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Cayne 3rd Year

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S: Cayne's Terrible Two

BC: Loving and sharing before we were born, Trials and tests together we bore, Living and laughing our lives we did share, People would say, Just look at this pair! Two separate people, but hard to compare. The tricks we would play, Oh what can I say? I'm glad I was born a twin on that special July day!

1: Twin Boy And Girl So many good things come in pairs. Like ears and socks and panda bears. But best of all are sets of twins with extra laughter, double grins. There's so much fun in having two With twice as many points of view. So much alike forever links. And yet they're also quite distinct. They share a birthday and a name. But moods and tempers aren't the same. Although at times they may dispute. Their loyalty is absolute. From days of youth till life is done. It's one for both and both for one. We're all quite novel and precise. But special folks -- God sent them in pairs.

2: I had these Oil Portraits done of Cayne and Addi from their two year old pictures.

4: We had a quick beach trip in August. It was fun as usual. Aunt Dianne and Uncle Ray came down to help me keep up with Cayne and Addi. | During this trip we ate at the Shrimp Basket. When we got ready to leave, Cayne had kicked his shoes under the table. I sent him after them and he put them on. When we got to the car I noticed he had gum in his mouth. My stomach turned. The only place I could figure he got it was under the table....YUCK.

7: We had a fun time on the river Labor Day Weekend. Chase, Cayne and Addi love the water.

8: W | s | These pictures were taken for the talented lady that made the precious outfits. We never miss an opportunity to get some cute pictures of the kids.

10: Jack is 2! Sesame Street Here We Come..

12: Addi and Cayne love football games. They are Chase's biggest fans. Aunt Emily taught Addi "Spirit Fingers" | Cayne just wants to be on the field. He is wondering if he is ever going to get his turn to play..


15: Traveling to Oklahoma for Vanessa's Wedding

19: Wedding Candids

23: They love the park!

24: Traveling to Prairie Creek in Big Daddy's House Boat for Halloween

25: Sometimes getting there is half the FUN!

27: Camping at Prairie Creek was so fun. We stayed in Big Daddy's house boat

28: Addi's First Haircut

30: Nannie's Birthday | We made a trip to see Nannie for her 85th Birthday.

32: Logan surprised us all and arrived two weeks early. He was born November 16th and weighed 5 pounds 9 ounces. All the kids have been so excited to meet their new cousin.

34: Thanksgiving

37: We were not real sure how the visit to see Santa was going to be this year. Addi was terrified of him last year so we did a whole lot of talking about Santa and looking at pictures of Santa prior to the first Santa visit. Little did we know that Cayne and Addi would become Santa's biggest fans this year. Cayne even kissed him on the nose. Cayne asked for a tractor and Addi asked for a baby doll. Addi could not understand why he would not give it to her after she asked so nicely. They made three trips to see santa this year.

42: Christmas Eve Gamma and Papa's House

43: Christmas Day Wow....What more could three kids want. Cayne's favorite gift was his Power Wheels tractor. He also got a bike, and a barn full of animals.

45: Addi is so proud of her bite marks | Cayne wants to go hunting so bad he can taste it. | We weighed the kids Christmas Eve. Chase was 127 lbs, Cayne 37lbs, and Addit was 27lbs.

46: Fun with Cousin Jack

47: Fun with Cousin Logan

48: 2.5 years

49: One of Marme's Updates or Support Cards sent to Mama on 1-24-2011 Bad news Addi and Cayne found mascara in the bathroom trash can. They had it everywhere, including around their eyes. SPANKING:( Good news Cayne locked himself in my bathroom. I did get him to open the door. He had stripped off his sleeper pjs and had taken a major dump and flushed it. Cayne did a pee pee in the front bathroom into the frog potty standing up. No mess;-) Cayne fed Addi at fussing. Cayne and Addi drank their juice like big kids (in open cups) at their table at lunch time. No mess;-) Addi learned how to make the Thomas Train go around the track without help. Cayne can't (or won't even do that yet. The good news if she can go on and on without having to think about steering!LOL She's so proud:) Cayne put both Noah's Ark glove on by himself. He got all thumbs and fingers in their correct places! He was proud! Addi put her socks and shoes on by herself. Marme

50: Well at two and a half Cayne and Addi are finally sleeping in their room. They sleep together in Addi's twin bed. I am now sleeping in Cayne's twin bed. I am hoping to get back to my bed soon. I guess baby steps are progress:) | The first week in February Cayne put Audrey's kitten in the washing machine (Luckily it was not on). This week I also found my house key jammed in the center of an orange.

51: Naptime Challenges by Cayne (sent to Mama by Marme 1-28-2011) Challenge 1 Is there ANYTHING I can throw off the bed that Marme will let me go get? Hmmmmm Let me try. Challenge 2 If I pull Marme's eyelids hard enough, will i find her wake up eyes? Hmmmmm Let me try. Challenge 3 Can this beanie baby Wiener Dog fit up Marme's nostril? Oops! Maybe I should get something smaller! Hmmmmm Let me try!

54: Cayne loves to get dirty, and sometimes it is fun to just let him:)

55: Cayne and Addi love warm weather and no clothes. They are country kids to the core. Cayne tends to drop his pants and pee whenever the urge arises. He did it at one of Chase's baseball practices as well as on beach:)

56: Spring is Here

57: Hear No Evil See No Evil Speak No Evil

59: Cayne and Addi made a cake for Chase's 9th birthday. They were very proud of their creation.

62: We got to see the Super Moon while we were at the beach in March. From what I understand the moon is only this close to Earth once every 18 years or so. It was large and bright.

65: Hippity Hoppity Easters On Its Way

70: Chase's Biggest Fans | Baseball 2011

73: Montgomery Zoo with GG Mama

74: Birmingham Zoo with McDonald Twins and Perdue Twins (and Chase, Avery, Davis)

80: Mallory and Granger

83: More Wedding Fun

86: Uncle Stacey took some precious 3rd Birthday pictures.

88: Happy 3rd Birthday Cayne and Addi This year I let the kids pick what kind of theme they wanted for their birthday cake. Big is very hard to coordinate John Deere with Hello Kitty:) They were soooo excited about their birthday this year. We talked about it for months before the day actually arrived. We just had a small family dinner.

89: Be sure to look at the pictures on the top of the page. Addi was so excited about the Hello Kitty on the cake. For months they had been talking about how Cayne could have the tractor on the cake and Addi could have the Hello Kitty. As soon as the candles were out Cayne grabbed Hello Kitty and devoured her. Luckily Addi had enough distractions to not have a major meltdown. Cayne is sooooo bad.

90: si | My friends tell me I need to write a book and call it "Raising Cayne". At the very least it would have a good title. Cayne is always in full force and can always surprise me with the things he says and does. His favorite sayings lately are "Oh my Dosh" and "I am Pixing to Barf". Marme and I decided we needed to be keeping up with some of the crazy Cayne stories. The following is one of them... | Marme wanted to buy Addi a music jewelry box with the ballerina that spins for her birthday. She took Cayne & Addi to Marquirette's Exquisite Jewelry in Montgomery. Marquirette happened to be there and helped Addi find the perfect jewelry box. When Marquirette asked Cayne what he wanted, he asked if they had a chainsaw? When she replied that they didn’t have a chainsaw, he then asked if they had a leaf blower. With another no from Marquirette, Cayne wondered what he was doing in such a store. He was totally done and ready for Wal-mart.

91: As we celebrated the Little kids' birthday, we are also preparing to move. We sold our little house on the river and are planning on building another house this coming year. We are all excited for the change. Cayne and Addi are also gearing up to start school the beginning of August. This next year is going to be a big one for all of us. I am sure that means there are lots of crazy stories to come:)

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