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Cheshire Family

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Cheshire Family - Page Text Content

S: Billy & Bobbie - Their story begins

BC: Our family..... All because Billy & Bobbie fell in love.

1: Billy starts working at the tire shop in Huntsville, Texas. They lived in a small apartment in the beginning. They would carry a jar of pennies with them as they would head out in the car. It leaked oil really bad, so they would pull up to the gas station and say 'Full it up with oil and check the gas'.

2: A year later, they welcomed a baby boy to the family. Jerry Michael Cheshire. | I T' S A B O Y

5: Grandpa, Grandma & Mom | Aunt Robbie | Uncle J.P. | Grandpa Jackson | Aunt Robbie in California | Aunt Bobbie & Uncle Johnny

6: Mom, Dad & Mike | Aunt Bobbie with Wesley, Aunt Sallie with Clifton & Momma with Mike | Aunt Sallie, Uncle Chess with Clifton JR | Mike 'Bubba' | Mammo was pretty busy! Three grandbabies born so close together!

7: Mom & Dad take Mike on a vacation. They never told Mammo they went to visit Billy's biological father in Alabama. Clyde Clifton Cheshire owned a camp ground with tepees. Clyde left Mammo with 3 small children. She worked 3 & 4 jobs to keep the family together. At times, CPS would take the kids away. But Mammo always found a way to get the kids back.

8: Mike wanted to move to the round house. Couldn't be sent to the corner. | Billy, Bobbie & Mike Cheshire | 7000 ft up

9: Jerry Michael Cheshire, One year old

10: The Jackson / Jeffcoat family Reunion

11: The men waiting for the women to stop visiting at the Reunion. | Aunt Bobbie & Uncle Johnny cooling off in the pond.

12: Jerry Michael Cheshire - 2 years old

14: Mike 3 years old

15: Dad cutting the yard in Houston. Mom (pregnant with Lanelle), Mike & Daddy are relaxing on the front porch.

16: It's a Girl | Billy & Bobbie welcome their little girl - Lanelle Cheshire

17: Lanelle's crawling around the yard after some paper cups. Later, she tries to take the car for a spin.

18: Mike sure is helpful! He helps Lanelle get the car moving. He builds things. He climbs trees. He stands behind a stump.

19: Mike Cheshire | Cheryl Jackson | Jerry Wayne Jackson | Cynthia Jackson

21: Houston has a rare snow storm that brought lots of snow. Mike starts out trying to catch snow on the newspaper, but it snowed so much that it buried the paper. The neighbors, Doggetts, helped Mike build some snowmen. Lanelle was too young to go outside, so she didn't get to play in the snow.

22: It rarely snows in Houston. When it does, it's only a light dusting. This was a surprise for everyone. Mr & Mrs Doggett step outside to say hello. It was a winter wonderland.

23: Snow melts quickly and Daddy has to wash the car. Mom has fun riding a bike and playing with Lanelle & Mike.

24: Mike plays in the back yard and goes crawdad fishing in the ditch with his friend. | Lanelle can finally go outside to play.

25: Dad starts a new job at Carrier on the assembly line for AC condensors.

26: Mammo - Helen Cheshire | Mike Cheshire | Cynthia Jackson | Cheryl Jackson | Uncle Crit & Aunt Jewell (Mammo's sister)

27: Dad wanted a shed in the back yard. Mom didn't. She finally agreed only if... | he could get the wood for free. He eventually gathered enough wood. | Everyone helped build the shed. Lanelle found a cat to play with... | The cat gave everyone ring worms. No more playing with cats.

28: Beautiful Momma | Lanelle & Debbie Doggett | Lanelle & Norma Jean West | Cowboy Mike | Terri Lynn, Mike & Lanelle crawfishing. | Mike monkeying around on the swing.

29: It must be picture day. Lanelle got a perm! Mike & Lanelle pose on the swing. Later, Mike pushes Norma on the swing.

30: The Jackson family get together... | Uncle JW & Aunt Billie | Grandpa Jackson | Cheryl Jackson & Lanelle | Lanelle & Randy Enloe | The whole gang | Pam Jackson & Lanelle

31: School Picture time | Jerry Michael Cheshire | Jerry Wayne Jackson | Cynthia Jackson | Lanelle Cheshire | Cheryl Jackson

32: SURPRISE! It's a Girl! | Billy & Bobbie welcome their surprise baby - Jeanette Cheshire

34: School pictures... Jerry Wayne Jackson Jerry Michael Cheshire Cynthia Jackson | School | All the kids pitch in to wash Daddy's truck - Pam, Mike & Lanelle.

36: We would get together with our extended family often. We have Daddy, Jeanette and Uncle Jack on the front proch. Mom standing by a newly planted tree. Mammo, Aunt Dale sit in the front yard while all the kids run around them. Jeanette loves her blue and white ball. We all gather for a photo and then Mammo and Jeanette take one alone.

37: Mike liked to take the ball away from Jeanette, but he always gave it back. Jeanette's pool was a three ring tub. Mom and Dad would always talk about having to take a bath in the three ring tub.

38: Mike decided to wear the same shirt every year it would fit for his school picture. Lanelle's school pictures are below.

39: Lanelle's birthday with Norma & Debbie | Aunt Sallie holding Julie, Uncle Chess, Clinton Jr, Carolyn and Helen Ann - Cheshire | Mike & Mr. West trying to get Jeanette to ride a cow.

40: Mike, Lanelle & Jeanette play in the fallen leaves.

41: Dad working at General Electric

42: 1969 - Jeanette with Randy Burgess - Pre-K

43: Picture with the neighborhood kids. Norma, Sherlyn, Debbie, Lanelle, Donald & Jeanette

44: 1970 Jeanette's Kindergarten pictures

45: Must be a day for pictures. Lanelle, Jeanette, Mom and Mike with his head down. (He never likes to take pictures.) Below, Mom, Dad with Lanelle & Jeanette peeking over the rocker.

46: Rare card to Dad from his brother, Uncle Chess

48: Easter 1970 - Kindergarten teacher Ms. Cain with class having Easter egg hunt.

49: Jeanette's Kindergarten Graduation. Ms. Cain the teacher. Jeanette met her good friend Cynthia Flewellen while attending class at Kentshire Baptist Church.

50: Lanelle, Jeanette & Norma playing dress up | Jeanette's Birthday

51: The Family goes on vacation. Mom, Dad, Mike, Lanelle and Jeanette head out on the road towards Missouri to visit with Uncle Chess and family

52: We made it to Missouri. There's Helen Ann, Uncle Chess, Carolyn, Tracy, Julie, Aunt Sallie and Clifton. Lanelle picked up Tracy all the time.

53: Lanelle's birthday | Jeanette & Kevin Spivey in his cook's apron | Mike's Senior picture | Jimmie Sue with husband Charles & her 2 boys, Randy & Kirk

54: Grandma Jackson, Uncle JP, Aunt Robbie, Uncle Woodroe, Uncle Willie | Visit to Aunt Robbie's house

55: Merry Christmas - Lanelle & Jeanette show off a couple of presents. Mike hides his face from the camera. Jeanette gets a new bike from Santa.

56: Easter at Aunt Bobbie & Uncle Johnny's house with Mammo, Wesley, Bea & Baby Mike | Mammo, Uncle Johnny & Daddy are tired of pictures - they're ready to eat!

57: Jeanette & Kevin | Jeanette & Sherlyn | Jeanette & Lanelle by our tangerine trees | Jeanette with Inga Doggett eating our peanut butter and jelly sandwich

58: Julie, Jeanette, Carolyn | Grandma Jackson & Mammo | Mom with her 'new' car | Lanelle & Jeanette's School picture. Wow! We have the same vest on | Jeanette with neighbor's dog

59: Jeanette & Lanelle are ready for Easter. While Mike makes faces for his picture with his friend Moses.

60: Lanelle with her friends Norma Jean West and Debbie Doggett. Both were our neighbors - Debbie from across the street and Norma next door. We had the only 3 houses on this block. | Lanelle almost will always turn her head to the side to take a picture. Even today.

61: Another summer trip to visit our cousins in Missouri | They didn't know we were coming.

62: We enjoyed our watermelon and then the fight with Mike | Aunt Sallie put on the coffee and Lanelle picked up Tracy as soon as she could

63: Mike gets attacked inside as well. Mammo is hiding the candy in the backgound. Julie, Tracy, Carolyn and Jeanette hang out. Helen Ann and Lanelle hang out. Mike & Clifton have fun too.

65: Grandma & Mammo were here to celebrate Christmas

66: Another great Christmas with the family. Mammo was surprised to get a TV. Lanelle & Jeanette check out all their gifts and stockings. Mike was surprised he got a stereo.

67: We celebrate more birthdays as the years go by quickly. Bubba (Mike) even gets caught washing the dishes. Wonder why?

68: Aunt Kay, Uncle Earl, Renee & Larry come to visit. | Mom couldn't get a good pic. Either she cut Earl in half or cut his head.

69: Lanelle's school picture | Debbie's surprise birthday party | Jeanette's school picture

70: We caught Mike as he came in from work to celebrate his birthday. His friends, Martin, Moses and others were there to help celebrate.

71: Mom gets roses for her birthday. Then Christmas is around the corner. Dad gets Mike & friends to help pour the cement for the garage.

72: Jeanette celebrates another birthday with friends. Inflation hits hard.

73: Cheshire family - Billy, Bobbie, Clifton, Mammo (Helen) | Carolyn, Jeanette, Julie with Lanelle holding Tracy | Yeah! Cousins from Missouri came to visit. We strung a rope between to trees to swing on. Jeanette falls running and goes to emergency room for 7 stitches. | Lanelle holding Tracy - of course | Helen Ann & Lanelle striking a pose

74: Lanelle baking for school. Lanelle, Debbie & Norma | Lanelle talking to boyfriend

75: It's Holiday time again. The Cheshire family gathers at our house. Mammo & Aunt Dale clean up. Uncle Johnny carves the turkey and duck. Aunt Bobbie and Lanelle prepare a dish. Jeanette feeds Peabody. Then Aunt Bobbie challenges her brother (my Dad) to a race - He won. Lanelle & Jeanette shake presents.

76: 1976 - Lanelle didn't think Mom could fit in one of her outfits. Mom proved her wrong. | Lanelle gets ready for High School graduation.

77: Dad worked on a job in Long Beach California through GE the Summer of 76. | Mom & Jeanette flew out to visit for a few weeks. He rented a garage apartment 7 blocks from the beach. | Dad took us everywhere - Disney, SeaWorld, Knox Berry Farm, Quenn Mary, and more. We had the best chowder at a restaurant near the apartment. We still don't know what type of chowder it was, but it was GREAT.

81: Mom & Grandma | Uncle Earl, Aunt Kay - Jackson family | Jeanette practicing | Uncle JP at Lake Livingston

82: Baby Shower for Lanelle & George | 1977

83: Sisters - Adell, Jewell & Helen - help us celebrate the Holiday. They also helped celebrate the arrival of Susanne Crystal Munoz.

84: Everyone stops to visit with Susanne. She's such a tiny treasure.

85: Susanne with her Great-Grandmother. 4 Generations - Mom, Grandma, Lanelle & Susanne | Susanne with her other grandparents - Mr & Mrs Leon Munoz.

86: Jeanette's school pictures along with some of the first pictures of Susanne. Grandma Jackson & Mammo took some pictures as well. Susanne's first Santa picture. Daddy at work.

87: Susanne checking out Grandma's flowers.

88: It's a Boy! Welcome George Leo Munoz Jr. | Susanne, Leo & Lanelle | Aunt 'Nette & Uncle Mike with Leo & Susanne | Susanne loves her baby brother - Leo.

89: Grandma Jackson meets her great-grandson Leo. Susanne makes sure she stays close. | Susanne goes with Grandma to visit Grandma Jackson often.

90: Susanne, Lanelle, Leo, Grandma Jackson & Mammo

91: Lanelle, Leo & Susanne | Happy Easter

92: J | Jeanette at DECA dinner. Best friends Jeanette, Debbie Hickman & Tracy Albert take picture together.

93: Jeanette graduates high shool. | 1982

94: Jerry Michael Cheshire

95: Lanelle Cheshire

96: Jeanette Cheshire

98: 1964 & 1994

99: Billy & Bobbie began their life Not knowing what would be. Soon they welcomed a baby boy, Then welcomed a baby girl, But Surpirse! - Jeanette made three. They instilled strong family values And provided for all their needs Daddy going to work everyday While Mommy kissed skinned knees. You know time flies by way too fast and soon we all were grown Each of us went out in the world to make a way of our own. Thriving on all the love we received Each day from Mom and Dad Our memories of our joys and tears Trying to forget the times we were bad. While Dad is watching us from above, Mom's still here to provide All the love and all the prayers Our family needs to survive.

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