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Cherished Memories Dec 2010 - Nov 2012

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Cherished Memories Dec 2010 - Nov 2012 - Page Text Content

S: December, 2010 To November, 2012

FC: CHERISHED MEMORIES | December, 2010 to November, 2012 | ____________________________________________________________

1: December, 2010 | Making Santa Cookies at Aunt Karma's House Walker (age 5) was wearing one of his mommy's necklaces and Aunt Karma asked him when he got it. He answered, “Yesterday.” Parker countered, “No Walker, you didn't get it yesterday.” Walker contested, “I got it after yesterday!”

2: No Whipper Snapper will show up Aunt Karma!! | 2010

3: Aunt Karma took Mommy and me out for lunch at the Pelican Resort. We waited for Aunt Karma's car to be brought up. All of the sudden our ears were assaulted with the loud revving of an engine and screeching tires. We were astonished to see her Infinity sport car racing up to the resort entry. Aunt Karma exclaims, “What does he think he's doing, racing in the Indy 500!!” Aunt Karma tipped him, but she was angry. Sumner consoled her, “He thinks he's a whipper snapper!” Aunt Karma still angry, asks, “All buckled in?” Mommy & I confirmed and suddenly we felt ourselves being thrown back into our seats as Aunt Karma floors the accelerator and lays rubber out of the resort.

4: 2011 | January | Mommy, a Jewish Mother?? In Dec, Jason met someone special while working in Guatemala – a beautiful Australian redhead!! Beth actually met Jason through his brother Aaron. Jason left Guatemala to work for Fiona in Australia for a few months. Beth decided to leave Guatemala early to follow Jason. Aunt Karma knew it was serious, when Jason asked her to meet Beth at LAX during her 6 hour layover from Guatemala to Australia. Aunt Karma told us about this new “budding” romance just before Jason left for Australia. We were all quite excited. Mommy called Jason to give him advice on “how to keep and impress the girl.” She had him on the phone for about 30 minutes and of course, she was doing all the talking. Aunt Karma told us Jason's face became redder by the minute as he listened to Betsey's counsel. He finally hung up and told Aunt Karma, “Well, it looks like Betsey is my new Jewish mother.”

5: April | Our Jewish Mommy at Work Again! Aunt Karma is flying to Australia to spend time with Jason and Beth. (They are in love!) Mommy calls up Aunt Karma prior to her departure. She advises Aunt Karma to go through her safe where she keeps all her jewels, select one of her diamond rings, and take it with her to Australia. Mommy's plan is that Jason will secure it in a safe deposit box in Australia where it will be at hand when he is ready to propose to Beth!

6: Family Dinners January | How long does it take Bun Bun to make a poop? Somehow, the discussion revolved around poop that Sunday night! Daddy talked about how much poop horses make! Parker, shares how he figured out how long it takes Bun Bun to make 1 poop. “After catching Bun Bun and returning him to a clean cage, I divided the number of poops into the minutes he was in the cage. And the answer is: 20 seconds per 1 poop!” | 2011

7: Trying out big words. Mommy was trying to encourage Walker to eat his dinner. Walker blurts out, “I’m so full! If I eat another bite, I’m going to regurgitate my dinner!” | March | The kids suggested Aunt Karma could sleep over. She said she didn't want to because she was afraid the dogs would crawl into bed with her. Sumner suggested, “Don't worry, I will lick you to sleep.”

8: March - May | The Target Run Mommy suggested that each child gets to do one special thing over Spring Break. Walker implored, “I want to go to Target. So off to Target they went where he picked out a doll. He was quite upset later that day and charged, “Princess Celestia didn't fly in the bathtub as advertised! I want to return her!” So off to Target Mommy they went - again. She gave him a $20 limit and made suggestions about what he could get. “I have so many decisions in my brain. I just can't decide!” he proclaimed.

9: Walker likes jewelry.

10: April, 2011 Wedding Plans Sumner was asked if she wanted to be in the wedding of one of Betsey's Boston college friends. She hesitantly said, “Well, I have to reserve my time for Jason and Beth's wedding.” | Monopoly Experience with the Warden children. | Sumner is always the banker. She's a Capitalist!. Everyone ganged up on her during this game. (She makes up the rules as we play)

11: Parker: "If I catch you embezzling one more time, you will go to jail immediately!” Sumner: “Fine! You missed out on $750! It's your loss!” Parker: “That's outrageous! I’m going to place a bad comment on your website!” Walker: “I will call the cops and have you arrested!” Parker: “You are a Norwegian jewel hunter!” Walker: “I’ll show Parker all your naked baby pictures.”

12: May, 2011 | Sunday, family dinner Those Dumb Animals Daddy tells us about the dumbest animals he's known: his horse, which he would hit over the head with a hammer, and his dogs doing the (unmentionable!) | In Walker"s Own Words “Mommy, when you don't hug me, I feel so invisible”. To his Daddy, he charged, “Well you have your hobbies and I have mine!” Upon Walker hearing Aunt Karma exclaim, “Goodness!” he says he is allowed to say “shit” when he is 7 years old.

13: Sumner's Church Confirmation The family went up for Communion. Walker watches as Sumner accepts Communion. The Father is about to bypass Walker when Walker whispers, “Why does she get one and I don't?”

14: All About Parker | Harbor Day School 2010 - 2012 | Off to France with his French class

15: "You are really tying my hands here." | Volley Ball

16: All About Sumner | Aunt Karma decorated my room. | 2011

17: 2012 | San Fransisco Golden Gate Bridge | Harbor Day School | Sumner on the inevitability of life for some women: “Soon, you will be just like Mommy: hair turning gray, a lawyer, and bankrupt!” | Girl Scouts 100 Year Celebration

18: All About Walker 2010 - 2012 | Mommy finally relented and had my hair cut! | A Serious Conversation with Daddy Daddy asks Walker if he wanted to go to Home Depo with him one Sat. Walker, with hands on hips & scrunched up nose, looks directly into his daddy's eyes and proclaims, “Well, you know Dad, you and I haven't exactly been bonding lately.” | When Walker is mad at his dad, his revenge is sweet: He paints his dad’s toe nails when his daddy is sleeping.

19: He tried out for Oliver at the JCC by singing a Hannah Montana song. | Theater | Beauty & The Beast | Discovered stories on the Ipad | "Do you like jam or ham Sumner? Well I like jam on my ham!" You just don't know what you are missing!"

20: Making Santa cookies at Aunt Karma's house.

21: 2012

22: Embarrassing Moments We attended the end-of-season awards banquet where Parker was to receive an award for his excellent sailing performance. Mommy was furious because not only did the organizers neglect to print Parker’s name with the rest of the winners in the program, but they didn't even call him up to give him a trophy!! Mommy was steaming mad. She stood up in front of the packed room, interrupted the announcer and let everyone know that Parker was suppose to be included in the awards ceremony. It was most embarrassing and certainly not Mommy's personal best!! | March

23: Tennis Anyone? Mommy wants Walker to take tennis lessons for the exercise. Walker, of course, has other ideas. She hears Walker telling his tennis coach, Blake that he's retiring from sport of tennis because he's had enough experience. Seeing the need to referee this discussion, Mommy approaches her darling child and Blake to insert: “how good Walker is at tennis and what a great addition he would be to Blake’s schedule of lessons.” (In other words, Wink, wink to Blake: the kid's taking lessons whether he wants to or not!!”) Of course, nothing gets by Walker so he exclaims, “My days of tennis playing are over! She has me playing sun up til sun down with only one break! | April & June | Walker was snuggling next to me during the performance. The theater was chilling and he sneezed into his arm, (which I didn't realize until I rubbed his arm.) I whispered, “EEoow!! Your sleeve is wet!” He elaborated quite sweetly, “Yes. I sneezed 2 times. And there were 2 buggers in those sneezes too.” | Sumner's Dance Recital

24: August, 2012 Walker's Magic Carpet Ride He had to have 13 cavities filled as well as other work completed. Mommy decided do it all in one sitting. So, off to the dentist they went for 3 hours of work under anesthesia. Understandably, Walker was quite nervous, but tried to be a trooper. To assure Walker, Mommy told him, “Walkie, your anesthesiologist is from Harvard so Walki Woo, you know you are in good hands.” “Yes Mommy,” he says with a quivering chin. So the Harvard guy begins the anesthesia for Walker and tells him, “I’m going to take you on a magic carpet ride Walker, so get ready, on the count of ten.” Walker perks up (“oh, magic carpet rideI want to go to Lego Land.”)and he begins counting to 10 and then drifts off into never, never land.

25: Four hours later, he was wheeled out of surgery and could be heard screaming and yelling on the way to the car: “THAT WASN’T A MAGIC CARPET RIDE. THAT HARVARD GUY LIED! YOU’RE TRYING TO KILL ME! YOU’RE TRYING TO KILL ME! I HATE THAT HARVARD GUY! YOUR TORTURING ME, YOUR KILLING ME!” Betsey was so frantic. She somehow got him out of office, into car, and home where he promptly fell asleep.

26: Sept 2012: I Can Read After Just 1 Tutoring Lesson!! School is starting and Walker is in 1st grade with Mrs. Stokes as his teacher. The plan for this school year is for Aunt Karma to pick up Walker every Thurs for tutoring in reading. A few days after the 1st tutoring session with Aunt Karma, Mommy and Walker were out doing errands and then stopped at BCYC when Walker yells: Mommy, Mommy we have to drive back to the street we just past because we can pick up a big TV that is sitting out on the lawn.” “No way,” says Mommy. “What makes you think we can just take the TV?” Walker says with conviction, “Because the sign said Free TV. Help yourself.” Mommy said, “But how do you know that sign said that?” Walker said indignantly, “Because I read it!!” Mommy exclaimed, “Wow! I am so proud of you.” Walker said, “Well you can thank Aunt Karma for that! She taught me to read!”

27: October, 2012 Trying to Impress! Mommy catches Walker reading a woman's Bible. He's reading it upside down though. Walker says he wants to be just like his brother, “I’ll be walking across intersections with cars waiting on me as I cross, while reading my book!”

28: The Crossing Guard Gestapo Aunt Karma shared her encounter with the crossing guard in front of Walker’s school. She wouldn't let her into the school parking lot to pick up Walker. Aunt Karma said the guard was behaving like a general. What do you get when you give an average housewife (probably ignored and disrespected by her husband and kids) a whistle, an orange vest, a military hat and orange cones? A tyrannical Gestapo woman! Mommy & Daddy chimed in with their story of the same militant guard and her orange cones. Apparently, this guard has been there for many years and she takes her job quite seriously. With whistle screeching and arms in motion she places those cones out in cross walk and dares people to step over the line! She decides when it is safe to remove them. The bigger the audience (kids and parents waiting to cross those lines), the longer she takes to remove those orange cones! | October

29: Mommy and Daddy, typically running late with the kids, get quite frustrated and impatient.To the kids’ embarrassment, Mommy always accuses her of not knowing the law. The guard retorts back that she “does in fact know the law because she went to crossing guard school.” So Mommy being Mommy argues with her in front of everyone!! And then Daddy purposely walks across the line before the guard removes the orange cones just to piss her off. Sumner and Parker agree, “It is so embarrassing!!”

30: Election Day Mommy asked Walker who he would vote for. Walker said, "Barrack Obama." Mommy asked him why? Walker attested, "All the years that I have known Barrack Obama have been wonderful years for me." | November, 2012 | Math Quiz Walker is very good at math. Mommy was testing his skills by having him select things out of the Oriental Trading Comp. catalog that add up to $20. He passed! Mommy asked him why he selected a Christmas Wreath. He responded, "Because it just warms my heart."

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