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Clara Jimenez 100yrs.

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S: Clara Lilian (Valdez) Jimenez

BC: Happy 100th Birthday Clara Jimenez

FC: Celebrating 100 years of love and family with Clara Jimenez | June 24, 1911

1: Clara Lilian Valdez was born June 24, 1911 in Winkleman, a small town in the central part of the Arizona Territory. She was one of 12 children born to Jose and Guadalupe Valdez. She spent her childhood growing up on her father's Rancho with her siblings along side the San Pedro and Gila Rivers.

2: Growing up in Winklemen in the 1920's Clara had many friends and boyfriends. Along with her sisters, Victoria, Emilia, Vivian, and Virginia Valdez there was not a dance that they missed. She took many of these photos with a small box camera that she purchased. She is often pictured with friends as they prepared to go out on the town! | Clara and Victoria | Eddie Contreras and friends! | Clara with her girlfriends | Getting ready to go dancing with the gang! | Clara with Vivian

3: Clara Lilian | Clara had six children and raised them in Florence,AZ. After Benico's death in 1961, she would continue to have a successful career at Mandelle's Department store. Clara Jimenez has a huge family that loves and respects what she has accomplished in her 100 Years. These are some of their letters of congratulations! | Clara Valdez would live in Winkleman until she moved with her mother and sister Vivian to Casa Grande, Arizona. She would tend house and work various jobs. Clara was always a hard worker and gave this gift to her children! | Clara Valdez married Benico Jimenez in Casa Grande in 1932. They would live there until Benico got a job at Borree's Market and moved the family to Florence in 1938. Clara would work right along side of Benico in the market as well as raise her children.

4: The Children and their families.... | Benjamin Valdez Jimenez Joseph Valdez Jimenez Robert Valdez Jimenez Helen Clara Jimenez Gilbert Jimenez Frank Reynaldo Jimenez

5: Mama, I have been in your presence for 76 years and very glad that you were there to support me and my siblings through some though times. You were always working hard to maintain a good family life which gave us the gift of all our families. We are all grateful for your support. I can remember my young years growing up in Casa Grande and Florence, where you made sure I got a good education and taught me to live a good life. You inspired me a lot, Mom, and I love you very much. I will be there for you now and support you in whatever you need. Happy 100th Birthday and Thank you! Love your oldest son, Tuver | Benjamin Valdez Jimenez July 10, 1934 | I remeber the time that you took me to buy my wedding dress in Tucson. Happy Birthday Clara With love, Theresa Jimenez

6: Everytime I struggle with being single I remember my Grandmother's courage, and it always sets me straight. I share her story. So proud to have her in my life. She is our rock. " Happiest Birthday Grammi"!!! Love, Beatrice Olivia and David Hayes Jones | Beatrice Olivia (Jimenez) Jones

7: My earliest memories of Grandma go back to when I was very little playing on the east side of her old house with the water hose, a bucket and some cement. Grandma was yelling out the door for me to stop playing with the 'cemento'. I can also remember times playing in the street with Grandpa as he threw grounders to me. Seemed like we were at the old house every weekend as a little boy. The smells of coffee and bacon as we woke up in the morning. And how can I forget the carne seca hanging in the kitchen window. David and I made a beeline for it when we arrived. The football games in the grass across the street at the courthouse. Going to buy candy at Pepe's. Bruno! I remember bathing him in Clorox, as per Grandma's orders. We bleached his beautiful brown spots. Later I laughed as I was washing up. What was she thinking?, I thought, but would never question her judgement. We laughed all the way back to Tucson.I learned very early the importance of family and it was Grandma that taught this. Her strength and love for my Dad and his family was forever evident. The tearful goodbyes and the handing out of care packages as we left town. 100 years, what a milestone. I love you Grandma, Happy Birthday! Ben, Paula, Alex and Alexis, Max, Nikki, Sam and Lily | Benjamin Jimenez

8: Happy Birthday 100 years young! You are truly a treasure of this earth. My family is truly blessed to have shared so many wonderful memories with you and plan to have many more. In my youth, I will always remember the time we spent Christmas at your house. My Dad made sure we were a part of your life for all celebrations and these are my fondest memories, and of course your apricot pies and carne seca off the string, yum. In my adulthood you are a treasure to my family. You are the strength that bonds us all now and forever in the future. I will never forget your love and guidance and importance you have had on my life. I love you very much, David "Pinky Pink" Jimenez | When I was a Junior in HS and first dating David, I was introduced to you Nana Clara. I noticed right off, how much everyone loved and respected you,and that you were the centerpiece to a very large and loving family.I soon found myself doing the same. Then our little Mary Allison came,and you made it very clear how proud of your Great Grandchild you were, which made my love for you blossom.Soon we received your signature gift to your Great Grandchildren,a blanket lovingly stitched together and embroidered with her name. With Evan and Grace two more blankets were received and each just as unique as the child you made it for. We cherish each of these blankets as each is made lovingly by your hand especially for that child.Time has flown sense we first meant, you have been an inspiration and a guide to what a parent should be, and I have modeled so much of my own parenting after your loving examples to your own children,grandchildren, great grandchildren and now great great grandchildren.We love you dearly for who you are and what you have taught us through your strength and loving ways. A prayer of Gods Blessing over you as we Celebrate your 100th Birthday! With Love, Becky Jimenez | David Edward Jimenez

9: My Grandma , I can’t look at a sock monkey without thinking of you and wondering how many you have made over the years. I love your wit and no nonsense attitude. Being able to talk to you about anything from politics and religion to our history is inspiring. I am in awe of your determination in all that you have done and still continue to do. I admire you so much and am proud to be one of your granddaughters. I am glad my own daughters have had the same pleasure of knowing you! With Love, Jocelyn, Hans, Sofia and Ella Smerz | Jocelyn Theresa (Jimenez) Smerz

10: Joseph Valdez Jimenez August 18,1935- Sept.23, 2009 | My special thoughts of Nana are that she's been like my real mother to me in many ways these past 50+ years. She is a great cook and her homemade apple pies were the absolute best. She taught me how to make Gorditas and Joe's favorite Tortas. I would make these for him every Lent. Happy Birthday Nana! Ginny Jimenez | Barber always had a very special relationship with his mother. His siblings still claim he was the most favored one. Barber exemplified the love for his mom in the ways he cared for her. Each day there was a phone call around noon and all of Mom's birthday's were celebrated with grander! There was nothing he wouldn't do for Clara His memory lives on with all of us in the ways we love Nana.

11: We knew rules at home could legally be broken at Nana’s House. As kids, we took full advantage of this. Not one aunt, uncle, mom or dad would ever question Nana offering me, my brothers, my sister or my cousins another piece of her famous pumpkin or apple pie. She simply put the whole pie in front of me and said “if you want more, there is plenty more from where that came from”. This is Nana’s style. This is who Nana is. Valuable lessons learned yesterday from Nana, have truly had an influence on the man I am today. Thankfully, there is plenty that money can’t buy. The best things in life truly are free. Giving and kindness never goes out of style. In this area, Nana is the “Fashion Queen”. We love you Nana Happy 100th Birthday Joey, Jacquii, Sammii and Joe Joe Jimenez | Joey Jimenez

12: 1. Nana making homemade tortillas for us and she would always come tell us that she had fresh tortillas that were "hot off the press". 2. Every Thanksgiving we always went to Florence and stayed with Nana. When we arrived, sometimes very late in the evening (or very early in the morning), there was always the smell of freshly baked pumpkin and apple pies. 3. Nana coming out to California for my and Sharon's wedding about 20 years ago when she was "only" about 80 years old. 4. I remember when Nana used to have her "conversations" with her dog Bruno. Many of them were lengthy and some of them included arguments with each other! 5. Nana had a nickname for just about every family member and, for the life of me, I could never figure out how she came up with names like "pinky-pink", "babos", or "chook-book". 6. I will always remember Nana as the "Queen Bee" that brought this very large extended family and friends all together. WE ALL LOVE OUR NANA!! Jim, Sharon,, Brianna, Garrett, Brett, and Taylor Jimenez | Iim Jimenez

13: Jeanne Jimenez-Carpenter | 10. As a child, going to visit Nana and my dad's family every Thanksgiving with my mom, dad and brothers. The Thanksgiving meal that she would cook for us was incredible and oh so fattening! We all arrived home with our clothes a little tighter. 9. Nana is the matriarch of the family and loves us all unconditionally. 8. Nana is a master seamstress and can sew anything. When she would visit us in California she would hem up all our pants that were too long. 7. Nana makes the best tamales. Cannot find anything better than Nana's tamales. 6. Nana loves eating just a simple sandwich and will always say, "Nothing like a sandwich for a meal.....it's a meal in itself!" 5. Nana loves to find a good bargain and loves going to garage sales. 4. Nana loves to "borrow" flowers from restaurants, gardens, and neighbor's yards. 3. Nana and little Kenny at their first meeting and how she kept commenting on Kenny being so handsome. 2. The strong bond that my dad and Nana shared all their lives. 1. Even at 100 years old, Nana doesn't forget a thing! We love you Nana !!! | John Jimenez

14: So much can be said of anyone who has lived to the ripe old age of 100. There are so many things that Mom has given to all her children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. She raised us up in a warm and living home, gave us all unconditional love as children and as adults. My own relationship with Mom spans many years of so many wonderful memories of discipline as well as love when I needed to correct my compass in life. She gave me encouragement and guidance that only a mother can give to support her sometimes-troubled young son. Mom has always been a lady to everyone and has never met a stranger. Mom has always been our solid rock and best of all, she has been our idol. Mom – thank you for all that you have given us for so many wonderful years. You are truly a remarkable woman. Love you, Poncho, Gwen and Family | Robert Valdez Jimenez February 16, 1936

15: Robert Jimenez | Tony Jimenez | Ever since I was a child I remember how she would come and visit us in CA She was much like a mom to me and made me eat things I didn't like. But as I grew older I look back and think that she was a great grandmother and I should have been a better grandson and ate the things she wanted me to eat. As time goes by I think of her pretty face and it comforts me. I miss seeing her and taking bananas to her so she can make me banana bread. I would also take her orange slices and root beer. That's her favorite. And every time I see her I bring those to her. I love with all my heart. She is my pumpkin pie and the apple in my eye! I Love U Nana! Robert Jimenez | Ted Jimenez

16: Dear Nana Clara My earliest memories of you are when I was around 5 years old. I remember being a scrawny little kid and you being so tall and larger than life. I was scared of you. As I got older, and came to know you more, I was able to appreciate your great cooking and baking skills. All from Scratch of course. You would shoo all the kids outside to play, but I wanted to come in and be where it always smelled so good. Now I live in California, and I don’t get to visit you as often as I would like but don’t ever forget for a moment that you are my “My Girlfriend” and you hold a special place in my heart. God Bless You, Nana! Love Your Grandson, Michael Jimenez & Family | When my family would visit Florence coming from Southern California if Grandma was at work our first stop was Mandell's where grandma worked. As always us kids were thirsty and needed some water. Grandma would walk us to the back of the store where the water cooler was located but the funny thing was that we were only allowed to get enough water not letting the bubble in the jug rise more then once.I never really understood why grandma was so frugal until I became much older and had time and conversation with her. I learned so much more of who Nana Clara was and what she stood for as child, woman, mother, wife, grandmother and friend. Nana Clara I love you dearly! Vicki Granillo and family! | Vicki Granillo (Jimenez) | Michael Jimenez

17: Helen Clara (Jimenez) Celaya October 21, 1939 | Dear Mom, There are so many wonderful memories that I will forever cherish. My first Holy Communion, Birthday's , High School graduation, my wedding to Louie, birth of our children, the death my grandparents, brother, and daughter. plus the family reunions at Thanksgiving and Christmas. Mom, you are the model of a loving and giving mother and I am lucky to be your daughter. Know always that I love you and Louie and I both wish you a Happy 100th Birthday! Love, Margie

18: Dearest Grandma, What can we say to a woman who has been like a mother to all of us, except you're one in a million and now 100 years young. It seems like it was just yesterday that many of us would come home from school and see you cooking in the kitchen, attending our functions at school, helping us with our projects, teaching us how to cook, nursing us back to health when we got sick, teaching us how to drive, giving us the inside track on the newest fashion items that arrived at Mandelle's (potential layaway item), embracing us when our hearts were broken or something happened at school and giving us your stern eyes and wise words when you thought we had crossed the line. We were blessed to have you in our lives then and now in our children's lives and when life throws us curve balls you have forever remained optimistic sharing your insights with words like, “what can you do, giving up is not an option at least not in my book.” We cherish you like no tomorrow and want you to know that we would not be the people we are today if it had not been for you. Abuelita, gracias por todo. Your grandchildren; Rosemary, Barbara, Michael, Margaret, Larry, Phillip and Louie.

19: Dearest Lovely, Your grace, compassion, knowledge, and unconditional love are beyond words.The journey I have had the privilege to have with you for these 100 years are the most rewarding any of us can be so grateful for. Since the beginning of my birth and throughout my life you have been my rock through good and bad times. Your generous heart has may me stronger in so many ways that I attribute my true determination and strength through your guidance. With All Our Love, Barbara, Tony, Anthony, Alex and Aileen Gasca | Dear Grandma, First, we would like to “Thank you” from the bottom of our hearts for all the wonderful deeds you have done for our family. We have enjoyed all the traditions and meals you have made and continue to look forward to all of them each year. Those being the Thanksgiving get together which includes your Thanksgiving pumpkin pies that are simply to good to be true. We always enjoy your New Year Eve buñuelos that taste better every year. We remember the “ pan poop” you make that melts in our mouth. Oh, and let us not forget the “round ones” in the morning. Those pancakes are heavenly. You have taught us to be a family in good times and in bad. And you are and will always be the one and only “gRambo”. Love. Larry, Ellen, Robert, Veronica, Andrew, Cristina, and Xavier Celaya | Barbara (Celaya) Gasca | Larry Celaya

20: Phillip Celaya | Michael Celaya | Louie Celaya Jr. | “I had the pleasure of growing up with two mothers and when I look back, I finally understand how much I depended on Grandma’s guiding hand, How tenderly she cared for me and put herself aside, how even little things we did were such a source of pride, but the more that I experience and the older that we grow, the more I can appreciate, Grandma who loved me so. Love You, Louie, Kim, Dimitrius, Denzel, Davin Celaya | Grandma, We wish you a very wonderful 100 years old Birthday. You are an amazing person who we have been very fortunate to have you share your life with us. Thank you for everything. Love, Phillip(Chulup), Birdie, PC, Suzy, Vanessa, John and Steven

21: Grandma you were one of the individuals who taught me how to drive in that horrible, awful, mustard Nova of yours. I remember you saying to me, “Toots, you need to take those turns a little slower and not believe that you own the road.” In the kitchen grandma had pet peeves, you did not dare stick your nose and smell a pot of whatever she was cooking. We would ask, “Grandma what are you cooking?” She would reply, “puntas de cabello” another words none of your business! | Grandma you are a “role model” of what a Latina woman is and should be (a woman’s- woman). As your granddaughter, I only have fond memories of you and I am in awe of the 100 years of experiences and life’s journey’s you have walked and danced. You have demonstrated sheer grace, integrity and compassion for others. Although your life losses have been many, your love for your family has been endless. There are four generations of Valdez, Jimenez, Celaya & Alston women in this picture who will continue to live with your strength, tenacity and “fire in their bellies.” | The meaning of family is at the centerpiece of who we are because of the values and traditions that are important to you grandma. Our children have been blessed to have you in their lives and Dan and I are forever grateful for you support, love, sense of humor and words of wisdom that you have shared with us throughout our 34 years of marriage. Happy Birthday ! | Rosemary (Celaya) Alston

22: As Margaret’s memory lives on in all whom she touched and loved, her relationships with her daughter, mother and grandmother was one of the keys of who she had become as a woman. She often would share, “the women in my life gave me the backbone to dream bigger, to dig deeper and to use my voice for the injustice in this world.” You are missed Pudu, and in an interview with grandma recently she shared that you were like a daughter to her. | Margaret (Celaya) Salzwedel | Nana Clara, Happy 100th birthday! I can't even imagine all the memories you have and changes you've seen through the years. I would like to remind you of one that Margaret and I had of your stays on the farm with us in Minnesota. Margaret and I had a garden full of fresh vegetables. You would not go down the porch steps with out a rail so when I came home from work Margaret had me make you a rail. The steel wagon wheel rail is still there to this day! One day while enjoying the garden you tripped and broke your toe. It was sad but we did laugh about it later. Nana Clara you were a big part of the great person Margaret turned out to be. We so enjoyed your visits to our farm and a part of you is in our hearts always! Love, Your farm family the Salzwedel's

23: spring is in the air | I will never forget an experience that I had with Mom that would serve me to understand the importance of honesty and respect for others possessions. Brother Frank and I had, as usual, a craving for a soft drink and snack (Eskimo pie!). Spotting a one dollar bill (in those days that was big-big money) hanging out of Mom’s purse and being the older brother, I foolishly put it in my pocket never thinking that she would see us do such a shameful thing. As we were walking towards the Ochoa Market and much to our surprise, Mom was right behind us. Needless to say, it taught me a lesson and I have since operated transparently with everything that I have done in my life. The examples and lessons that we all learned from Mom are endless and still continue to this day. Mom has been a guiding light for all of us, and on behalf of my family we cherish the role she has played as Mom and Nana to Gina and George and great-Nana to Zachary and Isabella. Happy Birthday! Gilbert Jimenez | When I married Gilbert I knew nothing about cooking and hardly could boil an egg. Watching Clara, who was always in the kitchen, I learned that you could make almost anything from nothing. There was always a fresh pot of homemade soup on the stove, even in August. Her wonderful yeast rolls, warm from the oven, the countless pies she always made at Thanksgiving and her flavorful guisados taught me that that cooking is not a chore but an act of enjoyment and love. My memories of Clara are and will always be the love and joy of cooking that we share and I am grateful, as is my family, that I learned so much from her. Geri Jimenez | Gilbert Jimenez October 17, 1940

24: A cherished memory of Nana is her thoughtfulness and sense of humor. An example of this is shortly after I had announced my pregnancy with Zachary I received a nice card from Nana. She wrote to congratulate me on the news of my pregnancy and also told me how excited Dad was on having his first grandchild. To this day, her card reminds me that despite the long distance and years that have gone by that she is always thinking of us. As for sense of humor, one of the baby gifts that Zachary received was from Nana. She had made him one of her famous sock monkeys. However, being that we lived in the Pacific Northwest Zachary’s sock monkey came with his own trench coat for the rainy weather. It still has a place of honor in Zachary’s bedroom Love, Gina | Nana had come again for her annual visit to Los Angeles. My family and Uncle Joe and Aunt Ginny decided to take her to a fancy seafood restaurant, Gladstones, in Santa Monica. Someone ordered clams for an appetizer and Nana loved the empty shells that were on the plate. Needless to say, she put several in her purse so she could use them in one of her planters when she returned home. Later the next day, my cat Cesar, was going crazy trying to get in the bedroom where Nana was staying. We also had been noticing a strange odor in the house that afternoon that we could not identify. We finally realized that the foul smell was the unwashed clam shells that Nana had left in her purse.. Happy Birthday Nana! Love, George, Cheryal, and Isabella Jimenez | Gina Jimenez-Horton | George Jimenez

25: To My Dearest Mom, I want to say that I have so many memories of us being together even though I am the youngest of the siblings. So much to remember in seventy years, what stands out in my heart is the fact that there was so much love in our home especially from you. You were able to do the job of dad for us and did an excellent job of raising us. Can't tell you how many times you helped me in my life whether good or bad and even though you would get upset you made sure I learned a lesson. I remember you being active in the community as a member of the Women's Club. Speaking for myself there isn't a person on this planet that can equal your graciousness, helpfulness, and ability to work with people in the community and be liked by all. You are an example of a ''True American'' who has participated in national and local elections. You gave me the ideas to participate in community service and politics. I know whatever my brothers, sister, and self have accomplished you have accomplished the most. We have just tried to fallow you and be good people. I think you did an excellent job in the process and I am so proud to see you reach the age of 100. Mama I love you with all my heart. Love your son, Frank | Frank Reynaldo Jimenez October 3, 1941

26: Nana, You have graced my life, nourished my soul with your cooking, enlightened my thoughts with your words, warmed my heart with your embrace, and most of all you fulfill my life with your love. You are the most precious Nana I could ever ask for. I am so happy my sweet Vayla has had the privilege to have been held in your arms and felt the love you give. I love you soooo much! Love,Your Darling Ylianita | Frank Jimenez Jr. | Francesca (Blanca) | Suzanna (Jimenez) Morales | Yliana Imenez

27: Taylor Jimenez | Garret Jimenez | Brianna Jimenez | Chelsea Jimenez | Nick Jimenez | Brett Imenez | Sofia Smerz Ella Smerz | Lilymarie Jimenez | Grace Rebecca Jimenez | Samxavier Jimenez | Evan David Jimenez | Nicolette Jimenez | Maxemilio Jimenez | David Hayes Jones | Lt. Benjamin 'Alex' Jimenez | Mary Alison (Jimenez) Espinosa | Joe Imenez | Courtney Jimenez | Adriana Jimenez | Tara Gheen | Levi Jimenez | Sammii Jimenez | Kenny Carpentar | Elisa Imenez | Angie Imenez | Justin Martinez | Erika Martinez | Elizabeth Morales | Jared Jimenez | Jamie Jimenez | Mario Granillio | Jeremy Jimenez | Francesca | David Morales | Zachary Horton | Isabella Jimenez | Vayla Castell | Taylor Salzwedel | Andy | Cathryn Jimenez | Shaun Alston | Aileen Gasca | Amer Alston | Andrea Alston | Anthony Gasca | Annemarie Salzwedel | Candice Celaya | Ryan Salzwedel | Michael Celaya Jr. | Andrew Celaya | Christina Celaya | Xavier Celaya | Alex Gasca | Marcus Salzwedel | Veronica Celaya | Robert Celaya | Steven Celaya | Susan Celaya | Denzel Celaya | Davin Celaya | Vanessa Celaya | John Celaya | Dimitrius Celaya | Philip Celaya Jr. | Generations Sixty- Six Great Grandchildren Nine Great-Great Granchildren With more on the way!! | Antonio Blue | Tharen Gheen | Jaden Jimenez | Brayden Gheen | Mikel Martinez | Ethan Espinosa | Sienna Espinosa | River Jimenez | Sage Jimenez | Natalie Jimenez | Mikel Martinez

28: May God bless you as you celebrate 100 years of life and 100 years of memories. You've done more in a lifetime than others can only dream, and you are the most amazing person that most have ever known. You are very special to our family and we love you more than words can say. We are all so very fortunate to have you in our lives. Happy birthday Nana Clara. Love Always, “Little” Mary, Ernie, Ethan and Sienna Espinosa | Mary Allison

29: Dear Nana Clara, Looking back at all the memories I have of you there is one that stands out the most. My sophomore year of high school I started dating. The person I was dating at the time was a little chunky and you definitely took notice to that. I remember it like yesterday when you said " Papita, are you dating the gordo boy?" I was surprised by your blunt question but answered "Yes Nana I am". Your response killed me when you said " Well more to love, more to love". Nana, you always know how to put in perspective for me and you are the one person who has always told me like it was. I am honored to be your great granddaughter and I hope I am as funny as you are when I am your age. Love you always, Your Papita Candy Celaya | Candy Celaya | Dear Nana Clara, Wow what an awesome milestone for our family to witness! I am truly honored to be apart of your life. You have impacted me in more ways than you will ever know. Some of my fondest memories were when I was young and you would take care of me in the mornings and afternoons. You would often take me to work with you. The thrift store was like my second home! When you would work, you would let me play with all the things in the thrift store and even try on the clothes. Then after a day of work you would bring me home, I would sit at the table, and you would make us lunch. I recall your fresh made tortillas and beans. I often asked for more than the serving you would give me and you would kindly say “Secavo!” I also remember we would sing songs together. Your favorite was the “Itsy Bitsy Spider.” Well, I guess I couldn’t quite say it right (I would say “inky binky spider”) so you gave me the nick name “Inky” and it has stuck with me forever. There are so many things that I admire about you Nana. Your ability to care for everyone as if they were your own child, your laugh, your cooking, your fight, and most importantly, your strength. I can only hope to be half the woman you are! Feliz Cumpleanos Nana! I love you. Andrea Padilla (your Inky) | Andrea Padilla

30: LOVE | Your great grandchildren and now your great-great grandchildren continue to carry your strength and legacy forward. Because of your influence, we have all come so far. Your descendants are doing things that you could never dream. Many of the great grandchildren have accomplished so much. They are parents, doctors, educators, successful members of the armed forces, artists and musicians, athletes, college graduates, firefighters and entrepreneurs. The possibilities are endless. All this started with you and your love for family and hard work ethic. Thank You Nana! ~Happy Birthday~

31: Clara Jimenez, You have given us the gift of allowing us to celebrate your life with you. Many Blessings to you on your ~100th Birthday~ Con Amor, Tu Familia

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