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Charles Marion Stanforth

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S: Charles Marion Stanforth

1: This is a photo album for Charles Stanforth in which I have tried to capture some of the images of his years in Lee's Creek, his adventure in World War II, and his road to becoming the father and grandfather that we all hold dear. We have spent many hours listening to his wonderful stories; and this book can not do them justice--there is nothing like the real thing! We thank you Charles for being the example that we look to; and see the man Christ has ordained you to be. You have blessed so many; but mostly us, your children. We love you dearly-- Enjoy

2: Charles Marion Stanforth September 9, 1924 Born to Harvey Glenn and Ruth Stanforth | Born at home, a reconstructed 1 room schoolhouse. New Vienna, Ohio | Glenn and Ruth's Wedding Day August 2, 1922

3: Ruth was born to MaryLuella and Francis Marion Smart (FM) | Glenn and Ruth met while Ruth was in town helping her sister with her new baby, and Glenn was in town helping with the crops. They met at church. They realized they actually lived in opposite directions far from town. Glenn would hitch up Old Dutch to the buggy and head off to visit Ruth. At the end of a long day of visiting, he would sleep in the back of the buggy and Old Dutch would head for home and the 3 hour trip. But now and then Old Dutch would take off and race Model T's if one would happen to pass. | FM went to college for 1 year. He studied Engineering and Greek on his own. He was a County Preacher and County Engineer, and taught some school. He also raised Bees Died 1933 | Leulla would only drink water from the spring...NOT the well. | A young Ruth Born May 1900 | Glenn would break in horses for the area farmers. He had Maude (his horse) as a great partner.

4: Harvey Glenn was born to Charlie and Clara Stanforth (also known as little grandma and grandpa) Glenn was born May 10, 1898 in Highland County, OH | Charles would take little grandpa out to fish. (driving the car at age 9). Grandpa Stanforth was a great shot/hunter; and would take Charles along to hunt. Only issue is he never wanted to miss a shot---so Charles had to learn early to take a shot when able; or grandpa certainly would! Grandpa could take 2 quail with 2 shots. Grandpa also taught Charles to castrate the sheep and hogs. This skill often had other farmers calling for Charles to come castrate for them. A great memory of grandpa Stanforth is that he was a GREAT teacher and storyteller. Grandpa's name was officially Charlie, and he would sign his paperwork Chas. | Robert Newton, Charlie Allen, Harvey Glenn, and baby Charles Marion | Robert Newton 12-11-1852 __ 12-21-1937 Charlie Allen 6-28-1877 __ 2-12-1968 Harvey Glenn 5-10-1898 __ 12- 8-1953

5: Charles and Mabel | Glenn and Ruth

6: 1929-1942 | Charles and Mabel | 4H Cattle; picked by lot, and shipped out from the West-Broad and Bill. Broad was 3rd place out of 100.. | Grandchildren of Ella and FM | Frank Smart, Ella , Glenn and Ruth

7: 1937-38 | 1934-35 | Declaration Day 1942 | Harvest Time 1933 | Old Bill (the dog) had a great talent for catching and killing rats. Quincy and Charles are here with 120 rats that Old Bill killed in one 'event' while they were cleaning out the corn crib. This is also the first day that Johnny VanderMeer pitched back to back no hitters. (6-11-1938) Charles remembers listening to the game and Quincy commenting that Johnny was just a flash in the pan.....until the second game 4 days later! | Chuck-second to back row/left end | Chuck-back row, center

8: Grandma Smart used to tell a then, young adult Charles ,that there were certain parts of the bible that a young man his age just shouldn't read! | Descendants of old Maude | Carl Willard S., Leo S., Dwight Hedrick Charles Virginia May Hedrick, Mabel

9: Grandpa Smart- Glenn would often comment that he was quite a smart guy, but he didn't know much about horses. | Infamous counting ram. Charles had a way of tickling it on the shoulder so the ram would shake his tail. He had people convinced he could count, add, etc.... | Uncle Bob Great Athlete in Basketball- would ref college ball also.

10: Charles graduated from high school at age of 17. His dad wanted him to be a preacher or a farmer; while others thought he should become a veterinarian. | Frank Cox, Bob Priest, George. Behymer, Jerry Drake Mary Berard, Avenielle Hendrick, Mary Page, Virginia Hamilton, MarthaJane Grimm, Thelma Freeman, Ruth Terrel

11: Mabel Stanforth (Nov. 4, 1928) graduated from Cincinnati Bible Seminary 1949, and was married to the Rev. Arthur Merkle September 11,1953 | Mabel played the piano and trumpet. She also directed the band when need be.

12: 12-7-42..... 4- 8-43 Fort Wayne, Ind. Army Reserve 4- 8-43..... 4-20-43 Camp Perry, Ohio 4-20-43..... 5-30-43 Shepherd Field, TX Basic Training 5-30-43.....11-15-43 Sioux Falls, SD 11-15-43.....2- 1-44 Grinell, Iowa College 2- 1-44.....3-20-44 NY, NY City College of NY Engineering College 3-25-44.....4-15-44 Camp Brickenridge, KY 5-15-44.....5-23-44 ATC, Nashville, TN 5-23-44.....7-20-44 Camp Luna, NM 7-20-44....12-30-45 ATC, Air Base, Reno, NV 1- 1 -46... ..2-4-46 Stockton, CA | While still a Senior in high school, Charles was on his way home from church and was chasing down the boar that had gotten loose when he first heard about the attack on Pearl Harbor. After graduation, he enrolled in a 3 year Chemical Engineering Program at IndianaTech in Fort Wayne, IN. He worked in Mrs. Millers Tea Room as a bus boy. He entered the service 12-7-1942 with the reserves at school. They were told if you keep good grades, you then go active when you graduate. An Old Sargaent would come do the reserve training. In April of '42 the army called up all to active duty--and Charles was off to Boot Camp.....or so he thought!

13: Shepherd Field, TX | Charles held the record by the time he headed out... | KY | Radio School | Sioux Falls, Idaho

14: New York City College 1944 D. Smith on R.- who dad traded slide rules with. | Chuck thought he was on his way to Georgia, but ended up in Shepherd Field,TX. The sergeant there asked where he was from; and upon answering Cincinnati--the Sergeant asked him again--and soon recognized him as a Lee's Creek boy. He took to Chuck and assigned him right away to take the new cadets as if he was a DI, and get them their shots, tutor them, and review their drills. He worked on shooting skills with the recruits, and also was in charge of showing the VD films. Sometime in May, Charles got put on a troop train headed for South Dakota. Important note- the Sergeant had Charles so busy--he didn't go through basic training himself. He told the assigned Capt. that he was really supposed to be back in college--and the Capt. told him he either had to graduate Army School, Flunk Out, Or Die. Charles chose Army School. So, in Sioux Falls, SD he completed Radio School. When done, he had a physical, and the doctor asked him how he passed it in basic--in which Charles replied- "I have never had a flying physical" ! At that point it was realized that Charles was too tall and too 'blind' to be flying. The Army then decided he should be back in school (as originally planned), so off he went to Grinell, Iowa for 3 months, and then onto New York City college for engineering. This was a great deal for Charles, as he got to go to school, and on weekends and evenings, they would don their uniforms and hit the town for shows and such at the military rates-FREE shows!

15: A lot of this schooling was review for Charles so he did quite well and was top of the class. That summer ('44), the Army canceled the ASTP program, and Charles was once again shuffled out and now was on his way to Texas to join up with the 75th Division. What was unique about this division is that it was made up of soldiers who couldn't pass their GED Many of them couldn't write nor read, so Charles spent a lot of time writing and reading letters for them. Charles also shared that the soldiers received their assignments by 'ethnicity'. The commander lined them up and hollered out,"Jew*@#$'s are riflemen, and Irishmen were mortar, etc.." Stanforth must have sounded Irish, as Charles was a mortarman. The leader of this squad was an ROTC Lieutenant, and they would head out into the woods of Texas (and nearby states) and would never get to participate in the war games, because they were always lost. This also meant they didn't get the food rations! When 'marching' at night, they would hold onto the shovel in front of them. If that shovel stopped....all stopped. They would then just wait until daylight to get picked up. Again....remember that Charles still did NOT have any basic training! | One memory Charles likes to share is of a rifle inspection announcement that obviously made him nervous, as he had never had to do the rifle 'drill' before. His buddy said "No problem, just swing your rifle around when he gets to you and you'll be fine". Charles barely missed clocking the Lieutenant doing the inspection! Charles then became the proud soldier to handle latrine duty. The other deciding factor in this decision was that Charles was good at reading maps, so he could locate past trenches and latrines. The whole 75th Div. then went to Breckenridge KY to prep for heading overseas. At this point, Charles had been in the service over 2 years and still hadn't gone on leave. His dad,mom, and Uncle Bob came down to see him. One afternoon following a day of training, Charles was told to report to 'the Old Man in your OD's". Charles was sure it was bad news from home....it was bad news...but only that he was to head back to the Air Corps in Nashville TN. He qualified as a marksman and continued to prep to join his group in going overseas. It was at this time the Army caught up with his 'record' and realized they couldn't ship a soldier overseas who hadn't been to basic training! So they split Charles off from his group. Important note is that his Division was the 75th who then headed off to the Battle of the Bulge. Charles went to basic training in Las Vegas. And oh, yes....he passed with no problem.

16: Radio Shop, Reno 1945 Charles and Andy soon learned that the planes coming enroute from England to Japan needing work done had something in common.....most were 'tampered' with by the crew themselves, so they could have a nice layover while in Reno. So Charles simply was up front with the crews; and would ask them what they did to the plane, and how long did they want 'off'. So Charles then knew where to aim in his troubleshooting and repairing process, and got quite the reputation as the A-1 repair team | Charles would take all the new advanced radio classes he could, then come back and teach . | Butlers Portrait

17: Gas was rationed, so when you had time off- you couldn't go too far in your car. So this clever group would mix aviation gas with oil to get enough to take longer road trips. | a buddy had a special camera that took colored pictures | Picture sent home in Morse Code | A trip up to Donners Pass

18: One of the planes they serviced. | Las Vegas sights-- Hoover Dam

19: Charles and Andy would hop a ride with Andy's motorcycle on a plane headed to any location they figure they could get back to post from in their alloted time off. Here they are in Yellowstone. Then they'd double up and ride the motorcycle back to post. | C46

20: Charles and Porter would earn time to go hunt deer. (Reno)

21: When the war was over, Charles didn't have enough points to get out. (He was 21) He was assigned the duty of helping to close out the post. The civilians who worked on post were in no hurry for the base to get closed. So frequently, Charles and Andy would take the secretarial gals out for a horseback ride as a 'bribe' to get them to do the paperwork that needed done. Charles had been assigned to a total of 22 locations. He wrote himself a letter from the last location, addressed to the first, so it followed the path he took and was stamped with all locations. | Charles first leave home was in 1944 Glenn , Mabel, Charles, and Ruth

22: MIami of Ohio University- February of 1946- June 1948 Triple Major: Physics, Chemistry, and Math Physics Dean, Professor Edwards, knocked on Charles door and insisted he major in Physics. Charles spent a lot of time in the study groups and playing bridge. He likes to comment that the 'locals' would often beat him and his partner at hearts; even when they tried to use a marked deck. Frank Iber was one of Charles roommates. The dorm shown here is the same one Peyton Charles stayed in while he was a student at Miami in 2007.

23: Chuck's rommate, Don Bettinger, was to say the least, a bit of a quirky guy. Very intelligent, but would keep his items in 'place' so that if anything got moved, he would know it! Charles, of course, got along just fine with him; and they took a road trip after graduation seeing the countries sites. Don went on to become the head of the UK Chemistry Department in his later years.

24: Charles worked at the Naval Research Lab, Washington DC 6-30-1948 9-1950 Following this job, he went on to OSU and studied in a Doctoral Program. | Charles was in the wedding for a CIA 'spook' - Dunham, shown here | Parade with President Truman | National Christian Church, Thomas Circle; L.B.J. was a deacon here; as was Pres. Garfield.

25: While Charles was busy with the army, college, work, and then grad school---A little girl was busy growing up on her fathers farm in Sabina, OH | Charlene Brewer January 1, 1933 | Charlene, Goldie, Wanda | Calvin Brewer in this article | Ruby, Charlene and Calvin Brewer 1933 Calvin was a respected farmer; always the German perfectionist.

26: Calvin Brewer was a respected and successful farmer in Sabina, OH. Charlene was the oldest of 8 children; 7 daughters and 1 son.

28: Charles left OSU in May of 1951 to join General Electric in Evendale, OH; the same time Charlene Brewer was graduating Sabina High School.

29: While Chuck was a college student at OSU, his dad taught Sunday School in Sabina. Charlene was in his class. One Sunday when he was substituting for his dad, Chuck met Charlene. (His dad always said she was a smart gal)! Charles knew Calvin, her father from the farming community. Calvin and his buddies used to set Chuck up when he was driving the hay in to the thrasher---for years he couldn't figure out why he alway got the dirty side of the thrashing machine.... But Calvin knew! | Lavonne, Charlene, Goldie, Wanda Jeanie, MarthaJane, Patti, Baby Chuck | Charlene's HIgh School Prom

30: Bridal Shower | Honeymoon to Gatlinburg, TN

31: October 24, 1951 Charles and Charlene were married following the church service in Sabina Ohio. The congregation was invited to stay after the service. | Millerd Spradlin, Leo and Carl Stanforth, Charles Charlene, Mabel, Frank Gage-Minister

32: Living in Bond Hill; upstairs apt. of house. | Visit to Brewer Farm | Charlene enjoying her gifts | FM, Glenn, Charles, and Kevin

33: Kevin Charles Stanforth 5-20-1953 | 11 days old with grandparents Ruth and Glenn | Grandparents Ruth and Glenn | Grandparents Brewer | 11 Days Old

34: Kristen Sue June 18, 1955

35: Grandpa and Grandma Stanforth with Carl, baby Hedrick, and Kevin | Charlie and Clara Stanforths 60th Anniversary 1957 | Kevin is on front end, Kristen is looking at the baby | Clara and Charlie Stanforth 60th Wedding Anniversary

36: Kraig Glenn July 19,1958 | McMillan, Kraig and Kevin

37: One more baseball player Kyle Wayne April 19, 1963

39: Kevin, Ronnie, Ray, Kristen, Kraig | 25th Anniversary

40: Charles has always had a love for baseball. He served many years as the commissioner for the Knothole League in Cincinnati. In the 1950's, little league often had extremely slow play- due to the fact that most beginners couldn't hit a pitch, and a lot of the pitchers couldn't throw a strike. Chuck introduced the concept of Tee-Ball to the Cincinnati area. He developed rules for increasing the difficulty of the game as the kids skill level increased with age. Today, Tee-ball is played all over America. Chuck was inducted into the Knothole Baseball Hall of Fame for his years of dedication to the game, his love for the kids, in addition to his pioneering Tee-ball for Cincinnati Knothole. | Charles coached his oldest son Kevin on a team called the Black Bandits. Kraig was the ballboy for the team.

42: Charles has taken on 'current belief'' on 3 different occasions to prove important finds that would further the development of the Jet Engine Industry.

43: 1956 NACA (National Advisory Committee for Aeronotics) stated that you could not rub 2 metals together at a high speed without having a higher noise level than the signal a thermocouple would emit. Charles wanted to prove that you could with a slip ring, but couldn't get funding since the NACA and GE Research Lab had said it couldn't be done. Due to a strike at GE; the salaried technicians were able to work on the project utilizing Slip Ring Calibration using lead- NACA was proved wrong- And the Slip Ring (shown here in it's latest form) was now utilized.

44: 2nd Place Moss Award: Icing in regards to the jet engine May 1977 | Ice Shedding 80C2 Icing Test on a Jet Engine 1985 | First Periscope in a Jet Engine | Charles proved that The Catalytic Action for Paladium was different than what the Bureau of Standards had stated.

45: Award for contributions for smokeless exhaust Sept. 1982 | It was a held belief that the CO2 emitted from a jet engines exhaust could not be found past 1/2 mile. This was important to verify; as it was the heat in the exhaust that the heat seeking missiles would track. Charles proved that at up to 20+ miles the CO2 could still be noted; so that the jets would still be vulnerable to missile fire. He developed a way to cool the exhaust prior to leaving the engine- thus allowing the then 'concept' Stealth Fighter to utilize the new GE Engine instead of the Pratt Whitney engine. A little side note is that often the written articles explaining what the awards were. often had inaccurate information; as the projects he was working on were very top secret.

46: Development of a blade coated with saphire and then the alloy on it to lay the thermocouples. These are part of the blade that the thermocopule and straight gage is on

47: GE Award to Inventors Fulcrum of Progress

48: Charles and Charlene began attending Lockland in 1951, and Charles hasn't stopped being an active member since. | Charlene always sang in the choir, and Charles joined in years later. Kristen is next to Charlene | Man of Faith

49: Charles is an Elder Emeritus- and has offered many memorable communion mediations, and taught adult Sunday School classes for 50+ years. | Charles enjoys pitching in wherever he can! | Nell and Charles

50: Kyle Wayne Stanforth Lynne Marie Rice March 3, 1984 | Kristen Sue Stanforth Steven Timothy Reeves May 7, 1976 | Children's Weddings

51: Charlene was diagnosed in May of 1980 with terminal cancer. She was an inspiration to all as she was determined to fight the battle. She would attend Kyle's football games up until the last weeks before the Lord called her home--from her home---October 1980 | Beloved Wife

52: Kevin Charles Stanforth Elizabeth Martina Thompson November 20, 1991 | Kraig Glenn Stanforth Karin Lynn Foster October 26,1985 | Children's Weddings

53: Charles married Joan Gleason April 4,1986 | Chuck and Joan re-connected at a retirement party for a mutual friend at GE. Joan's late husband used to work at GE with Chuck. | Joan was diagnosed with a degenerative lung disease and passed away Febr. 20, 1991 | Kyle Stanforth and Carol Gleason stood up with their parents as the youngest children from both families

54: Charles marries Nell Pinnix March 14, 1992 Charles and Nell had known each other through Lockland Church for over 40 years. (1951)

55: Nell is hamming it up for a photographer! And we love that she always speaks her mind!

56: Charles' Grandchildren Kevin Stanforth's Rachel Ann 4-10-1997 Hannah Leilani 7-23-1999 Steven Reeves (Kristen Stanforth) Danielle Charlene 11-3-1980 Jared William 8-6-1983 Nathan Charles 6-18-1984 Kraig Stanforth's Kaylee Lynn 37-1988 Madalee Ruth 7-24-1989 Travis Clinton 9-20-1991 Kyle Stanforth's Chanelle Kaylene 7-13-1984 Devon Ira 10-21-1986 Petyon Charles 10-21-1986 | Peyton, Devon, Maddie Jared, Charles, Travis, Kaylee, Danielle Nathan, Chanelle Charles 70th Birthday 1994 | Kraig, Kristen, Charles, Kyle, Kevin | Charles is quite the ping pong player! He would take on anyone if asked. | Rachel and Hannah 2001

57: Maple Knoll | Charles retired from GE, but continued to consult on projects for years. He has found time to do the other things he loves! | Charles developed a method to teach bridge | The breakfast club-- They take turns investigating and reporting on current world topics and problems | Baseball is still a passion- Reds Spring Training | Charles volunteered as "Mr. Science" at the local elementary school for many years.

58: Everyone made it for Charles 80th Birthday Celebration | Nathan, Jared, Steve, Kristen, Danielle Reeves | Maddie, Kaylee, Travis, Karin, Kraig Stanforth | Rachel, Lisa, Hannah, Kevin Stanforth | Lynne, Peyton, Devon, Kyle, Chanelle Stanforth | Kristen, Jeanie, Wanda, MarthaJane, Patty, Lavonne, Kevin, Kraig, Kyle (Brewer Sisters)

59: Grandchildren's Weddings | Jared Reeves and Sara 6-24-2006 | Chanelle Stanforth and Corey Parker 9-19-09 | Devon Stanforth and Erica 8-02-2009 | Happy 85th Birthday! Kristen, Kraig, and Kyle | Nell and Chuck

60: Charles Marion Stanforth Sept. 9, 1924 New Vienna, OH | Charlie Allen Stanforth June 28, 1877 | Clara Johnson March 7, 1877 Kansas M. July 1, 1897 | Harvey Glenn Stanforth May 10, 1897 Highland Cty, OH | Ruth Smart May 1900 M. Aug. 2, 1922 | Francis Marion Smart | Mary Louella | Mary Lydia Conner Apr. 29, 1850 M. Aug. 19, 1874 Highland Cty, OH | Robert Newton Stanforth Dec. 11, 1852 Ohio | _ | [ | [ | [ | [ | _ | _ | Robert, Charlie, Harvey, Charles

61: William Thompson Stanforth June 29, 1830 Virginia | Mary Ellen Gaddis Sept. 11, 1830 Brown Cty, OH M. Nov. 21, 1850 | James D. Stanforth May 12, 1795 Chesapeake, VA | Esther Shaver Febr. 12, 1789 Shenandoah, VA M. Mar. 30, 1813 | Richard Stanforth Aug. 27, 1755 | Uriah Marks Oct. 15, 1767 M. Nov. 30, 1786 | John Marks | Uriah | [ | [ | [ | [ | _ | _ | _ | A family member, Art Mussman , was able to track all this detail of the Stanforth family lineage. There is extensive research showing all of the lineage detail at the website www.carolyar.com/RichardStanforth.htm. Art is from the Peyton Stanforth line. Peyton (1809) was one of the younger brothers of James. The Stanforth lines have both the "d" or the "th" ending--as it was based on where the family lived in England; whether N or S of the Lincoln-Chesire Line. The IGI lists over 1000 Stanforths with varied spelling in England alone. The earliest Stanforth on record was a Black Friar monk. We can not assume that the similar name 'Stainforth, Stanforth', or others mean there is a blood tie. Names were often given based on WHERE you were from; ie--Joe was from the village of Stainforth, so was noted as Joe of Stainforth; further developing into Joe Stanforth. The following we do know: The Stanforths were originally Yorkshiremen. Probably one of the villages of Stainforth still has relatives living there, but we may never know which village and what their true last name may be. Both of those villages were first settled by Angles (of Anglo Saxon fame). Later the Danes invaded and settled the area. The Norman invasion got just about that far North. | The family tale of Richard and his brother coming from England and later getting captured, and in turn 'switching' allegiances to the American Revolution is quite possibly a true one. Richard was in his 30's when he finally married. The locations and dates match up, but there is not any documented proof of this tale. | _

62: Homer and Ollie Smart | Josephine and Slim Brady | Junior Smart | Wanetta and Eldred Peterson | FM Smart and Ella | Junior and Juanita

63: Luella Smart's birthday 1939 | Ruth and her mom | Charlie and Clara Stanforth

64: Second Day Wedding Dress | Ruth Smart Stanforth | Ruth and her dads bee's | Many of the photographs for this album are ones that Ruth had kept in an album of her own over the years.

65: This map shows the locations of Charles, beginning with Sabina, OH and ending up in Cincinnati--all within a 9 year period. (A-P) | 12-7-42..... 4- 8-43 Fort Wayne, Ind. Army Reserve 4- 8-43..... 4-20-43 Camp Perry, Ohio 4-20-43..... 5-30-43 Shepherd Field, TX Basic Training 5-30-43.....11-15-43 Sioux Falls, SD 11-15-43.....2- 1-44 Grinell, Iowa College 2- 1-44.....3-20-44 NY, NY City College of NY Engineering College 3-25-44.....4-15-44 Camp Brickenridge, KY 5-15-44.....5-23-44 ATC, Nashville, TN 5-23-44.....7-20-44 Camp Luna, NM 7-20-44....12-30-45 ATC, Air Base, Reno, NV 1- 1 -46... ..2-4-46 Stockton, CA

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