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Charlie's First Year in Pictures

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Charlie's First Year in Pictures - Page Text Content

S: Charlie Clarke's 1st Year in Pictures

FC: Charlie Clarke's 1st Year in Pictures

1: On December 1st, 2009 Mommy woke Daddy up in Auntie Brooke and Uncle Rob's basement bedroom saying "What does this mean!?" as she shoved a pregnancy test in his face while he was half asleep. It meant that Mommy was pregnant with you.

2: Baby Shower | June 12, 2010

3: YOUR 1st PICTURE | You were due to arrive July 25, 2010 but you came early and were born on July 23, 2010. We knew that you came early so that you could meet your Grandma Clarke and she held on so that she could meet you. We left the hospital just 6 hours after you were born and brought you straight to Grandma Clarke's house.

4: Your Birth Announcement

5: Your first Care Card | Mommy's Hospital Bracelet | Hospital Birth Record

6: July 2010

7: August 2010 | You slept in bed with us for the first 4 months of your life. | Your very first photo shoot!

8: Professional pictures by Charlotte Gamache taken at 3 weeks old. in our house at 934 Belmont Av, North Van

10: August 2010 | At your 1st movie 'Despicable Me"

11: You came everywhere with us. We wanted to go out and see movies, so we found outdoor drive-ins so your cries wouldn't disturb anyone. People gave us astonished looks when we went out with a two week old baby to restaurants, for walks and for a quick dip of the feet in the ocean! | August 2010

12: August 2010

13: August 2010

14: Charlie's 1st Giraffe Ride! | Sleeping on Granville Island | Mommy Cuddles | Daddy Cuddles | August 2010

15: By the time September rolled around we were considering giving you back to the stork because your colic (which started when you were 3 weeks old) wasn't getting any better... You cried when you weren't sleeping and nothing we tried made you happy. We always tried to take your daily picture during your happy moments. | September 2010

16: September 2010 | 1st concert 'The National' at Malkin Bowl

17: September 2010

18: September 2010

19: October 2010

20: You loved your 'sucky'! It wasn't pretty but you didn't seem to mind! | We took your sucky away when we started sleep training you at 4 months. | October 2010 | Charlie + Ruby = Best Friends!

21: October 2010

22: This picture was taken in your Daddy's office by your Auntie Laura. It's one of Mommy's favorite pictures of you. | October 2010

23: October 2010

24: Uncle Rob introduced you to your first beer bottle, you loved playing with it! | You loved this excersaucer! You played in it until you were about 11 months old. | October 2010

25: November 2010

26: November 2010

27: November 2010

28: November 2010

29: November 2010

30: 1st Snow, 1st Toboggan, 1st Santa Visit | November 2010

31: You took your first plane ride at 4 months old. We went to Maui, Hawaii in December 2010 with Laura, Chris, Emerson, Brooke & Rob. | December 2010

32: This was our first attempt at a 'Family Christmas Photo'. As you can see it didn't work out as planned, but it made us laugh! | December 2010

33: December 2010

34: December 2010 | < | 1st

35: First visit to Edmonton to meet your Great Grandparents | December 2010

36: December 2010/January 2011

37: January 2011

38: January 2011

39: January 2011

40: January 2011

41: Your first trip to LA to visit Grandpa & GT | The day we decided to move to San Diego | January 28, 2011 in La Jolla, CA | January 2011

42: February 2011

43: February 2011

44: Charlie & Savana | February 2011 | Your 1st ferry ride

45: As our 1st step towards moving to San Diego we put our house (your first house) up for sale on February 14th, 2010. It sold in 6 days in multiple offers and we got $88,000 over asking! Nice to have a Realtor for a Daddy! | February 2011

47: Professional Pictures by Charlotte Gamache taken at 7 months old.

48: February 2011 | Charlie &Wesley

49: You graduated your 1st swim class! | Video Chatting with Grandpa Rick | March 2011

50: Yoga baby! | I want the camera Daddy! | March 2011

51: March 2011

52: March 2011

53: March/April 2011 | Daddy & Charlie start their early morning walks | You discover stairs with Auntie Andy

54: We liked to put silly things on your head... You tolerated it. | April 2011

55: April 2011

56: We moved into our next home, a townhouse in Lower Lonsdale | April 2011

57: Mommy's 1st Mother's Day! Daddy spoiled her & Gramma | May 2011 | Mother's Day Tea

58: Grandpa came to visit you! | May 2011

59: May 2011 | Watching a Canucks playoff game

60: Playing in the sea of balloons that Daddy got Mommy for her 29th birthday! | May 2011

61: June 2011

62: On the move! | June 2011

63: June 2011

64: Ask Mommy or Daddy to tell you the "Italy Story" | JULY 2011

65: JULY 2011

66: JULY 2011

67: JULY 2011

68: Happy 1st Birthday Charlie!

70: From: GT Date: 07/15/10 "Come soon! We want to play with you! Love always, GT" | From: Grandma Clarke Date: 07/16/10 "I am so anxious to hold you Charlie. Please come soon! Anyday after the 20th! Love Grandma Clarke, Dear Jordan and Lauren; You have done a great job on Charlotte's website! I love it,of course!!!!!!!!!!!" | From: Gramma McDougall Date: 07/16/10 "Greetings, sweet child. Charlie, I can't wait to meet you. I'm your Mom's Momma, which means there will be three generations of females together soon. It's a moment I've looked forward to forever, it seems. Now, here you are. A miracle! A lovely, perfect little angel. I know your Mom and Dad must be the proudest parents ever. They've sure been looking forward to seeing you, too. More than me, even! You're a lucky girl, to have the parents you do. They're amazing in their own rights. I know your family will have an amazing adventure, as you all get to know each other and grow together. I'm sure you're all really tuckered out now - you've been working really hard and it's time to get some rest. Lauren & Jordan, good work. There's more fun to be had. Charlie, see you soon, sweetie. Love Gramma" | From: Kia Samodien Date: 07/16/10 "Hi Charlie! I love your website. Very cool. Keep your blogs and pics coming!!! So excited to meet you. Kia" | From Kayla Fletcher Date: 07/16/10 "...You have amazing parents already baby girl, now just come out and meet them:) Can't wait to hear the news of you joining us in this big exciting world! ...We love you!" | From: Mom Date: 7/03/10 "Hi baby... whatcha up to in there?" | Letters for Charlie | From: Auntie Andy Date: 07/15/10 "Dear Charlie You are almost here, I just know it! Not long now. We are all so excited to meet you. Don't get too big in Mommy's belly, although I know it will be a little scary, but I promise it will be okay to "follow the light"! You have a beautiful home and room awaiting you, and a Mommy, Daddy & a longdog that already love you so much and have been waiting for you for 38 whole weeks now! I hope to be a part of your life, even though it will be from a distance. I already love you and can't wait to come visit you! Your Mommy is a very special person, and I know that you and her will have some hard moments, but also some wonderful ones, and along with your Daddy and your big sister, Ruby, will make a wonderful team & family. Please be gentle on your Mommy, on your arrival. Not too fast, not too long and all will go well. Love you baby, Charlie!" | From: Grandma Clarke Date: 7/04/10 "Charlie; I hope you are having fun in mommy's tummy but I would love to see you soooooooooon!! Love; Grandma Clarke" | From: GreatGramma Madeleine Date: 07/20/10 "My dearest Charlie: I can't wait to meet you & hold you, I know that you will be beautiful and smart, you are a very lucky little girl to have such loving parents waiting for your arrival. Wait until you see your room, you will be amazed at how beautiful it is and all the work and love that went into making it what it is. Your closet is already full of adorable clothes which I'm sure you will feel like a princess in them, which of course you are... Please hurry as I am anxious to meet you and so are a lot of other people I'm sure. Have a safe journey getting here, it will be a big change from the warm world you are travelling from, but once you get used to it, you will love it here. Love always, Greatgramma Madeleine" | From: Auntie Laura Date: 7/15/10 "Dear Charlie, As your oldest and wisest Auntie, I would like tell you that I am so excited for your arrival. Cousin Emerson is waiting with baited breath! She wants to teach you everything she has learned in her nearly 9 months on this planet. We can't wait to see what you look like (daddy's forehead, mommy's smile?) and smell you, hold you and love you! You are much anticipated and so loved. We can't wait for you to arrive! So hurry up already! Love, Auntie (for the first time!) Laura" | emails sent via

71: From: Gramma McDougall Date: 07/23/10 "Hello, Charlie, you were born today! Everyone was very excited to hear the news and your Mom and Dad were so happy to meet you! You are a hit. When I called to talk to your Mom, you and your Dad were lying together, watching TV. I'm not sure what you two were watching, but I bet it was really interesting. When you were born, your Dad sent pictures of you and your Mom to all of the family. We all agree that you are very beautiful, like your middle name implies. Today is Friday and I get to meet you in person tomorrow. I'm so looking forward to meeting you - can hardly wait! The best part is that I get to stay for a couple of weeks and help out your Mom and Dad. I might even give Ruby some pets and rubs - something I know you're going to love to do, when you get a bit older, that is. Well little one, I will say good night for now and see you in the morning. I hope you have a peaceful sleep. Be good to your Dad and Mom. Love, Gramma" | From Nadia Mear Date: 07/25/10 "Dear Charlie, Welcome to the world!! You are looking pretty perfect. Not to mention you have the best parents ever who have done SUCH a cool and amazing job documenting your birth... you are going to be a very loved little girl!! Well done Jordan & Lauren! She's beautiful & perfect. What a whirlwind it all is hey?? This site is pretty freakin' cool. I'm going to hire you to do mine next time!! (And WHERE did you get the longdog mobile?????) See you soon!! xox N" | From: Margaret Huxtable Date: 07/25/10 "Welcome to this world! I like the fact that your parents have documented your arrival and your first few days with all of these wonderful photos. I know you will appreciate them in years to come...(the photos that is -- I know you will ALWAYS appreciate your parents =:-) I'm glad you arrived in good time, and in good health. Best wishes for a long, happy, healthy life. Marg xoxo " | From: Bev Michaud Date: 07/25/10 "Little Charlie you are beautiful! Congrats Lauren & Jordan xoxo" | From: Don and Joy Mann Date: 07/25/10 "Welcome to your new & exciting world Charlotte. You were born on our Grandson Morgan's birthday. I hope you two will become friends. I will keep watching your web-site for pictures and updates. I am sure you will be a beautiful little girl, as your parents are nice looking and they are really nice people inside, and that is what really counts. They will teach you lots of good things all your life. Hope to meet you soon and try not to be too hard on your parent's, as they need to get their rest too just like you do. Hope you like your Ruby dog, she will help look after you. Bye for now and again welcome little girl!" | From: Jere and Mary Mendelsohn Date: 07/26/10 "Dear Charlie: Welcome to the world! We are your Mom's godparents, and clearly remember when she was born. Your Grandpa Rick came to our apartment to relax and recover from your Mom's birth. It was an exciting and exhilarating day for all of us,because Lauren was the very first child born to any of our friends. And now this amazing cycle has repeated itself with your arrival. We know you have wonderful, warm, caring parents who will give you everything you need, with love being the number one thing. May you and your family have a long, loving, healthy, interesting life together! With love, Jere and Mary Mendelsohn Los Angeles, CA, USA" | From: Lisa Burns Date: 07/26/10 "Charlotte is absolutely GORGEOUS!! What a beautiful family you are! Thinking of you! Congratulations! :) ~Lisa " | From: Jane Lastra Date:07/30/10 "Dear Charlie, Congratulations on your safe and beautiful arrival into the loving arms of your mom and dad! Welcome! I am a friend of your mom, from some time ago, and I have been watching you 'grow' on facebook for some time. It's great to finally see you and know that you and mom and healthy and happy. I have two little ones and they bring me such joy and happiness every single day. I am sure you are going to fulfill mom and dad's hearts! Welcome and have fun! It's such an adventure, filled with big and small milestones! As we say in spanish: "ojala que tu tienes una vida lleno con amor, paz, y memorias increibles!" Jane Lastra" | From: Dave and Jane Bellringer Date: 07/30/10 "Happy 1 Week Birthday Charlie! We are so very happy that you arrived safely one week ago :-) Love, Jane & Dave" | From: Andreas Tize Date: 07/30/10 "Dear Charlie, Congratulations on being born and for being a shining star in mommy's and daddy's life during this difficult time for the Clarke family. My thoughts are with all of you. All the Best and until soon, Andreas"

72: From Darcy d'Estrube Date: 8/12/10 "Hey little girl, You don't know it yet, but you're pretty cute... for a baby. You can sleep cozy knowing you're in such good hands, surrounded, even coddled in a world of warmth and love. It will be fascinating to watch who you become. Darcy" | From: Gramma McDougall Date: 9/23/10 "Happy two month birthday, Charlie. I can't believe so much time has passed already. You are growing and changing every day, so your Mom & Dad tell me. I am looking forward to seeing you this Sunday and to stay a whole week with you and your family. I can hardly wait! It's going to be great. I am also looking forward to when I move from Redmond to North Vancouver so I can see you more often. I miss you so much. Your Mom & Dad made me two fabulous books with pictures of you and I look at them every day. I keep them at my office and my friends also like to look at them. You are so beautiful :) Anyway, I hope you are doing well. Big hugs and kisses. Lots of Love, Gramma" | From: Emerson O'Donohue Date: 11/28/10 "Dear Cousin Charlie, You look really cute in all your pictures. It looks like you are growing up fast! I can't wait until you can play with me, so keep growing. I have lots of things I want to do with you, we can do sledding and ride the grocery cart together! I was going through my Christmas decorations from last year and I found "my first Christmas" hat and booties, I thought you might want to wear them this year. I will give them to your mommmy and daddy. I am really looking forward to hanging out with you in Hawaii. You're going to like it there a lot. Don't forget your bathing suit, the pool is lots of fun! See you soon, Love, your Cuz, Emerson" | From: GT Date: 12/04/10 "Hey Charlie! I love your new winter coat! Looks great on you! How was Santa? You look a little scared in the picture.......I was always scared of that big ape in the red suit too. Anyway, your grandpa and I are in New York busy as ever and preparing to go back to LA. I'm so sorry I'm not going to see you this Christmas....your first Christmas and all. But grandpa will be there with all kinds of presents and kisses for you. Have a great day....know that we think of you often and talk about you all the time. Be a good girl and GET SOME SLEEP. Love, GT (Gramma Tracey)" | From: Gramma McDougall Date: 12/08/10 "Hi Charlie, this will be your first Christmas and I'm so happy that I'll be able to share it with you and your Mom & Dad. You won't remember it when you're grown up, but it will be a lot of fun - believe me! Christmas is the 2nd best day of the year. (The first is July 23rd.) I hope you are having a good vacation in Hawaii. I saw some really great pictures of you & your Mom & Dad on your site (thanks, Jordan :-)) and it looks like you're all having a good time. Come home safe & sound and then, in a few days, we'll be up to see you. Lots of Love, Gramma PS, your dog, Ruby, says Wuf! (she misses you guys)" | From: Gramma McDougall Date: 1/19/11 "Hi Charlie, I hope you had a good day today! I just watched some video that your Dad shot of your Mom feeding you. It is very entertaining because, each time you get a spoonful of food, you say 'MMMM' as if you really like it, and then you put your thumb in your mouth. You do appear to be as fond of food as your Mom was at your age. In fact, I gave her a nickname: Bird. That's because, when I'd fed her, she'd open up her mouth for the spoon - just like baby birds do when their Moms feed them. I get to come up and see you this weekend. You and your Mom and Dad are going to go to California to see your Grandpa and Tracey. While you're gone, your Papa and I are going to dog-sit your Ruby (we're bringing her home with us). I know she will miss you and your Mom and Dad but I also know that she enjoys her vacations with us, so don't worry about her, too much. Looking forward to seeing you soon. Lots of love, Gramma" | From: Great Grandma Madeleine Date: 07/23/11 "Dear Charlie: My goodness you're 1 year old today, hard to believe. Hope you are having a great birthday and will see you again soon. Love GG Boston" | From: GT Date: 2/26/11 "Ciao Bella Charlie! I just looked at all the photos from your trip here. Grampa and I loved them! We laughed SO HARD at the video on the front page. We must have watched it 10 times! Ask Mom and Dad to explain to us how to copy these pictures off of this site and onto our own desktops. GT can't figure it out and I really want some of these photos. We sure do miss you. Hope to see you soon angel. Love, Grampa and GT"

73: Little baby Charlie is a Leo with Moon in Capricorn - just like Napoleon and Arnold Schwarzenegger. (!) A real leader! She is Virgo Rising - so she is the flip flop of her famous grandmother who is Virgo with Leo Rising. She will be extremely athletic... possibly even professionally. She has a placement in her chart that a lot of Olympic athletes have. She is also very ambitious. She will shine in the public arena and work hard to be successful. Charlie is also creative and artistic because the planet that is "the Muse" - is sitting in her House of Creativity. She is quite inventive and original. She will be attracted to the unusual in life... intrigued by "characters" etc .. She is very very sensitive to criticism... especially from her primary care-give which is probably Mom. (Something to remember.) She is inclined to be self-critical and hard on herself - so others should not add to this. To quote Goethe: Criticism does much but encouragement does more. She has a strong practical quality that allows her to plan ahead and think about what she wants in the future. She is sensible. She will be mature looking when she is young - perhaps "serious and sombre" (not hugely - after all, she is a Leo) - but after her 30s, she will start to look younger than her age. She will be "old when she is young, and young when she is old." This is definitely a child who will be a high achiever. From a young age she knows she is meant to "be" someone... she will always feel this. But sensitive to criticism! (Go easy here.) | CHARLIE'S HOROSCOPE CHART BY GEORGIA NICOLS

74: Jordan Clarke | 1982 - | John Clarke | Shirley Clarke | Ron French | Irene French (Sparks) | Joseph French | Ada French (Bill) | Herbert Sparks | Dorothy Sparks (Cross) | George Clarke | Louisa Clarke (Gibson) | Louisa Gibson (Stirratt) | 1909-1996 | b. - 1993 | 1952 - | 1953 - 2010 | 1912 - 1989 | 1924 - 1996

75: Lauren Boston | Margaret McDougall | Gordon McDougall | Gertrude MCDougall | Lorne McDougall | Frances Hainer | Karl Hansen | 1957 - | 1982 - | b. - c. 1960 | 1922-1983 | 1921 - | 1888 - 1976 | 1880-1940 | Richard Boston | Madeleine Boston | Walter Boston | Peter Basczyn | Rozalia Basczyn | Phillip Michaud | Anna Michaud | 1904 - d. | 1931 - | Ellen Hansen | 1958 - | 1982 - | The Hansen family arrived in Halifax on April 28, 1927 on the Oscar II (pictured above)

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