for our dear Doris on whom we could write many praises as well - by email, of course. As it were, we have started this chain of "Reply" - you know, galloping on the very same initiative email. We have just found things to talk about, fields of interest- especially singing as we are both practicing it enthusiastically, and so it went on and on. I felt so comfortable that I was willing to send her one of my recordings - which is not an easy thing to do, and of course she had sent me a link to her performance on | YouTube - which was lovely. And it was really nice to be connecting like this as if we were having an actual coffee in Tel-Aviv or NY or California for that matter. Otherwise, of course, I have known her all my life because we were always informed of everything that could have happened in the American side of the family - by our grandfather, Ernest Seligson - either on Tuesday, in the summer on the balcony, or on Saturday. We would always know about the many activities of Ruth,Franz and how our so talented cousin Michael got the first prize of something very intelligent, and of course, about all that was happening in Walter and Sophie's family. And there was, of course, the famous story about the very politically-conscious Carolyn debating enthusiastically with her father

34: against the VietNam War - like many other Americans at the time, while my parents Aliza and Emmanuel were there for a visit,and also brought us Walter's hidden talent of taking very beautiful photos - we had this strong picture of this pile of logs/trunks in our dining room for a very long time. So you see it is a combination of a shared family history and contemporary acquaintance. You know the shared history is not enough, it is only good for family albums and reminiscence; if you wish to have something in the present you need to get interested in the person - the relative | that you met -which we did via email and it turned out to be a very nice and warm encounter. So, good for us. Family ties are strong . My sister Dafna told me that David, Carolyn's husband, wrote to her on Facebook that he has always been told about the strong resemblance between her and Carolyn, and when he saw her picture he was amazed how true it was. I don't have any physical resemblance to dear Carolyn, but there was the occasion of Doris' birthday book that enabled our conversation. So you see there are more ways than one to make old new friends from one's family. | Well, very dear and so very strongly sweet Carolyn, we The Bargils and The Yaroms wish you all the very best. Lots and lots of warm "MAZAL TOVS' Blossom and bloom, Be happy, Be loved, and Give love as you so wonderfully know. Many kisses and a warm invitation to our home in Israel whenever you wish - Our doors are just waiting for you. THE BARGILS - ALIZA & ALON THE YAROMS- DAFNA, GILY, HILA &IDAN

35: Dear Carolyn Dear, Can you hear? The foliage dance The flowers blossom The silver glow of the wonderful rain? The inner voice of things And people? Of course you can Because you have heard my Voice When it was asking to be heard So keep on listening You are doing well girl Can you hear it now? It's a new music coming along Waiting to be heard - to be appreciated...

36: Dear Carolyn, Happy 60th Birthday, lots of happiness, health, joy and more years to come. I was looking for a picture with the two of us but I could not find one. Then I saw one from the OMA Summer Soiree 2011 and I remembered how we met. It was at a Museum Ball (now Summer Soiree) eight or ten years ago. And I thought, how appropriate, since we spend so much time together working on fundraising committees at the museum. It was fun working with you on the invitations. You would create the graphics and we would spend countless hours editing and adding and going back and forth and back and forth. You would be quick, patient, creative - and there would always be food. I loved it. Thank you for all your help and support you gave me during those years. I really appreciate it. What started out as a "working" relationship, grew into a wonderful friendship. Over the years we met your wonderful family and you made us feel being part of it. You are such a beautiful and generous woman and I am very happy and proud to be your friend. Happy Birthday! We love you, BEATE & MICHAEL

37: Dear Care-Care, Happy Birthday! I hope your 60th year is filled with as much love, happiness and kindness as you give to the people in your life everyday. You are the greatest | confidant, and your advice and comforting words have meant more to me than you know. I hope to someday enrich your life as much as you've enriched mine. Enjoy the many years to come knowing that you are deeply loved by those around you. Love always, SARAH

38: FOR MY SWEETIE SISTER On Her 60th Birthday My darling, My Tickles, its hard to believe That Birthday Number 60 you now will achieve!! And though I'll not be the dance party MC As when you turned 13 and waxed taller than me | I know that dear David will give you a whirl As Oceanside friends toast a New Golden Girl! You were smiling and chubby, a fuzzy-haired baby And I loved you, Little Sister, from the first squeal of glee. We shared toys and the chicken pox and nights full of giggling, But when Dad photographed us - there was no room for wiggling. We eavesdropped from the staircase on our parents'soirees Upon neighbor's night pool parties - from our window we'd gaze. An animal lover is Carolee, it was clear to our two goldfish, Also to cat Meezie and turtle Barry, then a dog was your wish; So Happy our beagle became your loyal friend Till horses and riding became your next trend. Your gentle, kind ways bring more pets to your door

39: We played with our dear cousins, climbing trees at the Heyds, Or alone we'd make up games, run ahead in Alpine glades. As we held down the Chuppah'gainst the winds of the Pacific When you married dear David you'd found a love so terrific! Together you've built up a dream | Shakti, Shiva, Sir Sophie Bob - found love and much more! Drawing a horse at the young age of five We could see your art talent would bring paper alive. With Mr. D's training, off to UMich's Art School Then California computer graphics became your cutting-edge tool. We'll forget how the Louvre's crucifixes evoked childhood disgust And know your Creative Designs are an advertiser's "must". Our family trips 'cross the USA, Israel and Europe Were filled with fun, culture, and tummies that got "stirred up", We soon learned that the '00' was the number to know When in Rome or Lugano - and you just had "to go".

40: home in Oceanside Filled weekly with friends, family, and cats - and artwork beside. From Russia to Hawaii you've done "Honey Bunny" trips And David's upbeat energy stops your confidence 'dips'. You sing and you act, giving speeches for art's sake, In Oceanside's development you have planted your stake; The museum has flourished with your creative lead Many hours you've spent to find others of like breed So Art After Dark and Amore's Singing Fest Became regular events, bringing forth talents best. Since birth you've been second "Mom" for Tali, Ophi, and Leora, 'Oona' listens and treats them royally - and they'll always adore 'ya. Sarah,too, has grownup with your support, love and guiding, | Enjoying art, cats and water - and also horsebackriding. You're gentle like Mommy, and decisive like Daddy A sister par excellence - and truly extraordinary! So many family and friends have you in their hearts That our love for you would fill a zillion Amazon "Shopping Carts". Shim and I send you blessings for health, joy and fun With virtual tickles and chocolate to enjoy in the sun Go forward, Dear Sistee, to decade number Six Bring to OMA and your life your own special mix!! KISSES, HUGS, AND CHOCOLATE HEARTS FILLED WITH LOVE DODO AND SHIMON


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