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FC: Collin

1: My name is Collin Stern, and I was born on August 22nd 1995 in Appleton Wisconsin. I have two brothers, Chris, and Reggie, a beautiful mother named Ann, and a dedicated father named Brandon. I have lived in Waupaca since I was three years old. Waupaca is a small town of roughly six or seven thousand, and it's the kind of place where almost everybody knows everybody. I will attend the University of Wisconsin Eau Clair in the fall of 2013. I have so many blessings in my life including my family and friends, and I am privileged to be offered the opportunity to write a little about all of them, and about what is important in my life.

2: A family is pieced together with hope and faith. A family is quilted and bound with love and grace. | Family is the most important thing in my life. My family includes my Mom, Dad, brothers, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins. I am close with all of my family, and I would do anything for every single one of them. My family is my life, and I honestly don't know what I would do without them.

3: Mom | My mom is probably the most important person in my entire life. She means the world to me. I am what some would call a “momma's boy”, I always have been, and I always will be. My mom is so important in my life because she constantly teaches me things about life. I have learned that there is a lesson and something to learn through each experience and encounter that I have in life, and she helps me, and guides me through the good times and the struggles. She is my role model, and if there is one person that I would ever want to resemble, it is her. She is slow to anger, incredibly hard working, and she is the most caring person I know. I am so very proud to call her my mother and I will forever be grateful for all that she has done.

4: DAD | My Dad has been one of the most influential parts in my life. He has taught me how to become a successful man. He is skilled and hard working, and he continues to teach me how to do almost anything that I will one day need in order to take proper care of a family. He also taught me how to hunt, fish, fix things, and got me interested in some of my passions like paintball and motorcycling. I am exceedingly grateful for this and all that he means to and has done in my life. I appreciate the fact that he has always been there for me when I needed him, and for all he has taught me. I hope to be able to use him as an example for my kids someday.

5: Chris | Christopher is my older brother by 22 months and four days. He always used to be bigger and stronger, but now I am taller and stronger than him, and everyone thinks that I look older. This doesn't mean that he can't still kick my butt, because he has that older brother passion that will never let his younger sibling take power no matter what. I always wanted to be like my big brother from the time I was little. Whatever Chris did, I wanted to do too. In some ways, it's still like that today. Chris is a smart, handsome, and respectful man that I am unbelievably proud to call my brother.

6: Reggie | Reggie joined our family when I was a freshman on December 23, 2009. He is from the Philippines, and we adopted him when he was twelve years old. It was a huge change in my family because everything we did was different, but I am so very happy that we adopted him. Now it feels like he has been a part of our family for my whole life. He is the most kind and generous person that I have ever met, and he will never judge a person based on their appearance or by any other means. Reggie showed me what it means to truly love and care for other people, and I am delighted to call him my little brother.

7: Grandma and Grandpa Stern | My Grandpa and Grandma Stern are my Dad’s parents, and have always been the fun grandparents. They live less than a mile away and have a pool, so in the summer, my family and I go up there almost daily. My grandparents have always been very close to me. Whenever my parents would go places, we would go and see my grandma and grandpa for the week. They have always loved and cared for me and my brothers. My grandpa has taught me about machinery and woodwork, and my grandma taught me how to paint and be respectful to everybody. I appreciate everything they have done for me, and I couldn't ask for anything better.

8: My Grandma and Grandpa Young are my Mom's parents. My Grandpa Ralph, who was born in 1921, was a farmer all of his life. He went to school until eighth grade, and started farming for his father. He soon met my Grandma, Violet, and they fell in love and were wed at an early age. They moved into a house in Clintonville where they owned over fifty acres of land that my Grandpa farmed and raised milk cows on. He also worked at the Four Wheel Drive, and drove a school bus. He was a very hard working man who raised a good and proper family. In his later years he constantly told me stories of when he was young, or when he would drive the bus. He taught me how to play card games and roll dice. Presently, he is ninety-one years old and still going strong, although his memory isn't what it was. He moved out of his home just two years ago to an assisted living home with my Grandma called Angelis. My Grandma is eighty eight years old, and is the most amazing cook in the entire world. Her old famous recipes are written into the books so that I will always have them. My Grandma is very caring and loving, and I am grateful to have her.

9: Family | My aunt Tracie is my Dad’s sister. Her husband, my uncle Tony, is the coolest uncle ever. He is really fun and interesting. They have the cutest kids in the entire world, my cousins, Isabella, and Nicolas (Nico for short). My little cousins are really fun, and always have energy. They live near the Minneapolis, MN, so we don't see them as often as I would like to, but when we do, it is always a good time. I really enjoy hanging out with my uncle because unlike my parents, he isn't old and boring, but young and fun. My freshman year of college, I will only live an hour away from them, so I’m sure I will see them more than I do right now. My aunt, uncle, and my cousins make up a very large part of what makes my family so great, and I will forever love all of them.

10: My Grandpa Kroll is my Dad’s father. He lives alone near Marion Wisconsin. He is incredibly smart. He collects antiques from all around Wisconsin, and always has something to share. He knows almost everything about nature and animals, along with remedies and cures for nearly any ailment. He is fascinated by anything with a turquoise color. My Grandpa Kroll has always been in my life ever since I was little, and although he doesn’t attend many social events, he always will listen to anything I have to say and give positive advice or feedback. I love my Grandpa, and through him, I have learned to appreciate the small things that make life worth living. | GRANDPA KROLL

11: FAMILIES ARE FOREVER | My uncle Craig is my Dad’s brother. He is married to my aunt Heather, and they have three kids, my cousins; Emma, Brody, and Ian. They live in Green Bay WI, and my aunt Heather manages a steak house there. My uncle Craig is really cool. He is very interested in pretty much everything that guys like; guns, cars, bikes, etc. The oldest one of their kids is Emma, a sweet little girl that can be nice and polite, or ferocious and wild. She is a very fun little cousin. The middle child, Brody is a fun little guy. He always has something interesting to say, and makes a good little and big brother. Ian is a crazy little man. He is always doing something naughty, or getting into trouble which is what makes him unique. My cousins and my aunt and uncle are a real joy to have come and visit, and I always enjoy their company.

12: Mom's Side | Heidi | Brian | Uncle Wayne | Uncle Jim | Uncle Tom | Jodi | Aunt Shela | Mckayla | Mathena | Michelle | Aunt Sandy

13: Joy | My Mom’s side of the family is quite different than my Dad's side. They are much older because my Mom is 17 years younger than the rest of her siblings. She has nieces and nephews than have children older than me. Just because this side of the family is older doesn't mean they are any less fun. My Aunt Shelia is my godmother, and she is the sweetest aunt that I could ever imagine. She lives in New London WI, and she is a fun, loving, caring, and generous person. She is married to my Uncle Jim, and they both are great chefs who try and make everything fancy and special. My Mom’s other sister's name is Sandy. She is the oldest of the siblings, and I remember going to her house since the time I was very little for Christmas parties. She is an incredible cook as well (they were all taught by my Grandma). She is married to my uncle Wayne who is a quiet, but interesting man. My Uncle Tom is the only boy of three girls in the family. He is funny and chill, and he likes to reminisce about the past. He used to drive some awesome cars, including race cars, muscle cars, and monster trucks. He is married to my Aunt Nancy who is quiet, but very sweet. All of my Mom’s siblings have children older than me, and some of their grandchildren are older than me. This means that I have way too many cousins to even name, but the family get-togethers are really big, and really fun. | Heidi



16: Forever | When speaking of family, one of the first people I think of is my dearest girlfriend Cassidy. She is a part of the family, and is loved by everyone (probably more than me). Cassidy and I started dating on June 13, 2011. We met at lifeguard training in May, and began dating a month later. Ever since, we have been together aside from a few expected rough patches whilst getting to know each other. She has had a large impact on my life, and I wouldn’t be the same person I am today if it wasn’t for her. We have grown up so much during the short period of time we have been together that we have become completely different people, and she has been influential in the development of the man I am, and will always be. Cassidy Quinn Price was born on February 1st, 1995. She goes to New London High School, and I’m jealous of how well she does in school. She is attending the University of Wisconsin Eau Claire in the fall of 2013, and knows she wants to go into the medical field. Cassidy is my first very serious, long term, and committed relationship. She is intelligent, funny, friendly, outgoing, and beautiful. We are attending the same university and both plan to study abroad somewhere at one point in time. Cassidy is the most amazing girl I have ever met, and I am amazingly lucky to have her in my life.

17: It's the moments I spend with you that build the memories which last a lifetime. -M Gutierrez | Lucas Miller has been my best friend since I was in fourth grade, and is still to this day. We met in Mr. Elgersma’s class, and were friends ever since. Lucas and I have basically grown up together. We were always over at each other’s houses, and doing sleepovers. We do most everything together, and enjoy most of the same things. We were nominated for the recognition “joined at the hip” for our high school’s blueberry awards, which is basically the two guys who you can always find together (not in a gay way I hope). Lucas and I were the best friends of Lalo (Eduardo) Rojas, and Frerk Schreiber, the two coolest foreign exchange students to ever exist. Lucas will be attending UW Madison in the fall of 2013. I will defiantly miss him, and it will be strange, because it will be the first time since fourth grade that he won’t be around. Lucas is the best friend a person could have, and I’m very grateful to have had him as a friend for the past eight years. I’m sure we will always keep in touch even after college when we are all settled down with families of our own, we will always be friends.

18: JAKE | Jake Reedy is also one of my best friends. I met him in third grade in Mrs. Tomaras’s class. He and I have been friends since around the same time Lucas and I were. We were always together as a trio until high school. In high school, we still hung out, but Jake had Nichole Thorne (don’t get me wrong I love Nichole) so he was often busy, and we didn’t hang out like we used to. Nevertheless, we get together just the three of us from time to time just like in the past, and when we do that, we always have lots of slightly immature fun. Jake is a really cool guy with a good set of morals, and an amazing personality. He is without a doubt one of the best people I know and I’m happy to call him my friend.

19: “Good friends, good books, and a sleepy conscience: this is the ideal life.” - Mark Twain | Elliot | Elliot Carlovsky is another one of my very good friends. He and I met on the bus when we were in middle school. He lives about a mile away. In middle school he went to a small private school, but would still ride the public school bus. He is very smart in math and science. In high school, we both joined soccer together and played all four years together. We hang out almost every weekend, and we always have fun. Elliot is the kid who is extremely smart and well behaved in school, but something not many people know about him is that he gets crazy, wild, and hilarious when not in school, and especially late at night. I can remember that in one night, Elliot took two shots of olive oil, a spoonful of hot sauce, failed the cinnamon challenge, ate raw garlic, and ate an entire raw onion like it was an apple, and lit his shoes on fire to try to look like the flash. Like I said, he gets pretty crazy, but it is always insanely funny. Elliot will be attending UW-Platteville this fall with the intent of becoming an engineer. With Elliot there is never a dull moment which makes him one of the best friends someone could ask for.

20: Jake & Cody | I met Jake Balaskavits, the new kid from Kenosha, during my sophomore year. I remember we had the same Algebra II class together with Mrs. Janke, and the first thing I thought about him was that he looked very similar to harry potter, a nickname that stuck for as long as he wore glasses. We became friends that year, and eventually took lifeguard training together in New London. That summer, we both worked at Spencer Lake Christian Center and became good friends and started hanging out. He soon joined our “friend group” and was just another one of the guys. Jake is super funny, smart, and has great ethical views. He has a sense of style like none other and is by far the best dressed in our class. He is never afraid to be who he really is, and is always open to try new things. Jake is a great friend to have, and since we both want to go into dentistry, we will most likely end up at the same educational institution one day.

21: IS NOT MEASURED BY THE BREATHS WE TAKE BUT THE MOMENTS THAT TAKE OUR BREATH AWAY | LIFE | Cody Weller is an awesome friend of mine. He is going to attend UW Eau Claire, and we plan on rooming together. Cody is the funniest guy I know, and he always knows what to say. He isn’t afraid to laugh at himself, and he always makes a way out of an awkward situation. Cody has a very good comical personality which makes him easy to like, and makes friends get drawn towards him. He isn’t afraid to try new things, and would do anything for his friends. Cody will make an awesome roommate in college because he is really smart, and we have basically all of the same interests. It will be easy to get along with him, and then we can split everything 50/50, and plan on what to bring to college. Cody is a great friend to have, and there is never a dull moment with him around.

22: Foreign Exchange | Frerk | I have made some of my best friends from the foreign exchange program at Waupaca High School. Frerk Schreiber is someone I will never forget. Frerk is from Germany, and arrived the summer before my senior year. He joined soccer (and was insanely good) and so we became friends during the first few weeks of practice. After that, we hung out constantly, and he literally became one of my very best friends. All of the girls chased after him, and he was always kind and polite to adults. Frerk showed Waupaca high school how to have a good time, but unexpectedly, he was sent home early because he was caught with a girl after hours. I plan on traveling to Germany the summer following my senior year to go and see him before college, but as of now, we miss him very much, and can’t wait to see him again. For as little time as I have known Frerk, he is one of the best friends I have ever had, and I wouldn’t be the same person I am today if not for Frerk.

23: Friendship... is not something you learn in school. But if you haven't learned the meaning of friendship, you really haven't learned anything. -Muhammad Ali | Lalo | Lalo Rojas is another one of my best friends that I have made through the Waupaca foreign exchange program. Lalo came to America from Columbia the spring of my junior year and left in December the following year. Lalo and I weren’t really friends at first, and the first time that I really met him was when I gave him a ride to post prom. Then we started to hang out as a big group of friends, and Lalo and I grew closer and closer over the summer. By the time senior year started, we were best friends. We played soccer together, and he was the funniest, most competitive player. Lalo, Lucas, and I would hang out almost every day outside of school, and in the month before he returned to Columbia, we did things together every day. Lalo is quite the womanizer, and always says what he thinks about somebody (usually that they are so very beautiful!). Lalo is coming back to Waupaca in the summer of 2013 and will be staying with me for a few days. Lalo is a great friend, and I’m very happy we became friends.

24: The Gang | I hang out with a very large group of good friends and each of them means something different to me. All of my friends are great people, and I’m happy to have them. Joe Nelson is tall and insanely athletic. We go to his house all the time, and he is quite funny. He likes cars and sports, so there is always something to talk about. Erik Sands is one of the coolest cats around. He and I have hung out with each other quite a bit senior year. Kacey Sporel is the funniest girl I know. She is easy to talk to, and makes a good time out of every situation. Haley Johnson is my third cousin, and she is going to Madison. She is a great cook (just like her mom), and she loves hanging out with friends. Emmy Spindt is one of the nicest girls I have ever met. To me, she has always been kind, and she works as a waitress at wheelhouse. Taylor Fabricius loves cats, and is literally obsessed with them. Even so, she is very nice, and you can have a down to earth conversation with her quite easily. Matt Sullivan is an awesome chick magnet who loves talking about cars, and sports. He likes partying, and having a good time everywhere he goes.

25: Max Gill is going to attend UW Eau Claire in the fall of 2013. Since we will be attending the same school in the future, I’m sure we will hang out a lot more, but Max is an extremely friendly guy who doesn’t put other peoples differences in front of who they really are as a person. Bruno Pessoa is a foreign exchange student from Brazil. Bruno is very smart in school, and likes going to the gym (just like all foreign exchange students for some reason). Nicole Donaldson is a really nice, athletic girl who likes having movie nights, and doing crazy things. We did a giant scavenger hunt around the city of Waupaca one time, and met up at her house which was really fun. Maria Paz Gardella (or Paz for short) is our only foreign exchange girl. She is very funny, and showing her new things and watching the excitement on her face is priceless. Marshall Montgomery is a friend who is originally from Louisiana. He moved to Waupaca during the middle of high school. Marshall likes to party, and is insane at times. He is really cool to hang around. Blake Stecker is a cool kid who likes to party, and gets the girls like none other. Blake is interesting, and fun to hang with. Nate Nelson (Nellie Nellie Nelson) is a year younger than us, but is still cool. He is really strong, lives on a farm, and drives a small, manual, Volkswagen truck. Patrick Snider is very athletic. He was the soccer star, he is very good at basketball, and is a kind, humble kid. He is also a year younger than most everybody else, but is a joy to have around. Timmy Nelson is a funny, witty, and great guy. He likes underclassmen girls, but always makes room for his friends. Timmy is a hit, and his laugh is very contagious. I have known Brett Sievwright since I moved to Waupaca (age 3) because our parents were in a group together called the Jaycees. Brett is a year younger, but has an awesome personality, and we have always been friends since we were just kids. Jenny Gaurke and I became friend’s senior year. I don’t remember how we met, but we are both in Madrigal choir. We had several classes together senior year, and would basically talk about everything. I’m so lucky to have such a great group of friends to be able to hang out with, and I wouldn't be the same person today without them.

26: ____________________________________________________________ | Motorcycles | I received my first motorcycle the summer after eighth grade. I had wanted a jet ski, but my dad convinced me that I would use and like a dirt bike much more, so I started looking for good starter bikes since I had never ridden before. That night, I found a 2001 Yamaha TTR 225 which we went and looked at the following day. We brought it home, and after I read whole user manual, (which is something my Dad always makes me do before I use anything new) I listened intently to my Dad who tried to explain how the shifter and clutch mechanisms worked. I had used a foot shifter before on ATV’s, but I had never used a clutch which is a completely new experience. After a few jerks, and snubbing out the engine a few times, I started getting the hang of using it. The first time I rode all the way down my driveway was a wonderful feeling. I had that bike for the remainder of that summer, and the following summer (between freshman and sophomore year). In the August after my sophomore year I received a 2003 Kawasaki KLX 400 which is a much larger dirt bike that could also go on the road because it had proper street gear. It was late in the year to get my motorcycle temps, so I used it as a dirt bike until spring of the following year. During the spring of my junior year, I drove to Oshkosh to take the Motorcycle safety class (motorcycle driver’s education) and then took my motorcycle safety test to get my motorcycle license. I passed with a perfect score on the test! I was driving my KLX on the road frequently, but it wasn’t really a motorcycle designed for lots of road use, it was primarily a dirt bike, so I decided to search for a road bike. After a few weeks, I found a 2005 Kawasaki ZZR600 on craigslist and purchased it in May of 2012. I love this motorcycle even though it is very dangerous. I am extremely happy to have motorcycles because motorcycling is one of the greatest sports in the world, and there is nothing like the feeling of leaning into the turns and rocketing out of them. Motorcycling is truly an indescribable feeling and a privilege in which I have the honor of partaking.

27: Cars | I have driven a multitude of cars in my lifetime, and I’m sure that number will increase until when I die. I received my driver’s license the day I turned 16 (August 22, 2011). I was so excited to get my license that I drove all the way to Shawano Wisconsin to take my test. I had never been to this city before, so it was even more nerve wracking, but I passed easily without any problems parallel parking. The car I started driving after I received my license was a 1998 White Buick Century. We bought this car new, and then sold it to my grandparents, only to buy it back from them a few years later. I drove this for a while until my older brother Chris received the title to this car for his 18th birthday. I was sad because I thought I would end up getting that car, but I started using my parents’ 2003 Honda CR-V. This car was very nice in the winter because it was All Wheel Drive, but didn’t get the best gas mileage in the summer (lucky for me I had a motorcycle). The fall of 2012, my parents decided to sell the CR-V and get a smaller car, so then I drove the 2009 CR-V, my Mom’s old car. In March of 2013, I decided it was time for me to buy my own car for college with the money I had saved since I was little, so I did some research and finally ended up buying a 1994 Chevy Camaro. This car is a low riding sports car that has a manual transmission (stick shift). I got a really good deal on it, so I was super excited when I got it. I worked on it and put in some of the upgrades I deemed necessary until it was my dream starting car. It gets decent gas mileage, (close to 30 on the highway) but still has plenty of power. I love my Camaro, and I’m very happy I bought it.

28: Trooper | Trooper is my dog. He is a Yellow Labrador Retriever who weighs 90 pounds. We got him from the H.E.L.P. shelter when I was in sixth grade, and have had him ever since. I named Trooper, and he has been one of my best friends in the whole world. Trooper is quite smart, and he loves playing. Trooper’s favorite activities include swimming, hunting, napping, eating, going for walks/runs, and wrestling. Trooper will be anywhere he can get food, and will not give up trying to get some until it’s completely gone. During the winter of 2012/13, Trooper got very sick with a respiratory disease called blastomycosis. It nearly killed him, and for a few months, he became an inside dog, but he pulled through it, and is fine. Trooper is a very important part of my family that I will never forget.

29: Eli | Eli is my other dog. Eli is an extremely cute dog, but unfortunately, he is not smart whatsoever. Eli is a mutt that we adopted from a shelter as a puppy (he was less than a year old). He is the sweetest most cuddle-loving dog I have ever known. Eli doesn’t like swimming, but he loves playing and wrestling with Trooper. He often takes things too far, and gets a beat down from Trooper, but he never quits. Anyone who has ever seen Eli thinks that he is adorable which makes him easy to bring places. Unfortunately he jumps up on people all the time, so we don’t bring him places where there are other people, and he is a pest to other dogs, so he stays home almost always. Eli is a sweet and loving pet that always finds in joy in meeting absolutely anyone.

30: Austin Schroeder is my older brother Chris’s best friend, and roommate. Austin is just a genuinely good guy. He is incredibly funny, and isn’t afraid to show his emotions. Austin has been almost adopted into our family, he is so accepted, and for a good reason. Austin worked with me as a lifeguard at Spencer Lake for two years, so I got to know him really well, and I’m happy I did. Austin’s nickname, Choder (Chode for short), basically describes his personality because he is funny and carefree about almost everything. He is a hard worker, but loves having time to relax. I am happy to have Austin as Chris’s roommate, and I’m sure I will remain friends for a very long time.

31: More about Me! | My favorite food is a Filipino dish with fried rice and sweet-marinated pork called tocino. My favorite color is green. I like the TV shows “The Office” and “How I Met Your Mother”. My favorite seasons are fall and spring because they are perfect for all of the activities I love doing such as Motorcycling and Paintball, and I can wear nearly anything in my wardrobe. I love the sound of naturally running water whether it is a stream, waterfall, or rainfall. The first thing I notice about people is the condition of their teeth. I love traveling to new places and trying new things or foods. I dislike undeserved authority, but respect those who actually deserve it. Lazy people make me extremely angry. I love partying, but hate dancing. I like singing when I feel like it, but hate it when I don’t. The most expensive thing I have ever bought was my motorcycle, followed by my car.

32: Music | Music is an important part of my life. I have been in choir since I was in first grade with “special choir” under Mrs. Michaels, then in middle school under Mrs. Leader, and finally in High school under Mr. Wolfgrahm and Mrs. Morrissey. Starting in fifth grade, I took up piano. I still can play today, although I no longer take lessons. I also did middle school band where I played flute, clarinet, some trumpet, and some percussion. I didn’t really like the teacher, so after seventh grade I quit band. Music has been a very important part of my life because I have devoted so much time to it, especially in high school with the madrigal singers. I will always continue with music because it is so relevant in life. I hope to teach my children music one day.

33: Soccer | I played football until my freshman year of high school when all of my friends joined soccer. I wanted to be with all of them, so naturally, I joined soccer as well. The first week of practice, respectively named “hell week”, was a real wake-up call for me. We ran many miles in the hot mid-August sun. I wasn’t very good at soccer, but I was the biggest one on the team, so they put me on starting defense. I also played backup goalie when our starting goalie was injured. I continued soccer throughout high school, and my senior year, I started on varsity defense. The best part about soccer is the bus rides to and from away games with all of the boys. I loved this part, and it is a memory I will have forever.

34: Lifegurading | I always wanted to be a lifeguard from the time I was very little and would see the lifeguards watching over people. I liked the idea of having the ultimate authority over everyone else in the Water Park or beach. I took the training course with my older brother, and my friends Alex and Jake. At the training course, I met Cassidy. That summer, the summer of 2011, I worked at Spencer Lake Christian Center with my brother, Chris, and some of my good friends. I was the boat attendant for my first year because I was only 15 years old until that august, so I wasn’t able to legally lifeguard even though I was most likely the strongest swimmer employed. The summer of 2013 will be my third year as a lifeguard there, and I have made many friends and gotten a good tan. I will hopefully be able to lifeguard in collage as well for a job. I love lifeguarding because people look up to you, you have authority, and you don’t really have to do a whole lot. Lifeguarding is a very important job, however, because people’s lives are at risk, and it is the lifeguard’s duty to protect everyone.

35: Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world. -Nelson Mandela | College | I am attending the University of Wisconsin Eau Claire in the fall of 2013. I plan on Majoring in Biology or Chemistry, with a minor in Spanish. I am insanely excited to get out there and experience the world on my own. I will turn 18 a few days before I move into college. I can’t wait for meeting many new people, learning, living on my own, and attending an occasional party now and then. I have been looking forward to college for my entire life, and I finally get to start. I chose UWEC because I love the campus, distance from home, educational quality, and overall atmosphere.

36: Español | Empecé la clase de español cuando era en la sexta grado. Tuve Señora Salter y no me gustó español mucho, pero la idea de aprendieron una idioma diferente era fantástica así continué en la escuela secundaria. No me gustó español hasta español cuatro con Señora Abrahamson. Después de español cuatro yo podría hablar y escribir bueno en español y era muy contento. En mi final ano de escuela secundaria, era en español cinco y tomé el examen de colocación de universidad. Voy a tomar español a Eau Claire y espero menor en español. Ahora, me gusta español mucho, y no puedo esperar por español en mi universidad.

37: Prom 2012 | During my junior year of high school, I had the opportunity to go to prom twice in the same year. I went to the Waupaca High School prom with a friend of mine named McKenna Plunkett, and I went with my girlfriend to the New London High School prom. Both were some of the best memories I have of high school. I can’t definitively say which prom was better for me because they were both fun, and both different. I am so happy to have the family and friends that made prom so special for me.

39: “There is no question that there is an unseen world. The problem is, how far is it from midtown and how late is it open?” Woody Allen | New York City | Out of anything I did in high school, by far my best memory was going to New York City for our Choir trip. We took a coach bus and made the trek in around twenty hours or so, plus a few stop breaks. Sleeping was very uncomfortable on the bus, but we were all so excited, it didn’t really matter either way. The first night we arrived, we had the opportunity to see a Broadway show. I saw Book of Mormon. It was the funniest musical I have ever seen. The next night I saw Jersey Boys which was also fantastic. We placed first gold in every single category, concert choir, chamber choir, and vocal jazz. Chinatown was my favorite part. I sketchily dealt with vendors selling illegal merchandise, and I had to bargain with them to get the price I wanted. We took a cruise on the Hudson River and saw the statue of liberty, as well as a bus tour around Manhattan. I absolutely loved New York City, and I will make it a point to go back there one day.

41: In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life: it goes on. -Robert Frost | The Philippines | When I was a freshman in high school, my family went to the Philippines to pick up my little brother, Reggie. The Philippines is an interesting place, sometimes scary, often beautiful, and always hot. I went there as a freshman and I was already a giant compared to even the fully grown men. Also, I was quite white compared to everyone else. The Philippines forever changed my outlook on life. To see the poverty, traffic, and ways of life in another country, especially one such as the Philippines changes a person, and I was changed for the better. The Philippines opened my eyes to what the real world is like, and I will never forget my experience there.

42: Church | I was born and raised a Lutheran for my entire life. I attend Shepherd of the Lakes church in Waupaca Wisconsin. I really enjoy the teachings of our lead pastor, Dean. I attend a youth group on Wednesday nights led by William Postel, a good friend. I have also made good friends with Bill Zimmerman and Gary Prell leaders at the church. My dad is the president of the church council, and I plan on receiving at least some financial aid from the church for college. I taught Sunday school for two years to classes of fifth graders. I always liked church because I could sing and sometimes dance, and it was a positive activity in which my parents encouraged me to be a part of. I will always have church and God in my life because it is a part of who I am. | Spencer Lake Camp is one of the best memories I have of church. I have attended camp for over a decade.

43: You can drag my body to school but my spirit refuses to go.” -Bill Watterson, The Essential Calvin and Hobbes | School | My favorite subjects in school are Math, Science, and English. I had very great teachers in each of those classes throughout High School. Some of the best include Mr. Janssen, Mr. Phair, Mr. Feldt, Mr. Ruplinger, Mrs. Cummings, Mrs. Abrahamson, and Mrs. Gorges. I learned so much from all of my teachers in high school, and I would like to thank each one of them for giving me pieces of their knowledge to strengthen my own. I believe teaching is one of the most important jobs there is, and we couldn’t have it without great teachers such as these.

44: My biggest inspiration and role model after all these years is my mom. She is the kindest human being I have ever met. She has helped, supported, and provided for me all these years, and I can’t thank her enough. My mom is one of a kind, and she is who I want to be like when I am older. If I am half of the person she is to my children, I will be able to die happy knowing I was an amazing father. My mom goes out of her way every day to do something special for people, and she never puts herself before others. She is an absolute inspiration to anyone who knows her, and it is with great honor that I am able to call her my mother. My mom is not only a mother to her three boys, but also to anyone who needs love and someone who cares for them. She has an effect on everyone she meets, and she is simply an amazing person. My mom and I are best friends, which some people think is strange, but I don’t care, she is the most understanding and trustworthy person I know. She gives me careful advice on life, and she helps me to make the right choices through times where I haven’t a clue what to do. She is beyond smart, and never stops working. She is the least selfish person in the world, and she teaches me through her struggles and mistakes, hoping that I won’t ever make the same ones she did. I will miss her greatly while I'm away at college. Although she is not perfect, and I often take her for granted, I am the luckiest son in the entire world, and I wouldn’t trade anything in the world for my mom.

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