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Culture Through Photographs (Copy)

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BC: The End!

1: Early Childhood: I chose this picture because throughout my life, I have been referred to as a “foodie.” I love food, and embarrassingly enough, from a young age, I wrote journals about all of the different kinds of food that I liked to consume. As you can see here, even as a baby, I fancied chocolate; I had good taste. Food has played an important role my whole life, and to this day, my lifestyle is dictated by food. At the age of 12, I made the conscious decision to become a vegetarian, and I have been one ever since. Cooking and baking are two of my favorite hobbies. Food is also a great social lubricant, so to speak. It is found in multiple facets of culture.

3: 2. Primary Years: I chose this picture of myself because it was such a candid moment captured, yet the experience shown in this photo was one of many throughout my childhood and into my adulthood. My family traveled all of the time, and we went to amusement parks quite frequently. The Knight family road trips were well-known in the little town I grew up in. Looking back on it now, I am extremely grateful for the childhood I was able to have, and now I love to travel. I definitely think that trips such as the one pictured had a lot to do with this. I plan on raising my children to experience the same.

4: 3.Middle Years: Friends are of the utmost importance when you are in middle school. This is why I chose this picture of my eighth grade semi-formal. The friend directly to the left of me in the picture is my best friend, Katie. We have been inseparable since we were five years old. We live in different states now, but we always make time to catch up with each other. I cannot say that I have stayed in touch much with the other two in the picture, but I can say that it is friends that helped shape the kind of person that I am today. Friends also help you work through a lot of problems you may be going through in those awkward years, because they understand.

6: 4.High School: I chose this photo because it brings together three elements that I hold dearly: family, friends, and nature. Camping was a large part of my childhood, and the campground pictured was a usual spot for us every year. This is pictured in the White Mountains of New Hampshire in July. To this day, I am not sure what possessed me to buy that shirt, but throughout that particular day, campers on the adjacent site were yelling “I LOVE NERDS!” to me as I would pass by. It became a running joke with our neighbors for the rest of the week. The shirt is not the important piece, however, but the paradigm of good friends, family, and vacation coming together in one memorable trip.

9: 5.Young Adulthood: After living on my own for three years, I decided to try and save money and move in with some friends of mine, to share the costs. At this point in my life, my roommate, Dana, and I did everything together. She is pictured with my dog, Bentley in the first picture. Dana and I found out that having your friends as roommates can test the strength of a friendship, and we had many ups and downs during that year. She was very influential at this phase in my life. Somewhere along the way, I forgot how to relax and loosen up. She showed me how to do that, and she is one of the most straightforward people I have ever met. When she saw a problem, or saw me struggling with something, she had a solution before I even knew something was awry. It was also through her that I met my current boyfriend. Through her, I learned to always make time for fun and she helped me rediscover the importance in not taking life too seriously.

10: 6.Adulthood: For this phase in my life, I chose one of my best friends’ weddings. Her name is Bryne and I met her after I moved to Florida. I moved to Florida when I was twenty, and I moved with just my younger sister. I did not know anyone or where anything was, I did not have a job, or job prospects, but I try to find the adventure in life. Nearly four years later, I can honestly say that moving to Florida was the best decision that I ever made. Bryne and I became friends while working together at a job that we both hated. She has been a great friend to me, and it was through her that I became friends with the other girls in the picture. This represents a time that was stressful for both her and me. It was as though on that day, we both made peace with our stress. She was stressed about getting married, and about everything going just so. I was stressed because I had just gone through a bad breakup, and weddings were the last thing on my mind. Throughout the months leading up to her wedding, it just felt obligatory to be helping. On the day of the wedding, I didn’t desire to be anywhere else and I was so happy for her. Marriage is such a large and important part of culture and I am so grateful that she decided to share her special day with me. | Friendship: An Impressionist Tale

12: Who Am I? | I chose this picture because as child, I was a daredevil. I lived for the thrill of the adventure, so to speak. For instance, I had a giant hill in my yard when I was growing up. When I was three years old, I would ride down the hill on my tricycle. Of course, tricycles do not have brakes, and inevitably, I would always end up in the creek on the other side of my driveway. No matter, I would get right back up and do it again. The importance of trying anything once stuck with me into adulthood. I am a resilient person, and I believe very much so, that you are in charge of your own destiny. If you want to have fun in life, create it.

15: Just recently, I went swimming with manatees. The water was on the colder side, as was the air temperature, but it did not matter, because I was participating in a lifelong dream of mine. I am an animal lover. I have been a vegetarian for twelve years, and I aspire to volunteer helping animals in some fashion later on in life. I find that animals have a lot to say, if you are opened to listening. | What Do I Like?

16: One of my best friends took this photo that she titled “Carpe Diem” meaning, “Seize The Day.” This was the cake eaten at the going away party that my parents held for my sister and me before moving from New Hampshire to Florida. Family and friends gathered here on this fateful day in June, 2010 to wish us well. My friends and family would ask me, “Aren’t you scared to move down there not knowing how it is going to turn out?!” I confidently said, “Of course I am, but that’s the adventure, and I am ready to see what life has in store for me.” I know that this had very much to do with the independence and sense of adventure that was taught to me from an early age by my parents. Without their support and their blessing, there was no way that this transition would have been feasible. They knew that it was something that we needed to do for personal development, and so they helped us get there. My family unit does whatever it takes. Through the values instilled in me, I was able to not only survive on my own here, but to thrive. I never forget to seize the day because that is how I was raised.

18: Cultural Group Photograph

19: I chose this picture, as it represents friends, family, good food, and adventure all in one. This picture was taken in 1995. This brings me back to a simpler time when my biological siblings were all together, and my cousins were also my best friends. As I mentioned in the cultural objects assignment, my family is very dear to me. I make time for them every Saturday in which we just have an open conversation, uninterrupted for a few hours. My cousins are back in New Hampshire, where I am from, but I still talk to at least one of the two pictured here on a regular basis. She is my age and growing up, we told each other everything. She is one of my closest friends, and one of the first friends I ever made. She is pictured to the left of me. My younger sister (all the way on the left) has become one of my best friends most recently. It is true in my household that becoming an adult brought all of us closer together.

20: Way Back When... | Family taught me a number of things, such as how to cultivate relationships, and how to be a friend to others. My cousin and I were so close that when she faced difficult situations, she called me. We are eleven months apart and she always came to me for advice and support before telling anyone else. This picture also represents family traditions, as it was taken on Christmas Eve. Every Christmas Eve was spent at my grandparents’ house; we looked forward to this day. I also looked forward to the array of tasty cuisine that was offered. It was well known that I just wanted dessert. I grew up in a family that valued closeness and strong familial bonds.

22: Then and Now... | The adjacent picture goes along with the previously mentioned picture. This is a picture of the same side of the family, thirteen years later. That bond was and still is very much alive today. We may not see each other as much anymore, but it is still an important bond that we have.

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