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Crabtree Family History

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S: Billy John Crabtree & Ellen Marie Davis Crabtree

BC: For this God is our God for ever and ever, he will be our guide even to the end. Psalm 48:14

FC: Family History | December 23, 1956

1: Faith, Hope & Love..... but the greatest of these is Love. 1 Corinthians 13: 12-13 | To: Doug, Tom & Tim and your families..... This book is your pictorial history of 6 generations of Faith, Hope & Love. I have been blessed to be a part of such a loving family. Merry Christmas 2011. Allison

2: Mother | Grand Mother | Grand Father | Great Grand Father | Great Grand Father | Great Grand Mother | Great Grand Mother | Ruby Prestwood | Ellen Harkey | John Prestwood | Ellen Marie Davis | John Wayne Davis | Francis Boyd | John Davis | Nancy Smith | WJHarkey | Mary Dabney | JW Prestwood | Loutesse Gibson | John Allen Boyd | Mary Lou Powers | Robert Davis

3: Father | Grand Mother | Grand Father | Great Grand Father | Great Grand Father | Great Grand Mother | Great Grand Mother | Billy John Crabree | Annie Inez Wilson | Thomas Walter Crabtree | Hattie Barnes | John Walter Willson | Eliza Lary | William Frances Crabtree | Tina Black | Berry Barnes | Malindia Stallings | John Walter Willson | Sarah Jane Carpenter | Jeremiah Lary | Paralee Boyd | William Carroll Crabtree

4: The first generation of the Willson family immigrated to America in 1771. James Cameron was born in 1764. He came with his parents and four brothers from Northern Ireland and landed at Charleston, South Carolina. It is believed that he served in South Carolina during the Revolution. "When the Creek Indians sold their land to the State of Georgia, James Cameron, as a soldier of the Revolution drew land in the 1827 Lottery and moved to LaGrange, Troup County, Georgia with his wife Sarah Brown (1768-1850). He lived on this land until his death in 1840. They are both buried at Long Cane Baptist Church but were members of the Presbyterian Chiurch." James and his wife had ten children. Their daughter Sarah became the second wife of Reverand James Riley Willson. The 1850 Troup County census listed James Willson as a "Minister of the Bible and a farmer who owned 16 slaves". He and Sarah had twin sons - John Dodson Willson and William Cameron Willson - born March 4, 1831 in LaGrange, Georgia. They also had another son and daughter. William Cameron Wilson and his wife, Mary Wise, had six children. John Walter Willson was their third child.

5: John Walter Willson (seated left) with his wife Malindia Stallings. His brother James Riley "Rile" Willson is bottom right with his wife Lena Sparewell. | John Walter Willson John Walter Willson was born in 1862 in LaGrange, Georgia. He was the son of William Cameron Willson and Mary Wise. He was a farmer and a minister of the Bible, like his grandfather. He married Malindia Stallings who was born April 17, 1863 in Randolph County, Alabama and died February 6, 1951 in Mt. Pleasant, Texas. They had nine children. They moved from Alabama to Texas sometime between 1891 and 1894. Two of their children died young of Typhoid Fever and Scarlet Fever. John Walter died November 8, 1933 in Mt. Pleasant. Their oldest son, John Walter Wilson, Jr.,married Hattie Barnes and eventually moved to Valliant, Oklahoma.

6: John Walter Wilson & Hattie Barnes | Parents of Annie Inez Wilson

7: Home of John & Hattie Wilson completed 1943 They cut the logs for this home themselves.

8: William Frances Crabtree | Father of Thomas Walter Crabtree

9: William Frances Crabtree married Eliza Jane Lary on December 12, 1889 in Dennison, Grayson County, Texas. She was the daughter of Jeremiah and Sarah Carpenter Lary. Eliza was born January 18, 1874 in Henderson County, Texas. Jeremiah Lary was born December 21, 1823 in Clinton, Jones County Georgia to Levi and Malinda Lary. His father died about 1827 and his mother remarried Oliver Morton who had served in the Revolutionary War. Jeremiah Lary served in the Mexican American War from June 4, 1846 until June 11, 1847. He enlisted in the 1st Mississippi Volunteer Infantry, Co. E-1 under Captain McManus out of Vicksburg, Mississippi. He served in the campaign under General Z. Taylor until he was discharged in New Orleans, Louisiana. By 1850 he had migrated to Talladega, Alabama where he met his first wife, Elizabeth Goodgame. They had four children together before she died in 1864. Widowed for over a year, he married Sarah Jane Carpenter in Red Oak, Ellis County, Texas on September 7, 1865. They had five children together. "By 1890, Jeremiah had moved his family to Locust, Texas in Grayson County. He applied for a Civil War pension which was denied due to the fact that he was already drawing pension from the Mexican American War. Doctor John Scott in his "Affidavit of Physician" for Jeremiah's Civil War pension stated "I have carefully examined the applicant and find him afflicted with a defect in his hearing. He has chronic conjunctivitis. He says he has a lesion in his eyeball which affects his sight. From examination of him, I believe his statement to be true. He is a decreped old man, weak and worn out with old age."

10: Eliza Jane died October 26, 1958 in Oklahoma. She is buried in Lark Cemetery, south of Madill, Oklahoma next to her husband and several children, including Thomas Walter. | Eliza Jane & William Frances Crabtree had seven children. Ethel - July 27, 1891 Everett Larry - 1893 Rosie - 1896 Jerry Wesley - November 11, 1900 William H. - October 29, 1901 Thomas "Bud" Walter - April 29, 1906 Elizabeth - 1907 Willie "Dollie" Frances - July 10, 1910 | Eliza Jane Crabtree & William Joseph Lary (brother). Mother of Thomas Walter Crabtree

11: Thomas Walter Crabtree & Annie Inez Wilson | Married December 17, 1928

13: Bill on old sway backed horse. Bill with his first gun. Bill with his mother.

15: Billy John Crabtree | High School Graduation Photo | Taken about the time Bill & Ellen married.

16: ~1950 | Bill's Grandad Wilson & his sister Aunt Janie Grandmother Wilson Auntie Panolla Mavis & Ivan (Inez Crabtree's brother and his wife). Mavis was Ivan's 3rd wife and was a snake charmer in the circus! Tom, Bill, and friend Donald Wilson | Bill & Herschel (Sleepy) Lyons | Bill, Jack & Tom with their mother.

17: 1952 | 1953 | Gary Prater, Bill, Dub Middleton | Bill's first deer shot in Llano County

18: Henrietta September 1953 | Fort Smith Cowboys 1954

19: Bill's dad and his horse Suzy Q | On right, Bill's dad on Bill's paint horse.

20: Bill with his grandfather John Wilson

21: November 1954

24: Thomas Ray, Jack Everett, Inez & Tom, Billy John Crabtree | Tom (8), Bill (15), Jack (6)

25: Ruby & Wayne Davis | Billie, Zula, Ellen

26: Prestwood Family History Ruby Prestwood's parents were John Prestwood & Ellen Harkey John Duncan Prestwoo was born June 30, 1858 Ellen Emma Harkey was born May 7, 1872 They were married March 17, 1887 in San Saba, Texas John & Ellen Prestwood's children: Birtie Lee Prestwood (Good) - February 2, 1888 - Maarch 7, 1980 Austin Prestwood - October 7, 1889 - April 7, 1981 Nancy Jane Prestwood (Harkey) - August 6, 1892 - October 6, 1980 Mary Bee Prestwood (Hamilton, Qualls) - August 29, 1894 - May 4, 1968 Effie Prestwood (Land) - January 10, 1895 - February 11, 1967 Annie Prestwood (Mills) - April 22, 1897 - November 28, 1964 Alma Prestwood (Williams, Richardson) - August 8, 1899 John William Prestwood - October 7, 1901 Emma Ethel Prestwood (Myers) - January 18, 1904 - August 4, 1938 Raymond D Prestwood - October 17, 1905 - June 24, 1959 James Newton Prestwood - November 11, 1907 - January 22, 1940 Joe Bailey Prestwood - August 28, 1909 - December 2, 1981 Ruby Juanita Prestwood (Davis, Berry) - February 29, 1912 Arzula Prestwood (Allen) - August 9, 1913 - August 8, 1968 Jewel Prestwood - December 17, 1915 - November 20, 1916 John Prestwood died November 11, 1952, 6:35 a.m. Ellen Prestwood died February 19, 1957, 7:20 p.m.

27: Ellen Harkey Prestwood Ellen Harkey was the 10th of 11 children born to William J. Harkey and Nancy J. Smith. William Harkey December 20, 1824 - December 6, 1910 Nancy Smith July 30, 1831 - May 26, 1906 | Ellen's grandparents were Israel Mathias Harkey born June 9, 1797 and Catherine Furr born October 9, 1801. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Mathias & Catherine married March 6, 1821 near the present city of Charlotte, North Carolina.

28: Harkey Family History The history of the Harkey family begins around 1700 in Holland. Johanas Herche left his home and traveled to England and stayed for a short time. He then sailed to America on the ship Lidia and landed in Philadelphia in 1713. Johanas changed his name to John Harkey and took an oath of loyalty to the King of England in September 1743. Around 1750 he moved to Mecklenburg County, now Cabarrus County, in North Carolina. Little is known of the Harkey family involvement in the American Revolution but the area in which they lived was the site of several important battles so it is very likely they were involved. John had at least one son, Jacob. There is little recorded about Jacob other than that he is listed in an early North Carolina census. He had at least one son, Israel Mathias Harkey, born June 9, 1797 near present day Charlotte, North Carolina. Mathias married Caroline Furr on March 6, 1821. It is probable that they had known each other a long time since her family had also lived in North Carolina for a long time. Around 1840, Mathias moved his family that included eight children to Pleasant Valley which is near Little Rock, Arkansas. After finding a place to settle, Mathias operated a store in the area. The Harkey family stayed in Arkansas for about fifteen years. In 1854, two of Mathias' sons (Riley & Israel, brothers of William J.) left Arkansas in search of a new and better location for the family in Texas. After stopping at Wallace Creek on the Colorado River, they returned home to tell Mathias this was most assuredly the place for them. About 1854, Mathias moved with his sons to Texas and was very active in the formation of the new county of San Saba. He was the first treasurer of the county. He donated land for a school at Harkeyville, the small town named for the family.

29: In 1860, San Saba County was still being contested by its previous inhabitants and the settlers were often subjected to Indian raids. On February 9th, 1860, the citizens of San Saba petitioned Governor Sam Houston to allow them to raise a force of twenty men to help protect their settlement. This petition was signed by fifty men, including Mathias and his sons. The Civil War greatly disrupted life on the frontier of Texas. Indian raids increased because so many men of military age were away fighting in the East. The Harkey family in Texas apparently did not take much part in the war. The Harkey family in Arkansas, however, was caught up in the fighting and joined the Union side. After the war, Mathias' brother, Israel, received several letters telling of the wars effects. These letters were from two brothers of his sister-in-law Cansadia (married to Riley). One of those letters is presented in the original spelling and punctuation. Mathias continued to operate a store in the San Saba area. Mathias died November 3, 1894. Catherine died two years earlier on July 20, 1892.

30: Arkansas Aprile the 15th 66 Mr. Israel M. Harkey and family after my love and respects to you all I seat my self to rite you a few lines in answer to your kind letter Whitch We received the 12 day of Aprile 66 dated january the 2nd 66 it gave us great satisfaction to hear from you and to hear that you was all well and dooing as well as u ar I will say at the start that I hav Not mutch time to rite and will make every Word as short as posable i will first sa We are all Well at this time except Tibbitha and she is gerting well verry fast She has bin sick 7 months i cant advise you to drive stock here though all kind of stock is verry scarce even hogs Bacon 35 cents per pound "Beef 5 cents per pound Milk Cows 15 to 30$ flour 8.$ per hundred Corn 2$ per bushel horses from 100 to 250$ per head sheep none t all Work steers will broke 50 to 100$ Sow and pigs 25$ Chickens 30 cents per head you ask Who is dead. I will enumerat all I can Thoug the tears gushes from my eyes at the rememberence of my brave country men and friends and mess mates in the armey of my country they are gone: first old Moses Harkey Who Was taken or draged from his familey and hanged by the rebs 2. Clark Weems was stabed and hanged 3. James Moudy Catherin Harkeys husband Was beat and hanged 4 a 5 Eli and Martin Harkey Was drive from ther homes and joined the armey and died in the hospital i Was in the hospital sick my self With Eli When he died Wilson Harkey was kill by the Rebbles he died With 2 emty Revolvers in his hands levi harkey was captured by the rebbles and shot George Fink Was captured and crryed off and is gone henry harkey died at Lewis burg he didint belong to the armey and many others are dead that Was Murdered by the rebs thare wasent a harkey but what Was loyial to the bone they all said our union right or rong and so they fought and died and When they died they died covered all over with glory i and all the settlement that Was able to fire a gun Was Mountain boomers till in the fall of 63 We then Joined the 3rd Arkansas Cavalry and We all hav our dischared that lived though the desperate sturuggle We wsa discharged the 18 day of July 65 i am still a live though I fought bled and died 2 or 3 times through this War and hant got but one round hole in my hide I had the measels and 2 spell of the tyFored and Numonia and small pos While i was a soldier one spell of the fever lasted 40 days i am not half the man i Was When the War begun but i am so as to be ab out on 2 or 3 legs i Will bring my letter to a close hoping to hear from you soon so fare well for a While your firend and brother Gunter William M to Israel. M. Harkey and family.

31: John Wayne Davis & Ruby Juanita Prestwood Married October 1, 1930 Children: Billie Wayne Davis - August 2, 1931 Ellen Marie Davis - January 11, 1936 Zula Rae Davis - September 29, 1940 John Wayne Davis Died April 20, 1944 34 years | Grandma & Grandpa Davis | John Wayne Davis with an unknown woman. The story goes that Ruby kept this picture framed, but cut the woman out of the picture!

32: Wayne Davis (center) | Wayne & Ruby Billie, Zula, Ellen ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Wayne built these sideboards so he could use them to haul cattle in the summertime. | Billie, Ruby, Zula, Wayne, Ellen

33: Lowell Adkins, Grandpa Davis, Tommy Adkins, Aunt Bea's "friend" Irvin (seated) | Ruby's brother, Bud who was married to Aunt Zula, Frank Allen, Wayne Davis, Walter (Nannie's husband)

34: Ruthie (Ruby's niece), Orvid & Nannie (Ruby's sister) | Ellen, Zula, Billie with Ruby | Zula & friend | Ray's wife, Emiline & Ruby | Ruthie & Nannie | John Davis, Tressie, Fanny Davis, Ellen

35: Ellen & Joe McGee | Grandma Davis, Bea & Ruby | Ellen, Mary, Fayzan outside Nocona Hospital | Mattie & Ruby | Ellen, Zula & friend | Zelta, JoAnn, Ellen Zula (seated)

36: Ruby & George | Ruby Berry "Maw-Maw" | She gets up while it is still dark; she provides ... for her family......She sets about her work vigorously, her arms are strong for her tasks. ...her lamp does not go out at night. ...She opens her arms to the poor and extends her hands to the needy. ...She is clothed with strength and dignity; she can laugh at the days to come. She speaks with wisdom, and faithful instruction is on her tongue. She watches over the affairs of her household and does not eat the bread of idleness. Her children arise and call her blessed. "Many women do noble things, but you surpass them all." Proverbs 31: 15-29

37: Ellen

38: 1954 Senior High School Graduation Theresa Reynolds, Ellen, Gretchen Bells

39: Ellen & George Donald Berry | Home is where the Heart is... Montague, Texas | Ellen, Zula, Mary Huffaker Ruby (front)

40: Ruby (1947)

42: "Uncle Bud Prestwood | Ruby & George | June 20, 1980

43: Ellen & Bill | Bill & groomsmen (Jack & Tom) December 23, 1956

44: Tom & Doug | Bill, Ellen & Tom with Bill's grandparents John & Hattie Wilson | Thomas Wayne | Ellen holding Tom outside of their apartment that was under the drive-in movie screen in Wichita Falls, Texas | Bill

45: Thomas Wayne, ~~~ John Douglas ~~~ Timothy Jack

48: Love

49: Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. Love never fails. 1 Corinthians 13: 4-8

52: 1969 | Easter Sunday | ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~1970 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ | Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it. Proverbs 22:6

53: Do you remember.......? | George's 87th Birthday

55: 1984

56: Thomas Wayne

57: Timothy Jack

58: John Douglas

59: J.D.

62: March | May | 1975

64: Matthew Davis Crabtree Born March 30, 1990 | Thomas Wayne Crabtree & Jeanne Blythe Hensen Married December 13, 1985 | Emmitt Thomas Crabtree Born April 9, 1992 | Peyton Cooper Crabtree Born May 6, 1998

65: John Daniel Crabtree Born December 27, 1989 | John Douglas Crabtree & Allison Lee Saylor Married September 21, 1985 | Paul Douglas Crabtree Born August 18, 1991 | Luke Thomas Crabtree Born December 19, 1993

66: Elizabeth Caitlin Crabtree Born January 2, 1993 | Timothy Jack Crabtree & Patty Jane Salmon Married June 2, 1990 | Clay Matney Crabtree Born October 26, 1995

67: Do you remember when..........?

68: This is where Doug lost Bill's pocketknife, according to Bill! | Mix Lake, Platoro, CO | Caddo Lake State Park

69: Love * L a u g h t e r

70: George Donald, Ellen Mary | Wanda, Zula, Doug, Mary | Dale & Jr.

72: 1987 | George Donald Zula Ellen Mary Billie ...taken after Ruby's funeral July 11, 1987

75: Zoobilee of Lights @ Fort Worth Zoo | Sonny (CK)

77: Watermelon.... ummmm, Grandad's favorite!

78: Missed.... ....but never forgotten. Mom & Dad Bill & Ellen Granny & Grandad | Summer 2001

79: Christmas Eve 2010

80: Faith.....is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see. Hebrews 11:1 ...and then, for reasons we do not understand, sometimes the Lord blesses us with a glimpse of Heaven. You may not have heard this story before but I think it is important for me to write it so that others may share in my certainty of what is before us. This vision and the events that followed have significantly impacted my life and my faith. I pray that God will grant me the written words to adequately convey the magnitude of what I am about to share with you. All my love, Allison | Mother, Grandmother, Friend, Sister, Wife – Ellen Crabtree – No words could describe the multitude of feelings that we all felt when she, so suddenly, left this life on earth and entered into God’s kingdom. August 20 2001. Some months after that, I think in the springtime of the following year, I had a dream.or maybe I should say, I had a vision. This dream was not about reliving events from the past; it was in the here and now. Do you remember how Ellen often sat with one leg pulled up underneath her? Do you remember the soft cotton knit solid colored shorts and tops she often wore? Do you remember how she would tell us girls “you need to get your toes done”? Do you remember how she often went barefoot around the house? Do you remember how she liked red polish? In my dream, I was sitting on the side of a bed that was covered with a white quilt – my left leg on the floor and my right leg pulled up beneath me on the bed. Ellen sat on the same bed, facing me, with her right leg on the floor and her left leg pulled up beneath her. She wore white shorts and top. We were so close that our legs were almost touching. To my left and her right was an old fashioned window; you know the kind with many panes; and outside the window it was just white, like white clouds. The only thing of significant color in that whole vision was her red toenails – red toenails on her bare feet. In my dream I remember looking at Ellen and telling her “we just miss you so much”. Her answer to me, in a soft and compassionate voice was simply “I know you do”. I cannot begin to tell you how I felt when I woke up. I didn’t know what to think about what had just happened. I was actually frantic that God was using this dream to send me some kind of message. When this happened we were making plans for John’s first foot surgery. We didn’t know what to expect so I worried that God was trying to prepare me that something might go wrong but let me know, through this dream, that Granny really was in Heaven and would be there to take care of John. I continued to struggle with the meaning of this during the months to come as we got closer to John’s surgery. In the days just preceding John’s surgery, I prayed for a lot of things but I also asked God “to let Ellen know”. I knew that this foot issue John dealt with was very important to her and I just wanted her to know that we were doing our best to take care of him. The day of John’s surgery was a long day. Grandad came to the hospital with us. He stayed up in the surgical waiting area while Doug and I stayed with John in the surgery holding area. We were in there a long time with John and we, of course, prayed with him before they took him into surgery. When we got back up into the waiting area we found Bill asleep on one of the couches. As I said, it had already been a long day but we were hungry and Doug asked me to go down to the cafeteria with Bill. When Bill and I were seated we, again, prayed for John. As we started eating I told Bill that, in my own prayers, I had asked God to “let Ellen know” about this surgery. Without hesitation Bill looked at me and said “She’s here”. Of course I replied “What do you mean ‘She’s here’?”. So Bill went on to tell me that while he was upstairs asleep, he saw her. He said he was asleep but he saw Ellen standing right in front of him. He said she told him not to wake up because she was there to see about John. As I write this I am still overcome with emotion and the feeling of GOD’s AMAZING GRACE that I felt at that moment. Not only did God answer my prayer, HE SENT HER! HE SENT ELLEN TO BE JOHN’S GUARDIAN ANGEL. And later, when John started waking up from his surgery, one of the very first things I asked him was “John, do you know who was with you during your surgery?”. His very matter-of-fact reply was simply “Granny”!

81: Bill entered into the presence of his Lord and Savior on March 30, 2011 at the age of 78. Bill’s amazing life story is one of humble beginnings, hard times and adversity, hard work, love of family, and an abiding Faith in God. Bill was born in a tent in the Sabine River bottom near Gladewater, TX on June 6, 1932 to Thomas Crabtree and Inez Wilson Crabtree. Because his father was an itinerant worker in the oilfield, the family moved often. Bill attended seven different schools during his first grade year. His family moved to Bowie, TX in 1946 and Bill graduated from high school in Stoneburg, TX in 1950. It is sometimes said ‘if hard times don’t kill you, they will make you strong’. Bill knew hard times and hard work and they made him physically and mentally strong. After graduating from high school Bill worked in the oilfield and at Merchant’s Wholesale Grocery in Bowie, TX. He joined the Army and served two years with the 49th Armored Division while being stationed at Fort Polk, LA, Camp Chaffee, AR and in Hawaii. After leaving the army he worked at General Dynamics in Fort Worth, TX before deciding to further his education. Bill always had an intense curiosity. He was an avid reader and he always had a tremendous interest in nature and people. Bill married Ellen Marie Davis on December 23, 1956. They moved to Lubbock, TX where Bill began his college education at Texas Tech University. The following year he transferred to Midwestern State University in Wichita Falls, TX where he earned his Bachelor of Science and his Master of Science degrees. He and Ellen moved to Nocona, TX in 1961 when Bill began a career of teaching science at Nocona High School. For nine years Bill taught Chemistry, Biology and Physics. Some 30 years later as Bill started enjoying his grandchildren he continued to teach by sharing his love of nature and science with them. Bill and Ellen constructed and operated Pleasant Haven Nursing Home in Nocona, TX. It opened in 1970 and they continued to operate it for the next ten years. Bill later became a co-owner of Redman Construction Company where he contracted oilfield construction and traded oilfield equipment. Bill’s last employment was with the Veteran’s Affairs Office in Montague, TX where he was passionate about providing assistance to local veterans. To say that Bill was an avid hunter and fisherman would actually be quite an understatement. Bill grew up using the outdoors not only as recreation, but also as a means to provide for the family. Bill appreciated nature and really enjoyed the many wonderful experiences he had hunting and fishing and later passed this passion on to his three sons and all eight of his grandchildren. Bill served his community as a member of the Nocona School Board during the 1970s. He was also a member of the Nocona Masonic Lodge 753 for over 50 years where he was a 32nd degree mason and a Shriner and a Charter Member of the Montague County Dixielanders. And finally, but most importantly, Billy John Crabtree was a member of Bethel Baptist Church since 1961. He served as a Deacon and on numerous committees throughout these 50 years. The most important thing to him was making sure that he did what he could to help spread God’s word so that everyone had an opportunity to know Christ as their Lord and Savior. On March 30, 2011 Billy John Crabtree finally heard those precious words “well done, my good and faithful servant”.

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