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Celebrating Joseph L. Horil

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Celebrating Joseph L. Horil - Page Text Content

S: Celebrating Joseph L. Horil

FC: Commemorating 89 Years of the Life, Love, Wisdom, and Humor of Joseph L. Horil | Celebrating Joe!

1: Just a few small notes from those that love you Happy 89th Birthday!

3: Dear Uncle Joe, When I get a phone call from you, I can just take out my sewing basket!! Holey shirt, ripped pants, worn-through pocket, rotted sport coat??? No problem!!!!! According to what I’ve heard, you tell everyone “Ooooh, Joan can fix that! She can do anything!” I wish more people were as thrifty as you are! And to tell you the truth, it gives us a good excuse to get together more often than would otherwise happen. Keep on bringing those vintage garments over to St. Rose for me to fix. l’m so happy to see you pulling into my driveway every time! I hope Bill has a better crop of figs next year for you to preserve. Laura told me your fig inventory is pretty low. HAPPY BIRTHDAY AND MANY MORE WONDERFUL YEARS, Love, Joan and Bill | Joan with Laura and Pam out to lunch with Uncle Joe

4: I have so many fond memories of you, my Great Uncle Joe, that I don't know where to begin. Everyone who knows you knows that you think very highly of obtaining an education. Every time we would come in to visit from Georgia, you would ask me how my memory was and would proceed to play a memory game with me. Despite the fact that I always aced your tests, you wanted to ensure I had a good memory and we had to play the game every time we saw each other. Getting to shop in the basement always made up for the memory games, though. Much to my mother's chagrin, we were delighted to come home with more treasures like manual lead pencils and Chicken of the Sea Tuna from your basement. And after our shopping spree, we were then able to take a ride in the elevator. I always bragged about having an elevator in the family and secretly hoped that we wouldn't get stuck in it.

5: I don't have a lot of experience with the holiday "money grab", but I have had the privilege of grabbing much good advice from you. You have always been so interested in my and everyone else's life and would share tidbits of wisdom whenever we talked. I have a letter saved that you wrote to my son Gabriel when he was christened in 2003. Of every card and wish I received that day, this is the most meaningful because it contains the most simple yet most insightful advice for a life well lived - and it was handwritten directly to Gabe. I am very happy that my son has had the opportunity to enjoy the same things we did as kids. Thank you for being you. Thank you for teaching me to keep my mind sharp as a tack just like you. Thank you for your love of family. Thank you for all the laughs and smiles. Happy Birthday, Uncle Joe! You're a treasure! Love, Pam, Gary and Gabe Aysen

6: Happy Birthday, Uncle Joe!!! We love you, Alice, Charles & Jennifer "The Georgia Elfers"

8: I will never forget the importance Uncle Joe always put on education. In the army your words kept playing over in my mind. To this day I think that because of you I kept my mouth shut and my mind open ensuring that I learned how to stay alive. I now carry your tips with me in everyday life and am even tempted to write a book called "My Life According to Joe Horil". Thank you for all your wisdom. I still find it a valuable asset in my life. Love, Ray"Trip" Buchert III (Ray Rays' boy)

9: Growing up around Uncle Joe was always an adventure. Whether it was taking home "treasures" (usually cans of Chicken of the Sea tuna) or trying to collect as many coins as you could gather in your two little hands at Christmas, I always knew my "Unk" was there for me. You made growing up fun, and I tried to use those fun times to help me in my relationship with my own children. When life was good, you made it better by pointing out the good in you. When life brings problems, you know how to look for the positives first. You have helped make me successful, both in business and life, and you will always be appreciated by me. My mother looked to you for inspiration, and often told me to model my business life to yours. Happy Birthday, Love Raymond

11: Happy Birthday, Uncle Joe! Growing up around you was like going to our own personal supermarket. We always came home with cans of tuna, mops, brooms and other assorted items. It also made playing in "the basement" more fun for us children. And Christmas with the money!! It was better than getting presents. When I moved to Ohio, I saved change for a year, so I could bring that money tradition to the Midwest. I'm not sure if it stuck but I still love doing it for Christmas. I remember as a child, cousins would stretch their hands for a year to gear up for the "big pull". It was competitive but fun! Somehow I was always happy with my money, even if it wasn't a lot, it was mine. Thanks, Uncle Joe, for adding magic to my childhood!! And happy birthday............. Love, Maria, Alan, Amy, Eric and Jason

12: Uncle Joe, For the hundreds of times you'd pop through our kitchen door with your silly shenanigans to make us giggle, For the myriad personal, hand-written notes of congratulations, praise and encouragement for life events both big and small, For always valuing education as the key to success in life and for readily sharing your ideals with us, For your admiration for and your devotion and attention to my father, Ferd, and my mother, Rhea, in the years of their declining health, For your proud & zealous welcome for each new baby of successive generations, not one a child of your loins but each a child of your heart, For your steady presence and ever-optimistic outlook throughout my life, For a lifetime of precious, happy memories, I am grateful to you. I love you, Uncle Joe!

13: Happy Birthday, Uncle Joe All our love, Laura & Bob

14: Uncle Joe, You have always been a symbol of positivity to everyone in your family. Your energy and dedication to righteous living have inspired all of us to live the way you have lived. Thank you for your love and guidance through the years. - Bobby and Ryley Perez

15: Uncle Joe, Thanks to you and your rewards for my good grades, I now have a straight A average in school and more $1 bills than an exotic dancer. | Would you like to help me eat this Baked Alaska? Just bring the Grab Bag with you, and I'll let you have a bite! Love, Ryley

16: Uncle Joe, 89 years old? More like 89 years to perfect yourself. You have done a pretty good job. You have so many wonderful character traits but the one that we appreciate the most is how you always celebrate the little things in life. Things that we take for granted - until you remind us to stop and smell the roses (er, azaleas, or is it camellias?). Things like: • the pleasure of a handful of coins (they seemed bigger and shinier way back when) • remembering everyone's name (thank you Dale Carnegie) • appreciation for a firm handshake (squeeze it like a man!) • three hulls, live bait, and a crappy old trailer spitting distance to the launch (nuff said) • always knowing what is still good to eat despite the labeling (out of code anyone?) • whiskey (straight) • taking pride in doing well at school (who knew schoolwork could be so profitable) • driving like you damn well please (we don't need no stinkin' cops) • the same seats at every home game (Aints? Who Dat? Who cares.) • mastering the speed bag (okay, none of us mastered that thing so don't lie) • lending a helping hand to anyone anytime anywhere

17: You are a multi-generational hero. The girls, who are only 9, 8, and 6, not only know you but talk about you often. They remember the little things that you have said to them and the games that you have played with them. In this day and age when families are scattered far and wide even if they just live around the corner, that is one hell of an accomplishment. It is not that you are unforgettable, which you are, but rather you are incapable of not being known. You have a charisma and a presence that draws us to you. Thank you for being knowable and approachable and sociable and lovable. Thank you for being you. Happy Birthday. Love, Billy, Marcelle, Claire, Emma & Abby (Perez)

18: Happy Birthday, Uncle Joe! I have so many great memories of you including the holiday money grabs, working in the shop, fishing, and, of course, family gatherings. I have never met another person who has a greater thirst for knowledge and is more full of life. To this day, every time I go down to the Shell Beach area I always think of you and the stories you have shared. I have no doubt that you can still jump into and out of a boat quicker than I can! I know I am not alone in saying that you are always one of the first to offer encouragement in any pursuit we choose and you always follow up with a sincere "congratulations" for each goal we accomplish. You are truly an inspiration to us all. Thank you. Love Brian, Amy, Braxton, and Caroline.

20: Uncle Joe, Thank you for the interest and encouragement you have shown me for as long as I can remember, whether concerning my school work, my profession, or recently in the most important endeavor I have undertaken, my son, Graham. I love you and wish you a wonderful birthday. Love, Buffy & Graham

22: Uncle Joe, Oh, the memories, lessons \ and love that you have brought to our lives! As many have said, your inspiring words will always be with me. But when I think of my "Uncle Bum" a smile immediately crosses my face! This is because you have taught me to take life seriously only when needed, and enjoy every other minute to the fullest...whether it be going to a Saints game, honking at a cop going WAY too slow, playing golf in the basement, or simply riding a 4 year old up and down the elevator just because it is cool! Thank you for making me laugh and, for the past 5 years, making Dylan laugh! I hope I can bring as many smiles to faces in my lifetime as you have in yours! Much love, Beth, Scott & Dylan

23: You & FJ were at Ma Ma's to greet Dylan on our way home from the hospital when he was born! | Below is Papa with Buffy and Beth. | Above is Dylan's first fishing trip! | Dylan still runs around with the horse you gave him!

24: Uncle Joe, I can't remember a time with family that you were not a significant part of the experience. You have been much more than the typical Uncle. Throughout my life, you have been a buddy, a mentor, and a grandparent. From the fishing trips, to golfing at Audubon, from outings to the library on St. Charles, and shooting spitballs on the windows of McDonald's, every experience with you was unique, enjoyable, and memorable.

25: Now to see my children's faces light up when you walk into the room is almost as enjoyable as the times when I was their age. Watching them play "Grab Bag" and seeing the excitement on their faces as they count the loot is like travelling back in time. Your passion for family, and your unending willingness to share the wisdom that you have gathered over your lifetime have been lessons that will stay with me forever. You are a man whose actions have spoken more loudly than your words, although there are many of those as well, and your example has taught me the importance of staying active both in mind and body. I treasure the times we have spent together, and I only hope that I can impart the wisdom that you have shared with me unto others. We love you, Ben, Cassie, Brandon, and Brooke

27: Happy 89th birthday, Uncle Joe! Top 10 Memories of you…and the impact on me 10. Dedication to family…love of family 9. Business advice…desire to excel 8. Harassment during report card time…emphasis on education 7. Grab bag…money management 6. Punching bag…well, I never was good at it 5. Saints games…sports fan 4. Fishing…love for fishing (even if my fish fillets look more like “bait”) 3. “Out of code” goods…new respect for expiration dates 2. Shopping in the basement...learned shopping is not my strong point 1. How to chew tobacco…no lesson here, but who else would teach you how to chew tobacco at 10 years old!?!? Thanks for being so selfless. We love you! Beau, Katie, and Avery Perez

28: Dear Uncle Joe, You have always been my cheerleader--offering your enthusiasm, interest, encouragement and support throughout my life. In the small ways you show your love from a reminder of gas in my car to the offer of a piece of fruit for the road, I thank you. For the many years I witnessed your devotion to Mom and Dad, especially in the difficult times when you so faithfully served, I thank you. For the countless times you extended yourself to bring joy, comfort and hope to family and friends, I thank you. For the humor and silliness we loved as kids and still do, I thank you. For just being you, I thank God. I am so very blessed to call you,"My Uncle Joe". Linda & Wes

29: "A word of encouragement during a failure is worth more than an hour of praise after success." | Lauren - You make me smile!

30: Have a Great Birthday, Uncle Joe. Love Bridget

31: Paky, Terry, Trey (7), Reese (5) & Brayden (4)

32: Uncle Joe "The Consummate Salesman" Happy 89th Birthday, I wanted to say thank you for the years of great advice and direction you have given me.. I'll never forget listening to the old scratchy records discussing sales and motivation. Everyday being in business I appreciate those messages .more and more. Thank you for your time to share . these valuable lessons. Of course this note would not sound like one coming from me unless I included a little humor.......Just to let you know , I took all the silver coins and invested in beer and women, which I believe, gave me the character and experience to become "The Consummate Salesman II" Best wishes, Paky

33: Just to let you know, I took all the silver coins and invested in beer and women....

35: Happy Birthday Uncle Joe! One of the most special things that I remember about you is your genuine interest in me and what was going on in my life. It never failed that you asked me about my school, work or how I was getting along with my parents. Thank you for being you! We Love You, Rebecca, Dane, Charlie, Caroline, Halle and Kaylin

37: Happy Birthday Uncle Joe!!! We love you and wish you many more happy years. Jamie, Jason, Peyton, & Preston Dear Uncle Joe, I will always remember the shopping sprees in your basement. I found many things I just couldn't live without. Thanks for contributing to my love of shopping. Also, I still have every silver dollar I ever grabbed from the money bag. I've had them hidden away since I was a child. You told me not to spend them because they would be worth more in the future. I'm still holding on, waiting to double my money. I'll hook you up with 20% of my profit for the financial advise. I love you dearly. Always, Jamie

38: Uncle Joe, you have discussed with me various aspects of life throughout my years. However, there is one lesson that truly impacted my life, the value of an education. You always made a point to show concern about my schooling and ask if I needed help. You always stressed that education was the key that opened many doors in life. I learned throughout the years that an education is more than 'good grades'. Education develops open mindedness to accept difference and change. Education helps to make good choices. As I grow older and wiser I cherish your advise. I have found that there is great freedom and beauty in an education. The world is filled with knowledge and mysteries encouraging learning to continue as long as we live. The really amazing part about you inspiring me is that I am now able to inspire others. Thanks! Love, Kristin and Isabel

40: Have you heard of a new eco-fad going around the nation called "Dumpster Diving"? Well... it's not really anything new since Uncle Joe has been doing it for years.! Whenever I throw some old thing in the trash, I can be sure it will turn up in his "inventory" in the basement. What in the world can you do with a broken sprinkler? Uncle Joe - ahead of his time - the original recycler!! Happy Birthday, Uncle Joe, Love, F.J.

41: "What the hell do you think you're gonna do with that?" | "Meow"

42: Well Uncle Joe, I just joined this outfit. It is a rather sprightly bunch. From punching bags to pecans. From gardenias to money grabs. Economists, engineers, doctors, lawyers, small business folks. School teachers, carpenters, computer whizz's, your occasional normal person. Enough college degrees to wall paper an air craft carrier. I have a sneaky suspicion you might have had something to do with that? I also think you are going to hang around a while. You just cannot stand it. You now know how the last generation turned out. You ain't leaving until you find out how this new herd is going to do. I suppose as a newcomer, coming in, it gives me quite the advantage. I can stand back, view the scene objectively and ask, "What is the common denominator? Who caused all of this? Where is the glue?

43: Here is a question: Sixty years ago, when you smelled better, did it ever occur to you that you would have such an effect on so many people who turned out so well? There is a word for folks like you, Uncle Joe. It is an over-used word, and not taken seriously enough. But still, it is a rather profound word. Good. You did "good", Sir. Happy Birthday Michael Fontenot

44: Our LNG tanks under construction in Angola | We've got a room with your name on it! Come visit! | (left) This is me, with my pet Black Forest Cobra in Angola, Africa. His name is Spitz!

45: My Dear Sweet Bum, Life is better with you in it. You have been a dominant force in my life, for my entire life - an heroic figure. From one of my youngest memories (as if it were yesterday!) of swinging for hours in your Navy hammock under the Cry-Baby tree, singing my lungs out; to you scooping me up, holding me tight in your arms and carrying me up the steps, rescuing me from my caterpillar bite "tragedy"; until today, ever-present with your active support for any and every little thing. ("I can han'le it!") --- you are always there. I often wonder what I would be doing today if you hadn't helped me obtain my Tulane engineering degree. Your dedication to family is quite a role model for us all. You have left an indelible mark on me, and I am challenged to live up to the example you have set - a life lived wholly and completely, tirelessly and joyfully present to meet everyone's needs, both emotional and physical. You are more than Uncle. I love you. Mickey and Michael

46: Happy Birthday Uncle Joe! Dear Uncle Joe, I just wanted to thank you for all you've done for everyone. I will never forget the afternoons spent playing baseball in your backyard, all the fishing trips, or the hours of rummaging through your basement. And who can forget the money grab bag? I think that's how most of us started our college funds. Thanks for all of the memories - they are some of the fondest I have and they will stick with me forever. Love, Michael

47: It's time to plan another fishin' trip!

48: Happy Birthday, Uncle Joe!

49: I can think of no one more deserving of recognition than you, my dearest Uncle Joe. Let me say that, although it's your 89th birthday, you surely don't act your age! I mean that as a compliment. You are still young at heart and still amazingly active. I can't begin to tell you what an influence you've had on all of our lives. As a child, it was neat having you live just next door. I looked forward to your frequent visits to our house. Your silly shenanigans made us all giggle. I remember how you would hold Scott and Keith upside down by their ankles and "shake the money out of their pockets". Mickey and I loved taking turns in your smelly, old NAVY canvas hammock in the yard. When you had to travel out of town, we'd take turns sleeping at MaMaw's, watching her favorite program, the Lawrence Welk Show with Liberace and the Lennon Sisters. Holidays at the big house were so much fun with the now-famous "Money Grab". What memories!! As an adult, I see how interested and involved you are in each of our lives. You taught Stephen and Christopher how to swing a baseball bat and a golf club. How can I ever thank you enough for your care and devotion to my Mom during her final years? Your generosity will never be forgotten. By example, you have taught me that education is indeed a lifelong process. No matter what your age, your thirst for knowledge never ends. I count my blessings that you are who you are. It is an honor to be a part of your family. Happy Birthday, Uncle Joe! I love you, Janet

51: HAPPY BIRTHDAY UNCLE JOE! XOXO In my 31 years on this Earth you have been a constant source of comfort and inspiration (not to mention groceries and rare coins!) I feel so blessed to have you in my life. Whenever times were tough you gave me encouragement to press on and keep reaching for the stars. I'm not there quite yet, but you've helped me believe that anything is possible with hard work. Also, you have always reminded me to keep the things that are really important in perspective... faith, family, education, laughter and an axe in the attic during hurricane season! I will always cherish and look back on all our times together like shopping in your basement and riding in your elevator with a great big smile on my face. I look forward to all the good times yet to come. I LOVE YOU SOOOOOO MUCH!!! Have a wonderful birthday! Love, Stephanie

53: Dear Uncle Joe, (AKA Uncle Bum) I have so many wonderful memories with you, it's hard to narrow it down to only a few. You have been such an incredible influence in all of our lives. In your busy life, you have ALWAYS found time to keep track of all of us. Some of my greatest memories begin at a very young age when we would all get together for the holidays. I was always looking forward to the "money grab!" I loved that you kept it fair and let the smallest hands grab first. (That usually put me at the front of the line!) Another wonderful memory I have is shopping in your basement. There were so many treasures for us to search through as we filled our grocery bags with "slightly out of code" items!! We always found our way over to the punching bag while we were wandering through the basement. You would find us a step stool and begin our lesson in professional boxing. Although I never got the bag to roll like you did, I enjoyed those special moments with my Uncle Joe:) I also remember my excitement when we came over to ride the elevator. I would go up & down all day if you let us! These are only a few of the most memorable moments I've had with you. I cannot begin to tell you what an important, inspirational person you've been throughout my life. I cannot remember a time when you were not there offering an encouraging word and pushing us to do our very best. Thank you for ALL you have done and all you continue to do for our whole family. I LOVE YOU UNCLE JOE! P.S. Happy 89th Birthday Melanie

55: Uncle Joe, Happy Birthday! I wish you the absolute best. I can not even begin to tell you how wonderful a person you are to me and my family. I have so many good memories, from the money grab to shopping in your basement and going up and down in the elevator until we were told we would break it. Our entire family is so blessed to have such an amazing person as yourself. You have always had the best advice and great knowledge in leading us in the right direction. Thank you for all you have done for me and my family. Thank you for being such a great uncle, person and mentor. Love, Katie

57: Never have I met a man more eager to share advice and wisdom that he has acquired throughout his life. You have been such an inspiration to me and you have looked out for me more times than I can remember. I can only wish to be so lucky as to live a life as fulfilling and heartfelt as yours. Your generosity, I'm sure, has touched each and every member of this family in a special way. Although your name may not appear in history books, the compelling story of me and my "good buddy" will surely be one that is passed down from generation to generation. Happy Birthday Uncle Joe! Love, Stephen

58: Dear Uncle Joe, My favorite memories of New Orleans were playing baseball, attempting to hit the golf ball around, and shooting the pellet gun at cans in the backyard with you. Of course there was the occasional snooping in his basement and hitting the punching bag. Thank you for taking time out of your day to make a little boy's day better. Love, Christopher Horil

59: The Bum ?? Other names you may recognize him by: The Sweeper of the Shop The King of Window Washers Master to the Professors Advocate for Perpetual Education Guardian of the Blue Goose Hair Breathe Harry And self proclaimed: Dean of the Beans The Bum -- It may be only a name we use that everyone knows who we refer to …. but it is the furthest from any reference to who he is or to his character. What a wonderful example to ALL of us you have been! HAPPY 89th BIRTHDAY UNCLE JOE

60: Uncle Joe - - The Bum I have no idea where the nick name originated, but it has stuck with him for as long as I can remember. From before I could tell time, Uncle Joe was teaching me and having me repeat: “Time and Tide await no man” Even though I came to understand the meaning, I am still one of the great procrastinators. Here is another one I was taught about 40 years ago: “I know men in the ranks who will stay in the ranks. Why? Simply because they don’t have the ability to get things done.” Yet another one Uncle Joe told me (many many times throughout the years): “Did I ever tell you the story of the successful Tycoon? Well I once met this successful Tycoon. I was so impressed with his success, I was compelled to ask: How did you become so successful? He replied, by making good decisions. Still wanting to know more, I proceeded to inquire further. So I asked, How is it that you make good decisions? He quickly replied, through experience I have learned to make good decisions. Still wanting to know more, I persisted: Well how did you gain experience? The successful Tycoon thought for a moment, and replied: by making bad decisions.” Everyone who hears this tale may take away something different. For me, the moral of the story has been the source of my motivation and persistence to never give up. No matter how many times I fail or fall down, each experience draws me closer to my success. It is through my failures that I learn the most in life. Uncle Joe and the lessons he taught me have never been far from my heart.

61: Technology has nothing on the Pictures in my Mind – Thanks for the memories. As a boy, Uncle Joe would take my brother Keith, and I on different outings. One of my favorite is the fishing trips down at Shell Beach, where the mosquitoes and gnats were a constant annoyance. It was very exciting to take a ride on his boat. He even let us drive. We caught Trout, Flounder, Red Fish, and this huge Drum fish that put up the fight of his life. I even caught an oyster! And of course, he taught us to clean and gut the fish at home. My mother would always cook the fish to order. I can also remember Uncle Joe taking us to watch the Saints Football games. My first game was held at Tulane Stadium, before the Dome was built. And no matter where we went, we always had to stop at the down town Post Office to get his mail. When Keith and I would get bored, Uncle Joe was always there to fill the gap. He would play ball in the back yard with us, see how far we could hit the golf balls (without breaking a window), and of course practicing casting our fishing lines from the top of the porch. Through the years, Uncle Joe has always been there to lend a SILENT Helping Hand whenever it was needed. Okay, the Helping Hand whenever it was needed is true. Thank you Uncle Joe, from the bottom of my heart for all the joy you have brought into our lives. Love, Scott Horil

62: Happy Birthday Uncle Joe! Keith, Jamie, Levi, Izak & Daniel

64: Dear Uncle Joe, While thinking about what we wanted to say to let you know how much we love you and what a special person you are, certain phrases from the poem If kept coming to mind. So as Rudyard Kipling says it better than we: "If you can dream - and not make dreams your master; If you can think - and not make thought your aim, If you can meet with Triumph and Disaster And treat those two imposters just the same; If you can make one heap of all your winnings And risk it on one turn of pitch-and-toss, And lose, and start at your beginnings And never breathe a word about your loss; If you can talk with crowds and keep your virtue, Or walk with Kings - nor lose the common touch, If neither foes nor loving friends can hurt you, If all men count with you, but none too much; If you can fill the unforgiving minute With sixty seconds' worth of distance run, Yours is Earth and everything that's in it, And - which is more - you'll be a Man, my son!"

65: YOU'RE THE MAN!! The one we love and admire and wish a very happy 89th birthday and many more!! With much love, Lise, Teddy, Maureen and Leonard

66: Happy Birthday Uncle Joe! Dear Uncle Joe, There has never been a time that you were not part of our family celebrations, especially Christmases, weddings, and graduations. I remember your long line of nieces and nephews waiting our turns for the Christmas Money Grab in the 1950's when I was one of the little ones, and I remember it when I was one of the tallest in line too. The stories you, Daddy, and Uncle Ferd would spin to entertain us kids should have been written down. Some were believable and probably true, but the three of you told some of them with such a twinkle in your eyes that we knew we were being told a real whopper, which made the story even more fun.

67: When we lived in Hattiesburg, you used to drop in to visit when you were passing through on business trips. You always had cans of Chicken of the Sea and Sayman's Salve and other products for Mother and toys for "the babies" (Cherreen and Melanie). If you stayed for dinner, you used to call us the "Little Termites", because you said you never saw 5 little creatures go through so much food so fast. We took it as a compliment! As we have outgrown the Money Grab and our termite years, you have remained such an important part of our lives. You still remember us every Christmas, and you don't forget who has added a husband or a wife or a baby!! You have stayed young and interested in our lives, and we love you so much. Love, Kathleen

68: !Happy 89th Birthday to the "OFFICIAL UNC / THE DEAN OF BEANS" Uncle Joe, as you can see, I've posted the picture that you took of me such a long time ago at Schwegmann's. It was my first official paying sales job working for you at Fortier, Brown & Horil Food Brokers. Of course, I was also selling Cry-Baby Tree Seeds from the tree in your backyard to neighborhood Chalmation women when I was five or six years old, but that was not an official sales job. I'm still selling now today, most likely, thanks to you. It's all your fault; no good deed shall go unpunished. Well Unc, when I think of you, good things come to mind: Fishing, Saints Games, Money Grabs, Family, Caring for others and probably above all, living an honest & honorable life. Take it easy, but take it ! All the best, Herbie, Jr.

70: Happy, Happy 89th Birthday, Uncle Joe The world would be a better, different place if every child had the privilege of having an Uncle Joe in his life! "Uncle Joe's coming over" were some of the best words to hear throughout the years, from the time we were little until Mom moved across the lake a year or so ago. Laughs, life-lessons, boxes of chocolate, and other surprises always came along with you (mops, Elmer's candy, lip balm...). We continue to be amazed at your ability to keep track of all of us, our kids, spouses, schools, careers, etc. and the appearance of the Christmas money each year. Dad and Herbie cherished your fishing trips. Mom enjoyed our visits and calls to keep in touch. And we all appreciated your TLC for Dad and each of us when he was sick. Thanks for a life-time of support and love. Cherreen, Jon, and Jon, Jr.

72: Melanie Horil Billiot | Rebecca Billiot Gibson with Husband Greg & daughters Desi & Leah | Hank Billiot | Kathryn Billiot

73: HAPPY BIRTHDAY UNCLE JOE! Thank you for all the wonderful memories: - money grabs -goodies from the basement - visits -getting me together with my cousins - gifts - letters of encouragement -ALWAYS BEING THERE! and for the wonderful example you are and influence you've had on me, my children and generations to come. You never forget anyone on special occasions. Your generosity and thoughtfulness has endeared my entire family to you. (I've always thought it awesome that you would send your mother (MaMar) flowers on YOUR birthday). I have only 4 letters in my safe and one of them is one you wrote to me 28 years ago with your loving words of support and encouragement when I got married. We love you and treasure you.

74: Cousin Joe in the Navy 1942, Puerto Rico | Vera Schulz Keiffer & Hilda Schulz

75: The McAuliffe's - Ed & Pat, Kim, Dan, Mike, and Mark with spouses & grandchildren

76: When I think about Cousin Joe, I always get a smile on my face. He's fun and funny! He's there for anyone who needs anything at any time. My children, Johnny, Mary, Jeff, Chris, Keiffer, and Judy, and now my grandchildren, have all been recipients of his pulling $ bills out out their ears, jokes, and the ever-present tuna kites that Cousin Joe gave them over the years. (I actually saved a few.) Joe's Mom, Leona, and my Mom, Vera, were sisters. As a little girl and for years to come, I would go to 4324 Jefferson Hwy. to visit. Joe would be praised for being a dedicated son, caregiver, chauffeur, and all-around generous and loving son, brother, brother-in-law, nephew, cousin, and even a long distance liaison to Aunt Hilda, our Mom's other sister who lived in Japan and California. My husband, Sonny, thoroughly enjoyed the times he and Joe drove to Shell Beach to go fishing, but only after stopping at several grocery stores to say "hi" and to "check the shelves". All of us who

77: have been blessed being part of Joe's life can say we have seen FAMILY in action. I've always said, "Every family needs a Joe." Happy Birthday, Love Jackie, Sonny & Family | Hilda & Vera 1912

78: Roses are Red Violets are Blue, And we all knew That we could count on you! Fondly, Carol Horil

79: I may be the oldest living of Joe's relatives, at least on the Schulz side of the family. My earliest memories of Joe, Ferd, and Herbie date back to when they lived in Metairie, maybe on Metairie Heights. They lived within walking distance of Indian Mound and ran a rabbit trap nearby that I remember visiting. I guess I was about 5 or 6. My next earliest memories of Joe and family are of their "new" house, the present house. The basement was so interesting with the woodworking tools. I used to wander into the big back yard where across the back fence was a beautiful pack of deer hounds. Other memories about Joe's house include a huge round kitchen table, a piano with a stool you could spin around on, a hammock on the front porch, and Uncle Ferd in his rocker. The piece de resistance of all memories was the occasion of introducing Aunt Leona and Uncle Ferd to my fiancee Jill with the belief that she would be accepted if given a box of Gold Bricks on the way out. She was. Sorry Joe, I can't be more specific, because in my mind you are part of one great family and also because you are SO MUCH OLDER THAN I AM! --- Cousin Dave

83: "Ask any mermaid you happen to see......... What's the best tuna?......... | Chicken of the Sea!!!!

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