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Childhood Memories Scrapbook (CPT)

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BC: By Jerusha

FC: By Jerusha Retnakanthan | CPT Part B: Childhood Scrapbook

1: "That's what fiction is about, isn't it, the selective transforming of reality?" (Martel, VI)

2: It was a gorgeous sunny day outside, and many families were wandering around Cullen Gardens and Miniature Village, a popular tourist attraction in Whitby. The carefully maintained hedges and colourful gardens made the park a beautiful, peaceful place to enjoy. The animal topiaries were especially exciting for tiny children, and many could be seen examining the creatively shaped bushes with wonder. One little child was doing just that, observing an unruffled dinosaur. Her two parents were close behind, occasionally snapping pictures and keeping an eye on their little two-year old. The little girl was wearing a straw hat to protect her fair skin from the sun. Her white shirt and yellow pants made up a bright outfit to match the sunny weather. Inquisitively, she looks up to the prehistoric monster, holding on to a marble-patterned pink ball her parents presumably brought to play around with.

3: (Turn to read more!) | Tumble Time - Third Person Perspective

4: Cullen Gardens and Miniature Villages closed in 2006

5: She abruptly turned away, seemingly bored with the creature. She turned and saw her parents watching her, smiling and taking pictures. After looking at them for a moment, she paused, and suddenly took off! With tiny steps, she ran away from her parents, holding on to the pink ball. The mom and dad were taken aback, and started running half-heartedly after their child. After all, they supposedly reasoned, she couldn't get far, running with only a year of experience in her legs. So they kept up after their child, more amused than worried. The little girl scampered across a pale wooden bridge, and passed many more animals. Passer-byes chuckled and waved as she flew by them. Then, the young girl felt a jolt, and she felt her feet leave the ground from under her. She had stumbled onto a downward incline, and as she faltered her lack of mobile experience caught up to her. The girl tripped and tumbled down the grassy incline, which steepened slightly as she went down. The parents, whose casual attitude quickly changed to a worried one, ran after their poor baby, with pointless calls of “Stop!” cutting through the air. The child rolled and rolled, her little pink ball bouncing and rolling along beside her. Finally, she came to a stop, right by the base of an exquisite peacock. She looked up and around, bewildered at the events that had just occurred. The dad reached the girl first, and he checked all around to make sure she was okay. The out-of-breath mom eventually reached the two, carrying the ball and the straw hat the girl lost on her trip down the hill. The small family regrouped, with the dad picking up his little girl and the girl reaching for her ball. With Mom and Dad laughing, the trio continued their exploration of Cullen Gardens.

7: Going Home - Child Voice | Me, Mommy and my sister are in Sri Lanka. My sister’s name is Jeruby. We have to go home tomorrow. I have to wake up early and go on an airplane. We have a lot of fun here. We went to the zoo. I played with toys and my sister. Grandpa gave us cashew nuts and Grandma gives us milk. It is very hot. I like it here a lot. There was a big rat I wanted to play with, but Mommy and Christy Aunty didn’t let me. My favourite aunts are Isabelle Aunty and Julie Aunty. They are really nice and pretty. Today Mommy packed our bags. A lot of people came to say goodbye. I don’t wanna to go home. I want to stay here with Grandpa and Grandma and Isabelle Aunty and Christy Aunty and Reggie Uncle. I’m gonna miss them a lot. I don’t wanna start school. I want to live here. Daddy can come live here too. Then me, Mommy, Jeruby and Daddy can go to the zoo and play on the beach. And see elephants. I don’t wanna leave. Maybe if I cry we can stay. Everyone’s crowding around me. Julie Aunty gives me a bouncy ball, and says that we will come back soon. Why isn’t Jeruby crying? She’s just looking at me. If we both cry maybe Mommy will change her mind! | Sri Lanka Visited in 2000

8: When I look at this picture, the first thing that pops out at me is the expression on my face. I think it’s hilarious, because I know exactly what is going through my mind at that moment. There were two Velcro flaps on that jacket that wrapped around your face to protect your neck from the cold. They also served the purpose of ensuring the hood didn’t fall off in windy weather. Well, my mother fastened the two flaps so tightly that day that I could barely breathe. The flaps were also covering my mouth, which was very uncomfortable. | Chin Flaps - Reflective Voice

9: I left Thorncliff Park after one year. | After I was finished with the coat my sister wore it. | I’m sure that my mom snapped this photo just as I was trying to get my mouth up over the hood so I could smile. Now, it looks like I’m thinking, “Ugh, what is this dumb thing in my way?" It’s also hilarious because that jacket was two sizes too big for me. My mother only got it after being prodded by my kindergarten teacher, Miss. Caskanet, to do so. Before that I never had a true winter jacket, except for the adorable snowsuit my little sister Jeruby is wearing beside me. My mom, being the thrifty woman she was, got me the sturdiest, yet least expensive jacket that would last me until third grade. At first sight I liked it, especially the silly polar bears partaking in winter activities that were covering the outside. Then I experienced the wrath of the Chin-Flaps, and I also couldn’t stand how puffy and unfashionable the coat was. Especially compared to the slim, pretty winter coats that other girls in my class had. Of course, my mom and Miss. Caskanet deemed it necessary for me to have snow pants as well. So, there I was: a four year old puff monster, with a flimsy pink Hello Kitty backpack cutting into my enormous sleeve. At least I had warm boots, which is less than I can say for my sister.

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