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Croft-Young Family History

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Croft-Young Family History - Page Text Content

S: Croft, Dillman, Sheerer, Derringer, Coakley, Young Families

1: Spanning eight generations from 1718 through 2006 this book documents family names that include Croft, Blade, Burwell, Fletcher, Snell, Sheerer, Parker, Cock, Bogart, Opp, Dillman, Derringer, and Young... Printed: April 2011

2: This book is dedicated to my sons Zachary Edward and Tyler Austin Young to share our family history. On June 13, 1763 Frances Blades married George Croft (Great, Great, Great, Great, Great, Great Grandparents) in Belchford London. They raised 8 children, Mary (1763), Michael (1766), Elizabeth (1768), John (1770), Frances (1773), Esther (1776), George (1778) and Mary (1780). George died in 1795 and Frances died in 1783. On September 30, 1805 Jane Padley Burwell married George Croft (Great, Great, Great, Great, Great Grandparents) in Walmgate London. They had 10 children, Richard (1806), Elizabeth (1808), Frances (1809), Mary (1811), Hester (1814), Jane (1815), George (1818), Sarah P (1821), Michael (1823), and John (1826). George died March 30, 1852 and Jane died in 1853. In 1840 Mary Fletcher married George Croft (Great, Great, Great, Great Grandparents) in the village of Belleau in East Midlands, England. They had 5 children, George (03/13/1841), Elizabeth (1843), John (1845), Mary Ann (1848) and Mary Ann (1856). George died on August 30, 1869 in Sutterby Lincolnshire London and Mary died in 1891 at Mavis Enderby Lincolnshire.

3: Sam Parker married Jenn (Great, Great, Great, Great Grandparents and they had 4 children Mary Parker, Sam Parker, Elizabeth Parker Cunningham, and Anna Parker Hoyt. | Mary Parker Sheerer age 11.

4: Esse Quam Videri The Croft Family motto is "Esse quam videri" in Latin, meaning "to be rather than seem to be". Two official family crest are known, one English, one Scottish. What is a croft? The Oxford dictionary defines a croft as a small enclosed field, a small rented farm, whose tenant is known as a crofter. Our roots are in the land. Now let's meet George Croft, who was a policeman but later returned to the land. The founder of our Croft family in Canada was George Croft, who married an English girl, Emma Snell (see pages 6 & 7 for details) and they had 13 children. George probably lived mostly in Sheffield and worked as a policeman. He was injured in the line of duty during a riot and received a sum of money as compensation for his injuries. This money financed the move to a new young country, Canada, where the population was small and land was plentiful. George and his third child, John, then age 15, set sail for Canada in 1881. They landed in Halifax but eventually settled in Port Hope, Ontario, a short distance east of Toronto. The following year George returned to England and brought the rest of his large family to Canada.

5: In Port Hope George worked as a custodian of the town cemetery. About 1890, George and Emma and some of their children moved about one hundred miles north to a farm at Wilberforce, Ontario, where some descendents still live. Some of George and Emma's children lived in Toronto and some settled in the United States. George died on May 4, 1900 a few days before his sixtieth birthday. Emma died at the age of 82 on September 19, 1926 after raising not only her own large family but also several grandchildren whose parents died or were ill. One such case happened when Emma's daughter Susan died as a young woman, leaving behind two little sons. Emma took one of the boys in and raised him on the Croft Family farm but the other one was raised by his paternal grandparents. | Sawmill at Wilberforce | Wilberforce School House | Sawmill

6: George Croft married Emma Snell (Great, Great, Great Grandparents) in South Ormsby England. They had 13 children, Mary (1863), George (1865), John (1866), Emma Jane (Jenny) (1868), Frank (1870), Charlotte (1872), Lavina (Susie) (1875), Fanny (1877 died at 3 of diphtheria), Edith Annie (1879 died at age 1 of diphtheria), Wilfred (1880), Howard Wadsworth (1885), Robert Fletcher (1887) and Eva (1890). George died on May 4, 1900 in South Wilberforce Ontario Canada.

7: Emma Snell (Great, Great, Great Grandmother) was born on June 20, 1844 in Sutterby Lincolnshire England. She was the daughter of John Snell and Mary Moody). She married George Croft on November 27, 1862 in her home town. They had 10 children while living in England and 3 more children after they moved to Canada. Emma died in Wilberforce Canada on September 19, 1926.

8: The Dillman family can be traced back five generations from Lyman Dillman making the oldest known family member Jacob Cock a Great, Great, Great, Great, Great, Great, Great, Great Grandparent to Zack and Tyler Young. We do not know who Jacob’s wife is but we do know they had at least one child, Mary Cock who was born in Holland in 1718. In 1750 Mary Cock married Martin Bogart (b1722 and they had at least two children, Cornelius (b 1755) and John (b August 25th, 1756) in Readington, New Jersey. Cornelius has an interesting story as he served in the American Revolutionary War from Hunterdon County, New Jersey. During the war he was married on April 7, 1777 in his home town but we do not have data on his bride. After the war he settled in Northumberland County PA where he bought 175 acres of land. Descendants of his family migrated to the state of Ohio. Cornelius died in 1797. John Bogart moved to Muncie PA where he met Mary Opp, who was born in Holland on October 10th, 1764 to Johann and Mary Opp. In 1781 John and Mary were married in Pennsylvania. They had Anna (06/18/1778 - 05/01/1870); John (12/17/1789 - 08/23/1867); Mary (b 05/11/1792); Mary M (12/11/1795- 1859); Hannah (03/24/1797 - 11/15/1874); Catherine (09/10/1799 – 09/14/1841) and Phillip (06/12/1804 - 04/30/1892).

9: In 1802 the Bogart Family moved north to Whitchurch Ontario, Canada. John Bogart died in 1842 and Mary died 06/02/1843. Both are buried in the Newmarket Cemetery in Whitchurch Ontario. Nicolas (Nickles) Dillman (b 04/18/1786) in Montgomery, Pennsylvania but his parent’s data is unknown. Mary M. Bogart and Nicolas Dillman were married in Whitchurch Ontario, date unknown. Their children were Mary Ann (02/09/1815 – 10/18/1872), John (1817 – 05/02/1891), Elisha (08/02/1824 – 03/15/1877) and Michael (no data). Nicolas died on 08/31/1859 and Mary died on 09/07/1859 and both are buried in the Newmarket Cemetery in Whitchurch Ontario. John Dillman was born in Whitchurch, Ontario and he married Jane Malloy on January 27, 1847. Jane was born in 1813 in Whitchurch Ontario from parents who emigrated from Ireland. Her parent's names are unknown but one internet entry suggested it was Ellsworth. John and Jane had 12 children, Emma A (07/21/1848 - 04/15/1884), William H (b 1851), John Ellis (09/08/1852 - 04/17/1926), Mary Elizabeth (02/14/1856 - 07/04/1917), Robert H (b1857), Inger Adelaide (b 8/1860), Lyman Bogart Edward (05/13/1862 - 09/17/1928), Ernest Ellsworth (01/29/1864 - 08/24/1945), Arthur E (04/15/1867 - 05/30/1935), Elmore Abbot (b 12/13/1869), Edmond (b 1871), and Frank M (b 12/03/1874).

10: Eliza Ann Ragan married Mr Lyman B.E. Dillman (Great, Great, Great Grandparents) in 1886 in Bancroft, Haliburton, Ontario. Lyman was born about 1861 in Oakwood, Ontario and is the son of John Dillman and Jane Malloy. Eliza Ann Regan was born 1867 Haliburton, Ontario. Lyman and Eliza had the following children; Ambrose (1889), Inger (1891), Tresa (1893), Myrtle ( 1896), Jane Maloy(1898), John (1900), James (1902) and Peter (1904). All of the children were born in Wilberforce, Haliburton, Ontario. Lyman died on November 14, 1927. | Eliza Dillman & Emma Snell Croft

11: Jim Dillman, Carl Croft, Pete Dillman, and John Dillman | Eliza Dillman

12: Jacob Sheerer (born 03/01/1854) married Mary Parker (born 09/17/1857) (Great, Great, Great, Grandparents) on September 26, 1882 in Black Hawk Pennsylvania. Jacob worked as a blacksmith in his shop. They raised their two children, Park and Mabel in Black Hawk. Jacob died on January 24, 1938 and Mary died on December 6, 1943.

14: Mabel Sheerer (born 03/26/1886) married Aral Derringer (Great, Great Grandparents) on September 2, 1908 in Beaver County Pennsylvania. They had 4 children, Mary Leola, Wilda (died at age 3), Raymond, and Park who they raised in Beaver Falls. Aral worked in a local mill but also operated a riding stable. Mabel was a devoted wife and mother. She died July 1, 1982 at the age of 96. Aral died on March 18, 1970 at the age of 84.

16: Howard Wadsworth Croft (Great, Great Grandfather) was born on March 13, 1885 in Port Hope Ontario Canada. He married Tresa Olive Dillman on June 25, 1908 in Wilberforce Ontario Canada. H.W. was a farmer and a cook in a lumber camp during his youth. They had two children, Carl and Thelma while living in Canada. Then they moved to the Pittsburgh area while the kids were young. Howard worked as a locksmith. He died in 1972 at the age of 87.

18: Tresa Olive Dillman (Great, Great Grandmother) was born 1893 in Wilberforce, Ontario. She played the violin. She married Howard Wadsworth Croft on June 25, 1908 in Wilberforce, Ontario Canada. She died October 24, 1978 while living with her daughter Thelma, in Florida.

19: Carl Croft (Great Grandfather) was born on December 16, 1910 in Port Hope, Ontario, Canada. He had one sister, Thelma Croft Burris. He married Mary Leola Derringer on February 6, 1931. He was a machinist for Moltrup Steel and a professional musician. Professionally he played the drums but also enjoyed the keyboard and accordion. He sang in the church choir and was the vocalist in his musical group. In his 80's he learned to play the Clarinet and took violin lessons. Carl died on July 14, 2007. | Age 2 | Age 5 | Carl and Thelma Sitting

20: Mary Leola Derringer Croft (Great Grandmother) was born on January 21, 1910 in Black Hawk PA. She had 2 brothers, Raymond and Park Derringer. Leola was the mother of three children, Donna Lee, Betty Jo and Robert Croft. Leola was a devoted Mother and housewife She died on January 26, 2004.

21: Park, Leola and Raymond

22: Carl and Mary Leola Croft (Great Grandparents) married on February 6, 1931 in Beaver Falls. They lived in Beaver Falls PA where they raised their 3 children Donna Lee, Betty Jo, and Robert Carl. Carl worked as a professional musician well into his retirement years; but as a young man he owned and operated a produce delivery service and he worked at the local mills. His lifetime passion was also golfing. He played the game well into his 90's.

24: Donna Lee Croft married Bill Stewart on February 6, 1953 where they were both stationed at Fort Dix, New Jersey. They lived in Beaver Falls Pennsylvania where they raised their two adopted children, Leanne and Mark. Donna Lee worked as a Medical Billing Clerk and Bill was a Salesman. Donna Lee died on December 24, 1996 and Bill died October 24, 2004.

25: Robert (Bob) Carl Croft was born on March 21, 1943 in Beaver Falls Pennsylvania. He served in the U.S. Navy and has worked as a Printer all of his life. He enjoys model trains and astronomy. He built a telescope on his yard where he enjoys star gazing. He married Karen Hughes on August 19, 1967. They lived in Beaver Falls where they raised their son Jeffrey (born 07/20/1971). Karen died on July 7, 2001 at age 53. Bob still lives in Beaver Falls.

26: Betty Jo Croft (Grandmother) was born on December 29, 1935 in New Brighton, Pennsylvania. She learned to play the trumpet and worked as a Medical Billing Clerk. She enjoys gardening and a "Silver Sneakers" program she attends at the local gym. Her favorite past time for the past 8 years has been playing Grandma to Zack and Tyler Young. She visits them in California twice a year and spoils them rotten!

28: Betty Jo and Charles Arthur Young married on July 17, 1969 in Hershey Pennsylvania. They raised Christine and Craig in Ellwood City Pennsylvania where they live today. Charles worked as a Buyer for Aetna-Standard. He enjoys golf and playing Free Cell on the computer.

30: Christine (Chris) Rae Young was born on October 26, 1961 in New Brighton Pennsylvania. Chris obtained a Bachelor's degree in Marketing at Indiana University of PA and a Masters in Business at Robert Morris University. Chris is devoted to helping canines and works to support local animal rescue groups. Chris married Nick Kachmar on October 22, 2008 and they currently live in Cranberry Township, Pennsylvania with their 3 dogs and various foster dogs.”

31: Craig Edward Young was born on December 20, 1963 in New Brighton Pennsylvania. He grew up in Ellwood City, earned a Bachelors of Science in Mechanical Engineering 1986 from the University of West Virginia, and a Masters of Engineering in 1994 From George Washington University. Craig works as a Sales Engineer in the Semiconductor field. He currently lives in Huntington Beach California with his wife Catherine Ruth Betts Young and their children Zachary Edward and Tyler Austin.

32: Craig Edward Young married Catherine Ruth Betts Young on January 27, 2002 in Fountain Valley California. They are currently living in Huntington Beach California where they are raising their sons, Zachary Edward (March 4, 2003) and Tyler Austin (January 21, 2006).

33: Reverend Jeffrey Robert Croft married Jennifer Rebecca Comstock on June 3, 1995 in Sandy Creek New York. Reverend Jeffrey Croft is a Pastor in the United Methodist Church currently serving in Galena, Ohio where he and Jennifer are raising their son Aaron (August 10, 2000) and daughter Elizabeth (May 25, 2006).

34: Derringers | Dillmans | Hazel Dillman & Brothers | Wilfred Croft | Wilfred Croft | Wilfred Croft, Eva and George Barns | Bob Croft Toronto Policeman | George F. and Mary Croft | Thomas , Charlotte Croft, Charles & Roy Pidgeon | Frank Croft | Frank Croft & wife | Thomas & Charlotte Pidgeon | George, Lucy and Richard Croft | Susan Croft and Samuel Yeo | Ray and Park Derringer | John Croft & Thomas Dixon | John& Elizabeth Parker Cunningham, Edna, Velnia Gladys Sheerers | Richard & Rebica Croft | Thelma Croft & Jim Dillman | Thelma Croft & Pete Dillman | Inger Jones & Teresa Dillman & Elizabeth Dillman | Grandma Jones, John Inger and Gib Jones | Ambrost, Pete, & Jim Dillman, Carl Croft, John Dillman

35: Wilfred Croft (2nd from left) PreWWI | Derringers, Dillman & Croft | Charlotte Croft Pidgeon and George | Olive, Thelma & Teresa Croft | Bob Printer & Saddie Croft | May & Wilfred Croft | Herbert & David Snell | George Fredrick, Walter & Kenneth Croft | Snell Family | John Croft | Steve Jenis (friend), Leola, Carl ,Teresa, Howard & Bob Croft | Croft Street in Toronto | Elizabeth Ann Regan Dillman | Hazel Dillman's brother & Thelma Croft | Grandma Jones & Eliza Ann Dillman | Gib and Inger Jones | Dillman and Jones | John Dillman (left) | Park, Aral and Harold Sheerer and others | Carl and Thelma Croft | Crofts and Eva Barns | Carl, Teresa and Howard | Dillman, Croft & Jones | Carl, Leola and Bob | Park Derringer and Donna Lee Croft | George Barns, Tresa &Thelma Croft, Lloyde & Blake Barns

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