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Celebrating 50 Years of Marriage

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S: Celebrating 50 Years of Marriage

BC: “Dean and Jacqueline McFall – 50th Anniversary... Only 5% of couples attain it. What does it mean?” – Brad | “Mom and Dad, I know now how hard you both worked to endow your children with a joyous zeal for life.” – Greg | “Mom and Dad, together you have undoubtedly touched the lives of many over the past 50 years, but none of them as deeply as those of your children.” – Laurel | “... life was good for a McFall kid. I try every day to channel what our parents did for us and pay it forward to my children.” – Kevin

FC: Celebrating 50 Years of Marriage

1: Life brings simple pleasures to us every day. It is up to us to make them wonderful memories. - CathyAllen | Dean & Jacqueline meet at Allegheny College

3: IT'S NOT WHAT WE HAVE IN OUR LIFE, BUT WHO WE HAVE IN OUR LIFE THAT COUNTS. - J. M. Laurence | Dean McFall marries Jacqueline Mae Stanley on June 29th, 1963

4: A family is pieced together with hope and faith. A family is quilted and bound with love and grace. | Jacqueline and Dean leave their families to begin one of their own. | Jacqueline's Parents Dean's Parents

6: East Orange

7: Jacqueline and Dean's first apartment on S. Grove St. in East Orange, NJ | Brad and | Gregory

8: Annandale | Laurel | New Jersey

10: Stone Mountain | Georgia

11: Kevin

12: The Mini Farm | Rabbit Hutches

13: Flemington, NJ

14: Live well, laugh often, love much

16: Vacations | Yellowstone 1978

17: Yellowstone 2010 | Niagra Falls

18: The Cape | Flemington, NJ | Kevin, King of the corn huskers! (Brad and Laurel bottom left)

19: Greg helps coach Kevin's soccer team (Greg, back right; Kevin behind the ball) | Kevin, King of the corn huskers. Brad and Laurel bottom left | Kevin, King of the corn huskers! (Brad and Laurel bottom left) | Laurel's 8th grade graduation. | An April snowfall calls for creativity. | Greg, trumpet player, 2nd on right.

20: Winter Springs | Alex | Kevin | Alyi | Jacquie with her parents and Greg | 4 children with Dean's Mom and Grandpa Fred | Brad and Greg

21: Brendan and Katie | Trevor

22: Pets | Scruffy | Coco | Harry

23: Freckles | Patches | Coco | Freckles with her kittens OJ and Patches | B.B. | Mittens

24: The Lake House

25: Seneca, South Carolina

26: Kevin's Family

27: Kevin married Sara Coleman

28: Laurel's Family

29: Laurel married José McLoughlin

30: Greg's Family

31: Greg married Carolyn Anderson

32: Brad's Family

34: Dean and Jacqueline McFall --50th Anniversary -- a.k.a Mom and Dad 50 years. Well as everyone knows this is a long time to be together. Only 5% of couples attain it. What does it mean? To me it means that Mom and Dad have an extraordinary stability ability. Somehow the fairly large geographic difference between Urban NJ and Rural Western NY is no barrier to sustained human companionship! Imagine that -- it all started at an Ice Cream Social somewhere in between!!

35: It means to me, I guess, that I am getting bit older. The life expectancy in 1907 was 45.6 years. So I suppose I have lived more than half my life but to imagine that two people can remain together for the duration of my entire living experience is rather beyond compare. | The time itself merely marks a much more complex history whose longevity was foretold by actions early on in their marriage. Dean and Jacqueline established a strong family life with a particular emphasis on education, learning, and having fun. These seeds not only grew out successful events but indeed could be harvested fruitfully when times, as they always do, get rough.

36: For me this base of “family” provided an example to which I would repeatedly return as things happened during their 50 years of stability in motion. Those not so well steeled with this resilience and stamina might rather advance in a destructive direction. That is not me. To and for this I am grateful. Thank you Mom and Dad. 50 years together means that love must transcend all. That Family is First. “Unconditional love” is the mantra and it is still sitting on the mantle. So many couples have not managed this milestone and so, so few families can benefit. The McFalls have been lucky if there was any luck involved, but no there was no luck-- it was just plain old fashioned love it seems to me. May Jacqueline and Dean live to reach another 25 years together, I pray. God Bless. Love, Brad

38: Cherished Memories, by Greg | On the living room floor with my lion, tears erupt with a wail like a siren. The vacuum cleaner swallowed my car, breaking my heart and leaving a scar. Mommy quiets the vacuum beast, and from its belly my car is released. I learned a lesson that frightful day: My Mommy makes troubles go away. Annandale proves that a kitchen harboring an easel is a haven. On one side stands Brad with a fist of chalk, on the other stands me with paint on my smock. Our kitchen blooms with wondrous riches including grilled jelly sandwiches. At night, we drip-drip-drip from a soapy tub into warm towels where Mommy will rub us dry and press into palms pennies for banks posted at the door like sentries. As we nestle under our bedsheet, Mommy sings to us in a voice so sweet of ducks and mice and kookaburra and a Zulu king who dances a hula. | When the time arrives for Laurel's birth, We see Daddy's frame shake with mirth. He gives us crayons and paper plates with which to craft a card that states how much we love our Mother dear and baby sister who'll soon be near. Away to Georgia we did fly where a stone mountain rose nearby. After work, Dad rolls up his sleeves and tosses a ball above the eaves. With a mitt, I'll catch that ball when to the earth it surely will fall. From the spool of a telephone cable, Daddy made a big red table. It served us well in every way until, upon my sixth birthday, it held a cake of coconut that piqued my persnickety palate.

39: In winter when the snow would coat the world all white, we would float down the hill on sleds with runners then trudge back as slippery stumblers. Brad and I announced one day that we planned to run away. Mom and Dad smiled, “Sure, no problem," knowing well we'd soon be lonesome. We didn't even last one night. Dad rescued us from an imagined fright. Kevin was born, and soon we charted a course back where the family started. On a farm near Flemington we settled where the land is lush and heavily petaled with rhododendron and tiger lilies, cherry blossoms and red raspberries. There are peaches, plums and apples galore, Acres of grass and woods to explore. With hammer, nail, saw and wire, Dad erects a grand empire to house our chickens, pig and goats while Mom tends gardens and devotes her loving care to rowdy urchins running wild without any burdens. | Beyond our porch, upon a mast, a yeoman's bell would broadcast the dinner hour has come at last, and barefoot children running fast assemble at the table nightly to feast and jest and laugh sprightly. There are animals, animals everywhere. Snakes and turtles under Brad's care. Guinea pigs, hamsters, budgies, cats, bunnies, mice and pet rats. A cyclone puppy joins the herd. Bounding about in the most absurd circles, spirals, and jagged tracks, he's banished to the barn to learn to relax. Dad leaves for work before the dawn. I crawl from my bed with a sleepy yawn to collect the eggs, then milk the goats and feed them molasses-covered oats. Mom and Dad, I know now how hard you both worked to endow your children with a joyous zeal for life. Looking back, we all four feel such gratitude for the sacrifice you made each day. Words don't suffice, but the world can surely see the love you planted grew into a tree.

40: FAMILIES ARE FOREVER by Laurel One of my favorite quotes goes like this... “One hundred years from now it will not matter what kind of car I drove, what kind of house I lived in, how much was in my bank account, nor what my clothes looked like. But the world may be a little better because I was important in the life of a child. " -Anonymous Mom and Dad, together you have undoubtedly touched the lives of many over the past 50 years, but none of them as deeply as those of your children. As one of those four kids, I can say that you have been important beyond measure in our lives because you have given us the greatest of gifts. Gifts that can't be thrown away or outgrown. Gifts that we can have with us no matter where we are; whether we are at home watching TV, fixing dinner, in the shower, or out in the community enjoying a concert, at work, in the grocery store, or even on vacation and relaxing on the beach. You gave us gifts that will never die because they live and breathe in our souls. The first gift you gave us was thankfulness. You would always make us write thank you notes after every gift giving occasion and taught us to say thank you to simple acts of kindness. | As a child I found these tasks pointless, however, they were the seeds of respect and gratefulness planted in our hearts. Dad's constant teasing during my teen years was always given with a smile and taught me to value humor. Because of my age, I had to pretend I was offended, but I thoroughly enjoyed these times along with all the fun get -togethers we had caroling and playing charades with family friends and neighbors. And I'll never forget when you sent me off to college. You didn't say “study hard" or “stay out of trouble"...No the words that came out of your mouths were, “Have fun!" Laughter is said to be the best medicine and it is another gift you have joyously given us.

41: Our experiences in the McFall household taught us to be resourceful. We have been blessed with the knowledge that the earth can provide us with an abundance of fruits and vegetables grown and tendered in the garden, that fruits picked or bought can be made into delicious sauces, jams or pies, that animals are able to provide us with meat, eggs or milk, and that movie theaters, zoos and amusement parks over price their food, so bring your own picnic and drink from the water fountain. We have learned to use what we have and if certain resources are limited... be creative. (Who else would make a kitchen table from a cable reel and chairs from barrels?) By exposing us to your resourcefulness, we, your children don't suffer from want. We make do. Dedication is another beautiful gift you have freely given us. “You may not quit something you have started," whether it was an instrument or a club (although you did allow me to quit football - thank you for your mercy). “Always do your best," no matter the endeavor. Good grades didn't just fall on a report card, nor did the crops on our mini-farm grow by themselves. Tasks in life take time and effort as well as patience and endurance; especially de-podding the mountain of peas on the top of the kitchen table, planting seeds among hovering hornets , and picking raspberries without getting all scratched up. The greatest thing about these gifts you have given is that they are so amazingly infused in us. These were not lessons learned but ideals understood because you did not just say these things, you were all of these things. You have lived by example. They say that actions speak louder than words. If this is true then your lives have been lived with the volume set on “high". Take your marriage for example. The Lord knows that in the past 50 years , difficult times have made their way into your lives. But because of your dedication to each other and the promise you made June 29th, 1963, here you are, still together. What an example you have set for us all!

42: Dedication is both of your strong suits. Mom - you have shown passion for a beautiful yard and an orderly household. Through your dedicated time to teaching severely handicapped children, and working in shelters, you have demonstrated that everyone, no matter their circumstances in life, deserves respect and care. Dad - your dedication to the quality of life for your family cannot go without mention. You worked tirelessly to provide for your family year after year. And for many of those years you commuted hours by car, train and subway to work in New York City so your family could remain in a rural area with excellent community and educational resources. One of my favorite memories is running and jumping on you upon your return from work each evening and shouting, “Daddy's home!" You both were (and still are) dedicated to building family bonds. You took us on family vacations to the beach in the summer, camping , and on that amazing 3 week trip to Yellowstone. You made eating together as a family unit a priority and we always visited our grandparents despite the distance between us. And even to this day you make the effort to travel to experience the holidays with your children and grandchildren. I could go on listing many more gifts, like instilling the awe and wonder of our world in us by exposing us to church and allowing us to have a multitude of pets, but there really is no need. While it seems as if you have given us many, many gifts, in actuality you have given us just one really big one... your love. And nothing demonstrates love more than sacrifice. Mom and Dad, with grateful hearts, I would like to thank you for all the times you have sacrificed your wants and needs, your time and energy, and your money and sanity for your children's sakes. Without hesitation, you have over and over again put aside or dropped all other responsibilities to help your children in times of need, whether financial, emotional or in sickness. Not only are you there for us in spirit, but you are always willing to drive distances to be with us during these difficult times as well as in time s of joy and excitement such as the birth of a child, fixing up a new home or celebrating a birthday.

43: Look at your children: Brad, Greg, Kevin and me. There is no denying that the greatest gift you have given us is your love. Search your heart, because in there you know, without a doubt, that we too would do anything for the ones we love. We learned that from you. It is our treasured gift. Thank you. Mom and Dad, the world is a much better place because you were and still are important in the lives of your children.

44: To Mom and Dad - Love Kevin I’m really glad the event this book celebrates focuses directly on Mom and Dad. They have spent most of their lives dedicated to making the lives of us, their children, as happy and secure as possible. It’s about time for a special day dedicated exclusively to them. I don’t ever remember a time growing up when either one of them took an afternoon for themselves away from the bustle of a full household. It wasn’t until I turned sixteen, could drive, and was the only child left in the nest that they finally “stole” away for a weekend alone at the beach. And how did I repay them? By backing the car into a solid brick mailbox, among other things! They of course met that crisis with the calm understanding and love they have dealt with everything else in our lives. I can’t imagine it’s possible to be more selfless than they were. Every dime they spent and every minute they gave was for us. Even down to the seemingly insignificant but hugely empathetic manner of addressing family members with names from the perspective of the youngest person in the room. Now, I don’t know if I’m normal but I don’t have many specific and distinct memories of events from when I was young. You might think this would disqualify me from sharing “memories," but actually I do carry with me an amazing peace and feelings of contentment and happiness from my childhood. It doesn’t matter that I can’t remember what happened at my 7th birthday (although I likely had a Halloween-themed cake), because I know from my feelings that my parents filled that day, and every other one as well, with love and security. If I’m not normal for my lack of early memories, I know for sure I’m not normal for having always had a wonderful relationship with all of my siblings. I just cannot relate one bit when people talk about contentious or strained relationships with their brothers or sisters. I don’t ever recall any of us children having a significant rub with any of the others (although Laurel might have a somewhat different perspective on the Mallory saga). Such harmony among siblings must certainly reflect on the stable environment Mom and Dad

45: created. How many sisters would dress in matching outfits with their four-year younger brothers on summer weekends? And I do remember crying my eyes out when Brad left for college even if that did pave the way for me to move into his secluded suite in the basement. I was so close to my brothers that every one of my interests and hobbies was inherited from them until I went off to college myself (how many eight-year-old programmers do you know?). Perhaps Mom and Dad would have preferred I hadn’t broadened my horizons so much, though. I know they were deathly afraid I would never move back to America and their grandchildren wouldn’t speak English! And I know for sure they would rather not have lost sleep worrying which cliff I would be skiing over next. And now that I’m a parent, I appreciate even more the sacrifices they made for us. It still boggles my mind they could plan so well that I never noticed a difference moving to Florida with Dad taking such a significant pay cut. I guess that’s what choosing happiness over wealth will do for a family. They never lost their cool when I repeatedly forgot my house keys, not even when I resorted to jiggling open the back window so frequently it wouldn’t lock shut any more. I do recall Mom rocking me comfortingly at the kitchen table, as I begged them to move us back to the mini-farm. Of course, at age five I couldn’t understand that raising four children to be strong, intelligent, capable adults and run a farm is a little too much to ask, even of super-parents. It’s always been amazing to me after hearing stories of other people’s upbringings that mine was constantly so peaceful and full of love. While I’m sure Mom and Dad feel like they made their share of parenting mistakes, they sure did an amazing job shielding us from them. All of my residual feelings from childhood center on fun, love, and happiness. Whether it’s recalling catching lightning bugs and playing around-the-house on summer evenings, or pumping bike pedals up the giant hill on the way home from Deer Path Park, life was good for a McFall kid. I try every day to channel what our parents did for us and pay it forward to my children. I can only hope they will have half the wonderful experiences I did, and the only reason I am even in the position to try is because of what Mom and Dad did for me.

46: CHERISH | CHERISH YOUR FAMILY FOR THEY ARE YOUR TREASURE. A STOREHOUSE OF RICHES. WEALTH BEYOND MEASURE. | ____________________________________________________________ | Jacqueline's parents celebrate their 50th Wedding Anniversary Fredonia, NY 1987 | WILLARD & GLADYS STANLEY'S FAMILY | Gladys Stanley's 90th Birthday Celebration 1999 | Yellowstone 2010

47: Pausing for Portraits | June 1993 | July 2006 | December 2002

48: FAMILY | Seneca, South Carolina | Yellowstone 2010 | 2003 | 2007

49: Families fill our lives with happiness and laughter leaving us memories to treasure today and forever after. | Lake Erie 1999 | Seneca, South Carolina 2011

50: “And in the end, it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years." - Abraham Lincoln

52: Grandkids are...

53: Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength; loving someone deeply gives you courage. - Lao Tzu | the greatest!

54: Then | Returning to where it all began.

55: IS NOT MEASURED BY THE BREATHS WE TAKE BUT THE MOMENTS THAT TAKE OUR BREATH AWAY. | LIFE | Now | One by one each year flew by, Since you both said “I do”.... Fifty years of memories, Shared by the two of you. From big events and holidays To simple daily pleasures. Some tearful times along life's way, Some joys that can't be measured... One by one each year now gone, But still they're yours forever... Each and every memory, Of fifty years together. HAPPY GOLDEN ANNIVERSARY

56: Made by the McFall Children in loving tribute to their parents. Presented to Dean and Jacqueline McFall on their Golden Anniversary, June 29th 2013 | BRAD | GREG | LAUREL | KEVIN | Francis | Lucia | Carolyn | Brendan | Katie | Trevor | José | Alex | Alyi | Sara | Gabe | Grayson | Griffin

57: Brendan, Trevor, Alyi, Katie, Alex | Alyi, Grayson, Alex, Gabe, Katie, Trevor | Brendan, Katie, Gabe, Alyi, Trevor, Alex

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